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									Renewal Guidelines                                Why Should You Renew?                                                           Standards

• Your CCST certification is valid for three                                                                                      Certification
  years; then you must renew.                      1   Increase your potential for salary raises
                                                                                                                                  Education & Training
                                                       and promotions.
• PDPs claimed on the Renewal Application                                                                                         Publishing
  must be earned during the three-year
  certification period.
                                                                    verify your job skills
                                                   2 Continue to job performance. and
                                                     credibility in
                                                                                                                                  Conferences & Exhibits

• Applications are subject to audit. If select-
  ed, you will be notified by mail to submit
  signed documentation for the PDPs
                                                   3 Earn respect and recognition among
                                                       peers and your employer.
  claimed on your application.
• If you have received multiple levels of          4 Provide documentation for FDA, OSHA,
  CCST, you only maintain the highest level            and ISO 9000.
  through renewal.
• Applicants who choose to test for renewal        5 Maintain the third-party documentation
  and fail have six months to retest. If six           of your instrumentation experience.
  months pass, the certificate will lapse.

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                                                  professionals in the Western Hemisphere.

Chances are you have already earned the Professional Development Points
(PDPs) you need to renew.
How do I keep my certification                          What are PDPs?                                       Training
active?                                                                                                      • In-house training
                                                        PDPs are earned during the three years of your
                                                        certification through work experience alone OR       • On-the-job training
You will receive notices from ISA when your
renewal date approaches. Your certification             work experience and professional development         • Vendor workshops or presentations
expires on the date printed on your certificate.        activities.                                          • Apprenticeship training programs
                                                                                                             • Employer training sessions or seminars
If you don’t send in your renewal application
showing your PDPs on or before the end of the
                                                        How many points does work expe-                      • Training courses with Continuing
certification period, your certification will expire.   rience earn?                                            Education Units (CEUs)
                                                        You can renew your certificate simply by                 - 1 CEU equals 10 PDPs
If your certification expires, it can be returned to    working!                                             • College courses
Active Status if a Renewal Application is submit-                                                                - 1 semester hour equals 15 PDPs
ted within four months after your expiration            Each year of employment earns 30 PDPs (mini-             - 1 quarter hour equals 10 PDPs
date showing 120 PDPs earned through work               mum of 1500 work hours/year). You can earn all
experience and professional activities.                 90 PDPs needed to renew simply by working in         Professional Activities
If your certification has been expired for four         instrumentation, measurement and control, elec-      • Membership in a professional society
months or longer, Active Status is only possible        trical, electronics, or mechanical technologies          - 2 PDPs for each professional society mem-
by reapplying as a first time applicant and meet-       during your three year certification term. A mini-         bership
ing the requirements for that certification level,      mum of 60 PDPs through work experience are               - Attending society meetings
and passing the exam. So keep your certification        required.                                                - Serving as an officer
active!                                                                                                      • Presenting at a Career Day
                                                        In order to renew through work experience only       • Teaching a training course
                                                        (90 PDPs), your renewal application must be
How do I renew?                                         received by ISA on or before your expiration date.
                                                                                                             • Authoring or delivering a technical paper
                                                                                                                or book
If you renew on or before your certificate
                                                                                                                 - Earn from 5-20 PDPs if you are the sole-
expiration date, simply complete the Renewal            If my certification has expired,                           author or co-author
Application and document 90 PDPs by:                    what are my options to renew?
• Documenting 3 years of work experience                In order to reinstate your certificate after the
  during the renewal period, OR                         expiration date, you must submit the Renewal
• Documenting a combination of work                     Application within four months after your            Questions?
  experience and continuing education, OR               expiration date and indicate 120 PDPs.
• Registering for an examination.                                                                            CALL: (919) 549-8411
                                                        Ninety PDPs can be earned solely from work           ONLINE:
Send your completed Renewal Application and fee         experience. The remaining points will need to be
to ISA 60 days before your expiration date to keep                                                           E-MAIL:
                                                        earned through training and/or professional
your CCST active. If you renew by work experience,      activities. One hour of participation in any         MAIL: P.O. Box 3561, Durham, NC 27702 USA
the renewal fee is $195. If you renew by testing,
                                                        professional activity earns you one PDP. Here are
the fee varies by level and location of the test (see
                                                        some examples of professional development
the application for details).
                                                        activities that earn PDPs.
If you renew within four months after your certifi-
cate expiration date, 120 PDPs will be required.

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