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					Volume 28, Number 3
                      The Dedham Mirror                      JEA, NESPA, and Yankee Pen Award Winning Newspaper                                                        Friday, December 22, 2006

See inside Holiday concert festive                                                                                                     Giving Tree brings holiday cheer
    for                                                                                                                                 by Kristina St. Cyr
                                                                                                                                                  At St. Mary’s church in Dedham the parishioners are asked

                                                                                                                                       every year to take part in “The Giving Tree” which sponsors under-
                                                                                                                                       privileged children, adolescents, adults, and families.
                                                                                                                                                  At the front of the church stands an average sized Christmas
                                                                                                                                       tree decorated with over 100 cards. Inside each card is a nametag,

   on...                                                                                                                               which has a person’s name, age, sex, clothing size, a special I.D. and
                                                                                                                                       three things that they are asking for Christmas.
                                                                                                                                                  The card also contains a list of directions of how to go about
                                                                                                                                       sponsoring the person you have chosen. They ask for three gifts for
                                                                                                                                       children, two for teens, and one for adults, any extra generosity that
                                                                                                                                       sees fit is welcome.
                                                                                                                                                  “We request that you provide new gifts to help this person
                                                                                                                                       have some dignity in his or her need,” the card read.
                                                                                                           Photo by Kristina St. Cyr              Each gift is to be wrapped separately and is to have the per-
                                            On Tuesday December 12, the James F. Dunne Auditorium was filled with the                  son’s name and I.D. number on the front.
                                            melodic voices of the Dedham High School chorus and the enticing selection of                         All gifts benefit My Brothers Keeper, which is an organiza-
                                            the band for their annual holiday concert.
                                                                                                                                       tion working to help families and children who are in need. Through
                                             Students have real life experience                                                        out the year they collect all sorts of items from furniture to food to
                                                                                                                                       clothing that support people from Brockton to Boston.
                                                 with TV and Video class                                                                          Many people say that the storehouse looks like Santa’s work-
                                                                                                                                       shop around Christmas time.
                                             by Andrea Hage                                                                                       My Brothers Keeper helps thousands of families every year,
                                                     First year TV & Vid-              prised of elderly women, on
                                            eo students Sarah Maki and                 how to avoid being scammed.                     and was started in the basement of a young married couple’s home and
                                            Jeanne Stella recently video-              She spoke of different ways                     has evolved into a huge warehouse in Brockton.
    photo courtesy of
                                                                                                                                                  St. Mary’s Youth Minister Jason Deramo said, “The response
                                            taped an event for Dedham                  people try to “rip-off” elders
                                            cable at the Endicott Estate               for money, especially over                      this year from the parish and especially the teens was so much more
                                            hosted by Susan Wornick                    the telephone.                                  than in years past. The teens this year really picked up a lot of the
                                            from Channel 5.                                    Wornick also spent                      gifts.”

Nativity Story                                       On Thursday, Novem-               a fair amount of time telling                              Some of the gifts that are brought to benefit this organization
                                            ber 2, Maki and Stella, both               the audience about her work                     range from bicycles to videogame systems, along with many other gen-
                                            sophomores, were transport-                and her background.       She                   erous gifts. This year there were many different gifts and not one name
                                            ed to the Endicott Estate by               even told some amusing sto-                     was left on the tree.
                                            Tom Clinton of the Dedham
                                            Youth Commission.
                                                                                       ries about her mother.
                                                                                               “It was really excit-
                                                                                                                                          Carten’s classes see Queen
                                                                                                                                        by Sarah Mosca
                                                     Upon arrival, both                ing getting to meet Susan                                  English teacher Kathy                Scully, who takes her
                                            students were inroduced to                 Wornick and filming some-                       Carten, along with film studies       film studies class to see a profes-
                                            technicians and familiarized               thing that actually aired,”                     teacher Sue Scully, recently took     sionally shot movie at least once a
                                            with the equipment provided                Stella said.                                    57 students on a field trip to The    year, took eleven students on the
                                            by the cable station. They                         Not only did Maki                       Dedham Community Theatre to           trip to analyze camera angles and
                                            then proceeded to film an                  and Stella have the extraor-                    view Stephen Frear’s The Queen.       story lines.
                                            event for the Red Hat Soci-                dinary opportunity to prac-                     The film showcases the struggles                Senior Katie Kelly, who
                                            ety, which ended up airing on              tice what they’ve learned in                    between the British monarchy          attended the trip, thought that the
                                            cable completely unedited.                 class in the real world, they                   and the Labour party.                 movie was “slow” but appreci-
                                                     “Susan Wornick was                were also provided with a de-                              Carten decided to take     ated the experience, which visu-
                                            really funny. It was a good                licious lunch catered by the                    her students to see this movie be-    alized some of the key struggles
                                            experience for us to learn                 Real Deal.                                      cause her senior classes are cur-     between the monarchy and parlia-
                                            how to film live situations,”                      A second event with                     rently studying British literature    ment.
                                            Maki said.                                 a similar agenda followed                       and she wanted them to under-                    Kelly added that most

         photo by
                                                     Wornick, who does                 on Thursday, December 14,                       stand how the British government      of the students found it difficult
                                            the afternoon news on Chan-                which was filmed by seniors                                                           to be entertained by Queen, but
                                                                                                                                       has affected its citizens.
                                            nel 5, addressed to the Red Hat            Kristi Balis and Derek Aitchi-                            The British government      thought it was better than being in
                                            Society, an organization com-              son.

                                                                                                                                       encouraged an “unemotional            school.
                                                 Screening room opens on whether
                                                             times per term, depending
                                                                                                                                       demeanor towards the death of
                                                                                                                                       Princess Diana,” Carten said
                                                                                                                                                                                       “As a seventeen year old
                                                                                                                                                                             teenage girl, it didn’t really catch
                                            by Chrissy Conway
                                                       With a little help from stu-                                                               The film depicts Queen     my interest or affect me very
                                                                                       or not there is a movie to supplement the
                                            dents, auto shop teacher Jim Dellott                                                       Elizabeth as being indifferent to-    much,” Kelly said. But added that
                                                                                       book her class is reading.
                                            has installed a new screening room                                                         wards Diana’s death in contrast       it did seem like a good film for
                                                                                                   The room will also be serv-
                                            in the upper A-wing, which has been                                                        to the citizens who mourned her       somebody that may be interested
                                                                                       ing as a conference room for the English
                                            open for use since December 12.                                                            death dearly.                         in history and government.
                                                       The construction of the
                                            room, which was scheduled to be
                                                                                                   “There’s going to be seating
                                                                                       in the front with conference tables and
                                                                                                                                            Snowflakes for STUCO
                                                                                                                                        by Staff
                                            available in late November, was held       chairs for conferences,” said Dellot.                    For the month of De-         cafeteria for the past couple of
                                            up due to technical problems.                          Many different funds were           cember, Student Council took          weeks.
                                                       “The wood for the ris-          pulled together to create this room. There      part in a Holiday Drive run by                 “I think it’s fabulous
             Photo courtesy of   ers were not up-to-date fire code ap-      were private donations, and the Dedham          the Dedham Youth Commis-              that Dedham High students and

                                            proved; we had to rebuild, but it’s all    Education Foundation also donated               sion.                                 staff can reach out to fellow
                                            finished now,” said Dellot.                money. There also is an advertisement                    The purpose of the Hol-      members of the community who
                                                       The room contains 30 com-       on the Dedham Public School Cable               iday Drive is to raise money for      are not as fortunate as them-
                                            fortable theater seats, an LCD projec-

                                                                                       Channel asking people to consider spon-         needy families in Dedham and          selves this holiday season,” said
                                            tor, surround sound, cable, and both       soring a chair. The cost is $150.               purchase gift cards for children      junior Student Council Secre-
                                            DVD and VHS players.                                   The screening room is intend-       and teens in these families.          tary Beth Kempton.
                                                       “We certainly hope teachers     ed to be a great resource for all classes.               With a donation of a                  Last year Student Coun-

                                            will take advantage of it,” said English               “It will have a lot of use be-      dollar or more, students can          cil participated in the Holiday
                                            Department head John LaFlamme.             cause teachers know that kids remem-            write their names or holiday          drive and they hope to
                                                       English teacher Mollie          ber literature better when they see it too,”    messages on colorful snow-            surpass 2005’s amount this
                                            Young plans to use the facility a few      said English teacher Kathleen Crounse.          flakes, which have festooned the      year.
                                                              The Dedham Mirror • Friday, December 22, 2006

  2                                                                                                                                                             Editorial

  ‘Twas the                             Commercial                                                                     Thorns and Roses
                                    Christmas controversy
                                                                                                           A rose for...

 week before                                                                                               -Mr. Dewar and the custodial staff for their understanding and assis-
                                                                                                           tance in producing a revamped Dedham Mirror
                                                                                                           -The activities committee that organized the activities for the day
 Christmas...                       by Dan Withrow
                                      You know Dasher and
                                                                               Television has brought
                                                                    us closer since its conception.
                                                                                                           before vacation
                                                                                                           -The fall athletes who had impressive statistics regarding academics

Dedham High
                                Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.       In 1964 Rankin/Bass Produc-            especially the girls cross country team who had 80% of their squad
                                Bob Cratchit, Snow Miser, and       tion Inc. aired Rudolph the Red        make honor roll first term
                                The Grinch. But what would          Nosed Reindeer, the phenom-            A thorn for...
    Style                       you recall without a commer-
                                cial Christmas at all?
                                                                    enon that led to several other
                                                                    productions including Santa
                                                                                                           -No big snowfall and no snowdays so far
                                                                                                           -For students who act in such a manner that the faculty is required to
                                         The Christian cel-         Claus is Comin’ to Town, The           “babysit” the lavatories
                                ebration of the birth of Jesus      Year Without a Santa Claus, and        -For school on December 22
‘Twas the week before Christmas Christ has transformed into         The Little Drummer Boy. Not to         -Heat in some classrooms, but what feels like AC in others
      And oh, what a drag,      a larger than life spectacle        be outdone, MGM produced an            -People who don’t know how to walk in the hallways
   Not a visitor was entering   for believers and non-believ-       animated version of Dr. Seuss’

                                                                                                          Beneficial Badges
      Without a name tag.       ers. Tacky lights, extravagant      How the Grinch Stole Christ-
                                gifts, and the medium of tele-      mas.
      The new vice principal    vision have transformed this                   The TV special that
     Was roaming the halls,     holiday into a secular season       made Charles M. Shultz a
                                of shopping, eating, and being      household name, A Charlie              by Katie Kelly
    If you skipped detention                                                                                    Necklaces seem to be the new trend at Dedham High School for all
                                “merry.” Although it is not as      Brown Christmas has become a
 You’d hear your name called.                                       holiday classic. Linus’ “mean-        faculty members. Identification badges have become a requirement for
                                holy as it once was, it is still
                                a celebration of good will and      ing of Christmas” speech, re-         all teachers to wear during the school day. This latest method is being
     Homeroom was ending        peace to all people.                ally just a passage from the          used in all of the Dedham Public Schools for safety concerns.
        B-Block was near,                Father Christmas, Kris     Bible, hits that soft spot every            There are mixed feelings among the staff on whether these badges
 But the hallways are clogged Kringle, St. Nicholas, Sinterk-       time. Without this special, the       are actually necessary. However, most follow the saying “better safe
   The freshman won’t clear.    laas, or just plain Santa Claus     world may never have known            than sorry.”
                                has become the symbol of the        the Peanuts gang as well as we              Despite the slight annoyance it may cause to constantly wear
                                Christmas season. Claus’ ori-       do now.                               something around your neck or dangle from your waist, the benefits that
   The late bell’s approaching                                                                            come with it definitely outweigh the bad. Faculty will finally be able to
       But no one can tell,     gins originate in Europe from                  The foundations for
                                a multitude of cultures, not        these icons and classics don’t        identify who actually belongs within the building, which has been par-
    Just the tick of the clock                                                                            ticularly difficult due to the heavy traffic of people flowing in and out.
                                as the jolly man today, but in      have the intention of “raking
       There wasn’t a bell.                                         in the dough,” but spreading                Longtime employee and secretary of guidance Anne Goyette ad-
                                many shapes and attitudes. In
                                1931, the Coca-Cola Compa-          the spirit of the holiday sea-        justed to the change optimistically and light heartedly: “I like my badge,
     You raise your hand up     ny started a new ad campaign        son. From Santa all the way           it helps me remember my name when I forget it.”
       To use the bathroom,     that featured Santa in a Coca-      down to Rudolph, they all try               Secretary Mary Beth Catinella shares the same spirit: “It makes
   But without a signed pass    Cola red suit drinking a coke.      to spread goodwill and cheer.         me feel important, like I have an all-access pass somewhere.”
  The lav guard means doom. The country adored the new                         Kris Kringle, the center         Despite the humor that comes along with wearing badges, the fac-
                                look and the world soon fol-        of the gift giving phenomenon         ulty is aware of their true purpose and accepts them.
                                lowed. Santa had a locked look      of Christmas, isn’t about find-             After the recent deadly incidents in Pennsylvania where a man in-
       Now it’s long block                                                                                vaded a school and proceeded to inflict harm on students, and other such
        82 long minutes,        and it stuck.                       ing the perfect gift, but giv-
                                         Literature has had its     ing to ones you love. Perhaps         publicized incidents of school violence, taking precautionary measures
   Perhaps a film in the new                                                                              are necessary to ensure that all schools are safe.
                                fair share of holiday master-       he is just “paying it forward,”
              theatre                                               sparking a chain reaction of                With these new badges both faculty and students will be able to
                                pieces. There is Charles Dick-
       Nope, it’s off limits!   ens’ A Christmas Carol and          gift giving and spreading joy.        identify a stranger or someone who looks suspicious in the school and
                                Clement Moore’s magical poem                   The Christmas season,      report it to the office.
       The A-Wing is hot!       “Twas the Night Before Christ-      however commercial it may                   There’s really no argument for condemning the ID badges, be-
      The C-Wing is Cold!       mas.” These writings have in-       be, seems to cure those who have      cause whether we like it or not, the world is becoming more and more
 Simply adjust the thermostat spired Christmas believers for        lost their way and manages to bring   dangerous. And if something as simple as wearing a badge keeps us all
                                over a hundred years and are        people around the world together      safer, then why not? It’s a small price to pay.
       Alas, they’re too old.
                                still as meaningful today.          with the holiday spirit.

                                    Battle between secular and spiritual for air time
      Now on to lunch
   Time for a nice snack,
   Take a seat in the front
     Or is it the back?

                               by Beth Kempton                      started saying “Happy Holidays”       references offensive. We should        giant “Holiday Tree,” rather than
      Well, it’s off to class                                                                                                                    a “Christmas Tree.”
                                    It isn’t very often that we     in public over the past few years,    not change our traditions for such
  Time to listen to the teacher,                                    soon enough, the words Christ-        a small percentage of the popula-            With people trying to make
                              hear spiritual Christmas songs,
      But all you can hear                                          mas, Santa Claus, or anything         tion if it doesn’t physically harm     everything socially acceptable
                              such as “God Rest Ye Merry Gen-
Is the voice on the loud speaker.
                              tlemen,” and “O Come, O Come          else remotely referring to Chris-     them.                                  lately, will we soon experience
                              Emmanuel.” Why is this? Why           tianity will be eliminated from             Even last year at the White      a “Silent Night” on the radio
     Now it’s last block      do the radio stations only play       radio waves. Soon, we will only       House during a Christmas cel-          waves in the years to come,
   It’s almost that time,     secular songs, such as “Santa         hear “Winter Wonderland” and          ebration, only “elevator Christmas     with no Christmas music what-
 How dare they keep us here Claus is Coming to Town,” and           “Let it Snow,” or other songs         music” was played, including “All      soever? Or, will people finally
 This is really mo’ grimes! “Rockin’ Around the Christmas           which do not mention Christmas        I Want for Christmas is my two         come to their senses and real-
                              Tree?”                                in any way, shape, or form.           Front Teeth.” Absolutely no spiri-     ize that it is no big deal to
                                    Has our world gotten to be so         Christmas always has and        tual hymns or carols were played,      play such spiritual songs as
  The students are jittery                                                                                                                       “Silent Night” just as much
                              politically correct that we cannot    will be a highly-commercialized       for fear of offending a small per-
They’ve been sitting a while,                                       holiday in the United States, so      centage of people. Also on Penn-       as secular ones such as “Jin-
                              play certain good old-fashioned
But wait, Mr. Winrow’s voice                                        it is ridiculous that we must         sylvania Ave. last year, there was a   gle Bell Rock?”
                              Christmas songs anymore, simply
 Through a gleaming white because not all radio listeners cele-     change our traditional holiday
            smile.            brate Christmas? On the radio sta-
                              tion Oldies 103.3, the secular-to-
 His announcement is brief spiritual ratio of Christmas songs
                                                                    customs, simply because a min-
                                                                    ute percentage of the population
                                                                    might be offended by Christmas
                                                                                                           The Dedham Mirror
     We pack up to go,        over the course of a few days was     customs overpowering those of           A&E Editor             Editor-in-Chief        Straight News Editor
                                                                    other winter holidays.                  Dan Withrow            Kristina St. Cyr          Kelsie Driscoll
   Clean out our lockers      nearly five to one.
  And get ready for snow.           There is absolutely noth-             Almost all Americans (95          Editorial Editor                                   Features Editor
                              ing in spiritual songs which could    percent) celebrate Christmas,            Beth Kempton    Associate Editor-in-Chief         Gabby Iarrobino
                              possibly offend people of other       while four percent celebrate Ha-                               Juli Warren
   The closing bell rings                                           nukkah and three percent cel-
                              religions, nor do they try to con-                                                                                                Copy Editors
      Vacation is here!                                             ebrate Kwanza. According to a             Sports Editors             Adviser
                              vert people of other religions to                                                                                                Chrissy Conway
   Happy Holidays to all      becoming Christians, so I don’t see   poll by Fox News, only one to           Stephen MacDonald           Jeff Nilsen
                                                                                                            Jimmy McCormick                                    Melissa Hallisey
   See you all next year!     any problem with playing spiritual    five percent of people actually
                              Christmas songs.                      find the use of the phrase “Merry
           by Staff                                                                                          Staff: Greg Hurst, Rani Aljondi, Chris Dolan, Andrea Hage, Katie
                                    As people have stopped          Christmas,” rather than “Happy
                                                                                                            Kelly, Lindsay MacDonald, Sarah Mosca
                              saying “Merry Christmas” and          Holidays,” and other spiritual
                                                                                    The Dedham Mirror • Friday, December 22, 2006

  Features                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3

Chrismahanukwanzakah brings exceptional DVDs
by Dan Withrow

         Lines alongside store-              an: Dead Man’s Chest grossed                   ultimate gift, the special edi-               Luke Wilson and Uma Thur-                          the couch with every episode.
fronts, people bringing running              over one billion dollars world                 tion gift set includes a work-                man as the one woman who                           Not to be rivaled, Seinfeld:
shoes to the mall, and sales                 wide, the third movie in his-                  ing cryptex based on that of                  you do not want to dump. Mer-                      Season 7 is avaliable. This
that signify only one thing: the             tory to reach the seven-figure                 the movie as well as a replica                yl Streep struts her stuff in The                  collection features the famous
holiday season is upon us.                   mark. The film is an action                    journal of Hank’s character                   Devil Wears Prada and Scrub’s                      “Soup Nazi” episode. On a
         The most wonder-                    packed adventure featuring                     Dr. Robert Langdon.                           Zack Braff is caught up in a                       more serious note, HBO’s the
ful, and certainly most hectic               Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom,                             These are some films                 love triangle in The Last Kiss,                    complete series of the critical-
time of the year, can cause                  and Keira Knightley as they set                for the whole family to enjoy.                available Dec. 26.                                 ly acclaimed Six Feet Under
your hair to fall out if things              sail on the high seas in search                Disney/Pixar’s Cars is a fun-                           If you want to make                      is now avaliable, along with
don’t go quite right. Picking                of Davy Jones’ prized posses-                  filled adventure for all ages.                them laugh, Talledega Nights:                      the sixth season of HBO’s The
out the perfect gift can truly               sion; his heart.                               Voice talents Owen Wilson,                    The Ballad of Ricky Bobby                          Sorprano’s.
make someone’s holiday if                             The “Man of Steel”                    Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt,                     starring the always unpredict-                              For those who are
some thought goes into it. For               returns this holiday season in                 and Larry the Cable Guy lead                  able Will Ferrell as NASCAR
                                             a few forms. Brandon Routh                                                                   driver Ricky Bobby. One of
                                             adorns the blue and red ensem-                                                               the year’s surprise hits, Little
                                             ble in Bryan Singer’s Super-                                                                 Miss Sunshine, makes its way
                                             man Returns, one of this past                                                                to DVD. Steve Carell and Greg
                                             summer’s biggest hits. Along-                                                                Kinnear take beauty pageant
                                             side Routh is Kate Bosworth                                                                  to a whole new level. Other
                                             as the lovely and lonely Lois                                                                notables include Beerfest and
                                             Lane. Kevin Spacey as Super-                                                                 Clerks II.
                                             man’s arch nemesis Lex Luthor                                                                          From the director of Ali
                                             fits in perfectly. Also avali-                                                               and Collateral comes Miami
                                             able is the Superman Ultimate                                                                Vice. Flashy cars, loud guns,
                                             Collector’s Edition. This set                                                                and a pumped up soundtrack
                                             features all four of the original                                                            will send any fan of the 80’s
                                             Superman films starring the                                                                  TV show and action enthusi-
                                             late Christopher Reeves. There                                                               asts reeling. Not to be outdone
              photo courtesy of   is also Superman Returns and                                  photo courtesy of   is the only man with a license                                         photo courtesy of

a quick and decent price, a                  a new director’s cut of Super-                 an ensemble only Disney could                 to kill; James Bond. The James                     looking for something good
DVD can bring much joy and                   man II.                                        assemble through the back-                    Bond Ultimate Editions con-                        to pick up after the rush, the
delight if the right title is giv-                    Dan Brown’s The Da                    roads of the midwest in search                sists of four volumes featur-                      most interesting film of the
en. Here are some films that                 Vinci Code dazzled readers                     of the racing title and the heart.            ing all 20 releases prior to the                   summer, Snakes on a Plane,
are sure to make your friends                and Ron Howard’s film of the                   Alongside Cars is Ice Age 2:                  recent debut of Casino Royale,                     comes to DVD Jan. 2. Local
and family beam with ecsta-                  same title made mega bucks at                  The Meltdown, the sequel to                   and after the 60’s film of the                     comic hero Dane Cook releas-
sy:                                          the box office. The Code stars                 the highly successful film Ice                same name.                                         es Dane Cook’s Tourgasm and
         The past year has had               Tom Hanks and Audrey Tau-                      Age, and Nickelodeon’s Barn-                            On the television cir-                   those boys from MTV go crazy
its fair share of blockbuster                tou as two people in the midst                 yard: The Original Party Ani-                 cuit comes Family Guy: Vol-                        in Jackass: Number Two, both
hits. The number three top                   of war that has been going on                  mals.                                         ume 4 featuring the fifth sea-                     available on Dec. 26.
grossing film of all time was                since the time of Christ. This                          Looking for a date                   son of the hilarious family of                             Have no fear, there is
released in July. Gore Verbin-               two-disc special edition is per-               flick? Look no further than My                31 Spooner St. Peter and the                       something for everyone this
ski’s Pirates of the Caribbe-                fect for thrill seekers. For the               Super-Ex Girlfriend starring                  gang will have you rolling off                     holiday season. Happy Holi-

Popular holiday gifts for 2006 Anita Shreve shines
                                                                                                                                                                                             days and I’ll see you in line.

                                                                                                                                          by Beth Kempton                                                Shreve first became extreme-
 by Gabby Iarrobino                                                                                                                               Forty-two years after her gradu- ly popular in the late 1990s, when Oprah
          As the holiday season              share music, pictures, and videos              vary from $99.99-$199.99. It’s                ation, one Dedham High alumni is still added Shreve’s novel, The Pilot’s Wife,
 comes closer and closer, holi-              with the Zune-to-Zune feature.                 handy for waking you up as                    bringing pride to her school and the Ded- to her “Oprah’s Book Club,” leading
 day wish lists are getting lon-                   There’s a catch, each song               well as charging your iPod. It                ham community. After graduating with many of her books, both old and new, to
 ger and longer. Here are some               can only be shared once and the                also is equipped with FM and                  the class of 1964, Anita Shreve went on become extremely popular all over the
 of the must-have items.                     recipient can listen to the song a             AM radio stations. Whether                    to become a freelance writer and world- nation.
          Topping off the lists              maximum of three times and the                 you have an iPod mini or an                   renowned author.                                               Other books in Shreve’s rep-
 of the most electronically sav-             song will expire after three days,             iPod video don’t worry, it is                             Shreve earned her bachelor’s ertoire include, Strange Fits of Passion,
 vy teens are either Playstation             pictures are permanent. An in-                 adaptable to any type of iPod.                degree from Tufts University. Some Resistance, Fortune’s Rocks, Sea Glass,
 3 or Nintendo Wii.                          teresting feature is “Zune-tags”               The “high fidelity” stereo has                of her first jobs included spending three Light on Snow, and most recently, A
          Playstation 3 comes                which allows the user to scan the              newly designed Reson8 speak-                  years in Nairobi, Kenya as a journal- Wedding in December.
                                                                                                                                          ist, and teaching in a high                                                        In the year
 in two versions-a 60 GB hard                area with their Zune for other                 ers which make music more
                                                                                                                                          school.                                                               2000, Shreve received
 disk drive priced at $599 and a             Zune users. Zune is also compat-               clear and crisp.
                                                                                                                                                      When Shreve re-                                           the Dedham “Outstand-
 20 GB hard disk drive priced                                                                     In the world of fashion,                                                                                      ing Alumni Award,” “In
 at $499.                                                                                   a popular gift is the cable-knit              turned from Nairobi, she de-
                                                                                                                                          cided to take time off to raise                                       recognition of [her] out-
       PS3 is all decked out with                                                           sweater. They’re not the ones                                                                                       standing achievements
 a Blu-ray format for DVDs and                                                              grandma knits either. Prices                  her children and became a
                                                                                                                                          freelance journalist. Numer-                                          in the literary field. [Her]
 is equipped with new motion                                                                vary and come in a variety of                                                                                       novels have been recog-
 sensing DualShock technol-                                                                 colors. They can be found in                  ous short stories and nonfic-
                                                                                                                                          tion writing of Shreve’s have                                         nized for their excellence
 ogy that has six-axis sensing                                                              stores such as Nordstrom, Old                                                                                       and two of them [have]
 capabilities, handy for racing                                                             Navy, Gap, and Abercrombie.                   appeared in The New York
                                                                                                                                          Times Magazine, Cosmo-                                                become movies.”
 type games.                                                                                They are V-neck and fitted to                                                          photo courtesy of         Shreve is among
                                                                                                                                          politan, and Esquire.
          Wii on the other hand                                                             the contours of your body.                                                                     many honored recipients of this award,
                                                                                                                                                  One of her very first published sto-
 is slightly less expensive than                                                                  For the teens that enjoy a                                                               including middle school teacher and girls
                                                                                                                                          ries, “Past the Island, Drifting,” received
 its competition, marked at                                  photo courtesy of   workout, there is the new AB                                                                   track coach Frank Barbuto, and Tom
                                             ible with Xbox 360 and the user                                                              The O. Henry Prize in 1975, an award
 $249. It’s the newest edition to                                                           Lounge Ultra, priced at $149,                                                                  Clinton of the Dedham Youth Commis-
                                             can stream music, pictures, and                                                              which is given to “short stories of excep-
 the Nintendo family and is the                                                             offers more muscle move-                                                                       sion.
                                             video via USB.                                                                               tional merit.”
 smallest Nintendo console; its                                                             ment in the upper and lower                                                                             Shreve grew up on Van Brunt
                                                  As for the MAC fanatics,                                                                         Shreve also expanded two of her
 size is about three DVD cases                                                              abdominals and obliques. It                                                                    Ave., right around the corner from Ded-
                                             there’s the newly improved iPod                                                              stories from The New York Times into the
 stacked on top of each other.                                                              comes equipped with the Focus                                                                  ham High School, and graduated in
                                             Nano priced at $149 and $199,                                                                nonfiction books, Remaking Motherhood
 This game is virtual reality and                                                           Strap and the Iso-Grip padded                                                                  the same class as another well-known
                                             which comes in new colors, sil-                                                              and Women Together, Women Alone, and
 is paving the way to the future                                                            handles to make multiple hand                                                                  author, Bob Hanson. For all we know,
                                             ver, pink, lime green, blue, as                                                              the success of these books lead her to be-
 of video games. Accessories to                                                             positions easier.                                                                              there could be a future celebrity yet to be
                                             well as classic black, and the                                                               come a fiction writer.
 Wii include a sensor bar and a                                                                   Whether you’re a gamer,                                                                  discovered wandering the Dedham High
                                             limited edition red which $10 of                                                                     Since then, Shreve has written over
 nunchuk attachment.                                                                        music lover, work-out fanatic                                                                  halls at this very moment.
                                             the proceeds goes to AIDS re-                                                                a dozen novels, all of which have been
          For the music lovers,                                                             or a fashion enthusiast there’s                                                                         In the 1990s, Shreve taught cre-
                                             search.                                                                                      critically acclaimed. Two of her novels,
 there is the new Microsoft                                                                 bound to be a gift that’s at the                                                               ative writing at Amherst College, and is
                                                  To go with the newly im-                                                                The Pilot’s Wife, and The Weight of Water,
 Zune which is Microsoft’s                                                                  top of your list.                                                                              still a guest lecturer there today. She now
                                             proved Nanos is iHome iH5 iPod                                                               have even been made into major motion
 newest MP3 player. Priced at                                                                                                                                                              lives in Longmeadow,Massachusetts.
                                             alarm clock radio. The prices                                                                pictures.
 $249, it allows Zune owners to
                                                                                   The Dedham Mirror • Friday, December 22, 2006

     4                                                                                                                                                                    Arts and Entertainment

           RFK is revisited in Estevezs’ Bobby                                                                                              The Echo fades away
by Beth Kempton                             Sheen (The West Wing), William H.          Ashton Kutcher (Guess Who) unneed-
            Biographical films such as      Macy (Thank You For Smoking), Lind-        ed and poorly done. For the majority         by Rani Aljondi
 Ray, Walk the Line, and Capote have                                                                                                            The novel Echo Park, by Michael Connelly, is the delicate story of De-
                                            say Lohan (Mean Girls), Elijah Wood        of the scene they are standing in front
 been huge powerhouses at the Oscars                                                                                                tective Harry Bosch. Bosch was an LAPD detective with the usual facilities allot-
                                            (Lord of the Rings), Christian Slater      of two open closet doors imagining
 in recent years, and I predict Bobby                                                                                               ted to a main character in this genre of fiction; a capacity to see through all lies, a
                                            (Heathers), and Sharon Stone (Basic        bombs going off and Kutcher thinks
 will be no exception.                                                                                                              tendency to rise and fall greatly, and an insufferably naïve inferior as his luckless
                                            Instinct), to name a few.                  he’s flying. It brings the quality of the
            Bobby is set in 1968, amidst                                                                                            assistant. Bosch had a case earlier in his career that proved unsolvable, a sadistic
                                                        But this movie features two    movie down.
 the chaos of the Vietnam War and                                                                                                   mastermind that disappeared, and the ever present feeling of the all consuming
                                            breakout roles in the performances of                 This wasn’t Emilio Este-
 the presidential primaries. The film                                                                                               darkness that accompanies one’s acceptance of the Watchman’s burden.
                                            Freddy Rodriguez (Six Feet Under)          vez’s first job screen writing. He also
                                                                                                                                                It now comes to the present day of Bosch’ career, in the Open Unsolved
 chronicles the lives of several peo-       who plays José, a kitchen worker, and      wrote and directed 1990’s Men at
                                                                                                                                    Department, it appears an equally vicious murderer, Raynard Waits, claims to
 ple either working or staying in and       there’s also current MTV personal-         Work. But this is his debut for directing
 around the Ambassador Hotel on the                                                                                                 have been the one that killed Marie Gesto, a restless window cleaner who finds
                                            ity Nick Cannon. Rodriguez manages         a major motion picture. He managed
 night of the California primary, await-                                                                                            it amusing to dismember and kill those unfortunate lower class people of society
                                            to capture your attention as a young       to capture the times appropriately with
 ing Robert Kennedy’s arrival. Each                                                                                                 (Prostitutes) whom he happens to come across. Waits, in his attempt to avoid the
                                            adult trying to make it in a prejudice     a hint of contemporary flair that seems
 of their stories seem unrelated to the                                                                                             death penalty, has given up information of his past nine murders, in return for a
                                            society. Cannon’s performance on           to balance out.
 other until a surprise ending that will                                                                                            life sentence.          Further questioning over his claims takes place, Waits escapes
                                            the other hand came as a huge shock                   Perhaps the most captivating
 make your jaw drop.                                                                                                                the clutches of the law, ushering in a refrain of his damned slaughter of those for
                                            to me because his last movie role in       aspect of the movie wasn’t the actors
            The stories range from a                                                                                                whom society sheds not a tear. And now Bosch must slay the beast he had and has
                                            Underclassman was forgettable to say       or the directing but the real life footage
 drunk singer, Virginia Fallon por-                                                                                                 accidentally prolonged.
                                            the least. Cannon portrays Dwayne,         of RFK and the 1960s. I learned a lot
 trayed by Demi Moore (St. Elmo’s                                                                                                               The novel’s plot follows the forms of its genre. It makes use of many
                                            another campaigner still dealing with      about the state of America during the
 Fire) to a hotel worker (Anthony                                                                                                   elements set down by the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle. Harry
                                            the death of Martin Luther King Jr.        Vietnam War and the presidential race
 Hopkins, Silence of the Lambs) still                                                                                               Bosch is a genius in his field, calculating, and unnaturally aware of the world
                                            and looking forward to the future with     of 1968. By adding real-life footage,
                                                                                                                                    around him. At certain times, Bosch will become aware of assailants even before
 attached to the past, or two young         RFK as president. His scene after RFK      Bobby shows how loved RFK really
 campaigners, who instead of knock-                                                                                                 they open fire. He will use tactics that are beyond the ordinary abilities of his peers.
                                            is shot is moving.                         was and made me wonder what he
 ing on doors for RFK wind up taking                                                                                                His opponent, as with Holmes’ enemy, Moriarty, is a brilliant assassin that shall
                                                        But the most Oscar-worthy      would of accomplished if he wasn’t
 an acid trip for the entire day. They’re                                                                                           engage his pursuer in a “cat and dog struggle.” And his partner, Kiz Rider, is the
                                            performance is that of Laurence Fish-      assassinated. The final scene is voiced
 played by former Disney channel star                                                                                               inferior who can neither comprehend the depth of Bosch’s expertise nor emulate
                                            burne (The Matrix) who plays Edward        over with an emotionally intense and
 Shia LeBeouf and Brian Geraghty                                                                                                    his abilities.
                                            Robinson the matriarch of the kitchen      gripping speech by the real RFK.
 (Jarhead).                                                                                                                                     And it is this lack of variety that truly makes it difficult to appreciate. It is
                                            staff. His scene with Jacob Vargas                    When a movie entertains
            With a long cast list of sea-                                                                                           predictable. There is not a single “twist” that was not unexpected. It never deviates
                                            (Traffic) is unparalleled through the      you, educates you, and makes you
 soned actors and actresses as well as                                                                                              from its genre in any manner, and it is this inherent, accursed conservatism that
                                            whole movie.                               fight back tears you know it’s done its
 new and upcoming stars you’re bound                                                                                                brought it to the New York Times Best Seller List. The consumers are never fond
                                                        I found the acid scene with    job.
 to see a face you recognize. Martin                                                                                                of change; they are all literary conservatives at heart and as such prefer sensational
                                            LeBeouf, Garahty and drug dealer
                                                                                                                                    novels with conventional plotlines complete with banal, soulless narration. As a
          Your not so typical chick flick                                              ham (Law) is able to charm Amanda
                                                                                                                                    novel that does not stray from the path most taken.
                                                                                                                                                From the design of the story’s initiative, another flaw emerged. Instead
  by Kristina St. Cyr                       quintessential getaway for the holi-                                                    of the characters driving the story, it seemed as though the story was driving the
            As I got up to leave the the-   days.                                      with his good looks and sexy Brit-
                                                                                                                                    characters, holding a most detectable tyranny over their fashions of living and
ater, after a small round of applause, I               After just one short chat,      ish accent. Back in LA, Iris is busy
                                                                                                                                    coexisting. All of the main members of this story’s cast seemed to be guided by
heard a man in front of me say, “That       both girls, desperate to leave behind      mending her broken heart with the
                                                                                                                                    the hand of coincidence rather than conscience, circumstance rather than action.
was definitely a chick flick.” He           their homes and lives for the holidays,    help of a befriended neighbor, legend-
                                                                                                                                    The Novel runs along a familiar premise, with familiar characters following stale
couldn’t have been more right.              agree to exchange homes for the next       ary screenwriter Arthur Abbott (Eli
                                                                                                                                    paths in their quests to destroy the designs of the antagonists. Despite Connelly’s
            The Holiday starring Cam-       two weeks. The very next day Iris          Wallach, Mystic River). With the help
                                                                                                                                    attempts to do otherwise, he has inadvertently created an overrated work of fiction
eron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law,          makes her way to sunny Los Angeles,        of Arthur, Iris is able to open her heart
                                                                                                                                    that is sure to appeal to the nation’s tasteless. Seeing as it was on the New York
and Jack Black fell nothing short of        and Amanda to the snow covered Eng-        to new crush, film composer Miles
                                                                                                                                    Times Best Seller List, I can infer it already has.
your stereotypical chick flick. With        lish countryside.                          (Black).
heart throbbing characters to steal                    Upon arrival the girls find                 A definite thumbs up for not
away the hearts of the audience, and        something that they were both desper-      sticking to the typical romance plot,
not one but two love stories that give      ately trying to get away from: romance.    but drifting not just to a foreign coun-
hope to the every day girl, this movie      Iris’s handsome, British brother Gra-      try, but a new territory as well. There
is no doubt going to the top of every                                                  was a little more to the film than the
girl’s must see list.                                                                  average boy meets girl, they fall in
            Stricken by a forbidden                                                    love, the end. Besides finding love
love, Iris (Winslet) decides she has                                                   these couples found happiness and
had enough and needs to get away;                                                      more meaning to their lives. Instead
this is when she posts her house on a                                                  of being preoccupied with the materi-
home exchange website. It is not long                                                  alistic things in life, Iris and Amanda
before Amanda (Diaz), after breaking                                                   were shown that there were joys in life
up with her cheating boyfriend, finds                                                  that just needed to be pointed out to
                                                                                                                                                      The cast of The Madwoman of Chaillot .               Courtesy Photo
Iris’s quaint countryside home the           Winslet and Black looking for love.       them.

                      Marauder on the Move
                                            What was your favorite holiday gift?

                                                                                          “When I was seven and I
      “My cellphone.”                             “ATVs and a pony.”                     got my American Girl doll                           “Sega Genesis.”                                        “A trip to
                                                                                                 Molly.”                                                                                            Arizona”

~Sophomore Meredith O’Connor                    ~Junior Joe Weltman                        ~Senior Molly Brown                          ~Senior Jack Gallivan                         ~ Junior Alex D’Agostino
                                                                                    The Dedham Mirror • Friday, December 22, 2006

  Arts and Entertainment                                                                                                                                                                      5

The bell tolls for them
 by Rani Aljondi
       Apocalypto, directed by Mel         tle attention. Every one of his pursu-
                                                                                          From the scroll to the screen           birth draws closer and closer, its        like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of
Gibson follows the flight of one Jag-      ers meets his own fate in particularly          by Dan Withrow                         as if you are hearing it for the first    the Christ did. There’s certainly
uar Paw. He is the son of the village      gruesome fashion, an example being                    The Nativity Story is a heart-   time. Everything comes together           no “anti-semantic” context. An-
leader, and at the time of his debut is    the war chief, who is killed in a man-         warming tale that proves anything       perfectly.                                other key difference between the
happily married, his household con-        ner so lethal and vicious audiences all        can be accomplished if you invest              The most uncomfortable             films is the rating. Passion is a
sisting of one son, Turtles Run; one       over this land shall wince when they           in faith.                               parts of the film, by far, are the        hard R, while Nativity is a family
wife, Seven, and an unborn child.          dare glimpse it past their covering                   Released on the first day        two birth scenes. Both Elizabeth          friendly PG.
Happily reveling in their peaceful         hands.                                         of the Advent season, Catherine         and Mary suffer from the pains of               At the end of the day, the
environment, the village’s harmony                 As for these creative portray-         Hardwicke’s film hit theaters with      childbirth rather intensely, which        message conveyed here is the
is abruptly disrupted by the arrival       als of murder and counter, one would           no intention of trying to convert       may be a bit unsettling for some          importance of faith. Mary’s faith,
of a blood thirsty Mayan War Party.        deem it beyond necessity, though it            audiences into Christianity or to       audience members.                         Joseph’s faith, and even the three
This war party devastates the villag-      has always been common for Gib-                make waves in the media. It is                 The film doesn’t have a            wise men’s faith in finding some-
es, slaughtering, pillaging, and need-     son’s works to make his signature in           simply a visual retelling of the        scintillating script or new and in-       thing they all weren’t sure about,
lessly terrorizing those once content.     blood. And alas, this detracts from            story of the days leading up to the     ventive filming techniques, and           but were ready to believe.
Jaguar Paw is captured, while Turtles      whatever reasonable message he is              birth of Jesus. Nothing over the        doesn’t make waves with anyone
Run and Seven are trapped in hiding
within a well.
       The captives are dragged into
                                           attempting to bring forth. Never has
                                           the lash of sadistic intent been used
                                           so in any proper movie in contempo-
                                                                                          top or too outrageous, here; just a
                                                                                          tasteful presentation.
                                                                                                 The film opens with the
                                                                                                                                   Incubus original once again
                                                                                                                                   by Greg Hurst
                                                                                          “Killing of the Innocence,” an                     At some point in every band’s career, one question is sure
the Mayan city, wherein they behold        rary history. Even Night of the Living
                                                                                          order given out by King Herod to        to pop up: “What’s next?” Some groups reply with an experimental
horrible omens of Imperial dete-           Dead (George A. Romero) eschewed
                                                                                          his soldiers to kill all children in    change in sound. Others present their listeners with the same old, leav-
rioration around them. They see the        such gore with in favour of the feud-
                                                                                          Bethlehem of age two and under,         ing them wishing and hoping for more the next time around. Incubus’
usual signs of a decaying nation-rot-      ing survivors. The sheer slaughterous
                                                                                          so to snuff out the prophecy of         response arrives in the form of Light Grenades.
ting plants, poverty stricken urchins,     exaltation in his works, the focus on
                                                                                          “the king of all kings.”                           When it comes to Incubus, previous efforts Morning View
slaves wasting precious effort in          the act of slaying another rather than
                                                                                                 We then rewind one year          and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. are often cited as examples of their brilliance.
the construction of new Sacrificial        the context of their deaths, seems
                                                                                          to Nazareth where Mary (Keisha          On their last go around, A Crow Left of the Murder, the band took a
temples and essentially all manner         so ludicrous when seen alongside
                                                                                          Castle-Hughes, Whale Rider) and         “rock-against-Bust” angle with their work, and failed to deliver the
of horrid sight and fetid corrup-          Mel’s original intent- one who knew
                                                                                          her family live, unsuspecting of        same originality and thought-provoking lyrics that the earlier work dis-
tion around them. A small-pox af-          little could infer that the act of Human
                                                                                          the events that are about to un-        played.
flicted girl, shunned by those around      sacrifice was wholly made to satisfy
                                                                                          fold. While working in the village,                Wherever it was that A Crow Left of the Murder fell short,
her, prophesizes the advent of the         Gibson’s gory palate. The pathetic
                                                                                          Mary is visited by an angel who         Light Grenades excels. Brandon Boyd’s vocals remain some of the
civilization’s end, its conclusion be-     “magic bubble” protecting Jaguar
                                                                                          tells her that she will give birth to   best in all of music, capable of being both haunting (“Earth to Bella”
ing heralded by one who runs with          Paw despite his many fatal wounds
                                                                                          her people’s savior through an Im-      Pt.1/Pt.2) and at times forceful (the astounding “Rogues”).
jaguars who shall be preceded by an        is indicative of Gibson’s Hollywood
                                                                                          maculate Conception, and that she                  His renowned lyrics return full force, contemplative and orig-
eclipse.                                   ancestry. He can never seem to let go of
                                                                                          is to go to her cousin Elizabeth,       inal as ever. In “Dig,” he recognizes the potential he has to change for
       As Jaguar Paw is marched and        Paw.
                                                                                          also with child.                        the worse, stating “If I turn into another / dig me up from what is cover-
laid before the Mayan High Priest                  The acting, as it was mainly in
                                                                                                 When Mary returns to Naza-       ing / the better part of me.” In “Diamonds and Coal,” Boyd reminds us
for his own ministrations, a miracle       another language, and actually limited
                                                                                          reth, the townspeople are in shock      why he’s one of rock’s premier lyricists with reminders such as, “We’re
occurs. One ghastly eclipse blocks         in verbiage, was not noteworthy. Atten-
                                                                                          and disgust, not aware of what          incomplete and infantine / even diamonds start as coal.”
the sun, and all-the obese royal child,    tion, however, needs to be attributed to
                                                                                          had happened to her. Joseph too is                 Unfortunately, he also pens what seems to be a song he wrote
the writhing, decadent multitude,          the actual physical expressions of the
                                                                                          reluctant to believe her until one      back in grade school. The painful “Love Hurts” (no pun intended)
and even the sadistic, bloodied High       actors and actresses. If there is ever to be
                                                                                          night the angel comes to him in a       informs us that “Love hurts… / but sometimes it’s a good hurt / and I
Priest- grow silent. And thus does a       an award for “Most Realistic Reaction
                                                                                          dream telling him that her concep-      feel like I’m alive.”
new game begin. Jaguar Paw and his         To An Impending or Present Calamity,”
                                                                                          tion was divine.                                   Undeniably, Michael Einziger’s guitar proves to be the true light of
fellow slaves are given an opportu-        it should and must be awarded to these
                                                                                                 Meanwhile, King Herod is         this grenade. Severely under appreciated throughout his career, Einziger pro-
nity to escape, in a game of cat and       unhappy few.
                                                                                          trying to keep order over his king-     pels himself up to one of today’s best with his performance on this album,
mouse ending with a hammer blow                    It is a good movie. Not “Paragon
                                                                                          dom and ensure the safety of his        particularly stunning in the record’s first single, “Anna Molly,” and the remark-
to the head of he who manages to get       of the Times,” not a “masterpiece,” but it
                                                                                          crown by any means necessary.           able “Pendulous Threads,” which may as well be renamed after Einziger for
the farthest. Jaguar Paw’s must then       is a decent movie deserving of titles and
                                                                                          Far away, the Three Wise Men,           his guitar work in this track.
evade the murderous clutches of            honors, perhaps a few Oscars thrown in
                                                                                          Balthasar, Gaspar, and Melchior,                   Probably the most upsetting aspect of the record is the absence of
Zero Wolf’s War band, all the while,       for good measure.
                                                                                          begin their journey across the des-     Chris Kilmore’s trademark turntable. He’s still in the band – but you wouldn’t
his wife and child wait neglected at               Conclusion: An aesthetically well
                                                                                          ert to Judea, following the star that   believe me if it didn’t say so in the cd’s booklet. Thankfully the group stays
the bottom of a well that is slowly        rounded movie that is unfortunately
                                                                                          will hopefully lead them to “the        true to their sound despite this limited presence, but it wouldn’t hurt to cross
filling with rain water.                   tainted by poorly written dialogue, over-
                                                                                          king.”                                  our fingers for a resounding return of Kilmore in the next album.
       The movie is rapacious in its       use of gore, a focus on action scenes, and
                                                                                                 What is most appealing                      Whether you find it surprising or expected, Incubus has added an-
use of gore and a method I like to         a premise of having an inner lying mes-
                                                                                          about the film is that just about       other work of art to their repertoire. Place Light Grenades on your 2006 “Best
christen: Artistic Slaying. Never is       sage. A Good-not-great production.
                                                                                          everyone knows how the story            Rock Albums” – and Christmas – list.
a death wasted. Never does one of                  65 votes out of 100 votes of Con-
Jaguar’s resistance tactics receive lit-   fidence.                                       goes, yet when the moment of                  A very solid 4 out of 5.

                     Marauder on the Move
                                           What was your favorite holiday gift?

     “Christmas cheer.”                                                                   “My Gibson acoustic-man-                 “My purple mountain bike.”                        “My laptop.”
                                                “A CD I got last year.”
                                                                                          dolin. I haven’t put it down
                                                                                                  since. Ezzu?”
  ~Senior Jordan Denyse                        ~Freshman Lydia Caissy                        ~Senior George Kamel                       ~Senior Lisa Glen                         ~Dr. Laflamme
                                  The Dedham Mirror • Friday, December 22, 2006

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   Sports                                                                                                                                                                                   7

     Boys reloading for season
by Jimmy McCormick
           After last year’s postseason run through the Division III playoffs
was abruptly ended by Norwell High, the future of the Marauder boys bas-
                                                                                        Girls aim to shock the competition
                                                                                    by Kelsie Driscoll                          had a great number of additions this       will be measuring their success more
ketball program looked cloudy and filled with what seemed to be insur-                         Although governed by all         season. Coach Parr, feeling the pinch      on their ability to come together than
mountable holes.                                                                    underclassmen, we should expect the         from not being able to rely on players     on their individual skills.
           The squad from a year ago was comprised of a once in a generation        Dedham girls hockey team to come            from the eighth grade, has recruited                  “We will have success this
senior class that had an exceptional level of talent, experience and success,       through with a winning season this          students who have never played             season,” said Hallisey, “not necessar-
which was highlighted by their one point loss to Lynn Tech in the State semi-       year.                                       hockey before. Standout athlete, Mi-       ily always by winning but through
finals as juniors.                                                                             After losing five strong se-     chelle Totino, in particular, has joined   improvement.”
           Last year’s team had 11 seniors on the roster, five of which made        niors, including the legendary Kelly        the team to add depth if not experi-                  Look for McGaffigan and
up the starting lineup, the team’s nucleus and most of the offensive produc-        sisters, the team has definitely felt the   ence on the ice.                           freshman Patrice Vettori to be stand-
tion and two key contributors coming off the bench.                                 loss.                                                  At a scrimmage on Satur-        outs on the team this year. “They
           So naturally after a class like the one of 06’s graduates, the next                 However the returning            day December 9th the girls showed          may be on the ice for whole games
year’s expectations can’t be as high because of so many key components              crew this season will be coming out         their strengths by defeating last year’s   at a time,” said Hallisey, “they will
missing from last year’s success, and this year holds true to that trend. That      as strong as ever.                          state champion finalists Canton in a       be working extra hard.”
doesn’t mean this year’s team is without any talent.                                           They will be lead by ju-         well-played match.                                    Other players to look
           Led by senior tri-captains Dave Tavares, VJ Watson and Jack Gal-         nior co-captains Erin McGaffigan                       The team will play 19           for this season are freshmen Sarah
livan, the team has leaders in its captains that know what they need to do to       and Jess D’Alessandro, as well as           games this season. Games to watch          Dunkin and Kelly Celata, as well as
be successful having been on last year’s team.                                      sophomore assistant captain Melissa         will be against Needham at Nobles          D’Alessandro, who will all be step-
           “It will be a lot different, obviously we lost a lot of talent and ex-   Hallisey. All three girls have played       on January 3, Wellesley at Babson on       ping it up this season.
perience, but I feel like we have a hard working group of guys and we can           on the varsity team since eighth grade      January 6, and Woburn on January                      Not only will the girls
overcome anything that comes at us. Just because we don’t have the players          and regardless of their age, they have      15 at Nobles.                              hockey team build a strong team
from last year doesn’t mean we don’t have talented players that can step in         proved themselves more than worthy                     The team’s greatest strength    this season but they will also reap
and fill their roles,” said Watson.                                                 of their positions.                         this year is their fore check and their    the benefit of having a young team,
           Tavares will be counted on to be the team’s court general control-                  Despite the team’s youth,        defense should also become very            having everyone returning next year.
ling the ball most of time and keeping the intensity high on both ends of the       this year’s squad is anything but lack-     strong throughout the season.              And with two seasons to come with
court displaying his athleticism that made him the soccer team’s co-MVP in          ing in talent.                                         The team’s main goal this       each other, the girls will definitely
the fall and one of the league’s best 400m runners and high jumpers for the                    The sport, as a whole, has       year is to see improvement. They           have time for improvement.

                                                                                       Girls basketball shoots for glory
track team in the spring.
           Gallivan will have to step up and play well for big time minutes as
the team’s sole towering big man. As the team’s center, Gallivan will have to
be a rebounding machine on the boards and a defensive force that will block
shots and cause chaos in the paint, which shouldn’t be that much of a chal-
lenge for someone who is 6’6”.
           With his innate ability to score from anywhere on the court, points      by Kristina St. Cyr                         mores Nicole Savi, Andrea Vogt,                      “I think that out of the
shouldn’t be a problem for Watson who will most likely be the team’s big-                     After finishing with a            and Jillian Moses.                         five years that I have played at
gest offensive producer and a threat to light up the scoreboard every time he       tough record of 7-13 last year                        Besides experience, this         DHS, this year’s record will be
touches the ball. Watson’s game includes a dead on jumper than ranges all           the girls basketball team is com-           team has depth as well. Each per-          the best so far. And if we make it
the way back past the three point line, which isn’t to say he’s only a perim-       ing back strong for the 2006-2007           son contributes their own special          to tournament, I think that we will
eter player. Watson is known to bang inside and score hard points around the        season with all of their starters re-       talents to the team. Moses is great        go far,” said Kelly.
hoop.                                                                               turning.                                    in the paint, with some good post                    Goals for the team this
           Along with the captains, senior guards Derek Aitchinson and Zack                   The team will be faced            moves. She was also one of the             year said Kelly are to make tour-
Guiney should be solid scorers from the wing and passionate energy players,         with many hard games this year,             top scorers last year along with           nament, beat Walpole and beat
respectively.                                                                       including Natick and Walpole.               Kelly who reached her 1,000-point          Norwood. “Even if we don’t
           The team’s junior class is particularly weak especially after the        Dedham hasn’t beaten Walpole in             mark last year as a junior.                make tourney,” said Kelly, “I will
ankle injury to one of the team’s most physically imposing big man, Nick            almost thirty years.                                  Vogt, who plays guard,           still consider it a good season if
Fallon. Now the sole bright spot in the junior class is guard Phil Nash, whose                “Natick will be a tough           really knows the game said Kelly.          we beat Walpole and Norwood.”
sweet stroke should be a nice spark for the Marauders off the bench.                one, and Walpole always gives us            She also has a great shot with a                     With an optimistic atti-
            Even without the players from last year’s squad, the basketball         a hard time, but I know that we             free throw shooting percentage of          tude and a sturdy team, girls bas-
team is looking to not miss a beat and play well enough to make it back to          will be able to compete in every            ninety last year. Savi is another          ketball can definitely be expected
the Division III tournament.                                                        game we play this season,” said             very important aspect of the team,         to do great things.
           In the words of tri- captain VJ Watson, “Don’t sleep on us, because      senior co-captain Katie Kelly.              she plays point guard and has ex-
as a team we’re looking to do some damage in the Bay State League and the                     This team holds a lot             cellent ball handling skills.
into the tournament. And I know that there are talented players on this team and    of experience, with two seniors,                      Sophomore Allie Tre-
when given the opportunity are going to step up and play great for us this year.”   three juniors, and the rest sopho-          anor is going to be looked to this

 Boys looking to make impact
                                                                                    mores, all members are returning            year to really step it up and will
                                                                                    for at least their second year on           most likely be starting on many
                                                                                    the team.                                   occasions.
                                                                                              “This is the first year in                  It takes ten out of the
by Juli Warren                                     The starting offensive line
          There is a confident buzz                                                 a while that the team has been the          twenty games that the girls will be
                                         tentatively consists of O’Malley,
surrounding this year’s experi-                                                     same two years in a row,” said              playing this year to make tourna-
                                         Mather and Craven, and this con-
enced boys hockey squad. With                                                       Kelly, “All of our starters are re-         ment. Kelly predicts that the team
                                         tingency will have to put up big
eight seniors leading the way this                                                  turning.”                                   will finish their regular season
                                         numbers for the Marauders this
team just might be able to live up                                                            The starting line up is           with a record of 10-10, and with
                                         year if they plan to rack up some
to their expectations.                                                              composed of Kelly, senior co-cap-           the strong team that they have,
          “We’ll definitely be bet-                                                 tain Jackie Guittarr, and sopho-            anything is possible.
                                                   On defense, O’Connell
ter than last year, we have a good       and Burns, who was tied with grad-
group of seniors,’ said senior cap-
tain Tyler Mather.
                                         uated senior Bobby Holmes for the
                                         most points scored on the team,
                                                                                    XC and soccer banquet winners                           Upcoming varsity sports
            Looking to improve on
last year’s record of 4-13-1, the
                                         will be the starters and they will be
                                         expected to put in a lot of minutes
boys have high hopes for the out-        for the team this season.                                                                                                  January 3-6
come of this winter season.                        The Marauders will have                                                                                           January 3
          After being shut out 3-0       to look to some underclassmen de-                                                                              -Wrestling versus Braintree @home
by a tough Natick team in their          fensemen to put in some serious                                                                              -Girls hockey versus Needham @home
season opener, the guys have             minutes to give them some relief.                                                                                   -Boys hockey at Needham
maintained a positive and resilient                “We really need Riles to                                                                                          January 4
attitude.                                step up and our other defensemen                                                                              -Girls and boys track versus Norwood
          “I’m very confident in         too because we can’t have Nick                                                                                    -Girls basketball at Wellesley
the team we have, we just need to        and Gary playing all 45 minutes,”                                                                                           January 5
step it up, hopefully tourney status     said O’Malley.                                                                                              -Boys basketball versus Wellesley @home
this year,” said senior Matt Saco-                 In goal for the Marauders                                                                                  -Wrestling at Watertown
co.                                      this year will be returning sopho-                                                                                          January 6
          Alongside Sacoco and           more Mike Rahilly and a new addi-                                                                                   -Girls hockey at Wellesley
Mather are returning seniors cap-        tion to the team in junior Josh Sil-                                                                         -Boys hockey versus Wellesley @home
tain Gary O’Connell, captain Nick        berberg who just recently moved to
Burns, TJ O’Malley, Kevin Cra-           Dedham this year. These two will
ven, Mike Goyette and Pat Mc-            be sharing ice time as the season                                                                        Come support your classmates!!!!!
Carthy.                                  progresses.
                                                                                 The Dedham Mirror • Friday, December 22, 2006

    8                                                                                                                                                                                          Sports

 And the winners are....                                                                                                         Quality not quantity for
 The following is a list of all of the awards and student award winners at this year’s
 fall sports banquet.
                                                                                                                                       girls track
                                                                                                                                  by Melissa Hallisey
 Boys Golf                                                             Boys Soccer                                                      With a group of excellent, active seniors and a good core of un-
 Carmen Gallo Most Improved                                            Dedham Youth Soccer Sportsmanship Award                   derclassmen, this winter Dedham High girls track squad is ready to run
 Joe Quinn                                                             Greg Hurst                                                faster, jump longer, and throw farther than in years past.
 Booster Club MVP Award                                                                                                                 Their loss to a strong Natick squad in their first meet was not
                                                                       Dedham Youth Soccer Unsung Hero Award
 Nick Burns                                                                                                                      an accurate reflection of the girls successful potential for this season,
                                                                       Stephen MacDonald
                                                                                                                                 although they did have some great performances out there for so early
                                                                       Dedham Youth Soccer MVP Award                             in the season.
 Girls Cross Country                                                   Dave Tavares, Mike Goyette                                       Sporting the smallest numbers in recent history, the contingency
 Jim Walker Most Improved Award
 Juli Warren                                                                                                                     of less than thirty girls will have to overcome challenges posed by their
                                                                       Girls Field Hockey                                        miniscule size. This size factor limits the team’s depth, something that
 Wayne Clement Team Dedication Award                                   Frank Barbuto Most Improved Award                         led them to win in the season’s past.
 Kristina St. Cyr                                                      Payal Desai                                                      The captains this year are seniors Juli Warren and Christine Ken-
 Alan Milld MVP                                                                                                                  ney, who are having no problem setting good examples and showing
                                                                       State Champs 2005 Unsung Hero Award
 Kelsie Driscoll                                                                                                                 the ropes to all new underclassmen.
                                                                       Christine Kenney
                                                                                                                                        Other senior leadership comes from Meghan Jenkins in the
                                                                       Mary Ann Clougher MVP Award                               sprints, and Erin Sullivan, Jackie Whalen and Brittanni Joseph in the
 Boys Cross Country                                                    Katie Kelly                                               distance events.
 Michael Kirohn Unsung Hero Award
 Tim O’Connor                                                                                                                           Underclassmen distance runners Amanda Shay, Candice Radloff,
                                                                       Cheerleading                                              Melissa Conklin, Sarah Maki and Kelsie Driscoll are all returning to
 Wayne Clement Team Dedication Award                                                                                             track for at least their third season. Shay is starting the season injured
                                                                       Bradbury/ O’Connell Unsung Hero Award
 Dan Hernon                                                            Jessica Lundberg                                          but she will return to full force in the 1000 meter run, as well as the
 Dedham Rotary Club MVP Award                                                                                                    one-mile, for which she currently holds the school record.
                                                                       Julianne Kelly Memorial MVP Award                                Radloff, Driscoll and Conklin will all use their conditioning from
 TJ O’Malley                                                           Dominique Megnia
                                                                                                                                 running cross country this fall to lead the Lady Marauder’s distance
 Girls Volleyball                                                      Football                                                         “The distance team is showing a lot of potential, we have more
 Dedham Rotary Club Unsung Hero Award                                  Mucciaccio/ Toti Hatchet Award                            than a good chance to earn important points in each of our events,” said
 Kristen White                                                         Zack Guiney                                               Conklin.
 Marge Bohan MVP Award                                                                                                                  The sprinting squad will, as usual, rack up big points for the Ma-
                                                                       Edward Monroe Memorial Award
 Catie Callahan                                                                                                                  rauders. Warren is competing in the 600 meters but when sophomore
                                                                       Dan Withrow
                                                                                                                                 Melissa Caissy returns from a hip injury, Warren will move back to her
                                                                       Dedham Pop Warner Tomahawk Award                          original race, the 300 meters.
 Girls Swimming                                                        John O’Connell                                                   Unfortunately, this season Kenney will not be able to compete un-
 Dedham Clippers Most Improved Award
 Melissa Moore                                                                                                                   til January because of a case of mono. With the loss of Kenney, sprint-
                                                                       Irving Negrini Award
                                                                       Nick Scarlatta                                            ers will be asked to step up. Madison Farrell as always, will be strong
 Geishecker MVP Award
 Anne Kaduboski                                                                                                                  in the 300 and the 55.
                                                                       Stivaletta Award                                                 Warren expects junior Payal Desai and sophomores Sarah Noe
                                                                       John O’Connell                                            and Amy Munchback to step it up in the hurdles and high jump. Mer-
 Girls Soccer                                                                                                                    edith O’Connor, a hurdling standout, will be filling the big shoes of last
 Dedham Youth Soccer Unsung Hero Award                                                                                           year’s amazing talent Emily Stefans. O’Connor competed very well last
 Nicole Savi
                                                                                                                                 year and has been working hard all summer to train for this season.
 Dedham Youth Soccer Sportsmanship Award                                                                                                Standout shot-putters Erin Trethewey and Alexia Marmanidies,
 Kristina Ortiz                                                                                                                  will carry the field events to wins this season, along with Danielle San-
                                                                                                                                 tora and Lauren Daley.
 Jake Santamaria Spirit Award                                                                                                           “This is the smallest team, due to the loss of seniors and eighth
 Jackie Whalen
                                                                                                                                 graders but we have enough talent to do well this season. We have
 Dedham Youth Soccer MVP Award                                                                                                   strong people in each event,” said three-season runner Driscoll.
 Erin McGaffigan                                                                                        photo by Erin Sullivan
                                                                      Dedham fall sports banquet winners.
                                                                                                                                        Now all the girls have to do is run, jump and throw their way to

Boys team is right on track                                                                                                       Wrestling hits the mats
by Lindsay MacDonald                       m ick a n d s o p h o m o r e Joh n        s id e Hy n e s a n d j u n io r B o b      by Chris Dolan                       illi. Freshmen Boudreau, Matt
        The boys t rack team               O’Con nell will lead the way               Santamar ia.                                     After a promising first         McLaughlin, and heavyweight
 began their winter season                 for the marauders in the 600                      “T he th rowers go u n-             season last year under new            Matt Richburg, round out the
 with a f resh star t this win-            this season.                               noticed by all the spectators              coach Jim Maher, the Dedham           team.
 ter. A nd with that f resh star t                 Piloted by sen ior cap -           looking on. They are the                   High School Wrestling team,                  The team is quite young
 br i ngs m a ny st a ndout r u n-         t a i n s D a n W i t h r o w, W i l l     backbone of this team, with-               with a misleading 6-21 record         this year. With no seniors, the
 ners, all of whom will lead               Pa k k a l a , a nd Ru s s Hy n e s ,      out whom ou r tea m wou ld                 last year, is definitely a force to   squad is probably a year or two
 the team, striving to improve             leadership is something this               not be successf ul,” Car penter            be reckoned with this year in         away from competing for the
 f rom their record of 1- 6 last           team will not need to wor r y              added.                                     the Bay State Conference.             conference title. But for this
 year.                                     about.                                            You ngster Jeff Far rell, a               Returning Sophomore Joe         year, Coach Jim Maher, has a
        Af ter a victor y in their                 “Our three captains this           st andout in his eighth g rade             Mahoney is optimistic about           modest goal. “We are looking
 f irst meet, these boys seem              year are def initely the best              se a son , dom i n at e d t he one -       his team’s chances. “We seem          to double the number of wins we
 t o be wel l on t hei r way t o           captains we could have and                 mile race, achievi ng the ac-              to have the makings of a good         had from last year,” he said.
 that successf ul season.                  are g reat leaders for the u n-            complish ment of su r pa ssi ng            team this year -- especially                 Even though the wrestling
        Standout junior Phil               derclassmen,” stated sopho-                legend Rex Radlof f ’s eig hth             in the middle weight classes          team has returned a good amount
 Welt men is expected to lead              more Milo Car penter.                      g rade race time. T he team                with our vicious 160 pounder,         of wrestlers from last year’s
 t he way for t he Ma r aude r s                   Pak kala ret u r ns for his        will tur n to Far rell this winter         Big Billy Grenham along with          team, they do have some holes
 t h is season by pa r t icipat-           f inal winter season hu rdling             to add some signif icant points            Nicky “noo-noo” Boudreau,”            to fill, including the two lowest
 ing in the 55 and 300 meter               for the Marauders. A stand-                to the board.                              he said.                              weight classes, 112 lb and 103
 spr ints, high ju mp and 4 by             out since his f resh men year,                    “We are look ing for ward                 Some of the stronger wres-      lb. and JV wrestlers to wrestle
 400 meter relay; this speed               l o o k fo r w a r d t o w a t c h i n g   t o a ve r y succe ssf u l se a son        tlers returning include juniors       with the varsity wrestlers. The
 demon is su re to put his op -            this star shine.                           a nd no m at t e r wh at , g ive it        Jake Mullen, Jessie Mullen,           team is making no cuts.
 ponents to shame.                                 Along with superb r u n-           a l l we go t ,” c a p t a i n Hy n e s    119-pounder Danny Ryan, and                  Continuous improvement
        A l o n g w i t h We l t m e n ,   ners, the Marauders are                    cont r ibuted.                             team captain and heavyweight          defines the expectations of this
 ju niors Nick Scarlat ta, Ryan            stocked with excellent                               Be sure to stay on               Gary Coogan.                          young, yet experienced team.
 Mu r r ay a nd Ti m O’Con nor             throwers who will contribute               t r ack w it h t hese boys t h is                Sophomore          wrestlers    There is much hope that this
 are su re to put points on the            many points to the boys win                winter because with their tal-             include Mahoney, Grenham,             year’s wrestling team can scrap
 board in the relays, distance             c olu m n t h i s ye a r. A l l- s t a r   ent, perseverance and leader-              Mark Iantosca, Mike Vogel,            it out with the best of the Bay
 events and spr ints.                      senior With row will lead the              ship, they are su re to f ly by            Mike Tavares, James Corbett,          State League.
        Ju n io r Ji m my Mc C o r-        ran ks in the shot put along-              their opponents.                           Nate Scannell, and Mike Car-