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					          Jo h n s H o p k i n s
                                                                                      May 2007

          T HE S UPPLEMENT
                              Good Bacteria?! Big Time Benefits
Foot pain                2

Oats                     2
                              In our world of anti-                                   centuries until a manu-
Day in the life...       3    bacterial soaps, sprays,                                facturing process was
                              and wipes, killing bacte-                               invented.
                              ria is the name of the
                              game. Have we forgot-
                                                                                      Today, regular yogurt
                              ten the good bacteria?
                                                                                      contains a mix of two or
                              You may be thinking
                                                                                      more bacteria cultures,
                              “How can bacteria be
                                                                                      like Lactobacillus bulga-
                              good?” Did you know
                                                                                      ricus, Streptococcus
                              bacteria are involved in
              Tip             making tasty foods like
                                                                                      thermophilus and Lacto-
                                                                                      bacillus acidophilus.
                              sauerkraut, vinegar, and
   Mix it up. Do                                                                      The bacteria ferment
                              yogurt? It’s true—not all
                                                                                      the natural milk sugars
    kickboxing,               bacteria are harmful. In
                                                                                      and produce acids that
                              fact, these bacteria have
yoga, pilates, re-                                        Yogurt—mmm, mmm good.       give yogurt its tangy
                              big benefits.                                           taste. Some new yogurt
   volving stair-
                                                                                      products contain differ-
   climbing ma-               Our digestive system is
                                                          yogurt products that
                                                                                      ent live cultures and
  chine, weight                                           claim to relieve consti-
                              home to millions of good                                claims of extra digestive
                                                          pation and bring your
 training, ellipti-           bacteria that help break
                                                          system back to normal       benefits.
                              down the food we eat.
cal trainer, danc-            These bacteria also act
                                                          within a few weeks by
 ing, hiking, etc.                                        eating it everyday. Ads     Whether the ads are
                              as personal bodyguards
                                                          have also tried to link     true or not, regular yo-
  Try something               against bad bacteria
                                                          yogurt to weight loss.      gurt has loads of bene-
                              that try to take over and
 you have never               make us sick. Antibac-
                                                                                      fits. The active cultures
                                                                                      in yogurt keep a good
   done before!               terial products wipe out    The word “yogurt” had
                                                                                      balance between the
                              both the good and bad       its origin in Turkey. The
                                                                                      good bacteria in our gut
                              bacteria. Experts say       accidental discovery of
                                                                                      and the harmful bacte-
                              that overuse of these       yogurt is credited to no-
                                                                                      ria that can cause food
                              products may be linked      mads living in the Mid-
                              to the surge in digestive   dle East thousands of       poisoning.
                              problems like Irritable     years ago. As the story
                              Bowel Syndrome and          goes, goat’s milk that      Continued on page 4
                              Crohn’s disease.            was stored in a goatskin
                                                          bag fermented in the
                                                          hot sun and formed a
                              No doubt you have seen
                                                          curd. This early form of
                              television ads about the
                                                          yogurt was eaten for
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                         STRETCH                       AWAY P L A N T A R FA S C I I T I S

                         Plantar fasciitis is a common exercise related         day had a 75% chance of needing no further
                         foot injury. It may also be one of the easiest to      treatment and staying pain-free!! They even
                         alleviate.                                             had a return to full activity within three to six
                         A study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
                         indicated that patients suffering from plantar         How: Sit on the floor or a chair, with the af-
                         fasciitis who did a specific stretch three times a     fected leg crossed over the other knee. Stretch
                                                                                the arch of your top foot by pulling your toes
                                                                                back toward the shin for a count of 10. Do 10
                                                                                reps, at least three times a day.

                                                                                When: Perform this stretch before you take
                                                                                your first step in the morning and prior to stand-
                                                                                ing after you’ve been sitting for a long time.

                                                                                If pain lingers, you should consult your doctor.

                                                                                —Ryan D. Andrews

                           Ease the pain of plantar fasciitis with stretching

                         R E E S E ’ S O AT M E A L
                         Oatmeal – good. Chocolate peanut butter                then microwave for another minute, stir,
                         oatmeal – even better. This recipe ex-                 and enjoy. If you prefer to avoid the mi-
                         ploits one of the best taste harmonies in              crowave—just add a little boiling water to
                         existence to produce a meal that is quite              the oats and add the other ingredients af-
                         simply delicious. Just don’t go overboard              ter it sits. Add a side of fruit or veggies
                         on the peanut butter. Spend the time to                and you will be good to go.
                         measure your peanut butter with measur-
  Nutritional            ing spoons so that you don’t grossly over-             Adapted from: Gourmet Nutrition By: Dr. John
  Information,           estimate how much you’re adding.                       Berardi and Dr. John Williams.
  Per Serving                                                         
  Calories 275           Ingredients
  Protein (g) 13         1/2 cup rolled oats
  Carbohydrates (g) 31   1/2 cup Soy Slender®, Chocolate
  fiber (g) 6
                         1 tablespoon natural peanut butter (or 2
  sugars (g) 2           tablespoons of PB2)
  Fat (g) 11             Prep Time – 5 minutes
                         Difficulty Level – Easy
                         Servings – 1

                         Simple – put all of the ingredients into a
                         bowl and microwave for 1 minute, stir,
The Supplement                                                                                                     Page 3

 D AY         IN THE LIFE

 Jesse Clarke                                                             5:30 PM - Lean meat
 24 year old male                                                         with 2 vegetables.
 Starting weight – Novem-                                                 Fish oil pills.
 ber 2006: 190 pounds                                                     7:30 PM – Low-fat
                                                                          all-natural string
 Current weight – March
                                                                          cheese. Spinach
 2007: 178 pounds                                                         leaves and/or al-
 As a chubby boy I took a                                                 9:30 PM - Plain non-
 good look in the mirror and                                              fat yogurt mixed with
 decided that I can look like                                             protein powder.
 this for the rest of my life                                             Vegetable pills.
                                Weight training helps Jesse maintain his phy-
                                                                                                   “Change your diet
 or I can change my life
                                                    sique                 10:00 PM - Bedtime.
 around to act, feel, and
 look as good as those I
                                                                                                      one habit at a
 was jealous of. It was time to lose the fat,         • Water throughout the day, approxi-
 and gain as much muscle as possible.                      mately a gallon (4 liters).
                                                                                                   time; otherwise it's
 This time I wasn't going to waste my new-
 found inspiration on fad-diets or bad inter-
                                                      • On non-workout days I skip the first
                                                           meal and sleep in. I often need the
                                                                                                   too overwhelming.”
 net advice; I sought professional help.                   extra sleep.
                                                   •      5 meals per week are whatever I want;
 Ryan Andrews set me up with Precision                    I take full advantage of these.
 Nutrition system. I did resistance training
 with my trainer Ryan Langelan and cardio          ------------------------------------------
 on my own. In 4 months I reduced my               Exercise Routine:
 body fat percent from 16.7% to 9.4% -- a          Resistance Training - 3 hours a week.
 loss of 15 fat-pounds and a gain of 5 mus-        Cardio - 0.5 hours a week.
 cle-pounds. The meal plan is ingenious.
 You eat so much quality food so frequently,       HIIT (high intensity interval training) - 1
 that you have no appetite for junk.               hour a week.
 ------------------------------------------        ------------------------------------------
 My routine isn't perfect yet. Every time I        Advice:
 meet with Ryan we tweak it. I can't handle        Change your diet one habit at a time; oth-
 too much change at once.                          erwise it's too overwhelming. There is no
                                                   way I could have started out eating like
                                                   this. I added one meal every couple of
 Sample Day:                                       weeks, slowly changing its quality for the
 6:00 AM - Protein powder, piece of fruit,         better.
 fish oil pills and vegetable pills.
 7:00 AM - Work out for 1 hour.                    Be honest with your dietitian; the moment
 8:30 AM - 1 cup oatmeal, protein powder,          you lie about that doughnut, you're losing
 handful plain almonds, and piece of fruit.        the most valuable impetus you have -- ac-
 Green tea.                                        countability -- and worse, you'll convince
 11:30 AM - Salad with spinach, carrot, cu-        yourself it's ok to sneak stuff.
 cumber, peas, olive oil, and balsamic vine-
 gar. Chicken OR tuna OR tofu.                     Finally, get your priorities straight; your
 1:30 PM - Homemade protein bar, plain             goals need to be more valuable than the
 nonfat yogurt mixed with fruit.                   short-lived joy of tasting junk food. If that
 3:30 PM - 3 hard boiled eggs with one yolk        isn't the case, you have the power to
 removed.                                          change your mind. Do it!
J o h n s H op k in s
                                    What makes the Johns Hopkins Weight Management
Johns Hopkins Weight                                 Center unique?
Management Center
2360 West Joppa Road Suite 300
Lutherville, MD 21093                                         Individualized Care
                                  People gain weight for different reasons. The programs at the Johns Hop-
Phone: 410-583-2860
                                  kins Weight Management Center take into account the differences among
Fax: 410-583-2859                individuals. Each weight management program starts with careful, individu-
E-mail:        alized assessments performed by the clinicians of our multi-disciplinary

                                                          Multi-disciplinary Treatment
                                    Successful weight loss and long-term weight maintenance is achieved
                                  through diet, exercise and behavior modification. Our team of physicians,
                                 dietitians, psychology staff and an exercise physiologist will tailor a program
                                                   to meet your individual weight loss goals.


                                 Good Bacteria?! Big Time Benefits—
                                 Continued from page 1
                                 Eating yogurt is espe-                                                     cutting calories because
 You may delay, but              cially helpful after a                                                     regular yogurts are
   time will not.                course of antibiotics,                                                     higher in calories thanks
                                 since these medica-                                                        to added sugars.
                                 tions wipe out all the
  —Benjamin Franklin             bacteria in the gastro-
                                                                                                            Yogurt comes in many
                                 intestinal tract, includ-
                                                                                                            flavors and varieties,
                                 ing the good bacteria.
                                                                                                            including soy and or-
                                 Eating yogurt will help
                                                                                                            ganic. You can find
                                 restore the good bac-
                                                                                                            these at your local gro-
                                 teria. Lactose intoler-
                                                                                                            cery store. Use yogurt in
                                 ant individuals may be Yogurt provides more than just beneficial bacte-
                                                                                                            place of sour cream in
                                 able to eat yogurt                     ria—it is fun!.
                                                                                                            recipes or add fresh
                                 without problems be-
                                                                                                         berries for a healthy snack.
                                 cause the bacteria help        it a good source of protein
                                                                                                         Check out the National
                                 break down the milk sugar.     (packing a whopping 8
                                                                                                         Yogurt Association’s web-
                                 To get all the benefits of     grams of protein per 8 oz
                                                                                                         site at http://
                                 yogurt, be sure to check       serving), but it also has
                                 that it has active bacteria.   calcium needed for bones.
                                                                                                         more information and rec-
                                 The label should say that      Yogurt is low fat and full of
                                 the product has “live cul-     vitamins and minerals like               ipe ideas.
                                 tures.”                        riboflavin, B12, phospho-
                                                                rus, magnesium, and po-                  —By: Catherine Ciliax,
                                                                tassium. Choosing a                      Johns Hopkins Dietetic
                                 What you may not know is
                                                                “light” or plain variety may             Intern
                                 that yogurt is also full of
                                                                be the best choice if you’re
                                 good nutrition. Not only is