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									                                                                                           Bed Babies

                     www.bgco.org/toptentips                               Crib Recall

           Many churches have concerns for the new Con-
           sumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) crib
           standards. The new standards were offi-
           cially recorded in the federal register last
           week. The following link is for your convenience in
           case you'd like to do a bit of heavy reading!


           Since these standards have been approved dated
           December 28, 2010, crib manufacturers will have 6
           months (until June 28, 2011) to become compliant
           with these standards and then consumers have an additional 18 months to replace their cribs. So
           in other words all noncompliant cribs must be replaced by December 28, 2012. These standards
           currently do not allow for "retrofits" of existing cribs!

           Please understand that if you have purchased wooden cribs manufactured by Foundations in the
           past few years that these cribs are not under recall. There have not been any crib recalls for any
           of the Foundations line of cribs. This new ruling is for an outright ban of all drop side cribs. As
           long as you check your cribs and ascertain that they are working properly, you may continue to
           use them for at least another two years.

           For those of you with metal hospital cribs like those made by Hard Manufacturing - the future is a
           bit uncertain. Hard Mfg. is a "medical device" manufacturer and generally would fall under the
           regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So a metal crib used in a medical facility
           is exempt from this new CPSC ruling. The problem is that when these cribs are not used in a
           medical facility, then they don't fall under FDA jurisdiction. The FDA is deferring to CPSC to make
           the ruling.

           I spoke with a representative from CPSC yesterday and they have been so inundated with ques-
           tions from churches concerning their status in this ruling as well as questioning these metal cribs
           and the stack cribs that they are forming a question bank and are hoping for answers next week.

           Please feel free to call or e-mail me with questions or concerns.

                                                                                               Vicki Reynolds
                                                                                           Reynolds Mfg. Corp.
                                                                                                   Abilene, TX

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