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					PIV-I Issuing Procedures for
   (Current Contractors)
              Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, you will be able to:

   Describe the steps an Applicant must follow to
    be issued a PIV Card or Temporary Identity
   Describe the privacy requirements of the PIV

         Applicant Role, Description and
   As a PIV Applicant, you are the individual to whom a PIV card
    will be issued
      To apply for the card, you should meet one of the following
        eligibility requirements:
      Be a prospective or current Federal employee.

      Be an individual who is or will be under contract to the
        Federal government, to whom the Veterans Affairs (VA)
        would normally issue a long-term (greater than six months)
        Federal identity card, consistent with existing security policies
      Be a guest researcher, volunteer, intern, or intermittent,
        temporary, or seasonal employee who has been directed to
        receive a PIV card
                     Applicant Procedures
     As an Applicant; You will be required to:

        Complete and sign Part A, Section I of VA Form 0711.
        If requested by the PIV Sponsor or PIV Registrar, complete and submit
         background investigation forms (SF85, SF85P, or SF86 and associated
        Appear in person (at the location indicated by your PIV Sponsor) with two forms
         of valid identification, one of which must be a Federal or State-issued photo
        Be fingerprinted (if background investigation is required).
        Have a passport-quality photo taken for placement on your PIV card

   Sign for your PIV card and acknowledge understanding of your rights and
   Your PIV Sponsor will notify you of any other supporting documents or
    additional information that may be required

                    Applicant Rights and
   You will be presented with information about your
    rights and responsibilities with respect to privacy,
    security, and protection of your PIV card
       Some of your rights include:
       Notification of how your personal Information in Identifiable
        Form (IIF) will be protected while being stored or processed,
        both manually and electronically
       Correction of errors in the identity source documents and all
        decisions based on them
       Notification of the disposition of your application status
       If you are rejected, notification of the steps required to appeal
        the decision
          Applicant Privacy, Security and
   All Federal employees and contractors have a
    responsibility to contribute to privacy, security, and
    protection of the PIV Program
   By Title 18 of the U.S. Code, it is a Federal offense to
    counterfeit, alter, or misuse the PIV card and system
       All personnel issued a PIV card are responsible for:
       Immediately reporting a lost/missing/stolen card
       Replacing the card when it has become unusable or worn
       Protecting the card
       There are sanctions for failure to safeguard confidential
        matters and violations of the Privacy Act

           Applicant Privacy, Security and
       Privacy questions or complaints should be directed to
        the local VA Facility Privacy Official
       Applicant’s rights and responsibilities under the
        Privacy Act :
             privacy complaint process
             privacy appeals process

             Sanctions - there are Sanctions for failure to safeguard
              confidential matters and violations of the Privacy Act. .
              Sanctions will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but will
              be consistent with possible sanctions listed in VA
              Handbook 5021, Employee/Management Relations.

           Applicant (Current Contractor) Cont.
   At least 2 weeks prior to the expiration of their VA badge, the
    VA contractor completes Part A, Section I, VA Form 0711,
    Request For One-VA Identification Card and gives the from
    to their manager.

   The contractor manager forwards the VA Form 0711 to the PIV
    Contractor Sponsor (usually either the COTR or Program Office

   The PIV Contractor Sponsor completes Parts B-G, Section I,
    VA Form 0711, Request For One-VA Identification Card
    and forwards it to the PIV Registrar and PIV Issuer.

          Applicant (Current Contractor) Cont.

   If the Applicant’s position requires a background
    investigation, the PIV Sponsor will check with the
    Security Investigation Center (SIC), Little Rock to see
    if a successfully adjudicated background investigation
    is in the employee’s OPF. (Philip Broyles
    Philip.broyles@va.gov is the VACO liaison to the
    SIC.) If a background investigation record is not
    found, the PIV Sponsor will have the Applicant fill
    out and submit required forms to begin a background
    investigation and the PIV Registrar will capture the
    Applicant’s fingerprints.

            Applicant (Current Contractor) Cont.

    The Contractor Sponsor notifies the contractor that they
     should go to the PCI office to get their new badge after they
     receive an email notice from the PIV Registrar and provides
     the Applicant information on ID proofing requirements (see
     VA PIV ID Proofing Criteria).
    When the PIV Registrar receives the Applicant’s VA Form
     0711 from the PIV Contractor Sponsor, they will notify the
     Applicant (usually via email) that they can come to the PCI
     Office (VACO Room B11) to get their badge.
    When the Applicant comes to the PCI Office, they will be ID
     proofed and have their photo taken by the PIV Registrar and
     Issued a badge by the PIV Issuer.

               Applicant Summary
      As a PIV Applicant, your functions include:
      Working with your Sponsor to complete appropriate
      Submitting forms and providing identity source
       documents in person
      Learning about and acknowledging your rights and
       responsibilities in the system
      Protecting your PIV card

     Appendix A

         The following criteria must be met by all VA employees,
          contractors, and volunteers / affiliates prior to being issued a PIV
          card or Temporary Identity Badge.

                         Table of Accepted Identification (From Form I-9)

                    Picture ID                                   Non-Picture ID

     State-Issued Drivers License                Social Security Card
     State DMV-Issued ID Card                    Certified Birth Certificate
     U.S. Passport                               State Voter Registration Card
     Military ID Card                            Native American Tribal Document
     Military Dependent’s card                   Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
     Foreign Passport with appropriate              (INS Form N-560 or N-561)
     stamps                                       Certificate of Naturalization
     Permanent Resident Card or Alien               (INS Form N-550 or N-570)
     Registration Card with a photograph          Certification of Birth Abroad Issued by
        (INS Form I-151 or I-551)                 the Department of State
                                                     (Form FS-545 or Form DS-1350)
                                                  Native American Tribal document
1.   Two forms of identification are required from the Form I-9 list of acceptable
     documents. At least one ID must be a state or federal government issued
     picture ID. Either of the following is accepted:
            Two forms of identification from the left column (Picture ID).
            One form of identification from the left column (Picture ID) and one form from the right
             column (Non-Picture ID).
2.   Any form of identification used for proofing may not be expired.
3.   Hand written or photocopied documents are not accepted.
4.   An ID issued before a legal name change (e.g. birth certificate or driver's
     license) can be presented as one form of ID if a legal document (e.g.
     marriage certificate/license or a court order) is also presented linking the
     previous name to the current legal name. The linking document must have
     both the former and current legal names on it. Both documents must be
     valid and not expired. For example, a married woman may use both a
     certified copy of her birth certificate and marriage license as one form of ID
     as long as the marriage license has both her maiden name and married
     name on it.
5.   The Applicant’s name listed on the VA Form 0711, Request For One-VA
     Identification Card, must match the name on one of the IDs presented by
     the Applicant.


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