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									               THE BACKCAST
  Trout Unlimited, SE Mass Chapter 241                                                          April, 2008
Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at the Mitchell Memorial Club in Middleboro. Doors open
at 6:00 for fly tying. General meeting begins at 7:30. As always, admission is free.
The April Meeting features the entertaining and informative speaker Marla Isaac.

                                     April 8, 2008 – 7:30 PM
                                         Speaker: Marla        Isaac
               Topic: A wildlife      handler will bring live birds of prey
                                     to a free public lecture.
Master falconer Marla Isaac of Taunton will exhibit several live raptors including a Merlin falcon and a Texas
Harris Hawk, as part of her “Birds of Prey” talk. The Event begins at 7:30 p.m. in Mitchell Hall. Using a slide
show, feathers, bones, anatomical illustrations and the birds themselves, Ms Isaac will explain the history of
raptors and how they survive in increasingly fragile habitats. One of the few handlers licensed to fly raptors in
Massachusetts, Ms Isaac has more than 20 years experience. She is known throughout eastern Massachusetts as
a natural history expert on reptiles and birds of prey.
Bio – For Marla Isaac
Marla has been handling Reptiles and Raptors for over 20 years. She provides lectures, programs and educational
exhibits. Her company Reptile & Raptor Exhibit, Inc.not only handles Raptors, but also venomous snakes and
other dangerous reptiles. Their high standards include being licensed by both federal and state wildlife.
Marla is a great friend. She not only surrounds herself with organizations like Trout Unlimited; but also, with
T-Rex the Monitor Lizard, Wally the gator and Sunshine the python. Though our presentation is on Birds of Prey;
the skills and knowledge of wildlife and the outdoors, Marla has are truly impressive and come out in her

Eel River dates and other news                                                                     Peter Motyka

    On our given third Saturday of each month, Barry Guaraldi, Wayne Perry and Charlie Fortier lend their
expertise to the observations. They are a fine bunch of guys indeed. We welcome you to stop by and see what
we do. For any of you who have not been to the upper bogs, just doing so will give you an idea of how much
land is going to be restored. We hope to see you there. Bring your waders if you’d like and dress accordingly.
The dates are as follows: April 19th at 8:30 A.M. We will keep the 8:30 start time throughout the summer and
fall months
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  Southeastern, MA Chapter Fly Casting School <(*)))> <
           ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ School is back in session: Abington High School ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  Bob Veracka Memorial Fly Casting & Fishing - Free Introductory Course April 2, 9, 16 & 23
  Free fly casting and fishing classes. Learn the basics of fly casting. Learn fish habitats, what they eat and
  how to fish for them. All of the equipment that you need is provided, along with; handouts and instructions
  for fly casting and fishing. If you have your own rod, bring it along. This is a perfect time to hone upon your
  skills and prepare for one of the most exciting spring fishing seasons. Nothing beats catching a fish on a fly.
  Directions to Abington High School
  From Route 3 - South
  Traveling south on Route 3 (towards Plymouth/Cape Cod), take Exit 16B to Rte. 18 south (the Weymouth Exit). At end of ramp,
  bear right onto Rte. 18 south. Stay on Rte. 18 thru South Weymouth and into Abington. At the set of lights with Old Town Real
  Estate (on right) and Seoane Landscape Contractors (on left) take a right onto Gliniewicz Way. Abington High School is on your
  From Route 3 - North
  Traveling north on Route 3 (towards Boston), take Exit 16B to Rte. 18 south (the Weymouth Exit). At end of ramp, turn left onto
  Rte. 18 south. Stay on Rte. 18 thru South Weymouth and into Abington. At the set of lights with Old Town Real Estate (on right)
  and Seoane Landscape Contractors (on left) take a ) take a right onto Gliniewicz Way. Abington High School is on your right.
  From Route 18
  Traveling north on Rte. 18, at the set of lights with Miracle East Restaurant (on right) take a left onto Gliniewicz Way. Abington
  High School is on your right.

RED BROOK JOURNAL                                                                                                  Warren Winders
February 15, 2008 – Birth Announcement
Steve Angers called from Red Brook to tell me that the fry were out of the redds.
It was 14 degrees and Steve was pulling our old temperature loggers out of the brook. After 10 years of
recording temps from 5 locations every 15 minutes of every day, the time to replace them had finally come.
Onsett Computer was making some changes. The old loggers had become obsolete.
Meanwhile, Steve sounded pretty excited. There were fry just above the cement flumes where, along with John
Kokozka, we had watched a big female salter sweep out a series of redds in early November.
On that gray Nov. morning, several smaller males were fighting for the privilege to be with “Big Momma”. They
were chasing each other around the pool. Then one would dart in, flip on his side and leave milt on the redd. The
old girl would back in, cover the eggs and then move up to clear some more gravel for more eggs. After half an
hour of piscatorial voyeurism, we had to leave to get some work done. The hen and her entourage were still at it
when we gave them a ‘thumbs up’ and slipped away.
The first big event of the year at Red Brook is the appearance of the fry. And, even though (having watched
Momma and her suitors) we know that the fry are not spontaneous generation, their arrival seems a miracle. After
all, it is still mid-February. It is still hard, nasty, cold winter, and by now it has gotten pretty old. Only the springs
warming the brook keep these little larvae sized critters from freezing solid. What are these fish thinking?
Of course, they’re not thinking, nothing ‘thinks’ about being born. That is one of the experiences that we share
with salters.
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Life is much more than thought, that puny device that humans put so much stock in. There are philosophers who
maintain that the opposite is true, that existence depends on thought. This is delusional thinking, a product of
spending way too much time indoors.
“Monsieur Descartes, with all due respect, I’m not going to tell the leech sucking blood out of my leg that he
doesn’t exist if I don’t happen to notice him.” Anonymous French fly fisherman
So, it is February and the brook trout fry have arrived. Somehow they have forced their way out through the
plume of sand that buried the redd shortly after the spawn, and they don’t care what we think, as long as we don’t
think of them as lunch. And another seemingly thoughtless arrival is taking place; the little black stone flies are
hatching. Once again, we might ask why in February, but that would be pointless. They hatch at the same time
every year with no regard for what we might think. Perhaps it’s better to skip the logic and chalk up these events
at Red Brook, in the cold heart of winter, as miracles.
 I know that Henry Lyman and Charles Lyman reveled in those miracles and all of the other seasonal miracles of
Red Brook. In a very real sense, they were nurtured by this seemingly insignificant stream as much as are the
brook trout, the herring and the osprey. How else does one explain why these men, who had access to the world’s
best fishing, found their contentment at such a small stream? If it defies logic, well, that’s life.
The awe that Steve was feeling was apparent in his voice when he called to tell me about the fry, just as it was
several years back when he called to tell me that the salters were breaking down at the Road Pool. It was late
May and the trout had just come in from spending the winter in the bay.
    That’s why we work to restore Red Brook. And that is why Fran Smith and the Quashnet crew work so hard
to restore their stream, and why there are many of us who would restore all of the streams and rivers, if we could.
It’s not about logic; it’s about passing along the gift of miracles.

Casting for Recovery Event                                                                     George Costello
Gus Canty Center, Falmouth, MA                                                           March 15, 2008
I have never seen a larger, more enthusiastic group of instructors, than I did on the weekend of March 15, 2008.
Brenda Sears and Linda Falstein were there from Casting for Recovery. Mark Hattmann, Howie Strathie, George
Heimerdinger and Steve Donaldson came from Trout Unlimited Cape Cod. Tom Magee, Jim Clinton, Peter
Motyka, Joe Verlicco, Cal Lane and Cindy Lane were there from Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter of Trout
Unlimited. Mitch Buck and Bruce Meyer were there from the Falmouth Fishermen’s Association. It was great
Peter Motyka came from the Eel River project and Bruce Meyer came from clearing the Trunk River Herring
Run just to help out.
Joe Verlicco had kids fly casting in a matter of about twenty minutes. His patience with the kids really shows, as
they adjust to fly casting with what looks like very little effort. Howie Strathie has given me some great pointers
on how to write a successful news letter. It was nice to spend some time going over what works and where to
focus on the job of writing. Mark Hattman is a great friend also; he introduced me to members of the Cape Cod
Chapter and invited our club to their banquet.
All of the kids learned a lot that day. Winners from the Boys group were, as follows: 1st Place Nick Harrington,
2nd Place Robert Sears, 3rd Place Anthony DiGiantommaso. Winners from the Girls Group were as follows: 1st
Place Monica Costello, 2nd Place Riley Devlin and 3rd Place Renee Lane.
I saved the best for last. Renee Lane was the youngest in the group. Cal and Cindy were not sure whether Renee
would be able to grasp the techniques used in fly tying, but Renee was insistent that she wanted to try. Well, try
as she did; Renee did an outstanding job. To see Renee standing next to two teenage girls with a smile from ear
to ear was a great closing to a really fun day.
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One Fly Tournament                                                                 Nils Christesen;
          Announcing the Cape Cod Canal One-Fly Striper Tournament May 31, 2008
                                     F U N D R A I S E R
            All proceeds to benefit Casting for Recovery - Wareham Retreat - 2008
This is a fly fishing tournament that you can wade or use your kayak. Because of bluefish there will be 5 flys of
the same pattern per angler. There will be several patterns to choose from before you go out on the water in your
kayak or wading the shores.
We who participate in the Kayak Fishing Rodeo are supporters of Casting for Recovery because all proceeds
from the Rodeo is donated to Casting for Recovery. I’m adding this for those of you who would like to partici-
pate in the Rodeo but for one reason or another are prevented from fishing those days. Here is another opportu-
nity to show your support and relive some of the fishing anxiety.
I would like to see a lot of kayak anglers from the North East at this tournament, it will be a great way to start of
the season among friends and meet new friends. It’s another opportunity for those who did not make it to Jamaica
Bay to (kayak) fish with friends.
I am Nils Christensen Webmaster for CFFA (Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association)
Where is the Tournament: SACRED HEART RETREAT CENTER, WAREHAM MA, at the boat house on the
Cape Cod Canal
When: Saturday May 31, 2008 from 8:00AM to 4:00PM
What: One Fly Tournament for Stripers
How: Fly Fishing Only - Wade or Kayak
Cost for a fun day of fishing is $25.00 per rod - this includes the BBQ.
Fishing, fishing and more fishing ...                                                                  George Costello
In the words of the legendary singer, James Taylor; “Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend.
The story goes like this… Last year I fished more than a person should have a right to. I have what one would
call, a telephone tree of friends. They consist of Firefighters, Chefs and Environmental Engineers, etc., etc….
Anybody that likes to fish a lot knows that the best way to fish is with at least one other person. A group of three
is even better.
Two years ago, a young lady from Connecticut, named Angela Pokorny, wrote an article in “the Fisherman
Magazine” called “Fishing Buddy”. Angela points out that the fastest way to finding out what’s working is to
have each guy try something different. With her method, you can find out which fly is working three times faster.
We have them write under our roof. The Montana crew is one group. Dave Joubert and his buddy Jay are
another example of guys that fish together. Jay and Dave are old time New England fishermen. They will take
you fishing right after you swear to secrecy never to reveal their spots or forever be banned from their
friendship, so help you God. (spoken aloud; with right hand in air- much like going to court- with a little more
The way that my telephone tree was started was fishing the Misquamicut section of Rhode Island. Fishing the
,RISA, Rhode Island Saltwater Angler’s tournament, I got down later than the rest of the crew did and fished a
section of Rhode Island called Napatree. Napatree is a gorgeous peninsula off of Watch Hill that stretches into
the Ocean and overlooks Stonington, Connecticut. The locals call the walk out to the end the “death march”,
because it takes so long to get out there on foot. I think that it’s a local tactic to dissuade others from fishing this
productive area.
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Fishing, fishing and more fishing ... (continued
    The end of the walk is all rip-rap and if you have bad ankles or knees, you don’t want to fish this area.
 Corkers are a must. Well, when I got back to meet the guys for dinner that night and told them about the three
gorgeous Stripers that I had caught, they all insisted on giving me their phone numbers to program into mine, so
that I never again have to catch three lousy fish.
    Well, I plan on fishing more than I did last year. Remember this, when someone calls you and asks you to go
fishing. Don’t come up with some excuse for why you can’t go. Remember, you’ll be done three times faster.
Thread:       Black
Hook:         Mustad 3407, 34007 sizes 2-2/0 or equal
Tail:         Two grizzly hackles dyed olive
Body:         Silver or gold tinsel
Wing:         Olive Marabou
Eyes:         Prismatic silver or olive
Head:         Black tied large so the eyes may be glued on both the thread and the marabou.
              Then coat with soft body or 5-minute epoxy
Cal Lane, past president of SE MA Chapter Trout Unlimited avid fly tier and fisherman tied this pattern.
In the Spring of 2007 on a trip to Scorton Creek it was a real striper slayer, and has been very successful
at other locations.
Editor’s note: Please feel free to send me one of your favorite recipes for this column. Your participation is
greatly appreciated.
Indian Hollow
Directions to Indian Hollow Weekend, May 16 - 19 2008
In center of Chesterfield on Route 143 is the Town Hall, a large white columned building. Next to it is South
Street.Turn (south) on South Street and follow it to the TU signs for 2.3 miles to Indian Hollow Road. This is a
dirt road which leads down to the campground, a fly fisher’s Shangri-la.
Fly fisher men and woman from all over Massachusetts and Rhode island make this yearly event a must. They
all envy our Taconic Chapter being located in the beautiful Berkshire with it many fine Trout Streams. Members
of our Chapter will be at Indian Hollow from Friday to Monday noon. Come and enjoy it with your friends. A
large rental tent is erected in the center of the campground and the Council caters a free Saturday lunch. Marc
Hoechstetter, one of our very active members provides the material and builds a huge and I do mean huge bon-
fire for the Saturday night entertainment.
The nights are usually cool so bring a jacket for the evening campfire. The river is heavily stocked with good
size trout for this event.
Mike Shepard once took a nice Rainbow trout pushing 5 lbs. The following year Dwayne Anderson did the same
thing. This is a catch and release river. Other nearby streams are not.
At a large upstream pool you’ll often see beaver in the early evening. Gene Chague watched a moose cross the
river one year. Paul Ouellette saw a huge salmon leap in the air below the Rainbow Pool. Bring a few pieces of
fire wood if you can. Free fire wood is scarce. The campground has men and women’s toilet facilities. Also hot
This is a fine chance to commune with nature and your fellow TU members.
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TU Southeastern Mass. Chapter fishing adventure’s, care of Cal Lane
They are all saltwater trips.
5/22 Chatham, we will fish South Beach
5/28 Sandwich , this will be a float trip down Scorton Creek
6/22 Chatham, fish South Beach or North Monomoy
6/27 Sandwich, another float trip down Scorton

We will meet at the Wild Life Refuge on Morris Island at 7:00 a.m. and take the taxi across to the beach for the
Chatham trips. The Scorton float trips, we will meet on Jones Lane in Sandwich at 5:00 a.m.
Canoe’s and kayaks would be the best way to enjoy this trip. Any question please give Cal a call @
(508) 378-2204
Guaranteed Great Time and One of the Biggest Fishing Expeditions of the Season!!!
Saturday, May 31st, there will be a one fly fishing tournament. This is a fund raiser for CASTING FOR
RECOVERY. There will be either fishing from shore or by kayak on the Sacred Heart property in Wareham. Cost
is only $25.00 which includes a cookout that afternoon. There will also be a silent auction after the cookout to
help raise money for the upcoming retreat. All money will go to the CFR, Wareham retreat. Lets all try to get
together for what is sure to be a fun filled day for a worthy cause.
Upcoming Monthly Events
Red Brook work day is on the first Saturday of every month, rain or shine. We meet in the Lyman Reserve park-
ing lot. Stream readings usually start at 9:00 A.M. Arrive early and wet a line. Check the railroad bridge tide
chart. The dates are:
        April 5      High Tide 3:21 AM                        May 3       High Tide 2:02 AM
        June 7       High Tide 6:44 AM                        July 5      High Tide 5:38 AM
Directions: From Route 25, get off at exit 1 (to Buzzards Bay, Bourne) just north of the Bourne Bridge on the
Cape Cod Canal. Bear right off ramp and take an immediate right onto Head of the Bay Road. Follow for
approximately three miles around the eastern and northern shores of Buttermilk Bay. Parking lot entrance is about
250 feet beyond Packard Street on right.
Call Warren Winders for more news.
In order to relieve angling pressure on the salters in Red Brook during their fall spawning season, we request that
you give them a break starting in mid October throughout the winter. Thank you for your cooperation.

Eel River work day is on the third Saturday of every month, rain or shine. We meet Stream readings
usually start at 9:00 A.M. Check the Plymouth tide chart.
        April 19      High Tide 11:41 AM                      May 17       High Tide 10:32 AM
        June 21       High Tide 1:31 AM                       July 19      High Tide 12:28 AM
Directions: We park in the Nature Conservancy property at 204 Long Pond Road, 02360 if you’d care to get
directions online.
    From Route 3 south: Get off at exit 5. Bear right at the bottom of the ramp onto Long Pond road. You will
travel 1.8 miles. After you pass Boot Pond road on the right, you will cross over the stream. The Nature
Conservancy driveway is on the left.
    From Route 3 north: Get off at exit 3. Take a left at the end of the ramp and go over the highway. At the stop
sign, take a right onto Long Pond road. Drive 3.7 miles from that intersection. The entrance is on you right just
before you cross the stream.
For more information call Eel River Liaison Peter Motyka
Trout Unlimited, SE Mass Chapter 241                         Page 7

Quashnet area High Tides
        April 20 High Tide 1:15 AM                            June 15 High Tide 11:12 AM
        May 18      High Tide —- AM                           July 20      High Tide 2:18 AM
For Quashnet Workday information Call Bob Nickerson. Cape Cod Chapter meets at the Martin Road gate, off
Route 28 Falmouth- Call Bob Nickerson for info: 508-428-8320
GENERAL MEETING DATES AND SPEAKERS: The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM for
fly tying. Bring your mattarelli, deer hair, thread and hackle and tie a few.

Up Coming Events:
Fly Casting Classes - April 2, 9, 16, 23
Massachusetts Rhode Island Council meeting at Indian Hollow

Your Directors are ...                                                            * Are also Council Delegates
PRESIDENT: Barry Guaraldi 508-946-3429
VICE PRESIDENT: Eel River Liaison: Peter Motyka 508-888-2907
TREASURER: Gus Dube 508-378-2648
SECRETARY: Tom Magee: 781-767-1543
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: George Costello 508- 328-1737
PAST PRESIDENT: Cal Lane 508-378-2204
PR Coordinator: Roger Moore 781-878-8620
*Larry Cook Entertainment chair: 617-413-9307
Jim Augenti: 508-631-1734
Jim Clinton: 781-447-7371
Nancy Dube: 508-378-2648
*Cindy Lane Membership chair: 508-378-2204
George Costello: 508-328-1737
Tom Magee: 781-767-1543
Charles Fortier: 508-378-7335
Wayne Perry: 508-747-7900
PAST PRESIDENTS:                              COUNCIL DELEGATES
Art Cabral: 508-586-3293    Steve Angers: 508-337-8786
Bob Frederick: 508-697-6303  Ed & Gloria Braun: 508-947-6175
Roger Moore                                   Warren Winders
Cal Lane
RED BROOK DIRECTOR: Warren Winders (781) 878-1074

  Chapter Shirts, T-Shirts and Hats Available
  We have button down shirts with our                          Thanks go out to Printing Unlimited in Holbrook for the
  embroidered logo, t-shirts with Jay Mulcahy’s                fine job they do on our newsletter. Thank you.
  sketch of a brook trout and hats for sale in                 Thanks to the following businesses for distributing the
  various sizes. Prices are as follows:                        Backcast to the general public.
       Button down shirts..................$40.00              Red Top Sporting Goods, Buzzards Bay           508-759-3371
                                                               Rod Builders Workshop, Kingston                781-582-1015
       T-shirts ....................................$10.00
                                                               Bear’s Den Fly Fishing Company, Taunton        508-977-0700
       Hats ........................................$10.00     Fisherman’s Outfitter on Union St., Plymouth   508-747-7440
     See Nancy Dube at the general meeting.
Trout Unlimited, SE Mass Chapter 241                       Page 8
Poaching of striped bass and other saltwater species is an ongoing problem in the northeast. Punishment is
severe and your eyes and ears are the best weapon. If you should witness any environmental infractions, call the
Environmental Police at 1-800-632-8075. You might also want to consider keeping an inexpensive disposable
35mm in your vehicle. Does your cell phone take digital pictures? It could become powerful evidence.

    Go to On the left side of the homepage, you will see State Government (4th section down).
Click on Legislative and choose either State Representatives or State Senators. Click on any name on the left and
that person’s bio will come up. You will then see a link on the left that says “Legislative districts by city and
town”. Click on that and the next screen will have an alphabet bar on top. Click on the first letter of your city or
town name and you will find your Reps and Senators with all vital contact information. You can then exercise
your freedom of speech and have your voice heard.
Directions to our monthly meetings:
The Mitchell Memorial Club is near the intersection of routes 28 and 105 in Middleboro. It is also near exit 4 on route 495.
From route 495, head toward Middleboro. Take a left at the lights. If you’re coming from Middleboro center, take a right
at the lights. The Mitchell Club is a white building that is 1/8 of a mile on the right (29 Elm Street) from that intersection.
If you cross the RR tracks, you’ve passed it.
Deadline for the April Newsletter, April 10, 2008.

                                                                                           East Bridgewater, MA 02333
                                                                                           100 Dube Drive
                                                                                           Southeastern Mass Chapter
                                                                                            TROUT UNLIMITED
                                                                                            TROUT UNLIMITED

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