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					                                       JNC RV, Inc.
                                       7310 E Ben White Blvd.
                                          Austin, TX 78741
                                (512) 385-3680 · Fax (512) 385-3681



        This agreement is made this _ day of _, between, _ (OWNER) and JNC RV, Inc. (AGENT).


         It is understood that OWNER retains full ownership of vehicle, and hereby appoints JNC RV,
Inc. to act as his or her AGENT as specifically set forth in this agreement.


        Year/Make/Model: _
        VIN: _
        Beginning Mileage: _ Beginning Generator Hours: _
        Date of Purchase: _ State: _


         AGENT shall collect rental payments from customers as per AGENT’s current published rental
rate, or as competition permits. OWNER agrees to allow AGENT to vary the published rate during the
year to accommodate special weekend packages, coupon specials, various other promotional offerings,
or renter discounts. OWNER further agrees that in the event that any commissions or discount is paid
by AGENT, including but not limited to travel agents, airline or credit card companies the amount paid
will be shared per compensation sections VII & VIII.


        A. To qualify rental customers using, but not limited to, the following methods:
           1. Collecting credit and employment information,
           2. Verifying possession of a valid driver’s license,
           3. Providing vehicle operation instructions, and
           4. Prior to departure, collecting damage and security deposits, as well as full rental

        B. To inspect vehicle for damage at check-in and charge renter, accordingly.

         C. During AGENT’s custody of the rental vehicle, OWNER authorizes AGENT to maintain the
vehicle in good repair and in an attractive condition and to make such repairs without prior approval for
any amount up to $100.00. In the event the amount of repairs exceed $100.00 AGENT shall notify
OWNER of the need for such repairs. If OWNER fails to respond to AGENT’s request for authority to
make repairs exceeding $250.00 within three (3) days of notice, authorization shall be deemed to have
been given. If OWNER approves repairs, such repairs shall be at OWNER’s expense, subject to poten-
tial reimbursement from the RENTER, in the event the RENTER is deemed to be liable for the cost of
such repairs. AGENT shall make the determination regarding RENTER’s liability based on the facts and
evidence reasonably available and such determination shall be at the sole discretion of AGENT. In the
event that OWNER declines to authorize repairs, OWNER shall assume all responsibility for recovery,
repairs, and associated costs, including, but not limited to, travel, lost wages, lost rental income and any
liability to RENTER for any damages resulting from the failure of the vehicle.

         All costs of maintenance and repair will be charged to the OWNER’s account, invoices for re-
pairs and maintenance will be provided to OWNER upon request. OWNER also authorizes AGENT to
authorize emergency repairs for RENTER, and AGENT agrees to use reasonable discretion in authoriz-
ing such repairs. AGENT shall have the authority to authorize towing of the vehicle, if necessary, to a
repair facility. Once the vehicle has been relocated to a repair facility, the provisions for repair stated
hereinabove shall control.

        Wear and tear is expected on any rental unit and such interior and exterior wear and tear is the
sole responsibility of the OWNER. In the event of burns in the upholstery or carpet, AGENT will only be
responsible for repair of the damaged area.

        D. To have the vehicle readily available for OWNER’s use, without payment of rental fees, upon
OWNER’s advance written request, provided such request does not conflict with previous customer

        E. To aggressively advertise and promote the rental of this RV at the AGENT’s expense.


        A. OWNER authorizes AGENT to add the above described vehicle to AGENT’s master insur-
ance policy for commercial rental coverage. This policy names AGENT as insured party and OWNER
as additional insured.

        The Legal Owner(s) are: _
        Address: _
        Lienholder (If Applicable)        Name:            _
                                          Address:         _
                                         Loan #: _
        (Note: Lienholder will also be named as additional insured.)

        The starting actual cash value of the unit for insurance purposes is $_.

         OWNER accepts insurance subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions
contained in the actual policy of insurance even though all of them are not set forth in this agreement.
The actual Master Policy is available for OWNER’s inspection at AGENT’s home office. Policy
premiums will be charged to OWNER’s account on a monthly basis. AGENT will take reasonable
measures including lighted, fenced lot and periodic security checks to prevent vandalism or theft of any
kind while vehicle is on AGENT’s premises. However, if such should occur, OWNER will be responsible
for the deductible amount as set forth in the above described insurance policy.

        B. To allow AGENT to maintain vehicle in a constantly attractive, serviceable and safe
condition, per section V, C. OWNER authorizes AGENT, at its sole discretion, to select the repair facility
for any mechanical or other repairs. If it is necessary to have warranty or other repairs performed at
another dealership, or repair facility, AGENT may, at its sole discretion, charge a reasonable fee for
delivery and pick-up of the RV. It is further understood that AGENT is not responsible for any lost in-
come to the OWNER as a result of time lost due to damage, repairs, failure to timely return by a renter,
or for the theft of a vehicle. OWNER understands that propane is included with each rental and will be
charged to their account.

         C. To keep current license tags on the vehicle at all times, purchasing them in advance if
necessary, to correlate with scheduled rentals, or will provide AGENT with license renewal forms and
does hereby authorize AGENT to purchase tags. Any cost for emission testing, state inspection
stickers, licensing or other reasonable and necessary costs incurred on OWNER’s behalf shall be
reimbursed to AGENT. In addition, AGENT may assess a charge for its time reasonably incurred for
performing any licensing or inspections of the vehicle.

      D. To book no rentals privately during the period of this agreement, but to refer all prospects to

        E. To reimburse AGENT for the AGENT’s portion of any lost rental income lost due to the
OWNER picking the unit up without AGENT’s prior approval or before the expiration of this agreement.
To return the unit clean, dumped and fully fueled after using it. OWNER understands that AGENT will
charge a reasonable make-ready fee if the unit isn’t returned in a rentable condition.

        F. AGENT will take normal care of carpeting by vacuuming and spot cleaning on a regular
basis. OWNER will be responsible for commercial carpet cleaning up to twice per year.


         AGENT shall receive 50% of the gross rental collection from customers, including both rental
and mileage charges but not to include sales tax. OWNER further agrees that AGENT may charge the
rental customer with Insurance fees, housekeeping kits or other such incidental items and AGENT shall
be entitled to 100% of such revenue.


        OWNER shall receive 50% of the gross rental collected from customer rentals returned in prior
month, less any maintenance, repair, insurance, credit card charges or other incidental items charged to
the OWNER’s account. A detailed statement along with any compensation due OWNER will be mailed
on the 17th day of each month stating the prior month’s activity. In the event that there is a negative
balance at the end of any monthly reporting period (amount owed AGENT) then OWNER agrees to
remit such amount due within five (5) days of receipt of the monthly statement. If amount due AGENT is
not received within five days an interest charge not to exceed one and one half percent (1-1/2%) per
month, eighteen percent (18%) per annum may be assessed on any outstanding balance. If collection
proceedings are taken by AGENT to collect monies owed by OWNER, it is agreed OWNER will be
responsible for all legal and collection fees. It is further agreed, any legal remedies concerning this
contract shall be sought in Travis County, Texas.


         OWNER agrees that a deposit equal to two(2) months insurance premium will be required. This
deposit will be deducted from rental income. This deposit will be refunded when the unit comes out of
X.      TERM

        This agreement shall be continuous until terminated by either party giving sixty days written
notice. Termination of this contract may occur sooner if mutually agreeable to both parties.


          OWNER and AGENT hereby agree to any and all disputes, controversies or claims arising out
of this agreement or the termination of this agreement, whether or not for cause, including but not limited
to claims arising under any and all Federal and State laws and all common law or statutory tort or con-
tract claims, shall be resolved exclusively through final and binding arbitration. Arbitration shall be be-
fore an arbitrator selected from a list of seven (7) arbitrators obtained from the National Academy of Ar-
bitrators or JMAS. The parties shall alternately strike names on the list with the party requesting arbitra-
tion striking first. The decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding upon the parties.

         No arbitration may be initiated beyond the applicable statute of limitations on the claim being
raised. Venue for the arbitration shall be in Travis County, Texas unless otherwise agreed upon by the
parties. Cost of arbitrator’s fees and transcripts of the proceeding shall be borne equally by the parties.
Once requested by either OWNER or AGENT, the result of the arbitration shall be final and binding and
arbitration shall be the only method for dispute resolution between the parties and the parties waive their
right to bring a lawsuit into a jury to resolve any dispute between them.


         To avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding in the formulation or application of the
terms of this agreement, it is expressly understood and agreed that any statements relating to the effect
of any part of this agreement or made to induce the OWNER to enter into this agreement by any
employee of AGENT is of no effect unless reduced to writing and included as a part of this agreement
either by interlineation (with such interlineation being initialed by both parties thereto) or by separate
addendum (signed by both parties thereto). It is expressly understood and agreed that this agreement
constitutes the complete and total agreement of the parties and all prior written or oral agreements are
deemed merged or superseded by the execution of this agreement.


X_________________________________                         X_________________________________
 Owner                                                      Co-Owner

 _________________________________                          _________________________________
Date                                                       Date

_________________________________________                 __________________________________
Jeffrey Hoffmeyer                                         Date

Home: _

Work—Owner: _

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Cell — Owner: _

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SSN — Owner: _

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