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					        Curriculum Vitae

       Personal informations
              Name / given name       Bujor Maria Amalia
                          Address     Vidraru Street /9-11
                                      RO- Cluj-Napoca (România)
                   Phone number       0264/457678                                             Mobil   0741/762321

                       Nationality    România

                      Date of birth   03/11/1977

                              Sex     Feminin

Loc de muncă vizat / Domeniu Inginer -Horticultură

         Employment History

                            Period    01/09/2003 →
                          Position    Teacher
                    Responsibility    -Class master of XH
                                      -Teaching : vocational school tehnology and şi horticulture;
                                      Landscape architecture; Ecology;tehnology of pastry
                                      -Teacher for class V-VII
     Name and address of employer     -Şc. de Arte şi Meserii "SAMUS"
                                      Fabricii de zahăr street, nr. 51, Cluj-Napoca town
                                      -Şc. "Constantin Brâncoveanu"
                                       Retezat Street , nr. 4 , Cluj-Napoca town

                            Period    01/08/2001 - 01/07/2003
                          Position    Horticulturist
                    Responsibility    -to prepare tehnology sheet’s for all dendrological species in company according to ISO 9001
                                      -prepare marketing materials for company
                                      -fitting out and endow of company flower shops
     Name and address of employer     R.A.D.P Cluj-Napoca
                                      Avram Iancu Street


                            Period    01/09/2007 →
                             Level    Doctorate
               Name of institution    USA-MV Cluj Napoca
                          Period     01/09/2005 - 10/06/2007
Certifications and Accreditations    Computer skills and programming
           Components studied        -Word, Excel, Powerpoint, C++, Java, Fox,Html
             Name of institution     Tehnical University of Cluj Napoca
                                     Department for post university study

                          Period     01/08/2001 - 01/07/2003
Certifications and Accreditations    Master’s degree - culture of plants in a controled climate
             Name of institution     USA-MV Cluj Napoca

                          Period     01/09/1996 - 28/07/2001
Certifications and Accreditations    Engineer - specialty horticulture
             Name of institution     USA-MV Cluj Napoca

                          Period     01/09/1992 - 15/07/1996
Certifications and Accreditations    High School degree
             Name of institution     "Raluca Ripan" High School


                Native language      Romanian

               Other languages
                                                  Understanding                                   speaking             Writing
              European level (*)            listening             reading           conversation         Oral speach
                       English                   B1                      A2                B1                  A2          A2

                       French                    B1                      A2                A2                  A2          A1

                                     (*) european standard for language reference

                  Social abilities   - communicative

                        Interests    -music, dans, painting, gardening

                                     Driving license - B

                       Annexe Letter of intention
                                     Diplomas of professional certification