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									Hamilton-Dante Centre for Italian Language & Culture Inc.
           Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana - Dante Alighieri
          446 Mountain Brow Blvd., Hamilton, ON, Canada L8T 1A8 (905) 527-3400 Fax (905) 527-4350

May 20, 2009                          SUMMER PROGRAMME 2009

Dear Participants, Parents and Guardians,

The negotiations with the alternative locations and hotels have succeeded in wonderful results
for all concerned. A number of factors complicated an earlier follow up memo from the
organizers. (The calling of the G-8 meeting in Abruzzo made finalizing the programme even
more challenging for reasons you can imagine.
For this, we apologize, but trust that all understand the difficulties of coordinating an
educational/cultural and fun filled experience for the students.

In order to enrich the program and while incurring additional expenses, we have added 3 nights
in Rome and an additional day at the beach in Lido Riccio of Ortona.

We are confident that the 2009 experience might be the best as a result of these changes.

Please read this information memo and do not hesitate to forward me e mails if you need
additional clarifications.

     A) Classes are scheduled at Notre Dame High School in Burlington ( Sat. June 13th & 27th
        ….if needed also one on July 4th) ( 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)
     B) A Parental Meeting will be scheduled if the memo is deemed to be not clear enough
        and/or if the parents indicate a need via e mails. Do not forget that the students will
        get all pertinent information during their classes in June.

DEPARTURE: Monday July 06/09
Alitalia flight 651 Toronto (1) 17:00 Roma 07:35
RETURN: Tuesday July 28/09
Alitalia flight 1464 Venezia 08:00 Roma 09:00 (luggage will be checked through to Toronto)
Alitalia flight 650 Roma 10:10 Toronto (1) 14:05

Please notice, as well, that we recommend that each student bring no more than one suitcase and
a small carry on. Students must remember that they will have to carry and lift their own
luggage, so they should ensure that the weight is personally manageable. Please do not over pack.

Please arrange to be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure.
The teachers will meet you at the airport’s check-in area, Terminal # 1.

Travelers need to make sure that they have a valid passport and at least one other form of picture ID.
MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME. Therefore, please ensure that we have your correct legal name as
it appears on your passport. We will double-check the tickets once we receive them. We will hand


                         www.italianculture.ca     email: info@italianculture.ca
Hamilton-Dante Centre for Italian Language & Culture Inc.
             Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana - Dante Alighieri
            446 Mountain Brow Blvd., Hamilton, ON, Canada L8T 1A8 (905) 527-3400 Fax (905) 527-4350

ARRIVAL at the Rome airport (Fiumicino) at approximately 07:35 (Italian Time)
Please note that Italy is six (6) hours ahead of Toronto time.
A bus will be waiting to transport the group to Hotel Nord Nuova Roma www.romehotelnord.it .

                HINT - It is cheaper for the students to telephone Canada from Italy. They will be
                taught how to do it using calling cards.
                THOSE WISHING THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (The cost will be 10 EURO per
                student. These cards will allow quite a few calls to Canada. Those wishing this service
                must order before departure and pay ASAP upon arrival in Italy.) We will arrange for
                this service at our June meeting with the students.

                Please note that at all times, all soft drinks, bottled water etc. will be the
                responsibility of students. On full day excursions, as well students will incur some
                personal expenses for light lunches or pizza).

The day tours are as follows:

July 6th        Departure
July 7th        Arrival in Rome – Hotel Nord Nuova Roma *** www.romehotelnord.it
July 8th        Rome – classes/educational & cultural tour (Roman Forum, Colosseum etc.)
July 9th        Rome – classes/educational & cultural tour (St. Peter’s, Vatican Museums etc.)
July 10th       Depart from Rome and arrive in Ortona, Hotel Mara **** www.hotelmara.it
July 11th       Ortona – Hotel Mara (beach/classes)
July 12th       Ortona – Hotel Mara (beach/classes)
July 13th       Beach in the a.m. Departure for Chieti in the p.m. (Including visit to Canadian war
                cemetery). Hotel Grande Albergo Abruzzo *** www.albergoabruzzo.it
July 14th       Chieti - Orientation tour of the city of Chieti
July 15th       Chieti – classes/educational & cultural tour
July 16th       Chieti – classes/educational & cultural tour (city of Guardiagrele)
July 17th       Chieti – classes/educational & cultural tour
July 18th       Chieti – classes /educational & cultural tour (city of Pescara)
July 19th       classes/ depart for Roccaraso with stop in medieval city of Sulmona , arrive at the
                mountain resort town of Roccaraso Hotel Iris ***
July 20th       Roccaraso – classes/educational & cultural tour
July 21st       Roccaraso - Visit to Pompeii
July 22nd       Roccaraso – classes & Visit to Villetta Barrea and National Park
July 23rd       At approx 6:60 a.m. Depart from Roccaraso (Hotel Iris) for Florence via city of Assisi
                for a visit of several hours. Arrive in Florence at Hotel Leonardo da Vinci
                www.leonardodavinci.com ***

                           www.italianculture.ca     email: info@italianculture.ca
Hamilton-Dante Centre for Italian Language & Culture Inc.
             Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana - Dante Alighieri
            446 Mountain Brow Blvd., Hamilton, ON, Canada L8T 1A8 (905) 527-3400 Fax (905) 527-4350

July 24th       Florence – classes/educational & cultural tour
July 25th       Depart from Florence, visit Pisa and, Padua and proceed for the town of Abano Terme
                near Venice – Hotel Alexander Palace **** www.alexanderpalace.it
July 26th       classes/ educational & cultural Tour of Verona etc.
July 27th       Visit Venice
July 28th       Departure for Venice Airport at Approx. 5:30 a.m. (Venice – Rome – Toronto)
                Arrival in Toronto scheduled for 14:15 of the 28th . It is advisable to check the arrival
                time approx. 3 hours before the scheduled arrival.

                USEFUL INFORMATION

       •        Provide approximately 200 to 300 EURO (current exchange rate is 1 EURO = $1.65
                Cdn) to your son or daughter before departure. Unfortunately, at this time the value of
                the EURO is still high.
       •        Check with your credit card company if a credit card or debit card is to be used.
       •        Travel very light. Bring a light jacket and sweater for possible cool evenings.
                (Roccaraso is very high in the Apennine mountains and can be quite cool)
       •        You may wish to bring a very, very small backpack and appropriate running shoes for
                the mountain excursions.
       •        For the beach days bring sunscreen since the sun can be very strong.
       •        Students might wish to bring a beach towel for the trip
       •        It is best to bring film and personal toiletries from home. (cheaper)
       •        Wear comfortable walking shoes.
       •        REMEMBER that there is a tendency to over pack. TRAVEL LIGHT.
       •        The travel agency we deal with is Ventresca Travel Agency in Toronto.
       •        They can be reached at 1 800 866 7695. Please refer to Dante group.

       NOTE: 1) day programme is subject to change until July 09. The locations will not be changed
       but some slight alteration of the day trips may occur based on weather etc

       2) Credit Course information will be given by the teachers at a future parents and student

       3) Please feel free to e mail us your questions

Thank You,
Angelo Di Ianni

                           www.italianculture.ca     email: info@italianculture.ca

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