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									                                             Spirit of St. Louis Region
                                                    of the CCCA


                     SPARK PLUG

          July Events                      August Events                  September Events
           6 Spirit Night                      3 Spirit Night                  7 Spirit Night
McGurk‟s Public House O‟Fallon, MO      Lester‟s Chesterfield, MO       Grappa Grill St. Charles, MO
 Glen & Janice Pykiet Sponsoring     Fred & Willie Weber Sponsoring      Barb Knudsen Sponsoring
              6:30pm                              6:30pm                          6:30pm
            8-11 IOLA                                                   12 Wheels In Motion Charity
                                     13-15 Pebble Beach Concours               Car Show
             Iola, WI
                                                                             Westport Plaza
  10 Michigan & Colorado Grand        14 SSRCCCA Mini CARavan
             Classics                      Washington, MO.            19 HCCM Car Show & Swap Meet
                                                                              Queeny Park
   12 Board Meeting TENTATIVE
         Wendell Smith‟s              29 Purina Farms Car Show           26 Oktoberfest Car Show
             6:30pm                  Benefiting the 40&8 Veterans            St. Charles, MO
 12-17 Pierce Arrow National Meet         Gray Summit, MO
      16 Cruise Night at MOT
         4:30pm - 8:30pm
  14-17 Cadillac LaSalle National

    Board of Managers SSL Region
    John Gibson
 Barbara Knudson            Joe Krzan Sr.
     Glen Pykiet            Robert Pass
  Jim Schloeman            Gary Schlueter
   Bob Schuman             Tom Roberson

           Spirit Region Officers
            Regional Director
              Wendell Smith
    (314) 868-1746 wlsmith@umsl.edu
           Project Chairman
               Joel Haffner
 (314) 996-0009 joelstoybox@yahoo.com         Motorist caught in distress when running out of gas after
            Assistant Director                  participating in the Classics Show at the Museum of
              Don Hoelscher                                         Transportation.
              (636) 939-9667                  Reportedly the owner of the car blamed the incident on
           dhoelsch@mail.win.org             the only faulty part he has on his Rolls. A fuel tank from a
                                                Packard with a mal functioning fuel level indicator.
                Bob Abbott
(618) 465-1898 bob@abbottmachineco.com
               Ron Olson
(314) 831-3728 olsonrsa98@sbcglobal.net
         Spirit Magazine Editor
                Allan Franz                               The Greasy Gumshoe
   (636) 398-5599 afranz@centurytel.net
                                                              wants YOU!
   Spirit Magazine Associate Editor
               Walt May                                      Do you have a knowledge of
(314) 434-0499 walt7may@sbcglobal.net
                                                             technical issues that occur in
     Sparkplug Newsletter Editor                          Classics®? Do you know how to fix
              Shannon Olson                               these issues or have an archive of
 (314) 831-3728 olsonrsa98@sbcglobal.net
                                                         information involving the mechanics
              Webmaster                     of fixing Classic® problems? Then the Spark Plug
              Joe Krzan Jr.                                      needs you!
   (314) 921-8675 krzanjr@charter.net
                                                 Under the current judging publication
              Membership                    standards from National, all publications need
              Barb Knudsen                     to include a Tech article. The Spark Plug is
(636) 947-3069 sweetpeppeolds@aol.com
                                              looking for someone to write a regular Tech
           Activities Chairman              article or column bi-monthly . This could be an
               John Gibson
(618) 466-7066 John.Gibson@olinbrass.com    individual or a group project. The tech advice
                                              can be on a question and answer basis or a
                                            written article . If you (or someone you know)
       2                                                  are interested, please
                                                           contact the editor.
                                   Director’s Column
        One of the joys of owning collector
cars is having the opportunity to let others
see and enjoy our prize possessions. A
colleague of mine in the Clayton/Ladue
Rotary Club is active with the St. Louis
Symphony. Knowing that I have collector
cars she inquired if I would be willing to help
with the St Louis Symphony Volunteer
Association fundraiser this year. Since one
of my daughters is a symphony performer in
another city, I am aware of the fundraising
needs of symphonies; consequently, I
couldn`t turn down this request. As we
talked about what we might do with a
classic car, we came upon the idea of
getting a restaurant to contribute a meal
and using the classic car to provide appropriate transportation. My 27 Rolls is only set up to
transport two passengers; therefore, I asked former symphony performer, Richard Muehlmann if
he would also consider providing one of his cars, allowing us to have a package of two cars to
accommodate two couples. Richard was eager to lend his support. During the planning
process the momentum kept building. Richard told Bill Albertin what we were planning to do
and I mentioned the project to Tom Roberson. Both Bill and Tom wanted to get in on the fun
and we subsequently ended up with four cars with a party package to accommodate eight

Part of the enjoyment for the four of us has already begun. We, along with our cars, were
invited to participate in the “Symphony Pick a Party! Party”. At this cocktail reception over 300
guests competed in bidding for 35 similar party experiences. Needless to say our car package
was one of the first to sell out. At $100 per person we helped the symphony raise $800. We also
had a great time at the party talking up the limousine ride opportunity. The secondary benefit is
activities such as this represent great visibility for the club and our hobby.
On Saturday, October 9th, we will be convening with the eight lucky bidders at a meeting point
in Forest Park. Following a leisurely drive through the park and surrounding neighborhoods we
will deliver our guests to the Zodiac Restaurant in Clayton for a champagne lunch in a private
dining room. The four of us will be joining our guests for lunch; however, I realize unfortunately it
would probably not be appropriate for chauffeurs to partake of champagne while on duty.

I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity you have to allow others to see and
experience your cars. One of the special rewards of our hobby is the opportunity to meet new
people and see the pleasure and excitement that is generated when others have first hand
exposure to our fine automobiles.

Keep motoring,
Wendell Smith,
Regional Director
                                                       On The Cover
     am pleased to provide some information on our                     Copy of original document confirming sale to Firma
    Maybach, its history and a selected set of documents              Wilhelm Freudestein, in Hamburg, dated May 16, 1939,
which I have in my possession. I do have a web site:                     through Firma J.A. Schlueter and Sons, Maybach
www.meyerman.com which covers the car’s history in part.                               dealers in Hamburg.
~Harold J. Meyerman
In the late 19th Century, Wilhelm Maybach, a well known
German engineer, formed a partnership with Gottlieb Daimler
to develop the first high speed combustion engine. Later,
Maybach, “The Father of Mercedes”, designed the first
Daimler with his friend Gottlieb Daimler. Maybach also
produced industrial engines for Count Ferdinand Zeppelin.
Much of Maybach‟s engine production was adapted during
WWI for use in fighters and other aircraft. Wilhelm‟s son Karl,
who had taken over the business in 1910, returned to building
engines after the war, initially for the Dutch manufacturer
Spyker, but around 1920 for his own custom built automobiles.
The first Maybach, a W3, was introduced at the 1921 Berlin
Motor Show. The car had a 5, 740cc six-cylinder engine and a
Spohn body.
The success of the W3 model and subsequent models,
including the 12 cylinder Zeppelins, ensured Maybach‟s
reputation in particular extended to unique, high quality
Despite Maybach‟s reputation as a producer of superior,
innovative automobiles, custom built production numbers
remained limited. Maybachs were not only amoung the best
German cars built, they were also the most expensive and out
of reach for most consumers. Like the early Rolls-Royces and
Duesenberg's, Maybach made only the chassis and the power
trains for the cars that would always carry the double M logo
of the Maybach Motorenwerke. Customers ordered their own
coachwork, built to their own designs. Each car was to be an
artwork of its own. A total of 2, 390 Maybachs were built, of
which some 149 remain. Included were 1,100 SW models of
which 112 remain. The SW were especially popular with the
elite German society, such as Dr. Hugo Eckener, captain of
the Hindenburg, Generals von Blomberg, Keitel, Drs. Schacht,
Degen, Himmler, and Goebbels. As the war in Europe heated
up, Maybachs were often “borrowed” by the military as staff
cars, and engines were often removed and used by the
The last Maybach was built in 1941. Thereafter, the company
turned its full attention to the production of industrial engines                                                     Copy of
for tanks, ships, and airplanes. The Maybach plant in                                                               documents
Friederichshafen was completely during the war.                                                                 confirming price
                                                                                                                of RM 23, 690 a
Mercedes, which acquired the Maybach name in the early                                                           RM 6,000 down
1960‟s introduced an entirely new luxurious, elegant concept                                                      payment with
car at the Tokyo Motor Show in September 1997, now called                                                           18 monthly
                               the “Daimler Maybach”. The                                                          installments.
                               price range for the “new”                                                              This also
                                                                                                                  indicates the
                               Maybach‟s range from $275,
                                                                                                                Maybach came
                               000 - $1.3 million.                                                               with two large
                                                                     Classic® Pinup

  1939 Maybach SW 38, Special Roadster, Spohn Body • 2 Seat Sport Cabriolet • 3.8 liter, 140 HP, 6 Cylinders
  Model #2146 • Maybach Red/Tan Interior • Wheelbase: 338cm • Engine #11599 • Maybach Register #34
   This Maybach, owned by CCCA members Dorothy and Harold Meyerman, was sold on May 20, 1939 to
 Wilhelm Freudenstein & Co. in Hamburg, Germany for 23,690 RM (Reichsmark) or $9,476.00 US Dollars in 1939.
  Of note; the original documents attached indicate that the initial purchaser of the vehicle, Firma Hinsch in
Hamburg, was unable to proceed with the transaction and undertook as part of the agreement to cancel their
                         order, that their original interest in the vehicle not be disclosed.
 It is unclear what happened to the car during the war years. What is known is that Adolf Hitler requisitioned
 Maybachs at the beginning of the war so that their engines and transmissions could be used by the German
Army. It is interesting to note that in this Maybachs case the original engine #11599 remains. Precisely why this
                 is so, or who had possession of the vehicle during the war is open to speculation.
 From the documents it is known that the original color was black with Mother of Pearl. The Meyerman‟s chose
to paint the car Maybach Rot or Red, which was a specific color offered at that time. After the war this vehicle
 was used by US Forces in Germany. The car was then moved to Florida it is believed in the late 1950‟s by a US
     Army officer. This Maybach was acquired by the Meyerman family in 1981. In 1993 an extensive 4 year
   restoration began where great care was taken to ensure that all parts which needed to be replaced were
                                  sourced from Germany.
Editor’s Note: I would like to extend a special thank you to both Harold & Dorothy.
The love for their car could be felt each time I spoke to them, and their wealth of
knowledge about their Maybach and the Maybach brand was truly impressive. THANK                         5
                   Museum of Transportation Cruise Night
                           Friday July 16, 2010
                                          By Wendell Smith
    Several SSRCCCA members are involved in                   Kids CARd Club idea by rolling it out to all of
    leadership roles at the National Museum of                 the clubs involved in summer shows at their
 Transportation. George Dorris, David Webber,                   facility. By the way, Jim Worton is now the
   Robert Pass, and Richard Quick serve on the                 Director of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in
 automobile committee. In addition to serving                   Detroit. Although he and his wife Anne no
   on the auto committee Jim Schloeman, new                       longer live in our community they have
     SSRCCCA member Greg Rhomberg, and I                          maintained allegiance to SSRCCCA by
  serve on the overall                                                                     continuing to sustain
      management                                                                            membership in our
   committee for the                                                                                club.
         museum.                                                                          The Cruise Night idea
 The museum, which                                                                           for the museum is
 is located on Barrett                                                                        something Greg
   Station Road in SW                                                                      Rhomberg came up
  St. Louis County has                                                                        with. This event,
    established close                                                                     which will be held on
partnerships with the                                                                      the lower level main
   major car clubs in                                                                           parking lot, is
  the St. Louis region.                                                                    expected to attract
         The close                                                                        several hundred cars.
 relationships started                                                                       Greg advises us to
    approximately six                                                                     arrive shortly after the
 years ago when the                                                                            gates open at
  museum director at The Bilderback family is shown in front of Bob Abbott`s 1941 4:30pm to make sure
      the time, Jim       Cadillac. Kip`s boys have been instrumental in developing we are able to get in
Worton, extended an       the Kids CARd Club. This photo was taken prior to departing      and have a parking
                                   to attend the Classics Show at the Museum of
   opportunity for our       Transportation. During the twenty some mile drive to the              space.
   club to be the first   museum occupants had the opportunity to experience rides Tom Roberson will be
    group to view the       in Bob`s Cadillac as well as Wendell`s 1927 Rolls Royce (in     set up under a tent
      offsite storage           background). The Kids CARd Club was initiated by           with his „34 Packard
facilities the museum SSRCCCA in an effort to attract and retain young families and telling “Penney the
                                                 kids in the hobby.
       has at Tyson                                                                         Packard” stories as
    Research Center.                                                                      part of the Kids CARd
 We later became the first club in the region to Club function. He and his wife Chaillle will also
  hold a function in the refurbished automobile                provide the children with “Penny‟s Friends”
building, started the summer car show series at coloring books and crayons to take home that
  the museum, and set an example earlier this                   evening. There will also be live music and
    year for other car clubs by being the first to                                   food.
   make a gift to the museum to allow them to
buy needed consumable materials for the cars                           Mark your calendar for July 16th
    in the         showroom area. Most recently                                  4:30 -8:30pm
                       the Museum has provided                      to take in the first MOT Cruise Night!
              6          overall leadership to our
                                      SSRCCCA Mini CARavan
                                          August 14, 2010

  You are invited to participate in a Mini CARavan in August. Our first hosts, Don & Joan Hoel-
  scher, have extensively renovated their back yard pool area and have replaced it with a rather
  large model train layout. They are working diligently to have this layout mostly complete for your
  visit. You will have the opportunity to visit Don‟s garage areas plus view his extensive collection
  of memorabilia. Coffee and Doughnut‟s will be served.

  Our next hosts will be Marc & Bev Ohm. The garage and new home will be a treat for us all.
  Marc has several of his vehicle‟s in the process of restoration including a rare Cole. There are
  many projects on site which reflect how Marc is spending his time enjoying his retirement. This
  will be a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the country setting and certainly one of the pre-
  miere garage work areas in the St. Louis area.

  Our Final destination will be Washington Missouri‟s River Front Park. Peter Brown and Christy
  Schulte will be our hosts. We will be served lunch at 12:30 P.M. catered by B & B BBQ. Your indi-
  vidual cost will be $7.50 each. This will cover drinks, two different meat choices and 2 side
          A. Location: Don & Joan Hoelscher           dishes. Peter and Christy will be providing des-
                       52 Waynesboro Court            serts.
                     Weldon Spring, Mo. 63304-7882
                    Arrival Time: 8:30 am                      Estimated departure time for return trip to St.
                     On site Time: 1 hour
                  Departure Time: 9:45 am                      Louis will be 3:00 P.M., this should give individu-
 Estimated Travel: 22 Miles or 31 minutes to next location     als a reasonable amount of time to enjoy the
               B. Location: Marc & Bev Ohm                     picturesque city Washington.
                           264 Stoneledge Court
                       Marthasville, Mo. 63357-2077
                                                               Return to St. Louis as a group or individual will
                   Arrival Time: 10:30 am
                     On site Time: 1 hour                      be up to the individual members.
                 Departure Time: 11:30 am
Estimated Travel: 12 Miles or 20 minutes to next location      This is a RSVP event and we request you have a
C. Location: Riverfront Park (Peter Brown & Christy Schulte)    reservation in by August 1st by completing the
                            1220 S Lakeshore Dr.
                  Washington, MO 63090
                                                               enclosed card and forward to Peter Brown with
                    Arrival Time: 12:00pm                              your check made out to SSRCCCA.
                    Lunch Time: 12:30pm
                  Departure Time: 3:00pm
               Spirit Night                                               Spirit Night
           July 6, 2010 6:30pm                                        August 3, 2010 6:30pm
                    At                                                          At

   McGurk's Public House is in an historic place. The
   structure traces it's history to 1862, when Frederick
   Westhoff founded Westhoff Mercantile. It was the
 oldest continuously run business in O'Fallon before it
                                                            Lester‟s is the place to be! From the 6ft tall Stan Musial
closed in 1990. O'Fallon's first newspaper was printed
                                                            statue on the patio to the score board and stock ticker
 here, and it was the site of the town's original power
                                                                  inside you will want to sit back and soak in the
   plant. But given the building's new life, the historic
                                                             atmosphere. Lester‟s is also known for their great Deli
plaque on the façade mentions something especially
                                                               style sandwiches, brisket and baby back ribs, all of
 significant. For most of its existence, 108 South Main
                                                                              which are homemade!
Street has been a "social gathering place." And what
      better place to gather than around McGurk's           The meeting starts at 6:30pm and will go until 8:30pm.
magnificent hand craved black walnut bar. The bar's           Your August Spirit Night Sponsors are Fred & Willie
 stained glass is more than 100 years old, and comes                                Weber.
       from an abandoned church in East St. Louis.
The meeting starts at 6:30pm and will go until 8:30pm.                     Contact John Gibson at
  Your July Spirit Night Sponsors are Glen & Janice             (618) 466-7066 or John.Gibson@olinbrass.com
                                                              AS ALWAYS, CLASSICS OR OTHER COLLECTOR CARS ARE
                    Questions?                                                   WELCOME.
              Contact John Gibson at
   (618) 466-7066 or John.Gibson@olinbrass.com
                ARE WELCOME.

                                                                                  14810 Clayton Road
                                                                               Chesterfield, Missouri 63017

                           108 South Main St.
                           O’Fallon, MO 63366
                             (636) 978-9640                                                              9
                           Let’s plan for leadership!
                                    By Tom Roberson
   It has been a great year of activities, programs, and friendship. Our director, Wendell Smith,
 and program chairman, John Gibson along with many members of the Spirit club have done a
                               fantastic job in promoting the hobby.
  As chairman of the Nominating committee I want you to know that we are already looking to
next year. We need to find the leadership that will continue with the great job done by the pre-
sent board and officers. Some members have stepped up and indicated that they are willing to
               serve in leadership positions but we still have other offices to be filled.
If you would be interested in serving in a leadership position please give me or one of the other
 members of the nominating committee a call. The committee is Tom Roberson, Barb Knudson,
 and Joel Haffner. If you have suggestions, or would like to nominate a member that you think
        would do an outstanding job in one of the positions, call me and I will contact them.
 It is the dedication and cooperation of the membership that makes this club work. We will be
working closely with the present officers and board and those willing to step into the leadership
positions to make sure that we have a leadership team that is committed to continued success.

                                 Tom Roberson (636) 227-0487
                                 Barb Knudsen (636) 947-3069
                                  Joel Haffner (314) 996-0009

                                                                            Maybach booth at the
                                                                            1930 Paris Auto Show

    The Greasy Gumshoe: Tech Tips for the Classic
   File 3, Case 4          This Issue’s Gumshoe: Wendell Smith
        When those of you who attended our          lubricants to enter a restricted
recent garage tour/picnic read the title of this    area and free things up. However
article you are probably reminded of the hot        when a bearing, for example, is
humid temperature you experienced. You are          really frozen on a shaft or locked up the best
probably thinking something like “that crazy        practice is to forget the oil. Get the item red
guy will probably now be telling us that you will   hot by heating it with a torch then throw it into
be more productive working in your shop if the      a bucket of cold water. Surprisingly this seems
ambient temperature is 120 degrees”. This           to work every time. I recently had one of the
message is quite the contrary and does not          three mower blade bearings go out on my
pertain to the temperature of the human             John Deere riding mower (nc). I was in a hurry
body. The message is that by subjecting             so consequently, I didn`t try to repair the unit
various shop projects to                                                    myself. I took the bearing
extreme heat and cold                                                       hub to a reputable John
temperatures and                                                            Deere dealer that has a
shocking items thereby                                                      full service shop with
creating sudden                                                             hydraulic presses. They
temperature change                                                          were unable to remove
can often work to your                                                      the frozen bearing from
advantage.                                                                  the shaft and sold me a
        Going back to                                                       complete new bearing
high school physics, we                                                     assembly. After a few
learned that metal and                                                      weeks of thinking about
other objects expand                                                        this situation I got out the
with heat and contract                                                      torch and bucket of water
when they become                                                            and WHOOLA the frozen
cold. These are the                                                         bearing came right off the
principles that serve as                                                    shaft. I now have a spare
the premise of this article.                                                cutter blade hub
If you are like me, this                                                    assembly for my mower.
isn`t something you have occasion to put into       The photos accompanying this article show me
practice every day or even every year. I            freeing up roller bearings and steel bushings on
sometimes have a tendency to concentrate            an old barn hay trolley system. I am building a
my focus on using lubricants, such as WD-40,        cabin and one of my interior designs is to have
and forget there is another, often better,          a functional trolley system run the full length of
alternative when attempting to fit or remove        the gable in the great room. I messed around
tight bearings on a shaft, freeing up frozen        using lubricating oils for a couple of weeks
bearings or bushings, or even taking off or         when attempting to free all six bearings on the
removing stuck bolts.                               unit.
        Often a little heat from a torch working
                        in combination with         Continued on the next page
                lubricants will expand metal
           12          enough to allow                                      *This procedure is suited for low
                                                                                     carbon steels.
Greasy Gumshoe Continued
I was only able to get one bearing free with      I have directed all of my comments to removal
the oil approach. Using the heat/chill shock      and freeing things up. Do not overlook the
approach all bearings turned freely in short      reverse opportunity in using temperature
order.                                            differentials to your advantage when
        Another application, for which I have     assembling parts. I remember during one of
found this approach                                                       my first conversations
useful, is with nut removal                                               with Fred Guyton about
from a bolt. A similar                                                    30 years ago. Fred was
approach, without                                                         explaining the process
water, works for                                                          he had used to install a
removing broken stud                                                      new wheel bearing on
bolts on an item such as                                                  an axle shaft. In this
an engine head. In this                                                   instance, he placed the
case, you place a nut                                                     axle in his deep freeze
directly over the stud bolt                                               and let it chill while he
that is probably broken                                                   warmed the new
off flush with the head.                                                  bearing assembly in the
You then arc weld the                                                     kitchen oven. Working
nut to the stud bolt,                                                     fast after removing both
completely filling the                                                    items the bearing
inside of the nut with                                                    slipped right on the shaft;
weld. Let the area cool                                                   once the temperatures
naturally and the stud bolt will turn right out   equalized a tight fit was achieved to keep the
with a wrench.                                    bearing from spinning on the shaft.

                                      Sparky’s Salvage
2005 Ford F250 Crew Cab Truck
4x2 6.0V-8 Diesel, fully equipped. Beige exterior, medium pebble leather interior, towing pack-
age, camper package, CTC Century Top (over rear Bed area) painted to match the truck, low
Great tow vehicle, like new, only 13, 000 miles.
Approx. 2 years remaining on 7 year 70,000 mile extended warranty that can be transferred to
new owner. $27,000 contact Beth Marshall at (314) 432-8379
1941 Cadillac Club Coupe-A meticulously maintained/good running/reliable/no rust car with a
excellent interior which is known for its originality Mechanically sound, but the exterior paint
needs help. Contact Nelson Itterly at (314) 821-7485 for more information.

                                      Save The Date!
                           Sunday September 20, 2010
                    32nd Annual HCCM Swap Meet & Car Show
                          Visit www.hccmo.com for downloadable
                                   registration forms & flier                            13

                      REINHARD BANDOWSKI

     (573) 364-9293                  12915 CO. RD. 7130

                                      ROLLA, MO. 65401

                                          You can now place an ad in the Spark Plug!
                             Buy the full year (6 issues of the Spark Plug) and get 1 issue for free!
               Full Page Ad 7x10”
                                                                        Send payment and graphics to Shannon Olson at:
    $30.00 per issue or $150.00 for a full year                                        3145 Stafford Lane
               Half Page Ad 7x5”                                                      Florissant, MO 63033
    $ 20.00 per issue or 100.00 for a full year                                    olsonrsa98@sbcglobal.net
                                                                    For more information contact Shannon at: (314) 831-3728.
            Business Card Ad 3.5x2”
     $10.00 per issue or $50.00 for a full year                    Payment in full must be received before ads are published.
  We ask that advertisers submit ads reflecting automotive         Ads must be received prior to each deadline. If purchasing
 services or businesses consistent with our members interests.    the full year package the same graphics and or wording will
  Digital Graphics are not required but will result in a higher    be used each time unless otherwise notified before the next
quality advertisement. If submitting a hard copy of graphics         deadline. Deadlines are the 20th of every other month.
please make sure there are no fold lines, tears in the paper or     Spirit of St. Louis Region CCCA reserves the right to refuse
               information that is not accurate.                    advertisement space. The Spirit of St. Louis Region CCCA
                                                                    does not assume liability, either implied or expressed, as to
Checks should be made payable to Spirit of St. Louis Region       accuracy of any ad. The Spirit of St. Louis Region CCCA does
                       CCCA.                                        not insure or endorse any product or services advertised .


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                                                                  as the host. That is why we offer a variety of products
                                                                     on our menu. While Chicago Style Hotdogs are our
                                                                   specialty, you won’t want to miss our other Delectably
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                                                                                      Delectable Dogs!

                                                                    A Proud Vendor of the Spirit of St. Louis North
                                                                                County Garage Tour

   2009 RIVERS, ROADS & RHYTHMS CARAVAN!                                                                       15
               Visit us on the Web at www.spiritccca.com

The Spirit of St. Louis Region CCCA was founded in 1985 and chartered in the state of Missouri.
    The purpose of the Classic Car Club®, and its Regions is “to further the development,
 publication and interchange of technical, historical and other information for and among
members and other persons who own or are interested in fine or unusual foreign or domestic
  motorcars built between and including the years 1925 and 1948, but including cars built
  before 1925 that are virtually identical to 1925. Full Classics® are distinguished for their
 representative fine design, high engineering standards and superior workmanship; and to
 promote social intercourse and fellowship among its members, and to maintain references
  upon and encourage the maintenance, restoration, and preservation of all such Classic®

Membership dues are $20.00 annually ($5.00 for Associate Members). Any questions relating to membership, dues,
                                        or an address change contact:
                                               Barb Knudsen
                                            2940 Greenleaf Dr.
                                           St. Charles, MO 63303
                                 (636) 947-3069 sweetpeppeolds@aol.com

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