The Bicycle by wpr1947


									Level 3    The Bicycle                                                 Running Words- 20

   Name:                                                                Date:

T: In this story, The Bicycle, people that are in a circus and a bear got on the bicycle.
Something happened to the bicycle, but they didn’t notice until it was too late! Look at all
the pictures, and tell me what is happening in the story. (Note student behaviors.)
T: (Point to and read the title, and then say:) The Bicycle. Let’s read to see who got on the
bicycle and what happened to the bicycle. I’ll read the first two pages. As I read I will point
to each word with my finger. Watch and listen. (Read pages 2 & 3.)
T: (Point to the first word on page 4 and say:) Now, you point to the words as you read the
rest of the story and see who squashed the bicycle.

Scores:    Running Words: 20          Error Rate 1:                  Accuracy           %

Circle:    Easy (95-100%)             Inst. (90-94%)                 Hard (50-89%)

           Self Correction Rate (E + SC) ÷ SC = 1:______
                                                                                  E      SC
                                                                 E       SC      MSV     MSV

    4      and the boy got on,

    5      and the girl got on,

    6      and the bear got on,

    7      and the bicycle got. . .

    8      squashed.

           After the student finishes, turn to page 2

           T: (Say) Point to the word got.

           What sound does got begin with? /g/

           What sound does got end with? /t/

           What letter makes that sound? T
          E    SC
E   SC   MSV   MSV
          E    SC
E   SC   MSV   MSV
At an Unknown Word (Circle):

     No attempt                Appeals        Rereads          Reads on

     Attempts using:           Pictures (M)   Language (S)     Letters (V)

After an Error (Circle):

     Ignores                   Appeals        Rereads          Attempts SC

     SC's using:               Pictures (M)   Language (S)     Letters (V)

Phrasing / Fluency:
Expression: (Circle One)

     None                  Little             Some             Most of the time

Phrasing: (Circle One)

    Word-by-Word           Short Phrases      Longer Phrases   Retell

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