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Merry Christmas _ Happy Hanukah

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					Asian Chamber/Asian SUNews
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                                              Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah
             E-Mail                                         Voice of the Asian Chamber of Commerce

Volume 10 Number 8                                    Serving Arizona the Grand Canyon State                                                        December 15, 2003

                                                              It was a fun and relaxing event that
White House Arrival                                         Asian Chamber and Mar icopa
Ceremony: China’s                                           Community College District’s Asian
                                                            Pacific Islander Association hosted for
Premier Wen Jiabao                                          Dr. Rufus Glasper, new chancellor of
                                                            the District’s many college campuses.
Barry Wong, former Member of Arizona                          At the Phoenix College Culinary
House of Representatives                                    Café, presidents and representatives
  (Washington, D.C.) When the Bush Administration           from more than 25 Asian American
invited me to join President and Mrs. Bush in               organizations joined to welcome Dr.
welcoming China’s Premier Wen Jiabao at the White           Glasper as he takes the helm of one of
House Arrival Ceremony I proudly accepted to be part        the largest community college districts
of this unique and historic event.                          in the nation.
                                                              Representing their respective
                                                            organizations were: Annie Backus,
                                                            Asian Pacifics at Chase; Chantri Beck,
                                                            Thai American Friendship
                                                            Organization; Bob Corella, Japan
                                                            America Society; Varen Berryman,
                                                            Aloha Festivals, Inc.; Bing Camacho,
                                                            Honeywell Asian Network; Arunee (l-r): Jim Shee, Rocky Tang, Rufus Glasper, Madeline Ong-Sakata. Dr.
                                                            Grow, MCC Asian Pacific Islander Glasper is presented Happy Cat for a successful and happy administration!
                                                            Association; Craig Fujii, Office of the
                                                            Arizona Attorney General; Tom Kadomoto, Japan Consul Alliance; Lorraine Stewart, Area Agency on Aging; Rocky
                                                            General (Retired); Grace Lee, Desert Jade Women’s Club; Tang, Asian Chamber of Commerce & Thomas Tang Post
                                                            Lin Ling Lee, Chinese Evangelical Free Church Chinese 50; John Tang, Phoenix Chinese United of Greater Phoenix;
                                                            School; Anoma Phanthourath, Pacific Rim Advisory Sherril Tomita, ASU Asian LEAD Academy; Stephen
                                                            Council; Lisa Loo, Asian American Bar Association; Ben Tsang, ASU Asian American Students Coalition; Kaimi
     Angela Wong & Barry Wong in D.C.                       Miranda, Arizona House of Representatives and co-chair Valdez, Kaimi Dance Studio; Genevieve Watson, MCC
                                                            Asian Hispanic Alliance; Tom Nakayama, ASU Asian Counsel on Black American Affairs; Bernard Wu, Arizona
                                                            Pacific American Studies Program; Ted Namba, Japanese Asian American Association; Benny Yee, Chinese American
  There was an air of excitement on the morning of the
                                                            American Citizens League (& MC of the evening); Ronnie Citizens Alliance.
ceremony. As I walked to the White House I saw flags        Sebastian, 4 A at AT&T; Jim Shee, co-chair Asian Hispanic     The highlight of the evening featured Senators Victor
of the U.S., China and the District of Columbia                                                                                Soltero, Pete Rios and Rich Miranda learning to hula
displayed on street light poles surrounding the White                                                                          with Dr. Rufus Glasper! Under the direction of
House grounds. As I approached The Eisenhower                                                                                  Varen Berryman, the foursome entertained the
Executive Office Building next to the White House two                                                                          guests with their hilarious gyrations and knee
colorful giant flags caught my attention. The flags of                                                                         slapping before an audience that included MCC’s
the U.S. and China, side by side, were draped above                                                                            Governing Board, Presidents and Faculty/Staff!
the north face entrance of the EEOB. The motorcade                                                                               In closing Dr. Glasper wanted everyone present to
of the Chinese Premier was to drive past the street I                                                                          know how much he appreciated the support and
was walking along. I was seeing what the Chinese                                                                               welcome of so many community leaders and groups.
Premier would be seeing.                                                                                                       Asian Chamber also wanted to thank everyone for
  As I neared the designated entrance to the White                                                                             their support and contribution that made tonight’s
House South Lawn color guard units of the various                                                                              event so memorable and happy.
                                                                                                                                 To show their support of MCC’s Achieving a
branches of the military, Army, Air Force, Marines and                                                                         College Education (ACE) Program, the community
Navy, marched passed as they entered the grounds.                                                                              added several hundred dollars to Asian Chamber’s
One unit held multiples of the flags of the U.S. and        Dr. Glasper (center) & Senator Victor Soltero (rt) demonstrate
                                                            their hula talent under the watchful eye of their instructor.      and APIA’s $1000 donation, a perfect ending to a
                            see White House page 10                                                                            wonderful evening. (More pictures on page 8)

Governor’s Asian Advisory Board meeting
   Governor Janet Napolitano’s Asian Advisory met on December 11, 2003.
Several topics were discussed including the Governor’s support of the child
protective service bill #HB2024 that was to be voted on that day. She asked all       How many times have you been to America
members to call their respective representatives and key members of the             West Arena to watch a free basketball game?
legislature and voice their concern about the welfare of the children in Arizona.   How many times have you watched
   A report on the Governor’s senior discount was also discussed. The card will     basketball teams from the local Asian
be free to all seniors in Arizona and those who have already paid will be           American community compete against each
reimbursed. The Governor’s office found that it was a hardship for many             other on the home court of the Phoenix Suns?
seniors to pay an annual fee of $9.95 and worked to make it possible for all        Well, this Saturday, December 20, 1 PM is
seniors to be included at no cost. The card will hopefully be called Copper RX;     your chance to watch the Championship
name pending research.                                                              Game of the 2003 Asian Sports Days
                                                          A report on Boards and    Basketball Tournament. There is free
                                                        Commissions and the         admission into America West Arena to watch
                                                        importance of this          this game which pits two talented and athletic
                                                        Advisory Board to           teams, Phil-Asian Travel and Desert Jade.
                                                        submit names was            After the game, you can have a nice dinner
                                                        discussed.                  and pick up a ticket to watch Yao Ming and
                                                          Governor Napolitano,      the Houston Rockets play the Phoenix Suns (l-r) At the basketball tournament sponsored by
                                                        after an announcement       on the same court at 7 PM (also watch the ADHS: Rocky Tang, Benny Yee, Larry Dong
                                                        that ADHS is reaching       championship team receive their awards at
                                                        out to the Asian            halftime).
                                                        American community            This year’s Asian Pacific Sports Days Basketball Tournament was hosted by the Asian Chamber
                                                        with their Inhale Life      of Commerce and sponsored by ADHS. Preliminary competition was held from December 12-14 at
                                                        campaign, posed for a       ASU’s Student Rec Center. The eight teams were randomly entered into one of two brackets which
Showing her support for the Inhale Life theme           picture in support of the   competed in a round robin tournament on either December 12 or December 13. The top teams
is Governor Janet Napolitano with l-r: Jim              anti-tobacco slogan.        competed in a double elimination playoffs.
Shee, Marian Yim & John Leung.
                                                                                                                                                         see Basketball page 10
  2 Asian SUNews December 15, 2003

    Asian SUNews                                              Asian Chamber of
         The official publication of
                                                               Advisory Board
                                                                                                        Asian Chamber of
      Asian Chamber of Commerce
      c/o Sakata Insurance Agency                                 Honorary Advisor
                                                                 Tom Kadomoto, Honorary
        1219 E. Glendale Ave. #25                                Consul Gen. of Japan(Ret.)
            Phoenix, AZ 85020
          Phone: 602-222-2009
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                                                                       Rickson Lim
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    Editor/ Publisher Madeline Ong-Sakata
    Photography Benny Yee / William Woods
                                                                     Craig Fujii (Gilbert)
                                                                      Les Gin (Tucson)
                                                                  Patricia Wong Hall (Flag)
                                                                                                                      Year of the Monkey
         Stephen Tsang / Eleanor Dullas
               Feature Writers
                                                                    Marie Hanna (Tucson)
                                                                   Maria Hooker (Tucson)
                                                               Luzviminda Kendrick (Hawaii)
                                                                                                                           January 31, 2004
                                                                     Donn Kong (Tempe)
                                                                    Dorothy Lew (Tucson)
                                                                                                                 6:00 p.m. No Host Cocktails
 Russell Ahr                           Ted Namba
 Joe Allman                             Kathy Nee
                                                                Dr. Richard Matsuishi (Glndl)
                                                                Enrique Medina (Awatukee)
                                                                                                                       7:00 p.m. Dinner
 Lloyd Calderon              Anoma Phanthourath
 Patricia Ong Din
 Amanda Ho
                                      Chef Bill Sy
                                                                 Kim Miglorin (Scottsdale)
                                                                     Ted Namba (Glndl)                         Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort
                                 LouAnn Tampos
 Ken Ihori
 Tom Kadomoto
                                   Stephen Tsang
                                                                     Kathy Nee (Phoenix)
                                                                      Victor Ong (Phx)                         7601 East Indian Bend Road
                                      Jason Wong              Nampet Panichpant (Los Angeles)
 Master Lu
                             Kathleen Wong (Lau)
                                         Joan Yen
                                                               Lydia Yasmeen Peera (Tucson)
                                                                  Pui Pongtractic (Phoenix)
                                                                                                                    Scottsdale, Arizona
 Mindy Luzon
                                    Andrias Yose               Molly Woon Stilley (Flagstaff)
                                                                    Edwin Tampos (Mesa)
                                                                                                              Call Madeline at 602-371-8452
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                                                                                                                  December 15, 2003 Asian SUNews 3

    Presidents Message

    Welcome to new organization member, US EEOC and Krista Watson and
  individual members, Michael Pitkin and Debra Mohri. Thank you for joining. Please
  make it a point to find any of our board members to say hello at the upcoming
  Chamber events.
    Our Asian Pacific Night at the Phoenix Suns has proven to be very popular, thanks
  to the admiration of Yao Ming by our community. We have sold more than 800
  tickets even though our Phoenix Suns seem to be in slump! We have some great
  entertainment for all of you. The basketball tournament was a lot of fun for those who
  participated. I want to take this opportunity to thank the players and the promoters of
  this tournament. As you may already know, our theme this year is Inhale Life, the
  anti-tobacco slogan of the Arizona Department of Health Services. We believe in the
  harmful effects of smoking and want to help everyone stop!
    You will be receiving your invitation for our Lunar New Year of the Monkey
  celebration. Several members have already bought tables, so please put in your
  reservation before your letter arrives if you want. We welcome your participation. On
  page 2 of this publication, you will find all the details.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Allman for his support and
  friendship of the Asian Chamber all these years. We are glad that Joe will still write
  for Asian SUNews. Joe has retired from our Board and I have appointed Jim Shee to
  fill his position. Jim will be official after our regular board meeting. So thanks a
  million, Joe, from all of us.
    If I do not see all of you before Christmas or Hanukah, I want to say on behalf of the
  Asian Chamber Board of Directors, here is wishing you the greatest of holidays and
  the happiest of new years. Don’t forget we get to celebrate two New Years; so come
  celebrate the Lunar New Year with us on January 31st.             Rocky Tang
                                                                                                                                                                                         Sakata Insurance Agency
                                                                                                                                    Platinum Sponsors
                                                                                                                                Ar iz o na P ub l ic Se rv ic e
                                                                                                                                      Ba nk o f A me r ic a
                                                                                                                                         P ho e n i x S u ns
                                                                                                                                Ar iz o na D ia mo nd b a c k s
                                                                                                                                  C o x C o mmu n ic a t io ns
                                                                                                                                           Ho ne yw e l l
                                                                                                                                       G ol d Sp o ns o r s
                                                                                                                                 A me r ic a W e s t Air l i ne s
                                                                                                                                  The Ar iz o na R e p ub l ic
                                                                                                                                            Ba nk O ne
                                                                                                                                            B ud w e is e r
                                                                                                                       Fa r me rs Ins u ra nc e Sa k a t a Age nc y
                                                                                                                                  AS I Art D e s i g n St ud i o
                                                                                                                              M e s a C o mmu n i t y C o l le ge
                                                                                                                    M a ric o p a C o u nt y S p o rt s C o mmi s s i o n
                                                                                                                          M c D o nne l C o mp ut e r S ys t e ms
                                                                                                                                       C it y o f P ho e n i x
                                                                                                                                       Pho e n i x C o l le ge
                                                                                                                                            Pr is ms o ft
                                                                                                                                         SU M C O U SA
                                                                                                                                          W e l ls Fa r go
                                                                                                                                     C it y o f S c o t t s d a le
                                                                                                                                V a l le y C o mme rc e Ba nk
                                                                                                                                     Sa lt R i ve r Proje c t
                                                                                                                                               C ha s e
                                                                                                                                     G e ne ra l D y na mi c s
                                                                                                                                       Silver Sponsor
                                                                                                                                      C it y o f C ha nd le r
                                                                                                                         A ir N a t io na l G ua rd o f Ar iz o na
                                                                                                                               C op pe r / S m a l l B us i n e s s
                                                                                                                    C it y o f Pho e n i x A v ia t io n D e p a rt me nt
                                                                                                                 C it y o f P ho e n i x S ma l l B us i ne s s P ro gra ms
                                                                                                                                 Are a A ge nc y o n A g i n g
At the Valley Commerce Bank holiday party (l-r): Jim Shee, Larry Dong, Rocky                                           Ar iz o na D e p a rt me nt o f C o mme rc e
                                                                                                                    ASU I ns t it ut io na l Ad va nc e me nt D e p t .
Tang, Willie Mae Tang, Tom Tam, Helen Tam, bank President Bob Homco,                                             C it y o f P ho e n i x Eq ua l O p p o rt u n it y D e p t .
Madeline Ong-Sakata and bank VPs Rosena French & Kathy Nee.                                                                           BN U C o rp o ra t io n
                                                                                                                So ut hw e s t B us i ne s s Fi na nc i n g C o rp o ra t io n
                                                                                                                                 M a ric o p a Sk i l l C e nt e r
                                                                                                                  C it y o f P ho e n i x N e i g hb o r ho o d S e r v ic e s
                                                                                                                           C it i Ba nk Fi na nc ia l Se rv ic e s
                                                                                                                            S t . P a ul O ut p a t ie nt S ur ge r y
                                                                                                                               O r g a ni za ti o n M e m be r s
                                                                                                                 Ar iz o na As ia n A me r ic a n Ba r As s o c ia t io n
                                                                                                                         Ko re a n C ha mb e r o f C o mme rc e
                                                                                                           Ar iz o na St a t e U n i ve rs it y As ia n Pa c i fic C o a l it io n
                                                                                                                                 J a p a n A me r ic a So c ie t y
                                                                                                                            J a p a n Bus i ne s s As s o c ia t io n
                                                                                                        J a p a ne s e A me r ic a n C it iz e n Le a g ue Ar iz o na C ha p t e r
                                                                                                                                Ko re a n C u lt ura l C e nt e r
                                                                                                                   Pa c i fic R i m Ad v is o r y C o u nc i l (PR AC )
                                                                                                                       Pho e n i x S is t e r C it ie s C o mmis s io n
                                                                                                           G re a t e r Pho e n i x C o n ve nt i o n a nd V is it o rs B ure a u
                                                                                                                 Pa n As ia n C o mmu n i t y A l l ia nc e i n Tuc s o n
                                                                                                                               As ia n H is p a n ic A l l ia nc e
                                                                                                             C h i ne s e A me r ic a n C it iz e ns A l l ia nc e N a t io na l
                                                                                                        C h i ne s e A me r ic a n C it iz e ns A l l ia nc e Pho e n i x Lo d ge
                                                                                                                  Ko re a n A me r ic a n B us i ne s s As s o c ia t io n
                                                                                                          ASU As ia n Pa c i fic A me r ic a n A l u m n i As s o c ia t io n
                                                                                                             ASU As ia n Pa c i fic A me r ic a n St ud i e s Pro gra m
                                                                                                                          ASU C e nt e r fo r As ia n St ud ie s
                                                                                                                                Pue b lo G ra nd e M us e u m
                                                                                                                      C o mmu n i t y I n fo r ma t io n & R e fe rra l
                                                                                                                       As ia n Pa c i fic Is la nd e r As s o c ia t io n
                                                                                                  G r a nd C a n yo n M i no r it y & S up p l ie r s D e ve lo p me nt C o u nc i l
                                                                                                                            H. T. C he n D a nc e C o mp a n y
Asian Chamber Inhale Life Singers practicing the National Anthem for Asian Pacific Night at                                          N a Le o ‘ O Ke Ka i
                                                                                                       En t re p re ne u rs Pro g ra m/ So ut h M t . Co mmu n i t y C o l le ge
the Suns Dec. 20th. (l-r): Alex Tanita, Taylor Read, Justine Fujii, Jonathan Fujii, Darren Ng,      U n i ve rs it y o f C a l i fo r n ia As ia n A m e ric a n St ud ie s C e nt e r
                                                                                                                       M a ric o p a C o u nt y As s e s s o rs O ffic e
Bryan Namba, Tracy Tang, Juliette Sumida including Bobby Kong (not shown).                       N a t io na l As s o c ia t io n o f W o me n B u s i ne s s O w ne rs (N AW BO )
                                                                                                                              M e s a C o mmu n i t y Li b ra r y
                                                                                                                             Ar iz o na H is t o r ic a l So c ie t y
                                                                                                                       C e nt e r fo r B ud d h is t D e ve lo p me n t
                                                                                                                                                O IC
                                                “SERVICE AND QUALITY                             As ia n St ud e nt s As s o c ia t io n o f M a r c o s de N iz a Hi g h Sc ho o l
                                                                                                            N o rt h P ho e n i x H i g h Sc ho o l As ia n St ud ie s C l ub
                                              OUR MARK OF EXCELLANCE”                                                   ASU I nt e r gro up R e la t io ns C e nt e r
                                                                                                                 ASU As ia n B us i ne s s Le a d e rs As s oc ia t io n
                                                                                                                   Ind o - A me r ic a n C ha mb e r o f C o m me rc e
                                                      REAL ESTATE SIGNS                                             As ia n A me r ic a n B us i ne s s R o und t a b le
                                                                                                                  G o ve r no r’ s O ffic e o f Eq ua l O p p o rt u n it y
      MICHAEL G.H. YANG                            CAR AND TRUCK LETTERING                              Pla n ne d Pa re nt ho o d o f C e nt ra l & N o rt he r n Ar iz o na
      2343 E. WASHINGTON ST.                            SILK SCREENING                                                                    4 A o f A T& T
                                                                                                                        N a tio na l M a rro w D o no r Pro gra m
        PHOENIX, AZ 85034                            WOOD, METAL, PLASTIC                                                    Ar iz o na H is t o r ic a l So c ie t y
                                                        MAGNETIC SIGNS                                             ASU So ut he a s t As ia n St ud ie s Pro g ra m
                                                                                                                           Ar iz o na Fa i r Ho us i n g C e nt e r
          602-273-6384                                    SHOW CARDS                                                            Le a d e rs h ip C o ns o rt i u m
                                                                                                             U n it e d St a t e s Eq ua l O p p o rt u n it y C o mm is s io n
   4      Asian SUNews December 15, 2003

A Movie Review                                    trains hard in Japanese Swordsmanship, and        By Sam Chu Lin,
 Robert Corella                                   even sees how swords are made by the              Special to AsianWeek,
Japan-America Society of Phoenix                  village craftsmen. Eventually, Algren is          Nov 28, 2003
  Having lived in Japan and studying              accepted by the other samurai and makes             In a resolution initiated
Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido) I was              the decision to join Katsumoto’s rebellion.       by Gavin Newsom and
instinctively drawn to see this movie. Some         In the end, the rebellion is lost and the       co-sponsored by Fiona
of the scenes were filmed in Himeji—              new (modern) Japan emerges as victorious.         Ma and Aaron Peskin, the
Phoenix’s own Sister City. This is the city       In true samurai fashion, Katsumoto                Board of Supervisors
I lived in for two years while I studied          commits suicide rather being taken by the         voted on Veterans Day to
Araki Ryu Iaido. It was in Himeji that I          enemy. He retains honor in this way. The          support Congressman
was first taught the use of the samurai           Emperor’s soldiers are so overwhelmed by          Mike Honda’s (D-Calif.)
                                                                                                    House Joint Resolution
sword and learned more about the samurai.         the last samurai’s code of Bushido that they
                                                                                                    45. The resolution calls
It is interesting to note how Tom Cruise          get on their hands and knees and bow to a         on local congressional
felt about the ancient samurai. Cruise            dying man, the last of his kind.                  representatives to approve L-r): Frank Chan, Edward Yue, Sharon
related to a reporter in The Ottawa Citizen       Katsumoto’s real life counterpart, Saigo          legislation granting U.S.
that he considers the samurai “as artists of      Takamori, was a Satsuma samurai and a             citizenship posthumously O’Connor, John Tang & Leong Eng
their time…they were educated to lead and         leader of the rebellion. He was killed by the     to Chinese Americans and
actually help people.” I share in Mr.             new army, whose soldiers started to cry           other Asian Pacific Americans who fought father and grandfather had served in the
Cruise’s admiration of the Ways of the            upon learning of his death. The soldiers          in America’s Civil War. Petitions on behalf military during World War II. “Our intent is
Samurai and would like to share with you          respected Saigo Takamori because he was           of the veterans are now being collected in to get this issue to other Asian [Pacific]
my thoughts on the movie. Additionally, I         the last samurai.                                 other cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix American organizations. We’ll be sending
want to explain the way of the sword—               Cruise agrees with the philosophy of the        and Tucson, Ariz., to follow suit.            letters to our two senators and seven
Bushido (a warrior code of conduct), and          samurai. He tells Jamie Portman of The              In a related event, Las Vegas Mayor representatives here in Arizona and ask
how the use of the sword go hand in hand.         Ottawa Citizen that, “I connect in a very         Oscar Goodman, at the urging of the them for their support.”
                                                                                                    Chinese American Citizens Alliance              “I think Arizona should help lead in this
Finally, I will explain why many people’s         compassionate and deep way to the code of
                                                                                                    (CACA) has also proclaimed Dec. 17, as effort since Sharon O’Connor lives in the
way of life has changed because of the            the Samurai.” The soul of the samurai is          Chinese Exclusion Repeal Act Day, the state,” said Eddie Yue, a national CACA
sword.                                            known as the katana, the sword. It is this        60th anniversary of the repeal of the 1882 board member from Phoenix. “President
  The movie begins with the transition of         sword that governs one’s whole life. It           discriminatory law.                           Bush has recognized immigrant veterans
the Tokugawa period to the Meiji period.          includes taking responsibility for one’s            The CACA, one of the oldest APA civil who fought in Iraq with U.S. citizenship. I
At that time, the Emperor wanted to               actions, which also include loyalty, honor,       rights organizations in the country, was can’t see why he can’t do the same for
modernize Japan. However, Japan still             and duty. In my classes, these concepts are       initially formed to fight the racially Chinese [Americans] and other Asian
maintained many of its traditions and old         taught along with the use of the sword.           exclusionary legislation and will [Pacific] Americans who fought in
ways. The Emperor knew that in order for          Students come to learn swordsmanship but          commemorate that anniversary at the America’s Civil War.”
Japan to survive it would need the West’s         in reality look for self-discipline, honor, and   CACA Grand Lodge in San Francisco on            When O’Connor spoke to the dinner
industrial machinery and its way of               loyalty. These are qualities swordsmanship        Dec. 20.                                      guests, she found them enthusiastic and
thinking. The main obstacle to this new           students naturally possess but need the way         CACA officials point out Honda’s House interested in her great-grandfather’s story.
                                                                                                    joint resolution and the 60th anniversary are After a television news story about Cohota
way of thinking is the Samurai, the rulers of     of the sword to bring out these ideals. The
                                                                                                    tied together. APAs like Edward Day was screened, she shared with the audience
ancient Japan for over 1000 years.                sword is not mystical and cannot                  Cohota, alias Sing How, formerly of family heirlooms, including her great-
Katsumoto, played by Ken Watanabe in the          automatically give one these enhanced             Shanghai, China, fought in America’s Civil grandfather’s discharge papers and
movie, is based on the real life of Saigo         human attributes. However, one can obtain         War and served in the U.S. Army for 30 photographs.
Takamori, who led the Satsuma Rebellion           these through strict training. This is the        years. Because of the Chinese Exclusion         “I thought they were a group of wonderful
against the Emperor. In the beginning,            Way of The Sword.                                 Act, he was denied U.S. citizenship. people,” O’Connor said. “They seemed very
Katsumoto has a premonition about a white           As a final note, yes, I would recommend         Without citizenship, Cohota could not rise interested in helping in every way they
tiger that turns out to be Tom Cruise’s           this movie. I’ve seen it twice and with each      above the rank of private or receive a could to make it possible for this citizenship
character, Nathan Algren, in the film.            time, I’ve discovered a different facet of        federal land grant as a Civil War veteran.    bill to get through. My son is also
Subsequently, Algren is captured by               bushido. There is much symbolism if one             “The recognition of Edward Day Cohota enthusiastic about this and is helping to
Katsumoto’s Samurais and taken to their           just looks for it. In the final scene where       and the awarding of U.S. citizenship to him collect petitions.”
village. During his captive stay Algren is        Katsumoto is dying, he looks at a flowering       and others helps to illustrate that Chinese     Co ntemplating the legislatio n’s
fascinated by the Ways of the Samurai. The        cherry tree in full blossom. He says,             and other Asian [Pacific] Americans have a significance, she added, “I think all of those
                                                                                                    long history of patriotism in this country,” men who served in that war should be given
strict code of conduct is one that he relates     “perfect.” Like the short-lived blossom, a
                                                                                                    said Carolyn Chan, a national CACA leader citizenship.
to since he is a captain in the U.S. military.    samurai must be ready to give up his life at      from Albuquerque, N.M. “They’ve                 “I think those exclusionary acts that our
Many parallels of honor and duty are drawn        any moment. A “perfect” ending.                   contributed much to this country despite the government has had through the years —
together as he gets absorbed in the Ways of         Bob Corella is an instructor of Japanese        adversity they have had to face.”             whether it was the internment of the
the Samurai. For one, he learns to never          Swordsmanship, and can be contacted at              This past weekend, CACA members from Japanese [Americans] during World War II
give up. Soon the Way of the Sword enters See ad below.                   Albuquerque, Phoenix and Tucson, met or not allowing Chinese and other Asians to
his soul and he is forever captured by it. He                                                       with Sharon O’Connor, Cohota’s great- come here — I just don’t support that idea. I
                                                                                                    granddaughter, and his great-great grandson think that people who love America and
                                                                                                    Britton Dornquast at a Thanksgiving dinner served in our Armed Forces and risked their
                                                                                                    in Tucson. The meeting was an opportunity lives for this country should have a right to
President Bush visits Arizona                                                                       to see what could be done to speed up the be citizens.”
                                                                                                    process to win U.S. citizenship for Cohota,     The Tucson psychologist realizes before
Barry Wong, Appointed Member of Bush/Cheney ’04 Arizona Steering Committee
                                                                                                    who died in 1935 after fighting President Bush can sign such an executive
  (Phoenix) On the day the U.S. Senate passed the historic Medicare reform bill providing           unsuccessfully for a lifetime to accomplish order, Congress will need to pass a bill to
prescription drug benefits to America’s senior citizens, President George W. Bush visited           that goal.                                    accomplish this.
Arizona.                                                                                              “After the dinner, we got quite a few         “I hope Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will
  President Bush arrived in Phoenix on November 25, 2003 to talk with seniors at the Los            petitions signed,” said Dorothy Lew, a investigate this matter and learn what took
Olivos Senior Center about the historic Medicare reform bill, which he later signed into            CACA leader and a resource teacher from place,” she added. “Too many Americans
law.                                                                                                Tucson. Lew hopes American history books don’t realize Chinese [Americans] and other
  Following his remarks he headed to the Arizona Biltmore Resort where he attended a                will include more about the contributions of Asians like my great-grandfather were not
                                                private fundraiser for his re-election.             APAs for this country.                        allowed to become U.S. citizens — until the
                                                Asian-American leaders present included               Lew, the executive director of the Pan law was changed.”
                                                Ms. Doris Ong, member of the Phoenix                Asian Community Alliance, noted that her
                                                Art Museum Board of Trustees and
                                                member of the city of Phoenix’ Arts
                                                Commission, Ms. Chantri S. Beck,
                                                president of Thai American Friendship                                     HVAC Technician / Installer
                                                Organization, Inc. and Barry Wong,
                                                former Arizona legislator, member of the
                                                                                                                              $36,442 - $54,288
                                                Bush/Cheney ’04 Arizona Steering                                           Apply by January 9,2004
                                                Committee and chairman of Bush/Cheney
                                                ’04 Arizona Asian-American Coalition.                          HVAC/ Mechanical Equipment Technician
                                                The event raised $1.7 million.
                                                                                                                         $34,632 - $42,234
                                                                                                                      Apply by January 9, 2004
                                         Iaido                                                                   Apply on-line by visiting our web site at
                                                                                                   or pick up application materials at
                Japanese Swordsmanship                                                                           135 N. 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003
                                Japan trained instructor

                                 Asian Arts Center
                                  318 N. 5th Ave.
                              Phoenix, Arizona 85303

                                                                                                              December 15, 2003 Asian SUNews 5
                                                                                               History Workshop to learn how to do oral           how to attract youth members for our
                                                                                               histories. It’s nice to see that this project is   chapter. Dr Karen Leong reported on the
                                                                                               truly a collaborative community project            successful Colloquium on Japanese
                                                                                               between ASU’s Asian Pacific Studies                Americans in Arizona Oral History
                                                                                               Program, Japanese American National                Project.    Dr. Matsuishi reported on a
                                                                                               Museum, Arizona Historical Society and             proposal from the Arizona Buddhist Temple
                                                                                               JACL AZ Chapter. I would encourage                 to have Basha gift the remainder of its
                                                              JACL Board                       everyone to participate in this ongoing            lease. Gene Tanita discussed bids on
                                                            President’s Message                Project.                                           paving the dirt lot adjacent to the
                                                I guess I’m like most guys in that I love        As we approach the end of another year,          hall. Finally, guests Dr Art Hansen and
                                                watching and reading about virtually any       we can look forward to a myriad of                 Florence Ochi from the Japanese American
                                                sporting event. I seem to be going to a lot    upcoming events such as the opening of the         National Museum gave brief remarks about
                                                of meetings lately so I haven't been able to   new Phoenix Coyotes Arena in Glendale              the history of Japanese Americans in
                                                catch any Phoenix Suns games this              and the 2004 National JACL Convention in           Arizona.
                                                season. I am taking the family, however, to    Honolulu. I wish each of you a happy and             Immediately after the meeting, Lisa
             Tom Kadomoto                       watch Yao and the rest of the Houston          healthy holiday season!         TED                Takata moderated an entertaining panel
                                                Rockets take on Amare and the rest of the                 General Board Meeting                   discussion on “Japanese Americans who did
                                                Phoenix Suns on Asian Pacific Night at           Fifty five members attended the JACL             not go to Camp during WW II.” Panelists
       WE NEED TO PUT A CAP ON THE              AWA on December 20. I also will catch          Arizona Chapter General Meeting which              Tom Nakayama, Sr., Helen Y. Tanita, Kaye
HUGE DOLLAR AMOUNT ON LAW SUITS                 some of “Team JACL’s” basketball games         was held on November 9, 2003 at the JACL           Minato, Hide Watanabe, Masako Takiguchi
   You must surely have noticed the large       at the Asian Sports Days Basketball            Hall. Prior to the General Meeting, a              and Tosh Chavers were candid as they
amount of winning by some of the so called      Tournament which will be held at ASU’s         delicious luncheon was prepared for                shared memories from sixty years
victims, in a law suit, and unfortunately the   Student Rec Center from December 12-           everyone by board member, Gene Tanita              ago.      Attendees enjoyed pearls of
amount is getting larger and larger, no doubt   14. I was pleasantly surprised during last     and his daughter, Alexis Tanita.                   information such as Tosh’s strategy to go
some of them are increased by attorney’s        year's games at how good these guys play         Elected to the 2004 Board of Directors           shopping in downtown Phoenix during the
fees.                                           as a team. Brian Teraji was as good as any     were: Michelle Komatsu, Warren Komatsu,            war!
   However in an ever increasing greedy         point guard in last year’s tourney and Ryan    Eugene Nomura, Lee Sakata and Charlie                             In Memoriam
society and in a morally deteriorating          Yamauchi was a force down in the low post      Tadano. Elected to the 2004 Investment               Our chapter has unfortunately lost several
environment, this may be a regretful natural,   as opposing teams appeared somewhat            Committee were Dr. Richard Matsuishi and
                                                confused that he’s a lefty.                                                                       members during the course of 2003. Our
progression.                                                                                   Joyce Shiota.                                      hearts go out to the families and good
   Unless America makes an effort to block        I'm also keenly interested in history and      Committee and activity reports were
                                                am very excited by the recent progress of                                                         friends of the following individuals who
this one way or another, it is bound to get                                                    given by Seiko Watkins, Michele Namba,             passed away this year: Sam Tochihara,
worse.                                          the JAAZ Oral History Project. It appears      Chuck Matsumoto, Mas Inoshita, Mary
                                                that more community members are willing                                                           Albert Hirohata, Yas Ariza, Jean Eto Endo,
   In a law suit this could be a hidden greed                                                  Tadano and Lisa Takata.                Chapter
                                                to be interviewed and share their memories                                                        Kathy Minato Spradling, Hana Nakamura,
of some greedy attorney, this could possibly                                                   Membership Chair, Doris Asano reported
                                                of what Arizona was like in the 20’s, 30’s                                                        Ernest Kohatsu, Lynnette Yamauchi,
go on because attorney fees are not                                                            that Arizona Chapter currently is in 3rd
mentioned in most documents.                    and 40's. I'm very pleased that 85 people                                                         Robert Mahr, Hank Morimoto and Mieko
                                                                                               Place in the National JACL Membership
   So, many of the problems that we see         attended the recently held JAAZ Oral                                                              Tsutsumida.
                                                                                               Contest. Michelle Komatsu gave ideas on
today are brought upon by a few excessively
greedy individuals, such as the CEO of large
firms or others that have the financial
responsibility of large firms.
   I hope this kind of greediness will be                                                      Ted Namba                                          professional name of Fujima Kansuju from
stopped soon, because some poor country                                                          Mesa Arts Center recently announced that         the Grand Master in Japan. She taught
people are calling us rich, lazy and arrogant                                                  the Lyric Theatre would be named in honor          Phoenix area dance students for over twenty
and this is going to give then an opportunity                                                  of longtime Mesa residents Janet and Tom           years. Janet has served as Past President of
to add to add “and greedy”. This is terrible,                                                  Ikeda.                                             Mesa Jaycee Belles and Board Member of
and I hope we can do something about the                                                         Tom Ikeda was a native Mesa resident             the Mesa Fine Arts Board and Buddhist
moral degradation before all the people in                                                     who died on January 9, 2000, at age 82. He         Churches of America Endowment
the world begin to hate all Americans.                                                         was a graduate of Mesa High School who             Foundation.       The Ikeda’s raised five
   The unfortunate thing is that Americans                                                     turned down a scholarship to the University        children, Virginia, Steven, Kathy, Sanford
have been known as “wealthy, generous and                                                      of Arizona to stay in Mesa to care for his         and Laurie Ann in Mesa who have all given
helpful” by many countries, but not since we
                                                                                               parents and siblings (he was the oldest of         much pleasure and pride to their parents.
appear to he heading in the wrong direction
                                                                                               nine children) and to run the family                 During the recent Mesa Arts Alliance
and cause them to call us “greedy and
                                                                                               farm. He served as Chairman of the Mesa            capital campaign drive, the Ikeda family
   In order to put control over the excessive                                                  Red Cross and the United Fund. He also             donated $1 million dollars which enabled
greediness, there should he a board formed        JACL CHOJUKAI BONENKAI                       served as Past President of JACL Arizona           the Alliance to surpass its fundraising
as in the case of the Medical Board who           On Saturday, December 6. 2003, the           Chapter, Arizona Buddhist Temple, Mesa             goal. “Having been residents of this great
keep an eye on practicing doctors. Can’t        JACL Chojukai held its Bonenkai (year          Jaycees and Baseline Rotary Club. Tom              City of Mesa all of our lives, my family and
think of name for this Board but perhaps it     end party) at the Arizona Chapter JACL         had a passion for baseball and helped to           I feel honored to be able to participate in
should consist of honest, reputable ministers   Hall, 5414 W. Glenn Drive, Glendale,           bring Major League Baseball spring training        some small way in the propagation of the
and one or two Judges and some others, who      Arizona 85301. There were 85 members           to Arizona and also persuaded Japanese             living arts in our area. I wish to thank the
will analyze each huge law suit. This may       and friends in attendance for the activity.    professional baseball teams to train in Mesa.      City of Mesa and the Mesa Arts Alliance
help reduce some of the greed that is           The 11 blue barrels were loaded with             Janet Ikeda was born in Los Angeles and          for giving me this opportunity to show my
building up. To clarify the matter let me       many items for the Westside Food Bank.         moved to Mesa in 1942 to avoid the forcible        appreciation,” said Janet Ikeda, as she made
give an example. There was an employee          Attendees were advised to bring in             relocation of her family during World War          the largest single gift to the Mesa Arts
that got fired for something wrong that he      generous donations of food stuffs in place     II. She had studied Japanese classical dance       Center.
did, so he got upset and sued the County and    of the nominal fees for the bento dinner.      in Los Angeles under noted dance master              Thank you to chapter member Janet Ikeda
won nine million dollars. This appeared to      The bentos were prepared and delivered by      Fujima Kansuma and continued her studies           and the Ikeda Family for helping to ensure
be an unusually large amount for any            the Nagasaki Grill also known as the To        in Arizona to become certified as a Japanese       that the arts are central to the quality of life
employee to be awarded.                         Zan in Mesa, the owner of which is Mr.         classical dance instructor, receiving the          in the community.
   Let me give an example to clarify things,    Eguchi who formerly operated the Happy
assume an employee is making $35,000 a          Bowl Samurai.
year, which might or may not be higher than       Election of officers were as follows:
the average county worker. This amount          President Mas Inoshita, Vice President
comes to $3000 a month. Lets say over a         Tosh Watanabe, Corresponding Secretary
period of time he got several raises, let me    Miyoko Ariza, Recording Secretary
use an amount three times or $9000 a month
                                                Gladys Sallas, and Hospitality Co-Chairs
or $108,000 a year. The nine million would
                                                Tomiko Faulkner and Kaye Minato.
last for 83 years, if he is 35 the money
                                                  After the bento lunch, Mrs. Toshie
would last until he is 118 years old, and the
                                                Yoshii’s Karaoke Group, includingWendy
bad part is that you and I might have to pay
                                                MacCracken, Yosh Ishida, Niwa Morita,
for this outlandish amount.
   The newly formed Board is to have some       and Yutaka Nishida sang a number of
control for this kind of greedy action before   Japanese songs.
it gets any worse.                                Thanks to the ladies for the kitchen work
    As I mentioned before we must do            including Gladys Sallas, Kay Allman,
something about our educational system to       Miyoko Ariza and Betty Inoshita. Toshiko
improve our thinking about moral attitude.      Chavers took care of the registrations and
    One thing I can guarantee is that moral     dues collection. Floor sweepers and mop
education will not hurt anyone. The             operators were John Sato, Mas Inoshita
Confucius teaching for this is the best, so     and Joe Allman.
long as don’t use his name in our text book!      Another well done for an excellent
                                                turnout, good food, plenty of canned goods
  Tom Kadomoto is an Honorary Member            and staples for the Westside Food Bank,
of the Asian Chamber Advisory Board.            excellent entertainment and lots of
Please write to Tom c/o Asian SUNews,           visiting. See you all at the next month’s
1219 E. Glendale Ave. #25, Phoenix, AZ          Shinenkai (New Year’s Party).
   6      Asian SUNews December 15, 2003

Smurfs, Nemo and the Pacific Rim
Advisory Council: All about a brother.
                                                                                            The Teaching of Traditions
                                                                                              Dear readers: To continue                                  strongest influences on
By Anoma Phanthourath                                          Mom & Dad getting old        from last month, here’s Part                                 Shihan Muhaymin’s
   So many things look out                                     and how all the kids         II of the story of                                           training and love of the
of place in the desert. Like                                   should try our hardest to      Shihan Muhammad Abdul                                      Martial Arts.
fake snow and the wood                                         see the parents at           Muhaymin:                                                    While studying Aikido in
shapes of – bear yourself                                      Christmas, and, now, who       Ms. Williams invited                                       the Nation of Islam and
her e – the Smur fs                                            made wooden Christmas        Muhammad to study at their                                   training with Doctor Powell
welcoming Santa, which                                         trees.                       dojo and even offered to                                     Muhammad was also
the neighbor fella with a                                        I called and left a        work with him on his                                         allowed and opportunity to
woodworking shop in his                                        rambling five minute         techniques until he felt                                     learn from another great
garage has spent all year                                      message on his answering     comfortable enough to join                                   instructor that he had heard
finishing and poking little                                    machine back in Texas. I     the rest of the class. He                                    about from the elite class,
colored Christmas lights                                       basically decreed that in    accepted her offer and                                       Shihan Naraki Hara of the
through and now placed                                         the future, we would                                                 Master Lu
                                                                                            finally joined the school in                                 Goshindo           Kempo
quite cleverly amongst                                         forgo      store-bought      1968. In addition to his Aikido, he began to Association. Shihan Hara had very strict
sleigh, reindeer, and                                          presents and he would        study V-Jitsu-Tee and Sanuces Ryu Ju-Jitsu rules in his class. He only taught 12 students
saguaro.                                   Anoma               build or make me             with Dr. Moses Powell in Harlem, NY. The for 4 hours per class once a week. All
   I thought I was safe from                                   something every year.        Dr. developed these two systems by participants had to have already reached a
this. Sure, sure, there’s                                      And oh, had I told him       incorporating the Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Shodan level in some discipline and show a
always that part of town where the today what a good father he was and how                  Kung-Fu, Aikido, Goshin-Jistsu and minimum level of skill. Each new
neighbors put up their Christmas proud of him I was? And, of course, that I                 military commando fighting techniques he participant had to be referred by 1 of the
decorations on Thanksgiving Day and the was the cuter and favorite sister.                  learned by his Grandmaster Florendo existing12 members, and be voted in by all
rest of the City drives through at five miles   I also called the other not-as-cute and     Visitacion.                                  of the remaining students. Finally after
an hour, pointing out “Oh, look at that not-as-favorite sister, Varida, and asked             As Muhammad trained he became very years of anticipation, Muhammad was
striking display of the North Pole. How her if she remembered what I’d given her            well acquainted with Professor V and Dr. allowed to join his class in 1973. He was
Kandinsky.” Okay, maybe not. More so, for Christmas last year. “I don’t know. A             Powell. He followed them as their dojo taught directly by Shihan Naraki Hara along
“Wow. Didn’t know Nemo was part of the Tiffany’s something or other. I can’t                moved to 554 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. with Wally Sharif (John 81x). Shihan Hara
Nativity Scene.” Any other displays I saw remember the piece exactly. There’s so            Five years later on July 28, 1973, awarded Shihan Muhaymin a Shodan
were on my jogging route and otherwise many.” Okay, all girls love the little Blue          Muhammad earned his Shodan Certificate degree in 1974 in Brooklyn, NY.
outside of my property line. I was safe, Box with white ribbon but Sis and I had            in Sanuces Ryu Ju-Jitsu under Dr. Powell.      Also in 1974, Muhammad was introduced
you see.                                      got into the habit of exchanging these so     Over the years he became one of the Dr.’s to a young Kung Fu teacher that was
   Until last Friday. My brother Mike had regularly. Birthdays, Christmas, all other        top students as he accompanied him at involved with his sister Waheedah. Seifu
called the night before and said, Sis, I sent major and not-so-major holidays, sister       various Martial Arts demonstrations Alabiddin Umar Sharif specialized in
you something. I made it.                     shopping days, anytime I saw you days.        throughout the US and even in Bermuda.       Southern Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu Wu-
   This, you must understand, is unheard of.    Tiffany’s was getting old. I wanted           On September 1st, 1998 Muhammad Su. His teachers included Grandmaster
My brother doesn’t make anything. He’s a wood carvings made by hand that I could            received his Rokudan, 6th degree, Allen Lee and Master George Hudson.
good ole Texas boy. Hunts, shoots, duck and would remember every year: Mike                 certificate from Dr. Powell. Now that he Seifu Sharif’s taught Muhammad his Kung-
blinds, camouflage, deer season, quail, made this. Next Christmas and years from            resides in Arizona, he also serves as a West Fu system which is based his studies with
pheasant, you name it, Mike’s got it now, I would remember that.                            Coast Advisor in these systems. His senior Grandmaster Allen Lee and various
stuffed and hanging in his house. And, he       It’s not about stuff, you see. It’s about   instructors under Dr. Powell include: Soke teaching from his travels and training
passed his shooting skills onto his baby feelings.                                          Lil John Davis, Grand Master Anthony throughout the US, Asia and Africa. In
sis, mind you. Although I don’t relish the      That’s precisely what I’ve been saying      Muhammad, and Dr. Phillip Chinique. exchange Muhammad shared with Umar the
thought of shooting anything other than this whole year at these City of Phoenix            Despite living on opposite coasts, he and knowledge he had attained through his
innocent paper targets.                       Pacific Rim Advisory Council meetings         the doctor are still very close to this day. studies in Aikido, Ju Jitsu and Kempo.
   But on Friday, my friendly United States you guys have been reading about. It’s all      Most recently Muhammad has performed Muhammad earned his 1st Degree Black
Postal Service mail carrier delivered to my about feelings.        That feeling of I’ve     along with his son Ibn Muhammad A. Belt in Kung Fu Wu Su on May 18th, 1983.
house a large box of – golf clubs? Okay, it accomplished something, I’m worth               Muhaymin 11 at seminars with the Doctor On December 15th, 2001 Muhammad was
was just a golf club box. Packed carefully something, my opinions matter, and, I’ve         in 2000 in Los Angeles and in Chicago in
inside, nestled among a recycling bin full got something to say and offer. That’s           2001. Dr. Powell remains one of the                            see Traditions page 13
of Styrofoam peanuts, was a colorful what we wanted to give the Asian
three-and-a-half foot tall hand-carved and American community here in Phoenix. A
hand-painted wooden Christmas tree voice, a presence, a service. And, as a                                Psychic Astrology Readings
strung with little wooden presents AND team, the PRAC Commissioners made it
with a gazillion multi-colored Christmas happen. We’ve served, we’ve made a                                 Know what the Holidays holds for you
lights poking through. I absolutely loved difference, we make others feel good.                                Tina Lin specializes in Tarot Cards, Palm,
it.                                             It’s about making others feel good. It’s                          Crystal Energy and Aura Cleansing
   My brother, my goofy brother who had all about serving. And that, my friend, is                      Tina Lin will help you find a higher level of fulfillment
been kicked out of college for doing panty what happens in the Phoenix desert along                            at conquering your dreams and desires;
raids and dancing naked in his school with multi-colored Christmas displays of                            She will enter your Aura and Energy of vibrations
fountain, who we regularly had to bail out Nemo and the Smurfs. Happy Holidays.                                 Through the spiritual realm of E.S.P.
of jail, who had wrapped his beloved Z-28       Anoma T. Phanthourath is a member of
                                                                                                            Tina Lin holds the key to overcome all obstacles
around a telephone pole because he was 17 the Asian Chamber, a Commissioner on
                                                                                                             And conditions that may be a part of your life.
and dumb, had grown up. All of a sudden, the City of Phoenix Pacific Rim Advisory
without me knowing it, Mike had gone Council, a lawyer at Squire, Sanders &                               Special $10.00 with this coupon
from my irreverent and crazy older brother Dempsey L.L.P., and is active in the                                       1614 E. Bethany Home Road
who all my girlfriends had a crush on, to a Phoenix community.           Anoma can be                                      Walk-ins Welcome
responsible and conservative father who reached at 602-528-4840 or at                                                  For appointment please call
was investing all he had in his son’s
college savings account, who spoke of                                                                                   (602) 230-9557

                                                                                                          Do you want to make money?

                                                                                                                 “Simply the Best”

                                                                                                   Owner expertise                                The Best Company

                                                                                                     State of the Art                             The Best
                                                                                                     Manufacturing                                Marketing Plan

                                                                                                   How much money do you want to make?
                                                                                                                December 15, 2003 Asian SUNews 7

                                                                                                   Eight Strategies for Reducing Debt
Kathy Nee                                                                                          Ken Ihori
  Chances are you have seen advertisements about community                                           Credit cards…seems like they’ve become part of the “American
banks and relationship banking. At least this time of year, we                                     Way.” But, for many, credit card debt can be crippling, both
                                                                                                   financially and psychologically. The first step to achieving
hope they conjure up images of Jimmy Stewart’s Harry Bailey
                                                                                                   financial freedom is in reducing your debts in order to concentrate
of Bedford Falls from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and not Mr.                                          on savings and investments. Here are some steps you can take to
Potter.                                                                                            start reducing your debt while taking control.
  A community banker lives and works where you do. They                                            1.) Cut up all but two of your credit cards. This may be a
get their deposits locally and make their OWN decisions                                            difficult first step, but it is a necessary one. Which two do you
locally. The person you are speaking with makes answers in                                         keep? The two with the lowest interest rates. And, be sure to cut
the bank, not some nebulous loan committee hundreds of miles                                       up your store credit cards. Typically, these are by far the most
                                                                           Kathy Nee               dangerous as they usually have the highest interest rates of all.
  As a small business owner or in your personal finances, you                                      2.) Negotiate for a lower rate. Yes, you can do this. Credit card
                                                                                                   companies want your business and there is definite competition             Ken Ihori
encounter obstacles every day. The only constant is change. If your banker knows you and           between companies. They want to keep you as their customer. Call your credit card
your business he or she can help you smooth out the rough spots. Together, the two of you          companies and ask for lower rates. It doesn’t hurt to ask and, in many cases, just asking
can plan for your needs.                                                                           actually works.
  Take advantage of your banker, an experienced lender has analyzed hundreds if not                3.) Make the largest payments to the card with the highest interest rate and debt.
thousands of businesses. They have seen the same problems many times before. Frank                 Interest payments can add up fast – especially on large dollar amounts. This being said, go
and open dialogue between the two of you, help you solve them.                                     after the highest interest rate debt first. Pay the minimum amount on your lowest rate cards
  Use every resource you have, your attorney, your CPA, and your banker. Incidentally,             until you’ve paid off the balance on your more expensive cards.
your banker is the only member of your team that does not charge you by the hour for their         4.) Consolidate your debts into a regular bank note. Most bank loans offer lower rates
time.                                                                                              than credit cards and there’s only one payment every month.
                                                                                                   5.) Take out a home equity loan. If you’re a homeowner, you may be in luck as you may
  True, a banker’s first responsibility is to protect shareholders assets; but this is achieved    be able to take out a home equity loan in order to pay off debt. Again, the interest rate may
through successful client relationships. Presented with problems or needs early enough the         be substantially lower than that of your credit cards. As an added bonus, the interest from a
two of you can usually work through them allowing you to move on and grow your                     home equity loan is generally tax deductible.
business. Relationships are what strong banks and successful companies are built on. If            6.) Use your savings to pay off debt. Suppose that your credit card debt is at an 18%
your banker treats you as a transaction only, move on; find a community bank that will             interest rate. Now, suppose that your savings are earning 3% in a savings account. Your
meet your needs.                                                                                   debt is canceling out your savings because the rate is so much higher. In this case, even if
  We are out there and we want your business.                                                      your savings are earning 10%, you’re still losing more money on that high-interest credit
                                                                                                   card debt. Of course, keep an emergency fund, but do weigh what you’re gaining with
Kathy Nee is Vice President, Senior Underwriter & Credit Specialist for Valley                     what you’re losing. You’ll find that, although painful, applying savings to debt will save
Commerce Bank. Main Phone (602) 840-5550. 5050 North 44th Street, Phoenix AZ                       you money in the long-term.
85018. E-mail: Valley Commerce Bank is an Equal                       7.) Create a budget – and stick to it. Living beyond one’s means is an easy trap to fall
Housing Lender and a FDIC Member.                                                                  into. And policing yourself – saying “no” to a purchase – is not easy. But in order to get
                                                                                                   out of debt – and to stay out, you must create a reasonable budget that you will be able to
                                                                                                   stick to.
Nation’s Fourth-Largest Cable Operator                                                             8.) A habit to help you take control. Every time you use a credit card, enter the purchase
                                                                                                   into your checkbook. This way, when the bill comes, you’ve already accounted for the
Cox Communications and Fox Cable                                                                   purchase.
                                                                                                   Financial freedom is achievable. And, once you get yourself out of debt, and you can do it,
Networks Enter Distribution Agreement                                                              make a routine out of taking the money that would have gone to pay those bills and put it
                                                                                                   into some type of savings plan. You’ll be surprised at how fast your money can grow.
for National Geographic Channel                                                                      “This article appears courtesy of Ken Ihori. Ken Ihori is a Registered Representative with
                                                                                                   Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and MetLife Securities Inc. He specializes in meeting
National Geographic Channel to surpass 50 million Nielsen                                          the individual insurance and financial services needs of people in the community. You can
                                                                                                   reach Ken at his office at (480) 890-0688 ext. 181. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company/
homes in 2004, making it one of the top new network launches                                       MetLife Securities Inc., One Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010”
in cable or satellite history
  ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Fox Cable                 “We’ve crossed into some uncharted                                                                                   At a meeting with
Networks, a wholly owned unit of Fox             territory for so new a network, and this new                                                                           Mayor-Elect Phil
Entertainment Group (NYSE: FOX), today           opportunity with Cox Cable enables                                                                                     Gordon (standing l-
announced an affiliation agreement with          millions more potential viewers to come                                                                                r): Mayor’s staff,
Cox Communications, the nation’s fourth          along with us,” said National Geographic’s                                                                             Marian Yim; Jim
largest operator serving 6.3 million cable       Laureen Ong. “Our big challenge is to                                                                                  Shee, Asian
customers, for distribution of the three-year-   combine this reach with the deep                                                                                       Hispanic Alliance;
                                                                                                                                                                        Ted Namba,
old National Geographic Channel. The             production, programming and marketing                                                                                  Japanese American
agreement was announced by Lindsay               resources now available to us and provide                                                                              Citizens League;
Gardner, Executive Vice President, Affiliate     all our partners -- affiliates, advertisers and                                                                        (seated l-r): Lisa
Sales & Marketing for FCN and Laureen            viewers alike - a new dimension of National                                                                            Sakata & Madeline
Ong, President of the National Geographic        Geographic quality and service.”                                                                                       Ong-Sakata, Asian
Channel.                                           Based at National Geographic Society                                                                                 Chamber; Rocky
  “National Geographic Channel has now           headquarters in Washington, D.C., the                                                                                  Tang, Chamber
                                                                                                                                                                        President, discussed
cleared every one of the nation’s top cable      National Geographic Channel is a joint                                                                                 their involvement
and satellite television providers within its    venture between National Geographic                                                                                    with the City.
first three years,” noted Gardner. “We’re        Television & Film (NGT&F) and Fox Cable
pleased to have Cox as a powerful ally to        Networks. National Geographic Channel
help propel National Geographic Channel          debuted to an initial 10 million homes in
into an entirely new level of popularity and     January 2001, and is one of only four new                                                            JOIN METLIFE
future influence.”                               networks to ever surpass 20 million
  With the additional subscribers committed      subscribing homes within its first year. For
                                                                                                                                                   ARIZONA FINANCIAL
by Cox, National Geographic Channel will         more information, please visit www.                                                                  ASSOCIATES
soon surpass 50 million contractual Nielsen                                                               Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson Offices
homes based upon current Nielsen figures.          Fox Cable Networks, a wholly owned
In the three years since its January 2001        division of Fox Entertainment Group
debut, National Geographic Channel has           (NYSE: FOX), includes more than 20 major                                                  Metropolitan Life Insurance
entered into distribution agreements with all    domestic cable and satellite networks in                                                  Company is looking for exceptional
of the nation’s most significant cable and       which Fox Entertainment Group or News                                                     bilingual candidates who are
satellite television providers. Its rapid        Corporation (NYSE: NWS) hold interests.                                                   interested in a career in
availability has helped to earn National         Together these networks reach more than                                                   sales/financial services.
Geographic Channel distinction as                275 million subscribing TV households and
television’s fastest-growing network in          represent one of the media industry’s largest                                             We offer:
2001 and 2002, and current Nielsen data          and most diversified groups of                                                            ♦ comprehensive training
confirms National Geographic Channel has         programming assets. FCN networks include                                                  ♦ starting compensation up to
already clinched the honor again for its third   FX, Fox Sports Net, National Geographic                  FOR AN INTERVIEW                   $1,000/week if qualified
                                                                                                          CONTACT                          ♦ virtually unlimited income
full year of service in 2003. In fact,           Channel, SPEED Channel, Fox Movie
National Geographic Channel ranks among          Channel, Fox Sports World, Fox Sports                                                       potential
                                                                                                          KEN IHORI                        ♦ insurance & retirement
the top new network launches in cable            Digital Pacific, Central and Atlantic, Fox
                                                                                                          SALES MANAGER                      program - comprehensive
history, based on Nielsen data.                  Sports en Español and Fuel.
                                                                                                                                             benefits package

                                         Season’s Greetings to all                                        (office)

                                        our sponsors and members                                          (evening & weekend)

                                             Asian Chamber
                                              of Commerce
8 Asian SUNews     December 15, 2003

                 Welcome Luau for Rufus   See story page 1
                                December 15, 2003 Asian SUNews 9

Asian Chamber of Commerce in the Veterans Day Parade

   Thomas Tang Post 50 in the Veterans Day Parade
   10        Asian SUNews December 15, 2003

Benefits Assistance Program                                                                      ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
Recruits New Volunteers                                                                          SERVICES ENCOURAGES SUNS FANS
  The Benefits Assistance Program at the Area Agency on Aging, Region One is recruiting          TO INHALE LIFE AT ASIAN SPORTS
new volunteers.
  New volunteers are needed in the West Valley, Central Phoenix, and Tempe. They will            DAY ON DECEMBER 20 AT AWA
need to complete 20 hours of training and commit to four or more hours per week.                   Phoenix, Ariz. – The America West Arena marquee may say Phoenix Suns versus
Volunteers are placed at senior or community centers according to availability and need for      Houston Rockets, but the game on Dec. 20 will be an international event when the Suns
service. Other options include providing phone support at the Area Agency on Aging or for        host Asian Pacific Sports night. Phoenix is one of several cities the National Basketball
the statewide Medicare hotline. Training dates are January 20 and 27 and February 3 and          Association has chosen to promote the rising interest in basketball among Asian countries,
10 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m at the Area Agency on Aging, 1366 E. Thomas Road,                  and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is ensuring that health, wellness
Phoenix.                                                                                         and its anti-tobacco message, Inhale Life, is heard at the event.
  The Benefits Assistance Program provides seniors with free, one-on-one counseling to             “Tobacco doesn’t discriminate. Tobacco-related diseases are the number one cause of
answer questions about Medicare, HMOs, supplemental insurance, Social Security,                  preventable deaths worldwide,” said Director Catherine Eden, Arizona Department of
Arizona Long-Term Care System, and medical benefits for retired military. Assistance             Health Services.
completing Medicare forms is also offered.                                                         The Inhale Life singers, a troupe of young Asian vocalists, will sing at the game and the
  For more information on the Benefits Assistance Program and how to become a                    championship trophy will be presented to the Asian Basketball tournament champions at
volunteer, or for more information on any of the other programs and services available at        half-time by a representative of ADHS.
the Area Agency on Aging, call (602) 264-2255 or visit                              In addition, during pre-game festivities near the ADHS booth on the America West
  The Area Agency on Aging, Region One plans, develops, and delivers services for                Arena quad. Basketball fans interested in information on smoking cessation options are
seniors (60 years and older), adults (18-59 years) with disabilities and long-term care          encouraged to stop by the ADHS booth.
needs, persons of any age who are HIV positive, and family caregivers.                             For additional tobacco-use information, call Maricopa County Tobacco Use Prevention
                                                                                                 Program (MACTUPP) at 602-372-7272, or the Arizona Smokers Helpline (ASH) at 800-
                                                 Donald Rumsfield.
White House                                        The Arrival Ceremony began with the
continued from page 1
China in alternating order. It was a colorful
                                                 announcement of President Bush followed
                                                 by the announcement of China’s Premier          DEADLINE TO FILE CLAIMS IN
  I arrived at the Southeast Entrance to the
                                                 Wen. Both leaders stood on the platform.
                                                 The Air Force Band played the Chinese
                                                                                                 THE TAXOL® SETTLEMENT
White House South Lawn, presented my
official ticket and was directed to one of the
                                                 National Anthem followed by the U.S.
                                                 National Anthem. As the U.S. National
                                                                                                 EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2004
                                                 Anthem played I placed my right hand over         (Phoenix, AZ) Arizona Attorney General             co mp le te i n fo r ma tio n at www.
several metal detector lines as part of the                                                      Terry Goddard announced today that the      or by calling 1-800-
enhanced security measures. In advance of        my heart and stood at attention. I thought
                                                 of myself as a proud American.                  deadline to file claims in the Taxol®                659-7609.
the ceremony, invitees had to provide their                                                      antitrust case has been extended through               “An extension in this case is good news
date of birth and social security number for       After the Nineteen Gun Salute in honor of
                                                 the Chinese Premier, President Bush             January 31, 2004.                                    for patients because it means more of them
a FBI background check.                                                                            Although thousands of claims have                  will be able to benefit from appropriate
  After clearing security, I took a few steps    delivered his remarks, with timed pauses to
                                                 allow translation to Chinese, followed by       already been filed nationally, the deadline          reimbursements,” said Peter Eisenberg, M.
toward the White House and just stood there                                                      has been extended to give consumers                  D., a practicing oncologist in Greenbrae,
in awe of just having the opportunity to be      remarks by China’s Premier. Both men
                                                 then stood together for a moment to allow       additional time to act on their legal rights.        California who treats many cancer patients.
standing where the President is often seen                                                       Cancer patients who took the medication              “Patients who think they may be affected
on television boarding or disembarking on        the media to capture this historic moment.
                                                   President Bush, accompanied by a              Taxol® or its generic equivalent paclitaxel          should learn about their eligibility as soon
his helicopter, Marine One. I thought of                                                         between January 1, 1999, and February 28,            as possible.” Claims must now be
how far I have come as a son of immigrants       military officer between them, lead Premier
                                                 Wen to the military review portion of the       2003, or their heirs, may be entitled to             postmarked by January 31, 2004.
from China. It was an honor to be there.                                                         money from a $12.5 million fund created as             It is estimated that as many as 400,000
  My guest, Ms. Angela Wong, and I               ceremony where they walked along the
                                                 perimeter of where the honor guard units of     part of a settlement of a nationwide antitrust       cancer patients could be affected by the
quickly scanned the viewing area and found                                                       lawsuit brought by the Attorneys General of          case. The settlement provides
a spot directly across from the podium           the several branches of the military where
                                                 standing at attention. After the review, both   all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the District of          approximately $12.5 million to reimburse
where the President and Premier would                                                            C o l u m b i a , t h e T e r r i t o r i e s a nd   them, or the legal representative for a
speak. As the designated time approached         leaders retreated to the White House for
                                                 formal discussions on issues between the        Commonwealths. The case alleged that the             deceased Taxol®/paclitaxel user, some
for the ceremony to begin military color                                                         drug makers violated antitrust laws and              portion of what they paid for the drug or to
guards, including one dressed as colonial        two countries.
                                                   The White House Arrival Ceremony              overcharged consumers purchasing Taxol®/             reimburse insured patients for out-of-pocket
soldiers, began marching in position, the                                                        paclitaxel.                                          costs not paid for by insurers. Individuals
Air Force Band began to play and the             concluded soon thereafter. The ceremony
                                                 was filled with much pomp and                     Concurrently, U.S. Federal District Court          could receive funds in the range of $400 -
president’s staff attached the Presidential                                                      Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued an order              $2,600. Additionally, approximately $7.5
Seal on the front of the lectern.                circumstance usually reserved for heads of
                                                 States.     In this instance, the Bush          granting final approval to the settlement and        million worth of Taxol® will be provided to
  The ceremony was ready to begin. One                                                           ruled that it was both fair and reasonable.          the states for compassionate care treatment
motorcade arrived followed by a second           Administration made an exception and
                                                 extended this ceremony to Premier Wen           The settlement, which provides $55 million           of lower income cancer patients.
one, each discharging its dignitary. In                                                          in cash and approximately $7.5 million in              Taxol® is Bristol-Myers Squibb’s brand
between the cleanly shaved heads of the          who as one of the top officials of China
                                                 represents the new leadership of that           drugs for medically indigent patients,               name for the cancer drug paclitaxel (also
color guard units in front of me I was able                                                      includes $12.5 million for consumers in              marketed as Onxol®), an FDA-approved
to see the arrival of President Bush and First   country.
                                                   I stayed after the ceremony to “take-in”      restitution for overcharges they paid.               treatment for non-small cell lung cancer,
Lady Laura Bush followed by Vice                                                                   Goddard recently sent a letter to 108              breast and ovarian cancers and AIDS-
President and Mrs. Cheney, Secretary of          the atmosphere of formality and to take
                                                 more photographs, as a tourist would do.        Arizona oncologists telling them of the              related Kaposi’s sarcoma. Breast cancer is
State Colin Powell and Defense Secretary                                                         deadline extension. In the letter were notice        the second most common cancer among
                                                                                                 packets containing claim forms and                   women, with more than 211,000 new
                                                                                                 information about the settlement. Goddard            diagnoses each year. Ovarian cancer is the
Basketball                continued from page 1                                                  told the oncologists “You would provide a            sixth most common cancer among women,
School of Arizona), JACL-AZ (Japanese American Citizens League Arizona Chapter),                 great service to this office and your patients       with more than 25,000 new cases each year.
Kapow and Phil-Asian Travel. Each team played three games and advancing to the                   by mailing these notices to the families of            Patients who paid for part or all of their
December 14 Semi-final round were Phil-Asian Travel and Kapow.                                   your patients who have been treated with             treatments with Taxol® or its generic
  The December 13 bracket was comprised of the following teams: Desert Jade, Khoh                Taxol® or paclitaxel.”                               equivalents from January 1, 1999, through
Team, Phil-Asian Seafood and Market and Wolverines (Tucson team). Each team played                 Patients (or families of patients) who took        February 28, 2003, are members of the
one another and advancing to the December 14 Semi-final action were Desert Jade and              Taxol® or paclitaxel between January 1,              proposed settlement group and can file a
Wolverines.                                                                                      1999 and February 28, 2003 can get                   claim for recovery.
  In December 14 action, Phil-Asian Travel defeated Wolverines and Kapow defeated
Desert Jade. Phil-Asian Travel then defeated Kapow in the Winner’s Bracket action which
guaranteed a spot in the Championship Game for Phil -Asian Travel. In the Loser's Bracket
game, Desert Jade defeated Wolverines to enable Desert Jade to advance. In the last game                      We Serve Buyers and Sellers Valley wide
of the day, Desert Jade defeated Kapow which put Desert Jade into the Championship
Game against Phil-Asian Travel.
  The December 20 Championship Game is an extension of the December 12-14                            New Home ● Relocation ● Resale ● Land ● Investments ● Commercial
Tournament. Since Phil-Asian Travel has yet to lose a game in the tournament, if Desert
Jade wins the 1:00 Game, a second game will be played immediately afterwards to
determine the champion. Let's all try to take a break from Christmas shopping on
December 20 and watch Phil-Asian Travel play Desert Jade for the 2003 Asian Sports                       Take Advantage of Today’s
Days Basketball Championship!                                                                            Low Interest Rates! to buy
                                                                                                           your Dream Home Now

                                                                                                         We have $525 Total Move-In
                                                                                                              Grant Program
                                                                                                              for any home in
                                                                                                                                                        Tram Chu            Rick Lim
                                                                                                                                                           CRS, GRI, ABR    Investment Specialist

                                                                                                                           (602) 942-1410 24 hrs, 7 Days a week
                                                                                                                          National Wide Toll Free: (877) 341-7466

                                                                                                                            w w w .tram
                                                                                                                                 11022 N 28th Drive, Suite 170
                                                                                                              December 15, 2003                        Asian SUNews 11

GATES MILLENNIUM SCHOLARS(GMS) Tai Chi Might be a Martial Art,
                                         Has Many Other Benefits
AWARD, DEADLINE: JANUARY 16, 2004 butThe Associated Press
                                  by AP,                  more of a moving energy you get more of
  Washington, DC - About one month              fullest potential. GMS selected 1,000 high-        By MARISSA FAJT, The Muskogee                   an extroverted feeling as opposed to yoga --
remains until the deadline for the 2004 -       achieving students for the 2003-2004               Daily Phoenix and Times-Democrat                more of a getting ready to do something as
2005 Gates Millennium Scholars award. All       academic year, bringing the total number of          TAHLEQUAH, Okla. (AP) -- James Wu,            opposed to yoga’s more relaxed state.’’
completed Nomination Materials must be          students awarded to more than 7,000 since          69, slowly pushes with one hand and pulls          As tai chi gets blood flowing through the
postmarked or submitted on-line no later        the program’s inception.                           back with the other as he shifts his weight     body, more white blood cells get to areas
than January 16, 2004. Students                   The United Negro College Fund (UNCF)             forward onto his right foot. He moves from      that need them, Nicholson said. He said
(Nominees),         Nominators,         and     is the administrator of the GMS initiative.        one position to another effortlessly.           movement helps to prevent the body from
Recommenders are encouraged to apply            To reach, coordinate, and support Asian              With movements with names such as             becoming ill.
online or download Nomination Materials         Pacific Islander Americans, UNCF has               embrace tiger return to mountain, grasps           Bob and Sharon Bakie, 65 and 62,
on the GMS website. General information,        partnered with the Organization of Chinese         sparrow’s tail and white crane spreads          respectively, started discovering the benefits
detailed instructions, and current scholar      Americans (OCA) to assist in implementing          wings, the exotic nature of Wu’s                of tai chi about a year ago and participate in
profiles can also be found on the GMS           the initiative. UNCF has also partnered with       performance seems like a dance.                 two of Wu’s classes. One is a short version
website. Throughout the months of               the American Indian Graduate Center                  But Wu isn’t dancing. He’s teaching tai       of the poses, which was adopted for older
December and January, GMS volunteers            Scholars (AIGCS) and the Hispanic                  chi.                                            people and the other is a long version,
from the Asian Pacific Islander American        Scholarship Fund (HSF) to assist in serving          Tai chi is a slow Chinese martial art that    taught through NSU.
(APIA) communities will conduct                 American Indians/Alaska Natives and                helps build concentration, increase                “I think there is a little more mobility
information sessions and workshops. To          Hispanic Americans respectively.                   flexibility better breathing and tones          joint-wise,’’ Sharon Bakie said. “I do have
find a site near you, please visit the          Eligibility criteria:                              muscles. Participants connect different         arthritis starting in and it helps. The deep
Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)         In the 2004-2005 academic year,                    positions in a slow, graceful form that         breathing is beneficial to the lungs.’’
website (), click “Partnerships” on the top,    individuals are eligible to be considered for      seems similar to a dance.                          Sharon Bakie suffers from asthma and
click “Gates Millennium Scholars” on the        a Gates Millennium Scholar award if they:            Many who practice it say doing the            said she can tell her lungs are healthier with
left-hand side, and then click “Information          • are Asian Pacific Islander                  exercise doesn’t drain energy the way           the tai chi. Plus, the concentration required
Sessions and Workshops.” Nomination                       American, African American,              typical exercise does, but instead helps it     to remember the order of the positions helps
Materials and/or informational brochures                  Hispanic American or American            flow more freely through the body. People       her mind stay sharp.
may also be requested on the OCA website.                 Indian/Alaska Native;                    of almost any age or physical fitness level        “You have to have a commitment to the
Scroll down the main page and click                  • are a citizen/legal permanent               can begin tai chi.                              exercise,’’ she said. “To me, it is sort of
“Request or order 2004-2005 GMS                           resident or national of the United         Wu learned tai chi after he left communist    pleasing to the mind. It is important to do
Nomination Materials or Informational                     States;                                  China for Taiwan. He and his wife, Winnie,      the exercise as correctly as possible. One of
Brochures.”                                          • have a minimum GPA of 3.3 on a              teach classes in the Tahlequah area at          the first things you do when you start out is
  Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS),                        4.00 scale (unweighted) at the time      Northeastern State University, the Unitarian    you concentrate and clear your mind and
funded by a $1 billion grant from the Bill &              of nomination;                           Universalist Church and a section designed      concentrate on what your’re doing.’’
Melinda Gates Foundation, was established            • will be entering a U.S. accredited          for seniors at Cherokee Landing Yacht              Bob Bakie said when he has done the
in 1999 to provide outstanding Asian                      college or university as full-time,      Harbor Airstream Park.                          exercise he can feel it all over his body. The
Pacific Islander Americans, African                       degree-seeking freshmen in the             The Wu’s teach both a long and short          Bakies practice it together in their bathroom
Americans, American Indians/Alaska                        2004-2005 academic year;                 form. The long form has more than 100           so they can watch in the mirror.
Natives, and Hispanic Americans with an              • have demonstrated leadership                positions and is taught in three class             Steve Allen is another Wu student. He has
opportunity to complete an undergraduate                  abilities through participation in       sections.                                       taken several tai chi classes but decided to
college education in all discipline areas.                community service, extracurricular         Jeff Nicholson, 55, from rural Cherokee       return to the beginning class to secure the
Continuing GMS Scholars may request                       or other activities; and                 County, said he has been practicing tai chi     basics in his mind.
funding for graduate education in the                • meet the Federal Pell Grant                 for three years and was taught by the Wu’s.        “Getting it all into sequence can be more
following areas: mathematics, science,                    eligibility criteria. (Eligibility for     “Tai chi shows you how energy flows in        difficult than one might imagine,’’ he said.
engineering, education or library science.                Federal Pell Grant can only be           the body by using movement,’’ Nicholson            Despite the difficulty, he said the end
  The goal of GMS is to promote academic                  determined through the submission        said. “Your hands and feet get warmer           product is worth it.
excellence and to provide an opportunity for              of a Free Application for Federal        when you do tai chi. It slows the thinking         “You just feel really good while you’re
thousands of outstanding students with                    Student Aid [FAFSA] to the U.S.          and the whole way you conduct your life.        doing it,’’ he said. “It gives you a natural
significant financial need to reach their                 Department of Education.)                Because you do all your movements 2             high so to speak. It gives you a feeling of
                                                                                                   inches below the navel, it makes you very       well-being. It provides you with defensive
                                                                                                   centered. Tai chi teaches me how to find my     movements and positions.’’
Flu Season to Be Bad But                                                                           center.’’
                                                                                                     Nicholson, an acupuncturist in Tahlequah,
                                                                                                                                                      Another bonus Allen has found by doing
                                                                                                                                                   tai chi is the people he has met through the
Not Pandemic, Experts Say                                                                          said tai chi is different from yoga, which he
                                                                                                   also practices, because in tai chi meditation
                                                                                                                                                      “My classmates are really important in my
Reuters Health                                    NOT A PANDEMIC
By Maggie Fox                                     “We have seen these before,” Webby said          happens while the body is in motion.            life,’’ he said. “The people who stay with it
Monday, December 8, 2003                        in a telephone interview. “The big thing that        “Yoga, you mainly hold poses and it is        aren’t necessarily the most gifted, but they
  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The current            everyone is worried about is a pandemic            more of a stretching,’’ he said. “Tai chi is    are the ones who persevere and learn it.’’
U.S. influenza outbreak may be unusually        virus - a completely new virus. That
early and somewhat more severe than usual,      certainly is not what is happening.”
but health experts said on Monday it is not       Still, the Centers for Disease Control and
the killer pandemic they have been warning      Prevention says the United States may be in
will eventually come.                           for a severe season.
  And while there is strong demand for flu        The current flu vaccine, a cocktail
vaccine, there are no signs that people who     designed to protect against several different
most need to be vaccinated - the elderly,       strains, is not expressly formulated to match
pregnant women, infants and those with          the Fujian strain now circulating.
weakened immune systems - will be unable          “But it’s very close to one of the strains
to find the vaccine.                            that is in the vaccine,” CDC Director Dr.
  “It’s not the big nasty that everyone was     Julie Gerberding told CNN news. “It might
worried about,” said Richard Webby, an          not be perfect, but it will protect people.”
influenza virus expert at St. Jude Children’s     Because there are many different strains
Research Hospital in Memphis.                   of flu, no influenza vaccine is perfect. In
  There are no centrally collected figures on   general the vaccines prevent the disease in
deaths so far this year but a handful have      most people and in the rest prevent the most
made headlines, including the flu deaths of     deadly complications, such as pneumonia.
at least six children in Colorado.                As with any virus, a person’s individual
  Influenza kills 36,000 people in the          risk depends on his or her health and
United States in a mild year, and twice as      genetic makeup.
many in a bad year. Flu viruses kill              This year, extra attention has been focused
anywhere between 250,000 and 500,000            on flu because of the outbreak earlier in the
people every year around the world.             year of the new severe acute respiratory
  People get the flu by breathing in bits of    syndrome or SARS virus, experts said. And,
virus when a patient coughs or sneezes, or      as in three of the last four years, there is the
when a patient rubs his or her drippy nose      threat of a flu vaccine shortage.
and then touches a common area like a             Only two companies make influenza
switch or doorknob. The virus can live for      vaccine - Chiron and Aventis SA. Both said
days and passes easily from fingertip to the    last week they had shipped out all their
nose or mouth.                                  supplies - hardly a shortage, but enough to
  New strains regularly pop up, with            make the CDC start looking to see if
varying degrees of lethality. What experts      everyone who needs the vaccine can get it.
fear - and predict will eventually come           “I think the important thing is that we still
again - is something like the “Spanish flu”     do have vaccine out there and for those
pandemic of 1918. It killed between 40          people who are at highest risk for the
million and 50 million worldwide.               complications of influenza, you need to get
  The “Asian flu” and “Hong Kong flu”           persistent about finding it,” Gerberding
pandemics of 1956-1957 and 1967-1968            said.
killed a combined 4.5 million people.             A third vaccine, FluMist, can be taken
  This year the strain is called Fujian flu     nasally. Made by MedImmune, it is
                                                                                                                           For additional information, please contact:
and it does not, so far, appear to be nearly    approved for adults up to the age of 50 and                          Ronnie Sebastian at 480.854.6193
as serious, although it has caused an early     is more expensive than a shot but widely                            Marcie Greenberg at 602.236.5651
flu season in the United States.                available.                                                                       Please visit us at:
   12 Asian SUNews                                December 15, 2003

  Chef Sy’s Culinary choice for December                                                            First Thai Festival, a Success
                                                                                                    Barry Wong
                                                                                                      (Phoenix) A community is only as
  Bill Sy
                                                                                                    vibrant as its members make it to
                        Zimtsterne                                                                  be. On November 15-16, 2003 the
  3 Tbs        (45 ml) butter                                                                       Arizona Thai community, lead by
  1 1/2 cups   375 ml) sugar                                                                        Ms. Chantri S. Beck, President of
  2            eggs                                                                                 T hai American Friendship
  1            egg, separated                                                                       Organization, Inc., organized and
  1 tsp        (5 ml) lemon juice                                                                   hosted the inaugural “Thai Cultural
  2 1/3 cups   (580 ml) all-purpose flour                                                           Days” a festival of Thailand.
  1/2 cup      (125 ml) finely chopped walnuts                                                        With sheer determination and the
  1 Tbs        (15 ml) baking powder                                                                tenacity of its leader, Ms. Beck, the
  1 tsp        (5 ml) ground cinnamon
  1/4 tsp      (1 ml) freshly grated nutmeg                                                         local Thai community of 5,000 held
  1/4 tsp      (1 ml) salt                                                                          a two-day cultural festival at
                                                                                                    Patriot’s Square Park in downtown
  Beat together the butter, sugar, eggs, 1 egg yolk, and            Chef Bill Sy                    Phoenix to showcase the culture, Consul Gen. Isinthorn Sornvai & Barry Wong
  lemon juice until light and fluffy. Stir in the remaining *Asian American 2000                    people, art, cuisine and country of
  ingredients. Divide the dough into 3 parts and roll to a Lifetime Achievement                     Thailand. Notwithstanding competing events and festivals that weekend, Thai Cultural
  thickness of 1/16th of an inch (almost 2 mm). Cut into           Award winner
                                                                *Honor Society of                   Days drew upwards of 2,000 people.
  shapes using a cookie cutter - star shapes are traditional.                                         The event’s Honorary Chairman was Thailand’s Consul General, Isinthorn Sornvai, from
  Beat the remaining egg white until it is frothy and brush American Academy of
  the tops of the cookies with it. Place on a lightly                  Chefs                        the Los Angeles office and Honorary Co-chairman was Barry Wong, former Arizona State
  greased baking sheet and bake in a preheated 375F           *Master Chef of Chinese               Representative. Consul General Sornvai presented awards of appreciation for support of
  (190C) oven for 6 to 8 minutes. Makes up to 8 or 9                  Cuisine                                                                   the Arizona Thai Community and the
  dozen, depending on the size of the cookie cutter.          *Honorary Professor of                                                            Government of Thailand to Ms. Beck and
                                                              Culinary Arts - Oriental                                                          Mr. Wong.
              Rigatoni in Cream Sauce                         Gourmet College, China                                                            Dignitaries attending the opening ceremony
  2 Tbs        (30 ml) olive oil                                                                                                                were Phoenix Mayor-elect Phil Gordon,
  1            small onion, chopped                                                                                                             Phoenix Vice Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix
  2-4          cloves garlic, finely chopped                                                                                                    Councilman Michael Johnson and Arizona
  1 Tbs        (15 ml) Italian herb mixture                                                                                                     Corporation Commissioner Jeff Hatch-
  16 oz        (454 g) canned Italian plum tomatoes, chopped and liquid reserved
                                                                                                                                                Miller. Proclamations from Phoenix Mayor
  3 oz         (80 g) chopped prosciutto or cooked ham
  3/4 cup      (180 ml) heavy cream                                                                                                             Skip Rimsza and Governor Janet Napolitano
  1 cup        (250 ml) freshly grated Parmesan cheese                                                                                          were presented to Consul General Sornvai.
  1 lb         (450 g) rigatoni or other tubular pasta, cooked according to the package                                                          This event would not have been possible
               directions and drained                                                                                                           without the support of many volunteers,
  Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
    Heat the olive oil in a large skillet (large enough to hold the cooked pasta) over
  moderate heat and saute the onion, garlic, and Italian herbs for 5 minutes. Add the
  tomatoes, their reserved liquid, and the prosciutto and simmer 10 minutes, stirring               Lunar New Year of the Monkey
  occasionally. Add the cream, 1/2 cup (125 ml) of the Parmesan, salt, and pepper.                  Years of the Monkey
  Simmer until the sauce is slightly thickened, about 5 minutes. Add the cooked rigatoni            February 6, 1932 - January 25, 1933
  and stir to coat with the sauce. Serve garnished with the remaining Parmesan. Serves
  4 to 6.                                                                                           January 25, 1944 - February 12, 1945
  Chef Bill Sy is member of Asian Chamber and Director of Culinary Arts at the Art                  February 12, 1956 - January 30, 1957
  Institute, 2233 W. Dunlap in Phoenix, AZ 85021. (602-678-4300).                                   January 30, 1968 - February 16, 1969
                                                                                                    February 16, 1980 - February 4, 1981
                                                                                                    February 4, 1992 - January 22, 1993
ASU Asian Studies Student Papers                                                                    January 22, 2004 - February 8, 2005
                                                                                                    Monkey Years
            BITTER STRENGTH                        what he leaves out is equally important.           Monkey years tend to be unstable political
  A History of the Chinese in the United           The author offers no records (and they do        and economic times. Expect many ups and
     States 1850 - 1870 Part II of IV              exist) of early failed attempts by the           downs throughout the year. Although it is a
David J. Paul HIST 313 March 25, 2002              Chinese to gain US citizenship, no accounts      time of invention, care must be taken to
  Surely, the ordinary California citizen had      by the Chinese themselves of their struggles
                                                                                                    ensure that the ideas are used for
no voice in the decision to import thousands       to adapt to this new society, no allowance
                                                                                                    constructive purposes.
of Chinese to work in their midst. Those           for the possibility that any Chinese could
kinds of decisions are made between                have hoped to make a better life for himself     Monkeys in Sheep Years
governments or, equally likely, between            in this new country and send for his family        Monkeys will find a lot of confrontation      depression. Their cleverness and versatility
entrepreneurs on both sides who see a way          when that became a financial possibility.        and irritation this year. Except for business   allow them to be successful in many areas.
to make money. How did the local citizens          Instead, much of the author’s attention is       and possible travel, most aspect of a           Monkey Symbolism
feel about these strange, little men with          consumed by evidence of the influence of         Monkey person's life will seem difficult.         Monkeys represent cleverness and
their hair plaited in long queues down their       Chinese tongs or secret societies which          Monkey Personality                              curiosity. By themselves, they can get into a
backs, their pointed straw hats, and their         exploited their own people and kept them in        As any reader of the old Curious George       lot of trouble. Their inventiveness can lead
uniforms of blue dress with blousy pants?          indentured slavery. Of course, this directly     books knows, Monkeys are clever,                to good, or evil.
The Chinese couldn’t speak English,                relates to the existence of Chinatowns and       inventive, mischievous, and have an             Monkey People
although some rough form of pidgin                 their impact on our perception of the            insatiable curiosity. Although often popular,     Leonardo da Vinci, Julius Caeser,
English probably was quickly learned so            Chinese.       Their existence is used to        their ideas are seldom taken seriously,         Elizabeth Taylor
that they could communicate with their             illustrate the author’s point that the Chinese   leading to frustration and bouts of
white bosses.        Could we really have          never intended to become part of our
accepted them with open arms as the author         American culture. But what other choice
suggests? And what does that mean? Did             did the Chinese have? They were not
we expect to live among these people, treat        brought here with their wives or families;
them as equals? What was our experience            indeed they could not have done so. The
with peoples of color up to this time in our       understanding between both sides was that a
history?                                           steady supply of cheap male labor would be
  As far as I know, our experience with            used for a limited time, returned home, and
peoples of color up to this point in our           another batch of men sent to replace them
history was confined to contact with               as needed. Only wealthy merchants and
African slaves and indigenous Indians.             prominent Chinese businessmen were
Both races were considered inferior,               allowed to bring their wives. (Of course,
unsavory, useful as cheap labor, but               I’m sure a few Chinese women must have
certainly not acceptable as a white man’s          been smuggled in to meet the needs of this
peer. Terms such as “heathens” or “pagans”         bachelor society, in much the same way that
were applied. If the missionaries failed to        the local “pool halls” served to satisfy the
convert them to our Christian ideology, it         needs of the men in the Old West.) While
only reinforced existing prejudices that           the tongs or associations did exercise
these people were uncivilized and                  control over the Chinese, at least the
undeserving of become true Americans. So           existence of Chinatowns provided some sort
why should I believe that the Californian/         of safe haven for a people who had no rights
Chinese experience was any different?              as citizens to protect themselves. Isn’t it
What insights does the author provide to           also true that most new immigrants tended
explain our treatment of the Chinese,              to settle in similar communities (minus the
specifically?                                      tongs, of course) until they became accepted
  First, let me say that Dr. Bath’s research is    into the larger society? There’s the real
exhaustive; however, he uses only that             difference. Whenever the newcomer was
which tends to support his thesis. He relies       strikingly different in appearance (skin
exclusively on written accounts of white           color or facial characteristics, for example),
missionaries, articles written in English-         our history shows a clear pattern of
language newspapers, speeches by local             resistance to inclusion.
politicians, and court documents recording
problems within the Chinese population, but             Part III continued next month
                                                                                                           December 15, 2003 Asian SUNews 13

  Womanly Speaking...                                                                      Mayor-elect Picks Marian Yim
  By Mindy Luzon                                                                           Asian Americans Rising in Phoenix Gov’t
                                                                                           Barry Wong
      Free Michael. He is a modern day product of progress. He needs to be                   (Phoenix) Phoenix Mayor-elect Phil Gordon has
  protected. We are a part of his machine.                                                 announced the appointment of Ms. Marian Yim as a
      There is nothing that the system can do to bring him to justice. Another child       member of his senior staff to serve in the Gordon
  victim will fall by the wayside as another tortured child. While the liberal left is
  trying to question the constitutionality of displaying in public the Nativity scene,     Administration. Mayor-elect Gordon is to be commended
  the media is having a frenzy going after every bit of Michael Jackson’s sexual           for selecting a team of bright and experienced individuals to
  escapades. The world is spinning and it is uncertain when it is going to stop. How       serve with him and who reflects the diversity of the city of
  we live a life based on values learned early in life does not seem too credible          Phoenix. The Asian-American community should be proud
  anymore. We become careful with our belief otherwise it might offend a group,            of his selection.
  destroy the commercialization of a product, or hinder the search for an elusive            Ms. Yim has been an active member of the Asian-
  happiness within.                                                                        American community and was the founding president of the
    Michael Jackson is every bit a product of a generation that thrives in sexual          Arizona Asian American Bar Association, an organization
  exploitation for happiness. Hugh Hefner preceded him. He was followed by the             established with the encouragement of the late Hon. Thomas
  likes of Britney. She, too like the rest of them are supported by a well-oiled           Tang, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the
  machine composed of advertising staff, lawyers, spinners, and conniving agents.
  On the opposite of the spectrum is the institution of Oprah, and Dr. Phil, who are       Ninth Circuit. Most recently Ms. Yim was an adjunct
  also guilty in selling themselves; the only difference is that they are representing     professor at Arizona State University College of Law and a
                                                                                           staff attorney for the Arizona Supreme Court.                          Marian Yim
  the nonsexual side of life, the emotional need for sanity. While Michael has
  dedicated his Neverland for children, Oprah has built an empire of mass gift               Asian-Americans are taking a greater role in the City of
  distribution in the name of world hunger. I remember seeing a portion of her             Phoenix government. Lisa Takata is on staff at the city’s Intergovernmental Affairs
  show doling out boxes of gifts worth three thousand dollars each box by estimate         Department. Leonard Loo is chair and Anoma Panthorath is a member of the Pacific Rim
  to an audience of a group of shrieking women who think that she is a miracle             Advisory Commission. Doris Ong, member of the Arts Commission. Barry Wong is vice
  from heaven. She told a group that she has been God’s extension to bring love            president of the Industrial Development Authority and board member and treasurer of the
  and do well for everyone. Modern day Messiah without a church but a corporate            Phoenix Museum of History. Hon. Roxanne Song Ong is Associate Presiding Judge of the
  office. We need the Oprahs in this world in order to prove that there are still two
  sides of humanity, the good and the evil.                                                city’s Municipal Court system. Christine Iijima Hall and Catherine Parker Williams were both
    There are many unknown good people around us. They are a group hardly                  recently appointed to the city’s Judicial Selection Advisory Commission. Lisa Loo is an
  recognized because they are helpless and dependent. They are the angels that             applicant for appointment as a city Municipal Court judge.
  walk among us and they follow the star that they believe in. They are the children
  of the world. The number one exploited group in our planet. They seek happiness                                                          sanctioned by Sammy Pace, Vice President of
  that is thrown to them by the adults who are their stars. Children look for their
  star or stars that would lead them into the path of righteousness. Unfortunately,
                                                                                           Traditions                                      the BKF, at a seminar where Muhammad
                                                                                                                                           performed in California.
  most of them do not possess the inner core self in childhood that is organized,          continued from page 6
  determined and smart. They can be like a sponge that absorbs every bit of clear          also named as a Charter Member of the             While performing for the Islamic
  water that comes their way. But sometimes that water is dirty or diluted by              National Teachers Training Institute, founded   Community in California Muhammad met a
  technology and when this happens, their happiness is forever destroyed. Michael          by Seifu Sharif.                                fellow Muslim Martial Artist by the name of
  Jackson is one of those machines that have tainted a lot of them, those who went           Through his studies over the years            Soke Jerry Bell, a.k.a. Jafar Muhammad. The
  and joined him in his program at Neverland. They will become adults wondering            Muhammad became acquainted with Soke            two teachers learned that they had a lot in
  if the moments they had with him have been fun time or his ways of gratifying            Jerry Cook. Soke Cook invited Muhammad to       common and began to train with each other,
  himself, therefore used by him. They fell for the commercialization of his image         study with him and his teacher in the art of    each teaching their own styles and disciplines.
  as fun loving person giving joy to all. A paradox.                                                                                       In February 2001 Muhammad was awarded
    Gregg Easterbrook discussed this paradox in his newly released book the                Suai Chiao. After years of study on May 22,
                                                                                           1989 Muhammad was named to the                  an 8th Dan in Yushita Jujitsu-Ryu by, of the
  Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better while People Feel Worse. I heard him
                                                                                           International Suai Chiao Association Board      Japan Shotoshin-Kai Karate Association by
  talk about it in a TV interview and have read its editorial review. Modern
  progress he says has created a present day confusion of what it means to be              after studying and training in Phoenix,         Soke Jerry Bell.
  happy. He explores the dissonance of abundance as resulting in a culture of crisis       Arizona with the Honorary President, Gean L.      As you can see, Shihan Muhammad’s
  and complaint. He advocates that it is in the best self-interest of a person to search   Chicoine.                                       experience and training in the Martial Arts is
  for the meaning of life by optimism, gratitude and acts of forgiveness. Haven’t            In 1990 Muhammad was introduced to            very vast. He has been very fortunate to meet
  we heard this before from Oprah and Dr. Phil?                                            Master Dennis Laycock a 10th degree black       and train with so many great masters and
    The trouble about this theory of positive psychology can be misleading for the         belt in Karate. He was asked to study and       teachers in so many different disciplines over
  adult’s survivor of childhood trauma. It is difficult to unleash the repressed pain      teach classes at American Karate Studios,       the years. He is not satisfied with simply
  into consciousness in order to face and work on it. It has taken Woody Allen             Master Laycock’s dojo for approximately 3 or    learning a certain style, system, or technique;
  years of psychoanalysis, and yet, he went on to marry his own adopted daughter,                                                          but his dedicated and love of the Martial Arts
  after a lifelong grooming of her to become his bride and mother of his child. How        4 years. He received his 3rd degree in Karate
                                                                                           on December 27th, 1992.                         urges him to constantly build upon and refine
  would you help someone like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who gropes
  women and admits it was done in jest? Or a male worker in an ordinary job                  In 1999 Muhammad was contacted by             his skills and knowledge.
  silently lurking his way to perform his duties, while eyes in constant gaze at his       Sensei Dana Shell of the Black Karate             Thank you readers for following this and the
  woman fellow worker’s breast, or thighs or butt in order to fulfill his daily dose of    Federation. Sensei Shell had learned that       many stories and lessons of the teaching of
  silent sexual thrills without being a felon. It is another form of passive day rape of   Shihan Muhaymin was a student and Sanuces       traditions.
  women who are innocent victims of indirect predatory behaviors, of men that are          Ryu advisor from Doctor Powell’s Website.         (CHECK OUT MASTER LU’S NEW
  cunning and grandstanding. If women have fallen victims without their                    He invited Muhammad to teach a few classes      RETAIL STORE – ZEN TREASURES –
  awareness, how can the children who visited Neverland ever differentiate a good          and demonstrations at his school in Dewey,      Right next to his school, Lu’s Martial Arts at
  act from a demonic touch?                                                                Arizona. After witnessing his skills he         1139 E. Glendale Avenue, the SW corner of
    In one of my sessions not too long ago at a residential treatment program for                                                          Glendale and 12th St. You can call him at
                                                                                           awarded Muhammad an Honorary
  disturbed adolescence, a 16 year old boy cried for the first time, to show his                                                           602-277-5200 or e-mail him at
  anguish on how his “life has been messed up” because of the events that he went          Membership with the Black Karate Federation
                                                                                           in December 2000. His membership was later
  through with his grandmother who sexually abused him when he was seven for
  four years. He may have to depend on a skillful psychosexual therapist for a long
  time to ease the pain and prevent being an offender in the future. Can optimism
  and forgiveness help? I doubt it. Healing for him may only be time. At best, he
  may end up as another Arnold or Michael, whose addiction is cloaked in the
  modern progress of being a successful western entrepreneur and using the
  progress that they have achieved to perpetuate their addictive sexual urge. Or a
  predator meeting his sexual needs at work from nine to five daily at an ordinary
  work place. They are around suffering as adults not having recovered or those so
  well defended enriching themselves despite their illness.
                                                                                                                                      1219 East Glendale Ave.
                                                                                                                                             Suite #25
10 Teams Compete in Arizona’s                                                                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85020
First Dragon Boat Race in Tempe                                                                                                                Auto
  A spectacle of outrigger canoes, crew boats and dragon boats filled the water at
                                                                                                  Sakata Insurance Agency
Tempe Town Lake on November 23 as part of the Tempe Aloha Week Celebration.
On borrowed boats shipped for free by California Overnight from Lake Las Vegas,
dragon boating arrived in the Valley.                                                                                                           Life
  Arizona’s Dragon Boat Association’s Gila Dragon’s A Team took an overall first
place with two-race total of 5.07 minutes. For the Corporate Teams Division, Team
Security took First; Chapman Chevrolet Champions, Second, Blue Agave and Third                                                           Long Term Care
and California Overnight Fourth. An awesome wind came out of nowhere blowing
California Overnight off course on their second race which hurt their overall standing.                                                     Blue Cross
  For the service organizations Tempe Diablos took First Place; Gila Dragons B Team
took Second Place and the Tempe Kiwanis Kahunas took Third Place.                                                                           Blue Shield
  The Best Head Gear Award went to the Tempe Diablos for their Viking helmets.
“Go C.O.” won the best cheer. Their battle cry could be heard up and down the lake
                                                                                                                                         Authorized Agent
and on the shore throughout the day.
  Special thanks to Ron Walters for organizing Tempe Aloha Week and giving us the                                                          Office: 602-265-3826
opportunity to race; Craig Gerlach, City of Tempe, for being the racing official and                                                       Fax: 602-265-3897
our steerpersons Al Dickie, Jan Miller, Leah Chumley, Curt Ritland for helping
during practices and taking on extra teams during the race. A special thanks to Moose                                                      Mobile: 602-725-7719
of Chapman for his expertise in repairing the equipment.                                                                                      for free quotes
  A great time was had by all! See you on the water in March when the boats return
for the Inaugural Arizona Dragon Boat Festival.
  D ISABLED      COMMUNITY                                                          H OMELESS       NEED HELP
       ASKS SHOPPERS TO                                                                      STAYING WARM
       ‘S AVE O UR S PACE ’
                                                                            W       ith the return of winter weather, many of the community’s
                                                                                    homeless need blankets, clothing and other necessities to keep

D     on’t let the busy holiday traffic
      tempt you into parking in a spot
reserved for people with disabilities.
                                                                            warm. You can help by donating needed items to the city so they can be
                                                                            distributed to the homeless.
                                                                               New or clean used blankets are the highest priority, although clean,
   That’s the word from the Save Our                                        warm clothing, such as jackets, knitted caps, coats, underwear and socks
Space campaign, which cautions that if                                      also will be accepted. (No other items will be accepted).
you do park in a spot reserved for the                                         Donated items, which are tax deductible, may be delivered until
disabled - even if “just for a minute” -                                    March 12 to any of the city’s five Family Services Centers. Centers are
you could be taking it away from                                            located at: Travis L. Williams, 4732 S. Central Ave; Central Phoenix,
someone who really needs it.                                                1250 S. Seventh Ave.; Sky Harbor, 1818 S. 16th St.; John F. Long,
   And, if you get caught, it will cost you $140. Volunteers patrol         3454 N. 51st Ave.; and Sunnyslope, 914 W. Hatcher Road.
parking lots and issue tickets to violators.                                   For more information, call 602-262-4520.
   To report violations, obtain more information or become a
volunteer, call 602-534-SPACE (7722).

   C ITY           OFFERS FUNDING FOR                                                          R ANDOM                GUNFIRE
                  YOUTH PROJECTS                                                                                   KILLS
.....................................................................                           ..........................................

Y    oung people interested in serving the community can receive grants of up to
     $750 under a Phoenix Youth and Education Commission program, PAYBACK
(Phoenix Assisting Youth By Advancing Civic Kindness).
                                                                                                                F    iring a gun into the air to
                                                                                                                     celebrate the New Year is not only
                                                                                                                foolish and illegal, but it can be deadly,
  The grants are available for youth-led projects that benefit or create a positive                             too.
and lasting impact on Phoenix residents.                                                                           Stray bullets from random gunfire
  The next deadline to apply for funding is Jan. 23. Future deadlines are March 19                              have seriously injured and even killed
and May 21. Groups can apply online at                                   innocent people. Please help us make
  For more information, call 602-53-i-know, (4-5669) or send e-mail to                      sure such senseless tragedies don’t happen again.                                                                     Don’t use a gun to celebrate the New Year and if you
                                                                                            hear or witness random gunfire, call 911.

         B LOCK              WATCH GRANTS                                                             MLK      AWARDS
                            AVAILABLE                                                                     BREAKFAST
                                                                                                           J AN . 16
N     eighborhood organizations and Block Watch groups are eligible for grants to
      help finance programs that fight crime and improve

the safety and quality of life in their neighborhoods.
   Applications for the 2004 Neighborhood Block Watch
Grant Program will be available beginning Friday, Jan. 2,
                                                                                            P    hoenix will mark the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
                                                                                                 holiday with a “Stand Up for Justice” awards program
                                                                                            and breakfast 6:30 - 9:30 a.m. Friday, Jan. 16, at the
at Phoenix Police Department Headquarters, 620 W.                                           Phoenix Civic Plaza Ballroom, Third and Jefferson streets.
                                                                      Gr                       The event celebrates the 2004 Phoenix Human
Washington St., at all police precincts and on the Internet        Progr ant
at                                                    Relations Commission awards program honoring local
   The completed applications must be returned by 4 p.m.                                    residents who have made Phoenix a more unified
Friday, Feb. 6, to Police Headquarters Planning and Research Bureau,                        community. The awards include the Dr. Martin Luther
620 W. Washington St., Suite 326, Phoenix, AZ 85003.                                        King Jr. Living the Dream Awards and the Calvin C.
   Applicants may complete a simple one-page form for grants up to $1,000                   Goode Lifetime Achievement Award.
or a more detailed form for grants up to $10,000.                                              Tickets are $45 per person or $450 for a table of 10.
   Call 602-262-6543 for more information.                                                  The event is sponsored by the Arizona Dr. Martin Luther
                                                                                            King Jr. Celebration Committee and supported by the
                                                                                            Phoenix Human Relations Commission.
           N EIGHBORHOOD                                                                       Call 602-262-6225 to purchase individual tickets or
                                                                                            602-254-5081 for information on purchasing a table.
                                                                                    D ON ’ T
                                                                                           DUMP WASTES
  T     he Neighborhood Services Department has put together an
        extensive and comprehensive program of classes and
  workshops for neighborhood leaders that are designed to build
                                                                                     INTO STORM DRAINS
  vibrant neighborhoods through partnerships.
     Topics include reviewing the various ordinances the
  department enforces, community building, landlord and tenant
  law, effective leadership and conflict management. All workshops
                                                                        D      id you know that motor
                                                                               oil, swimming pool
                                                                        water and yard chemicals that
                                                                                                                            You can be a solution to
                                                                                                                         pollution, by not dumping
                                                                                                                         pollutants and chemicals such as
  are free                                                                                                               motor oil, household-cleaning
                                                                        are poured on driveways and
     Upcoming classes are: Landlord/Tenant Workshop, 6 - 9 p.m.,                                                         products, swimming pool water
                                                                        into the street go directly to
  Jan. 15, assembly room A, City Hall, 200 W. Washington St.;                                                            and other wastes into storm
                                                                        our parks and rivers, polluting
  Graffiti Paint Sprayer Training, 6 - 8 p.m., Jan. 24,                                                                  drains.
                                                                        water, killing vegetation and
  64 N. 48th Ave. Publicity 101, 6 - 8 p.m., Feb. 5, assembly                                                               For more information or to
                                                                        endangering wildlife?
  room A, City Hall, 200 W. Washington St.; Landlord/Tenant                                                              report illegal dumping into storm
                                                                           The city’s storm drains
  Workshop, 6 - 9 p.m., Feb. 19, assembly room A, City Hall,                                                             drains, call 602-256-3190
                                                                        collect and carry rainwater
  200 W. Washington St.; and Code Enforcement Basics,                                                                    (English) or 602-495-0334
                                                                        from city streets directly to
  9 a.m. - noon, Feb. 21, site to be announced.                                                                          (Spanish).
                                                                        rivers, washes and local parks.
     For more information, call 602-534-8444.

For more information, alternative format/reasonable accommodations, contact the specific departments. The city of Phoenix TT/TDD is 602-534-5500.
                                                                                                                             * Paid by the City of Phoenix