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					                                                                      “Cool Blue” is a Dashboard Wireframe Template from The Dashboard Spy.

My Dashboard Title                                                    For other styles, visit Help, I Need Links!
                                                                                          Powerpoint Crash Course: Elements are normal shapes
                                                                                          and can be edited. Some items are grouped, right click
Welcome Joe User Today is Wednesday, July 13, 2011                                        to ungroup. The other important factor is order (send to Delete me and claim all credit for this mockup.
                                                                                          front/ back).                                            Just link to my site!

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 Portlet Title                             Table Title Goes Here                                                                                             Portlet Title

 Cost Measure       % of Rev State         Activity Name                Column 1         Column 2        Column 3      Column 4           Column 5

 Metric Blah blah          67%             Thank the Dashboard Spy         Done           23,000           33,400          23,000           Bill S.

 KPI                       98%             Visit his site                  Done           45,112           64,023          45,112           Joey D.

 Metric                    85%             Contribute screenshots          To Do          89,778           23,000          89,778           Frank

 Another Metric         93%                Click on the book links         To Do          12,110           45,112          12,110           Susie

                                           Research Software Links         To Do          34,000           89,778          34,000           Jill
 Alerts                                    Tell Friends about Site         Done           23,000           12,110          23,000           Bob C.
 Alerts from last 2 days                                                                                                                                     Portlet Title
                                           Put links on blog               Done           45,112           50,000          45,112           Charles
 Willis deal enters final stage            Visit every day                 To Do          89,778           30,004          89,778           Jimbo
 Vendor reports problem
                                           Check out sponsor ads           To Do          12,110           12,007          12,110           Benny
 Marketing Cost per Sale
                                           Learn from others               To Do          34,000           55,009          34,000           Linda
 Budget level exceeded                                                                    10,500           12,889                           Gigi
                                           A Dashboard a Day               Done                                            10,500
                             more...       Makes me smart!                 To Do          66,998           32,002                           Rose

 Portlet Title                             President’s Message                                                                                               Portlet Title

 Item 1               $12,236
                                           I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Dashboard Project team for the incredible job that
 Item 2               $67,009
                                           they’ve done. This is our first dashboard and I am so excited at this team’s vision and grasp of
 Item 3               $19,500              dashboarding. The work incorporates current Enterprise Dashboard best practices and I’m told beats

 Item 4               $33,000              our competition’s dashboard. It’s almost as if they’ve been somehow spying on executive dashboard
                                           screenshots or something. Amazing work. Thank you. Bonuses are on the way!
 Item 5               $10,900

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