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					   S ON Y P I C T U R E S E N T E R TA I N M E N T
STAGES           OFFICE BUILDINGS                                    SUPPORT FACILITIES                                                                             POST PRODUCTION FACILITIES
STAGE 7    E-6   ASTAIRE                                      E-9    AIR CONDITIONING                             F-3    SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS            G-13   SCREENING ROOMS/DUBBING THEATRES
STAGE 8    E-6   AUTRY, GENE                                  F-8    ART DEPARTMENT                               D-8    STAFF SHOP                          G-1    BACKSTAGE THEATRE                       C-8
STAGE 9    E-6   BARRYMORE                                    C-5    ATHLETIC CLUB                                E-6    STUDIO EMPORIUM                     D-8    BURT LANCASTER THEATRE (Stage 4)        D-7
STAGE 10   F-6   BURNS                                        E-9    BUILDINGS & GROUNDS                          F-3    STUDIO EXPENDABLES                  F-2    CARY GRANT THEATRE                      D-8
STAGE 11   F-5   CAPRA                                        E-8    CARPENTRY SHOP/MILL                          G-2    STUDIO OPERATIONS                   E-9    KIM NOVAK THEATRE (Stage 5)             D-6
STAGE 12   F-4   COFFEE SHOP                                  E-6    CASHIER                                      D-9    STUDIO TOURS                        C-12   SONY PICTURES PLAZA THEATRES 1 & 2      C-13
STAGE 14   F-3   COHN,HARRY                                   E-6    COMMISSARY                                   E-6    TELECOMMUNICATIONS                  D-9    STEWART BUILDING (21-24)                D-1
STAGE 15   E-4   COHN, JACK                                   F-7    COPY/FAX ROOM (Heidleberg)                   E-5    VIDEO LIBRARY (Thalberg Basement)   E-10   THALBERG BUILDING (A-F)                 E-10
STAGE 21   D-6   CRAWFORD                                     C-6    COURIER SERVICE                              G-2    WATER TOWER                         E-5    WILLIAM HOLDEN THEATRE (Stage 5)        D-6
STAGE 22   D-6   GABLE                                        C-7    CREAMERY                                     D-8    WARDROBE                            C-5    ANTHONY QUINN THEATRE (Stage 4)         D-7
STAGE 23   D-5   GARBO                                        C-5    CREDIT UNION (FIRST ENTERTAIMNENT)           C-12   XEROX (Thalberg Basement)           E-9
STAGE 24   D-5   GARLAND                                      C-6    DURANTE                                      D-8                                               POST PRODUCTION SERVICES
STAGE 25   D-4   HEIDELBERG (Fax/Copy Rm.)                    E-5    ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT                        F-3                                               ADR 1                                   D-7
STAGE 26   D-4   HEPBURN                                      C-7    ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT                       F-3                                               ADR 2                                   D-8
STAGE 27   D-4   KEATON                                       D-7    FACILITIES MAINTENANCE                       G-3                                               ADR 3                                   C-8
STAGE 28   D-3   KELLY                                        D-9    GOWER CAFE                                   D-8                                               DUBBING 6 (Sound Department)            D-7
STAGE 29   D-2   LEAN                                         E-8    STUDIO GRILL                                 E-6                                               DUBBING 7 (Sound Department)            D-7
STAGE 30   D-3   LOY                                          C-7    GRIP DEPARTMENT                              G-3                                               DUBBING 11 (Sound Department)           D-7
                 POITIER                                      C-9    JANITORIAL DEPARTMENT                        F-3                                               DUBBING 12 (Sound Department)           D-7
                 ROONEY                                       D-8    LOCK SHOP                                    D-11                                              DUBBING 15                              C-6
                 SONY PICTURES DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT (SPDE)   G-13   MAIL ROOM                                    G-2                                               DUBBING 17 (Stage 3)                    D-7
                 SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS                     G-13   MEDICAL SERVICES (Young)                     E-7                                               FOLEY A                                 D-7
                 SONY PICTURES PLAZA                          D-12   PAINT DEPARTMENT                             G-3                                               FOLEY B                                 D-8
                 STAGE 6                                      D-6    PARKING DEPARTMENT (Kelly)                   D-9                                               FOLEY C (Cutters Alley West)            D-8
                 STEWART, JIMMY                               D-1    PARKING STRUCTURE (Overland)                 F-2                                               BARBARA STREISAND SCORING STAGE         C-8
                 THALBERG                                     E-10   PLUMBING                                     F-3                                               SHIPPING/RECEIVING (Sound)              D-7
                 THALBERG ANNEX                               D-11   PRINT SHOP (Thalberg Basement)               D-10                                              MUSICIANS LOUNGE (Cutters Alley East)   D-8
                 THE CULVER STUDIOS                           G-12   PRODUCTION SOUND                             D-7                                               VIDEO TRANSFER & TELECINE               D-7
                 THE CULVER STUDIOS OFFICE BLDG.              F-13   RITA HAYWORTH                                D-8
                 TRACY                                        C-6    SCENIC ART (J.C. Backings)                   F-3                                               EDITING ROOMS
                 TRAILERS (EAST END)                          G-2    SECURITY                                     D-9                                               300-326 (Washington Row)                C-7
                 TRAILERS (WEST END)                          F-2    SET LIGHTING                                 G-3                                               329-372 (Washington Row)                C-6
                 WASHINGTON ROW                               C-7    SHIPPING/RECEIVING                           G-2                                               400-431 (Cutters Alley East)            D-8
                 YOUNG, ROBERT                                E-7    SIGNS & GRAPHICS                             G-2                                               432-440 (Cutters Alley West)            D-8
                 3830 CLARINGTON                              C-11   SONY FAMILY CENTER (Keaton)                  D-7                                               600-640 (Autry)                         F-8
                                                                     SONY PICTURES DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT (SPDE)   G-13                                              1003-1046 (Autry)                       F-8

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