Cribsheet Mon 14th December 2009 _XMAS Social_ by shuifanglj


									                            Cribsheet for Monday 14th December 2009

          The information for this crib sheet was taken from            MINICRIB           the Scottish Country Dance Note Searching Database

THE BORROWDALE EXCHANGE (R3x32) 3C circular set Round the Room Dance                  D Haynes Carnforth Coll 2
 1- 8  All circle 6H round & back
 9-16  All Advance+Retire (into centre of circle) & dance DoSiDo with partner
17-24  All dance RH, Lady with hand is underneath dances out under arch into prom hold with new ptnr followed by next Lady etc
25-32  All Promenade with new partners anywhere round the room & hopefully meet with another 2 couples to start again

ROTHESAY RANT (J4x32) Sq.Set                                                                A Holden SCDs
 1- 8 All 1/2 turn partners RH retain hold & give LH to next person, all set (M facing out), 1/2 turn next person LH, all set & Ladies turn in
 9-16 1s+3s (in 2nd & 4th places) dance 1/2 Ladies Chain & 1/2 R&L
17-24 2s+4s dance 1/2 Ladies Chain & 1/2 R&L
25-32 All circle 8H round & back

THE BELLE OF BON ACCORD (S4x32) 4C set                                                    J Drewry Deeside Bk 2
 1- 8  1L & 3L cross down 1 pl & cast up on opp side into centre as 1M & 3M dance across & cast down into centre, 1s+2s & 3s+4s dance RH across
 9-16  1s & 3s dance reel of 4 up & down centre of dance
17-24  1s & 3s 3/4 turn RH & face up while 2s & 4s dance up on sides & turn in to face down, all set & circle 4H round to left & end on sides
25-32  1s & 3s lead up, cross over, cast down 1 place & turn 2H, 1s lead down to 4 th place while 3s cast up on own sides to 2nd place

THE SOLDIER'S JOY (R8x32) 3C (4C set)                                                        RSCDS Bk 2
 1- 8  1s cast & dance down own side below 3s & lead up to places
 9-16  1s+2s+3s dance RH across & LH back to places
17-24  1s lead down the middle & back to top
25-32  1s+2s dance Poussette

MACLEOD'S FANCY (J4x32) 4C set                                                            J Drewry RSCDS Bk 33
 1- 8 1s+4s set diagonally, 1M+4L change places RH & cast on own side to original place while 1L+4M cast behind own side & cross RH to place
 9-16 All dance reels of 4 on sides, ending as at start of reel
17-24 2s & 3s turn 1s & 4s RH into a St Andrew's Cross, all set & turn crnrs to end 1s in 3rd pl & 4s in 2nd pl on own sides having passed other crnr RSh
25-32 1s & 4s set & cross over (Ladies dancing between Men) & dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round end couples to 3 rd/2nd places (giving RH at top, LH at bottom)

THE MONTGOMERIES' RANT (R8x32) 3C (4C set)                                                  Castle Menzies RSCDS Bk 10
 1- 8  1s cross RH & cast down to 2nd place, cross LH & 1L casts up while 1M casts down
 9-16  1s dance reels of 3 across, 1L with 2s & 1M with 3s
17-24  1s with nearer hands joined set to 2L, turn inwards & set to 3M, set 3L, turn & set to 2M
25-32  2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on sides 1s giving RSh to 2nd corner, 1s cross RH to 2nd place own sides

SNOWBALL (J5x48) 5C Set                                                                   Radio 2 Barn Dances
1-8   1s Turn Partner right then left hands
9-16  1s & 2s Right then left hands across
17-24 1s, 2s, & 3s 6 hands round and back
25-32 1s,2s,3s & 4s Advance and retire twice
33-40 5s Lead up to the top and cast to bottom
41-48 1s Lead down to bottom, others step up then ALL turn partner right hand

MISS JOHNSTONE OF ARDROSSAN (R5x32) 5C set                                                   R Goldring 14 Social Dances
 1- 8   1s set, cast 1 place, 1s followed by 3s dance up & cast - 1s to 3rd place & 3s to 2nd place
 9-16   1s cross down & dance reflection reels of 3 with 4s+5s on opposite sides, 1s end in 3 rd place opposite sides
17-24   1s cross up & dance reflection reels of 3 on own sides with 2s+3s, 1s ending in 3 rd place own sides
25-32   1s set, cast down 1 place, 1s followed by 5s dance up between 4s & cast - 1s to 5th place & 5s to 4th place

THE SILVER GREY (S3x32) 3C set                                                          R Goldring G & S Dances 2
 1- 8   1s+2s+3s set, cross RH, set & cross back RH
 9-16   1s+2s+3s circle 6H round & back, 1s & 3s remaining in the middle facing up/down
17-24   1s+3s dance 3/4 R&L, 1s cast to 2nd place opposite sides as 3s cross over LH
25-32   1s dance 1/2 Fig of 8 round 3s, 1s followed by 3s dance up between 2s & cast, 1s to 3 rd place & 3s to 2nd place

ROUND REEL OF EIGHT (R88) Sq.Set                                                        RSCDS Bk 27
 1-16  All Ladies cast & dance clockwise round outside of set back to place, Men repeat Fig but cast & dance anticlockwise round set
17-32  All dance Grand Chain 1/2 way & set to partner, Continue chain back to place & set to partner
33-40  1s+3s change places 1s dance between 3s, repeat Fig back to places 3s dance between 1s, & 1s+3s turn RH into Allemande hold
41-48  1s+3s Promenade round inside of set anticlockwise
49-64  2s+4s repeat Fig bars 33-48
65-88  1s+3s dance 1/2 R&L, 2s+4s dance 1/2 R&L, repeat back to places, all circle 8H round & back

                                           Compiled by Charles Upton.   MINICRIB     
CHERRYBANK GARDENS (S3x32) 3C set                                                     J Drewry Bankhead Bk 1
 1- 8 1s+2s set & Petronella-in-tandem twice to end with 2s+1s on opposite sides having changed places
 9-16 2s+1s set & cross Men passing between Ladies, 1L dances RH across with 2s & 1M with 3s
17-24 1s+3s Set+Link & circle 4H round to left
25-32 2s+3s+1s dance Grand Chain (2s crossing to commence)

WEST'S HORNPIPE (R4x32) 4C set                                                            5 Traditional SCDs 1965
 1- 8   1s cross & dance reflection reels of 3 on opposite sides
 9-16   1s dance reflection reels of 3 on own sides
17-24   1s lead down the middle & back to top (1s end facing 2s with nearer hands joined)
25-32   1s set to 2s, dance down to 4th place & circle 4H round to left with 4s


ST COLUMBA'S STRATHSPEY (S5x32) 5C set                                                  V Sproule & S Gillan
 1- 8  2s+4s dance RH across, 2s dance up while 4s dance down, 2s & 4s casting round ends on own sides to face 1st corners
 9-16  2s+4s Pass+Turn with 1st corners, pass partner LSh & Pass+Turn with 2nd corners & into centre facing partner (L facing down M up)
17-24  2s+4s dance reel of 4 ending in original places on sides
25-32  2s & 4s set & cast down 1 place while 3s & 5s set & dance up 1 place, 1s & 2s turn RH & cast down 1 place. 3 1 5 2 4

STRIP THE WILLOW (Drops of Brandy) (J4x40) 4C set Running step                               RSCDS Bk 1
 1- 8   1s turn RH 2½ times (4 bars), 1L turns 2M LH then turns partner RH
 9-16   1L turns 3M LH, turns partner RH, 1L turns 4M LH & turns partner RH
17-24   1M turns 4L LH, turns partner RH, 1M turns 3L LH & turns partner RH
25-32   1M turns 2L LH, turns partner RH, 1L turns 2M LH as 1M turns 2L LH, 1s turn RH in centre
33-40   1s similarly turn 3s LH, turn partners RH, turn 4s LH & turn partners RH to 4 th place own sides (last turn uses the next first 2 bars of music)

                                            Compiled by Charles Upton.   MINICRIB     

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