European Flower Arrangers Tour by zhangyun


									                     Green Academy Belgium and Faith Flowers Atlanta
                               Announce our new program

                  European Flower Arrangers Tour
                                   April 10th to 18th, 2011

                  Seven days in a special corner of Europe
     Adventures laced with floral workshops, flower markets & gardens

Laura Iarocci and Isabel Gilbert Palmer have created an itinerary perfect for flower arrangers
of all skill levels. The only requirement is a love of flowers. Whether you are an experienced
   flower arranger or a beginner, you will come away refreshed and full of new ideas and
                                     knowledge about flowers.

                       European Flower Arrangers Tour Highlights
      * Take Floral Design Classes in schools in the Belgian countryside & Amsterdam

              * Learn techniques of traditional & contemporary European design

* Be inspired by the creativity of each instructor with new and unique ideas for parties & home

* Explore flower markets, shops and wholesale houses with beautiful products not seen in U.S.

        * Tour Keukenhof, the world famous tulip garden open only 8 weeks each year

* Tour of Hortus Botanica, the world’s oldest botanical garden and Amsterdam’s floating flower
                                          market and

                  * Private tour of Alsmeer, the world’s largest flower auction

       * Excursions through Belgian and Dutch countryside bursting with spring tulips
       * Farewell dinner and tour in a restored 17 century canal house in Amsterdam

                     * Wonderful food & company among flower lovers

European Flower Arrangers Tour Itinerary

Monday, April 11th: Arrive in Brussels, Belgium. A private coach will take us to our hotel in
the quaint city of Ghent. Ghent is the original “flower city”. We will have a Welcome Brunch
with Green Academy and an introduction to European Flower Arranging and our classes. The
afternoon will be free to explore Ghent. We will stay in the Marriott Ghent, a four star hotel
located on the River Lys in the historic section of Ghent. Breakfast will be included each day.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 12th to 14th: We will begin our flower
arranging classes in Belgium. Green Academy will drive us each day through the lovely
countryside to our classes. We will take hands on workshops in the studio of Gudrun
Cottenier, the Flemish country garden workshop of Katrein Vandierendonck and the working
flower shop and floral studio of Poleman and De Wilde near Gent.

Designers specially selected by Green Academy will lead us as we explore and practice current
European design styles. They have selected a team of talented and helpful tutors to guide,
assist and inspire us. We will all be working and learning together.

Green Academy will structure the courses to give a broad exposure to European floral design
styles and techniques. The classes will focus on arrangements for parties and the home. The
classes are designed to give students many new ideas and techniques to take back and
incorporate into their own arrangements. The working titles of the courses are:

Gudrun Cottenier with Haruko Noda: “DECORATIVE AND ADAPTABLE”

Katrein Vandierendonck: “SETTINGS OUTDOORS”

Tom de Wilde with Ivan Poleman:

A lovely lunch and light snack will be included each day. We will stop along the way to visit
favorite floral shops, gardens and wholesale houses. The Belgians are known for their
impressive wholesale depots with an array of new plants and products. (Arrangements will be
made to ship purchases home.)

We will eat dinner in Ghent and neighboring towns. Dinners will be in small groups or on your
own. We will give you suggestions and make reservations where necessary. Dinners are paid
for separately by participants to allow flexibility in dining and pricing.

In the afternoon on Thursday, we will say farewell to our Belgian tutors as we begin our
journey to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, we will stay in the Bilderberg Hotel Jan Luyken; a
small hotel in renovated historic mansions and centrally located near the Rijks and Van Gogh
museums. Breakfast will be included each day. (

Friday, April 15th: Rise for an early morning tour of Alsmeer, the world’s largest flower
auction. We will see how flowers are sold at auction, packed and transported all over the
world. The majority of the world’s flowers are auctioned out of Alsmeer every day. Cut Flower
Wholesale has arranged a special tour of the hard goods wholesalers above the auction floor.

We will meet Rob Plattel, our Dutch floral instructor for lunch. After lunch, Rob will give us a
tour of Hortus Botanica, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, opened in 1638
( The garden has over 6000 plants and 7 greenhouses on just 2.5 acres. He
will also take us to the world famous floating flower market and to a cutting edge Amsterdam
floral shop.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, participants may dine in small groups or on their own; tour
the Van Gogh museum, which is open late on Fridays; or experience the lively atmosphere of
the Leidseplein with its cafes, theaters and shops. (Dinners and these excursions will be paid
separately by participants.)

Saturday, April 16th: We will have a hands on workshop with Rob Plattel in a historic garden
in Alsmeer ( Rob is known for his creative work with natural elements.
We will explore the difference between vegetative and decorative design styles. Rob will show
examples and participants will create two designs using flowers, greenery and other natural
material. The design possibilities using natural materials to express personal creativity are
limitless. Rob will help participants improve and gain insight into their techniques.

Sunday, April 17th: We will tour and have lunch at Keukenhof, the largest bulb garden in the
world ( Keukenhof is a unique and world famous garden, one of the most
popular destinations in the Netherlands. It is open only eight weeks each year. On our way,
we will drive through beautiful tulip fields filled with spring flowers. This should be the peak
week for tulips in the Netherlands.

On Sunday evening we will have a farewell dinner in a restored 17th century canal home in
Amsterdam. We will have a tour of the home and its artwork and learn about its restoration.
The cost of the farewell dinner is included in the tour.

Monday, April 18th: Departure to the United States

European Flower Arrangers Tour Team

Green Academy Belgium: Isabel and Gudrun Cottenier formed Green Academy Belgium to
promote Belgian and European Floral Design worldwide. They bring together flower lovers and
florists from around the world to their studios to work with their creative, inspiring and helpful
floral design instructors. They have specially selected the instructors for this tour.

Isabel is a freelance writer for Flower Magazine, Garden Design, and Fleur Creatif. She has a
Flower World blog Over the last five years, she has brought her
programs, “Found in Flanders and France” with leading European Designers, to the stage at
the American Institute of Floral Designers Symposiums throughout the USA.

Faith Flowers: Faith Flowers is the organizer of the European Flower Arrangers Tour. Faith
Flowers is a floral design company and flower school based in Atlanta, Georgia. Laura Iarocci
and Victoria Denson are the principals and instructors. They specialize in floral design for
weddings, churches and the home. They have won numerous awards for their work and are
featured in Judith Blacklock’s recent book, Church Flowers (

Rob Plattel: Rob is an outstanding, talented and exceedingly likeable Dutch floral designer.
He has worked with groups from around the world. His sensitivity, observations and deep
respect for nature is evident in all his work whether bouquets or large events. This is a bonus
to spend a day work shopping with him. (

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