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New NumberNew Title                                    Old Number
AGB-339   Intro to Ad Layout                           AB-111A
AGC-106   Intro to Computers                           AB-112A
AGB-194   Beginning Sales                              AB-117A
AGC-102   Computers in Agriculture                     AB-118A
AGC-109   Advanced Computer Spreadsheets               AB-132A
AGB-343   Office Procedure                             AB-132C
AGB-437   Commodity Marketing                          AB-133A
AGC-316   Field Studies-Agribus                        AB-137C
AGB-340   Advertising                                  AB-139A
AGB-439   Commodity Marketing Lab                      AB-211C
AGB-307   Begin Accounting                             AB-218C
AGB-930   Agriculture Seminar                          AB-222C
AGB-210   Agricultural Law                             AB-225A
AGP-242   Precision Agricultural Applications          AB-227A
AGB-341   Advanced Sales                               AB-229A
AGB-101   Ag Economics & Management                    AB-233A
AGA-112   Agronomy                                     AC-112A
AGA-156   Introduction to Soils                        AC-113A
AGA-166   Agronomic Applications                       AC-119A
AGA-283   Pesticide Application Certification          AC-122A
AGA-284   Ag Chemicals II                              AC-123A
AGA-352   Introduction to Fertilizer Technology        AC-132A
AGA-375   Integrated Pest Management/Crop              AC-136A
AGA-131   Plant Physiology                             AC-137A
AGA-374   Crop Pest Identification                     AC-141A
AGA-113   Advanced Agronomy                            AC-212A
AGA-160   Agronomy - Nutrient Management               AC-216A
AGP-329   Introduction to Gps                          AC-217A
AGA-353   Advanced Soil Fertility                      AC-222A
AGB-435   Intro to Grain/Commodity Mktg                AD-123A
AGB-438   Agriculture Futures and Future Options       AD-212A
AGB-466   Agricultural Finance                         AD-216A
AGB-436   Grain Merchandising                          AD-219A
AGB-308   Farm MacH Mgt Lab                            AD-221A
AGB-309   Farm Machinery Management                    AD-222A
AGB-327   Prin of Farm Bus Mgt                         AD-230A
WEL-337   Industrial Technical Welding                 AE-112C
AGM-102   Farm Equipment Maintenance                   AE-114C
AGM-204   Intro to Agronomy                            AE-121A
AGM-203   Ag Welding                                   AE-137C
AGM-161   Ag Construction                              AE-144C
AGA-218   Grain Harvest Hdlg Drying Equipment          AE-212A
AGB-110   Human Relations I                            AG-102A
MAT-785   Agricultural Math                            AG-102C
AGC-854   Employ Exp I-Fm                              AG-103A
COM-780   Written Communication in the Workplace       AG-107C
AGB-109   Introduction to Human Relations              Ag-112A
AGC-111   Basic First Aid/Life Support                 AG-114A
AGM-111   Equipment Maintenance                        AG-114C
AGC-850   Employ Exp I-Agribus                         AG-115A
AGC-855   Employ Exp Ii-Fm                             AG-123A

                                              Page 1

AGH-850   Occupational Experience I                   AG-124A
AGC-851   Emp Exp Ii-Agribus                          AG-125A
AGC-317   Agr Field Studies                           AG-131C
AGC-928   Ind Study - Agriculture                     AG-150A
AGA-219   Planting and Seeding Seminar + Lab          AG-160A
AGC-856   Employ Exp Iii-Fm                           AG-213A
AGC-852   Employ Exp Iii-Agribus                      AG-215A
COM-743   Oral Communications in the Workplace        AG-216C
AGC-104   Applied Computers in Agriculture            AG-220A
AGC-210   Employment Seminar                          AG-221C
COM-740   Oral Communications                         AG-222C
AGC-857   Employment Experience IV - FM               AG-223A
AGC-215   Agricultural Sociology                      AG-226C
AGC-200   Career Seminar                              AG-227A
AGC-853   Employment Exp Iv-Agribusiness              AG-228A
AGB-281   Computerized Agricultural Accounting        AG-241A
AGA-840   Agronomy Lab                                AG-258C
AGH-860   Horticulture Careers/Horticulture Field     AH-111C
AGH-153   Residential Landscape Design                AH-112A
AGH-113   Turfgrass Management                        AH-113C
AGH-126   Woody Plant Material                        AH-114C
AGH-141   Equipment Operations                        AH-116C
AGH-256   Hort Chemicals                              AH-121A
AGH-128   Plant Material II                           AH-128C
AGH-160   Landscape Instal/Maint II                   AH-131C
AGH-117   Weed Identification                         AH-132A
AGH-151   Landscape Design Techniques                 AH-212A
AGH-129   Plant Material III                          AH-218A
AGH-112   Introduction to Turfgrass Management        AH-222C
AUT-115   Automotive Shop Safety                      AM-101C
AUT-116   Automotive Shop Safety                      AM-113C
AUT-105   Introduction to Automotive Technology       AM-114C
AUT-703   Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning     AM-115C
AUT-630   Automotive Electrical Systems               AM-116C
AUT-623   Automotive Electrical Systems Thoery        AM-117C
AUT-704   Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning     am-118C
AUT-622   Automotive Electrical Systems Lab           AM-120C
AUT-834   Automotive Fuel Systems                     AM-124C
AUT-827   Automotive Ignition Systems                 AM-125C
AUT-842   Automotive Computerized Engine Controls     AM-126C
AUT-852   Automotive Engine Performance Diagnosis     AM-127C
AUT-851   Automotive Engine Performance Diagnosis     AM-129C
AUT-624   Automotive Electrical Systems Lab           AM-130C
AUT-512   Automotive Brake Systems Theory             AM-134C
AUT-513   Automotive Brake Systems Lab                AM-135C
AUT-510   Brakes Theory                               AM-142C
AUT-184   Brakes Lab                                  AM-143C
AUT-938   Engine Repair Theory                        AM-153C
AUT-311   Engine Repair Lab                           AM-156C
AUT-890   Automotive Technology OJT                   AM-194C
AUT-212   Auto Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles     AM-215C
AUT-313   Automotive Manual Dr Train & Axles          AM-217C

                                             Page 2

AUT-213   Automotive Automatic Transmissions/        AM-218C
AM-216C   Automotive Automatic Transmissions/        AM-218C
AUT-260   Manual Transmission Theory                 am-219C
AUT-412   Automotive Suspension & Steering Theory    AM-220C
AUT-410   Steering and Suspension Theory             AM-221C
AUT-413   Automotive Suspension & Steering Lab       AM-222C
AUT-183   Automotive Engine Lab                      AM-225C
AUT-182   Automotive Engine Theory                   AM-226C
ART-101   Art Appreciation                           AR-103A
ART-206   Art History                                AR-105A
GRA-162   Web Page Graphics                          AR-106A
GRA-118   Electronic Publishing                      AR-108A
ART-127   Digital Illustration                       AR-117A
ART-133   Drawing                                    AR-119A
GRA-175   Graphic Design                             AR-125A
ART-134   Drawing II                                 AR-129A
GRA-188   Advert Layout & Composition                AR-133A
ART-143   Painting                                   AR-143A
GRA-928   Independent Study                          AR-150A
ART-144   Painting II                                AR-153A
GRA-140   Digital Imaging                            AR-163A
ART-928   Indep Study                                AR-171A
GRA-121   Digital Drawing                            AR-173A
ART-124   Computer Art                               AR-183A
ART-110   Contemporary Art and Issues                AR-206A
ART-173   Ceramics                                   AR-219A
ART-174   Ceramics II                                AR-229A
ART-121   2-D Design                                 AR-233A
GRA-932   Internship                                 AR-234A
AGS-400   Swine Production I                         AS-114A
AGS-521   Swine Grower/Finisher Management           AS-115A
AGS-529   Swine Reproduction and Management          AS-117A
AGS-350   Artificial Insemination of Cattle          AS-120C
AGS-556   Introduction to Beef Cow Production        AS-121A
AGS-114   Survey of the Animal Industry              AS-122A
AGS-317   Animal Nutrition                           AS-127A
AGS-557   Advanced Beef Cow Production               AS-131A
AGS-558   Grazing Systems and Forage Management      AS-142A
AGS-559   Beef Feedlot Production                    AS-213A
AGS-117   Animal Science                             AS-214A
AGS-510   Swine Confinement Systems                  AS-215A
AGS-240   Animal Health                              AS-217A
AGS-511   Advanced Swine Confinement Management      AS-221A
AGS-520   Swine Records & Analysis                   AS-222A
AGS-561   Adv Beef Production                        AS-224A
AGS-562   Farm Enterprise Beef Feedlot               AS-251C
AGS-565   Farm Enterprise Swine Technician           AS-254C
AGS-566   Farm Ent Swine Mgmt                        AS-255C
AGS-563   Farm Ent Exp/Cow-Calf                      AS-258C
AGS-564   Farm Enterprise Forage Mgt                 AS-259C
AGS-113   Survey of the Animal Industry              AT-113A
AGA-114   Principles of Agronomy                     AT-124A

                                            Page 3

AGA-154   Fundamentals of Soil Science                    AT-214A
AGS-319   Animal Nutrition                                AT-218A
AVI-180   Private Pilot Flight Lab I                      AV-101A
AVI-140   Private Pilot Ground School                     AV-102A
AVI-245   Commercial/Instrument Cross Country             AV-103A
AVI-261   Commercial Pilot Ground School                  AV-105A
AVI-928   Independent Study                               AV-150A
AVI-139   Private Pilot Theory                            AV-187A
AVI-215   Aviation Safety                                 AV-190A
AVI-220   Aviation Meteorology                            AV-193A
AVI-105   Introduction to Aviation                        AV-196A
AVI-110   History of Aviation                             AV-199A
AVI-246   Commercial/Instrument Flight Lab                AV-201A
AVI-212   Instrument Ground School                        AV-202A
AVI-350   Flight Instructor Flight Lab                    AV-203A
AVI-300   Flight Instructor Ground School                 AV-204A
AVI-301   Instrument Instructor                           AV-205A
AVI-405   Multi-Engine Rating                             AV-206A
AVI-941   Practicum                                       AV-207A
AVI-129   Employment Prep for Aviation Careers            AV-208A
AVI-400   Multi-Engine Rating                             AV-238A
ACC-111   Intro to Accounting                             BA-103A
ACC-131   Principles of Accounting I                      BA-114A
ACC-929   Individual Projects                             BA-114C
ACC-161   Payroll Accounting                              BA-116A
ACC-132   Principles of Accounting II                     BA-124A
ACC-310   Computer Accounting                             BA-125A
ACC-929   Individual Projects                             BA-125C
ACC-311   Computer Accounting                             BA-126A
ACC-231   Intermediate Accounting I                       BA-213A
ACC-929   Individual Projects                             BA-215C
ACC-232   Intermediate Accounting II                      BA-223A
ACC-941   Practicum                                       BA-233A
ACC-221   Cost Accounting                                 BA-243A
ACC-261   Income Tax Accounting                           BA-253A
MMS-101   Mass Media                                      BC-101A
MMS-241   Public Relations & Marketing                    BC-112A
MMS-928   Independent Study                               BC-150A
MMS-299   Sophomore Portfolio                             BC-200A
MMS-145   Broadcast Writing                               BC-202A
MMS-105   Audio Production                                BC-203A
MMS-941   Practicum                                       BC-212A
MMS-115   T V Studio Production                           BC-221A
MMS-211   Advanced Video Editing                          BC-223A
MMS-234   Radio Workshop                                  BC-234A
MMS-298   Portfolio Preparation                           BC-240A
MMS-225   Advanced Television Production                  BC-241A
MMS-130   Video Field Production                          BC-243A
MMS-230   Advanced Video Production                       BC-253A
ADM-106   Introduction to Keyboarding                     BE-101A
HSC-114   Medical Terminology                             BE-102A
ADM-254   Business Professionalism                        BE-103A

                                                 Page 4

ADM-255   Business Professionalism II                     BE-104A
ADM-153   Business Communication                          BE-105A
ADM-142   Desktop Publishing                              BE-110A
ADM-132   Business Math & Calculators                     BE-111A
ADM-116   Keyboarding II                                  BE-113A
ADM-936   Occupational Experience                         BE-115A
ADM-162   Office Procedures                               BE-118A
BCA-134   Word Processing                                 BE-119A
BCA-129   Basic Word Processing                           BE-121A
ADM-119   Keyboarding III                                 BE-123A
BUS-121   Business Communications                         BE-123C
BUS-938   Office On-The-Job Training                      BE-125A
ADM-220   Career Development Skills                       BE-128A
BCA-709   Introduction to Microsoft Word                  BE-151A
BCA-702   Intermediate Microsoft Word                     BE-152A
BCA-704   Advanced Microsoft Word                         BE-153A
BCA-705   Introduction to Microsoft Excel                 BE-154A
BCA-707   Intermediate Microsoft Excel                    BE-155A
BCA-708   Introduction to Microsoft Access                BE-156A
BCA-710   Intermediate Microsoft Access                   BE-157A
BCA-711   Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint            BE-158A
BCA-712   Introduction to PC Troubleshooting              BE-159A
BCA-718   Introduction to Quickbooks                      BE-161A
BCA-719   Quicken for Windows                             BE-162A
BCA-720   Windows File & Disk Management                  BE-163A
BCA-725   Wordperfect                                     BE-164A
BCA-701   Keyboarding Basics                              BE-165A
GRA-766   Photoshop Basics                                BE-166A
BCA-741   Basic A+ Certification: Hardware I              BE-168A
BCA-742   Intermediate A+ Certification: Operating        BE-169A
BCA-743   Advanced A+ Certification: Hardware/            BE-171A
BCA-722   Introduction to the Internet                    BE-181A
BCA-728   Creating Web Pages                              BE-182A
BCA-730   Advanced Web Pages                              BE-183A
GRA-784   Creating Web Graphics                           BE-184A
BCA-731   Microsoft Frontpage                             BE-185A
BCA-745   Cgi Programming for the Web                     BE-188A
BCA-732   Getting Organized With Outlook                  BE-191A
BCA-733   Achieving Top Search Engine Positions           BE-192A
BCA-734   Introduction to Windows 2000                    BE-193A
GRA-794   Marketing Business Or Organization on           BE-194A
BCA-751   Microsoft Publisher                             BE-196A
BCA-752   Introduction to Microsoft Works                 BE-197A
BCA-746   Introduction to Visual Basic                    BE-198A
BCA-777   Intermediate Java 2 Programmin                  BE-199A
ADM-354   Business Professionalism III                    BE-204A
ADM-355   Business Professionalism IV                     BE-209A
BCA-755   Performing Payroll in Quickbooks                BE-213A
BCA-756   101 Tips and Tricks for Imac/Macintosh          BE-214A
BCA-757   Introduction to Windows XP                      BE-219A
GRA-720   Photoshop 6 for Absolute Begin                  BE-220A
GRA-721   Introduction to Photoshop 6                     BE-221A

                                                 Page 5

BCA-758   Interm Microsoft Wrks-Spreadsh                   BE-222A
BUS-723   Basics of Supply Chair Management                BE-223A
BUS-724   Master Planning of Resources                     BE-224A
BUS-725   Detailed Scheduling and Planning                 BE-225A
BUS-726   Executing and Control of Operations              BE-226A
BUS-727   Strategic Management of Resources                BE-227A
GRA-730   Photoshop 7 for the Absolute Beginner            BE-230A
ADM-941   Practicum                                        BE-235A
BUS-115   Business Correspondence                          BE-243A
BCA-152   Comprehensive Spreadsheets                       BE-253A
MKT-290   Professionalism: Dex/Deca                        BF-101A
MKT-291   Professionalism Ii: Dex/Deca                     BF-102A
MKT-292   Professionalism Iii: Dex/Deca                    BF-201A
MKT-293   Professionalism Iv: Dex/Deca                     BF-202A
GRA-234   Dreamweaver Level I                              BG-163A
GRA-235   Dreamweaver Level II                             BG-184A
GRA-932   Web Development Internship                       BG-204A
GRA-236   Dreamweaver Level III                            BG-264A
HCM-590   Housekeeping Management                          BH-104A
HCM-105   Food Fundamentals                                BH-105A
HCM-319   Introduction to Hospitality Field                BH-106A
HCM-229   Nutrition for the Life Cycle                     BH-107A
HCM-591   Housekeeping Management                          BH-109A
HCM-705   Hospitality Club Activities                      BH-119C
HCM-140   Food Preperation II                              BH-122C
HCM-265   Mathematics for Hospitality                      BH-123A
HCM-595   Front Office Operations/Night Audit              BH-124A
HCM-141   Food Production                                  BH-125A
HCM-450   Job Seeking Skills I                             BH-126C
HCM-707   Hospitality Club Activites II                    BH-129C
HCM-206   Food Lab I                                       BH-132C
HCM-938   On-The-Job Training                              BH-135A
HCM-207   Food Lab 2                                       BH-142C
HCM-208   Food Lab 3                                       BH-152C
HCM-209   Food Lab 4                                       BH-162C
HCM-237   Modified Diets                                   BH-208A
HCM-592   Convention Management                            BH-213A
HCM-593   Restaurant Management                            BH-216A
HCM-104   Applied Food Service Sanitation                  BH-217A
HCM-709   Hospitality Club Activities                      BH-219C
HCM-594   Food and Beverage Management                     BH-226A
HCM-451   Job Seeking Skills II                            BH-226C
HCM-711   Hospitality Club Activities                      BH-229C
HCM-310   Hospitality Law                                  BH-233A
CRR-326   Sheet Metal Repair Theory                        BM-133C
CRR-327   Sheet Metal Repair Lab                           BM-134C
CRR-401   Non-Structural Repair Theory                     BM-136C
CRR-402   Non-Structural Repair Lab                        BM-138C
CRR-302   Intro to Collision Repair                        BM-141C
CRR-351   Collision Lab I                                  BM-142C
CRR-329   Sheet Metal Fundamentals Lab                     BM-143C
CRR-328   Sheet Metal Fundamentals Theory                  BM-144C

                                                  Page 6

CRR-742   Estimating Theory                          BM-145C
CRR-749   Estimating Lab                             BM-146C
CRR-408   Exterior Body Construction Theory          BM-147C
CRR-409   Exterior Body Construction Lab             BM-148C
CRR-908   Cooperative Education                      BM-150C
CRR-538   Structural Repair Theory                   BM-152C
CRR-539   Structural Repair Lab                      BM-153C
CRR-808   Refinishing I Theory                       BM-154C
CRR-809   Refinishing I Lab                          BM-155C
CRR-201   Plastic Repair                             BM-156C
CRR-203   Plastic Repairs Theory                     BM-158C
CRR-352   Collision Repair Lab II                    BM-162C
CRR-839   Refinishing II - Lab                       BM-163C
CRR-838   Refinishing II Theory                      BM-164C
CRR-608   Mechanical Repairs Theory                  BM-165C
CRR-609   Mechanical Repairs Lab                     BM-166C
CRR-607   Mechanical Repairs Lab                     BM-171C
CRR-606   Mechanical Repairs Theory                  BM-172C
CRR-540   Structural Repair Theory                   BM-176C
CRR-541   Structural Repair Lab                      BM-178C
BPT-103   Introduction to Biotechnology              BP-103C
BPT-107   Introduction to Materials Management       BP-107C
BPT-106   Industry Terminology-Safety I              BP-113C
BPT-124   Mechanical Fundamentals - Process          BP-124C
BPT-932   Biomass Internship                         BP-155C
BUS-160   Human Relations                            BS-102A
BCA-212   Intro to Computer Business Applications    BS-103A
BUS-161   Human Relations                            BS-104A
BCA-185   Beginning Web Page Development             BS-105A
CSC-110   Introduction to Computers                  BS-106A
MGT-130   Principles of Supervision                  BS-107A
BUS-163   Interpersonal Skills At Work               BS-109A
BUS-174   Business Seminar I                         BS-111A
BUS-106   Employment Strategy                        BS-112A
ECN-120   Principles of MacRoeconomics               BS-113A
MKT-155   Visual Merchandising                       BS-114A
BUS-197   Leadership Development                     BS-117A
BUS-199   Managing Change                            BS-118A
BUS-176   Business Seminar II                        BS-121A
ECN-130   Principles of Microeconomics               BS-123A
MKT-938   On-The-Job Training                        BS-126A
MGT-165   Principles of Quality                      BS-127A
MGT-173   Training and Employee Development          BS-128A
BUS-102   Intro to Business                          BS-133A
MKT-171   Retail Buying                              BS-134A
BUS-154   E-Business                                 BS-136A
MGT-140   Time Management in the Workplace           BS-137A
MGT-141   Stress Management                          BS-138A
FLS-112   Spanish for Professionals Business         BS-140A
MKT-140   Principles of Selling                      BS-143A
BUS-200   Time, Stress and Change Management         BS-146A
MGT-190   Employee Compensation and Benefits Mgmnt   BS-151A

                                            Page 7

BUS-112   Business Math                                  BS-153A
MGT-170   Human Resource Management                      BS-161A
FIN-121   Personal Finance                               BS-163A
FIN-101   Principles of Banking                          BS-173A
FIN-180   Intro to Investments                           BS-176A
BUS-150   E-Commerce                                     BS-186A
MGT-178   Employment Law                                 BS-193A
BCA-217   Advanced Microsoft Office Applications         BS-203A
BUS-932   Practicum                                      BS-205A
BUS-932   Practicum                                      BS-205A
BUS-177   Business Seminar III                           BS-211A
MGT-110   Small Business Management                      BS-213A
FIN-140   Business Finance                               BS-216A
MGT-131   Principles of Supervision                      BS-217A
MKT-162   Retail Merchandising                           BS-218A
MGT-170   Human Resource Management                      BS-222A
MGT-155   Integrated Project Management                  BS-226A
MKT-142   Consumer Behavior                              BS-229A
MKT-110   Principles of Marketing                        BS-233A
MKT-150   Principles of Advertising                      BS-243A
BUS-130   Intro to Entrepreneurship                      BS-253A
BUS-183   Business Law                                   BS-263
BUS-186   Business Law II                                BS-266A
BUS-180   Business Ethics                                BS-269A
BUS-238   Business Problem Solving                       BS-272A
BUS-268   Life Insurance & Financial Planning            BS-275A
BUS-250   Principles of Real Estate                      BS-283A
BUS-255   Real Estate Prelicensure                       BS-284A
BUS-255   Real Estate Prelicensure                       BS-284C
BUS-210   Business Statistics                            BS-292A
MGT-101   Principles of Management                       BS-293A
BUS-211   Business Statistics                            BS-294A
BUS-212   Business Statistics II                         BS-295A
BCA-759   Intermediate Web Pages                         BU-101A
BCA-761   Designing Effective Websites                   BU-102A
BCA-762   Introduction to Flash MX                       BU-104A
BCA-763   Flash MX for the Absolute Beginner             BU-105A
BCA-764   Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 5                BU-107A
BCA-736   Imaging for the Web Using Fireworks 4.0        BU-109A
BCA-783   Introduction to Dreamweaver 4.0                BU-111A
BCA-785   Introduction to Microsoft Frontpage 2002       BU-112A
BCA-747   Java for the Absolute Beginner                 BU-114A
GRA-717   Introduction to Photoshop 7                    BU-117A
BCA-791   Intermediate Powerpoint 2002                   BU-118A
BCA-792   The Classroom Computer                         BU-120A
BCA-793   Introduction to Database Development           BU-121a
BCA-771   Introduction to SQL                            BU-122A
BCA-772   Introduction to Oracle                         BU-123A
BCA-773   Intro to Perl Programming                      BU-124A
BCA-774   Creating User Requirements Doc                 BU-125A
NET-726   Introduction to Networking                     BU-126A
NET-727   Intermediate Networking                        BU-127A

                                                Page 8

BCA-796   Computer Skills in Workplace                  BU-128A
NET-729   Network + Certification Prep                  BU-129A
GRA-731   Digital Photgraphy Output                     BU-131A
CON-113   Construction Printreading                     CA-111C
CON-137   Foundations and Concrete                      CA-112C
CON-138   Introduction to Construction                  CA-113C
CON-201   Framing Techniques and Lab I                  CA-117C
CON-202   Framing Techniques and Lab II                 CA-118C
CON-243   Related Building Trades                       CA-121C
CON-218   Exterior Finishing                            CA-123C
CON-225   Techniques of Exterior Covering               CA-125C
CON-106   Construction Welding                          CA-126C
CON-217   Exterior Finishing                            CA-128C
CON-120   Construction Estimating                       CA-129C
CON-431   Construction Internship I                     CA-135C
CON-329   Construction Management                       CA-203C
CON-229   Installation of Interior Finishing            CA-211C
CON-228   Methods of Interior Finishing                 CA-213C
CON-158   Carpentry Level III                           CA-225C
CON-125   Construction Estimating II                    CA-229C
CA-232C   Internship                                    CA-232C
CON-932   Internship                                    CA-235C
CON-159   Carpentry Level IV                            CA-245C
ECE-170   Child Growth and Development                  CC-102A
ECE-110   Child Care Professionals I                    CC-110A
ECE-115   Child Dev Study Tour                          CC-111A
ECE-133   Child Health, Safety and Nutrition            CC-112A
ECE-130   Emergency Care                                CC-113A
ECE-103   Intro to Early Childhood Education            CC-114A
ECE-111   Child Care Professionals II                   CC-120A
ECE-182   Practicum I                                   CC-121A
ECE-243   Early Childhood Guidance                      CC-125A
ECE-163   Play and Creative Arts for Children           CC-126A
ECE-164   Inquiry Activities                            CC-128A
ECE-140   Early Childhood Curriculum Planning           CC-134A
ECE-210   Early Childhood Professionals I               CC-210A
ECE-272   Practicum II                                  CC-211A
ECE-261   Contemporary Issues in Child Care             CC-213A
ECE-211   Early Childhood Professionals II              CC-220A
ECE-273   Practicum III                                 CC-221A
ECE-290   Early Childhood Program Administration        CC-223A
CAD-102   Technical Drafting and Computer Aided         CD-114A
CAD-113   Auto CAD I                                    CD-119A
CAD-165   Rendering and Animation                       CD-123A
CAD-103   Technical Drafting and Computer Aided         CD-124A
CAD-111   Auto Cad I                                    CD-126A
CAD-118   Auto Cad II                                   CD-127A
CAD-121   Computer Aided Drafting II                    CD-129A
CAD-225   Descriptive Geometry                          CD-132A
CAD-136   Technical Design                              CD-133A
CAD-901   CAD Practicum                                 CD-205A
CAD-946   Seminar                                       CD-206A

                                               Page 9

CAD-140   Parametric Solid Modeling I               CD-216A
CAD-141   Parametric Solid Modeling II              CD-226A
CAD-230   Geometric Dimensioning/Tolerancing        CD-232A
CAD-108   Applied Mathematics and CADD Techniques   CD-233A
CAD-928   Independent Study CADD                    CD-235A
CRJ-117   Independent Study Law Enforcement         CJ-101A
CRJ-123   Independent Study - Corrections           CJ-107A
CRJ-250   Firearms                                  CJ-111A
CRJ-100   Intro to Criminal Justice                 CJ-113A
CRJ-115   Law Enforcement Seminar I                 CJ-121A
CRJ-121   Corrections Seminar I                     CJ-128A
CRJ-116   Law Enforcement Seminar II                CJ-131A
CRJ-200   Criminology                               CJ-133A
CRJ-214   Spanish for Professionals: Law Enf        CJ-140A
CRJ-110   Patrol Procedures                         CJ-143A
CRJ-120   Intro to Corrections                      CJ-153A
CRJ-160   Intro to Forensic Investigation           CJ-183A
CRJ-136   Correctional Law                          CJ-193A
CRJ-218   Field Experience I - Law Enforcement      CJ-202A
CRJ-219   Field Experience II - Law Enforcement     CJ-203A
CRJ-920   Field Experience                          CJ-205A
CRJ-153   First Responder                           CJ-217A
CRJ-220   Community-Based Corrections               CJ-220A
CRJ-207   Drug Use and Abuse                        CJ-223A
CRJ-122   Corrections Seminar II                    CJ-228A
CRJ-225   Field Experience I - Corrections          CJ-232A
CRJ-201   Juvenile Deliquency                       CJ-233A
CRJ-131   Criminal Law and Procedure                CJ-243A
CRJ-226   Field Experience II - Corrections         CJ-252A
CRJ-141   Criminal Investigation                    CJ-253A
CRJ-271   Internet Criminal Investigation           CJ-256A
CRJ-170   Overview of Cybercrime                    CJ-263A
CRJ-270   Forensics Computer Science I              CJ-273A
CRJ-272   Forensics Computer Science II             CJ-283A
RDG-030   Introduction to College Reading I         CM-002H
RDG-031   Introduction to College Reading II        CM-003H
ENG-003   Writing Foundations                       CM-007H
ENG-028   Writing Strategies                        CM-011H
ENG-012   Basic Writing                             CM-020H
ENG-062   Introduction to College Writing           CM-021H
SDV-103   Successful Learning                       CM-101A
SDV-106   Library Orientation                       CM-104A
COM-725   Workplace Communications                  CM-105C
RDG-120   College Reading                           CM-111A
CSC-101   Computer Familiarization                  CS-101A
CIS-125   Intro to Programming Logic W/Language     CS-116A
CIS-141   Computer Science                          CS-138A
CIS-204   Web Programming I                         CS-143A
CIS-928   Independent Study                         CS-150A
CIS-201   Fundamentals of Web Programming I         CS-191A
CIS-202   Fundamentals of Web Programming II        CS-192A
CIS-660   PERL/CGI                                  CS-193A

                                            Page 10

CIS-162    C++                                        CS-194A
CIS-165    Advanced C++                               CS-198A
CIS-402    Cobol                                      CS-213A
CIS-161    C++                                        CS-223A
CIS-332    Data Base and SQL                          CS-233A
CIS-941    Computer Science Practicum                 CS-235A
CIS-612    Advanced Visual Basic                      CS-238A
CIS-171    Java                                       CS-273A
CHR-143    Chiropractic Assisting I                   CT-143C
CHR-153    Chiropractic Assisting II                  CT-153C
CHR-163    Chiropractic Laboratory Procedures         CT-163C
CHR-941    Practicum                                  CT-176C
SDV-090    College 101                                ED-101A
EDU-218    Initial Field Experience                   ED-102A
EDU-216    Introduction to Teaching                   ED-113A
EDU-214    Introduction to Education                  ED-114A
HSV-162    Exceptional Persons                        ED-126A
EDU-210    Foundations of Education                   ED-136A
EDU-212    Educational Foundations                    ED-136A
EDU-235    Children's Literature                      ED-203A
LIT-184    Young Adult Literature                     ED-223A
ENG-101    Elements of Writing                        EN-100A
LIT-101    Introduction to Literature                 EN-110A
ENG-105    Composition I                              EN-113A
ENG-106    Composition II                             EN-123A
LIT-124    American Poetry                            EN-133A
LIT-929    Individual Projects                        EN-150A
LIT-141    British Literature II                      EN-153A
LIT-134    Multicultural Literature                   EN-156A
LIT-130    African American Literature                EN-163A
LIT-110    American Literature to Mid-1800's          EN-213A
LIT-111    American Literature Since Mid-1800's       EN-223A
LIT-161    The Short Story                            EN-233A
LIT-120    American Novel                             EN-236A
LIT-195    Nature of Evil in Literature               EN-243A
ENG-221    Creative Writing                           EN-244A
LIT-150    World Literature I                         EN-253A
LIT-151    World Literature II                        EN-273A
LIT-133    Minority Voices in U.S. Literature         EN-283A
EVS-114    Environmental Studies I                    EV-114A
EVS-114B   Environmental Studies I Laboratory         EV-115A
EVS-124    Environmental Studies II                   EV-124A
EVS-203    Environmental Seminar I                    EV-203A
EVS-204    Environmental Seminar II                   EV-204A
EVS-234    Introduction to Environmental Technology   EV-234A
EVS-244    Environmental Technology Techniques        EV-244A
EVS-254    Introduction to Natural Resources          EV-254A
EVS-264    Natural Resources Management Techniques    EV-264A
EVS-941    Practicum                                  EV-274A
FLS-242    Intermediate Spanish II                    FA-228A
FLS-946    Seminar                                    FL-103A
FLS-141    Elementary Spanish I                       FL-118A

                                             Page 11

FLS-142   Elementary Spanish II                      FL-128A
FLS-241   Intermediate Spanish I                     FL-218A
AGM-416   Combine & Implement Repair & Adjustment    FM-111C
AGM-411   Engine Repair                              FM-116C
AGM-415   Farm Equipment Air Conditioning            FM-121C
AGM-850   Dealership Experience                      FM-123C
AGM-430   Differentials and Final Drives             FM-126C
AGM-431   Transmissions                              FM-127C
AGM-114   Hydraulics I                               FM-141C
AGM-115   Hydraulic Components Laboratory            FM-142C
AGM-420   Fuel Systems                               FM-143C
AGM-421   Fuel Systems Laboratory                    FM-146C
AGM-116   Fundamentals of Hydraulic                  FM-153C
AGM-117   Fundamentals of Hydraulic Laboratory       FM-154C
AGM-413   Diesel Engine Overhaul                     FM-211C
AGM-850   Dealership Experience                      FM-213C
AGM-300   Fundamentals of Electricity                FM-226C
AGM-301   Fundamentals of Electricity Laboratory     FM-227C
AGM-302   Electrical Components                      FM-228C
AGM-303   Electrical Components Laboratory           FM-229C
SOC-220   Sociology of Aging                         GR-102A
HCA-130   Communication With the Elderly             GR-111A
HCA-135   Gerontology                                GR-123A
HCA-163   Intro to Senior Living Communities         GR-143A
AGP-450   Fundamentals of Gis                        GT-113A
HCA-280   Health Care Administration Practicum I     HC-111A
HCA-110   Health Care Administration I               HC-113A
HCA-281   Health Care Administration Practicum II    HC-122A
HCA-111   Health Care Administration II              HC-123A
HCA-282   Health Care Administration Practicum III   HC-132A
HCA-112   Health Care Administration III             HC-133A
HCA-125   Health Care Accounting                     HC-211A
HCA-283   Health Care Administration Practicum IV    HC-212A
HCA-284   Health Care Administration Practicum V     HC-222A
HCA-120   Legal & Political Aspects of Hca           HC-226A
HCA-946   Seminar                                    HC-231A
HCA-285   Health Care Administration Practicum VI    HC-233A
DSV-104   Making Difference: Introduction to         HD-113A
DSV-135   Assessment and Instruction                 HD-116A
DSV-125   Behavior Management                        HD-123A
DSV-150   Survival Spanish for Social Services       HD-132A
ASL-101   Introduction to American Sign Language &   hd-202a
SCS-101   Basic Sign Language                        HD-206A
DSV-928   Independent Study-Human Services and       HD-211A
DSV-932   Internship Human Services and Disability   HD-212A
DSV-155   Services and Vocational Planning           HD-214A
ASL-102   Introduction to American Sign Language &   HD-222A
DSV-160   Counseling Skills                          HD-224A
DSV-941   Practicum Hum Serv/Disab Stdy              HD-234A
DSV-941   Practicum in Human Services and            HD-236A
HSC-187   Adult Growth and Development               HL-111A
HSC-186   Human Growth and Development               HL-112A

                                             Page 12

PNN-275   Normal Nutrition                           HL-118A
PNN-271   Normal Nutrition a                         HL-119A
HSC-223   Human Relations                            HL-223A
HSC-172   Nurse Aide                                 HO-102A
HSC-177   Nurse Aide II                              HO-103A
EMS-213   Emergency Medical Technician B             HO-105C
EMS-112   EMS First Responder                        HO-123C
HSC-146   Medication Aide                            HO-142C
HSC-194   Rehabilitative/Restorative Aide            HO-143C
EMS-628   Paramedic Specialist - Medical I and Lab   HO-150C
HSC-235   Supervision in Health Care                 HO-152C
EMS-629   Paramedic Specialist-Medical II and Lab    HO-160C
NET-212   Cisco Networking                           IT-103A
NET-142   Network Essentials                         IT-109A
NET-122   Computer Hardware Basics                   IT-110A
NET-222   Cisco Routers                              IT-113A
NET-140   Networking Essentials                      IT-115A
NET-304   Windows Workstation Operating Systems      IT-118A
NET-314   Windows Server                             IT-120A
NET-331   Windows 2000 Networking Infrastructure     IT-122A
NET-232   Cisco Switches                             IT-123A
NET-334   Implementi Windows Network Infrastructur   IT-124A
NET-242   Cisco Wide Area Networks (wan)             IT-133A
NET-910   Co-op Work Experience                      IT-139A
NET-653   Microfsoft Exchange Server                 IT-208A
NET-354   Windows Security                           IT-211A
NET-374   Design Windows Network Infrastructure      IT-212A
NET-620   Internet Security Accelerator              IT-213A
NET-330   Windows 2003 Networking                    IT-216A
NET-340   Win 2000 Active Directory                  IT-217A
NET-364   Windows Directory Services Design          IT-219A
NET-621   Designing Security                         IT-221A
NET-712   SQL Database                               IT-227A
JOU-140   Newspaper Lab I                            JR-110A
JOU-171   Introduction to Photography                JR-113A
JOU-141   Newspaper Lab II                           JR-122A
JOU-173   Digital Photography                        JR-123A
ART-286   Photography: Portraiture                   JR-126A
JOU-120   Beginning News Writing                     JR-143A
JOU-121   Newswriting and Reporting                  JR-153A
JOU-220   Advanced Newswriting                       JR-156A
JOU-115   Introduction to Journalism                 JR-163A
JOU-240   Newspaper Lab III                          JR-212A
JOU-210   Media Law and Ethics                       JR-213A
JOU-176   News & Forensic Photography                JR-216A
JOU-241   Newspaper Lab IV                           JR-220A
JOU-941   Practicum                                  JR-234A
JOU-941   Practicum                                  JR-234A
LGL-272   Business Law                               LA-113A
LGL-111   Introduction to Law and Paralegal          LA-114A
LGL-250   Family Law                                 LA-122A
LGL-151   Legal Research                             LA-124A

                                              Page 13

LGL-200   American Trial Process                     LA-133a
LGL-205   Employment Law                             LA-143A
LGL-771   Introduction to Criminal Law               LA-171A
LGL-772   Evidence Law                               LA-172A
LGL-773   Legal Terminology, Process. Ethics,        LA-173A
LGL-774   Legal Documents and Analysis               LA-174A
LGL-775   Evidence, Legal Interviewing and           LA-175A
LGL-776   Legal Authority and Research               LA-176A
LGL-777   Computers, Legal Writing, and Appellate    LA-177A
LGL-778   Law Office Administration, Advocacy and    LA-178A
LGL-928   Ind Study-Law                              LA-210A
LGL-180   Torts and Litigation                       LA-213A
LGL-140   Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration    LA-214A
LGL-155   Legal Writing and Drafting                 LA-222A
LGL-240   Civil Procedure and Practice               LA-224A
LGL-941   Legal Asst Practicum                       LA-235A
LGL-941   Legal Assistant Practicum                  LA-238A
MAT-005   Mathematics Refresher                      MA-001H
MAT-050   Math Improvement                           MA-002H
MAT-004   Mathematics Foundations                    MA-007H
MAT-015   Metric System                              MA-011H
MAT-100   Elementary Algebra                         MA-102A
MAT-110   Math for Liberal Arts                      MA-103A
MAT-102   Intermediate Algebra                       MA-108A
MAT-120   College Algebra                            MA-112A
MAT-101   Intermediate Algebra                       MA-113A
MAT-130   Trigonometry                               MA-114A
MAT-127   College Algebra & Trigonometry             MA-115A
MAT-121   College Algebra                            MA-118A
MAT-210   Calculus I                                 MA-124A
MAT-211   Calculus I                                 MA-125A
MAT-217   Calculus II                                MA-126A
MAT-140   Finite Math                                MA-153A
MAT-117   Math for Elementary Teachers               MA-203A
MAT-218   Calculus III                               MA-227A
MAT-225   Differential Equations                     MA-233A
MAT-156   Statistics                                 MA-293A
MAT-157   Statistics                                 MA-294A
MAP-128   Automated Medical Office                   ME-131C
MAP-330   Carreer Prep Medical Asst                  ME-139C
MAP-453   Medical Assisting Mental Health Concepts   ME-140C
MAP-543   Human Body in Health and Disease I         ME-141C
MAP-553   Human Body in Hlth & Disease II            ME-143C
MAP-111   Medical Office Management I                ME-144C
MAP-117   Medical Office Management II               ME-145C
MAP-133   Medical Transcription                      ME-147C
MAP-403   Medical Law and Ethics                     ME-149C
MAP-233   Medical Laboratory Procedures              ME-150C
MAP-135   Medical Transcription II                   ME-155C
MAP-515   Pharmacology                               ME-156C
MAP-342   Clinical Assisting I                       ME-162C
MAP-343   Clinical Assisting II                      ME-163C

                                              Page 14

MAP-402   Medical Law and Ethics                    ME-169C
MAP-940   Medical Secretary Practicum               ME-173C
MAP-941   Practicum                                 ME-176C
HIT-244   Basic CPT Coding                          ME-186C
HIT-245   Basic ICD-9-CM Coding                     ME-187C
MAP-141   Medical Insurance                         ME-206C
MAP-253   Limited Radiology I                       ME-213C
MAP-254   Limited Radiology II                      ME-224C
MOT-124   Motorcycle Chassis and Suspension         MM-124C
MOT-125   Motorcycle Ignition Systems               MM-125C
MOT-910   Cooperative Work Experience               MM-127C
MOT-128   Motorcycle Engines Two and Four Stroke    MM-128C
MOT-129   Motorcycle Eng Two and Four Stroke Lab    MM-129C
MOT-133   Motorcycle Electrical Systems             MM-133C
MOT-136   Motorcycle Dr Systems                     MM-136C
MOT-139   Motorcycle Fuel Systems                   MM-139C
MOT-143   Motorcycle Dr Systems, Chassis, and       MM-143C
MOT-146   Motorcycle Ignition and Electrical Syst   MM-146C
MOT-932   Internship                                MM-226C
MST-101   Health and Wellness                       MT-101C
MST-103   Introduction to Swedish Massage           MT-103C
MST-104   Anatomy and Physiology - MT               MT-104C
MST-106   M T Practical Applications                MT-106C
MST-152   Chair Massage                             MT-111C
MST-112   Ethics/Professionalism                    MT-112C
MST-113   Kinesiology/Anatomy in Clay               MT-113C
MST-122   Reflexology/Chair Massage                 MT-122C
MST-123   Sport Massage                             MT-123C
MST-132   Introduction to Spa Services              MT-132C
MST-133   Massage and Abuse/Geriatrics/Pregnancy/   MT-133C
MST-121   Reflexology                               MT-139C
MST-140   Spa Services                              MT-140C
MST-141   Geriatric Massage                         MT-141C
MST-142   Business Principles -MT                   MT-142C
MST-143   Intermediate Massage                      MT-143C
MST-110   Pathology for Massage Therapy             MT-148C
MST-149   Pregnancy/Infant Massage                  MT-149C
MST-151   Business - Massage Therapy                MT-151C
MST-153   Deep Tissue Massage                       MT-153C
MST-159   Ethics - Massage Therapy                  MT-159C
MST-810   Massage Clinic                            MT-161C
MST-203   Advanced Massage                          MT-203C
MUS-100   Music Appreciation                        MU-103A
MUS-200   Music History I                           MU-104A
MUS-201   Music History II to 1750                  MU-105A
MUS-140   Concert Choir                             MU-109A
MUS-135   Music Theory Lab I                        MU-111A
MUS-120   Music Theory I                            MU-113A
MUS-190   Jazz Improvisation                        MU-115A
MUS-151   Pop Singers                               MU-119A
MUS-136   Music Theory Lab II                       MU-121A
MUS-121   Music Theory II                           MU-123A

                                             Page 15

MUS-178   Handbell Ringers                            MU-131A
MUA-101   Applied Voice                               MU-141A
MUS-170   Jazz Band                                   MU-142A
MUS-166   Jazz Combo Improvisation                    MU-144A
MUS-185   High Brass Methods                          MU-152A
MUS-145   Concert Band                                MU-153A
MUS-175   Woodwind Ensemble                           MU-159A
MUA-120   Applied Piano                               MU-161A
MUS-186   Low Brass Methods                           MU-162A
MUS-176   Brass Ensemble                              MU-169A
MUS-177   Percussion Ensemble                         MU-179A
MUS-250   Musical Play Production                     MU-185A
MUS-220   Music Theory III                            MU-201A
MUA-162   Applied Saxophone                           MU-205A
MUA-119   Class Piano                                 MU-207A
MUS-235   Music Theory Lab III                        MU-211A
MUS-205   Jazz History and Appreciation               MU-213A
MUA-124   Applied Guitar                              MU-214A
MUA-166   Applied Trumpet                             MU-217A
MUS-153   Jazz Singers                                MU-219A
MUS-236   Music Theory Lab IV                         MU-221A
MUS-221   Music Theory IV                             MU-223A
MUA-128   Applied String Bass                         MU-224A
MUA-164   Applied Trombone                            MU-227A
MUS-155   Men's Chorus                                MU-229A
MUA-158   Applied French Horn                         MU-237A
MUS-156   Women's Chorus                              MU-239A
MUA-150   Applied Tuba                                MU-247A
MUA-174   Single Reed Methods                         MU-252A
MUA-156   Applied Flute                               MU-257A
MUS-187   Percussion Methods                          MU-262A
MUA-154   Applied Clarinet                            MU-267A
MUA-160   Applied Oboe                                MU-277A
MUA-152   Applied Bassoon                             MU-287A
MU-291A   Independent Study                           MU-291A
MUA-180   Applied Percussion                          MU-297A
PNN-421   Maternal and Newborn Nursing                NU-112C
PNN-631   Adult and Child Health Nursing              NU-129C
PNN-101   Mathematics for Health Professionals        NU-131C
PNN-345   Dimensions in Practical Nursing             NU-132C
PNN-108   Survival Spanish for Nursing                NU-142A
PNN-141   Fund of Nursing Skills Lab                  NU-154C
PNN-722   Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical            NU-159C
PNN-632   Nursing Care Through Life Span Clinical     NU-163C
PNN-721   Dimensions of Practical Nursing Clinical    NU-173C
PNN-700   Transfer Student Clinical Oriention         NU-200C
ADN-462   Nrsg Interv/Mental Hlth Clin                NU-222C
ADN-461   Nursing Intervention in Mental Health       NU-228C
ADN-507   Nrsg Interv/Adlt Hlth II Clin               NU-229C
ADN-502   Nrsg Interv/Adult Health I Cl               NU-242C
ADN-501   Nrsg Interv/Adult Health I                  NU-247C
ADN-506   Nrsg Interv/Adult Health II                 NU-248C

                                                Page 16

ADN-402   Nrs Int Maternal & Child Health Clinical     NU-262C
ADN-401   Nursing Interv/Matrnl Chld Hlt               NU-266C
HSC-145   Pharmacology in Nursing                      NU-276C
PEA-146   Physical Fitness I                           PE-101A
PET-110   Introduction to Athletic Training            PE-102A
PET-105   Basic Athletic Training                      PE-109A
PEV-110   Varsity Baseball, Fall                       PE-111A
PEV-210   Varsity Baseball Ii, Fall                    PE-112A
PET-120   Biomechanics                                 PE-113A
PET-130   Athletic Training Techniques                 PE-116A
PEA-106   Archery I                                    PE-117A
PEH-225   Healthy Lifestyles Management                PE-123A
PET-140   Athletic Training Practicum I                PE-126A
PEA-134   Golf I                                       PE-127A
PEA-143   Physical Conditioning I                      PE-129A
PEV-121   Varsity Basketball, Men                      PE-131A
PEV-221   Varsity Basketball Ii, Men                   PE-132A
PEH-230   Coping With Stress                           PE-133A
PET-150   Athletic Training Practicum II               PE-136A
PEA-117   Bowling I                                    PE-137A
PEA-244   Physical Conditioning II                     PE-139A
PEV-140   Varsity Golf                                 PE-141A
PEV-240   Varsity Golf II                              PE-142A
PET-171   Athletic Training Practicum III              PE-146A
PEA-174   Tennis I                                     PE-147A
PEA-292   Physical Conditioning III                    PE-149A
PEV-122   Varsity Basketball, Women                    PE-151A
PEV-222   Vasrity Basketball Ii, Women                 PE-152A
PEA-176   Volleyball I                                 PE-157A
PEV-160   Varsity Softball                             PE-161A
PEV-260   Varsity Softball II                          PE-162A
PEA-158   Scuba Diving I                               PE-167A
PEV-170   Varsity Volleyball                           PE-171A
PEV-270   Varsity Volleyball II                        PE-172A
PEA-164   Swimming I                                   PE-177A
PEA-130   Downhill Skiing I                            PE-181A
PEA-230   Downhill Skiing II                           PE-182A
PEA-137   Lifeguard Training I                         PE-187A
REC-205   Outdoor Wilderness Experience                PE-189A
PEA-187   Weight Training I                            PE-191A
PEA-246   Physical Fitness II                          PE-201A
PEH-161   Introduction to Physical Education           PE-202A
PEH-102   Health                                       PE-203A
PEV-115   Varsity Baseball                             PE-204A
PEV-215   Varsity Baseball II                          PE-211A
PEH-141   First Aid                                    PE-212A
PEH-142   First Aid                                    PE-213A
PEC-160   Sports Officiating                           PE-222A
PEC-128   Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries       PE-223A
PEC-101   Introduction to Coaching                     PE-233A
PEC-110   Coaching Ethics, Techniques, & Theory        PE-241A
PEC-115   Athletic Development & Human Growth          PE-251A

                                                 Page 17

PEC-120   Body Structure & Function                 PE-261A
PEC-126   Athletic Injury Prevention                PE-271A
PEA-287   Weight Training II                        PE-291A
PEA-294   Weight Training III                       PE-292A
PHI-101   Introduction to Philosophy                PH-103A
PHI-105   Introduction to Ethics                    PH-104A
REL-101   Survey of World Religions                 PH-203A
PHR-107   Pharmacy Technology I                     PM-107C
PHR-117   Pharmacy Technician II                    PM-117C
PHR-121   Pharmacy Technician Seminar               pm-121C
PHR-941   Practicum                                 PM-133C
PAR-113   Parts Catalog and Lab                     PT-113C
PAR-123   Parts System and Lab                      PT-123C
PAR-124   Inventory Control and Lab                 PT-124C
SDV-075   Strategies for Academic Success           PY-100H
PSY-111   Introduction to Psychology                PY-113A
PSY-211   Psychology of Adjustment                  PY-123A
PSY-251   Social Psychology                         PY-213A
PSY-121   Developmental Psychology                  PY-223A
PSY-281   Educational Psychology                    PY-236A
PSY-241   Abnormal Psychology                       PY-243A
PSY-222   Child Psychology                          PY-246A
PSY-223   Child & Adolescent Psychology             PY-253A
PSY-224   Adolescent Psychology                     PY-256A
PSY-225   Adult Developmental Psychology            PY-259A
PSY-261   Human Sexuality                           PY-273A
SOC-270   Social & Behavioral Research Methods      PY-283A
REC-112   Backpacking                               RE-112A
REC-113   Concepts of Wellness                      RE-113A
REC-114   Foundations of Recreation                 RE-114A
REC-118   Recreation Leadership                     RE-118A
REC-122   Recreation Fieldwork I                    RE-122A
REC-132   Orienteering                              RE-132A
REC-133   Outdoor Living Skills                     RE-133A
REC-210   Recreation - Independent Study            RE-210A
REC-212   Recreation Fieldwork II                   RE-212A
REC-214   Program Planning and Organization         RE-214A
REC-222   Recreation Fieldwork III                  RE-222A
REC-233   Introduction to Outdoor Recreation        RE-233A
REC-235   Recreation Practicum                      RE-235A
REC-236   Recreation Practicum                      RE-236A
BIO-159   Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology      SC-105A
SCI-111   Infinity Scholars I-Seminar               SC-111A
BIO-105   Introductory Biology                      SC-114A
BIO-102   Introductory Biology                      SC-115A
BIO-103   Introductory Biology Lab                  SC-116A
BIO-141   Ecology & Environmental Concepts          SC-118A
SCI-121   Science Interim                           SC-121A
PHS-113   Introduction to Physical Science          SC-124A
PHS-110   Introduction to Physical Science          SC-125A
PHS-111   Introduction to Physical Science Lab      SC-126A
PHS-187   Introduction to Earth Science             SC-134A

                                             Page 18

PHS-185    Introduction to Earth Science              SC-135A
PHS-186    Introduction to Earth Science Lab          SC-136A
PHS-170    Physical Geology                           SC-139A
PHS-166    Meteorology, Weather and Climate           SC-140A
PHS-143    Principles of Astronomy Lab                SC-141A
PHS-142    Principles of Astronomy                    SC-143A
ENV-145    Conservation Biology                       SC-148A
CHM-111    Introduction to Chemistry I Laboratory     SC-172A
CHM-110    Introduction to Chemistry                  SC-173A
CHM-151    College Chemistry I                        SC-174A
SC-174B    College Chemistry I Lab                    SC-174B
CHM-152    College Chemistry II                       SC-175A
CHM-148    College Chemistry II                       SC-176A
CHM-149    College Chemistry II Lab                   SC-177A
PHY-162    College Physics I                          SC-184A
PHY-172    College Physics II                         SC-185A
SCI-162B   General Physics Laboratory                 SC-185B
CHM-166    General Chemistry I                        SC-196A
CHM-176    General Chemistry II                       SC-199A
BIO-285    Projects in Biology                        SC-201A
SCI-112    Infinity Scholars II Seminar               SC-211A
BIO-112    General Biology I                          SC-220A
BIO-112B   General Biology I Lab                      SC-220B
BIO-113    General Biology II                         SC-230A
BIO-163    Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology       SC-240A
BIO-163B   Essentials of Human Anat & Physio Lab      SC-240B
BIO-186    Microbiology                               SC-248A
BIO-300    Field Biology and Laboratory               SC-265A
BIO-180    Human Physiology                           SC-270A
BIO-177    Human Anatomy                              SC-271A
BIO-169    Human Anatomy & Physiology I               SC-274A
BIO-169B   Anatomy and Physiology I Lab               SC-274B
BIO-174    Human Anatomy & Physiology II              SC-275A
CHM-263    Organic Chemistry I                        SC-278A
CHM-273    Organic Chemistry II                       SC-279A
CHM-948    Special Projects                           SC-280A
PHY-212    Classical Physics I                        SC-284A
PHY-222    Classical Physics II                       SC-285A
EGT-139    Statics Engineering                        SC-287A
MSE-143    Small Engines Theory                       SM-143C
MSE-146    Small Engines Laboratory                   SM-146C
MSE-151    Shop Safety and Procedures                 SM-151C
MSE-152    Dr System Fundamentals                     SM-152C
MSE-153    Fundamentals of Electricity                SM-153C
MSE-158    Snowmobile Systems                         SM-158C
MSE-164    Marine Engines 2 and 4 Stroke Theory       SM-164C
MSE-165    Marine Engine 2 & 4 Stroke Theory Lab      SM-165C
MSE-166    Marine Ignition Systems Theory and Lab     SM-166C
MSE-168    Marine Dr Systems                          SM-168C
MSE-169    Marine Dr Systems Theory and Lab           SM-169C
MSE-173    Marine Fuel Systems                        SM-173C
MSE-176    Lower Unit and Stern Dr Systems            SM-176C

                                               Page 19

MSE-183   Personal Water Craft Systems               SM-183C
MSE-186   Marine Electrical Systems                  SM-186C
MSE-189   Marine Electical Systems Theory and Lab    SM-189C
MSE-932   Internship                                 SM-226C
SPC-101   Fundamentals of Oral Communication         SP-103A
DRA-101   Introduction to Theatre                    SP-114A
SPC-121   Interpersonal Communication                SP-142A
SPC-122   Interpersonal Communications               SP-143A
SDV-195   Student Government I                       SS-102A
POL-110   Introduction to Political Science          SS-103A
SDV-131   Career Exploration                         SS-104A
HIS-247   Study Abroad: British Life and Culture     SS-107A
SOC-110   Introduction to Sociology                  SS-113A
SOC-126   Social Science Interim - 1                 SS-121A
SOC-115   Social Problems                            SS-123A
SOC-160   Introduction to Social Work                SS-133A
POL-111   American National Government               SS-143A
HIS-110   Western Civ: Ancient to Early Modern       SS-146A
HIS-111   Western Civ: Early Modern to Present       SS-147A
POL-112   American State and Local Government        SS-153A
HIS-151   American History to 1877                   SS-156A
HIS-152   American History Since 1877                SS-157A
GEO-121   World Regional Geography                   SS-163A
GEO-115   Human Geography                            SS-166A
CLS-131   African Studies                            SS-176A
SOC-190   Rural Community Sociology                  SS-181A
SOC-890   Service Learning                           SS-192A
POL-213   Critical Thinking for Contemporary Socie   SS-216A
SOC-120   Marriage and Family                        SS-223A
HIS-257   African American History                   SS-236A
POL-121   International Relations                    SS-246A
POL-125   Comparative Politics and Government        SS-250A
POL-135   World Politics                             SS-253A
HIS-201   Iowa History                               SS-256A
HIS-285   Classical Heritage                         SS-263A
SOC-200   Minority Group Relations                   SS-273A
ANT-100   Introduction to Anthropology               SS-276A
ANT-105   Cultural Anthropology                      SS-277A
SOC-186   Contemporary Global Issues                 SS-280A
HIS-255   American Indian History and Culture I      SS-283A
HIS-251   U.S. History 1945 to Present               SS-293A
SUR-520   Surgical Technology Practicum I            ST-110C
SUR-430   Microbiology -Surgical Technology          ST-112C
SUR-121   Surgical Techniques I                      ST-116C
SUR-122   Introduction to Surgical Technology        ST-118C
SUR-123   Patient Care Concepts                      ST-122C
SUR-222   Surgical Techniques II                     ST-124C
SUR-223   Surgical Procedures                        ST-126C
SUR-420   Pharmacology for the Surgical Technol      ST-132C
SUR-521   Surgical Technology Practicum II           ST-136C
AGH-165   Irrigation Installation & Repair           TG-102A
AGH-405   Golf Course Maintenance                    TG-106A

                                               Page 20

MAT-770    Applied Math                               TI-102C
WEL-334    Trade and Industry Welding                 TI-103C
BUS-126    Business Principles                        TI-121C
COM-723    Workplace Communications                   TI-123C
MAT-772    Applied Math                               TI-124C
HSC-134    First Aide/CPR                             TI-141C
TRV-113    Introduction to Tourism                    TR-113A
TRV-116    Travel Geography                           TR-116A
TRV-121    Directed Study Tour I                      TR-121A
TRV-124    Reservations & Ticketing                   TR-124A
TRV-126    Tour Management                            TR-126A
TRV-133    Trends in Tourism                          TR-133A
TRV-134    Tourism Marketing                          TR-134A
TRV-211    Directed Study Tour II                     TR-211A
TRV-216    Computerized Reservation Systems           TR-216A
TRV-225    Practicum                                  TR-225A
WEL-121    Oxy Fuel Welding and Cutting               WE-111C
WEL-160    Arc Welding I (smaw)                       WE-112C
WEL-111    Welding Blueprint Reading                  WE-113C
WEL-158    Structural Welding                         WE-114C
WEL-128    Brazing / Soldering                        WE-115C
WEL-180    Gmaw/ Gtaw                                 WE-121C
WEL-183    Gmaw / Gtaw                                WE-122C
WEL-310    Pipe Welding                               WE-123C
WEL-179    Special Processes/ Procedures              WE-124C
WEL-210    Production Welding Procedures              WE-125C
WEL-126C   Pipe Welding / Smaw                        WE-126C
WTT-103    Introduction to Wind Energy                WT-103C
WTT-106    Wind Turbine Field Training                WT-106C
WTT-113    Direct Current Electrical Theory           WT-113C
WTT-114    Field Training and Project Operation       WT-114C
WTT-116    Introduction to Wind Turbine Operations    WT-116C
WTT-118    Direct Current Electrical Theory           WT-118C
WTT-123    Alternating Current Electrical Theory I    WT-123C
WTT-126    Basic Hydraulics                           WT-126C
WTT-132    Electric Motors and Generators             WT-132C
WTT-133    Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems            WT-133C
WTT-134    Electric Motors and Generators             WT-134C
WTT-136    Math for Technicians                       WT-136C
WTT-143    Alternating Current Electrical Theory I    WT-143C
WTT-201    Wind Turbine Site Construction/Locate      WT-201C
WTT-204    Wind Turbine Siting                        WT-204C
WTT-932    Internship                                 WT-205C
WTT-214    Basic Networking and Computer Technology   WT-214C
WTT-216    Power Generation and Distribution          WT-216C
WTT-223    Airfoils and Composite Repair              WT-223C
WTT-224    Airfoils and Composite Repair              WT-224C
WTT-225    Data Acquisition and Assessment            WT-225C
WTT-235    Programmable Logic Control Systems         WT-235C
WTT-244    Alternating Current Electical Theory II    WT-244C
WTT-245    Electrical Practical Applications          WT-245C
WTT-245    Electrical Practical Application           WT-245C

                                              Page 21

Old Title
Intro to Ad Layout
Intro to Comuters
Beginning Sales
Intro to Computers
Advanced Computer Spreadsheets
Office Procedure
Intro to Commod Mkt
Field Studies-Agribus
Commodity Marketing Lab
Begin Accounting
Seminar Should not have been obsoleted w
Ag Business Law
Profitable Bus Mgmt
Advanced Sales
Ag Economics and Management
Introduction to Soils
Agronomic Applications
Agricultural Chemicals I
Ag Chemicals II
Introduction to Fertilizer Technology
Integrated Pest Management/Crop
Plant Physiology
Crop Pest Identification
Advanced Agronomy
Agronomy - Nutrient Management
Agronomy-Precision Agriculture Approved
Advanced Soil Fertility
Intro to Grain/Commodity Mktg
Commodity Marketing II
Agr Finance
Adv Marketing
Farm MacH Mgt Lab
Farm Machinery Mgmt
Prin of Farm Bus Mgt
Industrial Tech Welding
Farm Equipment Maintenance
Introduction to Agronomy
Ag Welding
Ag Construction
Grain Harvest Hdlg Drying Equipment
Human Relations
Agriculture Math
Employ Exp I-Fm
Written Comm Skills
Intro to Human Relations
Basic First Aid/Life Support
Equipment Maintenance
Employ Exp I-Agribus
Employ Exp II-Fm

                                               Page 22

On-The-Job Training
Emp Exp II-Agribus
Agr Field Studies
Ind Study - Agriculture
Planting and Seeding Seminasr + Lab
Employ Exp III-Fm
Employ Exp III-Agribus
Oral Communication Skills
Applied Computers in Agriculture
Employ Seeking Skills
Oral Communications
Employment Exp IV-FM
Agricultural Sociology
Empl Exp Observ-Agribusiness
Employment Exp IV-Agribusiness
Computerized Agricultural Accounting
Agronomy Lab
Horticulture Careers/Horticulture Field
Landscape Design
Turfgrass Management
Plant Material
Horticulture Lab/Equipment & Maintenance
Plant Material II
Landscape Instal/Maint II
Weed Identification
Landscape Design Lab
Plant Material III
Turfgrass Management II
Shop Safety
Shop Safety
Shop Practices
Heating & Air Conditioning
Electrical Systems Theory
Electrical Systems Theory
Heating and Air Conditioning
Electrical Systems Lab
Fuel Systems
Ignition Systems
Computerized Engine Controls
Performance Diagnosis
Performance Diagnosis
Electrical Systems Lab
Auto Brake Theory
Auto Brake Lab
Brakes Theory
Brakes Lab
Engine Repair Theory
Engine Repair Lab
Automotive Technology OJT
Automatic Trans Theory
Manual Transmissions Lab

                                            Page 23

Automatic Trans Lab
Automatic Trans Lab changed to 3 cr.
Manual Transmissions Theory
Suspension Theory
Steering and Suspension Theory
Suspension Lab
Automotive Engine Lab
Automotive Engine Theory
Art Appreciation
Art History
Web Page Graphics
Electronic Publishing
Digital Illustration
Drawing I
Graphic Design Studiio Ind. Study approv
Drawing II
Advert Layout & Composition
Painting I
Ind Stdy - Graphic Art
Painting II
Adobe Photoshop
Indep Study-Art
Adobe Illustrator
Computer Art
Contemporary Art
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Graphic Design Internship
Intro to Swine Production Management
Swine Grower/Finisher Management
Swine Breeding Herd Management
Artificial Insemination
Introduction to Beef Cow Production
Introduction to Animal Science
Animal Nutrition
Advanced Beef Cow Production
Grazing Systems and Forage Management
Beef Feedlot Production
Animal Science
Swine Confinement Management
Animal Health & the Environment
Advanced Swine Confinement Management
Advanced Swine Production
Adv Beef Production
Farm Enterprise Beef Feedlot
Farm Enterprise Swine Technician
Farm Ent Swine Mgmt
Farm Ent Exp/Cow-Calf
Farm Enterprise Forage Mgt
Animal Science Approved for eCollege 6-1
Crop Production Approved for eCollege 6/

                                               Page 24

Introductory Soils Approved for eCollege
Animal Nutrition e'College
Private Pilot Flight Lab I
Private Pilot Ground Sch
Comml/Instr Cross Ctry Lab II
Commercial Pilot Grd Sch
Independent Study - Aviation
Private Pilot Theory
Aviation Safety
Aviation Meteorology
Introduction to Aviation
History of Aviation
Commercial/Instrum Flt Lab
Instrument Pilot Ground School
Flight Instructor Flt Lab III
Flight Instr Ground Sch
Instrument Instructor
Multi-Engine Rating
AV-209A, AV-235A - Aviation Practicum
Employment Prep Avaition Careers
Multi-Engine Rating
Basic Accounting
Principles of Accounting I
Accounting Projects
Payroll Accounting
Principles of Accounting II
Computer Accounting
Accounting Projects II
Computer Accounting
Intermediate Accounting I eCollege - Hyb
Acct Projects III
Intermediate Accounting II
Accounting Practicum
Cost Accounting
Income Tax Accounting
Mass Media & Society
Public Relations & Marketing
Ind Study - Broadcasting
Sophomore Portfolio
Writing for the Media
Audio Production
Broadcast Media Practicum
Television Studion Production I
Advanced Video Editing
Radio Workshop
Portfolio Preparation
elevision Studio Prod II
Electronic Field Production I
Electronic Field Production II
Medical Terminology
Business Prof I

                                                 Page 25

Business Prof II
Business Communication
Word Process/Dsktop Publsg
Calculating Mach
Keyboarding Applications Hybrid, Online,
 Office OJT I
Office Procedures
Word Processing e'College
Word Processing
Advanced Keyboarding
Office On-The-Job Training II
Office Career Development
Intro to Microsoft Word
Intermediate Microsoft Word
Advanced Microsoft Word
Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Intermediate Microsoft Excel
Introduction to Microsoft Access
Intermediate Microsoft Access
Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint
Introduction to PC Troubleshooting
Introduction to Quickbooks
Quicken for Windows
Windows File and Disk Management
Keyboarding Basics
Photoshop Basics
Basic A+ Certification: Hardware I
Interm A+ Certification: Operating Sys
Adv A+ Certification: Hardware Oper Sys
Introduction to Internet
Creating Web Pages
Advanced Web Pages
Creating Web Graphics
Microsoft Frontpage
CGI Programming for the Web
Getting Organized with Outlook
Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
Introduction to Windows 2000 Professiona
Marketing your Business or Organization
Microsoft Publisher
Introduction to Microsoft Works
Introduction to Visual Basic
Intermediate Java 2 Programming
Business Professionals III
Business Professionals IV
Performing Payroll in Quickbooks
101 Tips and Tricks for iMac/Macintosh
Introduction to Windows XP
Photoshop 6 for Absolute Beginner
Introduction to Photoshop 6

                                                Page 26

Interm Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
Basics of Supply Chair Management
Master Planning of Resources
Detailed Scheduling and Planning
Executing and Control of Operations
Strategic Management of Resources
Photoshop 7 for the Absolute Beginner
 Administrative Assistant Practicum
Business Correspondence
Spreadsheet Applications
DECA Activities
DECA Activities
DECA Activities
DECA Activities
Dreamweaver Level I
Dreamweaver Level II
Web Development Internship
Dreamweaver Level III
Housekeeping Management
Food Fundamentals
Introduction to hospitality Field
Nutrition for the Life Cycle
Housekeeping Management
Hospitality Club Activities
Food Preparation II
Mathematics for Hospitality
Front Office Operations/Night Audit
Food Production
Job Seeking Skills I
Hospitality Club Activities II
Food Lab I
On-the-Job Training
Food Lab 2
Food Lab 3
Food Lab 4
Modified Diets
 Convention Management
Restaurant Management
Applied Food Service Sanitation Ind. Stu
Hospitality Club Activities
Food and Beverage Management
Job Seeking Skills II
Hospitality Club Activities
Hospitality Law
Sheet Metal Repair Theory
Sheet Metal Repair Lab
Non-Structural Repair Theory
Non-Structural Repair Lab
Intro to Collision Repair
Intro/Coll Repair Lab I
Sheet Metal Repair - Lab Replaced by BM-
Sheet Metal Repair - Theory Replaced by

                                                Page 27

Estimating - Theory
Estimating - Lab
Non-Structural Repair - Theory Replaced
Non-Structural Repair - Lab Replaced by
Cooperative Work Experience
Structural Repair - Theory Replaced by S
Structural Repair - Lab Replaced by BM-1
Refinishing I - Theory
Refinishing I - Lab
Plactic Repair - Lab Replaced by BM-158C
Plastic Repair Theory
Collision Repair II - Lab
Refinishing II - Lab
Refinishing II - Theory
Mechanical Repairs - Theory Replaced by
Mechanical Repairs - Lab Replaced by BM-
Mechanical Repairs Lab
Mechanical Repairs Theory
Structural Repair Theory
Structural Repair Lab
Introduction to Biomass
Introduction to Materials Management
Industry Terminology-Safety I
Mech Fund-Process Control I
Biomass Internship
Human Relations
Computer Applications in Business
Human Relations
Web Page Design
Introduction to Computer/Info Systems
Interpersonal Skills at Work
Business Seminar I
Employment Strategy
Visual Merchandising
Leadership Development
Managing Change Replaced by BS146A - Tim
Business Seminar II
On-The-Job Training
Managing for Quality
Employee Training
Intro to Business
Retail Buying
Time Management Replaces BS146A - Time,
Stress Management Replaced by BS146A Tim
Survival Spanish for Business
Sales Principles
Time, Stress and Change Management Repla
Intro to Employee Compensation/Benefits

                                             Page 28

Business Math
Personnel Management
Personal Finance
Principles of Banking
Intro to E'Commerce
Introduction to Employment Law
Advanced Computer Apps in Busines
Business Practicum
Business Practicum
Business Seminar III
Management Added approval eCollege Hybri
Business Finance Added approval eCollege
Retail Merchandising
Human Resource Management
Integrated Project Management
Consumer Behavior
egal Environment of Business
Business Law II
Ethics in Business
Business Problem Solving
Life Insurance/Financial Plnng
Real Estate
Real Estate Pre License-60 Hr.
Real Estate Prelicensure Obsolete - Neve
Business Statistics
Business Statistics Added approval eColl
Business Statistics II
Intermediate Web Pages
Designing Effective Websites
Introduction to Flash MX
Flash MX for the Absolute Beginner
Imaging for the Web Using Fireworks 4.0
Introduction to Dreamweaver 4.0
Introduction to Microsoft Frontpage 2002
Java for the Absolute Beginner
Introduction to Photoshop 7
Intemrediate Powerpoint 2002
The Classroom Computer)
Introduction to Database Development
Introduction to SQL
Introduction to Oracle
Intro to Perl Programming
Creating User Requirements Doc
Introduction to Networking
Intermediate Networking

                                               Page 29

Computer Skills in Workplace
Network + Certification Prep
Digital Photography Output
Blueprint Reading & Sketching
Foundations and Concrete
Introduction to Framing
Framing Techniques and Lab I
Framing Techniques and Lab II
Related Building Trades
Exterior Finishing
Techniques of Exterior Covering
Construction Welding
Exterior Finishing & Lab
Contruction Estimating
Construction Internship
Construction Jobsite Management
Interior Wall Covering + Lab
Methods of Interior Finishing + Lab
Carpentry Level Three
Construction Estimation II
Construction Internship II
Construction Internship II
Carpentry Level IV
Child Growth and Development
Child Care Professional I
Child Dev Study Tour
Child Health, Safety and Nutrition
Emergency Care
Principles of Child Care
Child Care Professional II
Practicum I
Behavior and Guidance of Children
Play and Creative Arts for Children
Inquiry Activities
Curriculum Planning
Early Childhood Professionals i
Practicum II
Contemporary Issues in an In-Dchild Care
Early Childhood Professionals II
racticum III
Administration Programs for Children
3D Graphics & Animation
AutoCAD Opsys/Aps I Reactivated - should
AutoCAD Applications II
Descriptive Geometry
Technical Design
CAD Practicum
CADD Seminar

                                                Page 30

Parametric Solid Modeling I
Parametric Solid Modeling II Replaced CD
Geometric Dimensioning/Tolerancing
Applied Mathematics & CADD Techniq
Independent Study CADD Took off Obsolete
Independent Study - Law Enforcement
Inderpendent Study - Corrections
Firearms Training
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Seminar I-Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice Seminar I
Law Enforcement Seminar II
Survival Spanish/Criminal Just
Police Operations & Procedures
Introduction to Corrections
Intro Forensic Investigation
Correctional Law
Field Experience I - Law Enforcement
Field Experience II - Law Enforcement
Field Experience - Criminal Justice
First Responder
Correct in the Community
Drug Use and Abuse
Criminal Justice Seminar II
Field Experience I - Corrections
Juvenile Delinquency Also approved for O
Criminal Law and Procedure
Field Experience II - Corrections
Introduction to Criminal Investigation
Internet Criminal Investigation
Overview of Cyber Crimes
Forensic Computer Science I
Forensic Computer Science II
Developmental Reading
Reading Improvement I
Writing Foundations
Writing Improvement
Communication Vocational Refresher
Intro to College Writing
Successful Learning
Library Orientation
Communication Skills
Reading Improvement II
Computer Familiarization Course will be
Problem Solving Logic
Computer Science I-Visual Basic
Web Programming I
Independent Study - Computers
HTML Advanced

                                               Page 31

Fundamentals of C++
Intermediate C++
Computer Programming - COBOL
Computer Programming-"c++" Language
Database Info Systems
Computer Science Practicum
Computer Science II - Visual Basic
Object Oriented Programming/Java
Chiropractic Assisting I
Chiropractic Assisting II
Chiropractic Laboratory Procedures
Chiropractic Practicum I
College 101 (Formerly ED-101A, BS-101A,
Initiral Field Experience
Intro to Teaching
 Introduction to Education
Exceptional Persons
Foundations of U.S. Education
Foundations of U.S. Education
Children's Literature
Literature for Young Adults Offering app
Introduction to College Writing
Introduction to Literature
English Composition I
English Composition II
American Poets and Poetry
Independent Study in English
English Literature II
Multicultural Literature
Introduction to African American Lit
American Literature I
American Literature II
Introduction to Short Story
Introduction to American Novel
Nature of Evil in Literature
Creative Writing
World Literature I
World Literature II
Literature of U.S. Minorities
Environmental Studies I + Lab
Environmental Studies I Lab
Environmental Studies II
Environmental Seminar I
Environmental Seminar II
Introduction to Environemtnal Technology
Environmental Technology Techniques
Introduction to Natural Resources Mgmt
Natural Resources Management Techniques
Environmental Practicum
Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish Seminar
Elementary Spanish I

                                               Page 32

Elementary Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Agricultural Equipment
Fundamentals of Engine Overhaul
Air Conditioning
Dealership Experience
Differentials and Final Drives
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic Components Laboratory
Fuel Systems
Fuel Systems Laboratory
Fundamentals of Hydraulic
Fundamentals of Hydraulic Laboratory
Diesel Engine Overhaul
Dealership Experience
Fundamentals of Electricity
Fundamentals of Electricity Laboratory
Electrical Components
Electrical Components Laboratory
Social Gerontology
Commication With the Elderly
Intro to Senior Living Comm
Introduction to Geographic Info Systems
Health Care Practicum I
Health Care Administration I
Health Care Practicum II
Health Care Administration II
Health Care Practicum III
Health Care Administration III
Health Care Accounting
Health Care Practicum IV
Health Care Practicum V
Legal and Political Aspects of Hlth Care
Health Care Administration Seminar
Health Care Practicum VI
Making Difference: Introduction to Servi
 Assessment and Instruction
Behavior Management
Survival Spanish for Social Services
Intro to American sign language
Basic Sign Language
Ind Stdy - Human Services/Disability Stu
Internship Human Services and Disability
Services and Vocational Planning
American Sign Language & Deaf Culture II
Counseling Skills
Practicum Hum Serv/Disability Studies
Practicum in Human Services and Dis Stud
Human Growth and Dev-Adult
Human Growth and Development

                                                Page 33

Normal Nutrition
Normal Nutrition A
Human Relations
Nurse Aide I Approved eCollege Hybrid 6/
Nurse Aide II
Emergency Medical Technician B
First Responder
Medication Aide
60 Hour Rehabilitation Aide
Paramedic Specialist - Medical I and Lab
Supervision in Health Care
Paramedic Specialist - Medical II and La
Network Essentials
omputer Hardware/A+ Cert
CISCO Routing II
Networking Essentials
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Networking Infrastructure
Cisco Routing III
an Microsoft Windows 2000 Network En
Cisco Routing IV
Cooperative Work Experience
xchange Server Administration
esigning Security
Designing Network Infrastructure
Internet Security Accelerator
Windows 2003 Networking
Win 2000 Active Directory
Designing Directory Services
Designing Security
System Administration for SQL
Newspaper Laboratory I
Introduction to Photography
Newspaper Laboratory II
Digital Photography
Intro to Portrait Photography
Beg News Writing/Mass Media
Beginning Newswriting
Adv News Writing & Reporting
Introduction to Journalism
Newspaper Laboratory III
Media Law and Ethics
News & Forensic Photography
Newspaper Laboratory IV
Practicum Changed name from Journalism P
Journalism Practicum
Business Law
Introduction to Law and Paralegal
Domestic Relations Approved for eCollege
Legal Research

                                              Page 34

American Trial Process
Employment Law
Introduction to Criminal Law
Evidence Law
Legal Terminology, Process, Ethics, Tort
Legal Documents and Analysis
Evidence, Legal Interviewing and Investi
Legal Authority and Research
Computers, Legal Writing, and Appelate P
Law Office Administration, Advocacy and
Ind Study-Law
Torts and Litigation
Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration
Legal Writing and Drafting
Civil Procedure and Practice
Legal Asst Practicum
Legal Assistant Practicum
Mathematics Refresher-Vocational
Mathematics Improvement
Mathematics Foundations
Metric System
Elementary Algebra
Mathematics for General Education Added
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
College Mathematics
College Algebra
Calculus and Analytic Geometry Added eCo
Analytic Geomotry and Calculus I Added e
Analytical Geometry and Calculus II
Finite Mathematics
Math for Elementary Teachers Reinstated
Analytical Geometry and Calculus III
Differential Equations Reactivated Sprin
Statistics Added approval eCollege Hybri
Automated Medical Office
Carreer Prep Medical Asst
Applied Medical Psychology
Human Body in Health and Disease
Human Body in Hlth & Disease II
Medical Office Management I
Medical Office Management II
Medical Transcription
Medical Law and Ethics
Medical Laboratory Procedures
Advanced Medical Transcription
Clinical Assisting I
Clinical Assisting II

                                               Page 35

Medical Legal & Ethical Issues
Medical Office Tech Practicum
Medical Assistant Practicum
Medical Coding I
Medical Coding II
Medical Insurance and Patient Billing
Limited Radiology I
Limited Radiology II
Motorcycle Chassis and Suspension
Motorcycle Ignition Systems
Motorcycle Small Engine Coop Wrk Exp
Motorcyle Engines Two- and Four-Stroke
Motorcycle Eng Two- and Four-Stroke Lab
Motorcyle Electrical Systems
Motorcyle Drive Systems
Motorcycle Fuel Systems
Motorcyle Dr Sys, Chas, Suspen Theory La
Motorcycle Ignit Elec Sys Theory Lab
Motorcycle Intership II
Health and Wellness - MT
Introduction to Swedish Massage
Anatomy and Physiology - MT
Massage Therapist Practical Applications
Massage Therapy
Ethics and Professionalism Replaced by M
Kinesiology/Anatomy in Clay
Reflexology/Chair Massage Replaced by MT
Sport Massage
Introduction to Spa Services Replaced by
Massage & Abuse Geriatrics/Pregnancy/Inf
Spa Services
Geriatric Massage
Business Principles - MT Replaced by MT-
Intermediate Massage
Pathology - Massage Therapy
Pregnancy/Infant Massage
Business - Massage Therapy
Advanced Massage Changed title to Advanc
Advanced Massage Replaced by MT-161C Cli
Music Appreciation
Music History I
Music History II
Concert Choir I
Ear Training & Sightsinging I
Music Theory I
Jazz Improvisation
Pop Singers
Ear Training & Sightsinging II
Music Theory II

                                              Page 36

Handbell Ringers
Applied Vocal I
Jazz Band I
Jazz Combo/Improvisation
High Brass Methods
Concert Band
Woodwind Ensemble
Applied Piano
Low Brass Methods
Brass Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Musical Play Production
Music Theory III
Applied Saxophone
Beginning Piano Class
Ear Training & Sightsinging III
Jazz History & Appreciation
Applied Guitar
Applied Trumpet
Jazz Singers
Ear Training & Sightsinging IV
Music Theory IV
Applied String Bass
Applied Trombone
Men's Chours
Applied French Horn
Women's Chours
Applied Tuba
Single Reed Methods
Applied Flute I
Percussion Methods
Applied Clarinet
Applied Aboe
Applied Bassoon
Independent Study in Music
Applied Percussion
Maternal and Newborn Nursing
Adult and Child Health Nursing
Mathematics for Health Professionals
Dimensions in Practical Nursing
Survival Spanish for Nursing
Fund of Nursing Skills Lab
Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical
Nursing Care Through Lifespan Clinical I
Dimensions of Practical Nsg Clinical
Transfer Student Clinical Orientation
Nrsg Interv/Mental Hlth Clin
Nursing Interventions in Mental Health
Nrsg Interv/Adult Hlth II Clin
Nrsg Interv/Adult Health I Cl
Nrsg Interv/Adult Health I
Nrsg Interv/Adult Health II

                                                  Page 37

Nrs Int Maternal & Child Health Clinical
Nursing Interv/Matrnl Chld Hlt
Pharmacology in Nursing
Fundamentals of Physical Fitness
Introduction to Athletic Training
Basic Athletic Training
Fall Baseball I
Fall Baseball II
Athletic Training Techniques
Fundamentals of Archery
Healthy Lifestyles Management
Athletic Training Practicum I
Fundamentals of Golf
Basic Concepts/Physical Fitness
Varsity Basketball I-Men
Varsity Basketball II-M
Coping With Stress
Athletic Training Practicum II
Fundamentals of Bowling
Interm Concepts/Physical Fitness
Varsity Golf I
Varsity Golf II
Athletic Training Practicum III
Fundamentals of Tennis
Adv Concepts/Physical Fitness
Varsity Basketball I-Women
Varsity Basketball II, Women
Fundamentals of Volleyball
Varsity Softball I, Women
Varsity Softball II, Women
Fundamentals of Scuba Diving
Varsity Volleyball I-F
Varsity Volleyball II-F
Fundamentals of Swimming
Fundamentals of Downhill Skiing
Intermediate Downhill Skiing
Life Guard Training
Outdoor Wilderness Experience
Fundamentals of Weight Training
Advanced Physical Fitness
Introduction to Physical Education
Personal Health
Varsity Baseball I-M
Varsity Baseball II-M
First Aid
First Aid
Sports Officiating
Introduction to Athletic Injuries
Introduction to Coaching
Coaching Theory & Ethics
Human Growth & Development - Coaching

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Sports Physiology for Coaches
Athletic Injury - Coaches
Intermediate Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training
Introduction to Philosophy
Ethics in America
Great Religions of the World
Pharmacy Technology I
Pharmacy Technican II
Pharmacy Technician Seminar
Pharmacy Technician Practicum
Parts Catalog + Lab
Parts System and Lab
Inventory Control and Lab
Success Group I
General Psychology Added approval for eC
Psychology of Adjustment
Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Learning Was obsoleted 10/
Abnormal Psychology Added approval for e
Child Psychology
Human Growth Thru Adolescence
Psychology of Adolescence
Psychology of Aging
Human Sexuality
Introduction to Behavioral Research
Concepts of Wellness
Foundations of Recreation
Recreation Leadership
Rec Fieldwork I
Outdoor Living Skills
Recreation - Independent Study
Recreation Fieldwork II
Program Planning & Organization
Recreation Fieldwork III
Introduction to Outdoor Recreation
Recreation Practicum
Recreation Practicum
Anatomy & Physiology
Infinity Scholars I-Seminar
Biology Science Survey w/Lab
Biological Science Survery
Bio Science Lab
Intro Ecology & Environmental Concepts
Science Interim Obsoleted by mistake
Physical Science & Laboratory
Physical Science Lecture
Physical Science Laboratory
Earth Science & Lab

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Earth Science Lec
Earth Science Lab
Principles of Astronomy Lab
Conservation Biology
Introduction to Chemistry I Laboratory
Introduction to Chemistry I Lecture
Introduction to Chemistry I and Lab
Intro to Chemistry I Lab
Introduction to Chemistry II w/Lab
Intro to Chemistry II Lecture
Intro to Chemisty II Lab
General Physics Lecture and Lab I
General Physics Lecture and Lab II
General Physics Lab
General Chemistry I Added approval for e
General Chemistry II
Projects in Biology
Infinity Scholars II Seminar
Biology I with Laboratory
Biology I Lab
Biology II w/Laboratory
Human Anatomy & Physiology w/Lab
Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
Microbiology & Lab
Field Biology and Laboratory
Human Physiology & Lab Replaced by SC-27
Human Anatomy & Lab Replaced by SC-274A
Anatomy & Physiology I with Laboratory T
Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab Replace
Org Chem Lec & Lab I
Org Chem Lec & Lab II
Organic Chemistry-Special
Engineering Physics Lecture and Lab I
Engineering Physics Lecture and Lab II
Statics Engineering
Small Engines Theory
Small Engines Lab
Shop Safety and Procedures
Drive System Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Electricity
Snowmobile Systems
Marine Engines 2 and 4 Stroke Theory
Marine Engine 2 & 4 Stroke Lab
Marine Ignition Sys Theory & Lab Moved t
Marine Drive Systems Replaced by SM-169C
Marine Dr Systems Theory and Lab New cou
Marine Fuel Systems
Lower Unit and Stern Drive Systems Obsol

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Personal Water Craft Systems
Marine Electrical Systems Moved to obsol
Marine Electrical Systems Theory and Lab
Cooperative Work Experience Internship T
Fund of Speech Communication Added appro
Introduction to Theatre
Interpersonal Communications
Interpersonal Communications
Student Government I and II
Introduction to Political Science
Career Exploration
British Life and Culture
Intro to Sociology Added approval for eC
 Social Science Interim
Social Problems
Intro to Social Work
American Government
Western Civilization to 1715
Western Civilization 1715 to Present
State and Local Government
American History to 1877
American History 1877-Present
World REgional Geography
Human Geography
African Studies
Rural Community Sociology
Service Learning
Critical Thinking/Contemp Soc Approved a
arriage and Family
African American History
Intro/International Relations
Comparative Government & Politics
World Politics Was obsoleted before DATA
History of Iowa
Classical Heritage
Minority Culture
General Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Global Perspective
American Indian History and Culture I
United States History (1945-Present)
Surgical Technology Pract I
Microbiology St
Surgical Techniques I
Intro to Surgical Technology
Patient Care Concepts
Surgical Techniques II
Surgical Procedures
Pharmacology St
Surgical Technology Prac II
Principles of Irrigation
Golf Course Management

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Applied Mathematics
 Business Principles
Communication Skills
Related Math
Basic First Aide/CPR
Introduction to Tourism
Travel Geography
Directed Study Tour
Reservations & Ticketing
Tour Management
Trends in Tourism
Tourism Marketing
Directed Study Tour II
Computerized Reservation Systems
Tourism Practicum
Oxy-Acetylene Theory & Lab
Electrical Arc Theory and Lab
Blueprint Reading
Structural Welding Lab
Brazing & Soldering
Mig and Tig Theory
Mig and Tig Laboratory
Pipe Welding and Laboratory
Special Processing and Laboratory
Production Welding
Pipeline Welding Qualification
Introduction to Wind Energy
Wind Turbine Field Training
Direct Current Electrical Theory Changed
Field Training & Project Operation Chang
Intro to Wind Turbine Operations
Direct Current Electrical Theory
Alternating Current I Change of title fr
Basic Hydraulics
Electric Motors and Generators
Wind Turbine Mechanical System
Electric Motors & Generators
Math For Technicians
Alternating Current Elect Th I
Wind Turbine Site Constr/Locate
Wind Turbine Siting
Wind Turbine Internship
Basic Neworking/Comp Tech
Power Generation & Distribution
Airfoils and Composite Repair 5/8/06 Rev
Airfoils & Composite Repair Had already
Data Acquistion & Comm
Programmable Logic Control Systems
Alt Current Elect Theory II
Electrical Practical Applications Origin
Electrical Practical Application

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