Print drives Dyson's asset choice

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					     DAM ● ● ● DYSON

Print drives Dyson’s
asset choice
Dyson had specific needs from a new digital asset management system and workflow system
and found the answers in the software of censhare, a system already proven in Germany

               hen Dyson started looking
               for a new digital asset
               management system three
years ago, its requirements were quite
specific: the system it chose to manage
what is now around 60,000 assets had to
be conversant with print.
     That might seem obvious, since the
vacuum cleaner and hand dryer company
creates huge quantities of marketing
and technical information about its
products, including in-store point of sale,
packaging, and manuals to go in the
box for every sale it makes, but finding
a system that speaks the language of
print was not straight-forward, according
to Dyson’s Creative Services IT manager
Gary Bidwell.
     “We still use a lot of ink on paper so
we needed a company that understood
print. There are many digital asset
management systems but only about 10
that work well with the print industry.
Most brand management systems don’t
understand print. Content management
systems are ten to a penny and have
all sorts of functionality, but we were             Bidwell adds: “There is nothing more   censhare presents a       and the existence of a good development
                                                                                           gallery view of images,
specifically addressing the print production   demanding for a DAM than a newspaper,       with a large preview of
                                                                                                                     team and back-up behind the software
side of things. We take great pride in the     so the robustness was proven.”              a selected image          was also vital.
colour accuracy of what we put on paper,            Dyson had been using a smaller                                         Of course, no major DAM project
and we needed a system that could help         publishing system for asset management,                               should be undertaken without a clear
us achieve that. It really does matter if we   and had learned a great deal from                                     strategic view of where a business is
use an RGB or CMYK image.”                     using this – lessons which informed its                               going, why such a system is necessary
     The supplier that Dyson settled upon      identification of needs for a new and                                 and how it will provide benefits along
is censhare, a company that originated         better system. As well as the print-                                  that journey. From Dyson’s perspective,
in Germany in 2001. In that market             specific functionality and the track                                  the key drivers for investing in censhare
censhare is a well established name,           record, Bidwell says Dyson required                                   were its growth as a business globally
and counts a number of newspapers              a DAM that could work with both                                       – and more particularly, that its
as well as Siemens, SwissRE, General           QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign, and                                   manufacturing is located in Malaysia.
Motors, agency McCann Erickson, and            that was platform independent for Mac                                 While most marketing collateral is
car manufacturer BMW among its                 or PC; it needed to be able to integrate                              still created in the UK, print is fulfilled
publishing, agency and corporate clients.      with systems in different areas of the                                globally, and Dyson was establishing a
This track record, although almost             business, such as Dyson’s new SAP                                     production facility in Malaysia to mirror
entirely outside of the UK when Dyson          business software, its Product Line                                   that in the UK. It needed a robust system
started its research, was also important.      Management system and a CRM system;                                   to ensure that management of digital

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                                                                                                                  DAM ● ● ● DYSON

files was secure and efficient. When         bags were carried around between areas                      scoping of the project, a first stage
launching a new product, Dyson creates       of the business. Now the artwork file just                  of implementation of the censhare
artwork templates centrally, for local       sits within the censhare database, and all                  system was its installation as a live
adaptation. It needed the complicated        users with access rights to sign off can                    trial in Dyson’s production studio in
process of translation and artworking        easily find it there at any time.                           Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Here it was used
to be managed more efficiently, so that           The system also has a translation                      in parallel to the existing DAM to prove
material could get to market on time.        memory system, which can identify                           the concept. Gradually, more and more
     To see the system in action,            common strips of text that have been                        functionality, such as automation of some
representatives from Dyson travelled to      translated before, and automatically                        processes and digital sign off, is being
Germany to visit BMW, and marketing          apply previous translations to that.                        rolled out. It will be used extensively
operations director Bronwen Edwards          Translators work directly on live                           in the UK and Malaysian hubs, and
says speaking to the motor company           documents in censhare, which is driven                      potentially also in the US in the future.
about the benefits of censhare and           by Adobe InDesign Server. They can                          It will therefore tie together all of the
any issues that had arisen gave Dyson
“good reassurance”. Edwards continues:
“Knowing that BMW could make it work                                                       “There is nothing more
in that environment, I felt we could
probably crack any operational problems
                                                                                          demanding for a DAM than a
here at Dyson as well.”                                                                   newspaper, so the robustness
     The big problem that Dyson was
grappling with before installation of
                                                                                          was proven.” Gary Bidwell, Creative
censhare was that it was creating a huge                                                  Services IT manager
amount of promotional work. Bidwell
estimates that up to 4,000 jobs spread
across perhaps 200 different campaigns       see the English file, for example, and                      activities and behind the management
are created every year, often with           type the required language straight into                    of campaigns and the creation of all
multiple language translations required.     the document alongside, using the web                       of Dyson’s printed communications
     “Managing that data was a nest of       interface.                                                  material.
snakes, and we needed something to                Bidwell says that every document                            For the marketing teams, the benefits
manage it for us,” says Bidwell. “It was     created in censhare is print-ready.                         are already apparent, and will become
a full time job just making sure that        InDesign Server gives users a WYSIWYG                       more so, says Edwards: “We had a
files were in the right place. censhare      live page, allowing them to change text                     management system before but censhare
takes us straight to the right location.     and imagery, which the server re-renders                    just gives us a much more accurate
Strict criteria are used for searching, so   to generate the high resolution PDF                         picture of whether schedules have
finding and tracking work is one of the      for print. The files are preflighted                        changed, if the brief has gone through
big benefits. We can find an image and       through EskoArtwork’s Odystar prepress                      correctly – a lot of information to help
see how many times it has been used,         workflow, through an automated process                      us improve our processes and make the
and in what documents. We are growing        that takes files out of the DAM, into                       department more efficient.
and doing more product launches, so          the preflight engine, and then back into                         “It brings us clarity because it
we wanted to design more structured          censhare as a certified PDF.                                records everything. We will be able to
processes, and censhare gives us that.”           After the initial comprehensive                        see and understand how well our people
     The system that Dyson has installed
is customised for its requirements to a
degree, with certain feature requests
being provided for the company
                                                                                          “In the central marketing
(development work that can also                                                           team and creative services
benefit other clients thereafter). One
example of this is in digital sign offs of
                                                                                          department it has been very
artwork. Dyson wanted to be able to                                                       positively received because
make annotations onto PDF files, which
censhare at first did not have. It does
                                                                                          it is bringing order and
now, and so every censhare client now                                                     clarity to what can look like
has access to this enhancement.
     Even before that improvement was
                                                                                          chaos with so much work
made for Dyson, the approval processes                                                    going through.” Bronwen Edwards,
in censhare were far better than Dyson
was used to. Files were emailed putting
                                                                                          Marketing Operations director
strain on the network, and physical job

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     DAM ● ● ● DYSON

are articulating the brand as we roll it                                                                                    months before we rolled it out. We had
out further. We have a huge collection of                                                                                   hoped to have translation and project
imagery and before, we had to download                                                                                      scheduling up and running earlier, but
them for the individual markets and send                                                                                    it became clear that users were having
them the images. Now they can just pick                                                                                     to adapt to new processes and a new
them up from within censhare.                                                                                               system, so it’s taking time. You expect
     “It brings other operational areas                                                                                     some negativity, but people had no
to light where it might be of benefit. In                                                                                   visibility before censhare, so it’s opening
the central marketing team and creative                                                                                     up a lot of doors. The people that were
services department it has been very                                                                                        using the old system are now working in
positively received because it is bringing                                                                                  censhare quite happily.”
order and clarity to what can look like                                                                                          Further enhancements are to come
chaos with so much work going through.                                                                                      for Dyson: more scheduling for campaign
I get the sense that there’s a lot more                                                                                     and resource management; more
calm in the department. People are more        The Layout Editor can be used to open an InDesign layout via the webclient   sophisticated translation modules.
reassured; there is less running around                                                                                          For that reason, Bidwell says in six
chasing things down, chasing legal,                                                                                         months time a conversation about how
chasing Intellectual Property, because the                                                                                  censhare works within Dyson will be
system is doing that for us.”                                                                                               completely different to now. Already
     Edwards adds that as Dyson                                                                                             though, the system is allowing Dyson’s
becomes more familiar with the censhare                                                                                     staff to support the business better, he
system it will begin to utilise it as a more                                                                                observes:
comprehensive campaign management                                                                                                “It allows us to do more work with
tool , and importantly she says the                                                                                         the same amount of people. To do more
system is easy to use for the marketers.                                                                                    efficient work, spot production issues
     “Personally, I think it’s very easy to                                                                                 earlier and reduce lead times. If we
navigate around, and it gives me visibility                                                                                 need to bring out a product in a certain
very quickly about what’s happening and                                                                                     territory quickly we can support the rest
what I need to get out of the door for the                                                                                  of the business on the graphics side and
team. It’s a great asset for me.”                                                                                           have the print ready for the deadline.”
     The investment in censhare has                                                                                              Rupert Firmstone, CEO of censhare
been a large one for Dyson, and gaining                                                                                     (UK), concludes: “Dyson is one of a
a return on that investment was a key                                                                                       number of well known companies now
part of the business case for buying                                                                                        using censhare to produce marketing
                                               Users can leave comments on a preview of an asset in Quick View
the system. Bidwell says that the ROI                                                                                       material in many different languages.
will become clearer, but the shorter                                                                                        I expect Dyson to see significant
lead times, more efficient processes,                                                                                       improvements in the way it works by
reductions in translation and courier                                                                                       using censhare and in particular achieve
costs, and the absolute requirement                                                                                         greater transparency across company
of managing so much data in a better                                                                                        functions along with increased levels of
way, all made the decision an obvious                                                                                       automation across processes.”
one. The plan is that censhare will
eventually be used for internal marketing         About censhare
resource management and digital asset
management needs, as well as externally           censhare is a leading provider of knowledge and expertise to the global publishing industry, specializing in
for things such as press access to an             the development of the innovative censhare Publishing System, an end to end solution for managing and
approved image bank. There are currently          producing content across all media channels.
                                                                                                                                                Rupert Firmstone,
more than 250 registered users, but a                  The company encourages businesses to work more efficiently                                CEO of censhare
censhare implementation this large can            with integrated ways of working. censhare offers the most up-to-date                                      (UK)

cope with several thousand users.                 technological advancements along with specialist experience at both a
     The biggest challenge in any DAM             strategic level and at project delivery level.
project however is a human one. How                    Clients include many major international companies including Dyson,
have users responded to working with              BMW, General Motors, Siemens, SwissRE, McCann Erickson, Condé Nast
a new system? “It has gone better than            and The National Magazine Company.
I expected,” Bidwell reports. “I think it’s            censhare has offices in London, Zurich, Verona with headquarters in
easy to under-estimate how much time              Munich and clients based in Europe, USA and South America.
you need to allocate to train. We have            •
found that. We ran dedicated classes two

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