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									                  The Lake Chesterfield Chatter
                                       MARCH 2011
                             GARAGE SALE DATE CHANGE
   Mother’s Day is the first weekend in May, so Garage Sale moved to last weekend in April
                              GARAGE SALE FLYER ON PAGE 4

                                       CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE
What’s new? Gas prices are up and the temperature is down. The groundhog saw his shadow so we will have
six weeks of winter following Feb. 2nd, otherwise we would have only had a month and a half.

As you all realize if you’ve been reading the newsletter, we are having elections of new trustees this month.
Nominations have been received and they are being verified. Ballots will be mailed out to the affected phases
this month with votes due by the end of the month. More information is elsewhere in the newsletter. We still
need help with other committees. If you feel able to assist your community, please offer.

A couple of events coming up in the next two months that you may want to put on your calendar; March 31s t -
ballots due for subdivision trustees; April 5th--Election Day in the city of Wildwood; April 30th – Neighborhood
Garage Sale; May 7th--Fishing Derby; May 21st – Shred day at the clubhouse; and of course, May 28th – the
pools open. Also in April, the board will elect new officers. Your Chairman is stepping down as he promised
last year.

Until next month, John Schroeder, Chairman

                Lake Chesterfield HOA • 150 Waterside Drive • P.O. Box 457 • 636-458-1070
                          2011 ELECTION
                       BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                   Open Board Positions:
                                 Phase 1 – ONE opening
                                 Phase 2 – ONE opening
                                 Phase 5 – ONE opening
       Each Phase has two representatives with three-year terms, expiring different years.

DEADLINE: Friday, February 18th
STATUS: Complete

Nominees are contacted by mail to accept their nomination and complete a brief resume.
DEADLINE to return acceptance and personal info: Friday, March 4th
STATUS: Acceptance Request mailed 2/22/11

Residents of the affected phases will receive the resume information and ballots by U.S. Mail by

Candidates will be available to meet with Residents at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 24th
between 6:30 – 7:00 pm.

Ballots will be accepted on Thursday, March 31st from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Phase 1: Centerpointe Drive, Crestmont Circle, Watercrest Court, Boathouse Drive, Windjammer
Lane, Spinnaker Way
Phase 2: Waterfront Way, St. Thomas Isle Lane and Court, Grand Isle Court, Cancun Circle,
Mission Bay Drive and Court, Marina Del Ray, Venice Place Court
Phase 5: Cove Landing Drive and Court, Sailor Cove Court, Bayshore Cove Court

                               WANT TO GET INVOLVED?
Architectural Committee: Reviews requests for construction and exterior changes.
Grounds Committee: Reviews needs for common areas, trail and cul-de-sacs.
Lake Committee: Reviews needs for lakes and pond
Marina Club Committee: Reviews needs of the clubhouse, pool, tennis courts
Social Committee: Neighborhood gatherings
         Each of these committees welcomes new members to share ideas.
         Please contact the office at 458-1070 or via email for more details.

        We need volunteers and/or sponsors for social committee events for 2011 –
            Fishing Derby, Movies, additional event suggestions welcome too.
                Contact DAN at or (314) 761-5143.

                           IS NOW COMPLETE
                     PICK UP A COPY AT THE CLUBHOUSE


Thanks and congratulations to Pat Chumley, 2009 Volunteer of the Year! Pat gave us
hours of her decorating expertise free of charge when we gave the clubhouse an
inexpensive facelift.

Thanks and congrats to Eleanor Weltmer, 2010 Volunteer of the Year! Eleanor does
all sorts of things including organizing the Safety Day, 4th of July Kids Parade, Night
Out Against Crime and Lake Clean-up Days.

Many thanks to all of you who signed and returned the liability waivers sent with your
assessment bills. And to all who have sent their payments on time.
                  Lake Chesterfield
                   Fishing Derby
                           Saturday, May 7th

 Hey Kids. Grab your fishing poles and join us at the lake for a
              fun morning of competition in the
        3rd annual Lake Chesterfield fishing derby.
      All Kids 16 and under are welcome to participate.
             Parents please accompany smaller children .

              The derby is from 8:00am to Noon
             Trophies, Prizes, and Refreshments
              will be provided by the LCHOA.
Some of our resident anglers/pro’s will be present to assist
       parents and kids enjoy the sport of fishing
 Some bait and tackle will be available at the judges tent.
                          Volunteers wanted:
 Anyone who would like to help make this a fun event for the kids or
       who would like to donate any retired equipment or tackle,
please contact Dan Griffith at 314-761-5143 or

                           Clubhouse Schedule

           MARCH 1             Mahjongg 9:30 AM
           MARCH 1             Girl Scouts 5:00 – 7:00 PM
           MARCH 2             Tai Chi 10:00 AM
           MARCH 2             SCRAPBOOKING 5:30 – 10:00 PM
           MARCH 3             Bridge 9:30 AM
           MARCH 3             Line Dancing 6:30 PM
           MARCH 4             Knitting/Needlework Group 1:00 PM
           MARCH 8             Mahjongg 9:30 AM
           MARCH 9             Bridge 10:00 AM
           MARCH 10            Cub Scouts 6:30-8:00 PM
           MARCH 10            Line Dancing 6:30 PM
           MARCH 11            Knitting/Needlework Group 1:00 PM
           MARCH 12            PRIVATE PARTY – Evening
           MARCH 15            Mahjongg 9:30 AM
           MARCH 15            S C R A B B L E 1:00 PM
           MARCH 16            Tai Chi 10:00 AM
           MARCH 17            Condo Board Meeting 9:00 AM
           MARCH 17            Dominoes 2:30 PM
           MARCH 17            Line Dancing 6:30 PM
           MARCH 18            Knitting/Needlework Group 1:00 PM
           MARCH 22            Mahjongg 9:30 AM
           MARCH 23            Tai Chi 10:00 AM
           MARCH 24            LCHOA Board Meeting 7:00 PM
           MARCH 25            Knitting/Needlework Group 1:00 PM
           MARCH 29            Mahjongg 9:30 AM
           MARCH 30            SCRAPBOOKING 5:30 – 10:00 PM
           MARCH 31                                               7am-
                               TRUSTEE ELECTION – BALLOT DROP OFF 7am-7pm

The clubhouse schedule is subject to change, addition or cancellation.

Friday – Saturday: $200 deposit + $300 rental and cleaning
          Thursday:      deposit
Sunday – Thursday: $150 deposit + $200 (or $220) rental and cleaning
Sunday – Thursday: $220 for large groups (over 40 ppl) or groups of kids
                           ACTIVITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES

         Wednesday Bridge
        Meet the 2nd Wednesday of           Knitting Needlework & More
     every month from 10 am – 2 pm.
                                                   Fridays from 1–3 pm
       Tea and coffee are provided.
   Contact Jo 458-8720 or Rose 458-7675
                                              Contact Nixie at 273-6706 or
                                                   Hedy at 405-1818
       Monday Night Tennis
              7:00-8:30 pm                            S C R A B B L E !
            18 or over please                       3rd Tuesday of the month
    Contact Oscar at                  at the Clubhouse at 1:00 pm
     WEDNESDAY NIGHT TENNIS                         Contact Pat at 458-2314
           7:00-8:30 PM
        18 OR OVER PLEASE                               LINE DANCING
        CONTACT MIKE AT                      First, second and third Thursdays at the
CLEANAIRAMERICA @YAHOO.COM                             Clubhouse -- 6:30 pm
                                                   Contact Pat at 636-458-2314
           Saturday Tennis
         7:00 AM and 9:00 AM                                Mahjongg
   Contact Jan Worley at 458-2402           We play at the Clubhouse on Tuesday
              OR Mike At                           mornings at 9:30 a.m.                  Contact Doris at 405-0648.

          SCRAPBOOKING                                      DOMINOES
           1st and Last Wednesdays            The Domino players get together the
      of every month (beginning Feb. 3rd)     rd
                                             3 Thursday of every month at 2:30 pm
     5:30 pm – 10:00 pm at the Clubhouse               at the Clubhouse
       Bring your own supplies and enjoy                                458-
                                              Contact Joan and Jerry at 458-8412.
    some friendly company while you work!
   Questions? Contact Margaret 458-4004
                                                            Tai Chi Chih
                                                      1 & 3rd Wednesdays
       Thursday Bridge Group
                                                        10:00-11:00 AM
   Meeting on the first Thursday of the
                                                   Contact Carolyn 458-0111
    month from 9:30 – 12:30 Contact
   Hedy 405-1818 or Dori 405-0648

                                             NEIGHBOR TO NEIGHBOR
                                                 …the suggestion box

                              Want to share a thought or suggestion with other residents of the
                              neighborhood? Here’s the place…send your correspondence to

A Beacon Point Resident is requesting that people along this long stretch try to use their
driveways for car parking. There are near-collisions between all the parked cars, and the curve
that limits visibility.

A resident has suggested that when we get good service from one of the companies or
individuals that advertise in our Newsletter, we should submit a comment/testimonial. Here are a
couple that have been submitted:

Comment: Andrew Ivanchuk did a great job shoveling her driveway. And Bob Cavender did a
great job fixing her computer.

Comment: I would like to comment on one of the advertised contractors in your newsletter. I
recently had Steve Myers from Cornerstone Home Improvements do some work for me, and I
would highly recommend him to anyone. He was punctual, knowledgeable, very friendly and
courteous, extremely efficient, very fairly priced and did an excellent job of delivery and haul-
away with absolutely not one speck of mess involved.

Comment: We have had Steve Myers work here at the clubhouse and I have hired him for jobs
at my home. I, too, would very highly recommend him.

2nd Notice: PRO POOL will be managing our pool again this summer. I got less complaints, so I
hope that means that everyone was happy with their service. I was very happy with their
thorough service inside our pump room. We had a few problems here and there - with the
chlorinators at first, then “quitting time” and a few squabbles between guards and residents
toward the end of the season. Let me know if you feel I have missed anything that should be
addressed before this season gets underway.

Pro Pool has informed me that they have filled all available places for this summer at our pool. If
you are interested in working for them at another location, you can contact them at 314-298-8000
OR at “”.

    Election Information: All of Lake Chesterfield Subdivision is in Ward 7

                                            Our thoughts, prayers and thanks go out to the men
                                            and women currently serving in the Armed Forces and those
                                            who served in the past.

                                              Submit the name and branch via email or phone to the

                                             Website of the Month:

    Veterans -- no one can forget you!
    Please list the years you served and what branch and we will make a special list for you!

James St. John                                                  Robert Pool
U.S. Army, 82         Airborne, 1968-1970                       U.S. Navy, 1962-1964
                                                                USS Long Beach CG(N)-9
Don Burnell, U.S. Army, 1960-1966
Co. F. Patton, 40 Armor & HQ Co                                 Dennis Mourning
 nd      th                                                      rd              th
2 BG, 6 Infantry, Berlin, Germany                               3 Battalion/76 Artillery, Germany 1969-1971

Jeff Reich                                                      Craig Neumann
U.S. Navy, 1983-1987                                            U.S. Navy, 1967-1971

Steve Brewer                                                    Merrill Pope
U.S. Air Force, 1974-1994                                       U.S. Army, 1953-1955

John France                                                     Jim Waskow
U.S. Navy, 1976-2004                                            U.S. Navy, 1957-1963
                                                                USS Thomaston, LSD-28
Dan Peltonen
U.S. Marine Corp, 1966-1969                                     Dan Kunz
                                                                U.S. Army Security Agency, 1969-1971
Robert Crawford                                                 Dennis T. McCubbin
U.S. Marine Corp, 1951-1953                                                     nd
                                                                U.S. Army, 42        Engineers, 1968-1970

John Schroeder                                                  George Braun
U.S. Army, 135 Medical Battalion, 1960-1966                     U.S. Navy, 1971-1975
                                                                USS Grenadier SS525, USS America CVA-66
Wallace Lewis
U.S. Army, 8 Infantry, 1944-1946                                Donn Johnson
                                                                U.S. Army, 1966-1967
                                                                5/22 Field Artillery, Ft. Irwin, CA


• Beginner and Master Gardeners

• Activities are Garden Related and Fun

• Discounts at Local Nurseries

• Activities are the 2nd Monday of each

• Contact
   or 314-518-7759

City of Wildwood News                     For more information GO TO 

How to Keep Your Driveway Entrance From Filling with Snow
Throughout the winter months, State, County, and City snowplow crews will be out clearing the highways, roads, and streets,
snowfall. Homeowners and other property owners will be clearing their driveways at the same time.

Many times, while this work is underway, a snowplow truck will go by and fill the end of a freshly cleared private driveway wit
This action is not intentional, and there is a way to minimize this inconvenience.

The video link below shows how you can clear snow around the end of your driveway, thereby reducing the possibility that
much re-clearing, after a snowplow truck goes by on the road next to your driveway.

The idea is to place as much snow as possible, when clearing your driveway, in the direction of travel downstream on your sid
clear an area upstream from your driveway, forming an opening or "pocket" for the snow from the roadway to fill, instead of a

The result is more of the snow accumulation from clearing the roadway will go into this open pocket area and less will be at th

A note of caution is in order. Please be extremely careful when working next to the roadway - especially when snow plowing o

Confluence Trash Bash
Confluence is a network of conservation, heritage, and recreation attractions located along America's Great Rivers in the heart
This linked system of parks, historic sites, interpretive centers, and multi-use trails is being developed by a unique partnership
agencies. The goal of the Confluence Partnership is to reconnect people to the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers.

Over the past 13 years, multiple clean-ups have taken place as a result of the Confluence Partnership. However, it has been th
Trash Bash has really taken shape. March 26th, 2011 marks the 3rd Annual Confluence Trash Bash involving a multitude of spo
event has continued to grow each year and, last year, reached an amazing 700 volunteers picking up 40.9 tons of trash.

Help make a difference in the St. Louis Region by cleaning up our neighborhoods, rivers, and streams. Volunteers are needed
starting site:

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge
10950 Riverview Drive
St. Louis, MO 63137

Creve Coeur Park
2143 Creve Coeur Mill Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m., with the clean-up to follow. After all of your hard work, join in a celebration, complete with a
for interesting trash finds, and more!

To register, please visit

Message from Council Member Jim Kranz
Bashing the Barbecue Bash
It may surprise you that some council members are speaking out against having the Wildwood
Barbecue Bash for this year. In 2010, the two day barbecue competition attracted approximately
30,000 visitors to Wildwood’s town center.

City council has already had several heated debates. Some council members believe the promoter
needs to pay more of the cost. The city has budgeted $25,000 this year to bring the Barbecue Bash to
Wildwood. The money pays for additional police, trash hauling, rental of portable toilets and bus
transportation to and from the plaza because of limited parking. These are basic essentials which all
cities pay to host fairs and celebrations.

I served on the Wildwood 10th Anniversary Celebration committee in 2005. This one day event was
totally funded by the city at a cost of $60,000 which only attracted 5,000 – 6,000 residents. As I recall,
the city was strapped for volunteers and the entire city staff, including those elected officials who
helped organized the celebration, were completely stressed out.

The Barbecue Bash has been a success the past two years. People that I know have enjoyed the food,
drink and live entertainment. Local businesses and charities have benefited too.

Having a large scale event in the city is exciting and fun for everyone. I will continue to support the
Barbecue Bash for $25,000 which I believe is a reasonable cost for the city to bear.

I appreciate all feedback which is helpful for me to make the right decisions for you. Please send me an
email at if you have any questions regarding your city government.

Rockwood School Dist – for more information GO TO

Rockwood Freezes Some Salaries and Reduces Staffing
As part of the Guiding Change Process, the Rockwood Board of Education provided direction to district

administrators regarding cost reductions to balance the FY12 budget. Reductions will include the following:

    •   Freeze salaries for administrators and support staff not covered by existing negotiated agreements
    •   Reduce middle school staffing points by six (the equivalent of six teachers)
    •   Reduce high school staffing points by eight (the equivalent of eight teachers)

“These are difficult economic times, and our schools are feeling the effects,” says Rockwood Superintendent

Bruce Borchers. “Trimming more than $7 million from an already lean budget is a challenge that requires

tough decisions. The salary freeze and staffing cuts will be a hard hit for our Rockwood community.”

View the complete list of the proposed cost reductions on the Rockwood website.

Rockwood Report: Adequate Yearly Progress
State education officials released the results of the spring 2010 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP).
Rockwood’s MAP scores for all students continue to exceed proficiency targets and are higher than the
state average, but the district did not achieve AYP this year.

Find out why by going to the Rockwood Website.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-BE-READY

Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now.                                      Create a Plan to
Shelter-in-Place. There are circumstances when staying put and creating a barrier between
yourself and potentially contaminated air outside, a process known as sheltering-in-place and
sealing the room can be a matter of survival. If you see large amounts of debris in the air, or if
local authorities say the air is badly contaminated, you may want to shelter-in-place and
seal the room. Consider precutting plastic sheeting to seal windows, doors and air vents.
Each piece should be several inches larger than the space you want to cover so that you can
duct tape it flat against the wall. Label each piece with the location of where it fits. Use all
available information to assess the situation. Quickly bring your family and pets inside, lock doors,
and close windows, air vents and replace dampers. Immediately turn off air conditioning, forced
air heating systems, exhaust fans and clothes dryers. Take your emergency supplies and go into
the room you have designated. Seal all windows, doors and vents. Understand that sealing the
room is a temporary measure to create a barrier between you and contaminated air. Watch TV,
listen to the radio or check the Internet for instructions from local emergency management
Create a Plan to Get Away. Plan in advance how you will assemble your family and anticipate
where you will go. Choose several destinations in different directions so you have options in
an emergency. If you have a car, keep at least a half tank of gas in it at all times. Become
familiar with alternate routes as well as other means of transportation out of your area. If
you do not have a car, plan how you will leave if you have to. Take your emergency supply kit,
unless you have reason to believe it is contaminated and lock the door behind you. Take pets
with you if you are told to evacuate, however, if you are going to a public shelter, keep in mind
they may not be allowed inside. If you believe the air may be contaminated, drive with your
windows and vents closed and keep the air conditioning and heater turned off. Listen to the radio
for instructions. Know Emergency Plans at school and work. Talk to your children’s schools
and your employer about emergency plans. Find out how they will communicate with families
during an emergency. If you are an employer, be sure you have an emergency preparedness
plan. Review and practice it with your employees. A community working together during an
emergency also makes sense. Talk to your neighbors about how you can work together.
3. Be Informed about what might happen.
Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling a supply kit
and developing a family emergency plan, are the same for both a natural or manmade
emergency. However there are significant differences among potential terrorist threats, such as
biological, chemical, explosive, nuclear and radiological, which will impact the decisions you
make and the actions you take. By beginning a process of learning about these specific threats,
you are preparing yourself to react in an emergency. Go to to learn more about
potential terrorist threats and other emergencies or call 1-800-BE-READY (1-800-237-3239) for a
free brochure. Be prepared to adapt this information to your personal circumstances and make
every effort to follow instructions received from authorities on the scene. Also learn about your
community’s local emergency plan. With these simple preparations, you can be ready for the
4. Get Involved in preparing your community.
After preparing yourself and your family for possible emergencies, take the next step and get
involved in preparing your community. Learn more about Citizen Corps which actively involves
citizens in making our communities and our nation safer, stronger and better prepared. We all
have a role to play in keeping our hometowns secure from emergencies of all kinds. Citizen
Corps works hard to help people prepare, train and volunteer in their communities. Go to for more information and to get involved.

    Save Money on your Lawn Service this Spring!!

                     “A cut above the rest”

From this …                     To this!

Services included:
  • Mowing

  • Blowing clippings off driveway

  • Trimming
Weekly or vacation services
                    Call for free quotes:
                        Chad Maxey
                        Luke Maxey
            (636) 405-1984

    • SIDING
                   (636) 498-0808
                          25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                         QUALITY WORKMANSHIP
                       LOCALLY OWNED/OPERATED
                       JOBS IN LAKE CHESTERFIELD
                      COMPETITIVE HONEST PRICING
                              FULLY INSURED

        $250.00 OFF                                               $500.00 OFF
             Complete Roof Job                                       Complete Siding Job
     20 square minimum. Roof must be a tear-off. Cannot be combined with other offers. Present at time of approval

Personal Computer Services for Home and Home Office
                   For Microsoft Windows PCs

           Bob Cavender (Lake Chesterfield Resident)

  Serving Wildwood, Ellisville,
     Chesterfield, Ballwin
         Specializing in Spyware and Virus detection/repair
      General troubleshooting & PC Performance Optimization
      Video Card, Memory, CD/DVD and Hard Drive Upgrades
                            And more.

                            COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS
 Things to sell?      Send your ad to LCHOA@LCHOA.ORG                        No charge -- Residents

Solid Oak Amish Glider/Rocker - $100
Like new condition. Contact Ruth at 314-409-4418

Dog Sitter / K-9 Keeper!
- Experienced, responsible lady would love taking care of your precious pet - small or tall, fluffy or
sleek. Prefer dogs, but if other pets in the home would attend to them as well. Lake Chesterfield
Resident. Available to you anytime, holidays too. References upon request. Reasonable Rates.
Please contact Dede Patton at 636-422-8376 or - Thank you!

                 TEENS LOOKING FOR WORK
Paige Hardesty – Age 14:
Babysitting and taking care of pets, mail, newspapers, plants, etc during vacations –
Call: 636-458-6181 or 636-399-1084

Abby Marshall – Age 15
When: Whenever needed
What age: Any age at all
Cost of babysitting services: $3.00 an hour per kid
Phone number: (636) 288-2243
My address: 16228 Cancun Circle Dr.
I have taken a class for babysitting at St. Luke's Hospital.
I absolutely love kids and playing and caring for them. I have been babysitting for a
couple of years and had a blast!

Andrew Ivanchuk – Age 18
Looking to mow lawns, painting, or any other household work.
Call my cell phone at 636-484-1017. Thank you!

Tiffany Wofford – Age 14
I am interested in babysitting. My phone number is 636-207-6633-Home and 314-780-8165-Cell. My
address is 201 Beacon Pt.

Madison Pope       Baby Sitting – Pet Sitting – House Sitting
8th Grade - Baby Sitting Classes Attended -- Honor Student - Responsible
                         Lake Chesterfield Resident (636) 405-0883


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