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									Protemp Crown Temporization Material by 3M ESPE
Suggested Retail Costs
Protemp Crown Temporization Material Trial Kit $132.00
Refills (5 of one size refill) $46.00

The evaluation team of CPS evaluated this product and were given a sample (refill) pack that contained 5 lower
molar in small size.

Protemp Crown by 3M ESPE is the first single self-supporting malleable, light curable composite crown. Available
in canines, pre-molars and molars.

Clinical Indications
Protemp Crown is used for single-unit esthetic temporary restorations in the following permanent dentition without
the use of a matrix:
Molar,Bicuspid (premolar),Cuspid (canine)
Can also be used in pre-operative mock-ups

Each crown is surrounded in a clear cellophane like material, then placed in a gray plastic square shaped box to
block out light.

Manufacturers Instruction
The manufacturers instructions were easy to follow, however some changes are recommended. See step by step
directions below from CPS evaluation team.

Just peel back the top layer of the wrapper. remove the cellophane material carefully without distorting the
Protemp Crown.

Handling and Sculptability
All the Evaluators liked the handling and the sculptability of the Protemp Crown.

Shades Used
The Protemp Crown only comes in universal A2
Finishing and Polishing
Most of the evaluators polished with either a soft flex disc or polishing points. Finishing time was consistent with
average of 2 -3 minutes.

With a total use of 74 protemp molars, the CPS evaluation team felt this product was a very good product with
some slight recommended changes. Most all felt it did save time, but some argued the price. Most consultants
found they did not need to use the size selection ruler. Trimming and adapting to the margins of the crown were
easy to do. Some of the consultants felt they needed to reline with a bisacrylic material. Most felt that there was a
slight learning curve. After about 3 crowns used, most of the evaluation team felt they had developed their own
technique. One evaluator said when in doubt, cut more of the material. When forming the occlusion, have the
patient bite slowing together several times. If the crown is still to high it will break or split. Another consultant said
that they were using them for bridges, when teeth are missing as an alternative to denture teeth. The CPS
evaluation team is eagerly awaiting the Anterior Pro-temp Crown and hopes for other shades.

CPS gives 3M Protemp Crown -
                                                         3M Protemp Crown

 Choose the proper crown size and              With curved scissors, cut and follow the      As if you were mixing alginate in a
 tooth. Open the top layer of the box          gingival contour all the way around the       bowl, use a cord packer to thin the
 and remove crown from film.                   tooth. Remember to trim interproximal         walls of the protemp crown. By doing
                                               contours for the papilla area. It is always   this, it thins out the walls of the crown
                                               better to trim too short than to not remove   and allows it to be placed up and over
                                               enough material. This will cause the crown    the tooth that is prepared. Remember
                                               to split or break.                            that this material gets softer the more
                                                                                             you handle it.

Gently place the Protemp Crown over the
                                                 With finger pressure, establish
preparation not to push or mash the crown                                                    IIf you trimmed too little and the margin
                                                 interproximal contacts by pulling the
onto the prep. Again remember it is soft and                                                 is over extended, your can remove to
                                                 Protemp crown to touch both contact
can be distorted. When placing the crown on                                                  trim more or just take the IPC and
                                                 areas of the adjacent teeth.
the preparation, the buccal groove is on the                                                 remove more material.
outside. Once placed on the prep, take your
fingers and go back and forth to align the
Protemp crown to the arch form of the
patient’s teeth.

   Gently have the patient close to barely       Photo’s provided by Dr. Bob Lowe. Tack      Micro etch the internal surface with a
   touch the provisional. If the patient         cure the buccal surface for 2-3 seconds     micro-etcher to remove the slick
   closes to fast they may split the Protemp     while in occlusion, then tack cure the
   Crown. Have the patent open and close         lingual and occlusal surfaces 2-3           internal surface. This will allow the
   three times. On the last time have them       seconds while the mouth is open.            provisional cement to attach to the
   bite down a little firmer.                    Remove from prep and give the Protemp       provisional.
                                                 crown a final cure.
                                            3M Protemp Crown

For the Provisional Trimming use       With a palm thumb grasp,i a         The last and final polish is using
a H79EFL carbide by Komet USA         sand paper disc is used to refine    the 9628 cotton mop by Komet
to eliminate access at the margins    and finish the margins.              USA.
that was marked by a pencil.
                                     Other Uses for the Protemp Crown

                                      A pre-molar Protemp Crown was        A lower small molar as added to
The Protemp Crown can be used
                                      chosen first to fill the space.      fill the space. A flowable
when patient’s are missing teeth.
                                      Molded to the tooth adjacent tooth   composite was added to secure
Pictured is a poured model of the
                                      and then light cured with a          the Protemp Crowns in place. A
patient’s dentition.
                                      flowable composite for stability.    putty matrix was taken of the
                                                                           Protemp Mock up and set aside

X-ray provided by Dr. Kirby           Dr. Dory Stutman and Rianna          Protemp Crown Molar, Premolar,
Buzzard and Shannon Bausch to         Persad’s photo of a lower molar      and Cuspids.
show the adaptation and proof of      cemented the day of the prep.
the perfect fit of the Protemp

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