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The Historic by wulinqing


									The Historic
Richmond Region
Lots of Diversity. Lots to Love.
Be Our Guest                                                                             Table of Contents

         n behalf of our respective organizations, we would like to invite you to        Introduction                                                                                            4
         visit the Richmond Region. This is our home and we’re eager to open our
         doors to you.                                                                   African American                                                                                        6
  Although the specific traditions vary, every culture has its own way of conveying
                                                                                         American Indian                                                                                         8
that its guests are important, whether it’s the Indian belief that, “The guest is god”
or the Spanish saying of “Mi casa, su casa.” Sure, not everyone would be thrilled to     East Asian                                                                                           10
receive the delicacy of a fish head as would be the case for an honored visitor in a
Chinese home, but the idea remains the same and transcends cultures: guests are to       Indian                                                                                              12
be treasured and they should always receive the best one has to offer.
  You’ll certainly find that feeling alive and well here in the Richmond Region. And      Jewish                                                                                              14
even though the area is increasingly home to a diverse population with different
                                                                                         Hispanic                                                                                            16
customs, we all—both old and new—still have more than a bit of that famous
Southern hospitality to share.
                                                                                         A Multitude of Multicultural Things To Do                                                           18
  We like the Richmond Region enough to call it home. Now we’d love to have y’all
be our guests! (And if you don’t like fish heads, maybe we can whip up our favorite       So Much More To Do                                                                                  23
pecan pie for you!)
                                                                                         Multicultural Events Calendar                                                                       25
Tinh duc Phan                                                                            Other Notable Events                                                                                30

                                                                                         Ethnic Dining                                                                                       32

                                                                                         Visitor Information                                                                                 33

                                                                                         Regional Attractions Map                                                                            34
                          Oliver R. Singleton
                                                                                                                                     The Historic
                                                                                                                                     Richmond Region
                                                                                                                                     Lots of Diversity. Lots to Love.

Michel Zajur
                                                                                                                                                                            Get Swept Up by the
                                                                                                                                                                        Richmond Region’s cultures.

Get Swept Up by the
Richmond Region

        ondon famously hugs the River          Archaeology shows that the James       one of the earliest declarations of      historically meant a regular flow of
        Thames. Paris straddles the         has been bringing people together         the acceptance of diversity and a        new and different visitors from all
        Seine. Rome lies along the          for as long as there were people to be    forerunner to the Bill of Rights.        over. Located only 100 miles south of
iconic Tiber.                               brought together, facilitating ancient                                             Washington, D.C. and midway between
                                                                                        As the Region has evolved—from
                                            trade along the river. More recently,                                              Atlanta and Boston, it’s easy to get here
   Cities—and indeed whole civiliza-                                                  barges to locomotives to the recently
                                            the James carried barrels of precious                                              and easy to navigate once you’re here.
tions—have habitually clustered around                                                expanded airport—new residents and
                                            tobacco leaf from isolated farms in       new cultures have arrived to call it       Pack your bags, get swept up by
rivers because the location connects
                                            Appalachia to the commercial hub of       home. For centuries, the area has been   the culture—and cultures—of the
them to the world. A river gives a city a
                                            Richmond. From the city’s endless rows    home to American Indians, African        River City and discover why everyone
way to bring in goods and transport its
                                            of warehouses, it might then make its     Americans and one of the country’s       says that the Richmond Region is
own to distant markets. In the process,
                                            way to Philadelphia or New York—or to     oldest Jewish populations. Yet, an       Easy to love!
the tides of trade bring in people from
                                            the docks in London, Paris or Rome.       interconnected world has led to an
near and far.
                                               Much like those cities—and because     even richer mix with more recent
  With myriad bridges and its his-
                                            of the same tides of trade—the            arrivals in Hispanic, East Asian and
toric canal system, the Richmond
                                            Richmond Region has always been a         Indian populations.
Region—the City of Richmond and the
                                            cultured meeting place with a diversity     In addition to a diversity of
surrounding counties of Chesterfield,
                                            of people. Indeed, it was here where      permanent residents, the Richmond
Hanover, Henrico and New Kent—has
                                            Jefferson and Madison created the         Region also benefits from its long-
always benefited from its association
                                            Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom,   standing central location that has
with the stately James River.

African American

       oday at the corner of First
       and Marshall Streets is
        the headquarters of the
Consolidated Bank and Trust
Company. On the surface, it’s just
another downtown bank. But it got
its start in 1903 as the St. Luke Penny
Bank, the first financial institution in
the United States founded and led by                                                     finest entertainers. Here too, on
a woman. However, in a time when                                                         neighborhood playgrounds, began
it was exceptional to find female                                                         the career of Arthur Ashe, winner
business leaders, the dynamic founder,                                                   of the U.S. Open and Wimbledon
Maggie Walker, also stood out as an
African American bank president.          Personally speaking ...                        tennis championships and a noted
                                                                                         humanitarian. In the area’s courtrooms
What began as a small-scale local                                                        began the career of renowned civil
                                          “Though not a native Richmonder, I                                                       Virginia Minority Supplier
lending institution that served                                                          rights attorney, Oliver Hill. And it
                                          have moved here twice—once in the                                                        Development Council
Richmond’s large African American                                                        was here that America finally got its
                                          late ‘60s and again after 15 years of
community has grown and persisted.                                                       first African American governor, the
                                          living elsewhere, returning with my
Consolidated Bank and Trust
Company is now the oldest continually
                                          family to help start and sustain a             Honorable L. Douglas Wilder.              Media
                                          15-year old business, the Richmond               In the Richmond Region, you’ll
African American-operated bank in                                                                                                  Richmond Free Press
                                          Free Press.                                    do more than learn about African
the country.
                                             Richmond is a place with pockets of         American history. Here you’ll walk in
   The Richmond Region counts                                                                                                      Soul of Virginia
                                          remarkable natural beauty—tree-lined           the footsteps of leaders from Walker to
more than 350,000 African American                                                       Wilder. Here you’ll feel that history.
                                          streets and neighborhoods—many
residents—more than the entire city                                                                                                The Voice Newspaper
                                          where pride abundantly shows. It is a
of St. Louis. Of course, the African
                                          place where, for so many, family life          Did you know?
American story in the Richmond                                                                                                     WBTJ 106.5 Mainstream/Urban
                                          matters—a great deal.
Region is a long and complicated                                                         As part of an international project,
one , going back to the earliest days        Richmond often has more leisure
                                                                                         Richmond’s Slavery Reconciliation         WCDX-FM 92.1 Mainstream/Urban
of Richmond and the Virginia colony.      activity than there is leisure time;
                                                                                         Statue is linked to identical memorials
And while the Region is what it is        and it is a place where business gets
                                                                                         in Liverpool, England, as well as the     WKJM-FM 99.3 Urban Adult
today largely because of the unsung       transacted. With determination and
                                                                                         Republic of Benin in Africa.              Contemporary
men and women who helped build it,        good will, progress is evident.
in many ways, the Richmond Region           It is city where one can become a            Organizations                             WKJS-FM 105.7 Urban Adult
is exceptional because stories like       part of the solution, for today and for                                                  Contemporary
                                                                                         Urban League of Greater
Maggie Walker and the St. Luke Bank       future generations.”                           Richmond, Inc.
are so common.                                                 —Jean Patterson Boone                                               WPZZ-FM 104.7 Gospel
                                            Vice President, Paradigm Communications
  It was here, for example, where                                                        Richmond Metropolitan
                                             Advertising Director, Richmond Free Press
Bill Robinson—better known by his                                                        Business League                           WROU-AM 1240 News/Talk
                                                                                                                                   and S olid Gold Oldies
stage name, Bojangles—achieved his
early successes that helped catapult                                                     NAACP
him to fame as one of the country’s
                                                                                          Virginia State Conference

American Indian

          o group can claim deeper roots
          in the Richmond Region and
          Virginia than the American
Indians who have been living here
for more than 15,000 years. When
the English arrived, the area today
known as the Richmond Region was
border territory between the Monacan
confederacy of the Piedmont and the
Algonquians of the Coastal Plain. Most
of the latter were part of the paramount
chiefdom controlled by the great leader
Powhatan. Pocahontas, Powhatan’s
daughter, lived in the area’s first town,
Henricus, where she married tobacco
planter John Rolfe.                           The Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes
   Today, the Commonwealth of              still live on the reservations granted to
Virginia formally recognizes eight         them in the 17th century. Each year, in     Organizations
American Indian tribes, whose              a public ceremony held in November,
                                           the tribes honor the 350-year-old           Virginia Council on Indians
ancestors and cultural connections
can be traced directly to groups           treaties by presenting gifts of game to
documented to have been living             the Governor. A number of the tribes        Virginia Indian Tribal
                                                                                       Alliance for Life (VITAL)
in Virginia in 1607 at the time of         hold major pow-wows annually in May.
initial English colonization. Those
                                                                                       Chickahominy Tribe
tribes are the Chickahominy, Eastern       Did you know?
Chickahominy, Mattaponi, Monacan,
Nansemond, Pamunkey, Rappahannock          In 2007, the Legislature amended            Eastern Chickahominy Tribe
and Upper Mattaponi.                       the Code of Virginia to state that
                                           Virginia “recognizes the continuous         Mattaponi Tribe
                                           contributions of the Indian tribal                                        Personally speaking ...
                                           nations to the Commonwealth’s history       Monacan Indian Nation
                                           and culture and hereby reaffirms                                           “The James River is one of the best
                                           the spirit and intent of the original                                     rivers for catfish fishing, striper fishing
                                                                                       Nansemond Tribe
                                           treaties between the Tribes and the                                       and small mouth bass fishing in the
                                           British Crown in 1646 and 1677 and                                        world! Anyone who wants to flyfish can
                                                                                       Pamunkey Tribe
                                           shall operate, to the extent permitted                                    wade the river downtown. There are
                                           by the United States Constitution, in                                     30-40 pound rockfish at the rapids, and
                                           accordance with that spirit.”               Rappahannock Tribe            catfish go up to 80-90 pounds. Drifting
                                                                                                                     the James River in a raft or a canoe or
                                                                                       Upper Mattaponi Tribe         just a john boat from Goochland on
                                                                                                                     down is just a beautiful, beautiful area
                                                                                                                     to drift.”
                                                                                                                                 – Ben Adams, Upper Mattaponi

East Asian

          s befits a group of more than      were only three Laotian families;
          30,000 people from more           now he alone has repaid the favor
          than a dozen nationalities,       by sponsoring more than a dozen
there are many stories that explain         families. Although the nations and
why the Richmond Region’s East Asian        circumstances may have changed,
population has settled here. Generally,     it is a cross-community tradition
it is a new group of arrivals with many     that continues today. In many cases,
having been born abroad; most have          the bonds between the sponsor and
only come to Richmond in the last           the new arrivals—many of whom
20 to 30 years. In many cases, the          now run their own successful small
decision was partly due to the Region’s     businesses—have remained strong
affordability, quality of life and its      decades after the first meeting.
moderate climate. Some of the first
Chinese residents opened restaurants
serving their native cuisine and their
experiences in the area pulled in friends
and relatives. Friends and family                                                          Did you know?                          Korean American Society
                                                                                                                                  of Greater Richmond
attracting and supporting others is a
recurring theme among the Region’s                                                         Unique among Asian organizations
various East Asian communities. Of                                                         on the Eastern Seaboard, the Asian-    Laotian Community
course, those family ties were not always                                                  American Society of Central Virginia
between blood relatives and, in many                                                       acts as an umbrella organization       Organization of Chinese
cases, support came from friends who’d                                                     that unites 18 of the area’s Asian     Americans
never met one another.                                                                     nationalities.
                                                                                                                                  Richmond Chinese School
   For example, when the Region’s
Vietnamese citizens were spurred            Personally speaking ...                        Organizations
to leave their homeland because of                                                                                                Richmond Korean School
                                                                                           Virginia Asian Chamber
war, they needed friends across the         “Richmond is a welcoming community.            of Commerce
globe who would offer safe haven            Many immigrants and refugees from                                                     Richmond Vietnamese
                                            around the world started their new                                                    Association
and support. Beginning around 1975,                                                        Asian American Society
many came to call Richmond and the          lives in the Richmond Region. They             of Central Virginia
surrounding area home because of            have contributed to the economic                                                      Thai Community
the altruism of native Richmonders          growth and cultural diversity of this          Bangladeshi American
who sponsored them individually             area. I truly enjoy all of the year-round      Organization of Central Virginia       The Rose Group
or through churches or other civic          multicultural festivals, museums,
organizations. It was much the same         ethnic markets and variety of inter-           Filipino-American Association of       Virginia Asian Advisory Board
                                            national restaurants in Richmond.”             Central Virginia
for Simon Rinthalukay who emigrated
from Laos in 1979 and settled in                                     – Suwattana Sugg
Richmond because of the sponsorship                   Refugee and Immigration Services
                                              Asian American Society of Central Virginia
                                                                                           Japan Virginia Society                 Media
of a Richmond refugee organization.
                                                                                                                                  Asian Fortune News
When he arrived, he recalls that there                                                     Khmer Society

                                                                                                                                  Dominion Asia Review


     t is unlikely that The Diamond,          Indian subcontinent, the flat bat is no
     the Richmond Region’s minor              longer so uncommon. The Richmond
     league baseball stadium that             Region’s half dozen upper-level cricket
seats 12,000, will soon switch from           teams, composed largely of Indians
the traditional American pastime to           as well as Pakistanis, may not play at
the more Britannic batting game of            the level of Dravid or Tendulkar, but
cricket. However, while seeing bowlers        they do compete in the Mid-Atlantic
and batters was a rarity in the Region        Cricket Conference along with teams
until only a few years ago, thanks            throughout the Southeast. Another
to a wave of emigration from the              dozen teams compete at a lower, more
                                              recreational level.
                                                 Watching games from the grassy
                                              sidelines, you might not realize that
                                              Virginia has now turned the table
                                              on history. After all, the European
                                              colonists who populated early Virginia
                                              still had a hope of finding a passage to
                                              India as Columbus had envisioned—
                                              but now there’s a part of India in         Did you know?                           Pakistani American Society
                                                                                                                                 of Central Virginia
                                              Virginia. And, the portion of India that
                                                                                         The Hindu Center of Virginia’s first
                                              now calls the Richmond Region home
                                                                                         fundraiser was a Ravi Shankar concert   Richmond Kannada Sangha
                                              is nearly as diverse as the subcontinent
                                                                                         held at the Mosque Theater—now
                                              is, with a vibrant population that spans
Personally speaking ...                                                                  known as the Landmark Theater—          Richmond Tamil Sangam
                                              from Bengalis to Gujaratis to Tamils
                                                                                         in 1976.
“Arriving in Richmond 40 years ago            and most ethnicities in between.
from Kolkata, India, I discovered a city                                                                                         Sikh Association of
                                                Much of the Region’s Indian
of enormous charm and grace. The
                                                                                         Organizations                           Central Virginia
                                              population—and its cricket—is based
rich architecture and attractions like        in the West End of Henrico County          India Association of Virginia
Maymont, the Virginia Museum of               near the large corporations where
Fine Arts and a host of other offerings       many Indians now work. And while           Cultural Center of India
inspired me to make Richmond my               many of the Richmond Region’s
permanent home. People accepted and           Indians immigrated specifically for         Hindu Center of Virginia
welcomed me as they would a native            jobs in the technology or medical
son. These first impressions have not          sectors, others began working in           Greater Richmond
changed with the passage of time.             the lodging, food service and small        Association of Malayalees
Richmond remains the friendliest city         business arenas after arriving. Indian
I have encountered in my years of             culture is supported and perpetuated       Greater Richmond Bengali
traveling the globe and I feel privileged     in the area by Asian and Indian-           Association
to call it my first and only home in the       specific associations which promote a
United States.”                               number of annual festivals, as well as     Greater Richmond Telugu
                              —Ranjit Sen     by a number of individual state and        Association
               President and CEO, CXI, Inc.
                                              ethnic groups and sangams.


          lthough the Jewish scholar        and eventually opened storefronts.
          Dr. Jacob Marcus would say        Some of these such as Thalhimer’s—
          that no Jew was ever the first     begun on Main Street in 1842—became
Jew anywhere, it is believed that the       large Southern department stores.
first Jewish settler in Richmond, Isaiah     Another wave of newcomers, this time
Isaacs, put down roots in 1769. Along       from Eastern Europe, began in the
with Revolutionary War veteran Jacob        1880s. The area also became a haven for
I. Cohen, the two formed a partnership.     Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and, later in
They opened a dry goods shop known          the 1990s, as a home for resettled Soviet
across Virginia as “the Jews’ store,”       Jews. Today the Richmond Region is
they engaged in land speculation in         home to seven synagogues, the very
Kentucky—employing Daniel Boone             active Carole and Marcus Weinstein
to do survey work for them—and they         Jewish Community Center, and the
owned The Bird in Hand, possibly the        Virginia Holocaust Museum.
first inn and tavern in Richmond.
   One of the oldest Jewish communities
in America, Richmond was one of only
six communities—including Newport,
                                                                                           Did you know?                          The Farbreng Inn Kosher
                                                                                                                                  Conference & Retreat Center
Savannah, Charleston, Philadelphia and                                                     A special section of the Hebrew
New York City—to draft a congratulatory                                                    Cemetery in Richmond—the oldest        Jewish Community Federation
note to George Washington when                                                             active Jewish cemetery in the South—   of Richmond
he became President. As with                                                               contains the graves of 30 Jewish
other immigrants to early America,                                                         Confederate soldiers who died in or    Jewish Family Services
Virginia’s Jews came seeking economic                                                      near Richmond. It is believed to be
opportunities and a chance to practice                                                     the only exclusively Jewish military   Keneseth Beth Israel (Orthodox)
their own religion free from persecution.                                                  burying ground outside of Israel.
Colonial laws didn’t give Jews the same                                                                                           Richmond Jewish Foundation
rights as Christians, but many reported                                                    Organizations
that they seemed as equals due to the       Personally speaking ...                                                               Temple Beth El (Conservative)
democratizing effect of the Virginia                                                       Chabad-Lubavitch of the
                                            “One of Richmond’s greatest assets is          Virginias (Lubavitch)
frontier. The enactment of the Statute
                                            the rich sense of tradition throughout                                                Weinstein JCC
for Religious Freedoms in 1786 solidified
the community’s freedom to worship as       the community. Driving down                    Congregation Beth Ahabah
they pleased.                               Monument Avenue or walking through
                                            the historic neighborhoods in the Fan                                                 Media
   Until the 1840s brought an influx                                                        Congregation Kol Emes/Young Israel
                                            or visiting one of the many museums                                                   Virginia Jewish News
of German Ashkenazi Jews, Virginia’s                                                       of Richmond (Orthodox)
                                            enhances this perspective. Exploring
Jewish community followed Sephardic
                                            Richmond creates a real appreciation
traditions. And whereas the original                                                       Congregation Or Ami (Reform)           The Reflector
                                            for American history.
Jews were to be found in many jobs
                                                                       – Jordan Shenker
and professions, many of the new                                                           Congregation Or Atid (Conservative)
                                                       Executive Director, Weinstein JCC
immigrants began as street peddlers


     n the late 1950s and 1960s, a small
     number of Cubans began to settle
     in the Richmond Region. From this
small pocket, the Region’s Hispanic
population now officially numbers close
to 40,000, having more than quadrupled
since 1990. However, estimates of the
actual population place it perhaps higher
than 100,000.
  After the Cubans, the Region
became home to Central Americans—
particularly from El Salvador, Guatemala
and Honduras—during the 1980s, and
the last five years have seen a dramatic
                                             Personally speaking ...
increase in Mexicans, many of whom           “Born in Cuba and forced to leave to
have come as a result of the Region’s        seek freedom, I appreciate the privilege
building boom. The Region also counts
many South Americans including
                                             of living in a society where I can               in 2004, the City of Richmond created        Organizations
                                             raise my children and teach them the             the Hispanic Liaison Office to serve
Columbians, Venezuelans, Peruvians,          value of dreaming and the rewards                the area’s Hispanics. A variety of           Virginia Hispanic Chamber
Ecuadorians and Bolivians—as well                                                                                                          of Commerce
                                             of achieving. It’s easy to fall in love          community organizations and events
as many second- and third-generation         with Richmond where diversity is                 such as the Virginia Hispanic Chamber
Puerto Ricans.                                                                                                                             City of Richmond’s Hispanic
                                             welcomed and embraced. It is a region            of Commerce, based in Chesterfield
                                                                                                                                           Liaison Office
   As many of the area’s Hispanics           rich in history, heritage, hospitality and       County, and the annual ¿Qué Pasa?
have come from a country where the           charm. Whether enjoying the majestic             Festival of Virginia highlight the growing
nation’s capital was the biggest city that   columns at the State Capitol, St. John’s         importance of the Region’s Hispanic
offered the most opportunity, in many        Church in Church Hill, the museums               community.                                   Media
cases they initially gravitated towards      along the Boulevard, Magnolia Grange
                                                                                                                                           Nuevas Raíces newspaper
Northern Virginia and the nation’s           in Chesterfield, or the City’s impressive         Did you know?
capital. However, because the Richmond       institutions of higher education, the
Region offers a more tranquil and            Region’s coveted sites tell a magnificent         The Richmond Region has four Hispanic        Horizontes newspaper
affordable lifestyle (as well as a strong    story and enhance the natural beauty             soccer leagues with dozens of teams
economy), many Hispanics have settled        of the landscape.”                               of mixed nationalities. While it has         La Voz Hispana de Virginia magazine
here versus D.C.—or even New York                                                             been commonplace for top level Central
                                                                 —Mirta M. Martin, Ph.D.
or Miami—finding it a great place to              Executive Director and Associate Professor   American soccer teams like El Salvador’s     Centro de Richmond newspaper
raise a family. They now call Richmond
                                                John Tyler Community College Foundation       Deportivo Fas and Gautamala’s
home for a variety of reasons. Some                                                           Communicaciones to stop in the D.C.
                                                                                                                                           WVNZ Selecta 1320
have become enmeshed in the Region’s                                                          area, they now include Richmond
                                                A number of religious organizations
institutes of higher learning while others                                                    on their North American tours, even
                                             in the Richmond Region maintain                                                               WBTK Poder 1380
have come from Central America to do                                                          playing local Hispanic all-star teams.
                                             strong ties with Latin America—sending
research work at Philip Morris.              numerous missions each year—and                                                               WTOX La Equis 1480

A Multitude
of Multicultural
Things to Do

        njoy the Region’s diverse
        multicultural attractions. Find
        more information about each
online at
For locations, refer to the map on page 34.

American Civil War Center At
Historic Tredegar
The American Civil War Center takes
a new approach to explaining the
Civil War—that is to say it takes three
approaches. The first museum of its
                                                                                          Bojangles to keep children safe in his      Henricus Historical Park
                                                                                          native community.                           Established in 1611, Henricus was
kind, the center highlights Union,
Confederate and African American                                                                                                      the first place where tobacco was
                                                                                          “Box” Brown Memorial
points of view. Opened in 2006, the                                                                                                   grown to be sold in Europe, the
                                                                                          Born into slavery in 1815, Henry Brown
museum uses interactive, family-              Black History Museum and                                                                second successful English settlement
                                                                                          became a celebrity because of his bold
friendly exhibits to convey how the           Cultural Center of Virginia                                                             in the New World and the residence
                                                                                          escape to freedom in 1849. The 5’8”
war affected all people.                      Founded in 1981, the museum is                                                          of Pocahontas who married tobacco
                                                                                          Brown who weighed 200 pounds had
                                              located in the historic Jackson Ward                                                    planter John Rolfe. Every day,
                                                                                          himself nailed into a 2’ 8” x 2’ x 3’ box
                                              district. It seeks to be a permanent                                                    costumed interpreters bring an early
                                                                                          that was shipped from Richmond to
Arthur Ashe Statue                            repository and statewide resource for                                                   American Indian village to life and
                                                                                          Philadelphia disguised as dry goods.
The Richmond Region is famous                 visual, oral and written records and                                                    also portray early English settlers. In
                                                                                          Over the course of the 26-hour journey,
for its grand statues on Monument             artifacts commemorating the lives and                                                   addition, special events and programs
                                                                                          Brown was sometimes placed upside
Avenue. The first to be erected since          accomplishments of African Americans                                                    are offered throughout the year.
                                                                                          down, but he emerged upbeat. A life-
1929 commemorates Richmond native             in Virginia. The African American
                                                                                          size replica of the box is on the Canal
Arthur Ashe as a humanitarian, scholar        Heritage Walking Tour starts at the
                                                                                          Walk. In his later life, Brown dedicated
and athlete.                                  museum and covers a number of other
                                                                                          himself to the anti-slavery movement.
                                              nearby attractions.
                                                                                          Elegba Folklore Society
Beth Ahabah Museum                                                                        Elegba offers a variety of cultural arts
and Archives                                  Bojangles Statue
                                                                                          programs with a focus on the various
The museum adjacent to the Beth               Located at the corner of Adams and          strands of African American culture.
Ahabah synagogue collects, preserves          West Leigh Streets in Jackson Ward,         Interpretive tours of unmarked sites
and interprets the history and culture        the statue not only commemorates            in the area’s history follow a Trail of
of the Region’s Jewish community and          the Richmond-born dancing                   Enslaved Africans.
provides insight into understanding the       phenom but also marks the site of
Southern Jewish experience.                   the city’s first traffic light, a gift from

A Multitude of Multicultural Things to Do (continued)
                                                                                                                                 market. The statue, which depicts two
                                                                                                                                 people melded in an embrace, is linked
Jackson Ward                              including the Asian Valley which
                                                                                                                                 to similar memorials in Liverpool,
Prior to the 1860s, the 40-block          celebrates the sacredness of nature.
                                                                                                                                 England and Benin in Africa.
community of Jackson Ward was a           Within this garden are plants native
melting pot of nationalities, including   to East Asia which are adaptive
free African Americans and immigrants     to conditions in the Mid-Atlantic                                                      Richmond National Battlefield
from Germany and Ireland. Known           and Southeastern United States. It                                                     Civil War Visitor Center
as the birthplace of black capitalism,    incorporates the spirit of Asian garden
                                                                                                                                 Encompassing more than 1,400 acres,
from the 1920s through 1960s it earned    design with dramatic tree forms and                                                    the Civil War battlefield sites paint
the title of “the Harlem of the South.”   cascading water.                                                                       a picture of the numerous defining
One of the Richmond Region’s National                                                                                            battles in the Richmond Region and
                                                                                                                                 also highlight the 14 African American
Historic Districts, Jackson Ward boasts
                                          Library of Virginia                                                                    soldiers who earned the Congressional
beautiful architecture and some of the
                                          As the library and archival agency                                                     Medal of Honor for gallantry in action.
most impressive decorative ironwork
outside of New Orleans.                   of the state and the government’s          Maggie L. Walker National
                                          principal reference library, the Library   Historic Site
Latin Ballet of Virginia                                                             The National Park Service maintains
                                                                                                                                 Richmond Slave Trail
                                          of Virginia contains a wealth of
                                                                                     this site to honor the life and legacy      The Richmond Slave Trail chronicles
Through its compelling performances,      information about the state’s history
                                                                                     of a progressive and talented African       the history of the trade of enslaved
the ballet company preserves and          and can be a treasure trove for
                                                                                     American woman who achieved                 Africans to Virginia. Begin at the
promotes Latin American and Spanish       genealogists. In addition, the library                                                 Manchester Docks.
                                                                                     national prominence in the early
cultures and spreads the joy and love     produces a number of exhibits which        20th century as a businesswoman
of life through the common language       have included topics such as Virginia      and community leader. Restored to its
of dance.                                 Roots Music, Understanding 400             1930s appearance, Walker’s residence        Sixth Mount Zion
                                          Years of Virginia History, Virginia’s      of 30 years details not only her life but   Baptist Church
                                          Coal Towns, and Brown v. Board of          also the community in which she lived
                                                                                                                                 In 1867 the church began in abandoned
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden             Education: Virginia Responds.              and worked.                                 horse stables, but since 1869 the active
The site offers year-round beauty with                                                                                           congregation has met at the same
its 40 acres of spectacular gardens                                                                                              location. The church’s original leader,
                                                                                     Maymont                                     John Jasper, became one of the nation’s
                                                                                     The house and grounds of Maymont            most well known African American
                                                                                     are beautifully preserved examples of       ministers of his time; he gave his
                                                                                                                                 famous “Sun Do Move” sermon more
                                                                                     Gilded Age living. Maymont’s wealthy
                                                                                                                                 than 250 times and attracted standing-
                                                                                     owners, the Dooleys, purchased the
                                                                                                                                 room-only black and white audiences.
                                                                                     most costly evergreens from all parts
                                                                                     of the world—many of which are still
                                                                                     found in the park’s 100 acres. Also         Virginia Civil Rights Memorial
                                                                                     meticulously maintained today are
                                                                                                                                 The Virginia Civil Rights Memorial,
                                                                                     the spectacular Italian Garden and the
                                                                                                                                 located in front of the Governor’s
                                                                                     Japanese Garden with its thick stands
                                                                                                                                 Mansion in Capitol Square, tells the
                                                                                     of bamboo. A new exhibit, In Service
                                                                                                                                 story of Barbara Johns, the 16-year-
                                                                                     & Beyond, showcases the workday
                                                                                                                                 old student who organized and led
                                                                                     lives of the Dooleys’ mostly African
                                                                                                                                 in protest of intolerable conditions at
                                                                                     American employees.
                                                                                                                                 her high school in Farmville, VA in
                                                                                                                                 April 1951. The monument depicts the
                                                                                                                                 walkout, Oliver W. Hill and Spottswood
                                                                                     Reconciliation Statue
                                                                                                                                 Robinson III who tried the case, the
                                                                                     The Richmond Slavery Reconciliation
                                                                                                                                 Reverend Leslie Francis Griffin, and a
                                                                                     Statue and Plaza was erected in March
                                                                                     2007 not far from the former slave          vision for racial harmony in the future.
A Multitude of Multicultural Things to Do (continued)

Virginia Historical Society                                                          So Much More To Do
The society collects, preserves and
interprets Virginia’s past for the                                                                                                Performing Arts
                                                                                     Kings Dominion
education and enjoyment of
                                                                                     A 400-acre theme park, Kings                 Sit back and enjoy the show. Richmond
present and future generations.
                                                                                     Dominion is home to more than 40             Ballet is the first professional ballet
Exhibits include Virginians at Work
                                                                                     rides, shows and attractions. The park       company in Virginia. With dancers
and The Story of Virginia.
                                                                                     features 14 world-class roller coasters,     from around the country and the world,
                                                                                     making it one of the largest coaster         the ballet performs throughout the year
Virginia Holocaust Museum                                                            collections on the East Coast. There         in addition to the annual Nutcracker.
                                                                                     are also two children’s areas and            The Richmond Symphony entertains
Covering a wide array of experiences
                                                                                     WaterWorks, a 20-acre water park.            approximately 125,000 patrons each
of the Holocaust, the museum gives
                                                                                                                                  year, performing both contemporary
visitors a sense of what it was like
                                                                                                                                  and traditional symphonic repertoires
to live through Kristallnacht, the
                                                                                     James River and Canal Walk                   that draw on classical, gospel, jazz
Dachau concentration camp and              the building during the latter part
                                                                                     It’s little wonder that the River City has   and popular music. Guest artists have
Displaced Persons Camps. Because           of her life.
                                                                                     a park system that includes nearly 450       included Aretha Franklin, Marvin
of the disturbing nature of some
                                                                                     acres lining both banks of the James         Hamlisch, Itzhak Perlman and André
of the displays, the museum is not
                                                                                     River. The river is popular for rafting,     Watts. The Virginia Opera is known
recommended for children under 11.         Virginia State University
                                                                                     boating, fishing, kayaking and hiking.        and respected nationwide for the
                                           Begun as the Virginia Normal and                                                       musical and dramatic integrity of
                                                                                     A recent $52-million restoration of the
                                           Collegiate Institute in 1882, VSU was                                                  its productions.
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts               the first fully state supported, four-
                                                                                     Canal Walk includes restaurants and
The VMFA houses a remarkable                                                         nightclubs and canal boat rides.
                                           year institution of higher learning for
permanent collection of more than          African Americans in the country. Until
20,000 works of art from almost every      1992, the university’s first president,
major world culture. The museum’s          John Mercer Langston (great-uncle
holdings of South Asian, Himalayan         of Langston Hughes), was the only
and African art are among the finest        African American ever elected to the
in the nation. In addition, the museum     United States Congress from Virginia.
has noteworthy collections of Art
Nouveau, Art Deco, Contemporary
American, as well as French                Virginia Union University
Impressionist and Post-Impressionist       Founded among the old slave buildings
art. Visitors also make a point of         of Lumpkin’s Jail, VUU has served as a
seeing the popular Lillian Thomas          historically African American institute
Pratt Collection of Fabergé eggs—the       of higher education since 1865. One
largest collection outside of Russia.      of the first graduates, Pastor Richard
                                           Wells, led the first known civil rights
                                           protest march. The Museum Galleries
Virginia Randolph Museum                   at VUU include collections of masks,
Built in 1937, the museum has the          sculpture, instruments and paintings
home economics cottage for the             from Africa and the South Pacific.
Virginia Randolph Education Center.
Randolph, an innovative black educator
in vocational training, kept an office in

So Much More To Do (continued)

You don’t need to go far from the
                                                                                    Multicultural Events
Region’s urban areas to sample
Virginia wine fresh from the vine.
From merlot to cabernet franc, find
it at the nearby James River Winery

or New Kent Vineyards.                                                                  t’s not every day that you can partake   March
                                                                                        in a cultural festival in the Richmond
                                                                                        Region—but it’s close. Check for         Church Hill Irish Festival
Speakers Series                                                                     specific dates and more information at
The Richmond Region hosts a number                                                                                               Irish musicians, bagpipers, dancers and
of renowned speakers in the form of                                                                                              more descend on the Region’s Church
                                                                                                                                 Hill neighborhood for this annual
the Richmond Forum, World Affairs                                                   January                                      weekend-after-St.-Patrick’s- Day event.
Council and JCC Forum. Recent
speakers have included Robert Redford,                                              VUU vs. VSU Freedom
Rudolph Giuliani and Archbishop          Professional Sports                        Classic Festival                             Sister for Sister Conference
Desmond Tutu.
                                         In addition to NASCAR and Indy Racing      Rivals Virginia State University and         Boasting nationally acclaimed speakers
                                         League at the Richmond International       Virginia Union University compete            and presenters, the Sister for Sister
                                         Raceway, the Richmond Region’s             in one of the premier collegiate             Conference is an energizing and
More Museums                             minor league professional sports teams     basketball contests in the region. The       anticipated conference for women on
The Richmond Region has a rich           include the Renegades hockey team          festival is designed to acknowledge          the East Coast.
history with dozens of diverse           and the Kickers, an A-League affiliate      and commemorate the life and legacy
museums dedicated to it—from the         of Major League Soccer’s DC United         of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and
Valentine Richmond History Center        and Tampa Bay Mutiny.                      occurs annually on Dr. King’s birthday       VCU French Film Festival
to the John Marshall House, Old                                                     weekend. More than 15,000 guests             Virginia Commonwealth University’s
Dominion Railway Museum and                                                         enjoy the numerous festival events           annual event at the Byrd Theater—a
Edgar Allan Poe Museum. But there’s                                                 including a showcase of regional             lavish local landmark that opened in
                                         Shopping and Galleries
so much more including the expansive                                                gospel talent.                               1928—is the largest French film festival
                                         Whether it’s small boutiques or
Science Museum of Virginia, Hanover                                                                                              in the United States. Held at the end of
                                         big malls and national brands, the
Tavern and the Virginia Aviation                                                                                                 March or beginning of April, it attracts
                                         Richmond Region has something for
Museum, to name a few.                                                                                                           an astounding 17,000 entries for its
                                         everyone. Alongside boutiques in
                                                                                                                                 selective list of 24 films. The festival
                                         Carytown are numerous art galleries.
                                                                                                                                 brings directors and actors to present
                                         More galleries abound along Broad
                                                                                                                                 and discuss their films.
                                         Street near the artistic hub of Virginia
                                         Commonwealth University and its art
                                         program. The art scene is supported
                                         by regular art walks: Third Thursdays,
                                         First Fridays and Fourth Fridays.

                                                                                          often in concert with other tribes—       Taste of India
                                                                                          a large annual gathering is organized     The Cultural Center of India puts India
                                                                                          by VITAL, the Virginia Indian             on display to show its culture, cuisine,
                                                                                          Tribal Alliance for Life, in Charles      handicrafts and music. Visitors can
                                                                                          City County.                              taste diverse foods from all over the
                                                                                                                                    country—from North Indian samosas
                                                                                                                                    to South Indian dosa pancakes as well
                                                                                          Fridays at Sunset
                                                                                                                                    as chicken curry, a variety of Indian
                                                                                          Beginning in May and running              breads, traditional Indian chai, a host
                                                                                          through August at Kanawha Plaza,          of desserts and varieties of Indian beer.
                                                                                          Fridays at Sunset is one of the East
                                                                                          Coast’s premier summer concert
                                                                                          series. Boasting previous artists such
                                                                                          as Natalie Cole, The Roots and Chaka
April                                        Lebanese Food Festival                       Khan, Fridays at Sunset brings some of
                                                                                                                                    Down Home Family Reunion
                                             Enjoy food, music, folk dancing and          the best R&B, Jazz, Reggae and Neo-
                                                                                                                                    This extravaganza brings in a lot of
Asia Blooms in the Garden at                 other activities at this outdoor festival    Soul artists to the Region each year.
                                                                                                                                    “family” as some 25,000 people come
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden                that routinely draws thousands from
                                                                                                                                    to celebrate African American folk
Take a guided tour with a cultural           central Virginia.
                                                                                                                                    life. Nearly 20 years old, the reunion
interpreter, try tai chi, watch Asian folk                                                June                                      demonstrates how cultural traditions
dances and learn the art of ikebana
                                             Cinco de Mayo Fiesta                                                                   of West Africa have influenced the
floral arrangement during this event.                                                      Juneteenth
                                                                                                                                    lifestyles of African Americans and
                                             Held on Brown’s Island, this event is        The Freedom Celebration commem-           the American South.
                                             less about an 1862 battle in Mexico          orates the Juneteenth holiday by
Punjabi Mela                                 and more about taking in a full music        remembering the impact of the African
The Punjabi Mela is a festival to            lineup and enjoying the Region’s early       slave trade and its legacy in Virginia.
promote the language, art, culture and       May weather.                                 A family event, it features perform-
literature of Punjabis, people who hail                                                   ances, speakers, ceremonies, exhibi-
from the Punjab region of Northern
                                                                                                                                    ¿Qué Pasa? Festival of Virginia
                                                                                          tors, historic reenactments and special
India and Pakistan.
                                             Greek Food Festival                                                                    ¿Qué Pasa? translates as, “What’s
                                                                                          children’s activities.
                                             This popular gathering at St. Constantine                                              Happening?” At this outdoor event
                                             and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral                                                     that celebrates the Region’s Hispanic
                                             features Greek dancing and cultural exhi-                                              community, happenings include local
                                             bitions but, of course, it’s all about the                                             and national musical groups, folk
May                                          gyros, souvlaki and delicious baklava.                                                 performances and a taste-bud tour
                                                                                                                                    through stops in Cuba, Colombia
Asian American Celebration                                                                                                          and Mexico.
This annual festival highlights the          American Indian Pow-wows
cultural heritage of more than a dozen       May is the beginning of the pow-wow
Asian groups through elegant music           season for Virginia’s Indian tribes.                                                   Annual Armenian Food Festival
and dance, authentic cuisine, exquisite      While each tribe holds its own events—                                                 For nearly a half century, the Armenian
art, exhibits and more.                                                                                                             festival has put the music and dance of
                                                                                                                                    Armenia on display—as well as plates
                                                                                                                                    full of traditional food.

Multicultural Events Calendar (continued)

China-America Festival                                                                November                                Kristallnacht Anniversary
of Film and Culture                                                                                                           The Jewish community remembers
While the series involves seminars,                                                   Joy From the World                      the Night of Broken Glass each year
lectures, concerts and food tasting,                                                  From late November through New          as part of the beginnings of oppression
its heart is Chinese film. Over the                                                    Year’s Day, this kid-centric event at   and persecution in Germany. Special
course of a week, the series, which is                                                the Science Museum of Virginia,         ceremonies take place at the
largely free, delves into understanding                                               injects some learning in the holiday    Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial
Chinese culture.                                                                      season with demonstrations and trees    Cemetery, erected in 1955 for victims
                                                                                      from cultures around the globe.         of the Holocaust.

Second Street Festival
The hands of time are turned back to                                                                                          Capital City Kwanzaa Festival
the past when Second Street was the       trunk—but there’s a lot more. Listen to                                             Celebrate this seven-day African
heart and soul of Richmond’s African      fiddle and harp competitions and tap                                                 American holiday each December
American community. Each year,            your feet with the rhythm of Highland                                               with musical and dance perform-
approximately 45,000 people come to       dancers. Also enjoy a Parade of Clans                                               ances, children’s activities and an
Richmond’s historic Jackson Ward to       and Societies, pipe bands, living history                                           African market.
hear live music on two stages, enjoy      encampments, a parade of Dogs of the
children’s activities, taste delicious    British Isles and get the genealogical
food, shop in the marketplace and         information that will help you pick                                                 Chanukah Celebrations
dance in the streets.                     your proper tartan.                                                                 Join area synagogues for the eight-day
                                                                                                                              Festival of Lights.

Richmond Highland Games &                 Festival of India
Celtic Festival                           Established in 1981, the festival draws
The big draw is large men throwing        upwards of 20,000 visitors from all
heavy objects—a 22-pound hammer,          across central Virginia. It includes
a 56-pound weight and a 20-foot tree      live dances and cultural performances,
                                          a delicious spread of Indian cuisine
                                          representing the various states in India,
                                          as well as unique jewelry and crafts.

                                          Richmond Folk Festival
                                          During the free, three-day event
                                          you’ll find not only music and dance
                                          performances but also workshops,
                                          storytelling, parades, crafts and
                                          culinary arts.

Other Notable Events                                                                                                      September
                                                                                                                          Virginia State Fair
February                             James River Film Festival
                                                                                                                          The fair has something for everyone:
                                     The weeklong event screens indepen-
                                                                                                                          rides, games, livestock and small
Maymont Flower and                   dent films from around the world.
                                                                                                                          animal shows, baking contests and
Garden Show
                                                                                                                          plenty of music.
For nearly 20 years, this annual
garden show has injected some        May
color to mid-winter.                                                                                                      Henricus Publick Day
                                     Friday Cheers                                                                        It’s a day of Colonial fun with food,
                                     From May through June hear great                                                     crafts, military drills and the
March                                bands and relax on Brown’s Island.                                                   reenactment of Pocahontas’s wedding.

Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k
                                     Hanover Heritage Day                      Vegetarian Festival
Join some 24,000 others for the                                                                                           October
race voted the best road race in     A kid-friendly event held at the          The big draw is the meatless food
                                     historic Hanover Courthouse, the          but it also offers a marketplace and
the Southeast.                                                                                                            Chesterfield Air Show
                                     event provides many hands-on              live entertainment.
                                                                                                                          Along with vintage and modern
                                     activities from by-gone times.
                                                                                                                          aircraft displays, enjoy several hours
April                                                                                                                     of aerial performances.
Strawberry Hill Races                June
                                                                               Hanover Tomato Festival
Celebrate spring at Colonial Downs                                                                                        November
with exciting steeplechase racing
                                     River City Beer and                       With 200 arts and crafts vendors and
                                     Seafood Festival                          musical groups, there’s more to this
featuring elite thoroughbreds.                                                                                            Richmond Marathon
                                     Discover the difference between           festival than its world famous tomatoes.
                                                                                                                          With 10,000 runners, it’s “America’s
                                     lager and stout.
                                                                                                                          Friendliest Marathon.”

                                     James River Adventure Games
                                     Jump in or just watch as thousands        Carytown Watermelon Festival
                                     descend on the James for kayaking,        The popular shopping district becomes
                                     wakeboarding, a triathlon and more.                                                  Grand Illumination and the
                                                                               a pedestrian zone with delicious
                                                                                                                          Christmas Parade
                                                                               watermelon and sidewalk sales.
                                                                                                                          Downtown comes alive with a
                                     Ashland Strawberry Faire                                                             million holiday lights. Catch the
                                     Celebrate the red berry with shortcake,                                              accompanying Christmas Parade.
                                     drinks, breads and more.

                                                                                                                          GardenFest of Lights
                                                                                                                          More than a half million lights
                                                                                                                          arranged in botanical themes
                                                                                                                          throughout the extensive gardens.

Ethnic Dining                                                                          Visitor Information

W                                                                                      B
              hen it comes to dining                                                           efore you begin exploring our   On the Ground
              options, it’s a small world                                                      historic and dynamic Region,    If you prefer ground travel, you can
              in the Richmond Region.                                                          take a moment to stop by one    access the Richmond Region by
The Region counts more than 900                                                        of our Visitor Centers.                 automobile, bus or train. Amtrak
restaurants. There are small, local                                                                                            has two stations in the area: Main
                                                                                          At either location our staff is
eateries on nearly every corner of the                                                                                         Street Station located in downtown
                                                                                       available to assist you with tour
Fan, Shockoe Slip and Cary Street while                                                                                        Richmond and Staples Mill Station,
                                                                                       suggestions, hotel reservations and
many larger establishments can be found                                                                                        located approximately 10 miles west
                                                                                       free regional maps. When your trip
in the commercial districts of Henrico                                                                                         of downtown. Greyhound/Trailways
                                                                                       is over, be sure to take home a piece
County’s Broad Street or Chesterfield’s                                                                                         has a terminal only minutes from
                                                                                       of the Richmond Region with one of
Midlothian Turnpike. And while the                                                                                             downtown Richmond. If you’re
                                                                                       the numerous items available in our
Region has its share of smoky, finger-                                                                                          driving your own car or renting
                                                                                       main location’s gift shop.
lickin’ Southern barbecue, cheese grits                                                                                        one here, you’ll find that the Region’s
and biscuits, you’re never far from a                                                  Visitor Centers                         minimal traffic makes traveling
menu that features more diverse fare.                                                  Main location                           throughout the area a breeze.
Here it’s easy to fill your plate with       From the tastes of India, a few miles in
international menus.                        any direction will allow you to savor                                              Where to Stay
   You can start by sharing a big           the flavors of the Far East at one of                                               From the ritzy to the relaxed, we have a
communal platter of East African food       the area’s many establishments like                                                hotel to meet every need.
                                                                                       Airport location
at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant. Or rather     Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant where
than Nile’s airy njera bread, dig into      the pho, noodles and fish exude the
tortillas at a Mexican restaurant like      delicate flavors of Vietnam. Or head to
La Siesta in Chesterfield. At Indian         Shockoe Bottom where turning a corner
restaurants like Curry House in             is like jetting around the world; Europa   How to Get Here
                                                                                                                               More Info Online
Henrico County, the flatbread of choice      Mediterranean Café serves tapas and        Traveling to the Richmond Region
                                                                                                                               For local tips—from what to wear to
may be freshly baked naan. The buffet       Mediterranean dishes while there’s         couldn’t be easier. Within a day’s
                                                                                                                               liquor laws and customs—check online
lets you try many new dishes at once.       hoppin’ Cuban food not far away at         drive of half of the U.S. population,
                                            Havana ‘59 and Japanese down the           we’re easy to get to from Interstates
                                            block at Hana Zushi.                       95 and 64. Located two hours south
                                               But if you still have a craving for     of Washington, D.C. and two hours
                                            some traditional Southern fare, try the    west of the Atlantic Coast, we’re
                                            elegant and cozy Julep’s New Southern      easily accessible by plane, train,
                                            Cuisine or get a fried fish boat and a      motorcoach or automobile.
                                            side of cornbread at Croaker’s Spot in
                                                                                       By Air
                                            Jackson Ward. Or find new southern
                                                                                       The Richmond International Airport
                                            cuisine with a focus on local and
                                                                                       (RIC) is located 15 minutes from
                                            regional ingredients at Michelle’s at
                                                                                       downtown. Major carriers and
                                            Hanover Tavern.
                                                                                       regional airlines—including AirTran
                                              No matter if it’s paella or teriyaki,    and JetBlue, as well as American,
                                            search for it online at www.Visit          Continental, Delta, Northwest, United
                                                              and USAirways—offer non-stop flights
                                                                                       to 21 cities and connecting flights to
                                                                                       destinations worldwide.

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    Get Swept Up by the
Richmond Region’s cultures.

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