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2011 Fact Sheet

Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment ( enables small businesses and their employees to get paid fast by
easily processing credit cards via their mobile phones. The mobile payment solution enables a variety of small
businesses, from those just starting, to those more established, to process mobile payments with support for           GoPayment
more than 40 mobile phones, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, and a range of optional credit
card reader hardware.
GoPayment gives business owners the features they need to get paid fast. After swiping or manually entering
a credit card number, funds are deposited into their bank account within 2 to 3 business days without any
arbitrary transaction caps that delay them from getting their money. To save even more time, GoPayment offers
the ability to create and sell from a list of frequently sold items, apply sales tax and send customized receipts
via text and e-mail with a map of where the transaction took place. To reduce manual data entry, transactions
can be easily downloaded into QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2009 or later and QuickBooks 2010 for Mac and later
GoPayment is affordable with no contract, set-up or cancellation fees. Business owners can allow up to 50
employees to use a single GoPayment account. Live customer support is always available in case help is needed.
See a video demo at:

Get Paid Fast
•	 Get Paid Fast: Credit cards are authorized in seconds and funds are deposited directly into a user’s bank
   account within 2 to 3 business days. There is no need to write down payment information, call into the office,
   process checks or chase payments later. There are no arbitrary transaction caps that delay a small business
   from getting paid.
•	 Simple to Use: Log into GoPayment and enter basic card information directly into a phone or swipe cards
   with a variety of card readers. Authorization takes place in seconds and users can email or text message a
   customized receipt to customers directly from their phones.
•	 Monitor GoPayment Transactions with Ease: Access Intuit’s free online Merchant Service Center 24/7/365
   from any PC with internet access. Search by different criteria to view transactions processed via GoPayment
   and manage GoPayment users in the Merchant Service Center. Users can even use the Merchant Service
   Center to process the occasional back office transaction.
•	 Around the Clock Customer Support: Intuit provides 24/7/365 live customer support for GoPayment users.

Offers More Options for Different Needs
•	 Compatible with More Than 40 Mobile Phones: GoPayment is compatible with more than 40 mobile
   handsets and continues to add support for the newest, most popular mobile devices.
•	 Supports Range of Card Reader Hardware: GoPayment supports a range of credit card reader hardware.
   This includes a free or low-cost card reader that supports a variety of mobile devices for the cost-conscious new
   business owner. It also includes more robust, professional card readers for established small businesses with
   higher processing volume, including the mophie card reader for the iPhone.
•	 Works with QuickBooks: To save time and increase bookkeeping accuracy, the more than 4 million
   QuickBooks users can download GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2009 and
   QuickBooks 2010 for Mac and later versions.
•	 Scalable Solution: Add up to 50 employees to a single GoPayment account by simply providing them with a
   user ID and password. Users are easily managed from the online Merchant Service Center.

Keeps Data Protected
•	 Protects Credit Card Data: Customer credit card information is never stored in a GoPayment user’s phone
   and a unique user ID and password is required to access GoPayment, so sensitive customer information is
   always kept safe.
•	 Gives Customers Peace of Mind: Customers feel more confident in transactions with small businesses
   because their cards never leave their sight.
•	 Instant Verification: Customers are provided an instant receipt via e-mail or text message for payment
•	 Data Is Encrypted: GoPayment encrypts credit card data both via the app and supported credit card readers.

    2011 Fact Sheet

    Intuit GoPayment

                 See for the latest pricing plans.

                 GoPayment is available at

                 Phone Requirements
                 There are two ways to process credit cards with GoPayment:
                 •	 Mobile application version: Download the GoPayment mobile application onto more than 40 supported
                    phones. GoPayment supports a wide range of popular mobile phones, including the iPhone and many
                    Blackberry and Android devices with more being added all the time. Check
                    phones/ for the latest supported phone list.
                 •	 Mobile Web browser version: Access GoPayment on any mobile phone with a mobile Internet browser.
                    GoPayment works with any carrier, but requires a minimum data plan.

                 Card Reader Hardware
                 GoPayment supports a range of credit card reader hardware, including a low-cost option for small businesses just
                 getting started to a more robust, professional option for more established businesses. These card readers support
                 a variety of mobile devices. To see current hardware options and pricing, please visit:
                 Media Contacts
                 Sharna Brockett                                                                                        Jen Garcia
                 Intuit Inc.                                                                       Access Communications for Intuit
                 650-944-3856                                                                                       415-844-6244