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                 Paris, Brittany & the Loire Valley
Why France? Oooh…because we love croissants and cheese and standing
amongst some of the greatest works of art in the world. France is a
perfect country for quaint little villages and sweet forest edges were birds
reside.    There is no better way to describe France than a brilliant
combination of culture and natural beauty; from the rugged coast of
Brittany to the most beautiful castles in the world, France is amazing.

We start out this 19 day trip with a little time in Paris before we head out
in search of birds. We will spend ten days in Brittany where we will
search the coastal villages for birds, walk through the forests of King
Arthur and visit beautiful medieval villages. Next we head to the Loire
Valley where you will find some of the greatest castles and gardens of the
world. You will also find birds! At the end of the trip, we will spend a
few days in Paris drowning ourselves in art and food. Voila!!

Highlights: 1) Watching birds along the Brittany coast at the edges of
small fishing villages. 2) Walking ancient medieval village paths in
search of birds and ghosts! 3) Walking through amazing castles and
sleeping in historic châteaux’s.

                           Printable Bird List
          (This is a list of the birds that we have seen on this trip)

Travel Dates
2007: October 2 - 20 (2007 trip is full!)
2008: September 30 – October 18
2009: September 29 – October 17

Group Size: 7 Travelers plus guides

Trip Length: 19 Days

2007: Rate per Person = $3,465 (based on double occupancy)
      Rate for Single = $3,960

Rates are:
Inclusive: Domestic transfers and transportation, lodging, breakfast,
group tours & entrance fees.

Exclusive: International airfare, customs & immigration fees and visas,
lunch & dinner, alcohol, personal expenses such as souvenirs and
expenses relating to personal choices during free time, tips for guides.
You should budget approximately $500 - $700 for meals not included in
tour. If you prefer fine dining, you should budget more.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Fly to Paris (fly day)
Usually the flight leaves in the evening, so we will be arriving in Paris the
morning of day 2.

Day 2: Paris (culture & birding day)
Early morning arrival in Paris; we will try and coordinate our flights to
arrive together. We will be staying in either the Gare de l’Est or the St
Lazare areas of Paris. We always find very special and unique hotels for
our stay. Today we will have time to check out two good birding spots.
1) Bois de Boulogne, which is a 2,100 acre park with woods and gardens
just on the western edge of Paris. 2) Pere Lachaise Cemetery; besides
being the resting place for numerous great artist and composers,
including Jim Morrison, it is also an excellent place to see birds and

Day 3: Mont Saint Michel, Normandy (travel, culture & shopping day)
An early train and bus will take us to Mont Saint Michel. This ancient
and massive abbey is a sight to see. We will be staying within the wall of
the 1200 year old complex. The abbey is
built on an island that is revealed when the tide goes out.

Day 4: Saint Suliac (travel & leisure day)
Just across the River Rance in Brittany is the fishing village of Saint
Suliac. This is a quaint
village for nice walks and birds.

Day 5: Saint Suliac (birding & adventure day)
We will be spending the day in search of birds and adventure!

Day 6: Perros-Guirec (travel & leisure day)
A 2 hour train ride will get us to Perros-Guirec. On the northern coast of
Brittany, this little village has great hikes and birding areas.

Day 7: Perros-Guirec (birding day & adventure day)
Today we will be taking a boat tour out to Les Sept-Isles for some great
bird sightings and an evening hike along the coast.

Day 8: Huelgoat (travel & leisure day)
After a 1 hour train ride and a 1 hour bus ride, we will find ourselves in
the small town of Huelgoat. Huelgoat is at the eastern edge of Parc
Naturel Regional D’Armorique. This park covers a total of 270,000 acres.
The area near Huelgoat is called Monts d’Arree. According to legend,
this mystical and enchanting forest is said to be where King Arthur and
Merlin found great treasures and where fairies still can be seen in the

Day 9: Huelgoat (birding & adventure day)
Today we will explore the forest. Along with unique birds, there are a lot
of interesting geological and historic sites. In this area there is still
archeological evidence of Roman encampment.

Day 10: Crozon (travel & leisure day)
From Huelgoat we will travel 2 hours by bus and train to Brest. In Brest
we will take the ferry across the bay to Camaret-sur-mer. This area of the
Crozon Peninsula is the western edge of Parc Naturel Regional
D’Armorique. Besides beautiful beaches there is a bird sanctuary here.
We will be staying at the Mana-Mana Backpacker
This place has good rooms and atmosphere.

Day 11: Crozon (birding & adventure day)
We will spend the day walking through the sanctuary looking for birds,
strolling down the beach and if you like, we will have bicycles for to tour
the area.

Day 12: Crozon (birding & adventure day)
There is a lot to see and explore in the Crozon area. For some beautiful
photos, go to (click on the camera)

Day 13: Amboise (travel day)
Today we will do some traveling and see the French Countryside. A 1
hour bus ride from Crozon and then a 4 hour train ride will bring us to
Amboise in the heart of the Loire Valley. Here we will be renting a
vehicle so we can travel around the area and visit some of the most
spectacular castles ever built. We will be staying at La Herserie

Day 14: Amboise (castle & birding day)
Today we will visit three sites: Chateau de Amboise www.chateau-, La Pagode de Chanteloup,
and Chateau de Chenonceau

Day 15: Amboise (castle & birding day)
Today, three more magnificent castle and gardens to see: Chateau
Chambord, Chateau Cheverny www.chateau- and Parc & Chateau Beauregard

Day 16: Blois (castle & shopping day)
We will take a 1 hour train ride to Blois, a 15th century village with a
beautiful castle. We will be staying in the heart of the city.

Day 17: Paris (travel & shopping day)
From Blois it is a 2.5 hour train ride back to Paris. Once again we will be
staying in the Gare de l’Est or St Lazare areas of Paris. We will have time
in the afternoon to check out some classic Paris sights, like the Eiffel
Tower and the Rodin Museum.

Day 18: Paris (art & shopping day)
We will visit two museums today; the Louvre and the D’Orsay.

Day 19: Fly Home (tears & smile day)
Flights usually leave in the morning, so getting to the airport and getting
home is our only activity for the day.

Please note: The lodging described in this itinerary is always our first
choice based on availability. If we must book with our second choice, the
lodging type and style is comparable.

                  Printable Itinerary and Rates

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