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Project Closeout
Data Center Relocation
Georgia Technology Authority
Jim Howell
Project Goals
   The objectives of the Data Center Relocation Project
       To successfully transition the computers, network devices, and
        related equipment currently located in the Archives Building to a
        New Data Center Facility in Alpharetta, Georgia,
       To construct a Backup Command Center in the West Tower
   The goal was to transition these servers and network
    connections within weekend maintenance windows, with
    minimal impact to the Agencies and their employees,
Competitive Analysis (SunGard)
   Strengths
     Project Management Office
     Project Manager
     Energetic, competent staff

   Areas For Improvement
     More  guidance in establishing scope.
     Insure infrastructure is part of relocation scope to
      ensure adequate control of all key phases (power,
Critical Success Factors
 Executive sponsorship support & response
  to issues
 Commitment of resources
 Single point of authority for scope and
  budget approval and changes
 Communication with key agencies
 Application of essential project
  management processes
   Strong project team worked together to
    meet objectives
     GTA
     SunGard
     Agencies (testing)
     Vendor Support & Outside Services -SUN,
      Dell, EMC, Unisys, IBM
     IV&V
Lessons Learned
   Importance of:
     Cross-functional   team communication
     Continuous review of plan
     Understanding and enforcing ownership
     Identifying distinct milestones and
     Assignment of communication lead and
Lessons Learned -Technology
   Allowances For new technologies being
     Need  better understanding of technologies
      being added to the project
        iTRACS
        Remote Management Tools
Lessons Learned – Essential
Project Management Processes
   Change Management
     CAB  & Scope Management – Suggest adding scope
      review to weekly meetings
   Risk Management
     Weekly   risk review and mitigation
   Issue Management
     Addescalation triggers in PMP
     Adhered closely to escalation process and triggers
Areas for Improvement

   Better control of infrastructure
     Power
     Network
     Cabling

   Make sure owners are identified for each
    deliverable and that ownership is assigned
    early in the project
   Transition of Remaining Tasks
       Archives Cleanup
            Salvage, Storage, Trade-In
       Identifying and addressing remaining production items
            Relocation to NADC or TDC
       Disposition non-production items
       Assign ownership and responsibility for maintaining accurate
        project documentation
   Sponsor notification and sign-off
   Longer range projects
       MPLS
       IVR

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