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dream catcher by wpr1947


									                                                                                         Press release May 2009

                        dream catcher
                             when we were young (sonic comic #1)

„dream catcher“ is John Rech’s solo project, former singer of T42, one of Luxembourg’s most renown bands
between 1990 and 2005 and probably one of the Grand Duchy’s biggest export acts. They also opened for the
biggest international acts, such as Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson (sorry about that), Alanis Morissette and many
many more.

If „dream catcher“ have kept T42’s live dynamic, the songs written by John Rech & his fellow musicians are far
more refined and emotional. In 1998, the release of their first EP “happy in my tree house” underlined the band’s
strong hit potential. 11 years later, the single is still one of the most played songs on local radio stations.
Alongside other hits like the Télévie charity single “deng Hand”, “verluer” or “sunny days”, the title track of
dream catcher’s 2006 album.

The band’s performances (as a duo, trio or full band) are astonishing and the multilingual sets (English, French
and Luxembourgish) find a great response: whether in an intimate club, the Luxembourg House in New York or on
a big stage supporting Sting, the Counting Crows, Gentleman... From English Pop to French Chanson, the multi-
cultural musicians enjoy bathing in many styles and languages.

May 2009 sees the release of the first sonic comic, a collaboration between dream catcher and comic illustrator
Andy Genen. While John wrote the new songs with acclaimed jazz musician Pascal Schumacher, Andy and him also
created a comic world around the songs as well as life as a musician; starring the new comic heroes Dad & Junior.
“When we were young” opens a new dimension to dc’s music. It also unveils the comic side of music business… and
the funny balance between real life and life as a “rock star”...

Alongside Pascal Schumacher, long time friends Eric Falchero, Christof Brill, Joël Heyard, Marc Demuth, Boris
Thome, the Leopoldquartet & Marcus Praed were key players in the recording process, that took place at 3
different studios in Luxembourg & Germany. 2 more sonic comics are planned to be released before the end of

• dream catcher   –   “happy in my tree house” (1998)
• dream catcher   –   “deng Hand” (2003 / single / platinum disc)
• dream catcher   –   “3” (2005 / limited tour edition)
• dream catcher   –   “sunny days” (2006 / single / gold disc)
• dream catcher   –   “sunny days” (2006 / album)

• dream catcher – “when we were young” (2009 / sonic comic #1 / Editions Schortgen)
28 pages comic book by Andy Genen & John Rech with music from dream catcher
Available in English or Luxembourgish / Editions Schortgen
1) when we were young
2) would you?
3) happy in my treehouse (acoustic radio version)
4) strings

                                                      dream catcher
                                            89, rue Lentz / L-3509 Dudelange
                                                 Andy Genen

Andy “-ND!-“ Genen was born on a Sunday afternoon (April 22nd 1979 to be exact) in Luxembourg-City. He grew
up in Schifflange, in the South of Luxembourg. At a very early stage, it became clear that he had a certain talent
in drawing, especially comic characters. A Batman comic novel offered to him in 1985 definitely sets him on track.
In 1995, he decides to draw comic stories on his own. After graduating from the Lycée de Garçons in
Esch/Alzette, he successfully surfed through the comic section of the Institut St-Luc in Brussels (B).

Ever since, he’s working as an independent artist and illustrator on various projects: advertising, pamphlets,
sketchcards for Marvel Comics (!!!!), short stories (one published in « Sasquatch » from Viper Comics) and much

In 2005, Revue Editions releases the first episode of "De leschte Ritter" by Lucien Czuga and Andy Genen. The
second episode is released 2 years later while the third and final chapter will see the light of day in 2009. The
dream catcher – “when we were young” sonic comic is his first collaboration with John Rech.

Andy is currently living with his girlfriend Eglantine an their cat Bounty in Brussels (B).

More info on Andy:

                                                  John Rech

John Rech was born in Dudelange (L) on the 8th of May 1970. First following the family’s enthusiasm for football
and politics, he rapidly turns towards basketball and track & fields. His promising career as a 400m runner is
brutally stopped by 3 serious injuries between 1988 and 1990.

“Just for fun”, he then decides to found a band called T42… The 15 years history of the band sees them tour
Luxembourg and many countries of Europe, releasing numerous albums and singles with national hits like 'Marie-
Anne', 'prayers for love', 'she dances until she breaks down', 'Kitty', 'oceans', 'the storm', 'someone by my
side', 'brand new toy'…

T42 also opened for international bands such as Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette, Ezio, Bap, Krezip,
Die Happy, Fettes Brot, Faudel, Mike & the Mechanics, Fish, Jethro Tull, Reamonn, Alphaville, Fury in the
Slaughterhouse, Die Prinzen, Wir sind Helden, Bananafishbones, Fool's Garden, Jeff Healey, Rory Gallagher, Wir
sind Helden, les Innocents, Louis Bertignac (Ex-Téléphone) and many many more.

T42 split up in May 2005, after releasing a best-of-album ("from schoolband to nowhere - least worst of" - one
of Luxembourg’s most-sold albums ever) and the live cd/dvd “Äddi a Merci”, capturing the energetic performance
of their unforgettable farewell concert.

Dream catcher is his solo project since 1997.

After working for a group of Parliament representatives and for an advertising agency, John also ran his own
concert & touring company from 1996 to 2006 and can be described as a music all-rounder. He’s been promoting
gigs for almost 20 years in his country and travelled Europe as a tour manager with bands such as Wir Sind
Helden, Ezio, Tito & Tarantula or the Bananafishbones. Since 2006, John is working for the Town of Dudelange,
promoting concerts and festivals.

John is married to Antonia and father of 2 kids, Jordan (5) and Owen (3). Their cat is called Missi.

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