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					University of California Office of the President
       Benefits of the Mentorship Program
For the Office of the President

   Strengthen institutional culture
   Leverage talent across organization
   Increase “workplace satisfaction” of individuals involved in mentoring
   Uncover latent talent
   Increase communication within UCOP, particularly non-hierarchical
   Positively impact retention

       Benefits of the Mentorship Program
For Mentors
   Transference of expertise; opportunities to translate values and strategies
    into actions
   Gain insights and alternative perspectives about other areas of the
   Investment of time in the expertise that will support the University in the
   Increased support for the University’s missions and goals

For Mentees
   Expansion of professional network
   Increased self-awareness and discipline
   Potential to accelerate development and growth
   Positive and constructive feedback on professional development issues

             The Facts about the Program
The UCOP Mentorship Program IS a program that
   Allows successful individuals – mentors – to share wise counsel,
    knowledge, coaching, and advice with mentees
   Highlights mentors’ interpersonal skills
   Encourages mentees’ professional development

The UCOP Mentorship Program is NOT
   An orientation program for new employees
   An automatic means for promotions
   A determination of level of performance (via acceptance into the

                Governance and Oversight
The Steering Committee will approve the program’s design and
  implementation and be a source of support for the pairings

   Dwaine Duckett, Vice President – Human Resources (Sponsor)
   Nathan Brostrom, Executive Vice President – Business Operations
   Mary Croughan, Executive Director – Research Grants Program
   Dan Dooley, Senior Vice President External Relations; Vice President ANR
   Luanna Putney, Director of Research Compliance
   Marsha Sato, Deputy to VP – Budget & Capital Resources
   John Stobo, Senior Vice President – Health Sciences and Services
   William Tucker, Executive Director, Innovation Alliances and Services

                Governance and Oversight
The Program Development Team will propose a design and
  process for the program

   Deanna Dudley, Interim Chief of Staff and Director of Policies – Human
    Resources (Sponsor)
   Andy Gerstenberger, Director – Health Sciences Planning & Program
   John Fox , Executive Director - Local Human Resources
   Carolyn McMillan, Managing Editor - Internal Communications
   Patti Meagher, Communications Coordinator – Internal Communications
   Nanette Grimm, UCSF Mentorship Program
   Kendall Moalem, BSA Mentorship Program
   Jeannene Whalen, Principal Analyst -- Employee Relations

               Participation in the Program
       Nominated by members of the Steering Committee
       Well-respected, loyal advisors and coaches who are willing to
        share their experiences
       Experienced UCOP managers and professionals (PSS 5 and
       Employed at UC for at least 2 years, 1 year at UCOP (recommended)
       Apply to the program (initial pilot limited to about 15-25 mentees,
        depending on size of mentor pool)
       Career employees at PSS 1 – 5 classifications
       Employed at UCOP for at least 2 years
Please note that because of the limited pool, not all mentors or mentees who express
interest may be selected during this pilot year.
              Timeline Overview for 2011
   February
    •   Program announced
    •   Mentors invited
    •   Mentees begin applying (deadline March 11)
   March
    •   Evaluation of mentee applications
    •   Mentee Workshop
    •   Mentor Workshop
   April - May
    •   Reception for mentees and mentors to meet and mingle
    •   Mentees and mentors submit ranked preferences
    •   Mentee and mentor create written plan for terms of 12-mo
        mentorship relationship (May/June 2011 -- May/June 2012)