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By Courtney Webber
       Why we all want gold!!!
• You can lots of money out of it.
• You can make many things out of it .
• It is a precious metal that people pay lot a of
               Gold Fields
• The Chinese people were unlike because they
  had different customs than the European
• Because they took the money back to china.
• Also because that they ate dressed and lived
  different then everyone else (Eroupean)
             At the gold fields
•   At the gold fields you need:
•   Gold pan
•   Pick
•   Axe
•   Shovel
•   Tent
•   Money!! (To buy every thing)
•   And a good sense of determination
             South Australia

• William Chapman first discovered gold near
  Adelaide in 1852 . He received a 500 pound
  reward from the S.A government. Soon ten
  thousand prospectors flock to the area. Other
  finds were at the Barossa Valley and
  Teetulpa, north East of Adelaide.
This method allowed the prospector to work with
 more gravel than a pan. It still needs water to
 help separate the gold from the gravel.
            Keeping gold safe

• Most of the gold mined in 1850’s was in the
  form of a gritty dust. The miners had to keep
  it safe and protect it from thieves.
• The first police on the goldfields were
  Aboriginal Australians.
• As more and more people moved to the gold
  fields , more police were needed , special forces
  called THE GOLD POLICE were formed
           Eureka stockade
• The Eureka stockade was caused because the
  Miners Licence price was too high for the men
  to buy.
• After wards the Licence fees were put back
  twelfth of their former cost.
  What gold has done to A.U.S
• The money changed Australia from a
  farming country to an Industrialised
  countries (factories)
• Problems on the goldfields ,especially at
  Eureka led to an improvement in people’s
  rights. It helped establish the idea of
                Eureka Facts
•   The diggers elected a man called Peter Lalor.
•   They built a stockade at Eureka
•    They flew the southern cross. (Eureka )
•    The people were very proud of the diggers at
    Eureka even though they didn’t win the
    battle , because they had made the license
    price go down.
• The goldfields of Tasmania did not
  experience the large numbers of
  prospectors that were attracted to the
  other Australian fields. The main goldfields
  were of The nook, hisle and Beaconsfield.
  Beaconsfield became the main mining
  centre when a big reef was found in 1878.
         Northern Territory
• The first good find was in 1871 approx.
  200km South East or Darwin. Several
  other areas produced gold but the biggest
  problem was lack of drinking water. Eight
  men died before the government sank
• Ballarat and Bendigo were to become the
  greatest goldfields in Australia’s history.
  The rush occurs between 1851 and
  1860.These years saw massive population
  growth in Australia. These years also saw
  poor treatment of Aboriginals and non
  European immigrants.

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