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The Bible


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									                         What Is The Bible?
        The Bible is God’s word for us. The Bible is a way to understand God’s wisdom
and his desire for our lives. We believe that God inspired every word of the Bible and
those who wrote it. It means that God made it possible for them to write something that
was true about him and his son, Jesus.

                 Why Do We Read The Bible?
        We read the Bible because it’s all about Jesus, and Jesus is all about us. The only
reason Jesus was born, and the only reason he was crucified, is for us. He died so that we
might live forever, so we need to know more about him and how he expects us to live. By
reading the Bible, God can inspire our lives. When we come to know God and what he
wants for us through the Bible, we also come to learn who we are in the eyes of God. We
are loved and known by him.

                 How Do We Read The Bible?
        Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
1. Pray before you read the Bible, asking God to help you understand what you are
2. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
3. Remember that you are reading the Bible to grow closer to Jesus and to learn the
will of God for your life.
4. Try to get in the habit of reading the Bible everyday.
5. Start with a part of the Bible relatively easy to understand, such as the four Gospels.
They are all about Jesus.
6. Read the Bible with a pen and notebook nearby. Write down interesting things you
discover or questions that arise and take your questions to your priest, a
      Parent, or an other trusted adult.
7. As you read, ask yourself questions such as: What is this passage saying about God,
what have I learned, how does this relate to my life, etc.
8. Memorizing the Bible verses is a great way of taking the Bible with you wherever
you go.

 How Can We Share The Bible With Others?
Once we have made the Bible an important part of our life and we realize that we would
never want to be without it, we will want to tell our friends about it. We are called by
Jesus to share his spectacular message of love and forgiveness to those around us. It’s our
actions and the way we treat people. If we are happy and kind, and a person that other
people trust and want to be around, we will have expressed God’s love to them without
even the Bible. Eventually people will understand that we are different because of how
happy Jesus makes us. If they see the way we live and hear us talking about God, going
to church, and reading the Bible, they will put two and two together. At that time, we
should always be ready to explain to people why we are so happy! You do not need to
have answers for every question your friends may ask, but being able to help them in
some small way might be just what they need. Most importantly, remember that you are
never alone. God will always be there for you when you are talking to your friends about
him. That’s one of the things that God does best.

Dominic Stephen

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