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Our Family
                                                                                                               The Newsletter of Milam
                                                                                                                  and Phillips Families
                                                                                                                   Volume 5 • Issue 1
                                                                                                                        January 1998

                                              Eugenia lives in Cahokia, IL. I                Knotts: I talk with Aunt Beulah
                                              communicate with Dena and Gena                 (Phillips) Knotts frequently by telephone.
                                              frequently by telephone. Other than being      She seems to be doing quite well for an
                                              plagued with the normal pains and ills that    octogenarian. Her son Eldon lives nearby
                                              come with being a senior citizen –join the     and provides lots of support. She also
                                              crown—they are doing quite well and            enjoys frequently visits from the children
                                              enjoying their children and grandchildren.     and grandchildren. She is a plucky little
                                              Rayburn is happy as a lark to be living        lady and a fighter . She would be
                                              back on the old home place. He recently        delighted to get a telephone call or visit
                                              told me that his brief residence in            from any of you guys out there.
                                              Pocahontas was not exactly a high water
                                              mark in his life. Rayburn, we wish you         Milam: I received a Christmas card from
                                              and Ada Mae many years of happiness            Grover and Pauline. Pauline tells me that
                                              right where you are..                          Grover’s health continues to be something
                                                                                             less than robust. Seems that he suffers a
                                              Kizer: Jackie and I continue to enjoy          lot from colds and flu-like symptoms.
                                              the simple and quiet life of Horseshoe         Hopefully, we will have a mild winter, and
Let’s go:                                     Bend, AR. Mary continues to live at            he’ll have less of those symptoms to deal
  No hemming and hawing and excuse            Osceola and woks for the city of Luxora.       with. I also had a Christmas card from
making. Let’s get right into Millard’s        She likes her job so well that she decided     Eula and Lyda. Lyda continues to work
news.                                         not to retire early. Frank and Ruth still      for the state at Pocahontas. Lyda recently
                                              live at Bartlett, TN. When Frank is not        did a paper on the Milams and the
                    Frank                     occupied with his yard and flowers, he         Kosters. It contains a lot of current
                                              tutors college math online and at a local      information. If any of you would like a
      ***                                     college. Their daughter, Julie, is still in    copy, please let me know and I’ll send you
NEWS OF THE FAMILIES                          Maryland. Bob and Barb live at Ash Flat        one. We were saddened by the untimely
      by Millard Kizer                        within walking distance of the Wal-Mart        death of Cleatus Akins during the month
                                              Supercenter. I’m not sure if this is good or   of May. As most of you know, he was the
Greetings from the Ozarks:                    bad. I’m told that his checks are pre-         son of Aunt Annie (Milan) Akins and
I’ve been procrastinating over this little    printed, ―Pay to the order of ―Wal-Mart.‖      Uncle Erve Akins. I have just finished
chore for several days, but after a little    Wanda and her son Bob and daughter             talking with Vada (Akins) Scott who lives
nudging from Jackie, I’ve decided there’s     Francis still live in CA.. We were all         at Pocahontas. She had surgery three
no better time to start than right now. I’m   saddened by the death of Wanda’s               times, including a heart bypass, in 1997.
sorry that I don’t have any news that will    husband, Truman, last March. Wanda             Much more than her share I’d say. Vada,
reach out and grab you. Maybe 1998 will       visited here in October of this year. She’s    we hope 1998 will be a lot kinder to you.
bring some excitement.                        still spry and energetic and a joy to be
                                              around. Our dear brother Conway was            Phillips: Woody and his wife Flora
Foster: Bonnie (Foster) Hudson who, as        fatally injured last March when he was         Belle still live in the Sikeston, MO area.
many of you know, is the daughter of          struck by a car while he was jogging. He       They stay young and happy by being
Aunt Minna (Phillips) Foster, and             will be remembered as a gifted wit, the        heavily involved in their church. Woody
Bonnie’s daughter Candy live in St. Louis.    wearer of a mischievous grin, an avid          also still has a part-time job. Ruthie is in a
Candy is finishing up her master’s degree     animal lover, and a physical fitness buff.     nursing home in Doniphan, MO.
in nursing.                                   He jogged eight to ten miles each day          Marilyn Morgan lives in a Chicago
                                              regardless of weather. Quite a feat for a      suburb and is employed in the field of
Harris: Aldena, Billy Jack, and Freda         man 77 years of age.                           nursing.
Mae still live in the St. Louis area.
Davis: For those of you who don’t know               Well, I’ve not yet solved the talking crow     One wonders if Bersheba and some of her
him, I’d like to introduce you to Dave               mystery, but I have found out a lot about      children may have stood and watched as
Davis. Dave is a distant cousin, probably            the James J. Phillips whose tombstone we       the long, dispirited line of Confederate
third, of ours who lives in Pocahontas.              saw.                                           soldiers wound their way back, hauling
He and Frank have recently been working              As it turns out, he was the older brother of   the body of General Johnston in a wagon
together on tracing the Phillips ancestors.          Benjamin F. Phillips, our great-               with several bullets in his chest, dead; a
[ This addition by Frank.]                           grandfather.                                   casualty of that fierce battle along with
                                                     James and Frank, as I believe Benjamin F.      10,000 Confederates and 10,000 Union
Well, beautiful ladies and handsome gents,           was called, were two of the eleven children    troops who fell and many still lay on the
this is the long and the short of it for this        born to William and Rebecca Phillips.          battlefield.
writing. I wish each of you good health,             James was born on March 19, 1832 either        But to return to James, he apparently came
happiness and contentment throughout                 in Tennessee or Alabama and Benjamin in        home around February in 1863 to help
the year 1998.                                       about 1844 in Mississippi.                     with the farming. He may not have been
      Until next time,                               James met a young woman named Marion           very far from home since much of the
              The old fossil,                        Bersheba Bryan(t), and in February 1853        army was now consolidated at Corinth. It
            Millard                                  the bed and horse which James owned            must have been during that time that
                        ***                          was joined with the bed clothes, cow and       another daughter who was born in
Family sketches.                                     calf, and land which Bethsheba got from        November was conceived.
        *** Frank Kizer                              her father, and James and Bethsheba            At any rate, James was soon back in the
(I am indebted to Dave Davis for most of the         became man and wife.                           army. He was taken prisoner at Heston
information and all of the quotes included in this   James and Bethsheba worked the farm            (or Hester’s) mills in Henderson Country
article.)                                            and started a family which by 1860             on 27 July 1863 and eventually ended up
Long ago when I was a small child – much             included three children.                       in a military prisoner of war camp in St.
before logic and reason crowded out the              During that decade, the relations between      Louis in a camp that had been a
mystery and wonder in my life – there was            the North and the South became                 fairgrounds.
a belief in our family that if you split the         increasing hostile and in the beginning ot     According to sources, life was very hard at
tongue of a crow, that crow would be able            the sixties, Southern states started           the camp in St. Louis. ―The sheds where
to talk.                                             seceding from the union. In that               horses and cattle had been shown and the
We even had a story – probably a fable –             environment, according to one record,          agricultural products had been exhibited
to support this claim. In that story, it             James joined Company B of the                  were turned into barracks for the
seems that the Phillips family – I don’t             Tennessee 34th Infantry to fight the Union     prisoners. The buildings…were
know which generation – had a crow with              army. His unit is known to have been at        penetrated by snow, wind, and rain. A
a split tongue. On the occasion of this              Cumberland Gap, then at Bean Station           part of the time, fuel was insufficient.
story, the family was gathered around the            north of Knoxville, and still later fighting   Sanitary conditions were bad,. Sewage
kitchen table noisily passing out some               at the Battle of Murfeesboro.                  flowed through an open ditch.
sort of goodies ( or perhaps gifts) to               It is ironic that even though Bersheba and     James did have one advantage: According
various members of the family. Jim                   the children were left at home in what         to one of the grandchildren, ―James had
Phillips had gone into one of the back               might have been though to be                   some relatives that lived nearby the camp.
rooms while the stuff was being passed               comparative safety, they were almost           Apparently they were well enough off to
out. While he was gone, there was a brief            within hollering distance of one of the        provide him with money to help better
lull in the noisy celebration, and according         bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Shiloh     stay alive.‖ He eventually was exchanged
to the story, the crow shocked everyone              was ―almost in their back yard‖ as Dave        at Point Lookout, Maryland.
by proclaiming, ―left Old Jim out.‖                  Davis puts it.                                 After the war was James returned home,
                   * * *                             It was at Shiloh that Confederate General      but life was not the same for the family.
That story was handed down to my                     A. S. Johnston with General Beauregard         Listen to the voice of Mary Young, one of
mother, and from her to our family.                  and Cavalryman Col. Nathan Bedford             James’ granddaughters. ― … mother was
While we may doubt its complete                      Forrest undertook to destroy the Union         told what Grandmother Phillips and Aunt
authenticity, it’s this sort of memory that          army commanded by Union General (later         Minnie told her and that she thinks he
those of us who try to trace our ancestry            President) U. S. Grant.                        (James) was a pretty food farmer until he
cling to in the hope of piecing together the         The first day, it looked as if the             went off and got into prison.. After he
family. For a long time, this was the only           Confederates would rule the day, but that      came back home it seem like he couldn’t
evidence I had that somewhere back in the            night, Union General Buell arrived with        hardly get a handle on things and he
family, there was a Jim Phillips. So, when           reinforcements from Columbia. Faced            seemed to drink quite a bit and at times
Millard and I were browsing through a                with what was left of Grant’s army             would just climb on his horse and ride off.
cemetery near Attica and came upon the               reinforced by Buell, the Confederates          Grandmother had no idea where he went
grave of James J. Phillips, the first thing          decided to retreat back to their camp in       he’d stay a day or two or longer than that.
that occurred to me was whether this was             Corinth, Mississippi.                          Then he’d just come back, no explanation
the ―Old Jim‖ who was left out.                                                                     as to where he’d been or anything..‖
Nevertheless, James and Bersheba                he enlisted for the term of two years. His      beyond the Broad River. The army
continued to raise the children they had        Captain Nathaniel Cook, Joseph Hopkins          returned to or near Chamblin (Camden)
and have more, and they prospered               and other Lieutenants; with this regiment       and there affiant's time had expired,
moderately in their farming business.           officers was marched to Petersburg and          returned home. Affiant states had had
Shortly after their last child was born in      after stoping there a short time was            discharges but they are lost. He further
1875, James’ father died and it may be that     marched to Williamsburg in the State of         states he has the record of his age in a
his mother died soon after that. Anyway         Virginia where they were stationed for          family bible now in his possession. He
in a short time , James was a virtual           some months and while there the                 states he was born in Brunswick County in
alcoholic, according to court records, and      declaration of independence was                 the state of Virginia, 12 June, 1753. His
he began chasing lewd women and was             promulgated. From thence they were              father moved from Brunswick to Halifax
reportedly seen entering housed of ill          marched to Little York where a                  before he can remember, from Halifax
repute, and he began neglecting the needs       considerable skirmish took place a little       affiant moved to Laurence (Laurens)
of his family, taking money the family          below the town near an island which             County in the state of South Carolina
made and spending it on ―high living.‖          affiant and many others crossed where the       where he lived 30 or 40 years, from thence
In 1879, Bersheba filed for divorce. James      battle was fought, the enemy plundered of       to this County of Madison where he has
rambled around for a while and eventually       about $10,000 worth of goods and many           lived ever since and where he now lives.
ended up with his brother, Benjamin F.          negroes were taken in the action and it was        Said affiant hereby relinquishes every
Phillips, in Randolph country, Arkansas.        said that that property would be divided        claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity
Frank’s second wife, Mary McNeese had a         out among the troops but it was never           except the present and he declares that his
younger sister, Babe NcNeese who James          done. Affiant does not distinctly               name is not on the pension roll of any
became acquainted with. Despite the 26          remember the name of the Commander in           agency in any state.
years age difference, they were married in      Chief of the British troops but believes it        Sworn to and subscribed the daye and
September, 1882.                                was Dunmore. From thence affiant was            year aforesaid. (Seal) L. Mead, Clerk, C.C.
Apparently James overcame his drinking          marched with the said Regiment through          (Seal) John Milam And the said Court do
problem , did his best to care for his family   Alexandria and Georgetown, thence to            hereby declare its opinion that the above
in Tennessee, and became a respected            Baltimore at Dumphriese where all were          named John Milam, the applicant, was a
citizen in Randolph count.                      inoculated for the smallpox. Rather             revolutionary soldier and served as he
This from a report of his death. ―J. J.         thinks there was a change of officers at        stated and that the said Kelly and the said
Phillips, an old and well-known citizen of      Baltimore, Mosely was Capt., Richardson         Garner assemble to credit.
this country and soldier of the lost cause,     Major, Nelson and McClanahan Cols.,                                     (Seal) W. I. Adair,
died at his home near Attica Wednesday.         William Woodford Gen. From thence he            Clerk I, Lemuel Mead of the Circuit Court
Uncle Jimmy was 78 year old and lived in        was marched with said army to                   of Madison County and the State of
this county for more than thirty years,         Philadelphia there they remained some           Alabama, do hereby certify that the
emigranting from Tennessee. He leaves a         time. From thence they marched into the         foregoing contains the original
large family of children, all of whom are       Jerseys to Morristown. There affiant            proceedings of the said Court in the
highly respected citizens..‖                    appointed orderly sergeant, was stationed       matter of the application of John Milam
                                                there with the sick for several months.         for a pension. In testimony whereof I
****************************                    Affiant was marched from (can't read) to        have hereunto set my hand and seal of
                                                the Valley Forge when he took sick and          office this 3rd day of November, 1832.
                                                was sent to Lancaster where he remained                                    (seal) L. Mead,
                                                sick until his time of service expired, after   Clk, C.C.
State of Alabama, Madison County.               having thus served out his term of service
   0n this day 29 day of October, 1832          two years, he returned home. He, during                         * * *
personally appeared in open Court before        this said campaign in several little            Continuing our look into the past.
the Honorable William I. Adair, Judge of        skirmishes, one on the Schoolkill, but they             by Frank Kizer
the Circuit Court for the said County of        were too small to be mentioned here.
Madison now sitting, John Milam, a                 After affiant had returned from this           ―Our village was a place of old frame
resident of said County of Madison, aged        campaign about two years was drafted for        buildings and had streets or roads that
seventy-nine, who being first duly sworn        four months to go to the siege of Ninety        were impassable because of mud and
according to law doth on his oath make          Six or Cambridge it was called. Edmond          water during winter. In summer it was, at
the following declaration in order to obtain    King, Capt.; Alen Roser, Major; Gen.            times, dry and dusty or muddy depending
the benefit of the provisions of the act of     Green Commander in Chief. Gen. Green            on how long it had been since the last
Congress passed 7 June, 1832, that he           made an attack on the forts of the enemy        rain.‖
enlisted in the army of the United States in    commanded by one Cooger as well as                              *     *     *
the spring of the year 1776, with Tapley        remembered, who (can't read) reenforced           Last year in this space I did quite a lot of
White, Lieutenant, and served in the            by the division commanded by Gen.               highly speculative musing about what
Seventh Regiment of Virginia of the line        Roddin. Green was forced to a precipetate       hardships our ancestors endured in their
under the following named officers, That        flight and returned across the Saluda and       trek from Virginia or the Carolinas across
the country and into Tennessee,                 hit upon a solution: They picked out some         been back home we could have got a
Mississippi, up to Missouri, and then back      of the meanest men in the county and              doctor and saved our little Jimmy. Can’t
to Arkansas. This year I thought I’d let        made them deputies to keep order. After           do nothing about it now though. Too late.
people of the past speak for themselves.        that there was perfect order.‖                    Got to think what I can do to make Millie
The first paragraph is an example of that.                                                        not feel so hurt and sorrowful. Got to
It’s important to remember as you read          Would you believe there was complaining           think about taking care of Millie and what
this, that what follows is a composite and      about the mail even before the US Postal          kids we’ve got left. Got to think about
does not represent any particular town or       Service? Check this out from a local              laying some things away to eat for this
region, and it’s certainly does not represent   newspaper. ― Having but one mail from             winter‖
any of our ancestors speaking, but it is        the north and one from the south each
representative of what people’s lives were      week, we conceive we have a right to                                     ***
like in the times of our great-grandparents     complain of such gross neglect of duty on            I must mention that even though I’ve
and before. Enough said. Here are more          the part of the public officers in that           included no sources for the quotes in the
voices from the past:                           department – if these public drones are           above article, they mostly come from
   ―The early settlers moved into the region    too ignorant or too lazy to inform them           copyrighted sources. The reason I’ve not
on foot, on horseback, or in wagons. The        selves of their public duty, let them resign      listed notes is that the quotes are from
same old story of girdling trees, clearing      that honest and efficient men may be              many sources, some of which I’ve
ground, planting a corn patch, building a       appointed.                                        completely lost track of. There are a few
log hut and starting life over again was           And again: ―We have no news from our           remarks of my own interspersed in the
reenacted over and over as the settlers         legislature this week as we expected in           quotes, but my remarks are not in quotes.
moved westward. Indians and sometimes           consequence of the failure of the mail. It
wild varmints were a constant threat.‖          is quite embarrassing to us to have an            Family Tid-Bits:
   ―There was quite a bit of crime especially   entire failure of the mail …and there can            Ever wonder who our most distant
by mean boys and young men and for this         be no just cause assigned to it.‖                 living relatives are? Well, I don’t know,
reason we made Miss Julie Robinson                 Now for a few prices: ―The purchase            but just to give you some food for
Town Marshall. Miss Julie enforced the          price of land has varied in many instances.       thought, Dave Davis is, I believe, a third
law with an automatic pistol. There were a      One parcel sold for $4. 00 an acre: another       cousin on Grandpa Phillips side, and
lot of arrests for drinking, disturbing the     for ninety three cents, and yet another for       Oliver Milam is a sixth cousin on
peace and bootlegging, but the gamblers         $1.07. The location of the land, the              Grandma Phillips side.
were mostly off in the woods or swamps.‖        fertility of the soil and the accessibility and
   ―The town was noted for its hilarious        the persuasiveness of the seller all go in to
fights, with people coming for miles            make the price more or less.‖                     Odds and Ends:
around to see the fight which occurred              ―Vinegar 2 gal. 25 cents. Meal 24 lb.            Here’s a copy of my latest mailing list
every Saturday night. Finally, the sale of      sack 40 cents. Corn 3 cans Pride of               for the Newsletter. If you know of
beer was outlawed within three miles of         Illinois, 25 cents. Pure Lard, 8 lbs., 65         someone who would like to be added or,
schools or churches and the fighting fell       cents. Kansas City Round Steak, lb., 15           for that matter, if there’s someone already
off a lot.‖                                     cents. Good Roast Beef, lb. 5 cents. Pork         on the list who has no interest in the
   ―Our usually quiet village [after the        Sausage lb. 10 cents.‖                            newsletter, I’d appreciate a note from you.
fights, of course] was startled last night by   Terrific prices wouldn’t you say?                 Here’s the list: Davis: Dave. Foster:
the alarming cry of FIRE, and after                ―Wives supervised the household and            Bonnie. Harris: Aldena, Eugenia,
looking out, Abbots shop was discovered         did or caused to be done such tasks as            Rayburn. Kizer: Bob, Julie, Mary,
to be ablaze. The house was quite dry and       churning by hand, making cheese from              Millard, Wanda, Bob Morgan. Milam:
the flames quickly caught Gossett’s house,      sour milk; converting wool and cotton into        Grover, Lyda Davidson. Phillips:
and it was soon enveloped in flames. Cole       yarn. Besides that, they bore and reared a        Woody, Marilyn Morgan.
barely had time to remove his goods             family of their own and maybe some from
before his house was on fire. By tearing        a former wife or husband that all together        Bye for now and best of everything to you
down Davis’ office, knocking off the            might be as many as ten or twelve.‖               all.
weather boarding of Jordan’s shed and              And the family bore the sorrow of losing
spreading wet blankets on the roof and          children or frequently a husband or wife.                              Frank
keeping them wet, with the help of a            This from a grieving father . ―We laid
North wind, the flames were arrested.‖          little Jimmy to rest yesterday. Poor little
   ―During the summer the railroad              thing laying there all white with no life at
company ran trains for special meetings.        all. Maybe I done wrong bringing Millie
They went up and down the county                and the kids out here in this place that
picking people up in the mornings and           even God probably don’t know much
taking them back in the evenings. The           about. Me thinking I’d make such a good
sheriff and his deputy had a lot of trouble     life, mostly for Millie and the kids but
keeping order on the train, but they finally    maybe even some for me. Maybe if we’d

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