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									                                   TENANCY AGREEMENT
                                    (For Shops/Office Space)

THIS AGREEMENT is made on the _____________________ day of____________200______,

(hereinafter called “THE LANDLORD” which expression where the context so admits shall
include the person or company for the time being to the reversion immediately expectant on the
term hereby created) on the one part and

(hereinafter called “THE TENANT” which expression where the context so admits shall include
the Tenant’s successors and assigned) of the other part.


1.   The LANDLORD agrees to let and the TENANT agrees to take all that premises, situated at and
     known as __________________________________________________________________________
     (hereinafter called “THE PREMISES”) to hold unto the Tenant for a period of _____________ months
     from ____________________ to ___________________ at a total monthly rental of Singapore Dollars
     __________________________________________________________________ only(S$_________)

     in which :

     Singapore Dollars____________________________________________(S$_____________)
     Shall be the rental of the Premises payable on the____________Day of each month.

  A) To pay the reserved rent in advance at the terms and in manner aforesaid without any
      deductions whatsoever
  B) To pay a deposit of Singapore Dollars ____________________________only (S$_________)
      equal to __________ month’s rental upon signing of this Agreement. Such deposit on due
      performance and observance of the stipulations on the part of the Tenant herein contained to be
      refunded to the Tenant without interest on the determination of this Agreement and in
      considerations and agreement on the part of the Tenant hereinafter contained.
  C) To pay all charges to the Singapore Telecom or other competent authority in respect of
      any telephones installed in the Premises.
  D) To pay all the charges in respect for the supply of electricity, water, gas and power
      consumed in the Premises payable thereon to the SP Services Ltd or competent authority.
  E) To keep the Premises, fixture, fittings, and additions thereto in good tenantable condition
      and repair throughout the said terms.
  F) To replace and repair blown fuse, electric lights, bulbs and tubes and clear basin, sink or
      blockage unless caused by previous unattended faults existing at the time of lease
  G) To service and maintain the air conditioners in the Premises throughout the said term
      herein stated at the Tenant’s own cost and expense.
  H) To permit the Landlord and/or the Landlord’s agents, surveyors and workmen to enter
      upon the Premises at all reasonable time for the purpose for either viewing the condition
      thereof or doing such works and thing as may be required for any repairs, alterations or
      improvements of the Premises.
  I) To permit the Landlords and/or the Landlord’s agents two (2) months prior to the expiry
      of the terms hereby created to bring prospective tenants at reasonable time to enter upon
      the Premises for the purpose of letting the same.
  J) To permit the Landlords and/or the Landlord’s agents to bring prospective buyers for the
      purpose of selling the Premises at reasonable time with prior arrangement
  K) To notify the Landlord and/or the Landlord’s agents as soon as possible of any outbreak
      of fire on the Premises and/or any damages or destruction caused by explosion, storm,
      tempest flood.
L) To use the Premises as *shop/office only and not to do or permit anything to be done in
    the Premises which may infringe any law or by-laws or regulations for the time being in
M) To comply with all rules, regulations and by-laws promulgated from time to time by the
    Management Corporation of the Building applicable to the owner or occupier of the
N) Landlord agreed to allow Tenant to put up Signage within the Shop premises for Business
O) To pay for the cost of stamping of this Agreement and in Duplicate.
P) Not to carry out any structural alterations or redecoration or install any plant engine
    machinery electrical wiring sanitary or electrical fitting in the Premises except with the
    prior consent of the Landlord in wiring and in conformity with all relevant laws, by-laws
    and regulations of the authority
Q) Not to store or bring upon the Premises or any part thereof any goods merchandise or
    articles of a specially combustible, inflammable dangerous nature and not to do or permit
    to be done or suffer to be done anything by reason whereof the present or any future
    policy of insurance against fire in respect of the Premises may be rendered void or
    voidable or whereby the rate of premium occasioned by any breach of the provisions of
    this paragraph.
R) Not to permit or suffer to be done in the Premises anything which may be tend to be a
    nuisance disturbance or annoyance to the Landlord or other occupiers of the adjoining or
    neighboring premises.
S) Not to assign, underlet or license the occupation of or part with or share the possession or
    occupation of the Premises or any part thereof with any person, firm or corporation
    without first obtaining the written consent of the Landlord.
T) Upon the expiry or sooner determination of this Agreement to yield up the Premises in
    good and tenantable repair and condition in accordance with the Tenant’s obligations
    herein before contained and with all locks keys and fastenings complete.
U) Should the Tenant intend to leave within the 2 years lease, the two months deposit shall
    be for forfeited by the Landlord.

  A) To pay the property tax on the Premises except as foresaid.
  B) That the Tenant paying the rent hereby reserved aforesaid and observing and performing
      the stipulation on the Tenant’s part herein contained shall quietly enjoy the premises
      without any interruption by the Landlords or any person(s) claiming under or in the trust
      for the Landlord.
  C) To repair and maintain the roof, main wall structure, sewage pipes of the Premises in
      good tenantable condition throughout the term hereby created.


  A) If any part of the rent hereby reserved shall be unpaid for fourteen (14) days after
      becoming payable (whether formally demanded or not) or if the Tenant fail to observe or
      perform any of the stipulations on the Tenant’s part herein contained or if the Tenant
      shall become bankrupt or shall be lawful for the Landlord at any time to terminate this
      Agreement and the Landlord may re-enter upon the Premises but without prejudice to
      any rights of action of the Landlord in respect of any breach of the Tenant’s agreement
      herein contained.
  B) Any notice under this Agreement shall be in writing and any notice to the Tenant shall be
      deemed to be sufficiently served if left addressed to the Tenant on the Premises or sent to
      the Tenant’s last known place or abode in Singapore and shall be sufficiently served on
      the Landlord if addressed to the Landlord’s last known address.
  C) The Landlord will on the written request of the Tenant make not less than 2 months
      before the expiration of the tenancy hereby created and if there shall not at the time of
      such request be existing breach or non-observance of any of the Agreement and
      stipulations on the part of the Tenant herein contained the expense of the tenancy grant to
      the Tenant a further tenancy of the Premises for such period shall not exceed one(1)year
      from that expiration of the tenancy hereby created upon the same terms and conditions
      with no increasement of rental.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands the day and year
above written.

NAME & NRIC NO.                  )

SIGNED BY THE TENANT             )
NAME & NRIC NO.                  )

IN THE PRESENCE OF               )
NAME & NRIC NO.                  )
CONTACT NO.                      )

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