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Project Coordinator Career Portfolio - PowerPoint


Project Coordinator Career Portfolio document sample

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									             Presentation Regarding

A Technology-Enabled Individual Learning Plan
    for Students in the State of Delaware

                  July 13, 2011
Background of Presenters
   Matt McQuillen, President
    – Co-Founder of Career Cruising
    – Director of Development
    – Lead Project Manager, Kentucky ILP

   Lisa Pinelli, Educational Sales Consultant
    – Career Cruising’s representative for the State of Delaware
    – Extensive experience implementing portfolios across North
Presentation Agenda
   Program Demonstration (Lisa Pinelli)

        • Career Cruising from a Student’s Perspective
        • Career Cruising from a Counselor & Administrator’s Perspective
            – CAMS (Career Advisor Management System)
            – Portfolio Completion Standards
            – RRS (Regional Reporting System)

   Kentucky Experience (Matt McQuillen)

   Questions
Company Overview
   Founded in 1997 to develop user-friendly career
   Currently used in over nine thousand institutions across
    North America
   Investing heavily in research and development
   Focused on meeting client needs through the delivery
    of exceptional customer service
   A leader in the creation of online portfolio development
Portfolio Implementation Experience
Client                                         State      # of Schools
Kentucky Department of Education              Kentucky        450
Oakland Schools                               Michigan        131
Kent ISD                                      Michigan        98
El Paso ISD                                    Texas          91
Macomb ISD                                    Michigan        87
Dallas ISD                                     Texas          60
Kane County                                    Illinois       57
DeKalb County                                 Georgia         55
Wayne RESA                                    Michigan        42
Cobb County                                   Georgia         40
Three Rivers Tech Prep                         Illinois       40
Muskegon Area ISD                             Michigan        37
Tazewell Co/Area EFE Office                    Illinois       32
Jackson ISD                                   Michigan        32
Madison County Career & Tech Ed. System        Illinois       28
Heartland Region                               Illinois       24
Ingham ISD                                    Michigan        24
North Texas Tech Prep Consortium               Texas          24
Highland Community College District            Illinois       22
Lenawee ISD                                   Michigan        21
Education Service Center Region 13 – Austin    Texas          21
Portfolio Implementation Experience
Tacoma Public Schools                           Washington    18
McClean-Dewitt Vocational System                  Illinois    17
Vermilion Vocational Educational Delivery Sys     Illinois    15
Southwest Illinois Tech Prep Consortium           Illinois    14
Clay/Jasper/Richland/North Wayne RDS              Illinois    14
Peoria Regional Education for Employment          Illinois    14
Eaton ISD                                        Michigan     14
Tuscola ISD                                      Michigan     14
Mid-South Partnership                             Illinois    13
Huron ISD                                        Michigan     13
Fort Worth ISD                                    Texas       13
West Central Regional System                      Illinois    12
Moraine Community College District                Illinois    12
Delavare Vocational Education System              Illinois    11
LaMoine Valley Vocational System                  Illinois    10
Two Rivers Career Education System                Illinois    10
Marion/Clinton & Washington Count. RDS            Illinois    10
Lake County Regional Voc System                   Illinois    10
Clare-Gladwin RESD                               Michigan     10
Lincoln Public Schools                           Nebraska     10
Livingston Area EFE                               Illinois    7
Total                                                        1,695
Program Demonstration

Kentucky Experience
Origins of the ILP
 In the 1990’s Kentucky initiated development of IGP

 A paper-based career portfolio

 Designed to help students with career and education

 Development of student IGP’s to be guided by
  counselors and advisors

 IGP viewed as a means to encourage involvement by
Limitations and Problems with the IGP
   IGP folders ordered from KDE totaled only 14%

   Only 20% of parents polled aware of the IGP

   Percentage of school’s complying difficult to establish

   Completing plans time consuming for students

   Sharing plans difficult (often locked in counselor’s filing cabinet)

   Involvement of parents difficult to achieve

   Much of the data required redundant to data captured in the
    statewide student information system (SIS)
Forward with the ILP
   Decision reached to issue an RFP for the development of an
    online version of the IGP – renamed the ILP

   Key objectives of the new ILP:
    –   To raise the level of student achievement in middle & secondary school
    –   To increase the percentage of students who enter high school and persist to a
    –   To enable schools to plan for coursework, applied learning experiences, and
        other activities that respond to the needs of individual learners
    –   To facilitate the advising team approach for students
    –   To increase the percentage of high school graduates who successfully
        transition to a postsecondary education or training program that is selected
        based on their unique academic and career interests
Key Components of the ILP
1. Student ILP

2. Parent ILP

3. School-Level ILP component for Administrators

4. District-Level ILP component for Administrators

5. State-Level ILP component for Administrators
New Features Developed for the ILP
   Single Sign-On
   Advisement Log
   Annual Review
   Annual Survey
   Post-Secondary Goals
   Parent Version
   Statewide Reporting System
   Increased storage space
   Graduation requirements
Technical Challenges
 Annual Archiving of ILPs

 Customizable Reporting

 Support for American with Disabilities Act

 Integration with statewide SIS

 Silent login to GoHigherKY.org

 Integration of statewide testing results

 Integration of transcripts (on hold)
Issues Resolved during Development
 How to integrate statewide Common Course Codes?

 What security model to employ for School ILP?

 What completion standards to employ?

 Should students be able to change passwords?

 At what age should students be able to invite others to
  view their ILP?

 How should we integrate transcripts?
Issues Resolved during Development
 How should the menu buttons be organized?

 How should Gear Up schools/students be identified in
  the system?

 How should alternative diploma options be highlighted
  for students?

 How can we integrate Expanded Learning Options, ESS
  (Extended School Services), LEP (Limited English
  Proficiency) and G&T (Gifted and Talented)

 How to incorporate Performance Based Credits
ILP Development Team
   Kentucky Department of Education
    –   Robert Hackworth, Consultant, Division of Secondary and Virtual Learning
    –   Julia Harmon, Consultant, Division of Secondary and Virtual Learning
    –   Martin Hebner, School Information Technology
    –   Debbie Webber, Liaison for STI
    –   Mike Kloepfel, Project Coordinator

   Career Cruising
    –   Matt McQuillen, Lead Project Manager
    –   Meredith Beyer-Alldridge, Senior Project Manager
    –   Craig Lutz, Lead Programmer
    –   Don Xiong, Senior Programmer
    –   Ying Dai, Programmer
    –   Epiculture, Web Design
Sample Screens for the ILP
   Student ILP

   Parent ILP

   School Administrator ILP
Expected Outcomes
   All students to develop and maintain a career and education plan

   Improve student achievement

   Improve graduation rates

   Increase number of students attending post-secondary education

   Measure schools success in implementing the ILP

   Measure and quantify the success of policy initiatives

   Enable constant process and system improvement
Why Career Cruising?
Technical Considerations:
   A development team with years of experience in designing and
    delivering online portfolios to schools across the US

   Access to powerful and customizable reporting tools

   A fully-tested online portfolio development system

   An established security infrastructure

   Technical expertise required to meet key integration requirements

   A company-wide commitment to training and customer support
Why Career Cruising?
Career & Education Planning Considerations:

   World-class interest and skills assessment

   In-depth profiles for hundreds of different careers

   Multimedia interviews with real people in each and every career

   Comprehensive database of post-secondary schools

   Clear and simple user-friendly interface

   Seamless integration with the portfolio tool and resume builder

   Extensive curriculum and support materials

   Available in Spanish
             Presentation Regarding

A Technology-Enabled Individual Learning Plan
    for Students in the State of Delaware

                  July 13, 2011

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