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					Directions: Let us say that this essay was written for an English I class meeting
whatever block your current computer science class meets, for the teacher Mr.
Broderick, by you; it was due on November 5, 2003. Reformat it to fit MLA style,
removing these directions. The student who actually wrote it of course documented
all his sources, but for simplicity I have removed the documentation.

Steroid use in sports should be made illegal on all levels. Steroid use has been
proven to affect not only an athlete’s physical state, but also their mental state as
well. In scientific studies done in the United States, it has been proven time and
time again that steroid’s will give you a great body, but at a very high price.
Physical changes after steroids can range from very minor things that you could
easily deal with, all way to and including sudden death. The use of steroids has
been known to enhance the likelihood of having heart attacks and strokes at a
young age. The most dangerous side effects of steroids will mainly take place
internally. These effects usually happen slowly at first, and could become critical
before they are even fully noticed, then it is too late. Steroid use should be made
illegal on all levels because it has irreversible effects on your body, causes a
chemical imbalance in your brain, and because the usage among teens has risen in
recent years.

The effects continual steroid use has on an athlete’s body are obvious. They will
rapidly gain weight and muscle mass. However, when they stop the steroids these
athletes lose all the weight, although not as quick as they put it on. These results
in problems with their metabolism long after the steroids are out of their body. Side
effects in men differ from women for the most part, but there are a few they share.
These are acne, a bloated appearance, rapid weight gain, blood clotting disorders,
liver damage, premature heart attacks/stroke, and weakened tendons in knees,
ankles, etc. In men the side effects include: reduced sperm count, impotence,
development of breasts, and difficulty or pain while urinating. The reasons for the
reduced sperm count, and any other body function ruled by testosterone is because
steroids are mainly composed of testosterone. I did not fully read this paper and
therefore neglected to erase this sentence. By adding more testosterone to the body,
that is not created naturally, it will cause the body to stop producing its own
testosterone, causing these effects to occur. In addition to the shared side effects,
females face what is called a "masculinization". Women on steroids will develop
facial hair, a deepened voice, breast reduction, and their menstrual cycle changes.
The cause of these changes is due to the immense amount of testosterone put into
the female body. All females produce a limited amount of testosterone but the
steroids will add more than nature intended and cause them to become manly.
Using steroids also affects the chemical balance in your brain. The use of steroids
can produce mental changes in its users, which poses serious questions about
possible addiction to steroids. Researchers have found that long-term steroids users
do experience many of the characteristics of classic addiction: cravings, difficulty
in ceasing steroids use and withdrawal symptoms. This has been compared to the
trials of a drug addict. The psychological effects and more importantly the physical
side effects of using anabolic steroids are the main reasons why individuals should
stay away from these drugs. I didn’t fully read this article like I was supposed to so
I neglected to erase this sentence. For example, statistics reveal that 71% of steroid
users suffer from liver disease later on in their adult lives; an amazing 56% will
suffer. Steroids can also cause behavior changes ranging from aggression, hostility
and irritability to psychotic. This behavior is known as "roid rages." Steroids have
been proven to be physiologically and psychologically addictive.

The effects on teenagers seem to be more server because it can do damage that will
last them the rest of their life. Not only will they suffer many of the above
mentioned symptoms, but in addition steroids can halt their growth. The steroids
will cause the closure of the growth plates in young, growing bones and once these
are closed they cannot be re-opened. Steroid use among teens has risen 23% in
recent years.

The cons concerning steroid use is overwhelming. Yet there are still people who
will take the risk and continue to use these lethal drugs, and only think about the
short term effects. Commissioners of the respective leagues should ban the use of
these potentially lethal substances. If not for the fact that I neglected to read this
paper, I would have deleted this sentence. Also they would be brining
respectability back to sports and prevent possible fatalities.