Starting the School Year Right: Lesson C - Your Learning Styles and Working with Others by TeachTCI

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									Starting the School Year Right

Your Learning Styles and                                                         C
Working with Others

How could your learning style(s)
impact your work and others?

Overview                                                           Materials
                                                                   • Multiple Intelligence
In a Problem-Solving Groupwork activity, students create             Test(1 per student)
a 60-second commercial touting the importance of                   • Student Handout C1 (1
working together.                                                    copy per group)
                                                                   • Flip Video Cameras or
Preview Students take a multiple-intelligence                        video recording
                                                                     equipment and editing
assessment to learn their dominant learning styles.                  software.
Activity Students are placed into heterogeneous groups             • Materials for groups to
based on learning styles. Groups are challenged to create            create a live commercial.
a 60-second commercial which would tout the advantages
to cooperative learning.

Processing Students add a virtual sticky note to a web
tool stating their preferred learning style and a personal
example of their strength.

In the course of this lesson and participating classroom
activity, students will
• describe how their learning style can positively affect
their ability to understand content.
• explain the expectations and responsibilities while
working within a group.
• create a commercial using audio-visual equipment.

                                             Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right      1

Suggested time: 10-15 minutes

1. Greet Students at the Door. Make sure to introduce
   yourself to each student as they enter class. Begin
   now learning their names and creating an inviting
   atmosphere in your class.

2. Distribute copies of the Multiple Intelligence
   Assessment. Explain to students that once they are in
   their seat, they are to take five minutes to complete
   the 35 question survey. Encourage the students to
   move quickly and not spend a lot of time wavering
   between answers.

3. Score the Multiple Intelligence together. Project
   the MI Assessment and Key in side by side fashion.
   Using your interactive whiteboard tools, show the
   students how to quickly score their assessment.
                                                                 Multiple Intelligence
4. Have students record their top two learning styles.
   Once students have scored their assessment,
   encourage students to review their key. Have students
   come to the front of the room.

Problem-Solving Groupwork
Suggested time: 60-90 minutes

1. Divide the class into heterogeneous groups of four.
   Using the results from the multiple intelligence
   assessment, divide the class into groups of four. Try
   to divide the class so that there is a strong visual
   learner, strong interpersonal, and strong linguistic
   learner in each group.

2. Move students into their groups. Move students
   into their groups and challenge them to complete a
   quick team-builder activity. Have them finish this
   sentence within their group, “My favorite commercial
   is ____ because ___.”

                                          Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   2

3. Introduce the Project. Explain to the students that
   they will now work together within their group to
   create a commercial that touts the importance of
   working together.
• Play the following YouTube link as an example for
   what you are looking for:
• Pass out Student Handout C1: Directions for
   Completing Teamwork Commercial. Make sure that
   each person within the group has a copy.
• Walk the students through each step in the                       Student Handout C1
   commercial development process stopping at the end
   of each step to reinforce that groups must have your
   initials at the completion of a step before moving to
   the next step.
• Have the groups complete the first step: role
   assignments and begin work.
4. Facilitate the work on the commercials.                            Blocked?
• Encourage the groups to work on their project
                                                                • At home, go to
   independent of your help unless absolutely necessary.
• Make sure to stay engaged while the students are                locate the video that
   working. Having the students checking in with you at           you want.
   the end of each step will help, but there may be             • Copy the URL of that
   stretches where students are immersed in their work.           particular video.
                                                                • Go to
   This is the time to wander around the room and visit
   groups.                                                        the blank, paste the URL
• Project or post the completion time. If possible keep           of the YouTube video
   a timer visible to students at all times. This will help       that you want.
   the groups stay on task and keep the time for this           • Click the Download
                                                                  button at the end of the
   activity from spilling over unnecessarily.
                                                                  URL bar.
                                                                • A choice of formats will
                                                                  appear. Right-click on
                                                                  the one you want and
                                                                  select Save As. Give the
                                                                  video a name that you'll
                                                                  recognize and save it to
                                                                  your Desktop.
                                                                • Once the video is
                                                                  downloaded, copy it to a
                                                                  flash drive to take to
                                                                  school the next day.

                                            Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   3

5. Play each group’s commercial.
• Have the students provide the link or upload the video
   so that it can be projected to the entire class.
• Create a fun way for students to consume the
   commercials and reflect on the importance of the
   topic. One suggestion would be to turn the class into
   an awards committee. Tell the students they will need
   to pass out several awards: best commercial, best
   actor/actress, best special effects, etc. When groups
   vote, they are allowed to vote for any group or
   individual provided it is NOT themselves or their
• Play each video and allow groups to jot down notes
   they think are important surrounding the commercial.
• After the videos have been aired, challenge the
   students to reflect personally on the topic through the
   process activity.

Suggested time: 5 minutes to start in class; homework

1. Project a class Wallwisher for the students. Using , post the essential question for
   the lesson.

2. Encourage the students to respond at home. Tell
   the students that you’d like each of them to respond
   with a quick answer. Bonus points can be awarded
                                                                    New to You?
   for students that include videos or links to support
   their answer.                                                If websites like Lino It
                                                                or others are new to you,
                                                                visit TCI’s blog to
                                                                download a Starters
                                                                Guide to Free Web 2.0
                                                                sites. You can find the
                                                                guide here:
                                                                web-tools The page
                                                                that refers to wallwisher
                                                                from this document is

                                            Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   4
              Identifying Your Multiple Intelligences: Survey 1
This survey will help you identify your areas of strongest intelligence. Read each statement.
If it expresses some characteristic of yours and sounds true for the most part, write T.
If it doesn’t, write F. If the statement is sometimes true and sometimes false, leave it blank.
Everyone will have different answers. Think about what is true for you.

 1. ____ I’d rather draw a map than give someone verbal directions.
 2. ____ If I am angry or happy, I usually know why.
 3. ____ I can play (or used to play) a musical instrument.
 4. ____ I compose songs or raps and perform them.
 5. ____ I can add or multiply quickly in my head.
 6. ____ I help friends deal with feelings because I deal with my own feelings well.
 7. ____ I like to work with calculators and computers.
 8. ____ I pick up new dance steps quickly.
 9. ____ It’s easy for me to say what I think in an argument or debate.
10. ____ I enjoy a good lecture, speech, or sermon.
11. ____ I always know north from south no matter where I am.
12. ____ I like to gather together groups of people for parties or special events.
13. ____ I listen to music for much of the day, on the radio, CDs, or other media.
14. ____ I always understand the drawings that come with new gadgets or appliances.
15. ____ I like to work puzzles and play games.
16. ____ Learning to ride a bike (or to skate) was easy.
17. ____ I am irritated when I hear an argument or statement that sounds illogical.
18. ____ I can convince other people to follow my plans.
19. ____ My sense of balance and coordination is good.
20. ____ I often see patterns and relationships between numbers faster than other people.
21. ____ I enjoy building models (or sculpting).
22. ____ I like word games and puns.
23. ____ I can look at an object one way and see it turned backward just as easily.
24. ____ I can identify when there is a key change in a song.
25. ____ I like to work with numbers and figures.
26. ____ I like to sit quietly and reflect on my feelings.
27. ____ Just looking at the shapes of buildings and structures is pleasurable to me.
28. ____ I like to hum, whistle, and sing in the shower or when I’m alone.
29. ____ I’m good at athletics.
30. ____ I enjoy writing detailed letters to friends.
31. ____ I’m usually aware of the expression on my face.
32. ____ I’m sensitive to the expressions on other people’s faces.
33. ____ I stay in touch with my moods. I have no trouble identifying them.
34. ____ I am sensitive to the moods of others.
35. ____ I have a good sense of what others think of me.

                                                           Creating a Cooperative, Tolerant Classroom   149
                 Scoring Your Multiple Intelligences: Survey 1
 The numbers in the boxes below correspond to the numbered statements in the survey. Put an X in the
 box for each item you marked T. For example: The first box in row A is for statement 9. If you marked 9
 with a T, put an X in that box. If you marked it F, leave the box empty. When you have finished, add up the
 Xs in each row. A total of four Xs in any row indicates strong ability. (Your teacher will tell you which
 intelligence to write for each row.)

 A       9       10       17       22       30 =                 _________ intelligence

 B       5        7       15       20       25 =                 _________ intelligence

 C       1       11       14       23       27 =                 _________ intelligence

 D       8       16       19       21       29 =                 _________ intelligence

 E       3        4       13       24       28 =                 _________ intelligence

 F       2        6       26       31       33 =                 _________ intelligence

 G 12            18       32       34       35 =                 _________ intelligence

 Teacher Answer Key: Do not reveal to students until after they have scored their tests.
 A = verbal-linguistic         E = musical-rhythmic
 B = logical-mathematical      F = intrapersonal
 C = visual-spatial            G = interpersonal
 D = body-kinesthetic

150   Bring Learning Alive!
Student Handout            C1

Directions: Use these directions to complete the creation of a commercial that touts
the importance of teamwork. Your commercial must include the following design
       •The commercial must be no longer than 60 seconds.
       •The commercial must be entirely made by the group members.
       •The commercial should be creative and appealing to teenagers.

Steps for Creating the Commercial

Step 1: Assign Group Roles: Place your initials by the role you will assume.

___ Writer                    Responsible for writing the commercial

___ Producer                  Responsible for editing the commercial video

___ Director                  Responsible for directing the shooting of the video

___ Designer                  Responsible for getting/creating any needed props or art

                                                            _____ Teacher’s Initials

Step 2: Conduct a commercial conception meeting. The writer is responsible for
    leading the team in a brainstorming session on ideas for a commercial. The writer
    will keep notes on possible ideas as they are discussed and be prepared to share
    them with the teacher. The writer will be responsible for providing a rough outline
    of the commercial to the teacher before moving to step three.
                                                              _____ Teacher’s Initials

Step 3: Create and gather the needed items/props for the commercial. The designer is
    responsible for coming up with the items that will be needed during the filming of
    the commercial. Other group members should assist the designer in this process
    where appropriate. When ready, the group will showcase their prop list to the
    teacher prior to moving onto step four.
                                                             _____ Teacher’s Initials

                                           Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   5
Student Handout           C1

Step 4: Rehearse and then film the commercial. The director is responsible for getting
    the group to rehearse and then film the commercial. Rough footage will be shown
    to the teacher before the group can move to step five.
                                                           _____ Teacher’s Initials

Step 5: Edit and finalize the commercial. The producer is responsible for taking the
    rough footage for the commercial and editing it for time. The other group members
    should assist in this process. The group will have completed it’s work when a
    completed video is uploaded for and/or given to the teacher.
                                                             _____ Teacher’s Initials

Sample Commercial Link:

                                          Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   6

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