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					                                                                              15 Jan 2006

Army Lodging
Standard Operating Procedures

          Safety Tips and Standards for Cribs in Army Lodging Facilities

1. Crib safety in the commercial hotel industry continues to attract national attention
from the several safety groups, including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission (CPSC) and the National Safe Kids Campaign. Army Lodging has
developed guidance for issuing, assembling, maintaining, cleaning, selecting, and
purchasing cribs specifically for Army Lodging operations. Additionally, vendor
information related to the purchase of acceptable cribs is provided.

2. Army Lodging managers are strongly encouraged to ensure their employees are
familiar with the most current information, and that purchases reflect those standards
and specifications set forth by CPSC.

3. Articles and other related information regarding crib safety and appropriate usage
are included as follows:

   a. Tips for Issuing, Assembling, Maintaining, and Cleaning Cribs (Enclosure 1)

   b. Tips for Selecting and Purchasing Cribs with Vendor Information (Enclosure 2)

  c. National Safe Kids Campaign “Hotel and Motel Crib and Play Yard Safety
Checklist.” (Enclosure 3)

  e. CPSC publication “Crib Safety Tips: Use Your Crib Safely.” (Enclosure 4)

  g. Consumer Product Safety Commission publication “Soft Bedding May Be
Hazardous to Babies.” (Enclosure 5)

4. This SOP has been coordinated with the US. Army Community and Family Support
Center Child and Youth Services Directorate.