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                                        The Telco Times
                                                    Volume 10                              Issue 1                        March 2011
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  Welcome Cody
  We are pleased to welcome
  Cody Robison to our staff on a
  part-time basis. Cody joins us from
  Iowa Telecom/Windstream. He is
  a familiar face at a new place!

  Fiber TV Training Class
  Plan to attend our next Fiber
  TV Training Class on Tuesday,
  March 29 at the Panora
  Community Center, beginning
  at 7:00pm.

  Learn More About . . .
    • Set top box features
    • Buttons on your remote                                                                                     Featuring Fiber TV!
      control                                 Our new Fiber TV, featuring the Triple                                              Starring . . .
    • How to record/watch with                 Bundles, put you in control. You get
      your DVR                               to call all the shots and select a bundle                                Triple Play Bundles
    • Review channel line-up,                with the products and services that are                               which include Fiber Internet, Fiber Voice
      including expanded high                      right for you and your family.                                  & Fiber TV, plus Many Extras Starting at
      definition (HD) choices

  Call us at 755-2424 to register.
  Information provided is for
                                              When you ‘bundle up’ you’ll get faster
                                            Internet and outstanding TV choices that
  customers who are going to get          include lots of HD channels. If you upgrade
  or currently have Fiber TV.             to a DVR, you can record what you want…                                  or Pick Fiber TV alone
                                             and watch it when it fits your schedule.                               Choose Premier, Select or Simple Fiber TV
  Upcoming Classes
                                                                                                           Fiber TV Benefits:
  Check our website for upcoming
  FREE computer training classes.
                                           So, take ACTION today and                                        • Simple to Use Program Recording (DVR)
                                                                                                            • Preview What’s on Every Channel (Onscreen
                                            Direct Your Connections!                                          Program Guide)
                                                                                                            • 31 New High Definition Channels
                                                                                                            • New Features - Caller ID on TV, Click to Call, etc.

                                        Prices listed do not include regulatory fees or taxes. Some installation fees may apply. Call or visit our office for full details.
               What is an Internet ready device and how can it help me?
                                            “Internet-ready.” Many devices (TVs,         Internet and use ‘apps’ to work or
                                            DVD players & game systems) can be           play. But, they have very small screens,
                                            connected to the Internet, and with          unlike your TV.
                                            that opens another set of options. In
                                            short, this blurs the line about what you    The end game is to let you engage
                                            can do on what device.                       your media wherever you want to do
                                                                                         so. Your Internet and TV connections
                                            One important note, just because you         can bring you a lot more than they
                                            can connect to the Internet with your        used to. Ask us about it. There is so
                                            device doesn’t mean you can browse           much to explore in this area if you want
                                            the web or do email on your device –         to do so.
                                                      at least not yet.
                        “The end game is to
                                                       Currently, your device is
                                                                                           Call before you dig!
                        let you engage your            reliant on small applications       Spring is here and construction and
                                                       (sometimes called widgets           digging projects are underway.
                        media wherever you             or apps) to do common               Remember, there are many
                           want to do so.”             functions like YouTube,             underground utilities that may
                                                       Pandora or Picasa web               present a problem if disturbed,
                                                       albums.                             and unmarked services may
For the sake of this story, let’s assume                                                   be dangerous if hit.
everyone is a novice when it comes to       Many devices also allow you to rent
Internet ready devices (like TVs, DVD       movies via Netflix or Amazon. And most          It is important to call Iowa One Call at
players and game systems).                  game systems allow you to play your            800-292-8989 or 811 at least 48 business
                                            games against others connected via             hours in advance, so underground services
It used to be that one watched TV on        the Internet.                                  can be located and marked.
their TV, played games on their game
system with friends on the couch and        Remember, these devices are not                If damages occur and Iowa One Call
watched movies from DVDs on your            computers, they just run very small            was not notified, you may be liable for
DVD player.                                 ‘apps’ that allow specific functionality.       related charges. The service is free and
                                            Enter the iPad and the iPod Touch.             available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
You can still do all that, but now          These two devices are essentially              Call before you dig. You’ll be glad you did.
you can do more, if your device is          computers, intended to access the

                                                                                         “The fiber to our home was a very
                                      Business Spotlight                                big deal to us because of our work”
                                             Fitness ProPlus, LLC
                                                                                          Don Alliss, Owner, Fitness ProPlus
                                           Lake Panorama, Panora

Family & business make new home in Panora
Don & Amy Alliss and their 4 boys, ages 2-20,     to be more central to their service area.
were looking for a great place to live when       The company services fitness equipment for
they choose to move to Panora in July.            2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, but they also
                                                  do warranty work for 25-30 other vendors in
“Being from Perry originally, we always liked     the Midwest region of IA, IL, SD and NE.
Panora and Lake Panorama,” stated Don.
“So when it came time to decide where             “We pretty much handle anything that
we wanted to hang our hat, so to speak,           relates to strength & cardio and we work
Panora made sense for work and family.”           on everything from the electronics to
                                                  the hardware,” said Don.
“The fiber to our home was a very big deal
to us because of our work. That was a key         Don’s four field techs are
factor for us and I suspect for many others. It   factory certified from all
is great because of all the parts ordering and    the vendors they do work
education info we get from the Internet.”         for. He also has two
                                                  customer service staff
Don started Fitness Pros Plus in August of ‘08    that field calls and
when he lived in South Dakota, but they           dispatch work to the
moved the company to Panora in July of ’10        techs in the field.
Network that connects us all may be in jeopardy!                                           The
We all want to communicate when
and where you want. That can be a
                                            The National Broadband plan, that I
                                            introduced last time, has an impact
voice conversation, an email, a text        on all of this because it incorporates       Report
message or some form of video chat –        changes to the funding model which
just to name a few options. What used       is how companies like us get paid to
to be done solely from home can now         transport traffic.
be done from an iPad, a laptop or a
smartphone.                                 On the surface this is a good thing
                                            because changes are needed to
Interestingly, all of these capabilities    adjust for the significant changes in the
are still reliant on the network that       marketplace. Deeper down is where
keeps your home                                           the problems start to       If they have their way, our cost
connected. Not the                                        surface.                    recovery system will be changed,
wires that actually
                             “Wireless phones can’t                                   which will not allow us to maintain the
come into your home,           function without an        It becomes apparent         network that makes it all possible –
but rather what those                                     that DC regulators want     including wireless services. In addition,
wires are connected          underground network to apply different rules for we would not be able to bring you
to, the broader network         to support them.”         different areas. They are   expanded Fiber to the Home products.
of fiber that stretches                                    proposing to change the
across town, the                                          long held position that     When you talk with Federal legislators,
county, our state and our world. It is     all American’s should have equivalent      tell them to make sure the FCC treats
that network that connects us all.         services, by giving more populated         less populated areas the same as
                                           areas better services than you will be     metro markets. We all deserve the
It is that underground network of          able to get.                               same platform for opportunities.
fiber, which we, or other companies
like us, own that carries almost all
of the wireless calls, emails to your          Spam filtering upgrade provides benefits
smartphone, text messages and allows          We are proud to announce an upgrade            • Enhanced virus filtering
you to access the Internet from your          to our free spam filtering service. The         • Reduced filtering of legitimate email
wireless phone. Wireless phones can’t         upgrade was effective in December for
function without an underground               all customers, providing enhancements          • Better ‘whitelist’ & ‘blacklist’ options
network to support them.                      in blocking unwanted emails, improved          • Protection from other risks like
                                              protection from viruses and easier ways           malware, viruses and infections
                                              to manage junk mail.
                                                                                           This upgrade was implemented
                                              In addition, this new service offers:        automatically - no action was required
                                                • A Weekly Digest listing all blocked      for the changes to take effect.
                                                   spam messages                           We are confident you will find the new
                                                • The ability to release quarantined        spam filtering effective and easy to
                                                  email through the Weekly Digest           use. If you have any questions, do not
                                                  email or an easy to use website           hesitate to contact our office.

Fiber TV tutorial!
Go to and                   Downtown Enhancement Donation
the top item in the ‘What’s New’
                                                Panora Telco recently made
section is Fiber TV support videos.
                                                a contribution to the Panora
They are an excellent way to learn
                                                Community Center renovation
about the outstanding benefits you’ll            project. If you are interesting
receive with Fiber TV.                          in contributing to the project,
                                                contact Jim Sievers or Cheryl
There is an Introduction and then               Castile. The goal is to raise
sections about: What’s on TV, The               all the money necessary to
Program Guide, Favorites, Controlling           refresh the exterior of the
Live TV, Recording, Managing your               community center.
Recordings and Settings & Controls.             Shown is Jim Sievers,
                                                President of the Downtown
      Happy learning . . .                      Enhancement Committee
                                                accepting the donation from
   Choose Fiber TV today!                       PT’s Andrew Randol.
                                         Congratulations to John Johnson who was
                                    the winner of our December newsletter contest.
Have we got a contest for you!

                                 We know you love contests and this one is especially for our loyal
                                 newsletter readers. Answer all these questions correctly and you will be
                                 entered in our quarterly drawing for a $10 bill credit.
                                 Where state did the Fitness Pro business startup? __________________________
                                                                                                                                              Annual Meeting
                                                                                                                                             Members , please plan to join us
                                 Wireless phones need landline networks True False
                                                                                                                                              for the Panora Communications
                                 When is the next Fiber TV training class? ________________________________                                     Cooperative and the Panora
                                 When is the Panora Telco Annual Meeting? ____________________________                                            Cooperative Cablevision
                                                                                                                                             Association Inc. Annual Meetings.
                                 Address _______________________________________________________________                                       Monday, March 7th
                                 Phone ________________________________________________________________                                             7:00 pm
                                 Clip and return with your bill, drop off or mail by March 24 to:                                              New Panorama High
                                  Panora Telco, 114 East Main Street, Panora, IA 50216                                                          School Auditorium
                                 One winner chosen at random per quarter. Contest open to all Panora Telco customers 18 & over. Applicants
                                 can win once in a 12 month period. Other restrictions may apply.
                                                                                                                                              Registration begins at 6:30 pm.
                                                                                                                                              Two directors will be elected at
                                                                                                                                              the meeting. Door prizes will be
Do Not Call Registry stops unwanted calls                                                                                                       awarded and refreshments
                                                                                                                                               will be served in the commons
The National Do Not Call Registry                                                   callers are required to check the
                                                                                                                                                      after the meeting.
gives you a choice about whether to                                                 registry quarterly.
receive telemarketing calls at home.                                                                                                         Please make plans to join us!
                                                                                            There are exceptions to the types
Register your home or                                                                       of calls which can be made to
mobile phone numbers for                                                                    you including: calls on behalf of
free at                                                                   political organizations, charities,
or by calling their toll free                                                               surveyors and companies with                       Visit Us
number 1-888-382-1222.                                                                      whom you’ve done business or                       114 East Main
                                                                    N AT I O N A L          with whom you’ve made inquiry                      Panora, IA 50216
After registration,        DO NOT CALL                                                      or submitted an application.                       8:00 am-5:00 pm Mon-Fri
unsolicited calls should     REGISTRY
diminish in about 30 days.              For more information, visit                                                                            Call Us
All unwanted calls should               the Do Not Call website at                                                                             641.755.2424
cease within 90 days because
                                                                                                                                               Tech Support
                                                                                                                                               800.205.1110 (Internet)
        Cellular Corner                                                                                                                        641.755.TECH (Video)
                     Setting You Up with the Best ‘Smartphone’                                                                                 Online & Email
        Despite all the hype, the iPhone might                                      keyboards, both touchscreen and                  
        not be right for you. The fact is there                                     tactical keyboards and the Droid                 
        are so many great smartphones on                                            Pro has both. The Fascinate features
        the market, now running the AnDroid                                         ‘swype’ touchscreen keyboard                               After Hours Repair
        operating system, chances are those                                         option as well.                                            641.755.2424
        may serve your needs better.
                                                                                    The phones have up to an 8                                 The Service & Technology
        The Droid X and the Droid Pro, both                                         Megapixel camera and tons of apps                                You Deserve!
        by Motorola, and the Samsung                                                to serve both business and personal
        Fascinate are three perfect                                                 use, including Facebook, Twitter, and
        examples. All have large touch                                              Skype Mobile…just to name a few.
        screens – up to 4 inches on the                                             Email is ‘pushed’ to the phones as well.
        Fascinate and 4.3 inches for the
        Droid X. And, all have great screen                                         Talk with us about all you want & we’ll
        resolution. You have a choice of                                            help you get a phone you’ll love!

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