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									              Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

         Community Partnerships Placements: Project Identification
Name of Project/Activity:         Southern Sudanese Settlement Centre

Host Agency: (name, address, fax and phone, email)
Anglicare Victoria, 12 Batman Street West Melbourne 3003
Tel: 9321 6133 Fax: 9326 6169

Administrative/Organisational Unit: (names, address, fax and phone, email)
Southern Sudanese Settlement Centre
30A Pickett Street Footscray 3012
Tel: tba Fax: n/a
Email: michael.hopkins@anglicarevic.org.au

Description of Service:
Settlement Services for Sudanese Refugees arriving in Australia

NO    Is there an existing student at this placement

Agency Staff:
Name of Agency Community Partnership Liaison Officer: (name, email and telephone)
Marg Matters Manager Service & Professional Development
Tel: 9321 6107

Team Leader/Unit Manager (name, address, phone, fax, email)
Michael Hopkins Manager Parish Community Development
12 Batman Street West Melbourne 3003
Tel: 9321 6149 Fax: 9326 6169
Email: michael.hopkins@anglicarevic.org.au

Direct Student Supervisor (name, address, phone, fax, email):
Don Edgar
Southern Sudanese Settlement Centre
30A Pickett Street Footscray 3012
Tel: tba Fax: n/a                   (services are currently being connected at this address)
Email: tba

Alternate Supervisor (name, address, phone, fax, email):
Michael Hopkins Manager Parish Community Development
12 Batman Street West Melbourne 3003
Tel: 9321 6149 Fax: 9326 6169
Email: michael.hopkins@anglicarevic.org.au
Placement Location: (included address and Melways references)
Southern Sudanese Settlement Centre
30A Pickett Street Footscray 3012
Melways: 42 C5

Nearest Public Transport:
Train: Footscray then 10 minute walk

Relationship between this Placement and Other Placements within the Admin/Organisational Unit or wider
Part of a group of students placed with the Anglicare Parish Community Development Unit

Placement Objectives: (for both students and agency/admin units)
Students will gain an appreciation of refugees as they begin the process of settling in Melbourne.
Allow students the opportunity to experience some of the issues confronting refugees.
Provide an opportunity for students to offer support and encouragement and learn from these

Number of Student/s Required for Project Completion
Two students each semister.

Profile of Student/s:
Essential Criteria Students will need to have: (knowledge, skills, attitudes)
Outgoing personality able to feel comfortable about making approaches to people who feel disengaged
by society.
Be flexible and prepared to do practical tasks with volunteers and staff.
Be prepared to participate in group supervision of learned experiences.

Worker/volunteers/clients with whom the Students are likely to interact:
Students in this placement will come into direct contact with clients/volunteers and staff at all levels of
Centre operation.

Suggested Placement Timeline:
14 full days

Frequency of meetings with Supervisor
Students will meet with the Centre Supervisor each session to ascertain work schedule for the session.
4 times during the 14 week placement students will meet as a group with other students placed in
other Anglicare Parish Community Development programs for a period of group reflection on their
learned/perceived experiences

Suggested Preliminary Reading:

Essential Criteria for Student Selection:
YES     Police Check required
NO      Must be 18 years old
NO     Drivers License Required
 Other Essential, Please Specify __________________________________________________

One Sentence Description of Placement (to appear on website selection page):
Refugee Settlement Services
Placement Synopsis (statement of what students will do and the expected final product):
Students will participate fully in the operation of a community focused service that supports the
settlement of refugees in the Footscray area.
Students will assist:
     In meeting new arrivals, taking them to their temporary housing and assisting in connecting
            them to appropriate services; Centrelink, Education etc
    Assist in locating appropriate permanent housing for families.
    Receiving and distributing furniture and material aid to families who have nothing except the
            clothes they bring with them.

Students will be exposed to people from a different cultural background. Talking and listening to
them is a role in itself. Many clients will be unable to communicate in English.
Students will participate in supervised reflection of their placement individually, and in a group,
issues they have experienced.

Generic Area of Placement (area/people the students will be working in/with):
 Elderly                                                 Young Adults
 Children                                                Adults
 Employment Opportunities                                Disability Services
 Adolescents/Teenagers                                   Other Please Specify: _____________
 Financial Assistance

Project Availability:
The most likely day for the program will be Wednesday each week during semester. Are you offering a
placement for:
YES Both Semester 1 and Semester 2 (i.e. different students in each semester)

Program will run outside of timetabled activities:
NO Yes, Indicate day and time:

Student Interview Time (please select an option):
YES 24th October 1 – 4 pm

Other Comments/Information

Please return the completed form by no later than the 25th August 2003 to:
Penny Simmonds
Community Partnerships Program Co-ordinator
Email- Penelope.Simmonds@med.monash.edu.au
Mail- CMHSE, Level 5, Building 17, Monash University, VIC 3800

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