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									"I always knew my
daughter liked looking               The CRIB
at faces, but I was
surprised at how
attentive she was to the
faces she was shown. I
think it is important for
me to understand about
my daughter’s
Taryn Edwards,                                                    How Quickly Do
mother of Tantra.                                                 Babies Learn?
"We had a really good
time at CRIB. It was
great watching my son’s
reaction to the stimuli
and seeing how
attentive he was. The
                                 Centre for Research in
chocolate biscuits were
                                 Infant Behaviour
good too!"
                                 Department of Human
Susan Hare, mother
                                 Sciences                          At the Centre for Research
of James.
                                 Brunel University                in Infant Behaviour (CRIB)
                                 Uxbridge                         at Brunel University we can
We look forward                  Middlesex                        find out:
to hearing from                  UB8 3PH                            How babies see
                                 T: 01895 265474
you                              E:
                                                                    What babies see when they
                                                                    look at your face
                                                                    How babies respond to
Contact CRIB:                                                       emotion
                                                                    How parents help babies’
T: 01895 274 000 x 3418
                                                                    development and well-being
What do babies know            What to expect at               Can I bring my other
about the world around         CRIB. You will be with your     children along? There is a
them? At CRIB we are           baby all the time. Your baby    comfortable waiting area
looking at what young          will sit on your lap and        with toys and books, so you
babies can see and what        watch a few short clips on a    can bring your other
amazing things they learn in   television screen, and we       children and our
their first 12 months. You     will see what your baby         experienced receptionist will
may be surprised at how        finds most interesting.         be happy to keep an eye on
much your child already                                        them.
knows!                         How do I get to Brunel
                               University? A door-to-door      How do I find out more?
Come along with your           black taxi service is
baby. We are always            provided free of charge for
looking for new parents who    you and your baby if you
are interested in learning     live within 5 miles of Brunel
more about their baby’s        University in Uxbridge. If
development and would like     you live further away, we
to come along to our Baby      can arrange for a taxi to
Lab with their baby.           collect you from Uxbridge
                               tube station. Otherwise we
Who are we? We are             will refund your travel
psychologists who look at      expenses.
visual and cognitive                                           If you have a baby or are
development in babies.         If you wish to drive to
                               Brunel, we have parking         expecting a baby soon and
                               spaces in front of our          would like to know more,
What we do? Although           building. Someone from the      please feel free to contact
our participants are little,   lab will meet you outside       me: Dr Janine Spencer on
our questions are big. We      and show you where to           01895 265474, or email me
investigate how babies         park.                           at:
recognise faces and what it                          
is about faces that make                                       Our fax number is 01895
them so interesting.                                           237573.

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