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									ECRM Report

Kerr Drug         LED-92M and PM-302 proposal and samples                 10/8 samples
                  Bill Baxley

Raley's           Bob Twomey
                  In charge of calculators
                  Proposal and samples sent to Mark Manley
                  Request Mark Manley to fill out forms and submit for Dec review

Raley's - Clock Buyer
                add Andy
                Ask Mark Manley for the buyer info

Raley's - Power    Scott ??
                  Ask Mark Manley for buyer info

Pathmark          Paul Pisarro
                  Interested in PM-302 ,BT-USB-AA
                  Wants to go through Imperial Dist

Imperial Dist     Nick Ritacco
                  Will send us form for set up PM-302, BT-USB-AA, LED-92M
                  Fill out form
                  Major customer is Pathmark and Shaws

S P Richard       Nelvia McGrath - Request new Private brand for retail
                  Discuss with Kurt Small

Kurtz Brothers - School supply catalog
                Clock buyer Jim Carns - Submit DRC-701, DRC-700, DRC-604
                Calculator Buyer Bill Lindstrom - Submit calculators

Five Below        DS-638 3 colors @1200 each at$2.50                      Hiro -DS-638 3 colors -Pink,Green, Blu
                                                                          Instrct Ataba to come up with samples

Starcrest         DH-11 premium
                  Desktop Premium
                  Clip Calc.

ToysRus           DH-60C4    DH-11C   BT-USB-AA samples                                  Samples 10/2

Max Cowen         DH-60C4, DS-700,

VW Stores         DH-11C    DS-638, BT-USB-AA              Kelly Hill                    Sample 10/9

Valley WholesaleSehd PM-302, BT-USB-AA to Brent Young, Inform Steve Edmonson             Sample 10/9
Max Cowen       Give it one more try

Shearwater      DH-60C4, 611, DH-11, BT-USB-AA, PM-302

Quality Care Co-op             BT-USB-AA, PM-302, LED-92M                           sample sent 10/9
                               Will recommend a sales rep

Connect2One     Paula Haerr    PPI, ICM                                             Emailed 10/5

USA Drug        Jimmy Brigg PM-302, LED-92M, BT-USB-AA send samples

Duckwall        Stan Issitt    DH-60C4, 611, 700, 834 Import +Back up               Dick Conard to follow up

MFGDirect                      23% GP for items, we pay freight, Google search word cost

Officemax       Reggie Jonaitis is battery buyer Tel 630-864-6438 Fax 216-47
                              Include tip for Samsung A890
                Darren Fischer replaces Matt Trainor as Tech Buyer
                Barney Rupp is boss
                Calculator buyer is open

Super Drug Mart Canada       Replace with new buyer name Mr. Dennis Schewchuk
                            Tel 403-207-6258 Fax 403-297-3368
                             60C4, 611, 700, USB-AA quote and sample
Hudson Bay                   Import program for 5-6 SKU Calculators
                Robert Keating
                             DS-700, DS-834, DS-883, DH-170, DD-922, DD-734

McQueary Brothers              Pharmacy Co-Op- Send samples of DH-60C4, BT-USB-AA


Douglas Stewart                Interested in BT-2200
Angie Reiger                   Please send one set of BT-2200, BT-USB-AA,DS-834, DS-700 to Angie

BJ              PPK- BT-USB-AA with batteries in larger clam shell     not over 20"
Angela DiDonna PPK-BT-2200                                             max is 20"side 24 deep
School & Office 920258 combo
                DB-403170 combo
                DS-883, DS-834

H E Butt Mexico Inform Ofiventas    DH-11C, DH-60C4

Long's Drug     Mike Brown Will review LED-92M
                Michael Stern is in charge of West Coast Office import program 8 SKU
                Rick Johnson is category manager for PM-302 BT-USB-AA CH-USB-CELL

Allied is doing L&R's stationery setting - National Wholesaler,
Cost-U-Less      Bob Boren     11 stores

Minvielle & Chastanet          Will work up the order - Needs 220V
                               Calc. Clock, Power

Barcosa          David will represent us in Costa Rica

Rite Aid         Steve Choate               Brooks still doing business this year-60C4,700,611W, LED-92M
                 Add John Pollock, VP of GM How to merge
                 Donna Shuler


Mike Cosgrove Cosgrove Sales Inc.          Target Rep Candidate

Costco Business Center         Scott Hines    DD-820X2

AAFES                                         samples sent

Navarro          Advertising                  confirmed 4% adv

Schoolkidz       Kathy Rumsey will send us the spread sheet for us to prepare the new quote add to list  Contact and CUstomer
              6350 South 3000 East, SLC , UT 84121
              Tel 801-947-3207 Fax 801-453-7788

Retail Service Assoc                                                  Lon will follow up with customer Q1
Have Lon of Performance Sales follow up

Marc Glassman Dee Dee

Lillian Vernon   Jennifer Yuli Mousepad and Checkbook           Sheri will update customer
                 Page Smith Houseware BT-USB-AA, PM-302, LED-92MSend proposal
                 Cryatal Allen Kids

Costco           Test

SchoolBox        Vickie Thomas  DH-11, DH-60C4, scientifics           Proposal and samples sent
                 14 retail store                                        10/5/2007

                 Add to contact and Customer
                              The SchoolBox
                              900 Cobb Place Blvd, Kennesaw, GA 30144
                              Ms. Vickie Thomas
                              Tel 770-919-2232 X 114
Fax 770-919-2241
colors -Pink,Green, Blue Samples sent 10/19
come up with samples

mples 10/2
mple sent 10/9

ck Conard to follow up 10/30 -11/21meetings

-864-6438 Fax 216-471-5020- send samples of BT-2200 and BT-USB- AA

          samples and proposal 10/5
ax 403-297-3368

           samples sent 10/3/07

           Follow with Becky Hergenrother to make sure she has samples and set up form
700 to Angie

           Waiting for Mark Perry to follow up on artwork

           Alfredo Cano will follow up

           To meet in HK CES
             DS-70021        samples sent 10/1

00,611W, LED-92M

             Sent power point

             Check sample arrival 10/5

             Skip Ven Der Ker will follow up

             Nov follow up

             Requesting spread sheet

p with customer Q1

mples sent

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