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Art and Culture Competition Form


Art and cultural promotion by the art council competition.

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									                       PURE ARTS GROUP ARTIST SELECTION 2011
                                           Open annual selection
                                                      ART FAIR

                                 EXHIBITION CALENDER & ONLINE GALLERY


                               Information for Entrants & Submission Forms


We are an arts marketing & promotion business
We find modern solutions to traditional problems within the market place. These solutions are innovative and
challenge the established norm. We create relevant ideas that engage and inspire.

PURE ARTS GROUP create distinctive exhibition and event environments, bringing artists, buyers, art enthusiasts,
collectors and business together. These exhibitions and events are where art can be viewed, experienced and
purchased, in a high quality, stimulating but relaxed, informative and approachable way. They are not permanent,
like traditional galleries or shops but take place in continually changing, interesting and unusual locations and
spaces, which are not typically associated with art, such as churches, commercial & industrial buildings and
distinctive luxury hotels, thus delivering our objective of bringing contemporary art to an ever wider audience.

PURE ARTS GROUP also provide opportunities for artists to grow and develop their practice, to broaden their
outlook and experience within their chosen field.
 This is achieved through our artist-in-residence (AIR) and mentoring programme, through our ongoing
collaboration with established artists, arts organisations & societies, galleries and artist led collaborative groups
and through our online channels, such as facebook and our blog

Selection process

PURE ARTS GROUP annually selects up to 60 artists to support and promote for a 12 month period

Submissions are invited from artists aged 18 years or older on 3rd June 2011, living, working or studying in London
and the South East. Submission fee £35

The 2011/2012 selection panel includes Brenda Hartill R E, artist & fellow of the Royal Society of Painter
Printmakers; Ali Pettit, London gallery owner and curator, and Guy Portelli VPRBA, FRBS, Vice President of the
Royal Society of British Artists, Governor of the Federation of British Artists and Fellow of the Royal British Society
of Sculptors. The panel oversees the selection process in its entirety. All applications will be considered based on
information provided on the submission form and images supplied by the artist. Selection will be based purely on
quality of work submitted; artistic sensitivity, technical skill, originality, visual impact and content.

Student applications

Student applications are welcome at the reduced submission fee of £20. Students must be in further education in
London or the South East on the submission ‘close’ date of 3 June 2011 and this requires authentication by a
course tutor. Students should request their course tutor sign and date a copy of their submission form and either
scan and email to or post to PURE ARTS GROUP, Silcocks Farm, Grange Road,
St Michaels, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6TL, before submission close date 3 June 2011. Failure to do so will
invalidate the application.

Please read full details in the following artist information pack.

1.0       Eligibility

We invite submissions from artists aged 18 years or older on 3rd June, living, working or studying in London and
the South East.

For the selection submission, we require artists to submit images of 3 pieces of completed work.
Work can be submitted in a variety of media: paintings, sculptures, ceramics, original prints, drawings, glass & fine
art jewellery. Painted work can be in a variety of mediums, including oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolour
and other dry mediums and can be on any form of support (canvas, paper, wood, plastic etc).
Images of installations or mixed media constructions can be submitted as part of the selection application, to
demonstrate style and quality across a body of work, but, will not be accepted thereafter, for any PURE ARTS
GROUP exhibitions or for sale in our online Gallery.

Please note

For the purposes of the PURE ARTS GROUP, the definition of original print is as follows: works generated by the
artist as an original limited edition artist's print. Reproductions, giclee prints and photographs are not admissible.

All submitted work must have been completed after 01 January 2009.

2.0       ART FAIR & Awards

All selected artists will be required to submit 3 pieces of work, completed since 01 January 2009, for the annual
ART FAIR, to be held at the PowderMills Hotel in September. Requests for submission of these works will go out to
selected artists on 10 August.

At the ART FAIR, the Judges will award in the following categories

         Best Overall Artist - £1000
         Best Painting - £500
         Best Sculpture or 3D - £500
         Best Drawing or Original Print - £500
         Best Emerging Artist - £500

The best overall winning artist will be offered the opportunity to headline a future exhibition, to be organised by
PURE ARTS GROUP in 2011/2012

3.0       Submission Process

Submission forms are available to download from or you can e mail or write to us and
we will send a form to you. Address: PURE ARTS GROUP, Silcocks Farm, Grange Road, St Michaels, Tenterden,
Kent, TN30 6TL. Submission forms must be accompanied by the entry fee (Section 6.0) and 3 high resolution

Entries may be submitted as follows:-

         Online - at
         By post – a) JPEG images on 1 labelled CD Rom, no larger than 1mb per image
                      b) hard copy images with each individual image no larger than A4 in size
                         and of sufficient quality to distinguish detail.

4.0     Submission and ART FAIR timeline

1 April 2010                  Submissions open
3 June 2010                   Submissions close
16 June 2010                  Selected artists notified by email
10 August                     Selected Artists will be requested to submit 3 pieces of work for the ART
9 – 10 September              ART FAIR selected work to be delivered to the PowderMills Hotel,
                              Powdermills Lane, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 0SP between 10.00 and
                              17.00. There is ample on-site, free parking.
15 September                  Judging followed by Awards Ceremony, Press Preview and Private View
16 September                  ART FAIR opens to the public
23 September                  ART FAIR closes to the public
24 - 25 September             Collection of unsold work 10.00-17.00 if agreed by prior arrangement

5.0     Submission Guidelines

       We are looking for both representational and non-representational work, including painting, drawing,
        sculpture, print making, glass and Fine Art jewellery, in any medium. Images of installations or mixed
        media constructions can be submitted as part of the selection application, to demonstrate style and
        quality across a body of work, but, will not be accepted thereafter, for any PURE ARTS GROUP exhibitions
        or for sale in our online Gallery.
       We cannot accept photography, video art or multimedia installations
       Work will be considered using criteria including artistic sensitivity, technical skill, originality, visual impact
        and content
       Images of three works, completed since 1 January 2009, must be submitted with your application.
       All digital images should be in JPEG format at 300 dpi and no more than 1mb each. CDs should be labelled
        and JPEGs named to include artist name and shortened title of work
       All hard copy images should be no larger than A4 in size each and of sufficient quality to distinguish detail,
        labelled with title and artist name on the back
       Images must include the work in its entirety
       The submission process must be completed in its entirety or submissions may not be considered

6.0     Entry Fees

A non-refundable processing fee of £35 per artist is payable with each submission A non-refundable processing fee
of £20 per student is payable with each submission.

The fee is per individual submission and not per piece of work submitted (i.e. it includes 3 pieces).

7.0     Submission Address and Deadline for Entries

All entries submitted by post must be received no later than 17.00 on 3 June 2011 at the following address:-

PURE ARTS GROUP, Silcocks Farm, Grange Road, St Michaels, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6TL.

Entries submitted online must be received no later than midnight on 3 June 2011.

Entries received after the above deadlines cannot be considered . Please provide an email address if you would like
acknowledgement of receipt of submission.

8.0      Return of Applications

Unfortunately we are unable to return submission images/CD’s etc

9.0      Presentation of Work for any Pure Arts Events/Exhibition

        Work must always be presented to us in a professional manner to gallery standard
        Where framed:
            o No scratches, dents or chips in the frame
            o Corners must be filled and touched up if necessary
            o Where under glass, glass must be clean and scratch free. Non-reflective glass is
            o There must be no visible dirt, hair, smudges or debris underneath the glass
            o No clip frames

       Wall mounted work must be strung and ready to hang.

       To ensure safe storage, all framed works and unframed canvas’ are to be delivered to PURE
       ARTS GROUP in stiffy bags, clearly labeled with artists name, title of work and image of
       All unframed work and sculpture must be adequately wrapped with bubble wrap etc.
        If work requires plinth mounting, we would kindly request artists supply these when required
       wherever possible.

10.0     Selection panel and Judges

The 2011/2012 selection panel includes Brenda Hartill R E, artist & fellow of the Royal Society of Painter
Printmakers, Ali Pettit, London gallery owner and curator and Guy Portelli VPRBA, FRBS, Vice President
of the Royal Society of British Artists, Governor of the Federation of British Artists and Fellow of the
Royal British Society of Sculptors.

11.0     Selected Artists

Selected artists will be notified by email by Saturday 16 June 2011. Only those selected artists who have not
provided an email address will be notified by post.

Artist in Residence selection will be completed shortly after artist selection and notification will be by telephone
and email.

All selected artists’ will be contacted by 10th August to request submission of artwork for sale at the annual ART
FAIR to take place at the PowderMills Hotel in September and thereafter, if unsold in our online gallery

Work Submitted for the annual ART FAIR must be consistent with the artists selection submission and of a similar
quality, size and price point. Acceptance of Work for sale at the ART FAIR and subsequently online, is at the sole
discretion of PURE ARTS GROUP

12.0    Sales

Work submitted as part of the selection application does not need to be for sale, however, subsequently, all work
submitted to Pure Arts Group for exhibitions and in the online gallery, must be for sale unless otherwise specified
and agreed.

PURE ARTS GROUP take 40% commission on all sales made by them of painted artwork, original prints and
drawings. All other works attract a 30% commission. This must be included in any price notified to PURE ARTS
GROUP. If you are registered for VAT, then the VAT due on the selling price of the work should also be included in
the notified price.

PURE ARTS GROUP settle all artist accounts on a monthly basis. Cheques together with sales confirmation invoice
will be sent by post.

Notes on Submitting images

You may submit images of your work by internet or by mail.

To submit your work by internet, first register online at You will receive a
confirmation email; reply to the email with your images attached. Alternatively, you can print this form
and submit it by post, along with your images on CD, or hard copies (max A4 size) and a cheque for your


Artist Submission Form
If you are a student in further education please ensure your course tutor signs and dates a copy of your submission
form and you return to us before 3 June. Failure to do so will invalidate your application.
Completion of information marked * is mandatory

Section 1 – Your details

*Telephone No
* Mobile No
 Email address
 Website address
 Year of Birth

 Relevant Qualifications
 Professional Memberships

Section 2 - Submitted Work

No    Title                                           Media,      medium        and   Size in cm Wall Price £#
                                                      support                         (HxWxD)



#based on previous gallery sales & include VAT if registered, for reference only.

Section 3 – Further Information the following information will not influence the decision of the Selection Panel
but will be used if you are selected on our website and in PR material

* A short statement
about yourself and your
No more than 100 words

Who or what has inspired
you and your work
No more than 100 words

* List any Current Gallery

List any Previous Gallery

List any Current / Future

List any Previous

Additional Information

No more than 200 words

Include any awards,
publications, citations or
any other relevant

Use a blank sheet if necessary but do not exceed the maximum wording allowance

Section 4 – Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programme. (tick)

Would you like to be considered for one of our current AIR opportunities      ……………

If yes, which one;

                            Saint Ronan’s School……

                            Port Lympne Wild Animal Park……

                            Nobles Restaurant……..

                            Crowhurst Park……..

                            PowderrMills Hotel/PURE ARTS GROUP………….

                            Would you like to register as interested in future AIR opportunities …………

Copyright of all works remains the property of the artist. Any enquiries for copyright will be referred to the artist.
PURE ARTS GROUP and its partners reserve the right to use all submitted images and/or text in whole or in part,
together with images taken at our events, exhibitions and residencies, for promotional purpose.


       Artists submitting their work to PURE ARTS GROUP shall indemnify and keep PURE ARTS GROUP
        indemnified against any action, claims, proceedings, losses, liabilities, charges, costs and expenses PURE
        ARTS GROUP may incur arising out of or in connection with any actual or alleged financial or contractual
        arrangements between such artist and any agent (other than PURE ARTS GROUP) or any other third party.
       PURE ARTS GROUP will hold personal data supplied by artists securely, in accordance with the Data
        Protection Act, 1998.
       PURE ARTS GROUP reserves the right to disqualify any artist who fails to adhere to the rules.
       PURE ARTS GROUP take every care to ensure artwork placed in their care is handled and stored
        appropriately. We insure all art work against malicious damage, fire and theft while exhibited by us. On
        occasion when artwork is exhibited within a 3rd party managed venue, artists permission will be required
        prior to transportation and hanging and this will be at the artists own risk.

       PURE ARTS GROUP strongly advise artists to insure their own works.

The signing of the Submission Form is to be taken as the unreserved acceptance of the entire contents of these
conditions and those on the Submission Form by the signatory.

Artist’s Agreement

I hereby agree to abide by the guidelines, processes and timelines outlined in the accompanying literature. I
certify that I will only submit and exhibit my own original work, to which I own all moral and intellectual rights, as
per the above and understand that all works are submitted entirely at my own risk. I confirm my agreement that
images of me and/or my work may be used by the PURE ARTS GROUP for the purposes of promotion, and/or

Name     ____________________________          Course (students only)________________________

Signature_____________________________ Tutors Signature (students only)_________________

Date     _____________________________ Date__________________

 Submission Checklist

 Please attach this sheet to your submission if submitting by post.

 Name               ____________________________________________

 Completed and signed Submission Form

 Labelled CD Rom containing 3 images or 3 labelled hard copy images

 Please debit my Visa/Mastercard/Switch card below the sum of £35.00/£20

 or Cheque made payable to PURE ARTS GROUP for £35.00/£20
        Name as it appears on card
        Address card is registered at

        Debit/Credit card number
        Start Date (if shown)
        Expiry Date
        Issue No (Switch only)
        3 digit security code (CVV)

For Office Use Only

 Application No.                  2011/ / __________   Selected                  Yes / No
 Images Received                   CD / Hard Copy      AIR Applicant              Yes / No
 Images Checked                        Yes / No        Selected         yes/no
 Payment Received                        £20 / £35     ART FAIR Award


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