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									Product Information
Medical Laser Devices

Medical lasers devide in two main groups:

1. Laser for surgery
Surgical lasers belong to laser class 4 and offer between 2-50 W (cw).

2. Laser for biostimulation/biomodulation (LLLT)
These lasers belong to class 3B laser devices and sometimes to class 4
(without focusation up to 5 W continuous beam). RJ-LASER devices are
class 3b and class 4, depending on the model.

LLLT laser devices are used for:



                          Sports medicine




                          Wound management

                          Pain management
  High Performance Laser

The RJ-LASER concept is based on 25 years experience in laser research,
development and production of innovative medical laser devices for
diagnostic and therapeutical purposes.
RJ-LASER devices stand out due to their many features, ergonomic
design, and high level of efficiency.

RJ has the perfect laser for your diagnosis and therapy, for every
area of application, in every price range.

     handylaser sprint               Points and small areas,
                                     ear and body acupuncture,
       handylaser trion              odontology, physiotherapy
                                     50/200 mW/785 nm,
                                     30 mW/655 nm, 40 W

          Polylaser trion            Medium and large areas, for
                                     skin care and more.

  Physiolaser olympic                 Points, small, medium and
                                      large areas, universal therapy
        Physiolaser cp                system, ear / body acupuncture,
                                      physiotherapy, orthopaedics,
                                      500 mW/810 nm
                                      90 W/904 nm + multi-cluster

           Photonic 500               Small, medium and large
                                      areas, physiotherapy,
                                      orthopaedics, dermatology
                                      500 mW/810 nm
                                      50 mW/655 nm
Lasers made for Experts

RJ-LASER devices are portable and offer more than ever. Implemen-
tation of the latest hardware and software technology enabled the
realization of compact, portable devices with an almost unlimited range
of functions, as well as high power and frequency precision.

The RJ-LASER devices are fully programmable ond offer ready
therapy programs. You even can configure your individual therapy
settings depending on pathology. An extensive frequency memory lets
you apply the latest research results to your course of therapy.

Enjoy relaxing therapy, because the modern ergonomic design means
comfortable work. Precision in its finest form.

RJ-LASER devices offer comprehensive accessories. Laser probes for spot
and surface treatment, fibre optics, protection goggles and much more.
RJ-LASER devices use shaped interchangeable laser tips that have been
adapted to special areas for easy operation. Use it with a free laser
diode primarily for treating larger surfaces:
                  a) with dental/fibre attachment
                  b) with point applicator
                  c) with a convex lens

The wavelengths of the RJ-LASER devices fit into a lowest absorption of
water, haemoglobine and melanin, this results in deeper penetration. RJ
offers wavelengths from visible red 635 nm to invisible infrared 904 nm.

Special applicators                      with quartz glas for high energy density

Spezial applicator for irradiation and
information transfer of medicaments
(e.g. homeopathy).
                                                       a         b       b          c
 Comprehensive Functions

RJ-Lasers work with the intelligent software MELOS (Medical Laser
Operating System) for highest precision, safety and bio-functional the-
rapy information, giving you the flexibility to apply the latest research

 Free programable and free memories
 Continuous beam, universal frequency
 Nogier/Bahr/Reininger frequencies
 Frequencies of chakras (BAHR)
 Meridian frecuencies (Li, St, He, Ci, Li, Gb, Ki, Bl, Pa, 3H, Si, Lu)
 Many therapy programmes

With just one hand on the device, select the frequency for the body part
and pathology in question. Example - Nogier frequencies:

A= Acute conditions, inflammation, tumors, rheumatism, allergies, scars
Body openings                                         Back Shu points

B= Chronic conditions, metabolism, cell nourishment, ulcers, arthroses
Abdomen                                               Sedation points

Depending on your configuration, RJ-LASER devices offer:

 Up to 1000 mW/90 W (or higher on demand)
   Select the power in mW or W, depending on the equipment.

 Up to 999 Joule (automatic calculation)
   The energy value automatically determines the correct exposure

 Almost unlimited therapy time
   Acupuncture points: 15 - 30 sec.; larger areas: 20 - 30 min.

Body/ear acupuncture and organ measurement
You carry out two methods of measurement with RJ-LASER devices:
1. An electronic diagnosis (digital measurement) acc. to VOLL
2. the NOGIER frequency diagnosis VAS/RAC.

The electronic measurement produces data that enables an analysis and
gives you a comprehensive overview of the patient’s electrical condition
of the organ points. You can determine:
         electric active points
         degree of deviation (point to neutral skin)
         most active points.

According to the electro acupuncture (VOLL) you can localize and
measure the trigger/organ/acupuncture points (ear and body) and also
obtain measured values to assist in prevention and in controlling the
progression of therapy.

Results are indicated in three ways:
    1. acoustically (rising tone)
    2. visually (bar graph)
    3. numerically (1-255), with the sample and hold function.

Frequency diagnosis: The pre-programmed frequencies enable you to
carry out VAS (RAC) diagnosis according to NOGIER (controlled, energe-
tic diagnosis and therapy). The frequencies detected can be used directly
in therapy, providing a considerable reduction in the therapy time.

                             VAS/RAC pulse diagnosis
Offer your patients a comprehensive
Smoothly glide the sensor tip over the skin, and the maximum value of a
measurement is temporarily saved in the display for precise analysis and
evaluation (sample and hold).
You can later transfer the value to the RJ laser filecard, which gives you
an overview of the patient’s energetic condition in the form of a curve
                                          normal range
                           high energy

                                                          low energy

RJ-File card



                                                                        Large int.






 = abnormal values

                                                                        Small int.
Analysis of the organ points in the ear

                                              Organ representations

                                                  Organ n           Skin

                                           In acupuncture specific points
                                           represent e.g. inner organs in
                                           the ear.
                                           According to the electro acupunc-
                                           ture VOLL, the value of the points
                                           refer to the condition of the organ
                                           and can be evaluated.

The sample and hold function also provides an analysis of the electric
condition of the organ points in the ear - quickly, simply and precisely.

                    Point/Organ         Value         Frequency
                  Liver           S      45           A, B
                  Stomach         ✘
                                  S      107          C

                                         186           A
RJ-File card                      S
  Handylaser sprint

  handylaser sprint with optional dental applicator, point and lense applicators.

The handylaser sprint offers a high output level combined with
deeper penetration for short therapy treatments. It can be used even
for larger body parts because of the angel of the beam, if used without
focus applicator.
The handylaser sprint offers diverse options including the use
of precision and fibre-glass lenses in addition to interchangeab-
le attachments facilities: focusing attachment for higher, enhanced
energy, de-focusing for wide-beam (wound management). Further more
attachments for ear acupuncture, fibre-optic for oral applications are

The handylaser sprint is delivered
with enduring quality NiMH rechargeable.

Delivery contents:
Main unit, applicator, 3 NiMHd rechargeable bat-
teries, quick-charge device, safety goggles, therapy
handbook, technical manual, laser warning sign.
Laser cl. 3B
Handylaser trion

  handylaser trion with hand electrode and optional dental applicator.

The handylaser trion is the ideal minilaser, streamlined and
comapct. It offers extensive functions. The right laser for everyone who
wants powerful therapy, point detection for acupuncture, all in a small
It already is programmed with 7 Nogier and 7 Bahr frequencies, as well
as continuous beam and automatic energy timer (40 sec./2 J),
RAC-diagnostic button (5 mW), acoustic 5 seconds counter.
Of course it also includes an easy-to-use diagnostic component
(acoustic indication, light-diode chain) and precision optics for high lu-
mination (fine laser output, Ø 1 mm), ensuring exact, pointed irradiation
(auricular medicine, joints etc.).
The handylaser trion is delivered with
enduring quality NiMH rechargeable.
Casing as handylaser sprint.
Delivery contents:
Main unit, 3 MHd rechargeable batteries, charger, hand
electrode, carrying case, safety goggles, therapy handbook,
technical manual, connection cable, laser warning sign.
Laser class 3B

 LaserPen with applicators

The LaserPen is a modern high-end laser of the latest technolo-
gy. It covers the bridge between the handylaser and the Physiolaser and
offers the NOGIER/BAHR/REININGER meridian and chakra frequencies

The LaserPen is available as an
impulse laser e.g. 40 W/904 nm (peak
pulse 200 nsec.) and as a cw laser in
the range between 50-200 mW/810 nm.

Depending on your budget and therapy
requirements, you can get the
LaserPen in various versions, the
low price practise version with mains
power supply and the advanced expert
version with built in batteries.

Delivery contents: Main unit, station/charger, carrying case, safety goggles,
therapy handbook, technical manual, laser warning sign. Laser cl. 3B
Polylaser trion

                                     Delivery contents:
                                     Main unit, transformer, carrying case, safety
                                     goggles, therapy handbook, technical manual,
                                     laser warning sign.        Laser cl. 3 B

The Polylaser trion is the compact multi-cluster laser for use in
cosmetics (skin) for area therapy. You’ll be surprised at how simple ever-
ything is, because the easy setting, ergonomic design and light weight
enable you to work effortlessly.

12 laser diodes irradiate an area of about 20 cm2 quickly. Two
wavelengths for optimizing the therapy (4 x 55 mW/785 nm+ 4 x 40 mW/655 nm
+ 4 x 5 mW/655 nm). The radiation area of the is covered with an innovative
Photon-Reflection Foil to accelerate the laser effect. It will lead to an
improved therapy result (minimal loss of photon energy).
The photons will be reflected
and multyplied, finally more
photons will penetrate through
the skin.
  Physiolaser olympic

Physiolaser olympic with optional laser probe, diagnostic probe and applicators

The Laser for Experts

The Physiolaser olympic is the high-end laser of the new gene-
ration, one that offers everything you need for comprehensive therapy
and diagnosis. It is the world wide the leading system.
The fully programmable Physiolaser olympic offers a range of
functions previously unknown and that in the compact package.
With automatic time/power/Joule calculation, many special therapy
programs, diagnostic module and much more.

Special laser output with precision lense
for high lumination enables deep irradiation
(muscles, trigger points, joints, wound healing).

The Physiolaser olympic comes
with built in high-power rechargeable battery,
but can be used connected to the mains current
as well.
Physiolaser olympic cp

Physiolaser olympic cp with optional laser probe.

                              Probe with 5x30W/904 nm

The Physiolaser olympic cp offers the same functions as the
standard unit, but it comes built in a compact hard box, perfect for
heavy duty outdoor use.
Both units are two channel systems:
Make the Physiolaser fit to your needs: With one or two laser
probes, multi-cluster probe (e.g. 12x10 W/904 nm) with Photon-
Reflection-Foil (please refer to the Polylaser).

Standard configuration: 500 mW/ 810 nm or 90 W/904 nm
Other wave lengths are available e.g.:
1000 mW/ 810 nm
200 mW/ 670 nm (visible red)

Delivery contents:
Main unit, transformer, safety goggles, warning
sign, therapy manual, technical manual, safety
lock, key, carry case.    Probes are optional.
Laser class 3B
  Photonic 500

The Photonic 500 is a program-controlled scaning laser combi-
ning maximum power of 500 mW with a compact design dimensions
are just 50 cm (L) x 17 cm (W) x 17 cm (H). It sets new standards in
form/size performance and function.

The Photonic 500 was designed primarily for area therapy. It
easily irradiates a surface of any size, transmitting the concentrated
energy quickly and effectively. Point therapy is also possible, such as for
joints, trigger points, and pain points.

The compact design means nearly effortless work - comprehensive,
fast and precise. Because, in spite of its high power and extensive
functions, the extremely flexible Photonic 500 fits almost any-
where. It is portable and can be installed quickly in even the smallest
Technical data
Laser 1      655 nm/50 mW, pilot 5 mW
Laser 2      810 nm/500 mW
Input voltage 230 V (110)/50-60 Hz
Deep therapy effect and stimulating spin
modulation (right turn)

The new therapy programs make it easier to delegate therapy since
the optimum frequencies, output, joules are already predefined. You or
your assistant simply select the desired indication by pressing a button
(automatically switches off after having reached the parameters with
automatic time/power/Joule calculation).
The Photonic 500 can produce a nearly unlimited variety of
pulsating areas, all of which can be specified quickly and simply. Select
the size based on body part/shape, meridian or wound:

1) Circle, ellipse 2) Rectangle               3) Line, X-axis 4) Line, Y-axis


Especially important is the stimulating clockwise spin of the beam (see
tonification in acupuncture, clockwise-rotating lactic acids etc.), which
effects additional energetic healing information.



Delivery contents:
Main unit, stand, transformer, two safety
goggles, ear poster, warning sign, therapy            New multi-joint stand
manual, technical manual, safety lock, key.
Laser cl. 3B
Areas of Application

During the last 30 years laser research plenty of data are published worldwide.
Listed below are some indications. More data is available at:

Skin, mucosa Herpes (herpes simplex lab.), shingles, acne, inflammation.
Tissue         Ulcer, post-treatment of surgery wounds, scar treatment,
               sunburn, burns, decubitus, necrosis.
Vessel         Promotion of circulation (wound healing) by formation of
               collateral vessels, lymph stimulation, reduct. of oedema.
Inflammation All types of inflammation
Bones / joints Bone regeneration, accelerated callous formation, cartilage
               damage, trauma.
Nerves         Promotion of nerve healing in lesions, partial paralysis or
               paraesthesia, neuritis, neuralgia, nerve pain.

Pains          Pains are alleviated

                        Soft tissue healing
          cell regeneration, pain management

  Reflexive                                   Local
   Body acupuncture                          Dermatology

   Ear acupuncture                           Odontology

   Skull acupuncture                         Orthopaedics

   Hand acupuncture                          Rehabilitation

   Head zones                                Physiotherapy

   Segment zones                             Pain treatment

   Foot reflex zones                          Veterinary medicine
That´s How it Works

RJ-LASER devices fulfill all requirements for comprehensive diagnosis
and therapy. They affect the body’s metabolic and control functions at
two levels:
                        1. Energy supply (photons)
                        2. Transfer of frequency information

The primary factor in the laser’s operating principle is the cell
stimulation. Studies * of cell cultures have verified that photoreceptors
(cytochromes, flavoproteins) can absorb laser energy, which e.g. stimu-
lates the respiratory chain, the so-called oxidative phosphorylation.

Tina Karu:
„One of he most important biochemical reaction localized in mitochon-
dria is the oxidation of NADH in the respiatory chain of aerobic cells.
A similar reaction has been found to be a dissipative process showing
oscillating and chaotic behaviour capable to absorb and amplify pho-
tons of proper wavelength. A great variety of experimental and clinical
results in the field of low level laser therapy supports these two bio-
physical points of view concerning the interaction beween life and laser
light. Our former, but also our recent experimental results on the effects
of low level laser light on human cells are steps in this direction“.

The secondary factor is the transfer of information by means of the
monochromatic, coherent laser beam. This process requires the availa-
bility of exact bio-frequency information (acc. to NOGIER; BAHR). The
exact bio-frequencies are already programmed or programmable in the
RJ-Lasers and enable steering the therapy to produce optimum results
(resonance phenomenon).

Herbert Klima Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities, Vienna, Austria

Tina I. Karu, Institute of Laser and Informatic Technologies of Russian Acad. Sci., 142092 Troitsk, Moscow.
Russian Federation
 Therapy Example 1

Addiction therapy
Select the points using the diagnostic probe and irradiate with the zone

RJ-Lasers ensure that you provide the best therapy, because they offer

                     the correct wavelength
                     optimal energy density
                     maximum power
                     exact frequency information
                     precise application optics
                     comprehensive accessories
Therapy Example 2

The female patient (age 25 years) suffered under acute burns (2nd and
3rd degree) caused by gas explosion at home. She was admitted to the
hospital for first aid two days after the accident.
Already after the first day the patient was almost pain free and regene-
ration of the skin started (the patient felt soft healing sensations in the
skin) and she was able to start to move her arm freely.

Ben Hayan Medical Center, Dr. Abdel Tawil
Amman 11194, Jordan, Shmaisani
June 2005         Device: Physiolaser olympic + Polylaser trion

Before laser therapy (02.07.2005).

After laser therapy (20.07.2005).
Almost complete healing of the skin
after only two weeks treatment.

                           Upper arm

                           Lower arm
 RJ-Therapy Software

The innovative Medical Laser Operating System (MELOS) is the
precondition for the successful RJ-Therapy Software. It is available for:

            1. Free programmable, Nogier/Bahr/Reininger frequ.
            2. Universal
            3. Acupuncture
            4. Derma
            5. Dental

The basic setting of the program is AT (automatic therapy program with
pre-programmed bio-frequency combinations and energy, time,
power). Each indication offers the optimal frequency settings (NOGIER
and BAHR etc.) and is based on complementary treatment research.
The user does not need to care for any special setting, everthing is
pre-programmed for esay beginning but you still can change the set-
tings (power, Joule, time) if needed. The RJ-Therapy Programs are easy
to use. Listed below you will find an example:

            0   Continuous beam
            1   Universal
            2   Bones, tendons
            3   Muscles
            4   Skin
            5   Inner organs
            6   Nerves
            7   Psyche
            8   Face
            9   Bodys openings
            1   Acut
            2   Chronic
            3   Inflammation
            4   Metabolism
            5   Psychosomatic
            6   Relaxation
            7   Pain
            8   Circulation
            9   Block
Laser class / standard

The RJ-LASER system has been designed in conformity with

EN 60601-1: 1996            Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment
EN 60601-2-22: 1996         Safety of Diagnostic / Therapeutic Lasers
EN 60825-1: 2001            Safety of Laser Devices
EN 60825-1-22               Electro Magnetic Compatability

                            RJ-LASER GmbH is certified according to
                            ISO, DIN EN 13485.
Scientific Research Institute
Medical Laser Technology
8345 NW/ 66th St. 6597
Miami, Fl. 33166
Frohnacker 8, 79297 Winden, Germany
Ph: 866-300-4343
Fax: 866-430-5858
Tel. +49-7682-6558                       +49-30-28385020
Deutschtalerstr. 104
Fax +49-7682-6640                        +49-30-28385022
12355 Berlin
Ph: +49-30-86 87 05775 1
Fax: +49-30-86 87 05775 9


RJ-LASER GmbH develops and markets innovative medical laser
devices for diagnostic and therapeutical purposes.
RJ-Laser devices stand out due to their many features, ergonomic
design, and high level of efficiency.

                                                       V1.0, April 2006

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