; 2011 TCA CoH Program - Texas Chefs Association
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2011 TCA CoH Program - Texas Chefs Association


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                                                                           I.      Welcome
                                                                                   Sharon Van Meter, Director
                                                                                   Texas Chefs Association - Dallas

                                                                           II.     Invocation
                                                                                   Rev. Shanté Buckley
                                                                                   Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
                                                                                   Associate Pastor, Crosswalk Worship
                       James Goering
                                                                           III.    First Course
From the Culinary Institute of America and the Hotel Waldorf Astoria               Circle of Honor Inductee: Willy Rossel
to the Fairmont Hotel and on to El Centro College, over many years                 Presentation by Cary Rossel
and many cities, there never was a place more special to Jim than
Dallas. So many lives, young and old, were touched by his energy and       IV.     Second Course
love of his profession. From all of you he received so much satisfaction           Circle of Honor Inductee: Jojo LaBarba
and was rewarded in countless ways.
                                                                                   Presentation by Lucian and Joe LaBarba
Jim was especially proud of his work as Apprenticeship Director with
El Centro College and Dallas still reaps the benefits of his               V.      Third Course
commitment. So many talented people have been touched by Jim’s                     Circle of Honor Inductee: Shari Carlson
work, and many are present here tonight. He loved bringing students                Presentation by Kathi Mancini
on travels to Europe as part of their culinary education.
                                                                           VI.     Fourth Course
Thanks to all of you for the memories.                                             Circle of Honor Inductee: Costas “Gus” Katsigris
                                                                                   Presentation by Shari Carlson

                                                                           VII.    Fifth Course
                                                                                   Circle of Honor Inductee: James Goering
                                                                                   Presentation by Costas “Gus” Katsigris

                                                                           VIII.   Closing Remarks

                                                                           IX.     Dessert
                                                                                   Retire to Sun Room for Dessert and Coffee

                                   8                                                                1
                                                                        Restaurant Association (GRDA). He was selected to the Texas
                                                                        Restaurant Association’s Hall of Honor in 1993. For many years he
                                                                        was the chair of the GDRA’s Education Committee and a yearly
                                                                        scholarship in the amount of $10,000 has been named in his honor.
                                                                        This scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior from
                                                                        the TRA’s FS Prep Program.

                                                                        Gus has written two college textbooks; The Bar and Beverage Book, in
                                                                        its 5th edition and Design and Equipment for Restaurants, in its 3rd

                                                                        He has taught as an adjunct professor at UNT-Hospitality Management
                        Willy Rossel                                    Program since 2000.

Chef Rossel, began his career in 1936 in a pastry shop in Bien,         Currently he is developing and organizing an El Centro Food and
Switzerland. He then went to Zurich for an apprenticeship in 1939.      Hospitality Exes Association.
From there, he moved on to work throughout England, France, Italy,
and Jamaica.

In 1952, Chef Rossel arrived in Miami before moving to New York
City and the Waldorf Astoria. He later went to the Carribe Hilton in
Puerto Rico as the Executive Chef but was lured back to New York by
Chef Charles Finance to take over operation of the New Yorker
Hotel. He also worked at the Plaza Hotel and Manhattan Hotel.

Chef Rossel eventually came to Texas and the Sheraton Dallas and
went on to open 7 other hotels for Sheraton.

Later he became Executive Chef and Director of Food Service Planning
for Braniff Airways in Dallas, Texas (1965-1980) and Pan American
World Airways in Miami, Florida (1982-1985). He also served as a
consultant with Air Florida, Alaska Airlines, and First National Bank

In the 1964 Culinary Olympics in Frankfort, Germany Chef Rossel
competed and earned 7 Gold medals. He was also actively involved in
a number of professional organizations including the American
Federation of Chefs and the American Culinary Federation.

                                 2                                                                       7
                Costas “Gus” Katsigris                                                           Jojo LaBarba
Costas “Gus” Katsigris was born in Greece and emigrated to the          Joseph (Jojo) LaBarba was born the youngest of five brothers. His
United States in 1946. He attended high school in New York City and     father, Giacamo LaBarba, immigrated to the United States in 1901 to
then enrolled in college at Columbia University-NYC, and holds both a   pursue the American dream. Together, the five brothers inherited the
Bachelor’s degree and Master of Sciences Degree in Business.            family business, American Produce and strove to serve their
                                                                        community. In 1941, at the outbreak of World War II, all of Jojo’s
In 1961, he married Evelyn Colias of Waco and went to work for the      brothers enlisted to serve their country. These tumultuous
family business, the Elite Café. They have two daughters and three      circumstances, coupled with Giacomo’s declining health, resulted in
grandchildren.                                                          Jojo becoming the President of American Produce at the age of
                                                                        fourteen. Jojo’s destiny was set in stone and the family company grew
Gus relocated to Dallas and revamp the El Centro Restaurant and         from there.
Culinary Arts Program into the Food Service Institute in 1970. He
served as Director of this program from 1970 to 2001. Eventually, the   In 1947, Jojo met his wife to be, Angeline Musso, who was then
Food Service Institute was renamed the Food and Hospitality Institute   attending SMU. Soon after, the couple conceived six children who
and it has enrolled over 10,000 students since its inception.           inevitable aided in the family company’s success. It was during this
                                                                        time of Jojo’s life that he became a notable figure in the Texas
In 1984 he was selected as a Piper Professor for the State of Texas.    Culinary community. Jojo was a unique character that never met a
                                                                        stranger. He was a connoisseur of food, friends and life. It was in this
In the late 1970’s he was part of the team that brought the Chef’s      spirit of celebration that Jojo came to know the other distinguished
Apprentice Program in partnership with the Dallas Chapter of the        figures of the Texas Chefs Association.
Texas Chefs Association. Over 250 individuals have received their
Chef’s Certification through this program.                              In 1997, Jojo passed away leaving a legacy of friendship,
                                                                        accomplishment and service within his community. Today, he would
Gus retired in 2001 after 31 years of active service to El Centro       have been honored to know that he has been inducted the Texas
College.                                                                Chefs Association amongst many of his friends and respected
Over the years, Gus served twice as President of the Greater Dallas

                                   6                                                                       3
                                                                         Community College at the same time she opened her company,
                                                                         Dessert Dreams. The experience of teaching was a great aid in
                                                                         developing the training techniques used in her business. The school
                                                                         association also encouraged an active commitment to culinary
                                                                         students. Her company has offered externships to many culinary
                                                                         students from local schools. Chef Carlson has trained and graduated
                                                                         four ACF certified pastry apprentices. She was coach for the Texas
                                                                         Student Hot Food Team that competed at ACF Central Regional
                                                                         Competition in 2000 and has assisted with coaching and fund raising
                                                                         for the local student teams. additionally, Chef Carlson gives many
                                                                         demonstrations and classes at local cooking schools, charity events and
                                                                         trade shows; from Central Market HEB to the State Fair of Texas.
                       Shari Carlson
                                                                         She has participated with the US Navy program “Adopt-a-Ship” for the
Chef Carlson was fortunate to begin her culinary career at the Hyatt     last several years. In 2003 she spent ten days at sea aboard the aircraft
Regency in Dallas where the structure of a traditional kitchen Brigade   carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and in September 2004 spent a week
and stations allowed for an exciting and well-rounded apprenticeship.    with the USS Abraham Lincoln offering training for the ship culinarians.
She has expanded her education over the years through active             In May of 2006 she cruised from Norfolk to New York for Fleet Week
membership with various culinary associations, additional classes and    aboard the USS San Antonio.
                                                                         Chef Carlson and Dessert Dreams participate in many fund raising
Chef Carlson has taken classes with such notable chefs as Ewald          events through her various memberships for such diverse charities as
Notter, Susan Notter, Fredy Eggenschwiler, Jean-Pierre Wybauw,           the American Heart Association, Dallas Opera Guild, Farmers Market,
Jacquy Pfeiffer, Franz Ziegler, Sebastien Canonne, and Albert Adria.     AIWF, Dallas Food Bank, Dallas Women’s Shelter and the Children’s
Chef Carlson has competed in many local salons and in 1992 traveled
to Germany with the Texas Culinary Team to compete at the
Olympics where she won a silver medal. Since 1993, when she was
inducted into the World Master Chefs Society, she has had the
opportunity to travel and compete with the USA Chapter Team in
such different countries as England, Ireland, France, Canada, Sweden,
Hungary, Germany, Argentina and           Thailand.    Each trip and
competition has offered its own unique opportunities for education,
both professionally and personally. She has also competed with a hot
food team formed of Dallas Chefs at Hotelympia in London, winning
silver medals three times. At the 2004 Texas Restaurant Association’s
“Iron Chef of the Southwest” competition, she and her team won 1st
place and were awarded gold medals.

Fortuitously, Chef Carlson began teaching part time at El Centro

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