Blogging Terms Useful For Every Blogger by Rehman786


									Blogging Terms Useful For Every Blogger

Blogger new to the blogging world normally have a lot of confusion about some terms that usually used
in blogging.In this post I’ll explain about some terms regularly use in blogging which will be very helpful
for new blogger. And these terms will also help in developing their blogs.


The internet world of all blogs & blogger.


A list of links to other blogs, that you regularly visit, in your blog’s sidebar. That will show your visitors
about your favourite blogs.


Pinging means informing a blog tracking tools or site that the blog is recently updated.Everytime a
blogger add a new article in its blog,a ping is sent to sites like Technorati to inform about the update in
the blog.


A permalink or permanent link is a link to a specific post of a blog.That means this link directly brings you
to a specific post instead of the home page of the blog.


It’s the short form of Really Simple Syndication.When a visitor of a blog subscribes to its RSS feed,he’ll
read the updated articles of the blog in a feed reader like google reader without visiting the blog.


A system by which a ping is sent to a blog to notify that their article is being linked back by another
blog.It’s just an alert system for a blogger to inform him/her that their blogpost is linked back by
anybody in the internet world.

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