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									  Living On Campus
    Department of Residential Life

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
On-Campus housing is available!
Stop by the Residential Life Office
 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
 to complete the housing
Apply for housing online at


Connections   The Department of Residential
                  Life facilitates students’
                  academic and personal
                    success by providing
  Choices        educational opportunities
                       and convenient
        Our Partnership
 Residential Life offers many
  programs and resources to
  facilitate student success.
 Ultimately, that success results
  from a student’s ability to make
  good choices and respect others.
 Student self-responsibility
  partnered with University staff and
  resources are keys to a successful
  college career.
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
       Academic Success

     Supporting students through
    creating intentional programs to
     encourage academic success

              For example…

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
          Maverick Hall
 Maverick Mentors assist the
  residents of Maverick Hall in their
  academic transition to college.
     Study groups
     Academic goals and campus
     Recognition programs
     Tutoring and advising referrals
     Faculty review sessions

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
            Study Bucks
 Residents earn study bucks when
  staff see residents studying.
 Redeemed for prizes: school
  supplies, sodas, snacks, games
  and other useful stuff
 Drawings to win other great

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
      Making Connections
Residents have easy access to
developing friendships by living
in close
to so

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
      Making Connections
 Unique opportunity to gain critical
  life skills
     Communication
     Negotiation
 Learn about different countries,
  cultures, religions, economic
  backgrounds, etc.
 More likely to stay in school
  through Freshman year and
  following years
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
       What’s on Wednesday?
    WOW Social Programs
        opportunity to meet
        other students in
        your complex
       Every Wednesday
       Informal social
        are fun and help you
        to feel at home more

Grocery Bingo Karaoke Open Mic Night Kickball Outdoor Movie
Video Game Tournaments Halloween Bash The Roommate Game

  Academics Convenience Connections Choices
  Close to academic buildings and other campus
  Individual contract - no need to worry about
   replacing roommates who leave
  Quick and easy access to campus information –
   student organizations provide information about
   their services, events, and activities
  Room and board fee covers
       Meal plan
       Cable TV
       Local phone
       Utilities/Heat/Electricity
       Internet access
       Laundry
       Common area cleaning
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
   Staff in place to
assist residents in
 their transition to
    the University

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Community Advisors (CA)
     One upperclass student leader for
      each floor
     Gets to know students and assists
      residents in getting to know each
     Helps students navigate university
      offices and resources
     Helps maintain community standards

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Graduate Hall Directors
     Graduate student staff living in the
      residence communities
 Area Directors
     Professional staff with a master’s
      degree who manage the facility and
      overall supervision of all staff

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Overnight Safety Monitors
     Answer desk phones
     Monitor exterior doors
     Work closely with Security and our CAs
 Desk Services
       Check-ins and check-outs
       Mail delivery
       Equipment check-out
       Movie rental
       Room changes
       Information resource and referrals

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
    Leadership Opportunities

 Residence Hall Association
     Residents represent their floor in this
      campus-wide group
     Yearly budget of $35,000
      Leadership training
      For on-campus residents

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
     Leadership Opportunities
 Community Council on every floor
     Plan floor activities
     Great way to meet people and be involved
      in your floor community
     No prior experience necessary!
 Community Council positions available:
     Residence Hall Association (RHA)
     Activities Director
     Intramural Manager
     Treasurer

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
     All communities
         need a set of
         guidelines so
    individuals know
 what is expected of
  them as members.
 All of these policies
are provided in your
     Residential Life
      Student Guide.
  Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Found in the Residential Life Student
     The Statement of Student Responsibilities:
      Minnesota State Mankato’s student
      conduct code
     Policies specific to the residence hall
 Our expectation is that each student
  understands and upholds the
  Statement of Student Responsibilities
  and all federal, state, and university
  laws and policies.

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 A student’s right to sleep and study
  takes precedence over someone else’s
  desire to make a lot of noise.
 In order to maintain an environment
  conducive to study and sleep, quiet
  hours are enforced on all residence hall
 Quiet Hours:
     10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Sun – Thurs
     11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Fri – Sat

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
       Drugs and Alcohol
  Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on
   campus regardless of your age.
  Empty alcohol containers are not allowed
   in your residence hall room.
  University Security, the Mankato police,
   and the Mankato Drug Task Force are our
   partners in maintaining a drug-free
  Though most students do not run into
   discipline problems, those that do are
   frequently under the influence of alcohol.

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
     All residence halls are smoke-free.
 Candles and incense
     No candles or incense are allowed in any
      residence hall area.
     Fish are the ONLY pets allowed in the
      residence hall (up to a 30 gallon tank).
     No firearms, including paintball, Airsoft or
      other recreational guns are allowed in any
      residence hall area.
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
          Electrical Appliances
  Not allowed
       Halogen lamps and bulbs
       Charcoal or gas grills
       Microwaves over 600 watts (120 volts, 5 amps)
       Refrigerators over 3.6 amps
       Freezers
       Toaster ovens
       Appliances with an open heating element or open flame
  The Department of Residential Life reserves the right to
   restrict appliances that pose a danger to the residence
  Room air conditioners are provided in Crawford D Hall
   and Julia Sears has central cooling.
  Air conditioners in all other halls are allowed only when
   there is a documented medical need and prior approval
   has been given by Residential Life. Please contact
   Residential Life for details.

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
        Policy Violations
  Consequences for violating policies
   include university probation and
   educational sanctions.
  For serious violations and repeat
   offenders, consequences may include
   relocation to another room or contract
  Consequences may be greater when a
   policy violation occurs in your room.
  University Security and Mankato police
   are active partners in maintaining our
   community standards.
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
      Your Responsibility
 Comply with policies.
 Leave situations where university
  policies are being violated.
  Contact university staff.
 Cooperate with university staff.
 Educate your guests - you are
  responsible for their actions!
 Be an attentive member of your
  community and report suspicious

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
        Personal Security
 Carry your key and MavCard at all
 Always lock your door.
 The main entrance of each
  community is locked between
  11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
 Do not prop open any locked door!

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
           Your Community
  Dining halls-meal plans
     Gage Residence Community
     Carkoski Commons
  Grill and convenience store in Julia Sears
  Quick Zone
   convenience store
   in Gage
  Chet’s Place grill
   and convenience
   store in Carkoski
  Cash, credit card, or
   Flex Dollars
   accepted in all
   dining locations

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
  Computer Labs in Gage and Carkoski
  ResNet Depot in Gage and Carkoski Commons
  Kitchen on each floor
  Study Lounge on each floor
  Bike racks available outside each community
  Ice machines in each community
  Laundry facilities in each community
  Newspaper readership program in each
    USA Today (Mon-Fri)
    Minneapolis Star Tribune (Mon-Sun)
    Mankato Free Press (Mon-Sun)

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
         Room Amenities
 70+ cable TV channels including HBO
     Bring the coaxial cable for your TV

 Telephone jack
   Bring your own
   Don’t rely only
    on your cell

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
         Room Amenities
  Direct on-line access in each room
     Equipment requirements are available on
      our website.
     Instructions for logging in will be in your
      room when you arrive
  Wireless internet access in public areas
  Lofts
     Some rooms have University-provided lofts.
     For rooms without lofts, contact for rental if you want one
     No self-constructed lofts
  Detailed information about room
   furnishings and the floor plan of your room
   are online and in your Explore Living On
   Campus Booklet
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
        Your Roommate
 Most new students room with someone
  they have not met before.
 Research shows that you are just as
  likely to have a successful roommate
  relationship with a friend as you are with
  someone you’ve just met.
 What makes the difference is the effort
  roommates put into getting along, being
  respectful and considerate of each other,
  and having open and honest

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
        Your Roommate
 CAs will distribute roommate
  agreement forms during the
  first week of classes.
     Agreement between you and your
      roommate (or suitemates)
     Sharing property (food, computer)
     Guests (hours, overnight)
     Class, work, and social schedules
     Cleaning
     Policy violations
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
     Addressed to the name of the student
      or it is returned to sender
     Addressed using the correct street,
      building, and zip code.
     Check your room assignment email
      or visit our website for the correct
      information and format of the
      address for your room.
 Maintenance Requests

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Meal Plan Changes
     Change your meal plan online or in our
      office by September 5 for fall semester
 Maverick 160: Convert meals to
  Flex Dollars
     For those on the Maverick 160 Meal Plan.
     Convert TWO TIMES each semester.
      (Converting before the semester starts
      counts as one time)
     Before November 30 for fall and April 30 for
     Request a conversion online or in our office

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Room changes
     Begin the 10th class day of the
      semester and are available on a
      limited basis
 Room change requests prior to
  your arrival
     Visit our office or download the form
      available on our website

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Purchase a Green Residence Hall
  parking permit at the Campus Hub
  or through the Hub’s website
 $170 for a 9-month permit
 Shuttle services
  to get

Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Make sure all belongings are
  insured. The vast majority of our
  residents do not encounter
  problems with theft or damages,
  but it could happen to you.
 The University is not liable for lost,
  stolen, or damaged property.
 Make sure you are either covered
  by your family’s homeowner’s
  policy or under your own renter’s
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
  Residence Halls
   9:00 a.m.
   August 20
  Detailed “move-
   in” instructions,
   including your
   move-in map will
   be sent to you by
   email and
   available online
   mid-July along
   with information
   about your
Academics Convenience Connections Choices
 Julia A. Sears Residence Hall
  Opening Fall 2008

    Two- and Four- Person Semi-Suites
Academics Convenience Connections Choices

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