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The crib is the first piece of nursery furniture usually purchased. Since much of baby’s time is going to
be spent in the crib, make sure it’s safe and comfortable for your little one. The range of cribs available
has expanded over the years, giving you an overwhelming variety of choices. In order to make your
shopping experience easier, we have listed some crib features and their benefits to help you find the one
that’s right for you.

                                           Kickbar Drop-Side Release                   Crib Safety Tips
                                           enables you to simply lift the drop-side    • U.S. Consumer Products Safety
                                                                                         Standards must be met. You may see
                                           a little with one hand, then push your        a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers
                                           foot against the kickbar to release the       Association) certification on some cribs.
                                           drop-side. Benefit: Strong metal              A JPMA certification is not mandatory.
                                           drop-side release ensures that the side     • DO NOT use a crib that has corner posts
                                                                                         more than 1⁄16" high, unless they’re over
                                           rail does not drop accidentally. Also,
                                                                                         16" high and used with a canopy.
                                           it’s durable enough to last through
                                                                                       • Slats should be spaced no more than
                                           several children.                             2 3⁄8" apart.
                                                                                       • Crib Hardware such as screws, bolts and
                                           Shin Drop-Side Release                        fittings must be secured tightly into place
                                           lets you lift the drop-side a little with     to prevent the crib from collapsing.
                                           one hand, then push it inward with your     • Mattress must fit snugly into the crib.
Single Drop-Side allows one side to        shin to release it. Benefit: You keep
                                                                                         The space between the two should not
be raised and lowered for getting baby                                                   be wider than two adult fingers.
                                           your balance at all times as you use
in and out. Benefit: Crib is very stable                                               • Pillows are not recommended for use
                                           your shin and not your foot to release        in a crib.
because one side rail is permanently
                                           the drop-side. This is especially           • Crib Gyms, mobiles and all hanging
attached to both the headboard and
                                           convenient while holding the baby.            cords must be removed from crib once
the footboard.                                                                           baby is able to push up on hands and
                                                                                         knees (usually at six months).
                                           4-Position Mattress Spring
                                                                                       • Cutout Designs in headboard or footboard
                                           permits the mattress spring to be
                                                                                         are not recommended due to potential
                                           lowered to 4 different positions.             entrapment and strangulation hazards.
                                           Benefit: The mattress adjusts position      • Crib Placement is vital in determining the
                                           as baby grows.                                child’s safety. Avoid placing the crib near
                                                                                         lamps, dangling cords or ribbon, windows,
                                                                                         fans, heaters or climbable furniture.
                                                                                       • Plastic Bags or similar materials should
                                           metal (steel tubing)                          not be used as a mattress cover. Children
                                                                                         can suffocate on plastic materials.
                                                                                       • Portable/Non-Full-Size Cribs should
                                                                                         not be used on a permanent basis, as
                                                                                         they are not designed to withstand the
                                                                                         wear and tear that regular full-size cribs
                                                                                         can endure.
                                                                                       • Second-Hand Cribs are always a
Double Drop-Side has two sides                                          wood             temptation and in many cases work out
that raise and lower. Benefit: Lets you                                                  ideally for new parents. However, not
get baby in and out from either side,                                                    all are risk free. If the crib is more than
without having to walk around.                                                           two years old, you should carefully
                                                                                         evaluate it against all the safety features
                                                                                         mentioned above.
                                                                                       • Always keep the drop-sides up whenever
                                                                                         your infant is in the crib.
For additional information on cribs and infant safety, call the CPSC
toll free at 1-800-638-2772 or visit their website at

Convertible Cribs
People often look for more value for their money, and convertible cribs offer just that to all new parents.
Extremely versatile, these cribs grow along with your child, usually converting from infant cribs, to
3-sided day beds to full-size beds too! The bottom line is that you get a lot more use from a piece of
furniture that your child would have otherwise outgrown in approximately two or three years.
Convertible cribs come in popular finishes and styles to complement any décor.

             It’s a Crib!                       It’s a Day Bed!                    It’s a Full-Size Bed!

                                                                        More Value
                                                                        For Your Money!
                                                                        Consumers today are more savvy
                                                                        about their purchase decisions than
                                                                        ever before. Versatility and convenience
                                                                        seem to be the order of the day.

                                                                        In response, the industry has created
                                                                        furniture with multiple uses, stroller
                                                                        systems that have a range of features,
                                                                        bassinets that have an extended life as
                                                                        toy boxes and even potties that convert
                                                                        into step stools! As a result, more and
                                                                        more new parents are beginning to
            It’s a Crib!                     It’s a Toddler Bed!        invest in items that give them more
                                                                        value for their money.