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					                                                                                             Congressional Record
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                                                                                                                                                                     112 th CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION
                                                  United States
                                                   of America                                 PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE

                                               Vol. 157                                                   WASHINGTON, TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2011                                                                   No. 6

                                                                       The Senate was not in session today. Its next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, at 10 a.m.

                                                                                          House of Representatives
                                                                                                                              TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2011

                                                 The House met at 2 p.m. and was                                         last day’s proceedings and announces                       Sergeant Hardin was the product of a
                                               called to order by the Speaker pro tem-                                   to the House his approval thereof.                      loving Christian family and a 2004 grad-
                                               pore (Mr. CONAWAY).                                                         Pursuant to clause 1, rule I, the Jour-               uate of Fayetteville Christian School.
                                                                                     f                                   nal stands approved.                                    His dedication to God and country de-
                                                                                                                                           f                                     fined him as both man and soldier.
                                                 DESIGNATION OF THE SPEAKER                                                                                                         While we mourn with his parents,
                                                          PRO TEMPORE                                                         PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                               Tom and Ceil Hardin, we celebrate the
                                                 The Speaker pro tempore laid before                                       The SPEAKER pro tempore. Will the                     life of this American patriot, knowing
                                               the House the following communica-                                        gentleman      from   Arkansas     (Mr.                 he has eternal life through the grace
                                               tion from the Speaker:                                                    WOMACK) come forward and lead the                       and glory of Almighty God.
                                                                       WASHINGTON, DC,                                   House in the Pledge of Allegiance.                                       f
                                                                            January 18, 2011.                              Mr. WOMACK led the Pledge of Alle-
                                                 I hereby appoint the Honorable K. MICHAEL                               giance as follows:                                        END FOR-PROFIT HEALTH CARE
                                               CONAWAY to act as Speaker pro tempore on                                                                                            (Mr. KUCINICH asked and was given
                                                                                                                           I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the
                                               this day.                                                                                                                         permission to address the House for 1
                                                                                                                         United States of America, and to the Repub-
                                                                      JOHN A. BOEHNER,
                                                                                                                         lic for which it stands, one nation under God,          minute and to revise and extend his re-
                                                     Speaker of the House of Representatives.
                                                                                                                         indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.          marks.)
                                                               f                                                                                                                   Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Speaker, every-
                                                               PRAYER                                                                                                            one knows that insurance companies
                                                                                                                          TRIBUTE TO SERGEANT ETHAN C.                           make money not providing health care.
                                                 The Chaplain, the Reverend Daniel P.                                                    HARDIN
                                               Coughlin, offered the following prayer:                                                                                           After all, they are in the insurance
                                                 Gracious Lord, You forgive sinners                                        (Mr. WOMACK asked and was given                       business; they are not charities. But
                                               and accept us as Your very own. As                                        permission to address the House for 1                   with as many as 29 million Americans
                                               they seek to perform works of lasting                                     minute and to revise and extend his re-                 suffering from preexisting conditions,
                                               justice for Your people, Members of                                       marks.)                                                 insurance companies want Congress to
                                               Congress realize they are called to be                                      Mr. WOMACK. Mr. Speaker, I rise                       repeal health care reform. The provi-
                                               leaders in understanding and reconcili-                                   today with a heavy heart to remember                    sions which require covering people
                                               ation.                                                                    the brave service of Sergeant Ethan C.                  with preexisting conditions would
                                                 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., pleaded                                    Hardin, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, who                  eventually cut into insurance company
                                               with this Nation to find ways to build                                    died in service to this great Nation on                 profits. Repeal means Americans will
                                               bridges of mutual respect within the                                      January 7, 2011, in Logar Province, Af-                 continue to pay more for insurance but
                                               diversity of this body of people.                                         ghanistan.                                              get less—that is, if they can afford
                                                 Lord, help this Congress to construct                                     Sergeant Hardin served with B Com-                    health insurance in the first place. The
                                               renewed trust and draw together in es-                                    pany, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry                      very idea of health care reform, solely
                                               tablishing Your beloved community                                         Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, a                     within the context of a for-profit sys-
                                               here while calling upon Your Holy                                         battalion affectionately known as the                   tem, has been more than problematic.
                                               Name both now and forever. Amen.                                          Wild Boars, fitting for this proud Ar-                    Today, 50 million Americans have no
                                                                                     f                                   kansan who hailed from razorback                        health insurance. What are we going to
                                                                                                                         country. Nicknamed ‘‘Easy’’ for his                     do for them? Rather than waste time
                                                          THE JOURNAL                                                    easygoing personality, Sergeant Hardin                  debating how much reform insurance
                                                The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                                             was also a veteran of the conflict in                   companies will permit, if any, it is
                                               Chair has examined the Journal of the                                     Iraq.                                                   time to change the debate. It is time to
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                  b This symbol represents the time of day during the House proceedings, e.g., b 1407 is 2:07 p.m.
                                                    Matter set in this typeface indicates words inserted or appended, rather than spoken, by a Member of the House on the floor.



                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010                     05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00001   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.000   H18JAPT1
                                               H206                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                       January 18, 2011
                                               end the for-profit health care model. It                would Republicans make seniors pay                      will postpone further proceedings
                                               is a time for not-for-profit-health care,               more for their prescription drugs? I                    today on motions to suspend the rules
                                               single payer, universal Medicare for                    just don’t understand. It appears to me                 on which a recorded vote or the yeas
                                               all, with an emphasis on wellness and                   that this may be partisan politics.                     and nays are ordered, or on which the
                                               personal responsibility. More about                                       f                                     vote incurs objection under clause 6 of
                                               that tomorrow.                                                                                                  rule XX.
                                                                                                                ATTACK IN TUCSON
                                                                f                                                                                                Record votes on postponed questions
                                                                                                         (Mr. POE of Texas asked and was                       will be taken after 6:30 p.m. today.
                                                   HISTORIC INAUGURATION IN                            given permission to address the House
                                                          SOUTH CAROLINA                                                                                                        f
                                                                                                       for 1 minute.)
                                                 (Mr. WILSON of South Carolina                           Mr. POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, it is                  AUTHORIZING USE OF CAPITOL
                                               asked and was given permission to ad-                   the shooter, not the gun. Not the bul-                    ROTUNDA FOR 50TH ANNIVER-
                                               dress the House for 1 minute and to re-                 lets; not rejection by the Army; not                      SARY OF KENNEDY INAUGURAL
                                               vise and extend his remarks.)                           the Internet; not radio talk shows; not                   ADDRESS
                                                 Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Mr.                     the political climate; not people assem-                  Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I move to
                                               Speaker, South Carolinians are still                    bling to protest; not the press; and not                suspend the rules and concur in the
                                               celebrating Wednesday’s inauguration                    bold speech that is to blame for the                    concurrent resolution (S. Con. Res. 2)
                                               of Governor Nikki Randhawa Haley of                     crimes by the terror from Tucson. Hold                  authorizing the use of the rotunda of
                                               Lexington as the first female governor                  the assassin accountable. He and he                     the Capitol for an event marking the
                                               in the 341-year history of our State.                   alone should be judged. In this frenzied                50th anniversary of the inaugural ad-
                                               She is the second Indian-American gov-                  furor to make excuses and to find other                 dress of President John F. Kennedy.
                                               ernor in American history, in the tra-                  causes for the crime, Congress itself                     The Clerk read the title of the con-
                                               dition of Louisiana Governor Bobby                      would do well not to do violence                        current resolution.
                                               Jindal, recognizing the growing signifi-                against our Constitution.                                 The text of the concurrent resolution
                                               cance of Indian Americans in American                     Those elites, even those in Congress,                 is as follows:
                                               society.                                                who think that they and they alone are                                   S. CON. RES. 2
                                                 Our family is very grateful for the                   now authorized to regulate speech,
                                                                                                                                                                 Whereas John Fitzgerald Kennedy was
                                               swearing in of my oldest son, Alan Wil-                 press, assembly, and the right to bear                  elected to the United States House of Rep-
                                               son of Lexington, as America’s young-                   arms should understand they cannot                      resentatives and served from January 3, 1947,
                                               est attorney general. His prosecution                   use this assault and murder as an ex-                   to January 3, 1953, until he was elected by
                                               experience will serve the people of                     cuse to steal away the rights of citi-                  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the
                                               South Carolina well.                                    zens, all under the false illusion of                   Senate where he served from January 3, 1953,
                                                 The inauguration was also historic                    making us safe from killers.                            to December 22, 1960;
                                               for being the first all-Republican inau-                  The Constitution should not be im-                      Whereas on November 8, 1960, John Fitz-
                                                                                                       prisoned, for it is the terror of Tucson                gerald Kennedy was elected as the 35th
                                               guration in over 130 years with Lieu-
                                                                                                                                                               President of the United States; and
                                               tenant Governor Ken Ard; Secretary of                   who should be locked in chains.
                                                                                                                                                                 Whereas on January 20, 1961, President
                                               State Mark Hammond; Treasurer Cur-                        And that’s just the way it is.                        Kennedy was sworn in as President of the
                                               tis Loftis; Comptroller General Richard                                   f                                     United States and delivered his inaugural ad-
                                               Eckstrom; Superintendent of Edu-                           DO NOT REPEAL HEALTH CARE                            dress at 12:51pm, a speech that served as a
                                               cation Mick Zais; Adjutant General                                                                              clarion call to service for the Nation: Now,
                                                                                                                        REFORM                                 therefore, be it
                                               Bob Livingston, Jr., America’s only
                                               popularly elected adjutant general; and                   (Mrs. CHRISTENSEN asked and was                         Resolved by the Senate (the House of Rep-
                                                                                                       given permission to address the House                   resentatives concurring),
                                               Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh
                                               Weathers.                                               for 1 minute.)                                          SECTION 1. USE OF THE ROTUNDA OF THE CAP-
                                                                                                         Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. Mr. Speaker,                                   ITOL FOR AN EVENT HONORING
                                                 In conclusion, God bless our troops,                                                                                     PRESIDENT KENNEDY.
                                               and we will never forget September the                  there will be no repeal of the health
                                                                                                                                                                 The rotunda of the United States Capitol is
                                               11th in the global war on terrorism.                    care reform law, so let’s be clear. The                 authorized to be used on January 20, 2011, for
                                                                                                       agenda that the Republican leadership                   a ceremony in honor of the 50th anniversary
                                                                                                       has set for this week’s floor activity                  of the inaugural address of President John F.
                                                  NO REPEAL OF HEALTH CARE                             and the committee work that follows is                  Kennedy. Physical preparations for the con-
                                                               REFORM                                  nothing more than an opportunity to                     duct of the ceremony shall be carried out in
                                                 (Mr. BUTTERFIELD asked and was                        bad talk and fuel the misinformation                    accordance with such conditions as may be
                                                                                                       about the Affordable Care Act which is                  prescribed by the Architect of the Capitol.
                                               given permission to address the House
                                               for 1 minute and to revise and extend                   a good law that will help over 30 mil-                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
                                               his remarks.)                                           lion people be healthier, create mil-                   ant to the rule, the gentleman from
                                                 Mr. BUTTERFIELD. Mr. Speaker,                         lions of jobs, make our country more                    Mississippi (Mr. HARPER) and the gen-
                                               today we begin debate on the Repub-                     productive and stronger, and reduce                     tlewoman from California (Mrs. DAVIS)
                                               licans’ unfortunate effort to repeal                    the deficit.                                            each will control 20 minutes.
                                               health care reform. I pray that this de-                  So I am urging all of my colleagues,                    The Chair recognizes the gentleman
                                               bate today is civil and that it is re-                  but especially those on the other side                  from Mississippi.
                                               spectful.                                               of the aisle, in the name of collegiality                                GENERAL LEAVE
                                                 As you know, Mr. Speaker, and many                    and honesty with the public we serve,                     Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I ask
                                               of our colleagues know, I served as a                   to drop the charade and let us use the                  unanimous consent that all Members
                                               judge in my State for many years. I un-                 time the people of this country have                    have 5 legislative days to revise and ex-
                                               derstand what it means to be objective                  hired us for to work together to create                 tend their remarks.
                                               and to have a fair debate. And I know                   more jobs and make sure the health                        The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there
                                               there are usually two sides to every                    care law is implemented properly, to                    objection to the request of the gen-
                                               issue. But when it comes to repealing                   save the homes of families, and to cre-                 tleman from Mississippi?
                                               the reforms that Democrats have                         ate an educational system that will                       There was no objection.
                                               passed, I just can’t figure it out.                     once again make our children the first                    Mr. HARPER. I yield myself such
                                                 Why would Republicans add $230 bil-                   in the world.                                           time as I may consume.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               lion to the deficit when their mantra                                     f                                       Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support
                                               has been deficit reduction? Why would                                          b 1410                           of Senate Concurrent Resolution 2, au-
                                               Republicans force small businesses to                                                                           thorizing the use of the rotunda of the
                                               pay higher taxes after fighting for                     ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER                             Capitol for an event on January 20,
                                               cuts? Why would Republicans take                                   PRO TEMPORE                                  marking the 50th anniversary of the in-
                                               away a parent’s right to cover their                      The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                       augural address of President John F.
                                               adult children? And why in the world                    ant to clause 8 of rule XX, the Chair                   Kennedy.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00002   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.002   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                        H207
                                                 Mr. Speaker, Presidential inaugural                      I hope all of my colleagues will con-                the use of the House of Representatives
                                               addresses are always historic and are                   tinue to work together to answer                        and Senate, as amended.
                                               often some of the most memorable                        President Kennedy’s call, and I urge all                  The Clerk read the title of the bill.
                                               events during different eras of our                     Members to support this resolution.                       The text of the bill is as follows:
                                               country’s history.                                         Mr. LEWIS of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I would                               H.R. 292
                                                 We can recall Abraham Lincoln’s in-                   like to thank Congressman BRADY and the                   Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-
                                               augural address in 1861, President                      Democratic leadership, and especially our new           resentatives of the United States of America in
                                               Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address                  Speaker and his staff for their help with this          Congress assembled,
                                               in 1933, and, of course, President Ron-                 bill and their support for holding this historic        SECTION   1. ELIMINATION OF MANDATORY
                                               ald Reagan’s inaugural address in 1981,                 event in the rotunda.                                              PRINTING OF BILLS AND RESOLU-
                                                                                                                                                                          TIONS FOR USE OF OFFICES OF
                                               among many others, as addresses that                       Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of S. Con.                       MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.
                                               inspired this Nation at particular mo-                  Res. 2, authorizing the use of the rotunda for            (a) ELIMINATION OF MANDATORY PRINTING.—
                                               ments of importance to our country.                     a ceremony to honor the 50th anniversary of               (1) IN GENERAL.—Chapter 7 of title 44,
                                                 In 1961 President Kennedy’s inau-                     the inauguration of President John Fitzgerald           United States Code, is amended by inserting
                                               gural address rightly challenged us to                  Kennedy.                                                after section 706 the following new section:
                                               ask what we can do for our country and                     President Kennedy came to us during dif-             ‘‘§ 706A. Prohibiting printing of bills and reso-
                                               not what our country can do for us. As                  ficult times. In 1961, America was a very dif-             lutions for use of offices of Members of
                                               people across this land did 50 years ago,               ferent place. In the South, Jim Crow and racial            Congress
                                               so we must continue to do so now.                       segregation were a part of everyday life—a                 ‘‘(a) NO PRINTING PERMITTED.—The Public
                                                 Mr. Speaker, I too believe we should                  part of my life.                                        Printer shall make bills and resolutions
                                               look for inspiration to President Ken-                     Around the world, the possibility of nuclear         available for the use of offices of Members of
                                               nedy’s eloquent address given 50 years                  war and the spread of communism were                    Congress only in an electronic format which
                                               ago. I support this resolution author-                  clouds that hung over every country. Tensions           is accessible through the Internet.
                                                                                                                                                                  ‘‘(b) MEMBER OF CONGRESS DEFINED.—In
                                               izing use of the rotunda and urge all                   were rising. The danger was real. The world,            this section, a ‘Member of Congress’ means a
                                               my colleagues to support it.                            once again, looked to us.                               Senator or a Representative in, or Delegate
                                                 I reserve the balance of my time.                        For me, and for millions of Americans, the           or Resident Commissioner to, the Con-
                                                 Mrs. DAVIS of California. I yield my-                 young man from Massachusetts looked like                gress.’’.
                                               self such time as I may consume.                        the future.                                                (2) CONFORMING AMENDMENT.—Section 706
                                                 Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to support                     As a young activist, I know that I challenged        of such title is amended—
                                               this concurrent resolution to allow for                 him to ensure that the future included civil               (A) by striking ‘‘There shall be printed’’
                                               the use of the rotunda in recognition of                rights. But on inauguration day, just outside           each place it appears and inserting ‘‘Subject
                                               the 50th anniversary of President Ken-                                                                          to section 706A, there shall be printed’’; and
                                                                                                       this very building, he challenged me. He called
                                                                                                                                                                  (B) by striking ‘‘Of concurrent and simple
                                               nedy’s inaugural address.                               me to serve in a new way.                               resolutions’’ and inserting ‘‘Subject to sec-
                                                 You may have read this morning’s                         He reminded me that the principles upon              tion 706A, of concurrent and simple resolu-
                                               Washington Post front page story, de-                   which this country was founded must live with-          tions’’.
                                               claring that 82 percent of Americans                    in each of us; inspire and guide each of us;               (3) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.—The table of
                                               think the tone of our Nation’s political                and be sacred to each of us.                            sections of chapter 7 of such title is amended
                                               discourse is negative. At a time when                      President Kennedy came to us during dif-             by inserting after the item relating to sec-
                                               the majority of Americans holds our                     ficult times. And he was taken from us during           tion 706 the following new item:
                                               political discourse in such low regard,                 difficult times. He never saw the success in            ‘‘706A. Prohibiting printing of bills and reso-
                                               there couldn’t be a more timely or nec-                 civil rights, the fall of the Berlin Wall or men                       lutions for use of offices of
                                               essary opportunity to revisit the inau-                 on the moon. But on his first day—his very                             Members of Congress’’.
                                               gural address that inspired our country                 first day—he gave to us a new hymn. One                    (b) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments
                                               50 years ago.                                           that seemed to express what we had been                 made by this Act shall take effect upon the
                                                                                                                                                               expiration of the 3-month period which be-
                                                 The speech called for unity, for re-                  struggling to put into words. His inaugural ad-         gins on the date of the enactment of this
                                               spect of opposing views and for com-                    dress gave us a hymn of hope, a hymn of op-             Act.
                                               mitment to public service, all at a time                timism, a hymn of service.
                                               of great change and challenge for the                                                                             The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
                                                                                                          Mr. Speaker, I am proud to support this res-
                                               United States. It was a call for every-                                                                         ant to the rule, the gentleman from
                                                                                                       olution, and I think it is appropriate and fitting
                                               one to work together, to do their part                                                                          Mississippi (Mr. HARPER) and the gen-
                                                                                                       that Congress honor this important anniver-
                                               in making America and the world a                                                                               tlewoman from California (Mrs. DAVIS)
                                                                                                       sary in the rotunda of the United States Cap-
                                               better place.                                                                                                   each will control 20 minutes.
                                                 The words that were spoken on Janu-                                                                             The Chair recognizes the gentleman
                                                                                                          Mrs. DAVIS of California. I yield
                                               ary 20, 1961, still ring true to this day.                                                                      from Mississippi.
                                                                                                       back the balance of my time.
                                                 In the words of President Kennedy:                       Mr. HARPER. I yield back the bal-                                     GENERAL LEAVE
                                               ‘‘So let us begin anew, remembering on                  ance of my time.                                          Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I ask
                                               both sides that civility is not a sign of                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                         unanimous consent that all Members
                                               weakness, and sincerity is always sub-                  question is on the motion offered by                    have 5 legislative days to revise and ex-
                                               ject to proof.                                          the gentleman from Mississippi (Mr.                     tend their remarks.
                                                 ‘‘Let us never negotiate out of fear,                 HARPER) that the House suspend the                        The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there
                                               but let us never fear to negotiate.                     rules and concur in the concurrent res-                 objection to the request of the gen-
                                                 ‘‘Let both sides explore what prob-                   olution, S. Con. Res. 2.                                tleman from Mississippi?
                                               lems unite us instead of belaboring                        The question was taken; and (two-                      There was no objection.
                                               those problems which divide us.’’                       thirds being in the affirmative) the                      Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I yield 3
                                                 Mr. Speaker, 50 years ago, the Presi-                 rules were suspended and the concur-                    minutes to the gentleman from New
                                               dent’s inaugural address sought to                      rent resolution was concurred in.                       York (MR. LEE).
                                               challenge our country and its leaders,                     A motion to reconsider was laid on                     Mr. LEE of New York. I thank the
                                               and it set standards that still must                    the table.                                              gentleman for yielding and for his as-
                                               guide our political discourse and our-                                    f                                     sistance in bringing this bill to the
                                               selves, particularly with its closing                                                                           floor.
                                               lines:                                                   STOP THE OVERPRINTING (STOP)                             Mr. Speaker, our national debt just
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 ‘‘Ask of us here the same high stand-                                  ACT                                    recently broke $14 trillion. It is well
                                               ards of strength and sacrifice which we                   Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I move to                    past time for Washington to get serious
                                               ask of you.                                             suspend the rules and pass the bill                     about cutting spending, and that effort
                                                 ‘‘With a good conscience our only                     (H.R. 292) to amend title 44, United                    starts right here in our own House.
                                               sure reward, with history the final                     States Code, to eliminate the manda-                      With this in mind, Speaker BOEHNER
                                               judge of our deeds, let us go forth to                  tory printing of bills and resolutions                  proposed a measure to cut every Mem-
                                               lead the land we love.’’                                by the Government Printing Office for                   ber’s budget by 5 percent. In a 410–13

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00003   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.006   H18JAPT1
                                               H208                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               vote, the measure to save $35 million                   thing as spending cuts just being a                     when they need to. So this bill rightly
                                               easily passed. It’s called leading by ex-               drop in the bucket. Every dollar and                    maintains public access to important
                                               ample.                                                  every cent counts in the real world,                    documents while saving the people’s
                                                 Another simple way to continue this                   and it should here, too.                                money.
                                               process is by passing legislation that I                  The money we spend here in Congress                     Mr. Speaker, I urge an ‘‘aye’’ vote,
                                               brought up in the last Congress and                     is not ours; it is the people’s. House Re-              and I yield back the balance of my
                                               which became part of the YouCut ini-                    publicans have been stressing this for                  time.
                                               tiative, which gives all taxpayers the                  some time, and together we proposed                       Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                               ability to vote on what Federal spend-                  over $155 billion in savings for tax-                   myself such time as I may consume.
                                               ing they want Congress to cut.                          payers throughout the 111th Congress                      Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support
                                                 When a Member of Congress intro-                      with the YouCut initiative alone.                       of H.R. 292, the STOP Act, which ends
                                               duces or originally cosponsors a bill,                  Through this program, Americans                         the automatic overprinting of bills and
                                               we automatically receive multiple                       asked Congress to support spending                      resolutions by the Government Print-
                                               printed copies of the legislation, re-                  cuts on a wide variety of issues, includ-               ing Office for distribution to Members
                                               gardless if we have asked for them.                     ing the End the Stimulus Advertising                    of the House of Representatives and
                                                 When the health care bill was intro-                  Act, which would have eliminated the                    Senate.
                                               duced, the Government Printing Office                   unneeded highway signs notifying the                      I would also like to thank Ranking
                                               printed and delivered over 100,000                      public of stimulus-funded projects.                     Member BRADY and Chairman LUNGREN
                                               pieces of paper to the original cospon-                 With no real purpose, tens of millions                  for their support on this matter.
                                               sors alone. That is just one single piece               of dollars could have been saved. Also                    Mr. Speaker, let me emphasize that
                                               of legislation we’re talking about. At                  considered were proposals requiring                     this bill is not a criticism of the GPO
                                               the start of Congress, the Small Busi-                  Federal employees to pay back taxes,                    nor its hardworking employees. The
                                               ness Paperwork Mandate Elimination                      stopping the cycle of bailouts, and put-                GPO does—and does well—what Con-
                                               Act, which repeals the onerous 1099                     ting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back                    gress directs it to do. We are simply
                                               provision of the health care bill, won                  on budget.                                              looking for ways and opportunities to
                                               the support of 245 original cosponsors,                   The American people have spoken                       reduce the cost of government.
                                               all of whom will automatically receive                  loudly that we must get our fiscal                        Since its establishment in 1860, the
                                               multiple printed copies of the bill.                    house in order. While previous efforts                  GPO has been the printer of record for
                                                 For each bill introduced, there are                   to curb wasteful spending were not suc-                 our CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, committee
                                               between 300 and 475 copies printed. This                cessful, I am hoping that under our                     reports, the well-respected Constitu-
                                               overprinting of bills is wasteful and in-               new leadership we will have far better                  tion Annotated, the Federal Register,
                                               efficient at a time when we need to be                  results.                                                and many other historic and necessary
                                               tightening our budgetary belts and                        I would like to thank the leadership                  documents that this institution and
                                               looking for greater efficiencies. In the                for their support in working to imple-                  our government need to do our collec-
                                               111th Congress, nearly 14,000 bills were                ment laws that will reform flawed as-                   tive work. But, Mr. Speaker, in this
                                               introduced. That is a lot of unneces-                   pects of our government and save tax-                   112th Congress, well into the 21st cen-
                                               sary and costly printing.                               payer dollars, be it a dollar, a million,               tury, in an age of iPads, Kindles,
                                                 That is why I introduced the Stop the                 or a billion. I am encouraged by the                    BlackBerries, and iPhones, it is simply
                                               OverPrinting Act—to save both time                      fact that the new majority is listening                 no longer necessary to require excess
                                               and money. This bill is a near mirror                   to the will of the people to eliminate                  printing and the delivery to our offices
                                               image of the legislation I introduced                   inefficiency and waste. Passing the                     of thousands and thousands of pages of
                                               last year in H.R. 4640, keeping with the                Stop the OverPrinting Act today is an                   bills and resolutions which simply end
                                               initial intent to strictly end the waste-               important step in beginning this proc-                  up in the trash.
                                               ful practice of printing copies of legis-               ess.                                                      Mr. Speaker, H.R. 292 is another ini-
                                               lation for Members.                                       I urge all my colleagues to support                   tial step in this majority’s continued
                                                 However, note that this bill will not                 this commonsense bill.                                  commitment to reducing unnecessary
                                               hinder the daily operation of the                         Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speak-                  government spending, addressing our
                                               House, the archiving process, or affect                 er, I yield myself such time as I may                   deficit and debt, and finding greater ef-
                                               the transparency that this Congress                     consume.                                                ficiencies within our governmental of-
                                               has made a priority. This legislation                     Mr. Speaker, I will support this bill                 fices and agencies. With over 8,000 bills
                                               will lead to significant savings each                   in the form now before the House. It                    and resolutions introduced in the 111th
                                               and every year—money that can be                        certainly bothers me to see multiple                    Congress and multiple copies of each
                                               used, frankly, for better uses.                         copies of bills in our office’s recycling               distributed to Members, eliminating
                                                 With technological advancements, we                   bins every day. Too many bill copies                    this unnecessary printing and wasteful
                                               have become a paperless world. It is a                  waste time, trees, and taxpayer dollars.                spending is a small, but productive,
                                               waste of taxpayer dollars to automati-                    The gentleman is right to examine                     first step, and we will continue to look
                                               cally print and send multiple unsolic-                  this matter and try to effect a reduc-                  at other House operations for ways in
                                               ited copies of something that is readily                tion if appropriate. This amended bill                  which we might further reduce the cost
                                               available online. Should a Member’s of-                 represents a vast improvement from                      of government. Mr. Speaker, this bill is
                                               fice truly need a printed copy, they                    the original version. Concerns were                     a commonsense measure which pru-
                                               will still be available in the document                 raised about the original bill’s possible               dently adjusts our modern-day mecha-
                                               rooms and also in the committees.                       adverse effect on the Clerk’s staff and                 nisms of government to the times in
                                                                                                       others who labor in support positions                   which we live.
                                                                  b 1420                               inside the House and Senate, so I com-                    I might also add that there will be an
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          mend the gentleman for listening to                     environmental benefit as well. With re-
                                               time of the gentleman has expired.                      concerns and making sensible changes.                   duced energy and paper needs, the
                                                 Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I yield                        As we consider this bill, we must re-                 GPO’s demand for paper and our re-
                                               the gentleman an additional 4 minutes.                  member that our democracy doesn’t                       sources will be reduced by this act,
                                                 Mr. LEE of New York. Too many peo-                    work well without transparency in gov-                  helping us continue our commitment
                                               ple in Washington don’t seem to care                    ernment. Nobody wants to disrupt the                    to be better stewards of our environ-
                                               about the dollar amount unless it has a                 legislative process inadvertently or to                 ment, our natural resources, and, of
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               ‘‘B’’ or a ‘‘T’’ after it, and that is the              make it harder for any Americans to                     course, our House operations.
                                               type of mentality that needs to change                  read the bills.                                           As we promised in the Pledge to
                                               here in Washington and was mandated                       Although we can’t forget that while                   America and as we have promised here
                                               in the November elections. We need to                   many Americans still do not have ade-                   on the floor during these initial days of
                                               be looking for cost savings and turning                 quate access to the Internet, all con-                  the 112th Congress and as we have tan-
                                               over every possible rock. With our cur-                 gressional offices certainly have the                   gibly verified by our transparency-en-
                                               rent deficit, there should be no such                   ability to obtain their own bill copies                 hanced Rules Package, our bipartisan

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.008   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                      H209
                                               vote to trim Congress’ budget, and now                  rules and pass the bill, H.R. 292, as                   SEC. 3. BUDGETARY EFFECTS OF THIS ACT.
                                               through this bill, this Republican ma-                  amended.                                                  (a) The budgetary effects of this Act, for
                                               jority is committed to fiscal steward-                    The question was taken.                               the purpose of complying with the Statutory
                                                                                                                                                               Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2010, shall be deter-
                                               ship, to having a hawkish and relent-                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. In the                       mined by reference to the latest statement
                                               less eye towards waste and ineffi-                      opinion of the Chair, two-thirds being                  titled ‘‘Budgetary Effects of PAYGO Legisla-
                                               ciency, and a continued commitment                      in the affirmative, the ayes have it.                   tion’’ for this Act, submitted for printing in
                                               throughout this 112th Congress to re-                     Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, on that I                    the Congressional Record by the Chairman of
                                               duce spending, create private sector                    demand the yeas and nays.                               the Committee on the Budget of the House of
                                               jobs, and challenge ourselves not just                    The yeas and nays were ordered.                       Representatives, as long as such statement
                                               in word and rhetoric but, more impor-                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                       has been submitted prior to the vote on pas-
                                               tantly, in action and meaningful legis-                 ant to clause 8 of rule XX and the                      sage of this Act.
                                               lation.                                                 Chair’s prior announcement, further                       The SPEAKER pro tempore. The res-
                                                  Mr. Speaker, this bill, introduced by                proceedings on this motion will be                      olution shall be debatable for 7 hours,
                                               my good colleague from New York,                        postponed.                                              with 30 minutes equally divided and
                                               should garner overwhelming bipartisan                                     f
                                                                                                                                                               controlled by the majority leader and
                                               support. I thank him for introducing it                                                                         minority leader or their designees, 90
                                               and for his commitment to a more re-                                     RECESS                                 minutes equally divided and controlled
                                               sponsible and efficient stewardship of                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                       by the chair and ranking minority
                                               taxpayer dollars. I urge all of my col-                 ant to clause 12(a) of rule I, the Chair                member of the Committee on Edu-
                                               leagues to support this matter.                         declares the House in recess subject to                 cation and the Workforce, 90 minutes
                                                  Mr. FITZPATRICK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today           the call of the Chair.                                  equally divided and controlled by the
                                               in support of the STOP Act.                               Accordingly (at 2 o’clock and 30 min-                 chair and ranking minority member of
                                                  First we reduced congressional budgets and           utes p.m.), the House stood in recess                   the Committee on Energy and Com-
                                               now I stand in support of another bill that             subject to the call of the Chair.                       merce, 90 minutes equally divided and
                                               seeks to do what my constituents have asked                               f                                     controlled by the chair and ranking
                                               me to do: Find ways reducing the federal def-                                                                   minority member of the Committee on
                                               icit and saving taxpayer money. The STOP                                       b 1500                           Ways and Means, 40 minutes equally di-
                                               Act accomplishes this by helping the govern-                       AFTER RECESS                                 vided and controlled by the chair and
                                               ment operate more efficiently, stop wasteful                                                                    ranking minority member of the Com-
                                                                                                         The recess having expired, the House                  mittee on the Budget, 40 minutes
                                               spending and all the while helping the environ-
                                                                                                       was called to order by the Speaker pro                  equally divided and controlled by the
                                                  I have often heard the lament from small             tempore (Mr. CONAWAY) at 3 p.m.                         chair and ranking minority member of
                                               business owners across my district we would                               f                                     the Committee on the Judiciary, and 40
                                               all be better off if government were run more              REPEALING THE JOB-KILLING                            minutes equally divided and controlled
                                               like a business. Today, for businesses in                      HEALTH CARE LAW ACT                              by the chair and ranking minority
                                               Quakertown, Bensalem, and in between, many                                                                      member of the Committee on Small
                                                                                                         Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                               transactions are now entirely paperless. With                                                                   Business.
                                                                                                       pursuant to House Resolution 26, I call                   The gentleman from Virginia (Mr.
                                               this bill, Congress is taking a step in that di-
                                                                                                       up the bill (H.R. 2) to repeal the job-                 CANTOR) and the gentlewoman from
                                                  Going hand-in-hand with efficiency, the              killing health care law and health                      California (Ms. PELOSI) each will con-
                                               STOP Act will also help end wasteful spending           care-related provisions in the Health                   trol 15 minutes. The gentleman from
                                               in government. Mr. Speaker, without the                 Care and Education Reconciliation Act                   Minnesota (Mr. KLINE), the gentleman
                                               STOP Act, Congress will spend seven million             of 2010, and ask for its immediate con-                 from California (Mr. GEORGE MILLER),
                                               dollars this year alone on printing costs. In the       sideration.                                             the gentleman from Michigan (Mr.
                                               last Congress, there were nearly 14,000 dif-              The Clerk read the title of the bill.                 UPTON), the gentleman from California
                                               ferent bills introduced. Some of those bills, like        The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                       (Mr. WAXMAN), the gentleman from
                                               last year’s healthcare law, ran thousands of            ant to House Resolution 26, the amend-                  Michigan (Mr. CAMP), and the gen-
                                               pages in length. In an era when constituents            ment printed in part A of House Report                  tleman from Michigan (Mr. LEVIN) each
                                               in Bucks County and across Pennsylvania’s               112–2 is adopted, and the bill, as amend-               will control 45 minutes. The gentleman
                                               eighth congressional district are being forced          ed, is considered read.                                 from Wisconsin (Mr. RYAN), the gen-
                                               to find every savings in their household budg-            The text of the bill, as amended, is as               tleman from Maryland (Mr. VAN
                                               et, so should Congress. The STOP Act will               follows:                                                HOLLEN), the gentleman from Texas
                                               trim 35 million dollars from the operational                                 H.R. 2                             (Mr. SMITH), the gentleman from
                                               budget of Congress over the next 10 years.                Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-         Michigan (Mr. CONYERS), the gen-
                                                  The STOP Act will also end needless waste            resentatives of the United States of America in         tleman from Missouri (Mr. GRAVES),
                                               that harms our environment. All across Amer-            Congress assembled,                                     and the gentlewoman from New York
                                                                                                       SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.                                           ´
                                               ica citizens are pitching in to do their part for                                                               (Ms. Velazquez) each will control 20
                                               the environment. Shoppers in Langhorne carry              This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Repealing              minutes.
                                                                                                       the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act’’.
                                               their own reusable bags to Geunardi’s grocery                                                                     The Chair recognizes the gentleman
                                                                                                       SEC. 2. REPEAL OF THE JOB-KILLING HEALTH
                                               store, families in Bristol install compact fluo-                   CARE LAW AND HEALTH CARE-RE-
                                                                                                                                                               from Wisconsin (Mr. RYAN).
                                               rescent light bulbs in their homes, and count-                     LATED PROVISIONS IN THE HEALTH                                GENERAL LEAVE
                                               less civic groups and businesses across our                        CARE AND EDUCATION RECONCILI-                  Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                                                                                                  ATION ACT OF 2010.
                                               nation and across the eighth district of Penn-                                                                  I ask unanimous consent that all Mem-
                                               sylvania adopt highways to keep our roads                 (a) JOB-KILLING HEALTH CARE LAW.—Effec-
                                                                                                                                                               bers may have 5 legislative days in
                                                                                                       tive as of the enactment of Public Law 111–
                                               clean and our environment healthy. If citizens          148, such Act is repealed, and the provisions           which to revise and extend their re-
                                               are asked and expected to do their part, Con-           of law amended or repealed by such Act are              marks and include extraneous material
                                               gress must do the same.                                 restored or revived as if such Act had not              on H.R. 2.
                                                  The STOP Act is an important demonstra-              been enacted.                                             The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there
                                               tion to Americans that this Congress is serious           (b) HEALTH CARE-RELATED PROVISIONS IN                 objection to the request of the gen-
                                               about ending government waste, ending gov-              THE HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION RECONCILI-                tleman from Wisconsin?
                                               ernment inefficiencies and ending needless              ATION ACT OF 2010.—Effective as of the enact-             There was no objection.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               overuse of environmental resources.                     ment of the Health Care and Education Rec-                Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                                  Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, I yield                     onciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111–152),           I yield myself 2 minutes.
                                                                                                       title I and subtitle B of title II of such Act
                                               back the balance of my time.                                                                                      Mr. Speaker, I am going to begin by
                                                                                                       are repealed, and the provisions of law
                                                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                         amended or repealed by such title or sub-               saying why we’re doing this, and I want
                                               question is on the motion offered by                    title, respectively, are restored or revived as         to get into the accounting of all this at
                                               the gentleman from Mississippi (Mr.                     if such title and subtitle had not been en-             a later time in this debate. But let me
                                               HARPER) that the House suspend the                      acted.                                                  just simply say why we are here.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.009   H18JAPT1
                                               H210                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                                 We are here because we heard the                        Many of us believe we should focus                    the tax credit has exceeded everyone’s
                                               American people in the last election.                   our efforts here today on measures to                   expectation. You will hear from those
                                               We are here because we believe it’s                     help put people back to work, rather                    small businesses saying they can now
                                               really important to do in office what                   than on a bill that takes away impor-                   afford to purchase affordable coverage
                                               you said you would do. We said we                       tant patient and consumer protections.                  for their employees and, as a result,
                                               would have a straight up-or-down vote                   And we don’t think it makes a whole                     hire more people. You would hear all
                                               to repeal this health care law, and                     lot of sense to debate a bill that,                     that and more.
                                               that’s precisely what we are doing here                 thankfully, will go nowhere in the Sen-                   That is why it is such a mistake, it’s
                                               today.                                                  ate and would certainly be vetoed by                    an historic mistake, to take away
                                                 Now, Mr. Speaker, why do we believe                   the President. However, the Republican                  these patient protections and throw
                                               this? Because this health care law, if                  majority is entitled to use its time                    these individuals back over to the
                                               left in place, will accelerate our coun-                here as it chooses. And while we be-                    whims and the many abuses of the in-
                                               try’s path toward bankruptcy. This                      lieve we should be doing that focused                   surance industry. There’s no doubt
                                               health care law, if left in place, will do              on jobs, perhaps this debate will clear                 that the insurance industry will be
                                               as the President’s own chief actuary                    up many of the myths and misinforma-                    popping champagne bottles if the
                                               says it will do: It will increase health                tion about the health care law that was                 health care law was ever to be re-
                                               care costs. We are already seeing pre-                  signed by President Obama.                              pealed. Let’s put the interests of our
                                               miums go up across the board. We are                      I’m interested to hear my colleagues                  constituents, patients and consumers
                                               already hearing from thousands of em-                   say that they can identify with all the                 first in this debate.
                                               ployers across the country who are                      problems in the health care system.                       The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                               talking about dropping their employer-                  Between the year 2000 and year 2006,                    time of the gentleman has expired.
                                               sponsored health insurance, and we are                  premiums in this country doubled,                         Mr. VAN HOLLEN. I yield myself an
                                               already hearing about the lack of                       health insurance company profits                        additional 30 seconds.
                                               choices that consumers will get as this                 quadrupled, and this Congress did noth-                   And let’s make sure that as we do
                                               new law is put into place. This new law                 ing. Why not put your plan on the table                 this, we tackle the deficit and the debt.
                                               is a fiscal house of cards, and it is a                 first so everybody can see it before you                I listened to my colleague talk about
                                               health care house of cards. It does not                 begin taking away the important pa-                     the debt, but we all know that the
                                               make our health care system better. I                   tient protections in this bill taking ef-               independent,     nonpartisan    Congres-
                                               would argue it makes it weaker.                         fect just since last March? And within                  sional Budget Office in a letter to
                                                 There are two ways to attack this                     that 9-month period, that law has made                  Speaker BOEHNER dated January 6,
                                               problem, and I want to say in the out-                  an important and positive difference to                 2011, indicated that repealing this bill
                                               set to my friends on the other side of                  millions of Americans.                                  will increase the deficit by over $200
                                               the aisle we agree that health care                       In fact, we wish our Republican col-                  billion over the first 10 years and by
                                               needs fixing. We agree that there are so                leagues would take a few days, maybe                    another $1.2 trillion over the second 10
                                               many serious, legitimate problems in                    even just a few hours, to have congres-                 years.
                                               the health care system that need fix-                   sional hearings to listen to those indi-
                                               ing. Affordable insurance, the unin-                                                                                              b 1510
                                                                                                       viduals and families. The new Repub-
                                               sured, people with high health care                     lican majority said it wanted to listen                   Our colleagues have criticized those
                                               costs and high health care risks, those                 to the American people, but it has not                  findings, but they’re the same people
                                               need to be addressed. But we can fix                    invited a single American outside this                  who they applauded when the numbers
                                               what’s not working in health care                       Congress to a hearing to testify on the                 came back their way.
                                               without breaking what’s working in                      repeal bill we are debating today.                        Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of
                                               health care.                                              As a result, we on the other side of                  my time.
                                                 With that, Mr. Speaker, I would sim-                                                                            Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                                                                                       the aisle have had to schedule an unof-
                                               ply say this: We believe we can get to                                                                          I yield 2 minutes to a new member of
                                                                                                       ficial hearing. It’s going on right now,
                                               the moment of having affordable                                                                                 the committee but a senior Member of
                                                                                                       not 100 yards from where we debate, in
                                               health care for every American, regard-                                                                         Congress, the gentleman from Cali-
                                                                                                       the Capitol Visitor Center. And I en-
                                               less of preexisting conditions, without                                                                         fornia (Mr. CALVERT).
                                                                                                       courage all of you to drop by, because
                                               having the government take it over,                                                                               Mr. CALVERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise
                                                                                                       if you do, you’re going to hear some
                                               without $1 trillion of a combination of                                                                         today in support of H.R. 2, a bill that
                                                                                                       stories. You’re going to hear the sto-
                                               Medicare benefit cuts and tax in-                                                                               would repeal the disastrous govern-
                                                                                                       ries from moms and dads of young peo-
                                               creases. We believe in this: Let’s have                                                                         ment takeover of health care.
                                                                                                       ple who will tell you how they are re-
                                               health care reform put the patient in                                                                             The more we learn about the new
                                               charge, not the government in charge.                   lieved that their sons and daughters
                                                                                                       are no longer kicked off their insur-                   health care law, the more we under-
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                                                                                       ance policies when they turn age 22 or                  stand how devastating it will be to our
                                               time of the gentleman has expired.
                                                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. I yield my-                    graduate from college and cannot now                    economy. Already employers across the
                                               self an additional 20 seconds to simply                 stay on their parents’ insurance plan                   country have suffered increases in
                                               say we believe that health care ought                   until the age of 26. As a result, if their              their health premiums as a result of
                                               to be individually based, and it ought                  20-year-old child gets sick or hit by an                the health care law, yet we were told
                                               to be patient centered.                                 automobile or another terrible acci-                    that the law would bend the health
                                                 There are two ways to go: Put the                     dent, they can get care without the                     cost curve downward.
                                               government in charge and have the                       family going bankrupt.                                    We were told that the bill would re-
                                               government put in place rationing                         You will hear from moms and dads                      duce the deficit by $143 billion over 10
                                               mechanisms to tighten the screws and                    with kids who have cancer, asthma, di-                  years. However, we now know that the
                                               ration health care; or put the consumer                 abetes or other preexisting conditions                  figures given to the CBO did not accu-
                                               in charge and have providers compete                    telling you they’re relieved that finally               rately reflect the law’s real costs.
                                               for our business as patients, hospitals,                insurance companies can’t deny their                    When you add back the $115 billion
                                               doctors, and insurers. That’s the sys-                  children coverage because of pre-                       needed to implement the law and sub-
                                               tem we want.                                            existing conditions. And you will hear                  tract the bill’s double-counting of rev-
                                                 Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of                 from senior citizens who are unable to                  enue and other budgetary gimmicks,
                                               my time.                                                pay for the huge prescription costs of                  the true cost is a staggering $700 bil-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        their bills, and then as of January 1 of                lion over 10 years.
                                               yield myself 4 minutes.                                 this year, they are getting a 50 percent                  We were told the bill would protect
                                                 Mr. Speaker, I hope the tenor and                     discount and they can afford to pay for                 the uninsured; yet all it does is roll
                                               substance of the debate we have in this                 the medicines their doctors say they                    them onto Medicaid—a low-performing
                                               House over the next few days will be                    need.                                                   program that has resulted in more peo-
                                               worthy of the American people and re-                     You will hear from small businesses.                  ple turning to the ER for their medical
                                               flect well on this Congress.                            The number of small businesses using                    needs.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.012   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                     H211
                                                 We were told this bill would help sen-                20 years. Repeal reverses progress in                   double-counted; and oh, let’s not forget
                                               iors; instead, it guts Medicare Advan-                  getting health care costs under con-                    the fact that we’re going to do the doc-
                                               tage leaving 50 percent of beneficiaries                trol, causing families and businesses                   tor fix, $208 billion, that we just dis-
                                               on the verge of losing their current                    and, yes, the government—which really                   counted and ignored.
                                               coverage. What happened to the prom-                    means the taxpayers—to face higher                        When you take away the smoke and
                                               ise that if you like your health care                   health care costs. It repeals benefits                  the mirrors, this thing has a $701 bil-
                                               plan, you can keep your health care                     for millions of Americans, important                    lion deficit. If you don’t believe me
                                               plan?                                                   consumer protections and insurance re-                  when I say it that way, how about this
                                                 In addition to all the false promises,                form, such as making sure that the                      way: The CBO says this raises the debt.
                                               the health care bill will impose $52 bil-               children with preexisting conditions                      Now, how is that different where they
                                               lion in new taxes on businesses. Our                    have coverage.                                          say on one hand the bill lowers the def-
                                               economy relies on the ability of busi-                    And the repeal means starting over.                   icit but on the other hand it raises the
                                               nesses to grow, hire, invest and suc-                   We’re going to hear it over and over                    debt? Because when the CBO looks at
                                               ceed. The new taxes will devastate our                  again, I think, over the next 7 hours.                  whether or not a measure raises the
                                               economy and turn the American Dream                     What starting over means is no con-                     debt, they can look at everything.
                                               into a nightmare.                                       sumer protections and months and                        They look at the interplay of all fiscal
                                                 The bottom line is that we cannot af-                 maybe years of just talk, possibly no                   policies to determine its effects on the
                                               ford this new health care law, no mat-                  action, while the costs go up for Amer-                 debt. When they score a particular bill
                                               ter how well intentioned. We must re-                   ican businesses, go up for our families                 and its effects on the deficit, they look
                                               peal ObamaCare and replace it with                      and go up for our Nation.                               at what you put in front of them, all
                                               legislation that decreases health care                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          the smoke, all the mirrors, the double-
                                               costs, increases competition in the                     time of the gentlewoman has expired.                    counting, the noncounting, the dis-
                                               marketplace, maintains the sanctity of                    Mr. VAN HOLLEN. I yield the gentle-                   counting, and they give you that an-
                                               the doctor-patient relationship and                     lady an additional 30 seconds.                          swer.
                                               truly helps those without insurance.                      Ms. SCHWARTZ. Let’s be clear that                       So if this bill actually lowers the def-
                                                 I urge my colleagues to vote in favor                 the new rules allow the Republicans to                  icit, how on Earth can it then increase
                                               of H.R. 2.                                              do this, but it’s going to cost trillions               the debt? You know why? Because you
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        of dollars to our budget and it’s going                 have to play a phony trick with all this
                                               yield 21⁄2 minutes to the gentlelady                    to cause greater suffering for the                      double-counting to do that. What does
                                               from Pennsylvania (Ms. SCHWARTZ).                       American people. So it’s a wrong                        this bill ultimately do when you really
                                                 Ms. SCHWARTZ. I rise to speak very                    course of action. Let’s not repeal this                 look at it all? This bill blows a hole
                                               forcefully, I hope, about the impor-                    bill. It will hurt Americans, it will hurt              through the deficit. When you look at
                                               tance of proceeding with the health                     our economic competitiveness, and it                    the first 10 years, this bill is a $1.4 tril-
                                               care bill, the health care law that we                  will hurt the fiscal condition of this                  lion increase. That’s because you have
                                               had in place and the critical protec-                   nation.                                                 10 years of tax increases and Medicare
                                               tions that it is providing to literally                   I encourage a ‘‘no’’ vote.                            cuts to pay for 6 years of spending. But
                                               millions of Americans in each and                         Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   when you actually look at the full 10
                                               every one of our districts; and each of                 I yield myself 3 minutes to address                     years of implementation of this law,
                                               us, I think, have heard from them.                      some of the charges we’ve heard.                        $2.6 trillion in spending. $2.6 trillion.
                                                 The new health care law reduces the                     Number one, they’re saying this is a                    Mr. Speaker, let me just say this as
                                               deficit. We’re here talking about, from                 jobs bill. Half a trillion dollars in tax               far as jobs and the effects of this health
                                               the Budget Committee, it is going to                    increases creates jobs? That mandates                   care bill. I had a very alarming con-
                                               reduce the deficit while promoting                      the taxes, that creates jobs?                           versation with a very large employer in
                                               more efficient and higher quality care.                   Others have been saying, well, this                   Wisconsin not too long ago, a privately
                                               Reducing the deficit and slowing the                    isn’t going to pass the Senate and the                  held company with thousands of em-
                                               growth of health care costs means real                  President’s not going to sign it, so why                ployees. She takes good care of her em-
                                               savings to American families, Amer-                     bother doing that. If that’s the logic we               ployees.
                                               ican businesses and to the Federal Gov-                 take on every bill we bring to the floor,                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                               ernment. And yet their first major act                  then we ought to just go home. We                       time of the gentleman has expired.
                                               in the majority, congressional Repub-                   think it’s important to define ourselves                  Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. I yield my-
                                               licans want to repeal this law.                         with our actions, and that’s why we’re                  self an additional 20 seconds to say
                                                 Repealing the protections for Ameri-                  acting. We think this law should be to-                 this.
                                               cans with preexisting conditions. We                    tally repealed, and that’s why we’re                      She said to me, I believe it’s my obli-
                                               just heard this morning the Wash-                       doing this.                                             gation to offer health insurance to my
                                               ington Post reported on a study that                      Let me speak to the fiscal house of                   employees, but my two competitors,
                                               says that one-half of all Americans                     cards as represented by this law. The                   my publicly traded competitors, have
                                               under the age of 65 have a preexisting                  minority is saying, This reduces the                    already said they’re dumping their em-
                                               condition. So this isn’t just about a few               deficit. Just look at the letter from                   ployees. Instead of paying $17,000 a
                                               of us. Really it’s about almost all of us.              CBO to Speaker BOEHNER. It reduces                      year for employee health care, they’re
                                               We all know someone and we may all                      the deficit by $143 billion over 8 years;               going to pay a $2,000 fine. That’s a
                                               love someone who has a preexisting                      $230 billion over 10 years.                             $15,000 difference that her competitor
                                               condition. If Republicans got their                       It does that if you manipulate the                    will have as a competitive advantage
                                               way—and they will probably in the                       CBO. I’ve heard charges of Enron ac-                    against you.
                                               House but fortunately not in the Sen-                   counting. The only Enron accounting                       So what did she say? ‘‘I have no
                                               ate—they would repeal the protections                   that’s been employed here is the pre-                   choice. I’m dumping my employees
                                               for Americans with preexisting condi-                   vious majority gave the CBO a bill full                 into this exchange.’’ And thousands of
                                               tions, or for children who can now al-                  of smoke and mirrors and made them                      employers are making the same deci-
                                               ready be covered. They will repeal the                  score that.                                             sion. This should be repealed.
                                               new law that says annual limits for                       Well, here’s what the CBO says, if                      With that, Mr. Speaker, I reserve the
                                               coverage if you have cancer will be re-                 you take away the smoke and mirrors.                    balance of my time.
                                               pealed. They will repeal the prescrip-                  If you take away the fact that there’s
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               tion drug benefits for our seniors, and                 $70 billion in CLASS Act premiums                                       b 1520
                                               will repeal tax credits for small busi-                 that are being double-counted; $53 bil-                   Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               nesses. And in doing so, they will add                  lion in Social Security taxes that are                  yield myself 3 minutes.
                                               to the cost for American taxpayers.                     being double-counted; $115 billion in                     Mr. Speaker, it is interesting to hear
                                                 Let’s be clear on what this means.                    new appropriations required to hire the                 this attack on the CBO numbers that
                                               Repeal increases the deficit by $252 bil-               bureaucracy that wasn’t counted; $398                   came out when many of my colleagues
                                               lion over 10 years and $1.4 trillion over               billion in Medicare cuts that are being                 on the other side of the aisle just 9

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.014   H18JAPT1
                                               H212                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               months ago, when the CBO was report-                    With this concern in mind, they wrote                     Voting for this repeal will take away
                                               ing deficit numbers and the cost of the                 a Constitution that created a Federal                   that hope, throwing Suzanne’s daugh-
                                               bill, were singing CBO’s high praises.                  Government with limited powers.                         ter off of insurance. I urge my col-
                                               Now let’s look at some of the items                     Later they proposed the 10th Amend-                     leagues to remember Suzanne’s daugh-
                                               that were just mentioned. Let’s look at                 ment, which reserves to the States or                   ter and the other 129 million Ameri-
                                               the doctor fix payment. Let us look at                  the people powers not delegated to the                  cans like her and vote against this re-
                                               the SGR. We know that has been an                       Federal Government.                                     peal. Do not take away their hope.
                                               issue that has been with this House for                   The debate we are having today goes                     Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                               years and years. It has nothing to do                   beyond health care, although there is                   I yield 1 minute to the gentleman from
                                               with the health insurance reform bill                   no doubt health care coverage is an im-                 South Carolina (Mr. MULVANEY), a new
                                               that was signed by the President. We                    portant and difficult issue. What we                    member of the Budget Committee.
                                               are going to have to deal with that                     are discussing today goes to the core of                  Mr. MULVANEY. I rise in favor of
                                               issue whether we had health insurance                   our Constitution’s design. It asks Mem-                 this bill.
                                               reform or didn’t have health insurance                  bers of Congress whether we take con-                     I can’t tell you how excited I am to
                                               reform. And, Mr. Speaker, they know                     stitutional limits on our power seri-                   hear the language coming from the
                                               that.                                                   ously.                                                  other side of the Chamber this evening.
                                                 We also heard that we front-loaded                      We have all witnessed everyday                        I am hearing discussions about the im-
                                               the revenue in this bill and disguised                  Americans’ renewed interest in the                      portance of cutting deficits and the im-
                                               the out-year costs. If that were the                    Constitution. As they have asked                        portance of keeping spending in line. It
                                               case, how is it possible that CBO would                 tough questions about the constitu-                     makes me wonder, Mr. Speaker, what
                                               say that it actually reduces the deficit                tionality of this law, the law’s pro-                   has been happening here for the last
                                               by more in the second 10 years than in                  ponents have tried to dress up their an-                several years. At least when it comes
                                               the first 10 years?                                     swers in constitutional language.                       to this side of the aisle, I think we
                                                 The fact of the matter is this bill will                They say Congress’s power to tax up-                  have been consistent with that mes-
                                               increase Social Security revenue as                     holds this law. But when this law origi-                sage over the course of this debate. I
                                               employers provide more of their com-                    nally was being considered, those same                  don’t know where the other side was
                                               pensation in the form of wages that are                 proponents were the first to claim the                  when we got the information that said
                                               subject to payroll taxes. Double count-                 bill included no new taxes. They try to                 this bill actually cost trillions of dol-
                                               ing is not the issue. The fact is it re-                find support in Congress’s power to reg-                lars. I don’t know where this attitude
                                               duces the deficit, and CBO says that.                   ulate interstate commerce. If forcing                   about being fiscally responsible was
                                                 Now, CBO is the independent referee                   Americans to start commerce is the                      when we got information from the
                                               that we use in this body. They are like                 same as regulating existing commerce,                   chief actuary at Medicare and Medicaid
                                               the guy on the football field, the ref-                 it would have been news to the Found-                   who said this bill was unsustainable in
                                               eree, who calls the plays, calls when                   ers.                                                    its spending. I don’t know where they
                                               there are penalties and no penalties.                     Finally, grasping at clauses, they                    were with this attitude when we heard
                                               Sometimes we like the call and some-                    claim Congress can do anything that is                  from that same body that this bill ac-
                                               times we don’t. But it is an unprece-                   in the general welfare of the country. If               tually raised the cost of health care
                                               dented step to say that we are going to                 this law is constitutional, if Congress                 versus not passing the bill.
                                               totally ignore the decisions and judg-                  has such broad power, our limited Fed-                    But, Mr. Speaker, I am extraor-
                                               ment of the independent CBO and we                      eral Government will become limitless,                  dinarily excited to hear this level of
                                               are going to replace that with our judg-                and all without changing our Constitu-                  discussion because, as a member of the
                                               ment for the purposes of deficit reduc-                 tion or the approval of the Americans                   Budget Committee, I look forward to
                                               tion calculations in legislation that                   whom it protects. It is not just for the                this level of debate continuing beyond
                                               goes to reducing our debt. That is a                    courts; it is our duty as a Congress to                 this bill, beyond the health care discus-
                                               recipe for budget anarchy. It is a recipe               pay attention to the Constitution and                   sion and into the upcoming discussion
                                               for fiscal chaos. We should not go down                 its limits on our power.                                on the budget because my guess is if we
                                               that road.                                                I urge we repeal this unconstitu-                     have this level of discussion on health
                                                 The CBO has been very clear that the                  tional law.                                             care, then the budget will be an easy,
                                               fiscally responsible thing to do is to                    Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        easy debate this year, and we will be
                                               move forward with the law in its place.                 yield 1 minute to the gentleman from                    able to make dramatic inroads to cut-
                                               We obviously can fix things as they                     Virginia (Mr. CONNOLLY).                                ting our spending.
                                               come up that need to be addressed, spe-                   Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Mr.                           Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               cific items. But to repeal this whole-                  Speaker, I rise as a member of the                      yield 1 minute to the gentleman from
                                               sale will—the folks that we rely on as                  Budget Committee to oppose this def-                    Texas (Mr. CUELLAR).
                                               the independent, nonpartisan judges                     icit-busting repeal, and I want to speak                  Mr. CUELLAR. Mr. Speaker, in the
                                               here say that repealing this bill as our                today on behalf of Suzanne from Vi-                     long rich history of Congress, when a
                                               colleagues are proposing to do will add                 enna, Virginia.                                         prior Congress passes a piece of legisla-
                                               $1.4 trillion to the deficit over 20 years.               Suzanne’s daughter suffers from a de-                 tion, the prudent step is to look at that
                                                 I reserve the balance of my time.                     bilitating neurological disease. Before                 legislation and agree on making the
                                                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. I yield my-                    health care reform, Suzanne and her                     changes on what doesn’t work. I think
                                               self 10 seconds simply to say that if the               husband could not get health insurance                  to come today and just say to repeal
                                               doc fix should be considered outside,                   for their daughter because, through no                  and not have a health plan in place is
                                               then why did the Democrats have it in                   fault of her own, she, like 129 million                 not a prudent plan to take. We have to
                                               their bill in the beginning?                            other Americans, had a preexisting                      see what works and what doesn’t work,
                                                 Secondly, either we are financing                     condition.                                              and I think that would be the prudent
                                               this entitlement or raiding the Social                    While many of those Americans wait                    step to take today.
                                               Security and Medicare funds—you                         to see if their insurance company will                    We have to focus on the deficit and
                                               can’t do both. If you are going to fund                 deny them, Suzanne, unfortunately, al-                  focus on jobs. Deficit is important. I
                                               the entitlement with these revenues,                    ready knew. She was willing to pay for                  think we can come together and work
                                               then you are consigning to raid Social                  health insurance to protect her daugh-                  in a bipartisan approach. Jobs, we cer-
                                               Security and Medicare.                                  ter; the insurance companies said no                    tainly have to look at. But to just
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman                    and wouldn’t insure her daughter at                     come in and say this is something that
                                               from Michigan (Mr. AMASH), a new                        any price. Suzanne had no option until                  kills jobs is not the right step to take.
                                               member of the committee.                                we created high-risk insurance pools                      If you look at, for example, the FNIB
                                                 Mr. AMASH. Mr. Speaker, the                           under health care reform. Suzanne’s                     Research     Foundation,     when    they
                                               Founders were keenly aware of the                       words to me after health insurance re-                  looked at this piece of legislation, they
                                               threat a powerful and overbearing Fed-                  form passed were, Now at least we have                  said that a number of health care pro-
                                               eral Government poses to our liberty.                   hope for the future.                                    fession jobs would be created by this

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.018   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H213
                                               legislation. This is something that we                  course repeal would deepen our already                  money to insurance monopolies or to
                                               need to look at. Again, the prudent                     exploding deficit, increasing it by $230                leave just a little bit in the pockets of
                                               step is to look at what works and what                  billion in the next 10 years and by more                middle class Americans. But for House
                                               doesn’t work. Mr. Speaker, that is                      than $1 trillion in the following decade.               Republicans, always putting insurance
                                               what we need to look at.                                  Many of my colleagues across the                      companies first seems to be a pre-
                                                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   aisle have rebuffed this analysis from                  existing condition.
                                               I yield 90 seconds to the gentleman                     Congress’ own budgetary referee, the                       This bill isn’t repeal and replace; it is
                                               from Oklahoma (Mr. COLE), a new                         Congressional Budget Office, because it                 repeal and forget—forget the health
                                               member of the Budget Committee.                         doesn’t fit the Republican narrative or                 care needs of millions of Americans,
                                                 Mr. COLE. Mr. Speaker, I rise to sup-                 campaign promise to tackle the deficit.                 forget the hundreds of billions of dol-
                                               port H.R. 2, the repeal of last year’s so-              However, while they may be entitled to                  lars that with this repeal they add to
                                               called health bill. The American peo-                   their own opinions, they are not enti-                  our Federal debt.
                                               ple, quite frankly, have never liked                    tled to their own facts.                                   Within a year, Allison, a 23-year-old
                                               this bill, as they demonstrated last No-                  Health care repeal is the epitome of                  from Bastrop, Texas, who is completing
                                               vember. You can’t find a poll where it                  fiscal irresponsibility, and it counters                her college degree while caring for her
                                               cracked 50 percent in approval. And                     our most basic American values: life,                   mother as her mother faces another
                                               those wanting to repeal it have gen-                    liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.                  round of breast cancer, would lose her
                                               erally always been above that mark.                     We lose life when insurance companies                   health insurance.
                                                 The bill itself may be unconstitu-                    can freely drop those who are sick from                    Emily, from Wimberley, who is bat-
                                               tional. Over 20 States are now chal-                    coverage. We lose liberty when our sen-                 tling cancer herself, would now face
                                               lenging it in Federal court. It is cer-                 iors have to choose between medica-                     lifetime limits on what doctor-rec-
                                               tainly likely to be unworkable. The                     tions and groceries. And we lose the                    ommended care her insurer will pay
                                               creation of dozens of boards, agencies,                 pursuit of happiness if we return to the                for. Of course, if her husband loses or
                                               and commissions with rulemaking au-                     days when only job security guaran-                     changes his job, she won’t have any in-
                                               thority, the fact that hundreds of com-                 teed health security.                                   surance at all.
                                               panies have already asked for waivers                     Our fiscal decisions, Mr. Speaker,                       Charlotte, an Austin senior, would
                                               under the legislation, suggest it is                    must be a reflection not only of our                    have to pay more for prescriptions and
                                               going to be a bureaucratic nightmare.                   economic future but of the statement                    preventative health care, while Repub-
                                                                                                       of our most central national values. By                 licans reduce the solvency of the Medi-
                                                                  b 1530
                                                                                                       ensuring that Americans have vital                      care Trust Fund by more than a dec-
                                                 Finally and most importantly, the                     coverage rather than cruelly denying it                 ade.
                                               bill itself is fiscally irresponsible and               to them, we can live up to the dreams                      Family budgets would be crushed by
                                               unsustainable. The idea that we would                   of liberty and justice for all.                         this bill as health care costs remain
                                               take hundreds of billions of dollars out                  Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   the leading cause of credit card debt
                                               of Medicaid and Social Security and                     I yield 1 minute to the gentleman from                  and bankruptcy. This same devastating
                                               Medicare at a time when the baby                        Kansas (Mr. HUELSKAMP), a member of                     Republican bill would also hike the
                                               boomer generation is beginning to re-                   the Budget Committee.                                   Federal debt. That’s why Republicans
                                               tire is simply irresponsible. I am all for                Mr. HUELSKAMP. Mr. Speaker, as a                      have rejected pay-as-you-go budgeting
                                               saving money in Medicare, but when                      result of this law, employers across                    and instead will borrow from the Chi-
                                               we do, those savings are going to be                    America have discovered that onerous                    nese to pay for this legislation.
                                               needed to sustain Medicare.                             reporting requirements will force them                     Yes, repeal is a priority for the insur-
                                                 So I urge this House to take the fis-                 to file 1099 forms for every vendor with                ance companies and their apologists,
                                               cally responsible course—repeal this                    which they do $600 worth of business.                   but neither our family budgets nor our
                                               bill and start over, and give the Amer-                 This past weekend, I visited with an                    Federal budget can afford it. I believe
                                               ican people the health care bill they                   accountant in my district who indi-                     that every American is entitled to a
                                               deserve and the health care bill they                   cated he would have to expand his staff                 family doctor, not to an appointment
                                               can afford.                                             by 25 percent to accommodate all the                    with a bankruptcy judge because of
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        extra redtape and paperwork.                            soaring health care costs.
                                               yield 2 minutes to the gentlewoman                        Mr. Speaker, this is not the type of                     Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                               from      Florida     (Ms.    WASSERMAN                 job creation American envisioned.                       I yield 90 seconds to a member of the
                                               SCHULTZ).                                                 Additionally, businesses and labor                    Budget Committee, the gentleman
                                                 Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ. Mr.                            unions alike have realized that                         from Oklahoma (Mr. LANKFORD).
                                               Speaker, I rise to oppose the Repub-                    ObamaCare is a bad deal, and at least                      Mr. LANKFORD. Mr. Speaker, I rise
                                               lican majority’s callous attempts to re-                222 have sought waivers from having to                  today in support of H.R. 2.
                                               peal the Affordable Care Act. Reform                    comply with the law. HHS Secretary                         A few months ago, I visited with a
                                               has already made a dramatically posi-                   Kathleen Sebelius has approved special                  small business owner in Oklahoma who
                                               tive difference for millions of our con-                privilege exemptions for dozens of                      has five employees but whose health
                                               stituents and small businesses while                    labor unions and the half a million                     care costs for 2011 will go up by 50 per-
                                               tackling our ballooning national debt.                  union members they cover. Even more                     cent. When he asked about that, the
                                                 We in Congress must continue doing                    troubling is that Secretary Sebelius                    reason he was given was: the cost of
                                               all that we can to support American                     has been tardy in responding to a FOIA                  implementing the new health care law.
                                               families and businesses as we emerge                    inquiry regarding the secretive details                 Another business owner told me he
                                               from this recession. Democrats have                     of these waiver requests.                               would not hire new employees until he
                                               pledged to measure all legislation by a                   Fortunately, rather than selective                    could figure out what the cost of
                                               proposal’s success at creating jobs, at                 waivers for the politically connected,                  health care is going to be, so he will
                                               strengthening the middle class, and at                  we have a universal remedy—repeal the                   just stop hiring.
                                               bringing down the deficit. Unfortu-                     law.                                                       While some in this Chamber talk
                                               nately, the Republican majority’s at-                     I urge my colleagues to heed the calls                about universal coverage and cost con-
                                               tempts to repeal the Affordable Care                    voters made last year during the de-                    trols, many people in my district are
                                               Act fails on all such counts.                           bate and at the ballot box.                             frustrated with this so-called ‘‘solu-
                                                 Repeal would hurt small businesses,                     Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        tion.’’ Every person should control his
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               canceling $40 billion worth of tax cred-                would remind the gentleman that this                    own health care option and opportuni-
                                               its to help employees afford coverage.                  body voted on a majority basis to re-                   ties. Every young student should have
                                               Repeal would stall middle class job                     peal the 1099 provision.                                the motivation to go into medical re-
                                               growth, as one-third of small business                    I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman                    search and the practice of medicine. As
                                               owners told the small business major-                   from Texas (Mr. DOGGETT).                               our population ages, every doctor
                                               ity they were more likely to hire new                     Mr. DOGGETT. Mr. Speaker, the                         should have greater incentives to take
                                               employees as a result of reform. And of                 choice here is whether to give more                     on Medicare patients.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.020   H18JAPT1
                                               H214                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                                 We need to deal with the root causes                  this bill would create 4 million jobs and               has seizures and could not get any
                                               of health care costs and not just move                  400,000 of them immediately. All the                    medication, could not get any health
                                               the costs to the States and put in price                same, the CBO was saying, ‘‘It is likely                care coverage, but because of the law
                                               controls on doctors and hospitals.                      to reduce employment.’’                                 that was passed here last year, this
                                               Shared pain is not what America was                                       b 1540                                young person now can get the medica-
                                               looking for. America was looking for                                                                            tion, can stay on his parents’ health
                                               solutions. The new health care law will                   So instead of encouraging America’s                   care, and now is a productive member
                                               create long-term budget issues in the                   leading job creators, this takeover of                  of society.
                                               days to come. From a budget perspec-                    health care hurts small businesses with                   I know my friends on the other side
                                                                                                       more taxes, more mandates, and higher                   have said things like, well, this em-
                                               tive, you can cook the numbers all you
                                                                                                       health care costs on those small busi-                  ployer said their insurance was going
                                               want, but this bill will dramatically in-
                                                                                                       nesses. We need to do this and work to-                 up 50 percent. That’s been going on for
                                               crease our Federal debt again.
                                                 We need answers, not bigger prob-                     gether in a bipartisan manner in a way                  decades now, especially in the last dec-
                                                                                                       that will help our small businesses.                    ade. This is going to fix that. I know
                                               lems. This is the United States of
                                                                                                         In the area of cost, additionally, this               my namesake from Wisconsin also said
                                               America. I believe we can do better
                                                                                                       health care bill is deficient in that it                there are some employers who are
                                               than this. It is time to repeal this law                fails to address bringing down costs. As
                                               and start the hard work of solving the                                                                          going to have to let their people go
                                                                                                       companies have begun to digest this                     into the exchange because their com-
                                               cost issues of health care delivery.                    health care bill, costs have only risen.
                                                 With that, sir, I urge my colleagues                                                                          petition is going to let people go into
                                                                                                       CBO has found that this law will actu-                  the exchange. The bottom line is peo-
                                               to support H.R. 2.                                      ally increase health care premiums by
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, if I                                                                             ple were dumping workers for a decade
                                                                                                       as much as 10 to 13 percent.                            and there wasn’t an exchange. Now
                                               could inquire as to how much time re-                     Now, one of the areas that I looked
                                               mains.                                                                                                          there is an exchange that these people
                                                                                                       at—and I’ve heard from a lot of people                  will have some remedy and ability to
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     in the medical community and I’ve
                                               tleman from Maryland has 31⁄2 minutes                                                                           get health care.
                                                                                                       asked them, What is one major thing                       Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                               remaining, and the gentleman from                       you would have liked for us to put in
                                               Wisconsin has 51⁄2 minutes remaining.                                                                           I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman
                                                                                                       this bill? And that is tort reform, but                 from California (Mr. MCCLINTOCK).
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        it’s missing in this legislation. It is im-
                                               yield 1 minute to the gentleman from                                                                              Mr. MCCLINTOCK. I thank the gen-
                                                                                                       perative that any serious reform of the                 tleman for yielding.
                                               Kentucky (Mr. YARMUTH).                                 health care system take a very hard
                                                 Mr. YARMUTH. Mr. Speaker, tomor-                                                                                Mr. Speaker, the central promises of
                                                                                                       look at the issue of medical liability                  ObamaCare were that it would bend
                                               row we will vote on H.R. 2, the Repub-                  reform. Unfortunately, this bill fails in               health costs down and wouldn’t threat-
                                               lican health care bill. This bill is an-                that regard, too.                                       en existing plans. We now know that
                                               other example of actions speaking                         Finally, in the area of constitu-                     both of these claims were false.
                                               louder than words.                                      tionality,   while    the    Constitution                 The CBO warns us that the law will
                                                 Now, many of my Republican col-                       grants Congress the authority to regu-                  increase average private premiums by
                                               leagues have said they support certain                  late commerce among the several                         $2,100 within the next 5 years above
                                               health care reforms: a ban on pre-                      States and the Supreme Court has long                   what they would have been without
                                               existing condition discrimination, al-                  allowed Congress the ability to regu-                   ObamaCare. The administration’s own
                                               lowing young adults to stay on their                    late and prohibit all sorts of economic                 actuary admits that the law bends the
                                               parents’ health policies until age 26,                  activity, this bill goes even further be-               cost curve up—not down—by $311 bil-
                                               closing the prescription doughnut hole,                 cause, for the first time in the history                lion over the next 10 years.
                                               and eliminating lifetime limits on cov-                 of the U.S. Government, we are regu-                      We now know that many existing
                                               erage.                                                  lating inactivity. For the first time,                  plans are, indeed, jeopardized and that
                                                 They could have crafted this bill any                 Congress has mandated that individ-                     scores of companies that have been of-
                                               way they wanted. They could have                        uals purchase a private good approved                   fering their employees basic plans have
                                               guaranteed any or all of just those im-                 by the government as the price of citi-                 either dropped them or are continuing
                                               portant provisions—those protections—                   zenship.                                                them only with waivers left to the
                                               they claim to support, but they didn’t.                   On the first day of Congress, I intro-                whims of administration officials. But
                                               They could have ensured that, by 2016,                  duced a bill, H.R. 21, the Reclaiming                   the most dangerous provision of this
                                               annual health care premiums for the                     Individual Liberty Act, legislation                     law is the Federal Government’s asser-
                                               average American wouldn’t be $24,000                    which would take out that individual                    tion that it now has the power to force
                                               and that, over the next decade, small                   mandate, because, while I believe Con-                  every American to purchase products
                                               businesses wouldn’t lose more than $52                  gress has the ability to pass legislation               that the government believes they
                                               billion in profits.                                     which I believe is bad policy, I do be-                 should purchase whether or not they
                                                 They could have crafted the bill that                 lieve it is wrong to pass unconstitu-                   want them, need them, or can afford
                                               way, but they didn’t. They can say                      tional legislation.                                     them. If this President prevails, the
                                               whatever they want, but the truth is                      Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        Federal Government will have usurped
                                               that the Republican plan is no care—no                  notice the gentleman mentioned CBO.                     authority over every aspect of indi-
                                               matter how desperate or how dire your                   What CBO said in that regard was that,                  vidual choice in the care of our fami-
                                               diagnosis, no matter if the alternative                 because of the exchanges, there would                   lies and can logically extend that
                                               saves money, saves jobs and saves                       be some people who would not seek                       power to every other commodity in the
                                               lives.                                                  their health care through employment.                   market.
                                                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   They would be liberated to be able to                     The tragedy is that every day we
                                               I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman                      get it through the exchange. I’m glad                   continue down this road is a day we
                                               from New Jersey (Mr. GARRETT).                          the gentleman confirmed the impor-                      have lost to address the real problems
                                                 Mr. GARRETT. Mr. Speaker, I rise                      tance of CBO numbers.                                   in our health care system: the spiral-
                                               today in support of repealing this sim-                   Mr. Speaker, I yield 1 minute to my                   ling costs of malpractice litigation and
                                               ply job-destroying health care bill.                    colleague from Ohio (Mr. RYAN).                         defensive medicine, the loss of the free-
                                                 What we want to do is replace it with                   Mr. RYAN of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, I                      dom to shop across State lines, the loss
                                               a piece of legislation that addresses                   was going out to dinner the other                       of the freedom to tailor plans to the
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               three main tenets: one that will grow                   night, and as I was walking in, one of                  needs of individuals and families, and
                                               our economy, one that will bring down                   the young folks who was working there                   the absence of the tax advantages that
                                               costs, and one that is basically con-                   walked up to me and said, Sir, can you                  families need to afford and choose their
                                               stitutional.                                            tell the new leaders in Congress about                  own health plans according to their
                                                 In the area of jobs, you know, I re-                  my story?                                               own needs.
                                               member when Minority Leader PELOSI,                       The story was that he is a 25-year-old                  Churchill said all men make mis-
                                               then Speaker PELOSI at the time, said                   kid who is working at a restaurant and                  takes but wise men learn from them.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.023   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                        H215
                                               Mr. Speaker, the American people un-                      Now, a lot of people on the other side                   Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                               derstand that ObamaCare was a huge                      of the aisle said health care is a right                myself 3 minutes.
                                               mistake. Let us acknowledge that,                       and we are giving it to the people.                        Ladies and gentlemen of the House, I
                                               learn from it, and move on to enact the                 Well, if we declare such things as a                    am very pleased to defend what has
                                               reforms that will reduce health costs                   right to be given to us by government,                  been not intended as a compliment, but
                                               and increase health care choices for                    then it’s government’s right to ration                  to defend the so-called ObamaCare bill.
                                               American families.                                      these things; it’s government’s right to                President Obama is going to go down in
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, I                        regulate these things; it’s govern-                     history for having taken 54 million
                                               yield 1 minute to the gentlelady from                   ment’s right to pick and choose win-                    people, according to the CBO, off the
                                               California (Ms. LORETTA SANCHEZ).                       ners and losers. Health care is too im-                 rolls of the uninsured and given them
                                                 Ms. LORETTA SANCHEZ of Cali-                          portant for that. I want to be in con-                  insurance.
                                               fornia. I thank my colleague from                       trol of my and my family’s health care.                    I’ve been looking over my congres-
                                               Maryland.                                               I want individuals to be in control of                  sional district over the King holiday
                                                 Mr. Speaker, this past year, around                   their health care and their destiny.                    and talking to a lot of people about
                                               June, I was speaking to a woman who                       We have to ask ourselves when we                      health care. I haven’t found one parent
                                               is a single mother. She has two young                   create these new programs how much                      in the 14th Congressional District that
                                               children. She is a real estate agent, and               of our children’s future and our grand-                 didn’t like the idea of having their
                                               it has been tough in California. But                    children’s future are we willing to sac-                children remain on their health care
                                               through all of that, she managed to                     rifice to give them this mountain of                    policy until age 26. Have you found
                                               pay her premium to have health care                     debt that is getting worse by the pas-                  anybody that would like not to have
                                               for herself and for her two children.                   sage and creation of this law. This, of                 their children extended until 26? Please
                                                 In June, her daughter, for the first                  all reasons, is why we should vote to                   see me after this debate, because we’ve
                                               time, had an epileptic attack, and she                  repeal.                                                 got so much to be proud of.
                                               didn’t know what to do. She was scared                                                                             And what are we talking about? Pre-
                                                                                                         Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance
                                               to death. So she took her to the hos-                                                                           existing illnesses not being a basis for
                                                                                                       of my time.
                                               pital and her daughter got better, but                                                                          being denied insurance or a reason to
                                                                                                         The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                               of course her daughter will have more                                                                           kick one out of a health insurance pol-
                                                                                                       tleman from Texas (Mr. SMITH) and the
                                               of these. One month later, she found                                                                            icy. These are good things.
                                                                                                       gentleman from Michigan (Mr. CON-                          I am amazed by the fact that people
                                               out that her daughter would not be                      YERS) each will control 20 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                               say this bill is going to cost jobs. Well,
                                               covered any longer by that health care                    The Chair recognizes the gentleman                    the CBO says it’s going to cost us $230
                                               plan, and so she has been paying about                  from Texas.                                             billion to repeal the bill. Please, could
                                               $1,700 out of her pocket for her daugh-
                                                                                                                        b 1550                                 we be a little more fiscally conserv-
                                               ter and her medications and all.
                                                                                                         Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I                    ative in this body as we rush to repeal
                                                 She came to me and I said, well, this
                                                                                                       yield myself 2 minutes.                                 this bill?
                                               is what the reform is about. This is                                                                               The question of constitutionality is a
                                               what health care reform is about. It’s                    Mr. Speaker, I support this legisla-
                                                                                                       tion that repeals the Democrats’ job-                   very interesting one for the Judiciary
                                               about taking care of our children and                                                                           Committee, a matter we are going to
                                               our families. And I told her that her                   stifling, cost-increasing, freedom-lim-
                                                                                                       iting health care law.                                  go into further. But we’ve found a very
                                               daughter would now be covered. If this                                                                          good set of arguments about the ability
                                               was your daughter, you would not re-                      This bill would repeal a requirement
                                                                                                       that every individual buy a certain                     of this bill to be totally within the
                                               peal this health care reform.                                                                                   framework of our Constitution. Come
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. May I inquire,                        kind of health insurance. The Congres-
                                                                                                       sional Research Service confirms that                   on. We already have Medicare. Who do
                                               Mr. Speaker, how much time remains?
                                                                                                       the Federal Government has never                        you think runs that? We already have
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                                                                                       forced all Americans to buy any good                    Medicaid. What about Social Security?
                                               tleman from Maryland has 15 seconds                                                                                Mr. Speaker, the issues here are simple.
                                               remaining.                                              or service—until now.                                      The health care bill that Republicans attack
                                                 Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, all                        This mandate violates Congress’ pow-
                                                                                                                                                               today ensures that millions of Americans have
                                               the charts in the world can’t wish away                 ers under the commerce clause if our
                                                                                                                                                               access to essential medical care.
                                               the CBO letter of January 6 of this                     Constitution of limited Federal powers                     It enables businesses to provide health care
                                               year which says that the premiums                       means anything. It’s a major reason to                  to their employees—which protects and cre-
                                               will go down in the employer market,                    repeal the health care bill.                            ates the jobs we so desperately need.
                                               that people, on average, will pay less in                 One particularly costly part of our                      It protects Americans from notorious insur-
                                               the individual market, and that this                    health care system is the practice of                   ance company practices like denying coverage
                                               legislation will reduce the deficit and                 so-called defensive medicine, which oc-                 to those with pre-existing conditions and chil-
                                               the debt over the next 20 years. Again,                 curs when doctors must conduct tests                    dren with birth defects.
                                               that is the call from the nonpartisan                   and prescribe drugs that are not medi-                     It stops insurance companies from dropping
                                               experts we have. We shouldn’t be sub-                   cally required because of the threat of                 your coverage when you get sick.
                                               stituting our judgment for theirs.                      lawsuits. Taxpayers pay for this waste-                    And it takes critical first steps towards get-
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          ful defensive medicine, which adds to                   ting health care costs under control, cutting
                                               time of the gentleman has expired.                      health care costs.                                      hundreds of billions of dollars from the deficit.
                                                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                     The Democrats’ health care law goes                   Everyone in America who gets health insur-
                                               I yield myself the balance of my time.                  exactly the wrong direction. Incred-                    ance through their work has seen premiums
                                                 Mr. Speaker, I think we have already                  ibly, it contains a provision that pro-                 and co-pays skyrocket year after year. Those
                                               fairly well established the fact that                   hibits any new limits on litigation                     increases afflict our entire health care econ-
                                               when you strip out all the budget gim-                  from being enforced because it allows                   omy. Before we passed the Affordable Care
                                               micks and all the double accounting,                    lawyers to opt out of any system that                   Act, they threatened to engulf the entire fed-
                                               ObamaCare is a budget buster. But                       limits their ability to sue. This is con-               eral budget. Those who would repeal this law
                                               let’s take a look at where we are as a                  trary to the best interests of all Ameri-               are simply not serious about our debt.
                                               country.                                                cans—except trial lawyers. The health                                    COSTS OF REPEAL
                                                 We have a debt crisis coming in                       care bill can only be read as an invita-                   Repealing this bill would undo all these pro-
                                               America, Mr. Speaker, and the primary                   tion to trial lawyers to sue medical                    found public policy achievements. And to-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               reason why we have this mountain of                     personnel. That’s another reason to re-                 wards what end?
                                               debt is because of our already existing                 peal this health care bill.                                Repeal would add 54 million people to the
                                               health care entitlements which have a                     The Democrats’ health care law will                   rolls of the uninsured. Is that what the new
                                               massive unfunded liability. So what did                 produce more litigation and more cost-                  majority wants as their first legislative act?
                                               the previous majority do? They just                     ly health care. Those are two good rea-                    Repeal would permit health insurers to re-
                                               put two new unfunded, open-ended en-                    sons we should repeal it.                               sume discriminating against those with pre-ex-
                                               titlements on top.                                        I reserve the balance of my time.                     isting conditions. Does the new majority want

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.026   H18JAPT1
                                               H216                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               to tell women who have survived breast can-             today demonstrates that we are listen-                  who do not would not be treated equal-
                                               cer or children with birth defects that they are        ing.                                                    ly.
                                               not allowed to buy health care?                           This is not to say that reforms aren’t                   And finally, let me say that in Texas,
                                                  Repeal would lead to millions of young peo-          necessary. We must improve our health                   the Department of Insurance has said
                                               ple being dropped from their parents’ insur-            care system. We must enact sensible                     that this bill helps Texans.
                                               ance coverage. In this economy, with work               reforms that address the core prob-                        I hope my colleague from Texas will
                                               and the health insurance that comes with it so          lem—the rising cost of health care—                     vote not to repeal this bill. I will vote
                                               hard to find, does the new majority really want         without increasing the size of govern-                  ‘‘no’’ on the repeal.
                                               to kick these children off the insurance rolls?         ment. We must enact real medical li-                    ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE
                                                  And finally, repeal would add more than              ability reform, allow Americans to pur-                   The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                               $230 billion to the near term federal deficit. Is       chase health coverage across State                      Chair will remind all Members to not
                                               that what the new majority has in store for the         lines, empower small businesses with                    traffic the well when another is under
                                               American taxpayer?                                      greater purchasing power, ensure ac-                    recognition.
                                                  The majority apparently feels that all these         cess for those with preexisting condi-                                    b 1600
                                               costs are acceptable, because they will ‘‘re-           tions, and create new incentives to
                                               place’’ the health care bill with something else.                                                                 Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I
                                                                                                       save for the future health needs. Re-                   yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from
                                               But that is simply not credible.                        publicans want health care reform;
                                                  After all we went through to pass this bill, it                                                              Iowa (Mr. KING), who is a senior mem-
                                                                                                       however, we must reform it the right                    ber of Judiciary Committee.
                                               obviously would be no simple thing to draft a           way.                                                      Mr. KING of Iowa. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               replacement. So if the majority is serious                Today, we take a much-needed first                    thank the gentleman from Texas, the
                                               about wanting to improve our health care sys-           step. America deserves legislation that                 chairman of the Judiciary Committee.
                                               tem, at the least they should hold off on re-           addresses our health care problems and                    It is a pleasure to serve on this com-
                                               pealing the current law until their replacement         helps our economy prosper. This bill is                 mittee and come here and speak in sup-
                                               actually exists. Voting now suggests the true           the first step to do that, and I urge my                port of the repeal of ObamaCare. It’s
                                               motive here is the politics of health care, not         colleagues to vote in favor of it.                      something that I have worked on every
                                               the policy.                                               Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I am                        day since it passed last March. It’s leg-
                                                  During the health care debate last year, we          pleased to yield 11⁄2 minutes to a senior               islation that I introduced, actually
                                               saw the Republican approach—and it simply               member of the Judiciary Committee,                      asked for the draft the same day that
                                               does not improve our health care system. In-            Ms. SHEILA JACKSON LEE of Texas.                        it passed. People thought that we
                                               deed, in November of 2009, the Republicans                Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. There is                    couldn’t get to this point. We are.
                                               put forward their own plan which the non-par-           nothing that one can do when you’re                       But this is Judiciary Committee sub-
                                               tisan Congressional Budget Office found                 debating this bill than to be civil and                 ject matter. And the bill didn’t go
                                               would cover only 3 million people. That meant           to respect the American people, who,                    through the Judiciary Committee. We
                                               that for the 54 million people left without the         many of them, are in the jaws of ter-                   didn’t address the tort reform that’s so
                                               ability to afford insurance, the Republicans’           rible disease, rehabilitation, or maybe                 essential if we’re going to do some-
                                               ‘‘No Care’’ plan provided exactly that—no               some have already lost their lives. And                 thing to put health care back on track
                                               care; no hope; no security.                             the repeal of this health bill, just a                  here in this country. And when I look
                                                                   CONCLUSION                          couple of pages, would sentence people                  at this, and serving on the committee,
                                                 There may be no issue that comes before               possibly to dying. H.R. 2 talks about                   I believe it was in 2005 we passed legis-
                                               the Congress that more clearly demonstrates             jobs when we’re talking about lives.                    lation in the House that addressed the
                                               the different priorities of the parties.                  So I think it is important that we                    lawsuit abuse that drives up the costs
                                                 Based on today’s proceedings, it is clear             follow what the repeal of this patient                  of our health care. It didn’t get taken
                                               that the new Republican majority stands for             protection and health care bill does—                   up in the Senate. And here we are with
                                               protecting insurance companies, exploding the           end consumer protection, patient pro-                   a huge ObamaCare bill, ready to vote
                                               national debt, and playing to the extremes of           tection. And I think it is important for                to repeal it, and part of the discussion
                                               their base.                                             us to be able to hold this Constitution                 needs to be why didn’t it have tort re-
                                                 The Democratic minority, on the other hand,           and prove that the Affordable Care Act                  form in it. We are prepared to take a
                                               stands for affordable health care for all, hold-        is constitutional.                                      look at this as we go forward.
                                               ing insurance companies accountable, and re-              Well, I could say that there are 1.1                    When I look at the numbers that are
                                               sponsibly addressing our long term financial            million jobs already created, that the                  produced in part by the health insur-
                                               challenges.                                             deficit will blow up $143 billion, a tril-              ance underwriters, they and others will
                                                 I urge all Members to vote against repeal of          lion over 20 years. But I really want to                tell me that somewhere between 3.5
                                               the landmark health care reform law.                    refer to the 14th Amendment that al-                    and 8.5 percent of the overall cost of
                                                 I reserve the balance of my time.                     lows and guarantees you equal protec-                   our health care goes because of lawsuit
                                                 Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I                    tion under the law.                                     abuse and the defensive medicine that’s
                                               yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from                     If this bill is repealed, Ed Burke, a                 associated with it.
                                               Wisconsin (Mr. SENSENBRENNER), who                      hemophiliac, will probably have seri-                     I have a friend who is an orthopedic
                                               is the chairman of the Crime Sub-                       ous health issues because he would                      surgeon who tells me that 95 percent of
                                               committee of the Judiciary Committee                    have lifetime caps. Or Mr. Land, who                    the MRIs that he orders, he knows ex-
                                               and also a former chairman of the Ju-                   was on my health care teleconference—                   actly what he is going to see when he
                                               diciary Committee itself.                               where 18,000 people in Harris County                    gets inside to do the surgery, but he
                                                 Mr. SENSENBRENNER. I thank the                        were contacted—maybe he, who is from                    has to order them anyway to protect
                                               gentleman from Texas.                                   a family of schizophrenics and people                   himself from that 5 percent that might
                                                 Mr. Speaker, as each of us have trav-                 who have children that have schizo-                     end up being in litigation. And he said
                                               eled back to our districts over the past                phrenia, maybe he would not be guar-                    that in his little practice that’s an ad-
                                               several months, we’ve heard from our                    anteed the equal protection under the                   ditional million dollars a year in un-
                                               constituents—from seniors to families                   law.                                                    necessary tests. That’s just one small
                                               to small businesses—speaking out con-                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          piece of the lawsuit abuse that drives
                                               vincingly. They demanded that this                      time of the gentlewoman has expired.                    up the costs of health care that we
                                               new Congress focus on legislation that                    Mr. CONYERS. I yield the gentle-                      must address if we’re going to have
                                               encourages job growth, cuts spending,                   woman 15 seconds.                                       managed costs.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               and shrinks the size of government.                       Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. Thank                         And then the other component that
                                               What better way to start than by re-                    you so very much.                                       is a Judiciary Committee component of
                                               pealing the President’s trillion-dollar                   Maybe they would not be able to                       this ObamaCare legislation that is
                                               health care law, a massive new govern-                  withstand this onslaught on their                       about to have a vote on repeal here
                                               ment intrusion into Americans’ health                   rights because the Constitution guar-                   that we are debating is the components
                                               care which promises to skyrocket costs                  antees them equal protection. And                       that are unconstitutional. The indi-
                                               even further. Our immediate action                      some who have insurance and some                        vidual mandate is the most egregious

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00012   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.004   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H217
                                               component of ObamaCare that compels                     very valuable member of Judiciary                       should repeal the health care bill and
                                               Americans to buy a policy produced or                   Committee.                                              come up with constitutional solutions
                                               approved by the Federal Government.                        Ms. CHU. The health care repeal act                  for health problems.
                                                 Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I am                        will hurt many people, but especially                     And that’s just the way it is.
                                               pleased to yield 11⁄2 minutes to a former               seniors. It raises cost for prescriptions                 Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I want
                                               subcommittee chairman of Judiciary,                     and preventive care. It weakens Medi-                   to take this opportunity to congratu-
                                               the gentleman from Georgia, HANK                        care. And it takes away your freedom                    late LAMAR SMITH on becoming the
                                               JOHNSON, to defend the ObamaCare leg-                   to make your own decisions, returning                   chairman of the House Judiciary Com-
                                               islation.                                               your health back to the hands of insur-                 mittee during the 112th session of Con-
                                                 Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. Thank                         ance companies. At the start of this                    gress.
                                               you, Mr. Ranking Member.                                year, seniors began receiving free pre-                   I turn now to the former chairman of
                                                 I rise in opposition to the repeal of                 ventive services such as mammograms                     the    Constitutional   Subcommittee,
                                               health reform. Repeal of health care re-                and an annual exam, while, if repeal                    JERRY NADLER of New York, and I yield
                                               form would strip 32 million Americans                   succeeds, good-bye free check-ups and                   him 2 minutes.
                                               of health insurance, including 139,000                  free life-saving tests.                                                  b 1610
                                               residents of my district. Repeal will                      Today, seniors in the Medicare                         Mr. NADLER. I thank the gentleman
                                               allow insurers to discriminate against                  doughnut hole are getting half off                      for yielding.
                                               people with preexisting conditions and                  many brand-name drugs; but if repeal                      Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to
                                               reopen the doughnut hole, which would                   passes, your prescription drugs are                     the Republican effort to deny 32 mil-
                                               devastate Joseph Williams, a former                     going to double. And those who get a                    lion Americans health care, to deny
                                               corrections officer in my district who                  $250 check to help cover high drug                      millions of middle class Americans the
                                               relies on Medicare for his prescription                 costs might even have to pay it back.                   ability to get health care insurance if
                                               drugs. I will be voting against repeal,                 The original health reform bill ex-                     they have preexisting conditions and to
                                               and I urge my colleagues to do the                      tended Medicare’s life until 2029; but if               drive up our national debt by an addi-
                                               same.                                                   we repeal it, the Medicare Trust Fund                   tional $1.4 trillion over the next 20
                                                 Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I                                                                            years.
                                                                                                       becomes insolvent in 6 short years. The
                                               yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from                                                                             The Affordable Care Act will stave
                                                                                                       Patients Rights Repeal Act hurts sen-
                                               North Carolina (Mr. COBLE), who is also                                                                         off the 55 percent of personal bank-
                                                                                                       iors. It’s dangerous for America’s
                                               the chairman of the Courts, Commer-                                                                             ruptcies caused by health care emer-
                                               cial and Administrative Law Sub-                                                                                gencies. By banning rescissions, ban-
                                                                                                          Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               committee of the Judiciary Com-                                                                                 ning the preexisting conditions insur-
                                                                                                       yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from
                                               mittee.                                                                                                         ance bar, banning annual and lifetime
                                                 Mr. COBLE. I thank the gentleman                      Texas (Mr. POE), who is actually a
                                                                                                       member of three subcommittees of the                    coverage caps and capping annual out-
                                               from Texas (Mr. SMITH).                                                                                         of-pocket expenses, this law ensures
                                                 Mr. Speaker, when we debated health                   Judiciary Committee.
                                                                                                          Mr. POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, never                 that nobody will go broke because they
                                               care reform during the 111th Congress,                                                                          get sick.
                                               I made the statement that we need to                    before in the history of our great coun-
                                                                                                       try has a tax been levied on individual                   The bill will save the lives of the ap-
                                               fine-tune the engine, not overhaul it. I                                                                        proximately 45,000 Americans who now
                                               reiterate that theory today.                            Americans by the Federal Government
                                                                                                       with the purpose of forcing citizens to                 die every year because they lack health
                                                 President Obama, in my opinion, ele-                                                                          insurance. For America’s seniors, the
                                               vated health care to the number one                     do something the government wants
                                                                                                       them to do. And never before has the                    Affordable Care Act strengthens the
                                               issue facing America, mistakenly so, in                                                                         Medicare program. Seniors will no
                                               my opinion. I think the number one                      government self-righteously ordered
                                                                                                                                                               longer pay out of pocket for preventive
                                               issue facing America then and now in-                   Americans to buy a product or pay a
                                                                                                                                                               services; and the cruel doughnut hole,
                                               volves jobs, or more precisely lack of                  punitive fine.
                                                                                                          In my opinion, the Constitution does                 which forces seniors to choose between
                                               jobs, and reckless spending. There is                                                                           taking their drugs or going without,
                                               agreement from both sides of the aisle                  not give the Federal Government, even
                                                                                                                                                               will be closed.
                                               that we need to improve our health                      well-intentioned government, the au-                      And owners of small businesses will
                                               care system. I believe these improve-                   thority to make citizens buy any prod-                  get billions of dollars in tax credits to
                                               ments must enhance the quality and                      uct, whether it’s a car, whether it’s                   help them provide health coverage to
                                               accessibility of care in a fiscally re-                 health insurance, or even whether it’s                  their employees—unless, of course, the
                                               sponsible manner. The law imple-                        a box of chocolates.                                    Republicans are successful in enacting
                                               mented last year failed to meet these                      The individual mandate provision of                  a tax increase on small businesses by
                                               criteria, particularly in the onerous                   the health care bill is unconstitutional.               repealing the law.
                                               1099 tax increase on small businesses.                  The author of the Constitution, James                     We did all this and more while reduc-
                                               That is just one glaring example.                       Madison, said: ‘‘The powers delegated                   ing the deficit by what CBO now esti-
                                                 By repealing ObamaCare, we will                       by the Constitution to the Federal                      mates will be $230 billion in the first 10
                                               have the opportunity to take the more                   Government are few and defined. Those                   years and $1.2 trillion in the next 10
                                               prudent approach of fine-tuning our                     that remain to State governments are                    years.
                                               health care law to ensure that it en-                   numerous and indefinite.’’ The health                     The Republicans say the bill is an un-
                                               compasses sound principles.                             care bill is a theft of the individual                  precedented or unconstitutional expan-
                                                 Mr. Speaker, this will likely be an                   freedom to control one’s health to have                 sion of constitutional power. They are
                                               obvious partisan vote, but it also                      it now controlled by omnipotent gov-                    wrong. There is nothing radical, dan-
                                               serves a purpose. It sends a message to                 ernment.                                                gerous, or unconstitutional about the
                                               the American people that we are seri-                      Big government doesn’t mean better                   act. We have the power to enact this
                                               ous about fixing our broken health care                 solutions. In fact, as someone has said,                comprehensive plan, including its min-
                                               system. Physicians do this daily. They                  ‘‘If you think the problems government                  imum coverage requirement under the
                                               make a diagnosis and fix the problem.                   creates are bad, just wait until you see                commerce, necessary and proper, and
                                               I support the passage of H.R. 2 because                 government solutions.’’ Government is                   general welfare clauses of article 1, sec-
                                               Congress should take the same ap-                       partially to blame for the health care                  tion 8 of the Constitution. Similar at-
                                               proach: fix the problem. Much energy                    crisis, and the nationalized health care                tacks were levied against the Social
                                               and attention was directed to this mat-                 bill’s government solution is unwork-                   Security Act of 1935, saying it was un-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               ter, when it probably should have been                  able and unconstitutional.                              constitutional for the same reasons.
                                               directed to jobs and reckless spending.                    And if you like the efficiency of the                Those arguments were unsound and re-
                                               Too late for that now. But we need to                   post office, the competence of FEMA,                    jected then and will fare no better
                                               address it. And I look forward to the                   and the compassion of the IRS, we will                  today.
                                               vote that I guess will be tomorrow.                     love the nationalized health care bill.                   Indeed, leading Republican law-
                                                 Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I yield 1                   Certainly, what we do here in Congress                  makers championed individual man-
                                               minute to Dr. JUDY CHU of California, a                 should be constitutional. And we                        dates as part of their Health Equity

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00013   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.031   H18JAPT1
                                               H218                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               and Access Reform Today Act of 1993                     Security in 1935 and Medicare and Medicaid                Now, economists would call this the
                                               introduced by Senator Dole and Sen-                     in 1965, they knew the measures would re-               opportunity cost of foregone goods or
                                               ator Chafee. The requirement of indi-                   quire further consideration. In the years since         services, but the fundamental question
                                               vidual participation was valid then,                    those crucially important programs were                 is the question of freedom to choose
                                               and it is valid now.                                    signed into law, Congress has made, and will            how we as individuals will spend the
                                                  For all of these reasons, I strongly                 continue to make, improvements to those pro-            fruits of our labor.
                                               encourage my colleagues to vote ‘‘no’’                  grams. And that is the key—to make improve-               Certainly the commerce clause lacks
                                               on this misguided repeal bill.                          ments to the law. Instead of spending our time          the elasticity that would accommodate
                                                  Mr. Speaker, following is my statement in its        looking for ways to build on and perfect the            a requirement that every American
                                               entirety:                                               health care reform law, Republicans want to             buy health insurance which conforms
                                                  I rise in opposition to the Republican effort        take a sledgehammer to it, to throw out every-          to the dictates of the Federal Govern-
                                               to deny 32 million Americans health care, to            thing, without any consideration at all. No mat-        ment, as the Federal Government
                                               deny millions of middle-class Americans the             ter that our economy still needs our attention.         would change it on a yearly basis. Such
                                               ability to get health care insurance if they have       No matter that millions of Americans remain             an interpretation would render the no-
                                               pre-existing conditions, and to drive up our na-        out of work.                                            tion articulated by James Madison and
                                               tional debt by an additional $1.4 trillion over            The Republicans say the bill is an unprece-          Federalist 45, that is, one of limited
                                               the next 20 years.                                      dented or unconstitutional expansion of Con-            government, a nullity.
                                                  Last March, I had the distinct pleasure and          gressional power. They are wrong. There is                Now, I know we have smart people
                                               honor of voting for the Affordable Care Act,            nothing radical, dangerous, or unconstitutional         here. I know we have those in the ad-
                                               which achieves many of the goals I have been            about the Act, through which Congress is reg-           ministration who believe that this is
                                               fighting for my entire adult life.                      ulating the vast interstate health and insurance        totally constitutional; but, frankly,
                                                  The Affordable Care Act will stave off the 55        markets in a number of ways that protect the
                                               percent of personal bankruptcies caused by                                                                      Mr. Speaker, my bet goes with James
                                                                                                       American people. We have the power to enact             Madison.
                                               health care emergencies. By banning rescis-             this comprehensive plan, including its min-               He did say that the powers delegated
                                               sions, banning the ‘‘pre-existing conditions’’ in-      imum coverage requirement, under the Com-
                                               surance bar, banning annual and lifetime cov-                                                                   by the proposed Constitution of the
                                                                                                       merce, Necessary and Proper, and General                Federal Government are few and de-
                                               erage caps, and capping annual out-of-pocket            Welfare clauses of Article I, Section 8 of the
                                               expenses, this law ensures that nobody will go                                                                  fined. He did say that the Federal Gov-
                                                                                                       Constitution. Similar attacks were levied               ernment will be exercising their re-
                                               broke because they get sick.                            against the Social Security Act of 1935. They
                                                  When fully implemented more than 32 mil-                                                                     sponsibilities principally on external
                                                                                                       were unsound and rejected then and will fare            objects as war, peace, negotiations, and
                                               lion additional Americans will have access to           no better today.
                                               health care coverage. This translates into sav-                                                                 foreign commerce and the States would
                                                                                                          We require citizens to participate in pro-
                                               ing the lives of the 45,000 Americans, who                                                                      do much else.
                                                                                                       grams—like Medicare and Social Security—
                                               now die every year because they lack health                                                                       Then, of course, we have the 10th
                                                                                                       when necessary to accomplish an objective
                                               insurance.                                                                                                      Amendment, later adopted, which said,
                                                                                                       wholly within Congressional powers, and there
                                                  In addition, the Affordable Care Act extends                                                                 again, that this is a government of lim-
                                                                                                       simply is nothing so surprising or severe in re-
                                               greater rights and benefits to women. No                                                                        ited enumerated powers. Now, either
                                                                                                       quiring similar participation—by requiring that
                                               longer can insurance companies discriminate                                                                     the 10th Amendment means something,
                                                                                                       those who can obtain insurance do so or pay
                                               against women by charging women higher                                                                          or it means nothing; and either James
                                                                                                       a tax penalty—in our comprehensive frame-
                                               rates than men for the same coverage. No                                                                        Madison knew what he was talking
                                                                                                       work for health care reform. Indeed, leading
                                               longer will women be denied coverage be-                Republican lawmakers championed individual              about, or he does not.
                                               cause insurance companies consider preg-                                                                          Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I am
                                                                                                       mandates as part of their Health Equity and
                                               nancy, C-sections, and being the victim of do-                                                                  pleased to yield 1 minute, and I con-
                                                                                                       Access Reform Today Act of 1993. The re-
                                               mestic violence to be pre-existing conditions.          quirement of individual participation was valid         gratulate the ranking member of Gov-
                                               No longer will women go without critical mater-         then, and it is valid now.                              ernment Reform, to the gentleman
                                               nity care coverage, access to mammograms,                  For all of these reasons, I strongly encour-         from Maryland, ELIJAH CUMMINGS.
                                               and other key preventive care services—serv-            age my colleagues to vote NO on this mis-                 Mr. CUMMINGS. Mr. Speaker, I rise
                                               ices that will be available without co-pays and         guided repeal bill, and instead, to say ‘‘yes’’ to      before you in fervent opposition to the
                                               deductibles. Ending these routine, disgraceful,         guaranteeing health care for 32 million more            bill we are considering today. I have
                                               and patently unfair practices are a tremendous          Americans. To say yes to enabling millions of           heard from many of my constituents
                                               victory for women and children.                         Americans with pre-existing conditions to ob-           and small business owners who are
                                                  For America’s seniors, the Affordable Care           tain health insurance. To say yes to ending             grateful for the benefits of this law.
                                               Act strengthens the Medicare program. Sen-              gender rating and rescissions. To say yes to              Children with preexisting conditions
                                               iors will no longer pay out of pocket for pre-          allowing parents to cover their adult children          are no longer being denied access to
                                               ventive services, and the cruel donut hole,             on their health care plans. To say yes to               private health insurance. Maryland
                                               which forces seniors to choose between taking           strengthening Medicare for our seniors. To say          small businesses offering health insur-
                                               their drugs or going without, will be closed.           yes to growing our economy by supporting                ance to their employees are eligible for
                                               And by cracking down on fraud and waste, the            small businesses. To say yes to reducing our            a 35 percent tax credit.
                                               Act ensures that those who seek to take ad-             deficit.                                                  Further, as ranking member of the
                                               vantage of our seniors and steal from the                  Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I                   Committee on Oversight and Govern-
                                               Medicare program will no longer have a free             yield 2 minutes to the chairman of the                  ment Reform, I note that repealing
                                               ride.                                                   House Administration Committee, the                     this law would also eliminate the new
                                                  The Affordable Care Act also benefits Amer-          gentleman from California (Mr. DANIEL                   private health plan currently providing
                                               ica’s young people. Often without the option of         E. LUNGREN).                                            coverage for many uninsured Ameri-
                                               employer-based health insurance, young peo-                Mr. DANIEL E. LUNGREN of Cali-                       cans with preexisting conditions.
                                               ple now can stay on their parents’ health plans         fornia. Mr. Speaker, in the scope of the                  I find it repugnant that Republicans
                                               until their 26th birthday.                              American constitutional system of                       want to strip Americans of this law’s
                                                  And owners of small businesses will get bil-         governance, the Congress is the body                    protections that will save the lives of
                                               lions of dollars in tax credits to help them pro-       whose power is defined within the con-                  our fellow citizens.
                                               vide health coverage to their employees—un-             text of enumerated powers, and this is                    I urge a ‘‘no’’ vote on this bill.
                                               less, of course, the Republicans are success-           more than a matter of structural me-                      Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               ful in enacting a massive tax increase on               chanics because it goes to the heart of                 yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               small businesses by repealing this law.                 the issue of governmental power, or if                  Texas (Mr. GOHMERT).
                                                  We did all this and more while reducing the          one prefers the flip side of the coin,                    Mr. GOHMERT. Mr. Speaker, lest we
                                               deficit by what CBO now estimates will be               personal freedom and responsibility.                    forget, this is the disaster that we are
                                               $230 billion in the first ten years, and $1.2 tril-        If government has the power to re-                   told would be repugnant to repeal.
                                               lion in the next ten years.                             quire that you buy item A, it means                       It started out as an act to amend the
                                                  Mr. Speaker, when our predecessors                   that you are less able to buy item B, C,                Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to mod-
                                               passed similarly historic laws such as Social           D or anything else.                                     ify first-time homebuyers’ credit in the

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.034   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H219
                                               case of members of the Armed Forces.                      Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-                      wanting to fix some of the problems
                                               We took a bill that was designed to                     er, I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman                  that they now think are important, the
                                               help veterans and the Senate stripped                   from Virginia (Mr. GOODLATTE), who is                   first thing that’s going to happen to
                                               it all out and stuck in this disaster of                also chairman of the Intellectual Prop-                 Tucker Wright and his family as soon
                                               a health care bill.                                     erty, Competition, and Internet Sub-                    as this bill is repealed is his family will
                                                 Just as we heard in the late 1990s                    committee of the Judiciary Com-                         get a rescision letter from their insur-
                                               that you can’t pass welfare reform, you                 mittee.                                                 ance company because they will no
                                               will leave women without anything,                        Mr. GOODLATTE. I thank the chair-                     longer be required to provide insurance
                                               you heartless, mean people, it was be-                  man for yielding.                                       for this young boy because he has pre-
                                               cause people here had hearts and want-                    Madam Speaker, I rise in strong sup-                  existing conditions. That’s why this
                                               ed to see single women with children                    port of this legislation, which repeals                 bill is a bad idea, and that’s why I urge
                                               doing better that welfare reform had to                 the sweeping health care reform law                     you to vote ‘‘no’’ and think about
                                               be done. It was sent to the President;                  rammed through Congress last year.                      Tucker Wright.
                                               he wouldn’t sign it. It was re-sent to                  This new law amounts to a Big Govern-                      Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-
                                               the President; he wouldn’t sign it. He                  ment takeover of our health care sys-                   er, may I ask how much time remains
                                               finally signed it, and for the first time               tem, one that will lead to fewer                        on each side?
                                               since the Great Society legislation                     choices, higher prices, and rationed                       The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mrs.
                                               came about, after 30 years of flat line,                care.                                                   CAPITO). The gentleman from Texas has
                                               when adjusted for inflation single                                                                              51⁄2 minutes remaining. The gentleman
                                               women with children, after welfare re-                                     b 1620
                                                                                                                                                               from Michigan has 81⁄2 minutes remain-
                                               form, began to have increases in in-                      It creates more than 150 new govern-
                                               come.                                                   ment agencies and programs at a cost
                                                 We heard all the naysayers then; we                                                                              Mr. SMITH of Texas. I reserve the
                                                                                                       of well over $1.2 trillion. It includes
                                               are hearing them now. It’s because we                                                                           balance of my time.
                                                                                                       over $560 billion in devastating new tax
                                               want people to have the best health                     increases and cuts Medicare by over                        Mr. CONYERS. I yield 1 minute to
                                               care. It’s because we don’t want what                   $500 billion.                                           the gentleman from Minnesota (Mr.
                                               the President said when he told the                       Americans are frustrated by rising                    WALZ).
                                               Democratic Caucus, before it passed.                    health care costs. We must repeal the                      Mr. WALZ of Minnesota. I thank the
                                               Gee, you go to the doctor now and have                  new health care law that kills jobs,                    gentleman for yielding.
                                               five tests, after this bill you will go                 raises taxes, threatens seniors’ access                    Madam Speaker, I rise today to state
                                               and get one test. My mother had to                      to care, will cause millions of people to               my strong opposition to the repealing
                                               have six days of tests to find her                      lose the coverage they have and like,                   of the Affordable Care Act. Repealing
                                               tumor.                                                  and increases the cost of health care                   this law will eliminate consumer pro-
                                                 I don’t want rationed care. I want                    coverage. Then we must replace it with                  tections, raise taxes on small business,
                                               health care to be legislated the way the                commonsense reforms that lower                          explode the deficit, and put insurance
                                               President promised it would be. And                     health care costs and empower pa-                       company CEOs directly between Amer-
                                               once we get this disaster out of the                    tients.                                                 icans and their doctor.
                                               way, no matter how many times we                          For those who argue that somehow                         I’m very proud to represent the Mayo
                                               have to send it, it will be time to pass                this is going to save the taxpayers                     Clinic     in    Rochester,     Minnesota.
                                               a bill that gets real health care reform.               money, think of the mandates that are                   They’re a symbol of what we can
                                                 Mr. CONYERS. Madam Speaker, I                         not covered by the Federal Govern-                      achieve when we deliver the world’s
                                               yield 1 minute to the gentlewoman                       ment. Think of the fact that it is not                  highest quality care at the most effi-
                                               from Birmingham, Alabama, TERRI SE-                     credible that at a time when senior                     cient and effective costs. When we
                                               WELL.                                                                                                           passed this law last year, they said it
                                                                                                       citizens, baby boomers, are going to re-
                                                 Ms. SEWELL. Madam Speaker, I rise                                                                             was a good first step. And I agree.
                                                                                                       tire in unprecedented numbers to take
                                               in opposition to this bill that seeks to                                                                           Now is not the time to step back-
                                                                                                       over $500 billion out of a Medicare pro-
                                               repeal the Affordable Care Act, legisla-                                                                        wards. Folks in my district are already
                                                                                                       gram. And think of the jobs that are
                                               tion that has helped so many constitu-                                                                          seeing the benefits of this new law.
                                                                                                       already being lost because the taxes on
                                               ents of mine and Americans all across                                                                           Seniors have received help paying for
                                                                                                       this are already being put into place,
                                               this Nation.                                                                                                    their expensive prescription drugs and
                                                 Nearly 2 weeks ago, I was honored by                  yet the benefits don’t occur for 4 years.
                                                                                                       That legislation was smoke and mir-                     have better access to preventative care
                                               being sworn in as a Representative for
                                                                                                       rors. This legislation repeals it. We                   saving money. And just a few weeks
                                               the Seventh Congressional District of
                                                                                                       should support it and then start anew                   ago, I received a letter from a dad in
                                               Alabama. On day one I received numer-
                                                                                                       on commonsense reforms.                                 my district named Paul. Paul’s son Joe
                                               ous calls from my constituents urging
                                                                                                         Mr. CONYERS. Madam Speaker, I’m                       is 21, works part-time and has diabetes.
                                               me to oppose this repeal, and this
                                                                                                       pleased to yield 1 minute to the distin-                Joe couldn’t get the insurance he need-
                                               weekend I heard from countless voices
                                                                                                       guished gentleman from Iowa (Mr.                        ed to pay for the expensive equipment
                                               that the health care bill that’s cur-
                                                                                                       BRALEY).                                                and treatment he needs to stay healthy
                                               rently enacted has begun to help them.
                                                 Let me tell the story about Mr. and                     Mr. BRALEY of Iowa. I thank the                       and alive. Paul wrote to say thank you
                                               Mrs. Cheatem in Greene County from                      gentleman for yielding.                                 for passing the Affordable Care Act.
                                               my district. Both are on Medicare. Mr.                    Madam Speaker, I want to show the                     Because of the new law, Joe got back
                                               Cheatem suffered several heart at-                      face of the repeal of health care. This is              on his parents’ insurance, and a new in-
                                               tacks, and Mrs. Cheatem has a chronic                   Tucker Wright from Malcom, Iowa. He                     surance card came in the mail on Janu-
                                               back condition. Prescription medica-                    is 4 years old. And 2 years ago, before                 ary 3. A vote to repeal this legislation
                                               tion alleviates her pain and keeps him                  the Affordable Care Act was passed,                     pulls that card away.
                                               alive.                                                  Tucker was diagnosed with liver cancer                     Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-
                                                 Several provisions in the Affordable                  and had two-thirds of his liver re-                     er, I yield 1 minute to the gentleman
                                               Care Act have helped Mr. and Mrs.                       moved. He faces a long and uncertain                    from New York (Mr. REED), former
                                               Cheatem to get their prescriptions.                     medical future. But on January 2 of                     mayor of Corning and a new member of
                                               Now they don’t have to choose between                   this year, because we passed the Af-                    the Judiciary Committee.
                                               putting food on the table, gas in their                 fordable Care Act, Tucker’s father,                        Mr. REED. Madam Speaker, I rise
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               cars, or paying for their medication.                   Brett, was able to change jobs because                  today in support of the repeal of the
                                                 The Affordable Care Act is a first                    he no longer had to worry about the                     job-killing ObamaCare legislation.
                                               step towards strengthening our health                   stigma of preexisting conditions.                          This bill is a whopping 2,500 pages, a
                                               care system and is already helping to                     Now, when you talk about repealing                    monstrosity of new spending and gov-
                                               save the lives of many in my district.                  this bill, I’ll tell you why it is not a                ernment bureaucracy, rushed to ap-
                                                 I urge my colleagues to vote ‘‘no’’ on                good deal for Tucker Wright. Because                    proval after only 48 hours of arm-twist-
                                               this bill.                                              even though our friends talk about                      ing and deal-making. Unfortunately,

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.036   H18JAPT1
                                               H220                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                    January 18, 2011
                                               just as Republicans predicted, this leg-                cannot go back to the bad old days of                   none. There isn’t a single area of
                                               islation did absolutely nothing to ad-                  insurance company control. This is not                  health care that there have been job
                                               dress the real problem of health care—                  the time to step backwards.                             losses; not before health care reform
                                               its cost.                                                 Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-                      passed and not since.
                                                 Republicans have long advocated for                   er, I yield 1 minute to the gentleman                     Also, I think it is important to ad-
                                               tort reform to be included in any legis-                from Arizona (Mr. QUAYLE), who is a                     dress the comments from my colleague
                                               lation to lower the costs of health care.               member of the Judiciary Committee.                      the gentleman from Texas (Mr.
                                               For just as long, those who have writ-                    Mr. QUAYLE. I thank the chairman                      GOHMERT) who stated that President
                                               ten this legislation have continually                   for yielding.                                           Obama told the Democratic Caucus
                                               ignored the need for tort reform. As                      Madam Speaker, I rise today in sup-                   that health care reform would sup-
                                               even as the nonpartisan Congressional                   port of H.R. 2.                                         posedly allow us to shrink five tests
                                               Budget Office estimates, tort reform                      Last year, behind closed doors and                    performed on a patient to one. That is
                                               initiatives could save approximately                    against the will of the American peo-                   simply not true. That never happened.
                                               $54 billion. I will say that the other                  ple, the Democratic majority of the                     He never said that. And at the end of
                                               side attempted to address tort reform                   111th Congress passed a bill that fun-                  the day we need to make sure that we
                                               by providing $50 million to States to                   damentally changes the doctor-patient                   are entitled to our opinions but not to
                                               consider the concept of tort reform.                    relationship. They passed a bill that                   our own facts.
                                               Here we go again. Another example of                    will increase the cost of health care                     I suspect that our colleagues on the
                                               what’s wrong with Washington, spend-                    and explode our national debt. They                     other side of the aisle are making up
                                               ing $50 million to figure out how to                    passed a bill that expands the scope of                 their own facts because their argu-
                                               save money. The American people rec-                    government well beyond the param-                       ments don’t stand on the strength of
                                               ognize Republicans have a better plan,                  eters set forth in the Constitution.                    their ideas and aren’t strong enough to
                                               one which reduces health care costs.                      The genius of our Constitution is                     stand on their own. I thought it was
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          that this document didn’t set forth                     important to clear that up, Madam
                                               time of the gentleman has expired.                      what the government must do for us,                     Speaker.
                                                 Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-                      but rather what the government can’t                      Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-
                                               er, I yield the gentleman an additional                 do to us. Requiring every individual to                 er, I yield 1 minute to the gentleman
                                               30 seconds.                                             enter into a commercial contract cer-                   from Arkansas (Mr. GRIFFIN), who is a
                                                 Mr. REED. The American people rec-                    tainly falls within the realm of what                   member of the Judiciary Committee.
                                               ognize Republicans have a better plan,                  the government can’t do to us.                            Mr. GRIFFIN of Arkansas. I thank
                                               one which reduces health care costs                       The people in my district understand                  the gentleman from Texas for his lead-
                                               and gets lawyers and bureaucrats out                    this, just as they understand that our                  ership on this issue and for yielding me
                                               of our doctors’ and nurses’ offices.                    health care system needs sensible, pa-                  this time.
                                                 Let’s repeal this bill, focus on bipar-               tient-centered reforms that will reduce                   Madam Speaker, I believe we need
                                               tisan initiatives we all agree on like                  costs and increase access. Unfortu-                     health care reform badly, but the law
                                               fixing the doughnut hole, and pass tort                 nately, the health care bill that was                   we got isn’t what we need. That is why
                                               reform legislation once and for all                     passed will increase costs and increase                 I rise today in support of H.R. 2 to re-
                                               without spending an additional $50 mil-                 our national debt. Yes, those who                       peal the current health care law. The
                                               lion. Until we do so, jobs will continue                drafted the bill tried to conceal the                   health care law provides for an in-
                                               to be lost.                                             true costs from the American people.                    creased government role and will ulti-
                                                 Mr. CONYERS. I yield 1 minute to                      But if you look beyond the accounting                   mately lead to decisions made by the
                                               the gentleman from Missouri, RUSS                       gimmicks, that bill increases our debt                  government instead of doctors and pa-
                                               CARNAHAN.                                               by $701 billion over the next 10 years.                 tients.
                                                 Mr. CARNAHAN. Madam Speaker, I                          It is time to get our country back on                   It ignores the issue of cost. It was
                                               rise in strong opposition to this bill                  the right track, and H.R. 2 is a nec-                   loaded with gimmicks to make it seem
                                               that would hurt small businesses in                     essary step to fulfilling that mission.                 deficit neutral. But once those are ac-
                                               Missouri who are finally gaining access                   Mr. CONYERS. Madam Speaker, I                         counted for, we find that it adds over
                                               to affordable coverage for their em-                    yield 2 minutes to the distinguished                    $700 billion to the deficit in the next 10
                                               ployees. Since 2010, the health care                    gentlewoman from Florida, DEBBIE                        years.
                                               coverage among small firms has in-                      WASSERMAN SCHULTZ.                                        The health care law, and especially
                                               creased by more than 12 percent. If this                  Ms.      WASSERMAN           SCHULTZ.                 the unconstitutional mandate, handi-
                                               bill passes, those small business owners                Madam Speaker, I think it is impor-                     caps our ability to grow jobs. Small
                                               will lose the tax credits that are pro-                 tant to address the notion of job kill-                 businesses will be hit hardest because
                                               viding up to 50 percent of their health                 ing versus job creating. We’ve heard a                  they operate on the tightest margins
                                               care costs. Many of them will have to                   lot of talk about the title of this bill                and will have the toughest time com-
                                               drop the very health insurance they                     and the jobs that it supposedly kills.                  plying with the onerous regulations,
                                               have just now been able to provide                      But let’s look at the facts here though.                many of which are still not written,
                                               their employees and their families.                     Of the 1.1 million private-sector jobs—                 creating uncertainty for employers.
                                                 These are real people, people like                    documented—that were created last                         We must repeal the law and replace it
                                               Michelle Barron, who owns an inde-                      year, fully 200,000 of those were in the                with one that lowers costs, preserves
                                               pendent book store in Rock Hill, Mis-                   health care sector, or one-fifth. We’ve                 the doctor-patient relationship, lets
                                               souri. She used to be able to afford cov-               actually had an average of 20,000 jobs                  Americans keep the coverage they
                                               erage for her employees, but over the                   per month created in the health care                    have, allows the private sector to cre-
                                               years couldn’t keep up. She had to drop                 sector alone over the course of the last                ate jobs and follows the Constitution.
                                               her employees and finally drop her own                  2 years.                                                  Mr. CONYERS. Madam Speaker, I
                                               coverage because of preexisting condi-                                                                          yield 1 minute to the gentleman from
                                               tions. Last year when the health care                                    b 1630                                 New Jersey, Mr. ROB ANDREWS.
                                               bill was signed into law, new options                     There have been no job losses in the                    (Mr. ANDREWS asked and was given
                                               opened up for Michelle and countless                    health care sector. None. And I chal-                   permission to revise and extend his re-
                                               small business owners like her.                         lenge our colleagues on the other side                  marks.)
                                                 But if we repeal health care, it will                 of the aisle, on the Republican side of                   Mr. ANDREWS. Madam Speaker, as
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               turn back the clock for small business                  the aisle, who are vociferously advo-                   we meet this afternoon, there are 15
                                               owners like Michelle. Insurers would be                 cating the repeal of health care reform                 million unemployed Americans. And no
                                               able to go back to denying coverage for                 on the premise that it is a job killer to               matter where you go in this country,
                                               preexisting medical conditions, and                     name one area of health care, one,                      you hear that the number one concern
                                               small business owners would lose the                    where there have been job losses. I                     of our constituents is creating an envi-
                                               tax credits that are helping make                       would suspect that we would hear                        ronment where businesses and entre-
                                               health care coverage affordable. We                     crickets chirping, because there are                    preneurs can put people back to work.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.039   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H221
                                                 So what is the House doing this                       for 16.2 percent of the gross domestic prod-            JACKSON LEE, a senior member of the
                                               week? Re-litigating, regurgitating, re-                 uct.                                                    committee.
                                               arguing a political debate about health                   Ken Klukowski, writing in POLITICO, ar-                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                                                                                       gued that ‘‘people who declined to purchase             tlewoman from Texas is recognized for
                                               care again. I believe the people of this                government-mandated insurance would not
                                               country want us to work together to                     be engaging in commercial activity, so
                                                                                                                                                               21⁄2 minutes.
                                               get jobs back in the American econ-                     there’s     no     interstate      commerce.’’
                                                                                                                                                                  Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. Mr.
                                               omy.                                                    Klukowski’s argument is flawed because the              Chairman, you are absolutely right.
                                                 The Republicans offer us a slogan, a                  Supreme Court never has said that the com-              This is a constitutional question that
                                               job killing health care bill. What kills                merce power is limited to regulating those              has been raised, and as I came to the
                                               jobs is paralysis in Congress. What                     who are engaged in commercial activity.                 floor earlier, I mentioned my prede-
                                               kills jobs is ignoring the economic                       Quite the contrary: The court has said that           cessor, Congresswoman Jordan, who
                                                                                                       Congress can use its commerce power to for-             believed in this Constitution without
                                               problems of this country. ‘‘No’’ is not                 bid hotels and restaurants from discrimi-
                                               simply the right vote on the merits,                                                                            question. I mentioned the 14th Amend-
                                                                                                       nating based on race, even though their con-
                                               it’s the right vote because this is the                                                                         ment. I now mention the Fifth Amend-
                                                                                                       duct was refusing to engage in commercial
                                               wrong bill at the wrong time.                           activity. Likewise, the court has said that             ment.
                                                 Mr. SMITH of Texas. Madam Speak-                      Congress can regulate the growing of mari-                 First of all the commerce clause cov-
                                               er, I only have one more speaker on                     juana for personal medicinal use, even if the           ers this bill, but the Fifth Amendment
                                               this side and I am prepared to close.                   person being punished never engaged in any              speaks specifically to denying someone
                                                 Mr. CONYERS. How much time have                       commercial activity.                                    their life and liberty without due proc-
                                                                                                         Under an unbroken line of precedents                  ess. That is what H.R. 2 does, and I rise
                                               we remaining, Madam Speaker?                            stretching back 70 years, Congress has the              in opposition to it. And I rise in opposi-
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     power to regulate activities that, taken cu-            tion because it is important that we
                                               tleman from Michigan has 31⁄2 minutes                   mulatively, have a substantial effect on                preserve lives and we recognize that 40
                                               remaining, and the gentleman from                       interstate commerce. People not purchasing
                                                                                                                                                               million plus are uninsured.
                                               Texas has 13⁄4 minutes remaining.                       health insurance unquestionably has this ef-
                                                                                                                                                                  In my own county, Harris County,
                                                 Mr. CONYERS. Madam Speaker, I                         fect.
                                                                                                         There is a substantial likelihood that ev-            this bill will allow some 800,000 unin-
                                               yield myself 1 minute.                                                                                          sured members of Harris County, citi-
                                                                                                       eryone will need medical care at some point.
                                                 Because this is the Judiciary Com-                                                                            zens of Harris County, to be insured in
                                                                                                       A person with a communicable disease will
                                               mittee and so little has been said about                be treated whether or not he or she is in-              Texas. In addition, the Texas Depart-
                                               the constitutionality, I am pleased to                  sured. A person in an automobile accident               ment of Insurance, as many other
                                               quote from the dean of the law school                   will be rushed to the hospital for treatment,           States, have already begun imple-
                                               of the University of California, Erwin                  whether or not he or she is insured. Congress           menting this bill, the patient protec-
                                               Chemerinsky, who said that opposing                     would simply be requiring everyone to be in-
                                                                                                                                                               tion bill, gladly so, and saying it will
                                               health care reform and relying on an                    sured to cover their potential costs to the
                                                                                                       system.                                                 help save lives and provide for the fam-
                                               argument that it is unconstitutional is                                                                         ilies of their States.
                                                                                                         Congress also could justify this as an exer-
                                               an inadequate way to proceed.                                                                                      Can you tell me what is more uncon-
                                                                                                       cise of its taxing and spending power. Con-
                                                 Somebody here must remember that                      gress can require the purchase of health in-            stitutional than taking away from the
                                               there is Medicare, Medicaid, Social Se-                 surance and then tax those who do not do so             people of America their Fifth Amend-
                                               curity. Please, this is not new that the                in order to pay their costs to the system.              ment rights, their 14th Amendment
                                               government would be intervening in                      This is similar to Social Security taxes,               rights, and the right to equal protec-
                                               this way. Maybe we need to revise and                   which everyone pays to cover the costs of               tion under the law? I know that Mr.
                                               revisit the questions of constitu-                      the Social Security system. Since the 1930s,            Land, who suffers from schizophrenia
                                               tionality.                                              the Supreme Court has accorded Congress
                                                                                                       broad powers to tax and spend for the gen-
                                                                                                                                                               with his family; Ms. Betty, who had to
                                                        [From POLITICO, Oct. 23, 2009]                 eral welfare and has left it to Congress to de-         go to the ER room in Texas because of
                                                  HEALTH CARE REFORM IS CONSTITUTIONAL                 termine this.                                           no insurance; Mrs. Smith who was on
                                                           (By Erwin Chemerinsky)                        Nor is there any basis for arguing that an            dialysis; or Mrs. Fields whose mother
                                                 Those opposing health care reform are in-             insurance requirement violates individual               couldn’t get dental care, I know they
                                               creasingly relying on an argument that has              liberties. No constitutionally protected free-          would question why we’re taking away
                                               no legal merit: that the health care reform             dom is infringed. There is no right to not              their rights.
                                               legislation would be unconstitutional. There            have insurance. Most states now require                    Today we stand before this body, we
                                               is, of course, much to debate about how to              automobile insurance as a condition for driv-           beg of them to ask themselves whether
                                               best reform America’s health care system.
                                                                                                         Since the 19th century, the Supreme Court
                                                                                                                                                               this is all about politics or about the
                                               But there is no doubt that bills passed by                                                                      American people. I am prepared to ex-
                                               House and Senate committees are constitu-               has consistently held that a tax cannot be
                                                                                                       challenged as an impermissible take of pri-             tend a hand of friendship, standing on
                                               tional.                                                                                                         the Constitution, to enable us to pro-
                                                 Some who object to the health care pro-               vate property for public use without just
                                               posals claim that they are beyond the scope             compensation. All taxes are a taking of pri-            vide for all of the citizens of this coun-
                                               of congressional powers. Specifically, they             vate property for public use, but no tax has            try.
                                               argue that Congress lacks the authority to              ever been invalidated on that basis.                       This bill has been vetted, this bill is
                                                                                                         Since the late 1930s, the Supreme Court               constitutional, and it protects the con-
                                               compel people to purchase health insurance
                                                                                                       has ruled that government economic regula-              stitutional rights of those who ask the
                                               or pay a tax or a fine.
                                                                                                       tions, including taxes, are to be upheld as
                                                 Congress clearly could do this under its                                                                      question: Must I die, must my child die
                                                                                                       long as they are reasonable. Virtually all
                                               power pursuant to Article I, Section 8 of the                                                                   because I am now disallowed from get-
                                                                                                       economic regulations and taxes have been
                                               Constitution to regulate commerce among                                                                         ting insurance? To our seniors, there
                                                                                                       found to meet this standard for more than 70
                                               the states. The Supreme Court has held that                                                                     are no death panels. This is about your
                                                                                                       years. There is thus no realistic chance that
                                               this includes authority to regulate activities
                                                                                                       the mandate for health insurance would be               primary care doctor. This is about clos-
                                               that have a substantial effect on interstate
                                               commerce. In the area of economic activi-
                                                                                                       invalidated for denying due process or equal            ing the doughnut hole that will allow
                                                                                                       protection.                                             you to be able to get discounts on your
                                               ties, ‘‘substantial effect’’ can be found based
                                                                                                         Those who object to the health care pro-              prescription drugs that some of you
                                               on the cumulative impact of the activity
                                                                                                       posals on constitutional grounds are making             have avoided because you have to pay
                                               across the country. For example, a few years
                                                                                                       an argument that has no basis in the law.
                                               ago, the Supreme Court held that Congress                                                                       your rent and you have to buy your
                                                                                                       They are invoking the rhetorical power of
                                               could use its commerce clause authority to                                                                      food.
                                                                                                       the Constitution to support their opposition
                                               prohibit individuals from cultivating and                                                                          Texas, a big State, has already said
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                                                       to health care reform, but the law is clear
                                               possessing small amounts of marijuana for                                                                       through a governmental agency, we
                                                                                                       that Congress constitutionally has the power
                                               personal medicinal use because marijuana is                                                                     need this bill. And we hope that those
                                                                                                       to do so. There is much to argue about in the
                                               bought and sold in interstate commerce.
                                                                                                       debate over health care reform, but constitu-           who come from our State and many
                                                 The relationship between health care cov-
                                                                                                       tionality is not among the hard questions to            other States will not vote against the
                                               erage and the national economy is even
                                                                                                       consider.                                               protection of patients. Vote against
                                               stronger and more readily apparent. In 2007,
                                               health care expenditures amounted to $2.2                 I yield the balance of my time to the                 H.R. 2 and provide yourself with the
                                               trillion, or $7,421 per person, and accounted           gentlewoman from Texas, Ms. SHEILA                      protection of the Constitution.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.045   H18JAPT1
                                               H222                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                       January 18, 2011
                                                  Madam Speaker, I stand in strong opposi-                The repeal would eliminate tax credits for              In 2007, only 49 percent of African-Ameri-
                                               tion to the Patient’s Rights Repeal Act. As a           small businesses. The health reform law pro-            cans in comparison to 66 percent of non-His-
                                               Member of Congress I take seriously my re-              vides tax credits to small businesses worth up          panic whites used employer-sponsored health
                                               sponsibility and sworn oath to serve my con-            to 35 percent of the cost of providing health           insurance, according to the Department of
                                               stituents and improve the lives of all citizens of      insurance. There are up to 14,600 small busi-           Health and Human Services. During the same
                                               this country for the better.                            nesses in my district, small businesses that            year, 19.5 percent of African-Americans in
                                                  The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S.                 are eligible for this tax credit. This repeal           comparison to 10.4 percent of non-Hispanic
                                               Constitution states that, ‘‘No State shall make         would force these small businesses to drop              whites were uninsured.
                                               or enforce any law which shall abridge the              coverage or bear the full costs of coverage                Hispanics have the highest uninsured rates
                                               privileges or immunities of citizens of the             themselves.                                             of any racial or ethnic group within the United
                                               United States; nor shall any State deprive any             The repeal would increase retiree health             States. In 2004, the Centers for Disease Con-
                                               person of life, liberty, or property, without due       care costs for employers. The health reform             trol and Prevention reported that private insur-
                                               process of law; nor deny to any person within           law provides funding to encourage employers             ance coverage among Hispanic subgroups
                                               its jurisdiction the equal protection of the            to continue to provide health insurance for             varied as follows: 39.1 percent of Mexicans,
                                               laws.’’                                                 their retirees. As many as 5,500 district resi-         47.3 percent of Puerto Ricans, 57.9 percent of
                                                  The last portion of this amendment, com-             dents who have retired but are not yet eligible         Cubans, and 45.1 percent of other Hispanic
                                               monly called the Equal Protection Clause, is            for Medicare could ultimately benefit from this         and Latino groups.
                                               one of the most important portions of the Con-          early retiree assistance.                                  Health care reform also is critical to ensure
                                               stitution, which was added after the Civil War             The repeal would increase costs for employ-          that women have access to affordable health
                                               and was the basis for most of the civil rights          ers and jeopardize the coverage their retirees          care coverage. An estimated 64 million
                                               decisions that transformed this country. Fur-           are receiving. The repeal would increase the            women do not have adequate health insur-
                                               thermore, many of the legal arguments for de-           cost of uncompensated care born by hospitals.           ance coverage. About 1.7 million women have
                                               manding medical treatment have also rested              The Health Reform Law benefits hospitals by             lost their health insurance coverage since the
                                               on this clause, which the U.S. Supreme Court            covering more Americans and thereby reduc-              beginning of the economic downturn. Nearly
                                               relied on in its Roe v. Wade decision. Repeal-          ing the cost of providing care to the uninsured.        two-thirds lost coverage because of their
                                               ing the healthcare reform we enacted last year             The repeal would undo this benefit, increas-         spouse’s job loss. And nearly 39 percent of all
                                               would be a violation of the Equal Protection            ing the cost of uncompensated care by $27               low-income women lack health insurance cov-
                                               Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S.                million annually for hospitals in my district.          erage. Women also are more likely to deplete
                                               Constitution since it would be abridging the               As evidenced in the recent elections, the            their savings accounts paying medical bills
                                               fundamental right of U.S. citizens to have              public has indicated they want less spending            than men because they are more likely to be
                                               health care and would be denying them the               and a balanced budget. The Congressional                poor. This bill gives women access to the
                                               equal protection under the law guaranteed to            Budget Office estimates the budget will be              health care that they need and deserve.
                                               them by the 14th Amendment.                             negatively impacted to the tune of $230 billion            Health care reform is a critical step in help-
                                                  Furthermore, even the Founding Fathers               dollars over a 10 year period if healthcare re-         ing to reduce such health disparities. Are we
                                               more than two centuries ago emphasized the              form is repealed. Additionally, more than four          now telling the American public we will not?
                                               fundamental importance of good health.                  million small businesses would lose health in-             Lower costs for minority families and all
                                               Thomas Jefferson stated that, ‘‘Without health          surance tax credits as a result of repeal, and          Americans should forget about preventive care
                                               there is no happiness. And attention to health,         the cost of offering employer-based health in-          for better health.
                                               then, should take the place of every other ob-          surance could increase by more than $3,000                 Racial and ethnic minorities are often less
                                               ject . . . The most uninformed mind, with a             annually, according to the U.S. Public Interest         likely to receive preventive care. Vietnamese
                                               healthy body, is happier than the wisest val-           Research Group.                                         women, for example, are half as likely to re-
                                               etudinarian.’’                                             As a Congress we have continued to debate            ceive a pap smear, and twice as likely to die
                                                  I urge President Obama that should any re-           this issue for decades without resolve. The un-         from cervical cancer as are whites. Obesity
                                               peal of any beneficial portion of the Patient           insured, the underserved, vulnerable and mi-            rates are also high among certain minority
                                               Protection and Affordable Care Act come to              nority communities are particularly at risk. Lest       groups. By ensuring all Americans have ac-
                                               his desk, he should utilize his presidential pre-       we forget—in 1999 we asked the Institute of             cess to preventive care and by investing in
                                               rogative to veto this legislation which would           Medicine—the        independent      organization       public health, health insurance reform will
                                               harm the fundamental rights of Americans.               whose reports are considered the gold stand-            work to create a system that prevents illness
                                                  As health care reform takes a particularly           ard for health care policymakers—to inves-              and disease instead of just treating it when it’s
                                               partisan tone, this Nation, as of January 2011,         tigate disparities in health and health care            too late and costs more. Are we telling the citi-
                                               still has more than 20 million Americans ac-            among racial and ethnic minorities. The results         zens of this country that we will not?
                                               cording to the U.S. Census Bureau who live              were damning: the ensuing study, Unequal                   Make health care accessible to everyone.
                                               without health insurance.                               Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Dis-              African Americans, Hispanics, and Native
                                                  To my colleagues across the aisle, have              parities in Health Care, found that minorities          Americans are roughly twice as likely to be
                                               you truly considered what this repeal would             had poorer health and were consistently re-             uninsured as the rest of the population. By
                                               mean and who this would affect? Sadly to say,           ceiving lower-quality health care even when             providing health insurance choices to all
                                               in my district, the 18th Congressional District         factors such as insurance status and income             Americans and providing premium assistance
                                               of Houston, Texas, the repeal would be dev-             weren’t involved.                                       to make it affordable, health insurance reform
                                               astating. To highlight a few major effects of              As stated by Newsweek, minorities and the            significantly reduces disparities in accessing
                                               the repeal for my district, please listen as I ex-      underserved were less likely to get lifesaving          the best quality for health. We will you tell
                                               plain several devastating changes to health             heart medications, bypass surgery, dialysis, or         your constituents that you will not:
                                               care coverage that a number of populations              kidney transplants. They were more likely to               Control chronic disease and promote pri-
                                               throughout the 18th Congressional District of           get their feet and legs amputated as a treat-           mary care.
                                               Houston, Texas, will face.                              ment for late-stage diabetes.—Mary Car-                    Nearly half of African Americans suffer from
                                                  The repeal would increase drug costs for             michael, The Great Divide, Newsweek, Feb-               a chronic disease, compared with 40 percent
                                               seniors. There are 5,300 Medicare bene-                 ruary 15, 2010.                                         of the general population. Chronic illness is
                                               ficiaries in my district who are expected to               In our current system, most people do not            growing in other minority communities as well.
                                               benefit from these provisions. Repeal would             choose to be uninsured but are priced out of            Health insurance reform is slated to include a
                                               increase the average cost of prescription               insurance. These people cannot, as free mar-            number of programs to prevent and control
                                               drugs for these Medicare beneficiaries by over          ket proponents often argue, ‘‘pull themselves           chronic disease, including incentives to pro-
                                               $500 in 2011 and by over $3,000 in 2020.                up by their bootstraps.’’ Instead, they and their       vide medical homes and chronic disease man-
                                                  The repeal would deny seniors new preven-            families are too often cyclically and system-           agement pilots in Medicare. By investing in the
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               tive and wellness care improving primary and            ically trapped in their economic situation. As a        primary care workforce (including scholarships
                                               coordinated care, and enhancing nursing                 result, minority communities suffer grave               and grants to increase diversity in health pro-
                                               home care.                                              health disparities that would otherwise be lim-         fessions), health reform will make sure that all
                                                  The repeal would eliminate these benefits            ited but for lack of access to affordable and           Americans have access to a primary care doc-
                                               for 70,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the district       quality care. What is the price for improving           tor and strengthen the system of safety-net
                                               and cause the Medicare trust fund to become             the life expectancy of millions of Americans of         hospitals and community health centers to en-
                                               insolvent in just six years.                            all ages?                                               sure accessible care.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00018   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.012   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                         H223
                                                  The people of my home State of Texas, in             Medicare and Medicaid fraud and would pre-              and Medicaid, two programs upon which mil-
                                               particular, with 6 million uninsured persons,           vent the abuse of activities below the level            lions of Americans depend.
                                               and 26 percent uninsured in my district, have           that would be provided under Title VI and                   This particular amendment was essential to
                                               been hit especially hard when it comes to lack          Subtitle F of Title X of the Patient Protection         hold State and local partners, beneficiaries,
                                               of access to quality, affordable care. Many             and Affordable Care Act and Sections 1106               providers, and others accountable to their pa-
                                               Americans continue to be forced from their              and Subtitle D of Title I of the Health Care and        tients and communities and ensure these new
                                               health care plans due to decisions by insur-            Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, Public            policies are used in an effective manner to
                                               ance companies that consider profit over peo-           Law 111–152.                                            yield the best possible outcome.
                                               ple.                                                       My amendment stated that this repeal shall               Regarding community health centers, I of-
                                                  So how do the million plus Houston resi-             not take effect unless and until the Director of        fered an amendment that would prevent Sec-
                                               dents without an insurance company get                  Office of Management and Budget in collabo-             tion 2 of House Bill H.R. 2 from taking effect
                                               health care—the emergency room, ER! Emer-               ration with the Director of the Congressional           unless and until the Director of the Office of
                                               gency rooms have become the health care                 Budget Office certifies to Congress that this           Management and Budget, in consultation with
                                               providers of last resort for well over 100 mil-         repeal will not result in any decrease in Medi-         the Director of the Congressional Budget Of-
                                               lion Americans annually.                                care and Medicaid fraud and abuse prevention            fice, certifies to Congress that the repeal of
                                                  Will we allow this trend to continue? Over a         activities below the level provided in the Pa-          the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
                                               10 year period from 1994 to 2004, ER visits             tient Protection and Affordable Care Act.               (Public Law 111–148) will not result in an
                                               on a national level saw an 18 percent jump,                Health care fraud and abuse has been a na-           elimination of any increased funding to com-
                                               according to the Centers for Disease Control            tional problem, prevalent in Federal, State and         munity health centers provided under the Pa-
                                               and Prevention. Emergency rooms in Houston              private insurance programs, costing this Na-            tient Protection and Affordable Care Act or the
                                               hospitals are routinely overcrowded as over-            tion billions of dollars each year. Fraud can re-       Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act
                                               used as throngs flock seeking care for ail-             sult in improper payments, but it is not the            of 2010 and will not result in any decrease in
                                               ments that may range from a heart attack or             only cause of wasteful spending in Federal              the number of community health centers, and
                                               gunshot wound to an ear infection or tooth-             health care programs. Payments for unneces-             will not otherwise disallow further expansions
                                               ache. ER overcrowding is so bad in the Hous-            sary medical services, for claims with insuffi-         of community healthcare centers.
                                               ton area, that patients have called 911 from            cient documentation, for ineligible patients and            It is important to protect the historic
                                               one ER to get to another, according to one re-          to ineligible providers, are examples of im-            healthcare legislation which we fought so hard
                                               port. When the President signed the health              proper expenditures that waste taxpayer dol-            to enact in order to provide the accessible, af-
                                               care bill into law, he ensured that Americans           lars and drive up health care costs. Fraud and          fordable and quality healthcare that all Ameri-
                                               who have been flocking to emergency rooms               abuse account for one-fifth, an estimated $125          cans deserve and so many Americans receive
                                               for primary care will have another option—af-           to $175 billion of that waste. This is stag-            through community healthcare centers.
                                               fordable and accessible health care.                    gering.                                                     Community health centers are poised to
                                                  Repealing the health act is not in the best             Continuing to uncover fraud and abuse will           play a vital role in the implementation of the
                                               interest of Americans. Health is not partisan           assist in covering the costs of health reform,          Affordable Care Act and emphasize coordi-
                                               and we should not treat it as such. Will we tell        allowing us to keep the services so many                nated primary and preventive services. These
                                               the citizens of this great Nation, we will not?         Americans rely upon, while reducing the def-            centers also provide preventive services. Rou-
                                                  Bar insurance companies from discrimi-               icit. The Congressional Budget Office esti-             tine health care that includes screenings,
                                               nating based on pre-existing conditions, health         mates that every $1 invested to fight fraud             check-ups, and patient counseling to prevent
                                               status, and gender; create health insurance             yields approximately $1.75 in savings.                  illnesses, disease, or other health problems.
                                               exchanges—competitive marketplaces where                Through FY 2009, the Department of Justice’s                Offer a medical home to the most vulner-
                                               individuals and small business can buy afford-          civil division and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices have         able and medically underserved—low-income
                                               able health care coverage in a manner similar           recovered nearly $16 billion in matters alleging        individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, rural
                                               to that of big businesses today; offer premium          fraud against government health care pro-               communities and other underserved popu-
                                               tax credits and cost-sharing assistance to low          grams.                                                  lations to address and reduce health dispari-
                                               and middle income Americans, providing fami-               As we look to make non-partisan decisions            ties.
                                               lies and small businesses with the largest tax          that will benefit the American people and guar-             Community health centers continue to show
                                               cut for health care in history; insure access to        antee fair and equitable health care coverage,          their ability to manage patients with multiple
                                               immediate relief for uninsured Americans with           the Obama administration has taken steps to             health care needs, and implement key quality
                                               pre-existing conditions on the brink of medical         significantly improve oversight of the Medicare         improvement practices, including health infor-
                                               bankruptcy; invest substantially in community           Part C and Part D programs. These steps                 mation technology.
                                               health centers to expand access to health               have sought to tailor interventions towards the             For more than forty years, health centers
                                               care in communities where it is needed most;            areas where fraud and abuse are the greatest.           have delivered quality, comprehensive preven-
                                               empower the Department of Health and                    Efforts have been implemented to invest in              tive and primary care to patients regardless of
                                               Human Services and State insurance commis-              critical data infrastructure, enhanced field op-        their ability to pay. With a proven track record
                                               sioners to conduct annual reviews of new                erations at Centers for Medicaid and Medicare           of success, and the advent of 350 new com-
                                               plans demanding unjustified, egregious pre-             Services, the Office of Inspector General, and          munity health care centers being established
                                               mium increases; expand eligibility for Medicaid         Department of Justice, and initiated new ef-            in fiscal year 2011, a repeal of the Affordable
                                               to include all non-elderly Americans with in-           forts to reduce improper payments.                      Care Act will threaten the very fabric of this
                                               come below 133 percent of the federal poverty              On July 2010, U.S. Health and Human                  Nation’s health care system. Currently, more
                                               level (FPL); replace the so-called ‘‘cornhusker’’       Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius and               than 1,100 community health centers operate
                                               deal with fair assistance for all States to help        U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder launched a           7,900 service delivery sites and provide care
                                               cover the costs of these new Medicaid popu-             series of regional health care fraud prevention         to nearly 19 million patients in every state, the
                                               lations; maintain current funding levels for the        summits. These summits brought together a               District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Vir-
                                               Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)              range of Federal, State and local partners,             gin Islands, and the Pacific Basin.
                                               for an additional two years, through fiscal year        beneficiaries, providers, and other interested              The Affordable Healthcare Act included en-
                                               2015; and increase payments to primary care             parties to discuss innovative ways to eliminate         hanced funding for operations and start-ups of
                                               doctors in Medicaid.                                    fraud within our U.S. health care system.               federally qualified health centers in the Harris
                                                  Increased costs for families and business in         Tools contained in the Affordable Care Act              County Hospital district, which is in the 18th
                                               the current economy cannot be best for the              serve to safeguard taxpayer dollars and en-             Congressional District of Texas, my home dis-
                                               Nation. Before we rush headlong toward re-              sure health care coverage for seniors, families         trict, thereby increasing the availability of pri-
                                               peal, we must consider the consequences and             and children are secure.                                mary health care and preventive health care
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               look for solutions that hold down costs, not in-           The Nation’s health care system has been             services. The Affordable Healthcare Act also
                                               crease them. In opposition to H.R. 2, I offered         victimized by health care fraud perpetrators            provided funding for and policy direction to in-
                                               several amendments to protect the millions of           whose objective is to line their pockets at the         crease the number of primary care providers
                                               Americans who are at risk of the legislation            expense of the American taxpayer, patients,             in the Harris County Hospital district and the
                                               that is before the body of Congress today.              and private insurers. This not only drives up           state of Texas, inclusive of physicians and
                                               Specifically, my amendments would amend                 costs for everyone in the health care system,           physician extenders (advanced nurse practi-
                                               the legislation to make no further reduction in         it cripples the long term solvency of Medicare          tioners).

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00019   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.016   H18JAPT1
                                               H224                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 18, 2011
                                                  The Affordable Healthcare Act also directed          local employment and economic growth in                 to live without healthcare. No American citizen
                                               states to increase provider payment rates to            many underserved and low-income commu-                  should have to face a decision of whether to
                                               physicians in the Medicaid program. This is             nities. In 2009, community health centers               buy food or pay healthcare premiums. Putting
                                               significant in that rates are so low in Texas           across the Nation provided more than $11 bil-           a face to healthcare is recognizing Iris Wil-
                                               many physicians are unwilling to take Med-              lion in operating expenditures directly into their      liams from Houston, Texas.
                                               icaid patients.                                         local economies. Community health centers                  For many mothers, finding a good doctor for
                                                  According to the Texas Health and Human              employ more than 9,100 physicians and more              their children can be quite difficult, especially
                                               Services Commission Study, there are cur-               than 5,700 nurse practitioners, physician as-           if they don’t have health insurance. When the
                                               rently 1.1 million uninsured in Harris County,          sistants, and certified nurse midwives to treat         child has fears of going to the doctor, the dif-
                                               Texas. Full implementation of health care re-           patients through culturally competent, quality          ficulty only worsens.
                                               form would reduce that number to a little over          and integrated care.                                       Iris Williams first brought her son, Simon, to
                                               390,000. That represents a 65 percent reduc-               And lastly, I offered an amendment that              Legacy Community Health Services in 2007.
                                               tion in the number of uninsured residents. Di-          would be essential to an unprecedented op-              As a resident in the surrounding area, Iris
                                               minished access to primary and preventive               portunity to serve more patients, retain exist-         liked the convenience of Legacy’s Community
                                               health care services that in turn will lead to a        ing and support new jobs, meet the significant          Health Center on Lyons Avenue in the heart of
                                               moreover use of acute care hospital inpatient           increase in demand for primary health care              her neighborhood. When she found out Leg-
                                               services and emergency center encounters at             services among the nation’s uninsured and               acy offered school physicals, even to those
                                               much higher costs to county taxpayers and               underserved populations and address essen-              without health insurance, she was thrilled.
                                               higher Medicaid per capita expenditures for             tial construction, renovation, and equipment               ‘‘My son had a bad experience with a doctor
                                               the state and Federal government. Without re-           and health information technology systems               when he was younger and did not like going
                                               form, cuts to the Medicare and Medicaid pro-            needs in community health centers. I cannot             to the doctor,’’ Iris sighed. ‘‘But Legacy was
                                               gram will put a greater strain on existing safe-        turn my back and shut the door on the con-              able to schedule a physical for Simon within
                                               ty net providers and local tax payers. Without          stituents I represent in securing accessible, af-       the week, and I was told it would only cost
                                               expanded care and insurance reforms, people             fordable and quality healthcare services in my          $45.’’
                                               will not have access to affordable, lower cost          Congressional district.                                    Now that Iris had an appointment for her
                                               health care services.                                      If the Healthcare Repeal Bill were to pass,          son at an affordable cost, she only had to
                                                  Specifically, in my Congressional district, the      this amendment would ensure that insurance              worry about whether Simon would like the
                                               South Central Houston Community Health                  rates do not increase from those rates that
                                               Center has been serving the Houston commu-              would have applied if the law is left intact.              ‘‘I just love Dr. Levine, he is so kind and
                                               nity since 1994 and has locations in the Sun-              Health care reform is something that people
                                                                                                                                                               wonderful,’’ Iris continued, ‘‘he not only made
                                               nyside and Third Wards areas of Houston. By             have fought for fervently for years, and it
                                                                                                                                                               my son feel at ease but he also treated him
                                               being the oldest, Federally qualified health            would be a great disservice to the American
                                                                                                                                                               like a young man. That made us both feel
                                               center in the city of Houston, the community            people if the health care law were repealed as
                                               health center has grown to receive over 1.2                                                                     really good.’’
                                                                                                       a result of politics. The Patient Protection and
                                                                                                                                                                  This past summer Simon hurt his finger at
                                               million in annual Federal funds, which is in-           Affordable Care Act insure access to quality,
                                                                                                                                                               a summer program. Iris had to take him to the
                                               strumental in providing quality health care to          affordable healthcare for all Americans. It also
                                                                                                                                                               emergency room to get his fingernail removed.
                                               the medically underserved, uninsured, and               makes necessary changes that will make our
                                               underinsured people of the greater Houston                                                                      For his follow-up care Iris sought out Legacy
                                                                                                       system of health care more efficient. Children
                                               area. The South Central Houston Community               are allowed to stay on their parents’ health in-        to clean the wound and make sure it was
                                               Health Center has made tremendous progress              surance until the age of twenty-six. Patients           healing properly.
                                                                                                                                                                  ‘‘Again the staff at Legacy was great and
                                               towards eliminating healthcare disparities and          cannot be refused health insurance coverage
                                               increasing access to healthcare services to                                                                     the finger is healing nicely,’’ Iris glowed. ‘‘I am
                                                                                                       because of pre-existing conditions. Insurance
                                               the Houston community.                                                                                          so glad Legacy had a doctor to care for him
                                                                                                       premiums were lowered and mechanisms are
                                                  The Legacy Community Health Center in my                                                                     after the visit to the ER.’’
                                                                                                       in place to avoid them getting any higher. Re-
                                               Congressional district has also benefitted                                                                         When people in Iris’s neighborhood ask her
                                                                                                       pealing health care reform would reverse all of
                                               greatly from the Affordable Healthcare Act.                                                                     where to go for quality and affordable
                                                                                                       this good that has been done.
                                               The Legacy Community Health Center is a                    However, if the Patient Protection and Af-           healthcare, Iris doesn’t hesitate to refer them
                                               full-service, community health center that pro-         fordable Care Act is repealed, it is important          to Legacy. She knows they will get great care.
                                               vides comprehensive, primary healthcare serv-           that certain provisions of the law remain intact.       Iris stated, ‘‘it gives me great satisfaction
                                               ices to all Houstonians in a culturally sensitive,      For aforementioned reasons, I urge my col-              knowing that Legacy is here for all of us and
                                               judgment-free and confidential environment.             leagues to reason with the American people              will take care of our health care needs.’’
                                               Legacy has specialized in HIV/AIDS testing,             and provide an opportunity for every American           Madam Speaker, what do you expect I say to
                                               education, treatment and social services since          in every state to receive affordable and quality        constituents similar to Iris Williams?
                                               the early 1980’s. They also provide care for            healthcare. If the Healthcare Law is repealed              Madam Speaker, before the Healthcare Re-
                                               other chronic health conditions like diabetes           without the inclusion of my amendment, that             form Bill passed, the need for more efficient
                                               and high blood pressure disparately impacting           would ensure that insurance rates do not in-            healthcare was dire, especially within my
                                               minorities. Generous financial support from in-         crease from those rates that would have ap-             home State of Texas. One in four Texans,
                                               dividuals, businesses and charitable founda-            plied if the law is left intact, we are left great      about 5.7 million people, or 24.5 percent of
                                               tions allows Legacy to provide no-cost or low-          potential for health insurance rates to rise,           the State’s population, had no health insur-
                                               cost healthcare services to over 30,000 men,            much like they did in the past, to levels which         ance coverage. An estimated 1,339,550 Texas
                                               women and children each year.                           make coverage inaccessible and unaffordable             children—20.2 percent of Texas children—
                                                  The Good Neighbor Healthcare Center also             for many Americans.                                     were uninsured. According to the U.S. Census
                                               in my Congressional district offers a wide                 Before the Healthcare Reform Bill was                Bureau, Texas had the Nation’s highest per-
                                               array of services to families living in the great-      signed into law, increasing healthcare costs            centage of uninsured residents. This posed
                                               er Houston area. Services include primary               were crushing the budgets of families and               consequences for every person, business, and
                                               health care, dental care, optometry, and be-            American businesses, making us less com-                local government in the State who were forced
                                               havioral health services. Good Neighbor                 petitive in the ever growing global market,             to bear extra costs to pay for uncompensated
                                               Healthcare Center has a special mission to              placing Medicare and Medicaid in serious dan-           care. If the Patient Protection and Affordable
                                               the community that goes right to the heart of           ger, damaging our long-term fiscal stability,           Care Act is repealed, Texas, like many other
                                               providing quality, accessible primary health            and worse of all, causing Americans to con-             States, runs the risk of a reoccurrence of sta-
                                               care and dental care to those in need. Good             tinue to go without basic health care coverage.         tistics such as these.
                                               Neighbor Healthcare Center serves patients              This broken health care system was driving up              Over the years, I have had the opportunity
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               from virtually every zip code in Harris County,         health care costs and weakening our econ-               to meet with health care providers who have
                                               and the diverse staff is ready to assist patients       omy. Minorities in general were more in dan-            been on the front lines of health care debates
                                               with all of their health care needs. Good               ger of being uninsured and falling victim to fre-       from day one. It is no surprise that they enthu-
                                               Neighbor Healthcare Center assists patients in          quent emergency visits, increasing debt that            siastically endorsed healthcare reform, and
                                               Spanish or English as needed as well.                   leads to bankruptcy, and premature death.               many are still holding out hope for progressive
                                                  Community health centers are an integral                Without healthcare reform, a devastating             changes to the current healthcare laws as we
                                               part of our communities providing a source of           number of citizens would have had to continue           move forward in this new Congress. These

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00020   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.021   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                 H225
                                               health professionals have seen the pain and               I rise today in support of H.R. 2, leg-               own admission, the other side acknowl-
                                               frustration of hardworking Americans who                islation to repeal the job-destroying                   edges this legislation is going nowhere.
                                               faced financial collapse, physical suffering,           health care law that was rushed                           It is ironic this grandstanding occurs
                                               and sometimes the loss of their life simply be-         through Congress last year. The Amer-                   when health insurance continues to be
                                               cause they did not have decent health care              ican people have repeatedly voiced                      a top challenge facing small busi-
                                               coverage. The repeal of healthcare reform               their frustration over the way the                      nesses. Over the last decade, small em-
                                               could lead our Nation back down a similar               health care law put the government be-                  ployers have seen their premiums rise
                                               path, and I am confident that no health care            tween patients and their doctors. They                  by over 114 percent with no sign of re-
                                               professionals, nor I, or any of my colleagues           have protested this law’s outrageous                    lief. It is hard to imagine how repeal
                                               would want to see situations like that reoccur.         Federal mandates and high taxes. They                   will help small businesses. In fact, it
                                                  The late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan,               have demanded that reform of our Na-                    could do significant harm. The bill be-
                                               who once held the seat that I so proudly and            tion’s health care system focus not on                  fore us today imposes a $40 billion tax
                                               humbly hold today said, ‘‘What the people               bigger government, not on more bu-                      increase by eliminating critical small
                                               want is very simple. They want an America as            reaucrats, but on targeted, common-                     business tax credits. These have al-
                                               good as its promise.’’ These words resonate in          sense changes that encourage competi-                   ready helped reduce costs and in-
                                               our time and the American people only ask for           tion and better choices.                                creased coverage rates by nearly 12 per-
                                               simple things. Therefore, I and my fellow col-            But instead of listening to the peo-                  cent in the past year.
                                               leagues are striving to maintain something we           ple, Washington gave them a law that                      Repeal would also eliminate choices
                                               fought for tirelessly for years and were finally        piles more than $500 billion in tax in-                 for entrepreneurs. Currently, in the
                                               able to secure in the last Congress—the ability                                                                 majority of States, the two largest in-
                                                                                                       creases on families and small busi-
                                               to provide all Americans with affordable and                                                                    surers had a combined market share of
                                                                                                       nesses. This law will force as much as
                                               accessible healthcare.
                                                                                                       80 percent of all small businesses to                   70 percent or more. By doing away with
                                                  For these reasons, I urge my colleagues to
                                               allow their conscious to recognize the greater          give up their current coverage and                      reforms that establish new health in-
                                               need to work across the aisles with one an-             could cost our economy 1.6 million                      surance markets, it will limit small
                                               other and strengthen our healthcare system to           jobs, 1 million of which could come                     businesses’ ability to secure coverage.
                                               one day provide universal healthcare for all            from small businesses.                                    Small businesses already pay 20 per-
                                               Americans. Again, I am in opposition of H.R.              All of these new regulations and re-                  cent more than their corporate coun-
                                               2.                                                      strictions included in the law will                     terparts, and the loss of new safeguards
                                                  Mr. SMITH of Texas. I yield myself                   make it more difficult for small busi-                  will compound this problem. Because
                                               the balance of my time.                                 nesses to hire new workers, expand                      of health reform, insurers are no longer
                                                  Madam Speaker, the Democrats’                        their operations, and offer competitive                 able to raise rates arbitrarily without
                                               health care bill squanders health care                  wages. With unemployment still hov-                     explaining why. They cannot deny cov-
                                               resources and taxpayer money by en-                     ering above 9 percent, families and                     erage based on a preexisting condition
                                               couraging wasteful defensive medicine.                  businesses simply cannot afford more                    or because an employee gets sick. Pas-
                                               It explicitly prevents States from mak-                 regulations and red tape from Wash-                     sage of this bill would also strip new
                                               ing any effective legal reforms under                   ington. It is going to make jobs more                   protections that provide small busi-
                                               its provisions, and expands opportuni-                  scarce and further slow our economic                    nesses bargaining power.
                                               ties for lawyers to sue doctors who did                 recovery.                                                 We have heard how important re-
                                               absolutely nothing wrong. And it lim-                     My Republican colleagues and I re-                    forms were excluded from the original
                                               its the supply of doctors when patients                 peatedly tried to reach across the aisle                legislation. They say that for this rea-
                                               need them most.                                         to craft a better bill when this was                    son, the House will start from scratch
                                                  In fact, one particularly costly part                pushed through. I was disappointed                      and enact a new health care law. How-
                                               of our health care system is the prac-                  that rather than listen to their coun-                  ever, when Republicans were in control
                                               tice of so-called ‘‘defensive medicine,’’               terparts, the American people, those in                 of both Chambers and held the Oval Of-
                                               which occurs when doctors are forced                    charge when this was pushed through                     fice, they talked about these solutions
                                               by the threat of lawsuits to conduct                    chose to put a completely partisan,                     for nearly a decade, and yet nothing
                                               tests and prescribe drugs that are not                  widely unpopular bill through the peo-                  happened. In the meantime, small busi-
                                               medically required. A survey released                   ple’s House.                                            nesses saw their employees’ premiums
                                               last year found defensive medicine is                     We now have an opportunity to give                    rise by an average of $700 every single
                                               practiced by virtually all physicians.                  the people what they want by repealing                  year. These small businesses now pay
                                                  Lawsuit abuse does more than make                    this law and replacing it with meaning-                 nearly $14,000 for a policy that cost
                                               medical care much more expensive. It                    ful reforms that will cut costs and in-                 $6,500 in 2000. Why should small busi-
                                               drives doctors out of business. Doctors                 crease access without creating big                      nesses believe they can deliver on a
                                               who specialize in inherently high-risk                  problems for businesses or piling more                  promise this time?
                                               fields are leaving their practices and                  unsustainable debt on future genera-                      While our economy has added nearly
                                               hospitals are shutting down because                     tions.                                                  400,000 jobs over the past 3 months,
                                               their high exposure to liability makes                    I urge my friends and Members to                      more must be done. We must continue
                                               lawsuit insurance unaffordable.                         vote in favor of repeal of this legisla-                to confront the problem of health cov-
                                                                b 1640                                 tion, and join me in implementing bet-                  erage for small businesses, but voting
                                                 It can have deadly consequences.                      ter solutions for improving our Na-                     for today’s bill will not do that.
                                               Hundreds and even thousands of pa-                      tion’s health care system.                                I urge Members to oppose the bill,
                                               tients may die annually for lack of doc-                  I reserve the balance of my time.                     and I urge the new leadership to focus
                                                                                                         Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                       on meaningful ways to address this Na-
                                                 Madam Speaker, the Democrats’                         yield myself such time as I may con-                    tion’s economic challenges.
                                               health care law will produce more liti-                 sume.                                                     I reserve the balance of my time.
                                                                                                         (Ms. VELAZQUEZ asked and was                            Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam
                                               gation and less effective health care.
                                               That is why it should be repealed.                      given permission to revise and extend                   Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-
                                                 I yield back the balance of my time.                  her remarks.)                                           tleman from South Carolina (Mr.
                                                                                                         Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                       MULVANEY).
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                               tleman from Missouri (Mr. GRAVES)                       rise in opposition to the bill before us                  Mr. MULVANEY. Madam Speaker, I
                                               and the gentlewoman from New York                       today.                                                  rise in favor of H.R. 2.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               (Ms. VELAZQUEZ) each will control 20                      As we begin the 112th Congress, it is                   It is hard to know where to begin
                                               minutes.                                                unfortunate that one of the first bills                 when you are talking about how bad
                                                 The Chair recognizes the gentleman                    before this body is more about politics                 the current health care legislation is
                                               from Missouri.                                          than policy. This bill will not help a                  for small businesses. The current
                                                 Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         single small business secure a loan,                    health care bill that this Congress
                                               Speaker, I yield myself such time as I                  open a new market for its products, or                  passed last year has an incentive for
                                               may consume.                                            invest back in its operations. By their                 businesses to go from 50 employees to

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00021   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.026   H18JAPT1
                                               H226                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               49. It has an incentive for businesses to               do everything we can to make it easier                  able. It will provide tax credits of 35
                                               go from 25 employees down to fewer,                     for them to thrive in this economy, and                 percent for small businesses to provide
                                               and it has a disincentive then for small                this is a good first step.                              health insurance, and that is going to
                                               businesses to grow. There is a financial                  I urge my colleagues to vote against                  go up to 50 percent. That will increase
                                               incentive to pay your employees less                    this repeal.                                            health care coverage by more than 12
                                               because the tax credit that we talked                     Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         percent amongst small business own-
                                               so much about last year goes away as                    Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-                   ers. Even more importantly, they’re
                                               you pay your folks more.                                tleman       from      Tennessee     (Mr.               going to know what they’ve got. It is
                                                 In fact, it is almost as if the folks                 FLEISCHMANN).                                           going to be insurance that really cov-
                                               who wrote this piece of legislation last                  Mr. FLEISCHMANN. Madam Speak-                         ers what it ought to cover. It is not
                                               year either have no idea how small                      er, tonight I rise in support of the re-                going to be filled with small-print ex-
                                               business works or they don’t care how                   peal of ObamaCare.                                      ceptions of one kind of care after an-
                                               small business works. Either way, the                     This is my first speech on the floor as               other, one condition after another. Em-
                                               current health care legislation is a                    a Member of Congress, and I thought it                  ployees are going to get the care they
                                               complete disaster for small business,                   only appropriate that it be on this                     need.
                                               and the number one priority for small                   topic—a topic I campaigned hard on                         Reform has freed people who want to
                                               business this year should be repealing                  and a topic I believe strongly in.                      start a business to do it without wor-
                                               of the existing health care and passing                   We must repeal this health care leg-                  rying about what kind of shape it’s
                                               of H.R. 2.                                              islation. As a small business owner for                 going to leave them in and their family
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker,                         the past 24 years, I know firsthand the                 members in.
                                               in the State of South Carolina as a re-                 kind of damage this legislation would                      I urge my colleagues to vote against
                                               sult of this repeal legislation, small                  do to American small business if it is                  this bill, which will put those small
                                               businesses in the State of South Caro-                  allowed to be put in place.                             businesses back into uncertain land.
                                               lina will see a tax increase of $540 mil-                 The National Federation of Inde-                         Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam
                                               lion.                                                   pendent Research Foundation con-                        Speaker, at this time, I yield 1 minute
                                                 I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman                    ducted a study that showed the em-                      to another member of the Small Busi-
                                               from Rhode Island (Mr. CICILLINE).                      ployer mandate found in ObamaCare                       ness Committee, the gentlewoman
                                                 Mr. CICILLINE. I thank the gentle-                    could lead to a loss of 1.6 million jobs                from      Washington     (Ms.    HERRERA
                                               lady for yielding.                                      throughout the country, and 66 percent                  BEUTLER).
                                                 Madam Speaker, I rise today in                        of those lost jobs would come from the                     Ms. HERRERA BEUTLER. Madam
                                               strong opposition to H.R. 2.                            small business workforce. That same                     Speaker, I rise in support of this bill,
                                                 We know that if we repeal this law,                   study showed ‘‘small businesses would                   and I hope this is only a first step in
                                               we know the following things will hap-                  lose, roughly, $113 billion in real out-                the pursuit of making quality, afford-
                                               pen: Children with preexisting condi-                   put and account for 56 percent of all                   able health care available to all Ameri-
                                               tions will be denied coverage; adult                    real output lost.’’                                     cans.
                                                                                                         As a member of the Small Business                        This year we have the chance to cor-
                                               children under the age of 26 will be de-
                                                                                                       Committee, I promise to use my per-                     rect mistakes made by both parties.
                                               nied coverage under their parents’ pol-
                                                                                                       sonal experience to fight every day for                 The ObamaCare bill passed by the
                                               icy; seniors will pay more for their pre-                                                                       other party last year was the wrong ap-
                                               scription drugs; and small businesses                   small business owners everywhere.
                                                                                                       Starting tonight, we must repeal                        proach. It increases the debt and the
                                               will once again go back to paying near-                                                                         deficit for future generations while
                                               ly 20 percent more than their corporate                 ObamaCare.
                                                                                                         Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                       doing nothing to decrease the infla-
                                               counterparts for providing the same                                                                             tionary curve of health care. It was the
                                               health care coverage; small businesses                  yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from
                                                                                                       North Carolina (Mr. MILLER).                            wrong approach.
                                               would lose the incentive for providing                                                                             No party is perfect. The last time our
                                               coverage to their employees and an up                     Mr. MILLER of North Carolina.
                                                                                                                                                               party had the majority, while there
                                               to 50 percent tax credit which has al-                  Madam Speaker, I rise today to speak
                                                                                                                                                               were many on our side of the aisle who
                                               ready increased coverage at small                       against this bill.
                                                                                                                                                               worked diligently to reform health
                                               firms by more than 10 percent. They                       Even before the recession, my State
                                                                                                                                                               care, the job was left undone. Getting
                                               would lose the ability to grow their                    of North Carolina was losing one wave
                                                                                                                                                               this right is one of the reasons the peo-
                                               businesses and create jobs by using                     of jobs after another in our traditional
                                                                                                                                                               ple of southwest Washington sent me
                                               that tax credit to hire additional em-                  industries, and we have needed the en-
                                                                                                                                                               to Congress. Now, the good news is that
                                               ployees.                                                ergy and the job creation that comes
                                                                                                                                                               solutions exist that can fix our health
                                                 This law establishes consumer pro-                    from small business—from people leav-
                                                                                                                                                               care system and bring costs down for
                                               tections, incentivizes wellness pro-                    ing jobs, whether they jump or are                      middle-income families. Today, we hit
                                               grams, and establishes cost controls                    pushed, and starting their own busi-                    ‘‘reset’’ on health care reform.
                                               and cost-cutting exchanges. For small                   nesses. Half the American economy,                         I invite my Democratic colleagues to
                                               businesses, that means driving down                     our gross domestic product, is gen-                     join me in advancing solutions that
                                               the cost of providing health insurance                  erated by small business. Even more                     help small businesses and middle-in-
                                               and providing assistance for small busi-                importantly, small businesses create 75                 come families—solutions like small
                                               nesses that are struggling with sky-                    percent of new jobs.                                    business health plans, ending junk law-
                                               rocketing premiums.                                       By providing access to State high-                    suits that drive up the cost of every-
                                                 Currently, small businesses pay, on                   risk pools and an insurance market for                  one’s care, the expanded use of health
                                               average, 18 percent more than large                     individuals, the health care reform bill                savings accounts, and the ability to
                                               businesses for the same coverage, and                   passed last year will make it possible                  purchase health care across State
                                               health insurance premiums have gone                     for American workers to start their                     lines.
                                               up three times faster than wages in the                 own businesses without worrying they                       These are patient-centered solutions
                                               past 10 years.                                          are going to lose health care for them-                 that won’t grow government, but are
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          selves or for their families.                           solutions that will make health care
                                               time of the gentleman has expired.                        I do know firsthand what it is like as                more affordable and more accessible to
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. I yield the gen-                       a small business owner to buy health                    all Americans. I sincerely hope we vote
                                               tleman an additional 15 seconds.                        insurance for employees. It is one of                   today to seize this chance.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                                                       the greatest frustrations—trying to                                  ´
                                                                                                                                                                  Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I
                                                                b 1650                                 find something affordable and trying to                 would like to inquire as to how much
                                                 Mr. CICILLINE. Small business tax                     figure out what you really bought, and                  time remains on both sides.
                                               credits are critical to providing small                 you’re not going to know until one of                      The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                               businesses the opportunity to provide                   your employees gets sick or gets hurt.                  tlewoman from New York has 121⁄4 min-
                                               insurance to their employees. We made                     This bill, the bill passed last year—                 utes remaining. The gentleman from
                                               a promise to those small businesses to                  this legislation—will make it afford-                   Missouri has 15 minutes remaining.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00022   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.050   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H227
                                                  Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                      lose $51.2 billion in profits. That is why              of ObamaCare’s biggest union sup-
                                               reserve the balance of my time.                         John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of                     porters, who have received waivers.
                                                  Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                        the Small Business Majority, supports                   Why? Why, Madam Speaker, if the law
                                               Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-                   health care reform.                                     was so worthy, would there be a need
                                               tleman from Colorado (Mr. TIPTON).                        Madam Speaker, H.R. 2 will hurt                       for waivers?
                                                  Mr. TIPTON. Madam Speaker, the                       small business. It will repeal the free-                             ´
                                                                                                                                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker,
                                               question before us is: Will we accept                   doms and protections Americans now                      as a result of this repeal legislation,
                                               what is, or are we willing to commit to                 have, and it will return control of their               small businesses in the State of Illinois
                                               build what could be?                                    health care to the insurance compa-                     will see a tax increase of $1.7 billion.
                                                  America has always been a land of                    nies.                                                     Madam Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to
                                               self-determination.      Our      constitu-               Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
                                               tionally guaranteed rights as individ-                  Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-                   MURPHY).
                                               uals, as a people, as a Nation have                     tleman from Louisiana (Mr. LANDRY).                       Mr. MURPHY of Connecticut. Madam
                                               made us flourish. Innovation, cre-                        Mr. LANDRY. Madam Speaker, it is                      Speaker, when I testified against this
                                               ativity, and freedom are American                       with great enthusiasm that I rise to                    repeal before the Rules Committee, I
                                               hallmarks.                                              encourage my colleagues to stand with                   told a story about a family in my dis-
                                                  I rise in support of H.R. 2. It does not             the American people—the hardworking                     trict. The husband lost his job and,
                                               indite intent, but it does address out-                 families and the small business owners                  therefore, his insurance because of a
                                               come. In fact, the deeper we dig into                   across our country—and vote for re-                     debilitating injury. This family faced a
                                               the health care act, the more we dis-                   pealing the job-killing health care law.                choice: They either had to dip into
                                               cover that it is stopping job creation,                   In March, Members of Congress                         their savings account, their high
                                               building more government, and placing                   passed a massive government-run                         school son’s college fund, or they had
                                               tax burdens on American families who                    health care law that will kill jobs,                    to sell their house. They chose to first
                                               are already struggling. We can and                      raise taxes, and increase the size of our               spend down the college account so that
                                               must do better.                                         Federal Government.                                     they could keep a roof over their head.
                                                  Let us commit ourselves to address-                                                                            When I told that story, one Repub-
                                                                                                                          b 1700
                                               ing the basic concerns we hold in com-                                                                          lican on the committee basically said,
                                               mon concerning health care—afford-                         The bill called for tax increases on                 Wait, I don’t get it. They had money,
                                               ability and accessibility. Let us strive                American families, wasteful spending                    they had a house, why should some-
                                               to empower our people to make their                     of taxpayer dollars, and new mandates                   body else pay for their health care if
                                               own choices about the care they re-                     on small businesses. This is wrong.                     they had assets?
                                               ceive, empower private sector solutions                 Voters made it clear in November that                     Well, that Member was right about
                                               that will lower costs and increase the                  ‘‘business as usual’’ must end.                         one thing: She didn’t get it. And Re-
                                               quality of care, and eliminate govern-                     I submitted the necessary paperwork                  publicans don’t get it. Because in a na-
                                               mental stumbling blocks and not build                   to decline the health care plan offered                 tion as compassionate as this, no fam-
                                               bigger government.                                      to Members of Congress. I rejected this                 ily should be forced out on the street
                                                  Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                      benefit because Washington must work                    just because one of their family mem-
                                               yield 21⁄2 minutes to the gentlewoman                   just like the American people must                      bers gets sick. There is a moral impera-
                                               from California (Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD).                    work. We are not above them. I hope                     tive behind making sure that we live
                                                  Ms.     ROYBAL-ALLARD.           Madam               my actions will energize the efforts to                 up to our duty to be our brother’s keep-
                                               Speaker, today, millions of Americans                   repeal the government-run health care                   er.
                                               have more freedom to choose and con-                    law.                                                      But it’s more than that. There is a
                                               trol their health care as a result of the                  I encourage my colleagues to vote                    fiscal imperative here. What she also
                                               Affordable Care Act.                                    ‘‘yes’’ on this bill and to promote com-                didn’t get was that once that family’s
                                                  In my congressional district, nearly                 monsense solutions of purchasing                        savings is gone, once they’re out on the
                                               40 percent of my constituents were un-                  health insurance across State lines and                 street, we all pick up the cost. Small
                                               insured. Thousands more were under-                     pooling small businesses together to le-                businesses pick up the cost. That’s why
                                               insured and living on the brink of fi-                  verage purchasing power.                                small businesses are paying 18 percent
                                               nancial disaster when facing a serious                              ´
                                                                                                          Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                      more than big businesses. That’s why
                                               illness or accident. With health care                   reserve the balance of my time.                         about $1,100 of every single premium
                                               reform, positive change is taking place                    Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                        for a small business employee goes to
                                               for them and for individuals, families,                 Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-                   cover the uninsured.
                                               and small businesses throughout the                     tleman from Illinois (Mr. WALSH).                         There are thousands of small busi-
                                               country.                                                   Mr. WALSH of Illinois. Madam                         nesses in Connecticut organized under
                                                  Young adults are grateful they can                   Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R.                the auspices of a group called Small
                                               remain on their parents’ insurance                      2, Repealing the Job-Killing Health                     Businesses for Health Care Reform that
                                               until age 26; seniors living in fear of                 Care Act.                                               are crying out for this repeal to be de-
                                               not being able to afford their medica-                     I commend the Republican leadership                  feated because they see the $260 billion
                                               tions are thankful for discounts on                     for simplifying this process by drafting                price tag attached to this bill that is
                                               brand-name drugs when reaching the                      a two-page, stand-alone bill for repeal.                going to land on their head, as well as
                                               doughnut hole; families with pre-                       It will be very clear, Madam Speaker,                   the continuation of discriminatory
                                               existing conditions are comforted by                    to the American people where we stand                   practices that ask small businesses to
                                               the new high-risk insurance pool; and                   on repeal.                                              pay for the uninsured like that family
                                               those facing serious illness are relieved                  During this past campaign, I, like a                 that I talked about.
                                               their insurers can no longer drop them                  lot of candidates, spoke to small busi-                   This bill isn’t anything more than a
                                               when they need coverage the most.                       nesses every single day. There is a rea-                political statement, but families in my
                                                  Small businesses, which abound in                    son why 90 percent of small business                    district, small businesses in my dis-
                                               my district and which are a mainstay                    men and women in this country sup-                      trict need more than politics. They
                                               in our Latino and minority commu-                       port repeal. From the billions in taxes,                need answers.
                                               nities, can take advantage of tax cred-                 to the needless paperwork, to the bur-                    Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam
                                               its to offer health insurance to their                  densome regulations, to the 1.6 million                 Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               employees.                                              estimated job loss, small business men                  tleman from Iowa (Mr. KING).
                                                  A 2009 study by MIT economist Jona-                  and women are adamant that we need                        Mr. KING of Iowa. I thank the chair-
                                               than Gruber found that, without re-                     to repeal.                                              man for yielding time.
                                               form, over the next decade employers                       Finally, Madam Speaker, our opposi-                    I listened to this delivery ahead of
                                               will pay trillions of dollars in employee               tion last year said that if you like your               me. I spent 281⁄2 years in business. I met
                                               health costs; will potentially cut                      plan, you can keep it. To date, there                   payroll for over 1,400 consecutive
                                               170,000 small business jobs; and will                   are 222 organizations, including some                   weeks. I never saw a regulation that

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00023   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.053   H18JAPT1
                                               H228                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               made my job easier or allowed me to                     suffer because of insurance companies’                    As a physician with 16 years of prac-
                                               make more money. This is 2,400 pages                    bad practices. Please, let’s not turn a                 tice experience, I can assure you that
                                               of legislation. It’s thousands more                     blind eye on people like Yvonne.                        the Affordable Care Act will, paradox-
                                               pages of regulation. It’s oppressive to                   Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         ically, deprive Americans of care. It
                                               small business. It should be called the                 Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gentle-                enshrines a third-party payment sys-
                                               ‘‘Entrepreneurial Extinction Act,’’ not                 lady from North Carolina, a nurse and                   tem that adds to costs; then, in the
                                               this health care plan.                                  the new chairwoman of the Sub-                          name of controlling costs, transfers
                                                 This is ObamaCare. It must be pulled                  committee on Health Care and Tech-                      power from consumers to the govern-
                                               out completely by the roots. The                        nology, Mrs. ELLMERS.                                   ment to make crucial decisions that
                                               American people know this. That’s why                     (Mrs. ELLMERS asked and was given                     belong in the hands of patients and
                                               there are 87 freshman Republicans on                    permission to revise and extend her re-                 their doctors. It neglects to deal effec-
                                               this side and nine freshman Democrats                   marks.)                                                 tively with reforms in medical liability
                                               on this side. The American people have                    Mrs. ELLMERS. Madam Speaker,                          that are desperately needed to reduce
                                               spoken resoundingly. It is our obliga-                  when I ran for Congress, I vowed to re-                 the unconscionable cost of defensive
                                               tion to go down this path. It’s not sym-                peal ObamaCare, and with one of my                      medicine.
                                               bolic. It’s very important. Because                     first votes in the 112th Congress, I will                 Our vote to repeal is not merely sym-
                                               without this vote on this floor, we                     do so.                                                  bolic. It represents the true will of the
                                               can’t move forward with the rest of the                   As a nurse for 20 years, co-owner of a                American public, and it will pave the
                                               scenario to eliminate ObamaCare.                        wound care clinic, and in practice with                 way to reform our health care in a way
                                                 The language in the bill is pretty                    my husband in his general surgery                       that will allow our citizens to have the
                                               simple, and it concludes with this lan-                 practice, we know the problems that                     good, cost-effective health care and af-
                                               guage, ‘‘act is repealed, and the provi-                exist for Americans in health care. In-                 fordable, portable health insurance
                                               sions of law amended or repealed by                     stead of being a remedy to these prob-                  they need, while maintaining the qual-
                                               such act are restored or revived as if                  lems, ObamaCare has already done                        ity, choice, and innovation that rep-
                                               such act had never been enacted.’’                      more harm than good to both the qual-                   resents the best of American medicine.
                                                           ´                                                                                                                ´
                                                                                                                                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                       ity of health care in our country as
                                               yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from                   well as our economy. As a nurse, I look                 continue to reserve the balance of my
                                               New Mexico (Mr. LUJAN).´                                for pathways to solutions; this is a                    time.
                                                 Mr. LUJAN. Madam Speaker, during                                                                                Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam
                                                                                                       problematic pathway undoubtably.
                                               these difficult economic times that                                                                             Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-
                                                                                                         In the face of rising unemployment,
                                               we’re facing, it’s critical that we make                                                                        tleman from Arizona (Mr. GOSAR).
                                                                                                       unsustainable Federal deficits, and                       Mr. GOSAR. Madam Speaker, Amer-
                                               job creation a top priority. That is why                overwhelming public opposition, it                      ica is hurting, but the health care law
                                               I’m concerned about the impact H.R. 2                   took more than a year to cobble to-                     passed last year did not fix any prob-
                                               will have on small businesses.                          gether an unpopular government take-
                                                 The Republican plan will repeal a 35                                                                          lems. It will only make things worse.
                                                                                                       over of health care so riddled with pro-                Small businesses can barely make ends
                                               percent tax credit for small businesses                 visions that violate right-to-life prin-
                                               that offer health insurance to their em-                                                                        meet. And now the Federal Govern-
                                                                                                       ciples and support government ration-                   ment is imposing more mandates, more
                                               ployees. It would allow insurers to                     ing of care that it cannot simply be                    taxes, and more red tape? Enough is
                                               deny a business coverage if their em-                   patched.                                                enough.
                                               ployees had preexisting conditions.                       ObamaCare is bad for workers. It’s                      As a health care provider, a small
                                                 As a result of health insurance re-                   bad for employers and bad for America.                  business owner, and a father, I know
                                               form, New Mexicans no longer face this                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          that the way to provide health care to
                                               discrimination. If this protection is re-               time of the gentlewoman has expired.                    more individuals and create more jobs
                                               pealed, having cancer or diabetes or                      Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         is not through government bureauc-
                                               even being a victim of domestic vio-                    Speaker, I yield the gentlelady 30 addi-                racies, deficit spending, and higher
                                               lence could lead to a denial of insur-                  tional seconds.                                         taxes. Rather, we need to empower
                                               ance. Discrimination for preexisting                      Mrs. ELLMERS. Repealing it allows                     businesses—big and small—to band to-
                                               conditions will be alive and well. All of               us to start with a clean slate and look                 gether to purchase health insurance.
                                               that would be dangerous for New Mexi-                   at market-based reforms that will ac-                   We need to open markets with free
                                               cans.                                                   tually lower health care costs, increase                competition. We also need to imple-
                                                 People like Yvonne from Santa Fe                      accessibility, let Americans keep the                   ment real health care reform that will
                                               would once again have to worry about                    plans they have and like, and forestall                 lower the cost of care and open up ac-
                                               losing their health care. Yvonne lost                   impending drastic changes that have                     cess.
                                               her job when the company she worked                     created uncertainty in the lives of so                    Tort reform, red tape reform, pre-
                                               for was shipped overseas. Yvonne was                    many Americans and businesses.                          existing conditions reform: these are
                                               diabetic, and because of the high cost                    To this Congress, I will work with my                 reforms that will work—reforms the
                                               of COBRA, she was forced to ration her                  colleagues on both sides of the aisle to                current law fails to adequately address
                                               medicine. As a result, she became                       repeal and replace the law’s job-killing                or ignores altogether.
                                               gravely ill and had to visit the emer-                  regulations    and    State-bankrupting                   If we are serious about putting our
                                               gency room. There, doctors noticed an-                  mandates. The bill to repeal the so-                    Nation back to work, then we can start
                                               other problem that required further ex-                 called ‘‘Affordable Care Act’’ is very                  by repealing this onerous health care
                                               amination. Yet because Yvonne could                     simple, and my vote will be to overturn                 law and work hand-in-hand with the
                                               not afford COBRA and because private                    this job-killing law.                                   American people to implement true
                                               insurance companies would not insure                                                                            health care reform.
                                               her because she had diabetes, the hos-                                   b 1710                                              ´
                                                                                                                                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I
                                               pital released her. The only option                       To this Congress, I will work with my                 continue to reserve the balance of my
                                               Yvonne had left was to wait 2 months                    colleagues on both sides of the aisle to                time.
                                               to be seen at the University of New                     repeal and replace the law’s job-killing                  Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam
                                               Mexico Hospital. After that visit, she                  regulations and State bankrupt man-                     Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-
                                               was diagnosed with a form of lung can-                  dates.                                                  tleman      from   Pennsylvania      (Mr.
                                               cer that would have been caught ear-                               ´
                                                                                                         Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                       FITZPATRICK).
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               lier if she had not been kicked out.                    reserve the balance of my time.                           Mr. FITZPATRICK. I rise today in
                                               Yvonne passed away from complica-                         Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         support of the repeal and replacement
                                               tions resulting from the cancer, having                 Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gentle-                of the so-called Affordable Care Act of
                                               resulted through a system that dis-                     lady from New York (Ms. HAYWORTH).                      2010 because the Affordable Care Act is
                                               criminated against her.                                   Ms. HAYWORTH. I rise today in                         in fact unaffordable for small busi-
                                                 We simply cannot return to the days                   strong support of this legislation to re-               nesses and individuals who purchase
                                               when people like Yvonne are forced to                   peal the Affordable Care Act.                           their health insurance.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00024   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.056   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H229
                                                 Since the implementation of the act,                     I rise in support of the health care re-             tax incentive to provide health care for
                                               businesses and individuals across my                    peal bill because doing otherwise would                 their workers. Small businesses do.
                                               home county of Bucks County have                        be supporting the job-killing status                                     b 1720
                                               seen double-digit premium increases.                    quo, and that’s unacceptable. Whether
                                               The act is unaffordable for States, al-                 we start over or we work to fix the cur-                  And do you know what requirements
                                               ready billions in the red, that will be                 rent law, we must act.                                  they have to go along with that? None.
                                               required to shoulder untold millions                       Moving forward, I’m committed to                     No gaudy regulation, no government
                                               more in Medicaid costs. The act is                      working with my colleagues in a bipar-                  takeover. And just a word on this
                                               unaffordable for America’s seniors who                  tisan manner to support reforms that                    whole government takeover thing. I
                                               will see a half-trillion-dollar reduction               we agree on, such as helping people                     mean I love you guys, and I know you
                                               in Medicare spending over the next 10                   with preexisting conditions get access                  are caught up in the rhetoric of the
                                               years. And, finally, the act is                         and allowing young adults to stay on                    campaign, this is tax breaks that are
                                               unaffordable for the American tax-                      their parents’ plan.                                    going to go to citizens to buy, wait for
                                               payer who will see a $700 billion in-                      But I’m equally committed to elimi-                  it, private insurance policies. Where is
                                               crease in the Federal deficit.                          nating the job-killing portions of the                  the government takeover in that?
                                                 We must enact real health care re-                    current law, such as the burdensome                       Now, some of us believe that Medi-
                                               form, tort reform for doctors to stop                   mandate and the 1099 requirement in                     care, which of course you refer to as a
                                               the wasteful practice of defensive med-                 the legislation.                                        government takeover of health care,
                                               icine, permitting individuals real com-                    A small business owner from my dis-                  and I am sure you are opposed to that
                                               petition of purchase across State lines,                trict, Cathy, called us the other day                   as well, some of us believe that, frank-
                                               and enacting and enhancing health sav-                  and wanted to talk to me about the                      ly, the insurance companies aren’t pro-
                                               ing accounts.                                           burdens of the 1099 provision. She                      viding a lot of value-added here. But
                                                 These are the cornerstones of real                                                                            they are the beneficiaries of this plan.
                                                                                                       called it a nightmare. It will increase
                                               health care reform and affordability                                                                              Small businesses today, if the Repub-
                                               and will make health care affordable                    her burden by 12 times.
                                                                                                          The bottom line is we need to work                   licans are successful, will lose that tax
                                               and accessible for patients, for seniors,                                                                       incentive. Think that will create a lot
                                               States, and for generations of tax-                     to lower health care costs for families
                                                                                                       and allow a more patient-centered ap-                   of jobs, guys? It’s not going to. And
                                               payers to come.                                                                                                 you think small businesses benefit
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                       proach while not placing unnecessary
                                                                                                       burdens on the backs of small business                  when they don’t provide health insur-
                                               would like to inquire as to how much
                                                                                                       and job creators.                                       ance and then people go to hospital
                                               time each side has remaining.
                                                                                                          Ms. VELAZQUEZ. I continue to re-                     emergency rooms to get their care?
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                               tlewoman from New York has 6 min-                       serve the balance of my time.                           Who do you think pays that bill? The
                                               utes remaining. The gentleman from                         Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                        bill fairy? Your taxpayers. Your tax-
                                               Missouri has 61⁄2 minutes remaining.                    Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-                   payers in your States.
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. At this time, I                        tleman from Arkansas (Mr. WOMACK).                        Now, what’s your solution? Well,
                                               yield 2 minutes to the gentlelady from                     Mr. WOMACK. I thank the gentleman                    they don’t have a solution. We know
                                               California (Ms. RICHARDSON).                            from Missouri for the time.                             what they are against. They are
                                                 Ms. RICHARDSON. Madam Speaker,                           Throughout this debate there’s been                  against health reform. We don’t know
                                               I rise today in strong opposition to                    a lot of talk about jobs. And there                     what they are for. Welcome to the Re-
                                               H.R. 2, the Patient Rights to Appeal of                 should be. There is little doubt that                   publican majority.
                                               2010, and I would urge my colleagues,                   this law impacts American workers.                      ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE
                                               let’s keep true to the tone of civility.                Take, for example, Baldor Electric in                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Mem-
                                               This isn’t ObamaCare; it’s actually                     Fort Smith, Arkansas. Madam Speak-                      bers are reminded to address their re-
                                               called the Affordable Care Act.                         er, this is a company that has 6,000 em-                marks to the Chair.
                                                 So, Madam Speaker, at a time when                     ployees across America, and the impact                    Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam
                                               Americans finally have a chance to see                  of the health care law in the first year                Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gen-
                                               a regular doctor, to prevent sitting in                 alone is $2.9 million. How does a com-                  tleman from New York (Mr. GIBSON).
                                               hospital rooms in emergency waiting                     pany like Baldor absorb that cost? By                     (Mr. GIBSON asked and was given
                                               for desperate care, we finally have a                   further automating its processes and                    permission to revise and extend his re-
                                               chance.                                                 through attrition, allowing 50 jobs to                  marks.)
                                                 What does this mean to small busi-                    disappear.                                                Mr. GIBSON. I thank the gentleman
                                               nesses? In California and in my own                        Eliminating 50 jobs in the first year                from Missouri for yielding.
                                               hometown, 15,100 small businesses have                  of this law for a company like Baldor—                    I rise today to express the sentiments
                                               seen a 50 percent tax credit to provide                 not to mention thousands of companies                   of my district in upstate New York.
                                               health care for the first time for their                                                                        With health care costs continuing to
                                                                                                       across America similarly situated—is
                                               employees. Over 16,000 additional small                                                                         rise at several times the rate of infla-
                                                                                                       not my idea of restoring economic
                                               businesses will now be eligible for                                                                             tion year after year, clearly we need
                                                                                                       prosperity for America.
                                               health care exchanges that will make                                                                            reform. Health care costs were 4.7 per-
                                                                                                          I urge my colleagues to support H.R.
                                               insurance affordable. In my district,
                                                                                                       2 and begin the process of crafting a                   cent of the GDP in 1960. They are over
                                               these are real people, like Betty Claire
                                                                                                       meaningful, affordable, and workable                    17 percent today. We must drive down
                                               in my district.
                                                 Now you’re talking about considering                  solution. That’s the way forward.                       costs. But the bill passed last year is
                                                                                                          Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker, I                      not the answer. We’re going to end up
                                               something that would prevent Medi-
                                               care for 63,000 beneficiaries, extending                yield 11⁄2 minutes to the gentleman                     with higher costs, higher premiums,
                                               coverage to 88,000 residents in my dis-                 from New York (Mr. WEINER).                             higher taxes, and more burdensome
                                               trict. That’s what we’re talking about,                    Mr. WEINER. I’m curious. Any of the                  regulation, and more big government
                                               and also when you look at guaran-                       Members who have spoken about the                       at a time we should be consolidating.
                                               teeing 17,000 residents who previously                  impact on small business, are any of                      We need to start over again and ar-
                                               had preexisting conditions.                             them in favor of the tax incentive that                 rive at a patient-centered bill, not the
                                                 My colleagues, I will vote ‘‘no’’ on                  is provided on small businesses to pro-                 government-centered plan we got last
                                               H.R. 2. And I also urge my colleagues                   vide health care? Of course they are.                   year. I believe we can find solutions
                                               to consider not reversing. It’s not time                   Now, they might not know it’s in the                 that drive down costs and expand ac-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               to go back. It’s time to step forward.                  bill because to listen to the rhetoric—                 cess without hurting small businesses
                                                 Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         and a lot of them can be forgiven; they                 and without stepping on our freedoms.
                                               Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the gen-                   just came off the campaign trail. They                    This bill passed last year dramati-
                                               tleman from Ohio (Mr. STIVERS).                         were used to saying glib things like                    cally expands the government’s in-
                                                 Mr. STIVERS. I would like to thank                    ‘‘government takeover,’’ ‘‘job killing.’’               volvement in the delivery of health
                                               the gentleman from Missouri for yield-                  But I would urge you to read the bill.                  care, which is already significantly in-
                                               ing time.                                               Small businesses get a 30 to 50 percent                 creasing premiums in my district and

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00025   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.060   H18JAPT1
                                               H230                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                      January 18, 2011
                                               stifling job creation. I believe that                     You want small businesses to be well                  renewed focus on enacting targeted,
                                               both sides of the aisle believe that we                 taken care of? Well, so do we. That’s                   commonsense reforms that increase ac-
                                               should be focusing on job creation.                     why, if you employ less than 50 people                  cess and lowers costs.
                                               This is not the way forward. Indeed,                    as a small business you don’t have any                     Madam Speaker, with that I would
                                               the new taxes and regulations will hurt                 requirements at all. But if you want to                 urge my colleagues to vote for H.R. 2,
                                               our small businesses, including the                     provide health insurance to your em-                    and let’s get back on track.
                                               medical device industry, a sector of the                ployees, wow, the government’s going                       Ms. WATERS. Madam Speaker, I’m proud
                                               economy where our region leads the                      to give you a subsidy, 35 percent now,                  to join my Democratic colleagues on the floor
                                               Nation.                                                 building to 50 percent in the years                     this afternoon to state our unequivocal stance
                                                 Ultimately, the new law, if not re-                   ahead. What’s wrong with that?                          against health care reform repeal.
                                               pealed, will hurt families across my                    Where’s the harm to small business?                        The landmark health reform law takes a
                                               district and across America. Moreover,                  What in the world are our colleagues                    stand against the health care disparities that
                                               the changes to the Medicaid program                     talking about here? I don’t get it. It’s                exist for low-income Americans, people of
                                               will put additional burdens on States                   in the law already.                                     color, and people with pre-existing conditions.
                                               already facing very difficult chal-                       Everything I have heard here in the                      Twenty percent of African-Americans were
                                               lenges.                                                 last half hour is the law of America. So                uninsured in the United States, and 32 percent
                                                 I plan to vote for repeal. And then                   why are you repealing it? So you can                    of the Hispanic population was uninsured.
                                               later this week, I plan to vote for                     have the insurance companies get an-                       Though African-American women are 10
                                               House Resolution 9, so that we can in-                  other shot at taking over the care of                   percent less likely to get breast cancer than
                                               struct committees to report a replace-                  patients, which is exactly what they                    white women, we are 34 percent more likely to
                                               ment bill that includes insurance re-                   do, and exactly what I know because I                   die from it. And Hispanic women are twice as
                                               form for wider access to options and                    was the insurance commissioner for 8                    likely to die from cervical cancer as White
                                               choices, and medical liability reform to                years in California, and I know what                    women.
                                               rein in defensive medicine practices. I                 the insurance companies do. They are                       Both African-American and Mexican-Amer-
                                               think we should engage in a civil, bi-                  the ones that make the decisions. We                    ican men are 30 percent more likely to die
                                               partisan discussion with our colleagues                 don’t want that to happen. That’s why                   from heart disease than White Americans.
                                               across the aisle. Our replacement bill                  the Patients’ Bill of Rights is the law                    Hispanic men were one-and-a-half times as
                                               should include coverage for preexisting                 in America today. The Patients’ Bill of                 likely to die from diabetes as White Ameri-
                                               conditions and ensure that coverage                     Rights would be repealed by this H.R.                   cans, and African-Americans were 2.2 times
                                               can’t be dropped when you are sick.                     2. Not good for Americans. Not good.                    as likely to die from diabetes as compared to
                                                 Ultimately, I believe the fate of this                Some 30 million people would lose their                 White Americans.
                                               repeal effort will hinge on the content                 opportunity for insurance.                                 Finally, though they comprise 15 percent of
                                               and quality of the replacement bill. If                             ´
                                                                                                         Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker,                         the U.S. population, Hispanics make up 17
                                               we bring forward in this House a new                    what will small businesses lose if                      percent of new HIV infections. And more
                                               plan that drives down costs, increases                  health care reform is repealed? The                     shockingly, though we make up only 12 per-
                                               access, while protecting choices and                    small business tax credit of up to 50                   cent of the U.S. population, African Americans
                                               the patient-doctor relationship, I be-                  percent will be lost. Insurers will be                  are 45 percent of new HIV infections.
                                               lieve the American people, evaluating                   able to continue price gouging. Insur-                     Many Americans are suffering from a lack of
                                               the two respective plans side by side,                  ers will be able to deny small busi-                    access to health care because health insur-
                                               will pressure the Senate and the Presi-                 nesses coverage without any justifica-                  ance is simply unaffordable. This problem has
                                               dent to repeal and replace, because we                  tion. New health insurance options for                  existed for far too long in the most prosperous
                                               need reform, but the bill last year is                  small businesses will be eliminated.                    nation in the world. Meaningful health care
                                               not the answer. It’s time to start over.                Small businesses will be unable to pool                 must be available for all Americans regardless
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. Madam Speaker,                         resources to purchase coverage. Insur-                  of race, level of income, gender, or the exist-
                                               may I inquire of the time remaining?                    ers will be able to delay small busi-                   ence of a pre-existing condition. That’s why
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     nesses’ access to health insurance. New                 the health care reform law specifically ad-
                                               tlewoman from New York has 3 min-                       health options for the self-employed                    dresses these disparities and other pre-exist-
                                               utes remaining. The gentleman from                      will be abolished.                                      ing conditions and makes it illegal to be de-
                                               Missouri has 21⁄2 minutes remaining.                      I urge a ‘‘no’’ vote. And I hope that                 nied health care insurance because of them.
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. I would like to in-                    we spend the remainder of this Con-                        So I implore my Republican colleagues to
                                               quire through the Chair how many                        gress on measures that truly get small                  work with us to strengthen the law, make it
                                               speakers the gentleman has remaining.                   businesses hiring and creating jobs.                    better, and provide health care and jobs to
                                                 Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. I don’t                       What we need is to get this economy                     millions of Americans.
                                               have any more speakers, and I am pre-                   back on track. By repealing health                         Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. I yield
                                               pared to close.                                         care reform, we will not achieve that.                  back the balance of my time.
                                                 Ms. VELAZQUEZ. I yield 2 minutes                        I yield back the balance of my time.                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
                                               to the gentleman from California (Mr.                     Mr. GRAVES of Missouri. Madam                         ant to clause 1(c) of rule XIX, further
                                               GARAMENDI).                                             Speaker, some of my colleagues on the                   consideration of this bill is postponed.
                                                 Mr. GARAMENDI. Madam Speaker,                         other side of the aisle continue to
                                               this is the most remarkable of all                      claim that the health care law is actu-                                  f
                                               Chambers where discussions take                         ally going to benefit small businesses
                                               place, because in this Chamber if you                                                                                          RECESS
                                                                                                       despite the mountain of facts that are
                                               say something that is not true, often                   out there. Specifically, and what was                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
                                               enough somebody will believe that it’s                  argued earlier, is that the health care                 ant to clause 12(a) of rule I, the Chair
                                               actually true. What I have heard today                  tax credit’s going to make it easier for                declares the House in recess until ap-
                                               on the floor I am just going, well,                     employers to offset the costs that are                  proximately 6:30 p.m. today.
                                               that’s a marvelous thing, when in fact                  being required to provide health insur-                   Accordingly (at 5 o’clock and 29 min-
                                               our colleagues on the Republican side                   ance. Unfortunately, this is far from                   utes p.m.), the House stood in recess
                                               want to enact reforms that are already                  the truth. Any potential assistance                     until approximately 6:30 p.m.
                                               in place. Already in place is the Pa-                   from this tax credit is far outweighed                                   f
                                               tients’ Bill of Rights. No rescisions. No               by the tax increases and paperwork
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               preexisting conditions. Children being                  burdens that this law is going to pile                                     b 1830
                                               able to stay, or young adults being able                on small businesses.
                                               to stay on their parents’ policies until                  Madam Speaker, the American peo-                                 AFTER RECESS
                                               the age of 26. They say they want it—                   ple spoke loudly in November. And we                      The recess having expired, the House
                                               it’s already the law of America. Wow.                   need to make sure that we move away                     was called to order by the Speaker pro
                                               What are we going to repeal? You are                    from the health care law that penalizes                 tempore (Mrs. CAPITO) at 6 o’clock and
                                               going to repeal that?                                   our Nation’s entrepreneurs and place a                  30 minutes p.m.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00026   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.063   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                            H231
                                               ELECTING MEMBERS TO CERTAIN                             gia,    Mrs.  Adams,    Mr.  Quayle,     Mr.             Coble             Honda             Nunes
                                                                                                       Fleischmann, Mr. Rigell, Mr. Palazzo, Mr.                Coffman (CO)      Hoyer             Nunnelee
                                                 STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE                                                                                     Cohen             Huelskamp         Olson
                                                 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                              Brooks, and Mr. Harris.
                                                                                                                                                                Cole              Huizenga (MI)     Olver
                                                                                                         (9) COMMITTEE ON SMALL BUSINESS.—Mr.                   Conaway           Hultgren          Owens
                                                 Mr. HENSARLING. Madam Speaker,                        Bartlett, Mr. Chabot, Mr. King of Iowa, Mr.              Connolly (VA)     Hurt              Palazzo
                                               by direction of the Republican Con-                     Coffman of Colorado, Mr. Mulvaney, Mr. Tip-              Conyers           Inslee            Pallone
                                               ference, I offer a privileged resolution                ton, Mr. Fleischmann, Ms. Herrera Beutler,               Cooper            Israel            Pascrell
                                               and ask for its immediate consider-                     Mr. West, Mrs. Ellmers, and Mr. Walsh of Il-             Costello          Issa              Pastor (AZ)
                                                                                                       linois.                                                  Courtney          Jackson (IL)      Paul
                                               ation.                                                                                                           Cravaack          Jackson Lee       Paulsen
                                                 The Clerk read the resolution, as fol-                  (10) COMMITTEE ON VETERANS’ AFFAIRS.—
                                                                                                                                                                Crawford            (TX)            Payne
                                               lows:                                                   Mr. Stearns, Mr. Lamborn, Mr. Bilirakis, Mr.             Crenshaw          Jenkins           Pearce
                                                                 H. RES. 37                            Roe of Tennessee, Mr. Stutzman, Mr. Flores,              Critz             Johnson (GA)      Pelosi
                                                                                                       Mr. Johnson of Ohio, Mr. Denham, Mr. Run-                Crowley           Johnson (OH)      Pence
                                                 Resolved, That the following named Mem-               yan, Mr. Benishek, Ms. Buerkle, and Mr.                  Cuellar           Johnson, E. B.    Perlmutter
                                               bers be and are hereby elected to the fol-                                                                       Culberson         Johnson, Sam      Peters
                                               lowing standing committees of the House of                                                                       Cummings          Jones             Peterson
                                               Representatives:                                          Mr. HENSARLING (during the read-
                                                                                                                                                                Davis (CA)        Kaptur            Petri
                                                 (1) COMMITTEE ON THE BUDGET.—Mr. Gar-                 ing). I ask unanimous consent that the                   Davis (KY)        Keating           Pingree (ME)
                                               rett, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Cal-               resolution be considered as read and                     DeFazio           Kelly             Pitts
                                               vert, Mr. Akin, Mr. Cole, Mr. Price of Geor-            printed in the RECORD.                                   DeGette           Kildee            Platts
                                               gia, Mr. McClintock, Mr. Stutzman, Mr.                                                                           DeLauro           King (IA)         Poe (TX)
                                                                                                         The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there                      Denham            King (NY)         Polis
                                               Lankford, Mrs. Black, Mr. Ribble, Mr. Flo-              objection to the request of the gen-                     Dent              Kingston          Pompeo
                                               res, Mr. Mulvaney, Mr. Huelskamp, Mr.
                                                                                                       tleman from Texas?                                       DesJarlais        Kinzinger (IL)    Posey
                                               Young of Indiana, Mr. Amash, and Mr.                                                                             Deutch            Kissell           Price (GA)
                                               Rokita.                                                   There was no objection.
                                                                                                                                                                Diaz-Balart       Kline             Price (NC)
                                                 (2) COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION AND THE WORK-                The resolution was agreed to.                          Dicks             Kucinich          Quayle
                                               FORCE.—Mr.     Petri, Mr. McKeon, Mrs.                    A motion to reconsider was laid on                     Doggett           Labrador          Quigley
                                               Biggert, Mr. Platts, Mr. Wilson of South                the table.                                               Dold              Lamborn           Rangel
                                               Carolina, Ms. Foxx, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Roe of                                                                       Donnelly (IN)     Lance             Reed
                                               Tennessee, Mr. Thompson of Pennsylvania,                                  f                                      Dreier            Landry            Rehberg
                                                                                                                                                                Duffy             Langevin          Reichert
                                               Mr. Walberg, Mr. DesJarlais, Mr. Hanna, Mr.                                                                      Duncan (SC)       Lankford          Renacci
                                               Rokita, Mr. Bucshon, Mr. Gowdy, Mr.                     ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER
                                                                                                                                                                Duncan (TN)       Larsen (WA)       Reyes
                                               Barletta, Mrs. Noem, Mrs. Roby, Mr. Heck,                           PRO TEMPORE                                  Edwards           Latham            Richmond
                                               Mr. Ross of Florida, and Mr. Kelly.                       The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                        Ellmers           LaTourette        Rigell
                                                 (3) COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS.—Mr.                                                                          Emerson           Latta             Rivera
                                                                                                       ant to clause 8 of rule XX, proceedings                  Eshoo             Lee (CA)          Roby
                                               Smith of New Jersey, Mr. Burton of Indiana,
                                               Mr. Gallegly, Mr. Rohrabacher, Mr. Man-                 will resume on the motion to suspend                     Farenthold        Lee (NY)          Roe (TN)
                                                                                                       the rules previously postponed.                          Farr              Levin             Rogers (AL)
                                               zullo, Mr. Royce, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Paul, Mr.                                                                      Fattah            Lewis (CA)        Rogers (KY)
                                               Pence, Mr. Wilson of South Carolina, Mr.                                  f                                      Fincher           Lewis (GA)        Rogers (MI)
                                               Mack, Mr. Fortenberry, Mr. McCaul, Mr. Poe                                                                       Fitzpatrick       Lipinski          Rohrabacher
                                               of Texas, Mr. Bilirakis, Mrs. Schmidt, Mr.               STOP THE OVERPRINTING (STOP)                            Flake             LoBiondo          Rokita
                                               Johnson of Ohio, Mr. Rivera, Mr. Kelly, Mr.                                                                      Fleischmann       Loebsack          Rooney
                                                                                                                          ACT                                   Fleming           Lofgren, Zoe      Ros-Lehtinen
                                               Griffin of Arkansas, Mr. Marino, Mr. Duncan
                                               of South Carolina, Ms. Buerkle, and Mrs.                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The un-                       Flores            Long              Roskam
                                                                                                                                                                Forbes            Lowey             Ross (AR)
                                               Ellmers.                                                finished business is the vote on the mo-                 Fortenberry       Lucas             Ross (FL)
                                                 (4) COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY.—                  tion to suspend the rules and pass the                   Foxx              Luetkemeyer       Rothman (NJ)
                                               Mr. Smith of Texas, Mr. Daniel E. Lungren               bill (H.R. 292) to amend title 44, United                Frank (MA)            ´
                                                                                                                                                                                  Lujan             Roybal-Allard
                                               of California, Mr. Rogers of Alabama, Mr.               States Code, to eliminate the manda-                     Franks (AZ)       Lummis            Royce
                                               McCaul, Mr. Bilirakis, Mr. Broun of Georgia,                                                                     Frelinghuysen     Lungren, Daniel   Runyan
                                                                                                       tory printing of bills and resolutions                   Fudge               E.              Ruppersberger
                                               Mrs. Miller of Michigan, Mr. Walberg, Mr.
                                               Cravaack, Mr. Walsh of Illinois, Mr. Meehan,            by the Government Printing Office for                    Gallegly          Lynch             Ryan (OH)
                                                                                                       the use of the House of Representatives                  Garamendi         Mack              Ryan (WI)
                                               Mr. Quayle, Mr. Rigell, Mr. Long, Mr. Dun-                                                                       Gardner           Maloney            ´
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sanchez, Linda
                                               can of South Carolina, and Mr. Marino.                  and Senate, as amended, on which the                     Garrett           Manzullo            T.
                                                 (5) COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY.—Mr. Sen-              yeas and nays were ordered.                              Gerlach           Marchant          Sanchez, Loretta
                                               senbrenner, Mr. Coble, Mr. Gallegly, Mr.                  The Clerk read the title of the bill.                  Gibson            Marino            Sarbanes
                                               Goodlatte, Mr. Daniel E. Lungren of Cali-                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                           Gingrey (GA)      Markey            Scalise
                                               fornia, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Issa, Mr. Pence, Mr.                                                                     Gohmert           Matheson          Schiff
                                                                                                       question is on the motion offered by                     Goodlatte         Matsui            Schilling
                                               Forbes, Mr. King of Iowa, Mr. Franks of Ari-
                                                                                                       the gentleman from Mississippi (Mr.                      Gosar             McCarthy (CA)     Schock
                                               zona, Mr. Gohmert, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Poe of                                                                        Gowdy             McCarthy (NY)     Schwartz
                                               Texas, Mr. Chaffetz, Mr. Reed, Mr. Griffin of           HARPER) that the House suspend the
                                                                                                                                                                Granger           McCaul            Schweikert
                                               Arkansas, Mr. Marino, Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Ross               rules and pass the bill, as amended.                     Graves (GA)       McClintock        Scott (SC)
                                               of Florida, Mrs. Adams, and Mr. Quayle.                   The vote was taken by electronic de-                   Graves (MO)       McCotter          Scott (VA)
                                                 (6) COMMITTEE ON NATURAL RESOURCES.—                  vice, and there were—yeas 399, nays 0,                   Green, Al         McDermott         Scott, Austin
                                               Mr. Young of Alaska, Mr. Duncan of Ten-                 not voting 35, as follows:                               Green, Gene       McGovern          Scott, David
                                               nessee, Mr. Gohmert, Mr. Bishop of Utah,                                                                         Griffin (AR)      McHenry           Sensenbrenner
                                                                                                                           [Roll No. 12]                        Griffith (VA)     McKeon            Serrano
                                               Mr. Lamborn, Mr. Wittman, Mr. Broun of                                                                           Grimm             McKinley          Sessions
                                               Georgia, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Coffman of Colo-                                   YEAS—399
                                                                                                                                                                Guinta            McMorris          Sewell
                                               rado, Mr. McClintock, Mr. Thompson of                   Ackerman           Biggert              Butterfield      Guthrie             Rodgers         Sherman
                                               Pennsylvania, Mr. Denham, Mr. Benishek,                 Adams              Bilbray              Calvert          Hall              McNerney          Shimkus
                                                                                                       Aderholt           Bilirakis            Camp             Hanabusa          Meehan            Shuler
                                               Mr. Rivera, Mr. Duncan of South Carolina,
                                                                                                       Akin               Bishop (GA)          Campbell         Hanna             Meeks             Shuster
                                               Mr. Tipton, Mr. Gosar, Mr. Labrador, Mrs.               Alexander          Bishop (NY)          Canseco
                                               Noem, Mr. Southerland, Mr. Flores, Mr. Har-                                                                      Harman            Mica              Simpson
                                                                                                       Altmire            Bishop (UT)          Cantor           Harper            Michaud           Sires
                                               ris, Mr. Landry, Mr. Fleischmann, Mr. Run-              Amash              Black                Capito           Harris            Miller (FL)       Slaughter
                                               yan, and Mr. Johnson of Ohio.                           Andrews            Blackburn            Capps            Hartzler          Miller (MI)       Smith (NE)
                                                 (7) COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT AND GOVERN-                Austria            Blumenauer           Cardoza          Hastings (FL)     Miller (NC)       Smith (NJ)
                                               MENT REFORM.—Mr. Burton of Indiana, Mr.                 Baca               Bonner               Carnahan         Hastings (WA)     Miller, Gary      Smith (TX)
                                               Mica, Mr. Platts, Mr. Turner, Mr. McHenry,              Bachmann           Bono Mack            Carney           Hayworth          Miller, George    Smith (WA)
                                                                                                       Bachus             Boren                Carson (IN)      Heck              Moore             Southerland
                                               Mr. Jordan, Mr. Chaffetz, Mr. Mack, Mr.                 Baldwin            Boswell              Carter
                                               Walberg, Mr. Lankford, Mr. Amash, Ms.                                                                            Heinrich          Moran             Stark
                                                                                                       Barletta           Boustany             Cassidy          Heller            Mulvaney          Stearns
                                               Buerkle, Mr. Gosar, Mr. Labrador, Mr. Mee-              Barrow             Brady (TX)           Castor (FL)
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                                                                                                                Hensarling        Murphy (CT)       Stivers
                                               han, Mr. DesJarlais, Mr. Walsh of Illinois,             Bartlett           Braley (IA)          Chabot           Herger            Murphy (PA)       Stutzman
                                               Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Ross of Florida, Mr. Guinta,             Barton (TX)        Brooks               Chaffetz         Herrera Beutler   Myrick            Sullivan
                                               Mr. Farenthold, and Mr. Kelly.                          Bass (CA)          Broun (GA)           Chandler         Higgins           Nadler            Sutton
                                                 (8) COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE, SPACE, AND                  Bass (NH)          Brown (FL)           Chu              Himes             Napolitano        Terry
                                                                                                       Becerra            Buchanan             Cicilline        Hinchey           Neal              Thompson (CA)
                                               TECHNOLOGY.—Mr. Sensenbrenner, Mr. Smith
                                                                                                       Benishek           Bucshon              Clarke (MI)      Hinojosa          Neugebauer        Thompson (MS)
                                               of Texas, Mr. Rohrabacher, Mr. Bartlett, Mr.            Berg               Buerkle              Clay             Hirono            Noem              Thompson (PA)
                                               Lucas, Mrs. Biggert, Mr. Akin, Mr.                      Berkley            Burgess              Cleaver          Holt              Nugent            Thornberry
                                               Neugebauer, Mr. McCaul, Mr. Broun of Geor-              Berman             Burton (IN)          Clyburn

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00027   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634    E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.067   H18JAPT1
                                               H232                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               Tierney           Wasserman          Wittman            Commissioner. Over the course of his                    place it with some commonsense solu-
                                               Tipton             Schultz           Wolf
                                               Tonko             Waters             Womack
                                                                                                       political career, he consistently dem-                  tions.
                                               Turner            Watt               Woodall            onstrated his compassion for the less                                    f
                                               Upton             Waxman             Woolsey            fortunate, and he was instrumental in
                                               Van Hollen        Webster                                                                                             THE UNINSURED OF TEXAS
                                                                                    Wu                 developing welfare-to-work programs.
                                               Velazquez         Weiner
                                               Visclosky         Welch
                                                                                    Yarmuth               William Walsh was elected mayor of                     (Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas asked
                                                                                    Yoder                                                                      and was given permission to address
                                               Walberg           West
                                                                                    Young (AK)
                                                                                                       the City of Syracuse in 1961 and, during
                                               Walden            Westmoreland
                                                                                    Young (FL)         his tenure, supervised widespread                       the House for 1 minute.)
                                               Walsh (IL)        Whitfield                                                                                       Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. Madam
                                               Walz (MN)         Wilson (SC)
                                                                                    Young (IN)         major changes to the Syracuse down-
                                                                                                       town.                                                   Speaker, I have listened for a couple of
                                                               NOT VOTING—35                              Syracusans remember Bill Walsh for                   hours to the debate on health care and
                                               Brady (PA)        Gonzalez           Ribble             his approachability and his emphasis                    will have additional hours going for-
                                               Capuano           Grijalva           Richardson                                                                 ward tomorrow.
                                               Clarke (NY)       Gutierrez          Rush
                                                                                                       on constituent service. That attention
                                               Costa             Holden             Schakowsky         to the needs of the constituents served                   I think it is important that each
                                               Davis (IL)        Hunter             Schmidt            the district residents well when Mr.                    Member look carefully at their own
                                               Dingell           Johnson (IL)                                                                                  congressional area and as well their
                                               Doyle             Jordan
                                                                                    Schrader           Walsh became a Member of Congress in
                                               Ellison           Kind
                                                                                    Speier             1973.                                                   own State. I hope maybe I will be able
                                                                                    Tiberi                                                                     to convince a few Members of the re-
                                               Engel             Larson (CT)
                                                                                    Towns                 Bill Walsh loved Syracuse. The child
                                               Filner            McCollum
                                                                                    Tsongas            of Irish immigrants, Michael and Mary                   ality of the State of Texas. And by the
                                               Gibbs             McIntyre                                                                                      way, I don’t know how far this legisla-
                                               Giffords          Rahall
                                                                                    Wilson (FL)        Alice Walsh, Bill Walsh always re-
                                                                                                       mained connected to the community he                    tion will go. We expect a victory on the
                                                                    b 1852                             grew up in. His strong sense of commu-                  repeal tomorrow. I don’t want Ameri-
                                                  So (two-thirds being in the affirma-                 nity colored his commitment to public                   cans to be frightened who need this
                                               tive) the rules were suspended and the                  service, and he passed that commit-                     bill.
                                               bill, as amended, was passed.                           ment on to his children. He and his                       Mr. President, be prepared to use
                                                  The result of the vote was announced                 wife, the late Mary Dorsey Walsh,                       your veto pen.
                                               as above recorded.                                      raised seven children. Their son Jim                      But Texas is the number one State
                                                  The title was amended so as to read:                 Walsh served in Congress from 1989 to                   with uninsured. Health care premiums
                                               ‘‘A bill to amend title 44, United States               2009. Two of their other children, Bill                 have grown five times faster than in-
                                               Code, to eliminate the mandatory                        Walsh and Martha Walsh Hood, cur-                       come, and 500,000 middle class workers
                                               printing of bills and resolutions for the               rently serve as Onondaga County                         have lost their private insurance. In
                                               use of offices of Members of Congress.’’.               judges.                                                 Harris County, where many of us live,
                                                  A motion to reconsider was laid on                      Mr. Walsh enjoyed hunting, golf, and                 more than 800,000 will be put on the
                                               the table.                                              outdoors. Most importantly, though,                     health care rolls if this bill continues
                                                  Stated for:                                          he was a devoted father who spent time                  to go forward, meaning the Patient
                                                  Mr. FILNER. Madam Speaker, on rollcall 12,           with his children teaching them about                   Protection bill. But if the repeal goes,
                                               I was unable to vote because of airline delays.         life, people, and public service. He will               we’ll throw 800,000 people to the
                                               Had I been present, I would have voted ‘‘yea.’’         be greatly missed by his family,                        wolves.
                                                  Ms. WILSON of Florida. Madam Speaker,                friends, and the Syracuse community.                      There is a reason to support this bill,
                                               on rollcall No. 12, had I been present, I would                           f
                                                                                                                                                               particularly in Texas, which has an
                                               have voted ‘‘yea.’’                                                                                             enormous number of uninsured.
                                                  Mr. GUTIERREZ. Madam Speaker, I was                                         b 1900                                            f
                                               unavoidably absent for votes in the House                      REPEAL AND REPLACE
                                               Chamber today. I would like the RECORD to                                                                            FISHERS TIGERS 5A STATE
                                                                                                                    OBAMACARE                                                  CHAMPS
                                               show that had I been present, I would have
                                               voted ‘‘yea’’ on the rollcall vote No. 12.                (Mr. BROUN of Georgia asked and                         (Mr. BURTON of Indiana asked and
                                                                                                       was given permission to address the                     was given permission to address the
                                                                                                       House for 1 minute and to revise and                    House for 1 minute and to revise and
                                               HONORING         WILLIAM       FRANCIS                  extend his remarks.)                                    extend his remarks.)
                                                 WALSH, FORMER MEMBER OF                                 Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Like the                          Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Madam
                                                 CONGRESS                                              house built upon the rock, America                      Speaker, an extraordinary event hap-
                                                 (Ms. BUERKLE asked and was given                      was created upon the solid foundation                   pened in my district. Fishers High
                                               permission to address the House for 1                   of the Constitution. With the passage                   School, after being in existence for
                                               minute.)                                                of ObamaCare, liberals have drilled                     only 5 years, won the State 5A high
                                                 Ms. BUERKLE. Madam Speaker, I                         holes in the rock and foundation of our                 school football championship. And I
                                               wish to inform the House of Represent-                  Nation.                                                 just wanted to congratulate Coach
                                               atives that on January 8, 2011, central                   Madam Speaker, I rise today to in-                    Rick Wimmer and his Tigers for doing
                                               New York lost a great friend, and this                  troduce a bill, H.R. 299, that restores                 such an outstanding job. You know
                                               august body lost a former Member,                       our economic freedom. It repeals the                    that many schools that have been in
                                               William Francis Walsh.                                  bureaucratic boondoggle of ObamaCare                    existence for a long time do great
                                                 William Walsh, World War II veteran,                  and replaces it with commonsense solu-                  things, but to do it in only 5 years is
                                               former mayor of Syracuse, and Member                    tions. By allowing individuals to shop                  really extraordinary. So congratula-
                                               of this House of Representatives from                   for health care across State lines, the                 tions to this great school.
                                               1973 to 1979, passed away at his home in                cost of health care is reduced through                                   f
                                               Marcellus, New York, at the age of 98.                  basic, free market solutions. Instead of
                                                 Mr. Walsh played a significant role in                adding massive new debts to fund an                           HEALTH CARE REFORM
                                               the shaping of the political landscape                  equally massive bureaucracy, my plan                      (Mr. TONKO asked and was given
                                               of central New York for more than 30                    allows people to deduct 100 percent of                  permission to address the House for 1
                                               years. He returned home from World                      their health care expenses.                             minute and to revise and extend his re-
                                               War II, during which he served as an                      My bill also creates high-risk pools                  marks.)
                                               Army captain, and completed graduate                    and allows health care associations to                    Mr. TONKO. Madam Speaker, I rise
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               studies at the University of Buffalo in                 form, empowering Americans to get                       today in strong opposition to repealing
                                               social work.                                            the coverage that they need at a much                   health care reform. I am committed to
                                                 His training and experience as a so-                  lower cost.                                             working with my colleagues on the
                                               cial worker would provide him with a                      Madam Speaker, residents of the 10th                  other side of the aisle to create jobs
                                               values reference point for his future po-               District of Georgia overwhelmingly op-                  and improve our Nation’s economy. We
                                               litical career. In 1959, voters elected                 pose ObamaCare. I’m proud to fulfill                    need to focus on jobs right now, not re-
                                               him to the post of County Welfare                       my commitment to repeal it and re-                      pealing health care reform.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00028   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.028   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H233
                                                 In fact, last year the private sector                      AMANDA GAYLE’S KITCHEN                             uals. Of course Amanda Gayle and her
                                               created some 1.1 million jobs. That is                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      kitchen folks continue to supply them
                                               more private-sector job growth created                  previous order of the House, the gen-                   with whatever they need.
                                               in 2010 alone than during all of the                    tleman from Texas (Mr. POE) is recog-                     Amanda Gayle and Trey Herring
                                               Bush administration. Fully 200,000 of                   nized for 5 minutes.                                    have both tried to contact the health
                                               those jobs, or one out of every five,                     Mr. POE of Texas. Madam Speaker, I                    department. They have received no an-
                                               were in the health care industry.                       want to tell you about a good work                      swer about why they were shut down
                                                 In the Capital Region alone, repeal                   that’s going on in Houston, Texas. It’s                 and how they can reopen. Because, see,
                                               would strip benefits from some 439,000                  a program that is not sponsored by the                  they want to follow the law, they want
                                               individuals with health insurance and                   government. In fact, the government is                  to do the right thing, but they want to
                                               113,000 seniors on Medicare. My con-                    not involved in this project at all. It all             help these people that they feed every
                                               stituents would lose guaranteed cov-                    started 15 months ago when Amanda                       night a hot meal that they don’t have
                                               erage for their preexisting conditions,                 Gayle and her mother, Linda Gayle                       access to from some government pro-
                                               coverage for young adults, lower drug                   Lee, decided they would start going                     gram.
                                               prices for seniors, and free preventive                 from Humble, Texas, my hometown, to                       This is a perfect example of the
                                               care for people with insurance coverage                 downtown Houston, about 30 miles                        phrase that no good deed goes
                                               and Medicare.                                           away, and start feeding the homeless.                   unpunished and they are punishing this
                                                 Madam Speaker, repealing health                       And so they fix hot meals for the                       good couple for what they’re trying to
                                               care reform to return to the old status                 homeless. They go out to downtown                       do. I believe if the City of Houston had
                                               quo, where insurance companies run                      Houston in a remote area of that city,                  been around when the good Lord fed
                                               amok and put profits over people, is ir-                and they feed those people every night                  the 5,000, they would have tried to pro-
                                               responsible and reckless for our Nation                 a hot meal. And they’ve done it for 15                  hibit that good work since he had no
                                               and our economy.                                        months.                                                 permit to distribute food or hadn’t
                                                                f                                        I call this Amanda Gayle’s Kitchen.                   cooked those two fish and five loaves
                                                                                                       And they are feeding the homeless—not                   from a certified kitchen. They would
                                                   HONORING LANCE CORPORAL                                                                                     have closed him down, I’m sure.
                                                   WILLIAM HARRY CROUSE, IV                            just the homeless, but I believe these
                                                                                                       are the rejected homeless. These are                      Government is the problem here and
                                                 (Mr. STUTZMAN asked and was                           the homeless that can’t get into shel-                  government should help these people
                                               given permission to address the House                   ters. They don’t live in shelters. They                 help people. All they want to do is feed
                                               for 1 minute and to revise and extend                   have all kinds of physical, emotional,                  the hungry every night. I’m not sure
                                               his remarks.)                                           and mental issues, and they live on the                 there’s anybody in the House that
                                                 Mr. STUTZMAN. On December 21,                         streets of Houston, Texas. And every                    would do this. But they do it because
                                               2010, Lance Corporal William Henry                      night for 15 months, they’ve fed about                  they want to help people that are in
                                               Crouse, IV, age 22, died of wounds sus-                 100 of these homeless individuals with a                need. So I hope the City of Houston
                                               tained while supporting combat oper-                    hot meal.                                               will figure out a way to let Trey and
                                               ations in Helmand Province in Afghan-                                                                           Amanda Gayle and those other people
                                               istan. As a field artillery cannoneer as-                                b 1910                                 in Amanda Gayle’s kitchen feed the
                                               signed to 1st Battalion, 10th Marine                      A couple of months ago, the Houston                   hungry, clothe those that need to be
                                               Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, 2nd                      Police Department came to where they                    clothed, and take care of those out
                                               Marine Expeditionary Force, Lance                       were feeding and told them they needed                  there on the street that are there not
                                               Corporal Crouse was serving his first                   to move to another location, the police                 by    choice    but   because    of  cir-
                                               deployment to Afghanistan, in support                   department suggested the location, and                  cumstances. And the City of Houston
                                               of Operation Enduring Freedom, where                    they moved down the street; and every                   needs to figure out a way that the gov-
                                               he had been for 6 weeks.                                night they feed the homeless. In fact,                  ernment is not the problem but help
                                                 Born June 13, 1988 in Angola, Indiana,                now they bring them blankets and                        this good couple do this good work and
                                               Lance Corporal Crouse joined the Ma-                    sleeping bags because of the winter.                    let them continue, together with the
                                               rine Corps in November 2007 and was                       Amanda Gayle is now married to a                      city, to make sure that certain people
                                               promoted to lance corporal August 1,                    preacher, Trey Herring, and he has con-                 in our city, Houston, Texas, are taken
                                               2008.                                                   tinued this network of feeding the                      care of every night.
                                                 Lance Corporal Crouse’s awards and                    homeless and clothing them every                          And that’s just the way it is.
                                               decorations include the Marine Corps                    night. They have networks all over the                                   f
                                               Good Conduct Medal, National Defense                    Houston area, some in a different coun-
                                               Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign                     ty, where this hot food is brought in,                    HEALTH CARE LAW NOT A ‘‘JOB
                                               Medal, and the Global War on Ter-                       cooked in kitchens, and they feed the                                    KILLER’’
                                               rorism Service Medal.                                   inner city. It’s an organized effort,                     The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
                                                 Lance Corporal Crouse is survived by                  they enjoy doing it, and it’s something                 GARDNER). Under a previous order of
                                               his mother, Nancy, and stepfather,                      that’s important.                                       the House, the gentleman from Wash-
                                               Vinnie Siders, of Fort Wayne; his                         But on December 30, even winter for                   ington (Mr. MCDERMOTT) is recognized
                                               brothers, Nathan and Ryan; and his sis-                 Houston, the health department came                     for 5 minutes.
                                               ters, Jennifer Chaffee and Jennifer                     in of the City of Houston and said, you                   Mr. MCDERMOTT. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               Hartman.                                                can’t do this anymore, because you                      rise today to encourage my Republican
                                                 After quickly being promoted to                       don’t have a permit to distribute food.                 colleagues to start having an honest
                                               lance corporal, Lance Corporal Crouse                   And, you also cooked this food in a                     debate about the health care law which
                                               selflessly gave his life as a service to                kitchen that is not certified by the                    they call a ‘‘job-killing’’ law because it
                                               defend our country’s freedom in sup-                    City of Houston. The health depart-                     polls well, but not because it’s true. It
                                               port of Operation Enduring Freedom.                     ment said the poor is susceptible to                    seems pretty clear, especially from lis-
                                               My heart goes out to his family, and I                  disease, so we’re going to shut you                     tening to the Republican attack ads
                                               want to express my deepest gratitude                    down.                                                   during the last campaign, that the Re-
                                               to them both for the sacrifice they                       Like Amanda Gayle said, the health                    publican pollsters have found the key
                                               have made for our Nation.                               department would rather they go hun-                    to winning this debate and others is by
                                                                f                                      gry, eat out of dumpsters, than to get                  saying ‘‘job-killing’’ as often as pos-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                                                       a hot cooked meal from somebody that                    sible. If a Democrat said the sun rises
                                                          SPECIAL ORDERS                               doesn’t have a certified kitchen and                    in the east, the Republicans would say
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under                        doesn’t have a permit to distribute                     it’s a job-killing sunrise.
                                               the Speaker’s announced policy of Jan-                  food. In fact, the City of Houston                        Republicans entitled the current bill
                                               uary 5, 2011, and under a previous order                cleanup crews have gone through this                    we are debating the ‘‘Repealing the
                                               of the House, the following Members                     area and taken the sleeping bags and                    Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.’’ The
                                               will be recognized for 5 minutes each.                  the blankets away from these individ-                   basis for their ‘‘job-killing’’ rhetoric is

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00029   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.072   H18JAPT1
                                               H234                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                    January 18, 2011
                                               a report that they released recently en-                facts are. Republicans say that health                  the Washington Post on December 13.
                                               titled ‘‘ObamaCare: A Budget-Busting,                   care reform is bad for American busi-                   He said that if he had to choose sides
                                               Job-Killing Health Care Law.’’ I have a                 ness. The National Business Group on                    today, he would choose the Taliban.
                                               copy of it here if anybody wants to get                 Health, a collection of nearly 300 large                The Taliban are killing American serv-
                                               it. All you have to do is contact the                   employers including Wal-Mart, Lock-                     ice men and women.
                                               Republicans.                                            heed Martin and others, disagrees and                     Mr. Speaker, I have joined DENNIS
                                                 Mr. Speaker, in the last Congress, we                 says repeal will be bad, bad for busi-                  KUCINICH as well as many other mem-
                                               took up the challenge of reforming                      nesses.                                                 bers of both parties in the hope that
                                               health care in this country because the                    I will close by quoting, in a somber                 President Obama will keep his promise
                                               system was broken and creating tre-                     splash of honesty, the economics editor                 to start withdrawing our troops in July
                                               mendous damage to the American                          of the Wall Street Journal. On January                  of this year.
                                               economy. The fact is the health care                    6, just 2 weeks ago, he wrote:
                                               law will help the economy. It will re-                     Talking about repeal of the health                                    b 1920
                                               sult in more efficiency, more stability                 care law—remember, this is the Wall                       In closing, I would like to urge the
                                               of care, healthier Americans, and at                    Street Journal—talking about repeal of                  American people to get engaged in this
                                               fairer costs. That’s what the law will                  the health care law may be a winning                    cause and to let their Members of Con-
                                               do.                                                     political strategy for Republicans, a                   gress know how they feel. They must
                                                 Republicans have repeatedly misused                   rare way to please both workers and                     encourage the Members of Congress to
                                               statistics from the CBO to support                      business executives, and here is what                   vote to bring our troops home. The
                                               their argument that the law is pri-                     they finally end with—as long as they                   pain must end, and we can easily de-
                                               marily a ‘‘jobs killer.’’ We are truly in               don’t actually succeed in doing it.                     clare a victory and bring our brave
                                               a situation of Republican conclusions                      The health care law isn’t a job kill-                men and women home.
                                               desperately in search of honest facts.                  ing bill. It’s good for business, it’s good               Mr. Speaker, as I do all the time on
                                                 Let’s look at the typical example—                    for American taxpayers, it’s good for                   the floor of the House when I speak, I
                                               the Republicans’ twisting of the views                  consumers, it’s good for everybody in                   ask God to please bless our men and
                                               of experts to support their view. On the                the society, and I urge my colleagues                   women in uniform, to bless the families
                                               very first page of the report House Re-                 to recognize that words really do mat-                  of our men and women in uniform. I
                                               publicans released on January 6 enti-                   ter      and     they      should      stop             ask God in his loving arms to hold the
                                               tled ‘‘ObamaCare,’’ Republicans state                   mischaracterizing the health care law                   families who have given a child dying
                                               that according to a nonpartisan CBO                     and confusing the American people.                      for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. I
                                               report from August 2010, the law will                                     f                                     ask God to please bless the House and
                                               result in a loss of 650,000 jobs. Now you                                                                       Senate that we will do what is right for
                                               can get that from the CBO. It’s avail-                      BETHESDA NAVAL HOSPITAL
                                                                                                                                                               the American people. I ask God to give
                                               able for people to read. But if you actu-                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      strength, wisdom, and courage to
                                               ally go to what they cite from the CBO                  previous order of the House, the gen-                   President Obama that he will do what
                                               report—it’s on page 48—the report real-                 tleman from North Carolina (Mr.                         is right for the American people. And
                                               ly says that the economy will use less                  JONES) is recognized for 5 minutes.                     three times I will ask God please, God
                                               labor because many people will choose                     Mr. JONES. Mr. Speaker, today I had                   please, God please continue to bless
                                               to work less, or retire early, as a result              the honor and privilege of visiting the                 America.
                                               of the benefits of the new law.                         wounded warriors at Bethesda Naval
                                                 Let me read the exact quote from the                  Hospital. Each one of the young men I                                    f
                                               Republican report. It says, ‘‘the non-                  saw, the oldest being 23, is very special,
                                                                                                                                                                          SMART SECURITY
                                               partisan CBO has determined that the                    as are all of our men and women in uni-
                                               law will reduce the amount of labor                     form.                                                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
                                               used in the economy by roughly half a                     The medical staff at both Bethesda                    previous order of the House, the gentle-
                                               percent,’’ an estimate that adds up to                  and Walter Reed is truly amazing.                       woman from California (Ms. WOOLSEY)
                                               roughly 650,000 jobs. The Republican re-                They have done a wonderful job repair-                  is recognized for 5 minutes.
                                               port, however, deliberately chops off                   ing the broken bodies and spirits of our                  Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Speaker, our Na-
                                               the last part of the CBO sentence to                    young servicemembers.                                   tion is now in its 10th straight year of
                                               substantiate their claim. Here is the                     The number of wounded warriors re-                    war. The military occupation of Af-
                                               entire sentence: ‘‘The Congressional                    turning from war has become more                        ghanistan is longer than any war in our
                                               Budget Office estimates that the legis-                 prevalent with the increased use of                     Nation’s history. An entire generation
                                               lation, on net, will reduce the amount                  IEDs by the enemy. More and more of                     of young people—including my three
                                               of labor used in the economy by a                       our young men and women are return-                     grandchildren who came with me to
                                               small amount—roughly half a per-                        ing without their arms and legs. To-                    visit Washington for the swearing in—
                                               cent—primarily       by    reducing    the              night, Mr. Speaker, as a constant re-                   is growing up knowing nothing but a
                                               amount of labor that workers choose to                  minder of the pain of war, I show you                   Nation at war.
                                               supply.’’ CBO explicitly makes clear                    this picture of a young triple amputee                    This war is not just a moral abomi-
                                               that jobs will not be lost but instead                  and his wife. This man gave his body                    nation with devastating human costs,
                                               that people will choose to work less in                 for this country and will struggle for                  and it is not just fiscally irresponsible
                                               order to have a decent life. With the                   the rest of his life. How many more                     and unsustainable with a price tag of
                                               new health care law, the American peo-                  will have to return home in this condi-                 about $370 billion, though it most cer-
                                               ple won’t be drowning in health care                    tion?                                                   tainly is all of that. Perhaps the most
                                               costs and risks to their coverage.                        This young man and his wife have                      tragic irony of this war is, for all of the
                                                 Some evening, on Friday, fly home to                  just returned from the hospital. He is                  sacrifice, it is not even doing what it
                                               Seattle with me and meet the flight at-                 in a wheelchair. He lost an arm and                     was supposed to do: keeping us safe and
                                               tendants from United Airlines. We have                  two legs and he is looking at a beau-                   defeating a terrorist threat.
                                               the oldest base in the country. Most of                 tiful American flag that was on the                       If Iraq and Afghanistan have proven
                                               those women are working so that they                    wall that had been drawn for him.                       anything to us, Mr. Speaker, it is that
                                               can have health care benefits for their                   It is time we declare victory and get                 we need an entirely new national secu-
                                               family because their husband has a job                  our troops out of Afghanistan. It is evi-               rity model; one that emphasizes brain
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               and no health care benefits. They’re                    dent that President Karzai does not ap-                 over brawn; one that uses soft power
                                               not flying for the pension. They’re not                 preciate our commitment. If he did, he                  instead of hard; one that protects
                                               flying for the salary. They’re flying to                would not be so corrupt. If he did, he                  America by relying on the most honor-
                                               keep their health care benefits until                   would not have made the comments                        able American values—love of freedom,
                                               they can get to Medicare.                               that he now has three main enemies—                     desire for peace, moral leadership, and
                                                 The Republicans want to focus on                      the Taliban, the United States and the                  compassion for the people of the world.
                                               their message—no matter what the                        international community as stated in                    With these values in mind, this week I

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00030   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.074   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                        H235
                                               once again introduced a resolution                      gress wrote to the President—myself,                    Canal. So we really need to address
                                               calling for the adoption of a SMART                     TED POE of Texas, RALPH HALL of                         this problem.
                                               Security platform. SMART Security                       Texas, PETE OLSON of Texas, and ED                        So if I were talking to the President
                                               would redirect our energy and re-                       ROYCE of California—and we asked the                    tonight, Mr. Speaker, I would say:
                                               sources away from warfare and it                        President to take more steps to deal                      Mr. President, come on, let’s do what
                                               would focus instead on nonprolifera-                    with the problems on the Texas border                   has to be done to protect our southern
                                               tion, conflict prevention, international                because people have been killed and                     border. We are doing the job over in the
                                               diplomacy, and multilateralism. That                    beaten up down there. Shots have been                   Far East; we are doing the job over in
                                               means renewing our commitment to                        fired across the border. And 80 miles                   the Middle East, and that’s okay.
                                               cooperation      with    other    nations               into the country, the United States of                                    b 1930
                                               through the United Nations and other                    America, we have signs telling people,
                                                                                                                                                                 Yet our border, our front yard, is
                                               international institutions.                             warning people not to go south of there
                                                  SMART Security would build on the                                                                            threatened every single day by these
                                                                                                       because they might be in danger from
                                               new START treaty ratified last month                                                                            drug cartels and by these terrorists
                                                                                                       Mexican drug cartels or people across
                                               and move us more aggressively toward                                                                            coming across the border, and Amer-
                                                                                                       the border who are spying for the drug
                                               a goal of eliminating all nuclear weap-                                                                         ican ranchers and businesspeople can-
                                                                                                       cartels. So there is a real problem.
                                               ons. It would rearrange our budget pri-                   Well, we didn’t get an answer back                    not conduct their daily lives down
                                               orities so we are no longer throwing                    from the President. And so we wrote                     there because there is no real security.
                                                                                                                                                                 So, if I were talking to the President,
                                               billions of dollars at weapons systems                  again in November, and again we didn’t
                                                                                                                                                               I would say:
                                               designed for a different era and instead                get a reply. And then around the end of
                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. President, please review this
                                               invest in human capital around the                      December, we got a reply from Home-
                                                                                                                                                               issue. Don’t ignore Members of Con-
                                               world. That means addressing root                       land Security, from a fellow in Legisla-
                                                                                                                                                               gress, five Members who wrote you,
                                               causes of instability and violent con-                  tive Affairs, and he went through the
                                                                                                                                                               who are concerned about this issue.
                                               flict by increasing development aid and                 same song and dance that they have
                                                                                                                                                               Don’t ignore us. Do something about it,
                                               debt relief to poor countries.                          gone through for a long time, talking
                                                                                                                                                               and please don’t send us any more of
                                                  We would be supporting programs                      about how they are solving the prob-
                                                                                                                                                               these inane letters that really don’t
                                               that promote sustainable development,                   lem on the border.
                                                                                                         Just recently in the last few weeks,                  say anything about solving the prob-
                                               that promote democracy building,
                                                                                                       four road workers were out there in                     lem. It’s a real problem about the secu-
                                               human rights education, a strong civil
                                                                                                       Texas and they were working on the                      rity of this country and about the peo-
                                               society, gender equality, education for
                                                                                                       roads trying to fill potholes with grav-                ple who live down there and traverse
                                               women and girls, and much, much
                                                                                                       el and do some other things. It was a                   that area.
                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. President, let’s get on with it.
                                                  The Quadrennial Diplomacy and De-                    shovel-ready project, incidentally. And
                                               velopment Review recently completed                                                                                                           OCTOBER 26, 2010.
                                                                                                       they were fired at from across the bor-
                                                                                                                                                               Hon. BARACK OBAMA,
                                               at the State Department reaffirms the                   der, which was about half a mile away.                  President of the United States of America, the
                                               principles underlying SMART Secu-                       The bullets didn’t hit any of them, but                      White House, Washington, DC.
                                               rity, calling for civilian power to lead                it sure scared the dickens out of them.                    DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: We are writing to
                                               the way in resolving conflicts and re-                  And Mike Doyle, the chief deputy of                     you today to express our extreme concern re-
                                               ducing threats around the world, with                   the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office,                   garding the deteriorating security situation
                                               diplomacy and development mutually                      said that a rancher spotted a white                     along our Nation’s southern border. It seems
                                               reinforcing one other; also strongly                    pickup truck fleeing the area on the                    that every day brings a new report of some
                                                                                                                                                               atrocity; the most recent being the apparent
                                               recommending a renewed focus on the                     Mexican side after the shots were fired,                murder of a U.S. citizen at Falcon Lake,
                                               rights of women and girls.                              and they think that the drug cartel                     Texas; yet little if anything appears to be
                                                  The bottom line, Mr. Speaker, is that                may have been firing those shots to di-                 being done by our government or the Mexi-
                                               might doesn’t make right. The conven-                   vert attention away from what was                       can government to stop the bloodshed and
                                               tional wisdom of peace through                          going on there in order to get drugs                    bring the perpetrators to justice.
                                               strength does not work, especially in                   smuggled across the border.                                Protecting our borders and our citizens is
                                               an era with the greatest threats we                       The reason I bring all of this up once                a paramount responsibility of the Federal
                                               face being from nonstate actors.                        again is because we sent 17,000 National                government; enshrined in the preamble of
                                                  A national security based on occupa-                                                                         the Constitution. It would be an unforgivable
                                                                                                       Guard troops down to deal with the oil
                                                                                                                                                               breach of our constitutional responsibilities
                                               tion and conquest has been given a                      spill in the gulf, and it was something                 if we do not take stronger measures not only
                                               chance to work over the last decade,                    that we should have done. We should                     to prevent the upward spiral of violence from
                                               and it has failed miserably. What we                    have dealt with that problem as quick-                  further spilling over into the United States
                                               need in Afghanistan is a civilian surge,                ly as possible to make sure that we                     and threaten the safety of U.S. citizens on
                                               not a military surge. For the security                  stopped any environmental damage                        American soil but to reclaim those areas of
                                               of the American and the Afghan people,                  that might accrue from that, and to                     our border already overrun by smugglers and
                                               we need to be humanitarian partners,                    help the people from Louisiana who                      criminals. We can no longer pretend that
                                               not military occupiers. It is time, Mr.                                                                         this is simply Mexico’s problem. The time
                                                                                                       were suffering, and the other border
                                                                                                                                                               has come to recognize that the drug violence
                                               Speaker, to bring our troops home and                   States down there. But we haven’t                       along the border is a direct threat to the
                                               implement SMART Security prin-                          done anything but send about 1,400 Na-                  United States and act accordingly.
                                               ciples. It is time that we do it now.                   tional Guard troops down to the bor-                       First, it has become apparent that the
                                                                f                                      der, or close to the border, and many of                Mexican government and law enforcement
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      them have been withdrawn.                               authorities are either unwilling or unable to
                                                                                                         We have to do something to protect                    address this problem unilaterally. Therefore,
                                               previous order of the House, the gen-
                                                                                                       that 1,980-mile border between us and                   we believe it is imperative that you imme-
                                               tleman from Illinois (Mr. DOLD) is rec-                                                                         diately begin serious dialogue with President
                                               ognized for 5 minutes.                                  Mexico. Americans can’t go within 80
                                                                                                                                                               Calderon on building a comprehensive frame-
                                                 (Mr. DOLD addressed the House. His                    miles of the border of Arizona and Mex-                 work, in the spirit of Plan Colombia, that
                                               remarks will appear hereafter in the                    ico because there is a threat for their                 will better coordinate a more aggressive and
                                               Extensions of Remarks.)                                 safety and security. That is something                  proactive strategy to turn the tide of this
                                                                f                                      we cannot tolerate as a Nation. We                      conflict.
                                                                                                       have a war going on on the Mexican-                        Second, we must complete construction of
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                     DEFENDING OUR BORDER                              American border, and we have to do                      the border fence. Any responsibility we have
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      whatever is necessary to protect Amer-                  to minimize the impact of the fence on the
                                                                                                                                                               physical landscape or native species in the
                                               previous order of the House, the gen-                   icans and to stop the drug trafficking                  region pales in comparison when measured
                                               tleman from Indiana (Mr. BURTON) is                     coming across that border.                              against the value of human lives that will be
                                               recognized for 5 minutes.                                 We did it in Colombia with Plan Co-                   lost if we do not seal the border.
                                                 Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speak-                     lombia, and that is not on our border.                     Finally, we believe it is critical that we de-
                                               er, in October, five Members of Con-                    That is down south of the Panama                        ploy additional National Guard troops to the

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00031   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.076   H18JAPT1
                                               H236                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               border. Media reports indicate that 17,000 Na-             Francisco ‘‘Quico’’ Canseco, R-Texas said:           our economy, the biggest driver of the
                                               tional Guard troops were deployed to the                ‘‘It is completely unacceptable that Ameri-             Federal deficit that literally touches
                                               Gulf region to respond to the recent oil spill.         cans at work, doing their job in America,
                                               Yet, you have only pledged 1,200 National               come under gunfire from across the border in
                                                                                                                                                               every American family, poses daunting
                                               Guard troops to protect the border—and ac-              Mexico. Our border is not secure from vio-              challenges. Yet, as people begin the
                                               cording to media reports only a small frac-             lence that threatens American lives. Secur-             analysis, the appropriate comparison is
                                               tion of those troops have arrived to date. It           ing our border against the cartels and their            not some idealized, magical state but
                                               is unrealistic, if not pure insanity, to believe        violent threat must be a top priority.’’                the comparison to the path we are on,
                                               that a mere 1,200 National Guard troops,                   After the shooting, two Texas Rangers and
                                                                                                       Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West and
                                                                                                                                                               which       everybody       agrees     is
                                               even with the support of the Border Patrol,
                                               can effectively cover the nearly 2,000 mile             Chief Deputy Doyle were at the scene look-              unsustainable.
                                               long Southwestern border of the United                  ing for the bullets with a metal detector,                Medical costs, left unchecked, will
                                               States. We must put additional bodies on the            which when weighed against the alternatives             literally bankrupt the country. The
                                               ground and we must give them the weapons                is preferable to a medical examiner digging
                                               and specify rules of engagement that give               bullets out of heads.                                   Department of Defense will spend more
                                               them the authority to do whatever is nec-                  ‘‘The U.S. government built narrowly                 on health care this year than China
                                               essary to secure the border. A National                 spaced steel poles north of the Rio Grande to           uses to run its entire military oper-
                                               Guard trooper armed with only a pistol and              fence the border in that West Texas area.               ation for 7 months. Every objective,
                                               given no authority to engage the enemy is               The slots are not wide enough for people to             independent expert acknowledges and
                                               useless against a criminal armed with mili-             cross, but small objects can fit between the
                                                                                                       15-foot-tall poles.’’ Thus, the lone gunman             laments the fact that the United
                                               tary grade weapons and ammunition.
                                                 Mr. President, we implore you to view this            must have been dedicated to scattering the              States is the world’s health care under-
                                               situation for what it is, a war and to act ac-          workers because nothing deterred his squeez-            achiever. We pay more for health care
                                               cordingly.                                              ing the gun barrel through or shooting off              than our major allies and competitors
                                                     Sincerely,                                        the bullets.                                            in Europe, Japan, and Canada, but our
                                                                 DAN BURTON,                              This particular shot across the border ini-
                                                                 TED POE,                              tiated Hudspeth County into an elite group.             people get sick more often; they die
                                                                 RALPH HALL,                           ‘‘In El Paso, stray bullets from a drug-re-             sooner, and unlike any other country,
                                                                 PETE OLSON,                           lated gunfight hit City Hall in June. Another           people are bankrupted by medical
                                                                 ED ROYCE,                             stray bullet struck a University of Texas at            costs—about 2,000 people per day. All
                                                                   Members of Congress.                El Paso building in August.’’ And to date,              the while, we have a record number of
                                                                                                       newlywed David Hartley’s body has yet to be
                                                                                                       recovered after being shot by Mexican gun-              uninsured Americans—now over 50 mil-
                                                                         NOVEMBER 4, 2010.
                                               Hon. BARACK OBAMA,                                      men on Falcon Lake, a border area near La-              lion.
                                               President of the United States of America, the          redo, Texas.                                              Sadly, we are getting exactly what
                                                   White House, Washington, DC.                           After the bullets missed the U.S. four
                                                                                                       workers, the men were escorted away from
                                                                                                                                                               we paid for: more procedures, multiple
                                                 DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: On October 26th I
                                               and four of my colleagues, sent you a letter            the scene, which successfully accomplished              providers, an emphasis on specialty
                                               expressing our extreme concerns regarding               the original intent of the shooter: Disperse            care rather than someone who can help
                                               the deteriorating security situation along              the crowd and clear the area so as to drive             us with our own efforts to negotiate
                                               our Nation’s southern border. Since that                unhindered right on through to Texas. More-             this complex, fragmented health care
                                               time five more Americans have been killed               over, and much to the relief of the high-pow-
                                                                                                       ered rifleman, Border Patrol spokesman Bill
                                                                                                                                                               system. America actually spends more
                                               along the border region. Protecting our bor-
                                               ders and our citizens is a paramount respon-            Brooks assured drug- and gun-runners, as                administering our health insurance
                                               sibility of the Federal government; en-                 well as marauding banditos with high-pow-               system and finding ways to deny care
                                               shrined in the preamble of the Constitution.            ered rifles, that Border Patrol does not plan           than any other country in the world
                                               I strongly urge you to consider the proposals           to deploy additional agents to the area.                spends on providing care.
                                               laid out in my letter from October 26th.                Brooks vowed: ‘‘There is no beefing up in any
                                               Americans are dying; it is time to recognize            way.’’                                                    Starting from scratch, we could give
                                               that the drug violence along the border is a               Governor Rick Perry’s spokeswoman,                   better care for less money, but we are
                                               direct threat to the United States and act              Katherine Cesinger, said that ‘‘If these re-            not starting from scratch. We are
                                               accordingly.                                            ports are true, it is yet another incident of           starting with an economic and struc-
                                                 Thank you for giving your personal time               border violence and spillover. It goes back to
                                                                                                       the need for the federal government to pro-             tural behemoth, encompassing, as I
                                               and attention to this critically important
                                               issue.                                                  vide more resources to the border, which is             said, 17 percent of the economy. It is
                                                                                                       certainly feeling the effects of the escalating         the largest employer in most commu-
                                                              [January 16, 2011]                       violence in Mexico.’’                                   nities, and it has evolved over two-
                                                        DODGING BULLETS IN EL PASO                        Nevertheless, not all is lost. Texas could           thirds of a century of public and pri-
                                                           (By Jeannie DeAngelis)                      follow Arizona, a state that recently chose
                                                                                                       to address violent behavior by distributing             vate investment and government legis-
                                                 In the ghost town of Fort Quitman, 80
                                                                                                       ‘‘Together we Thrive’’ tee shirts.                      lation. Today, our hybrid system is
                                               miles southeast of El Paso, four U.S. road
                                               workers were up at dawn attending to ‘‘shov-                            f                                       largely administered through hundreds
                                               el ready’’ jobs by filling potholes with grav-            The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      of agencies, programs, and large pro-
                                               el. Unfortunately, ‘‘at least one Mexican               previous order of the House, the gentle-                viders, with the Federal Government
                                               gunman,’’ who probably just wanted a                    woman from Ohio (Ms. KAPTUR) is rec-                    paying half the bill directly.
                                               chance to do jobs Americans won’t do, ‘‘fired
                                                                                                       ognized for 5 minutes.                                    The good news is that we have proven
                                               a high-powered rifle across the border,’’ bare-
                                               ly missing the workers.
                                                                                                         (Ms. KAPTUR addressed the House.                      that we can get better results for less
                                                 ‘‘The bullets struck private land . . . about         Her remarks will appear hereafter in                    than we are spending, and the health
                                               half a mile from the border fence.’’ Thank-             the Extensions of Remarks.)
                                                                                                                                                               care reform legislation provides this
                                               fully, the quartet escaped unharmed. ‘‘Mike                               f
                                               Doyle, Chief Deputy of the Hudspseth Coun-                                                                      framework. First, we don’t need more
                                               ty Sheriff’s Office, said after the fact, a             IN SUPPORT OF THE AFFORDABLE                            money. In fact, if we implement the ex-
                                               rancher spotted a white pickup fleeing the                             CARE ACT                                 isting legislation, it can be a source of
                                               area on the Mexican side at 10:30 a.m.—the                The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      savings in the future.
                                               time the shots were fired.’’                            previous order of the House, the gen-
                                                 According to Doyle, ‘‘Drug cartels use this                                                                     The good news is we don’t have to
                                               busy smuggling corridor in between the                  tleman from Oregon (Mr. BLUMENAUER)                     deal with unproven techniques or tech-
                                               Quitman Mountains and mountains in the                  is recognized for 5 minutes.                            nologies. We know what to do. We
                                               northwestern part of Chihuahua State to                   Mr. BLUMENAUER. Mr. Speaker, we
                                                                                                                                                               don’t even have to look at foreign mod-
                                               traffic marijuana and sometimes cocaine.’’              are having debates about health care
                                               The chief deputy explained the incident by              because Americans are nervous about                     els that are more successful than ours.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               saying: ‘‘The gunman might have shot at the             changing something so important to                      We can look right here in the United
                                               road workers to distract them or get them to            their families, and that, of course,                    States. My community of Portland, Or-
                                               flee.’’                                                 makes politicians nervous about re-                     egon, delivers better health care for
                                                 So in other words, criminal interlopers
                                                                                                       form.                                                   Medicare, for instance, to its recipients
                                               tried to get American workers to disperse
                                               from territory where they had every right to              This skepticism is understandable.                    than other communities where costs
                                               work and exist in order to ‘‘get them outside           Attempting to adjust policies and pro-                  are twice as high. It’s not just Port-
                                               [the] area?’’                                           grams that comprise now 17 percent of                   land. This can be found in areas in the

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00032   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.032   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H237
                                               West and the upper Midwest. There are                     Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Mr. Speaker,                         Even as we speak, doctors are chang-
                                               also innovative health care practices in                I rise to support H.R. 2—legislation to                 ing their practices because this new
                                               the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic,                  repeal the so-called Affordable Care                    law discourages their ability to work
                                               and Gunderson Lutheran.                                 Act—a new effort to strengthen our                      as single practitioners or in group
                                                  The government, itself, has proven                   health care system.                                     practice. In addition, doctors face more
                                               how to be more efficient. The Veterans                    This will be the first step in ensuring               paperwork, more red tape, and more
                                               Administration has a practice model                     that the American people will remain                    risk to their licenses to practice.
                                               for older citizens with complex health                  in control of their own health care                                        b 1940
                                               problems that face our veterans. The                    through a system that is patient-cen-
                                               VA has automated its medical records                    tered and provides health care choices,                   Furthermore, the new law does noth-
                                               system. It pays its doctors for perform-                not government-imposed mandates.                        ing to solve or diminish the wave of
                                               ance, not procedures, and they figured                    Many people question why we are                       junk medical lawsuits that force doc-
                                               out a way to get better prescription                    doing this. They ask, Why repeal the                    tors, medical professions, and hospitals
                                               drug costs for millions of our veterans.                new health care law if there are good                   to practice expensive defensive medi-
                                                  Many of the techniques for reducing                  provisions in it?                                       cine.
                                                                                                                                                                 Also missing from the law is any pro-
                                               the number of unnecessary hospital ad-                    Well, there may be some aspects of
                                                                                                                                                               gram to promote and support medical
                                               missions, for bundling services, for                    the 3,000-page bill, which is now law,
                                                                                                                                                               education in America, the next genera-
                                               having accountable care organizations                   that were commendable 10 months ago.
                                                                                                                                                               tion of young people who we will count
                                               are known and actually supported by                     However, those few positive provisions
                                                                                                                                                               on for care. At the same time, doctors
                                               my Republican friends. They’ve been                     do not outweigh the fact that the new
                                                                                                                                                               and hospitals will face reduced Medi-
                                               embraced by Republican Governors.                       law’s most damaging aspect is that it
                                                                                                                                                               care reimbursements and even more
                                                  This is not foreign territory. We                    turns over to the Federal Government
                                                                                                                                                               onerous Medicare rules and regula-
                                               know it can work. The path forward is                   individuals’ rights to make their own
                                                                                                                                                               tions, causing even more physicians to
                                               clear. It is important not to lose 2 im-                health care choices for themselves and                  refuse to treat senior citizens.
                                               portant years in reforming our medical                  for their families. The new law has                       And what about the promises we
                                               system, giving better health care, and                  given Washington bureaucrats extraor-                   heard about the benefits of the new
                                               starting to reduce these massive future                 dinary power to control the health care                 law? To protect Americans from being
                                               deficits.                                               decisions of all Americans:                             denied coverage due to preexisting or
                                                  After having identified weak spots in                  Forcing us to buy health insurance                    other conditions, 27 States have cre-
                                               the implementation, let’s work to hold                  that Washington deems to be accept-                     ated their own high-risk insurance
                                               people accountable. Don’t attack the                    able; potentially fining us for refusing                pools. Others have used an option in
                                               CBO for scoring the bill as written,                    to do so, which I believe would be un-                  the law to let their residents buy cov-
                                               which is their job. Attack efforts to un-               constitutional;      determining      our               erage through a new Federal health
                                               dermine the cost-saving elements of                     choices of doctors, hospitals and home                  plan. Last spring, Medicare’s chief ac-
                                               the bill. If States can more creatively                 care; deciding which medicines we can                   tuary predicted that 375,000 people
                                               provide health care envisioned in the                   take and which medical procedures will                  would sign up for one of these special
                                               exchanges, let them do it. Give them                    be available to our families; putting                   plans by the end of 2010. In fact, the De-
                                               the waivers, and encourage them to ex-                  one-sixth of our economy under gov-                     partment of Health and Human Serv-
                                               periment as long as they meet min-                      ernment control.                                        ices reported last month that just over
                                               imum national standards.                                  Let me be clear. I support health care                8,000 people had enrolled. This dif-
                                                  Absolutely allow people to purchase insur-           reform. However, I do not support this                  ference of 367,000 enrollees raises real
                                               ance across State lines to improve competition          new health care law, which represents,                  questions about the then-majority’s de-
                                               and choice, but only after everybody agrees to          to a very great extent, a Washington                    mand for this provision.
                                               provide insurance according to the same qual-           takeover of our health care system.                       And with claims to provide coverage
                                               ity standards of accountability. That prevents          This law is creating over 150 new                       for another 34 million Americans, we
                                               gaps in coverage. We don’t want massive                 boards, bureaus, committees, commis-                    need to be reminded that 18 million of
                                               marketing budgets while denying the money               sions, offices, pilot programs, working                 these newly insured people will gain
                                               for essential treatment. We need not to have            groups, and agencies which will issue                   coverage     through      the   financially
                                               long protracted battles over if we understand           onerous regulations that will change                    stressed Medicaid program, which is al-
                                               and agree upon the terms.                               our health care system forever—and                      most broke. My colleagues, current
                                                  We’ve reached a critical point where we              not for the better.                                     Medicaid enrollees are already having
                                               cannot continue on the path that we’ve been               Remember, over 90 percent of Ameri-                   trouble finding doctors who will see
                                               headed. We do have reform legislation that              cans have health coverage for them-                     them because of low reimbursement
                                               encourages much of what has bipartisan sup-             selves and for their families. Why did                  rates. This law proposes to add another
                                               port. We are spending more money than we                the last Congress insist on a virtual                   18 million patients to a struggling and
                                               need to and there are huge opportunities to             takeover of the other 10 percent?                       absolutely necessary program.
                                               improve the quality of service. I would hope              That is why I support the repeal, cou-                  In addition, our hospitals are already
                                               that this exercise would be the last of the polit-      pled with major changes to assist those                 reeling. Passage of the new health care
                                               ical ritual on health care. Instead let’s turn to       who do not have coverage, without                       law has accelerated the layoff of hun-
                                               working with the Administration to figure out           harming the plans of hundreds of mil-                   dreds of employees in hospitals in my
                                               how to achieve the objectives, so critical for          lions of Americans who do.                              congressional district. When further
                                               our citizens.                                             My colleagues, why is this repeal                     Medicare cuts take hold, how are these
                                                                f                                      necessary today?                                        institutions going to maintain their
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                        Because the negative effects of this                  quality of care? They aren’t.
                                               previous order of the House, the gentle-                new law are already being felt and are                    And what of the advertised benefits
                                               woman from New York (Ms. BUERKLE)                       threatening the practice of medicine as                 of the new health care law? Backers ac-
                                               is recognized for 5 minutes.                            we know it. This new law has eroded                     tually claimed the new law would re-
                                                 (Ms. BUERKLE addressed the House.                     your right to choose your health care                   duce the Federal deficit. This claim is
                                               Her remarks will appear hereafter in                    and your doctors, and it is putting bu-                 based on dubious economic assump-
                                               the Extensions of Remarks.)                             reaucrats and politicians in charge.                    tions, double counting, and other budg-
                                                                f                                        Despite predictions from the White                    et gimmickry. And it is astounding
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                                                       House, insurance premiums are not                       that this law counts 10 years of antici-
                                               SUPPORTING THE REPEAL OF THE                            going down. To the contrary, premiums                   pated revenues to offset 6 years of new
                                                     AFFORDABLE CARE ACT                               are rising across the Nation for people                 spending. Here’s a simple fact: If
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      who have insurance as insurance com-                    ObamaCare is fully implemented, it
                                               previous order of the House, the gen-                   panies struggle to pay for the costs of                 will not cut the deficit. The law will
                                               tleman from New Jersey (Mr. FRELING-                    a raft of new mandates imposed by                       actually add more than $700 billion to
                                               HUYSEN) is recognized for 5 minutes.                    Washington.                                             the deficit in its first 10 years.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00033   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.081   H18JAPT1
                                               H238                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                                  And what about jobs? Our first priority                President Kennedy’s words are time-                   the treatments. She wrote, ‘‘From dis-
                                               should be creating private sector employment            less, and we can and should learn from                  crimination by insurance companies
                                               opportunities, especially in America’s small            them today. He called on our country                    against the millions of us with ‘pre-
                                               businesses.                                             to remember that ‘‘civility is not a                    existing conditions’ to lack of afford-
                                                  However, the evidence is clear: by raising           sign of weakness.’’ His words should in-                able care, we’ve had enough.’’
                                               taxes, imposing new health mandates and                 form our national conversation as we                      By ending denials of coverage based
                                               regulations, and increasing uncertainty for             hopefully renew our commitment to re-                   on preexisting conditions, 9,200 resi-
                                               small business employers, investors and en-             spect and graciousness, where politics                  dents of my congressional district with
                                               trepreneurs, ObamaCare is already destroying            means more than stark division and                      preexisting conditions will now have
                                               jobs in our country.                                    glaring partisanship.                                   access to health insurance. That is just
                                                  With nearly 10 percent unemployment and                Our country needs healing, and Ken-                   one benefit of reform that’s at stake.
                                               massive public debt, the American people                nedy would believe that it is up to all                   If the repeal law were to become law,
                                               want us to focus on cutting spending and ex-            of us to participate in restoring this                  insurers could impose devastating an-
                                               panding our economy.                                    type of civility. Fifty years ago he                    nual and lifetime benefit caps. Young
                                                  That’s why I will urge my Colleagues to sup-         said, ‘‘Let both sides explore what                     adults would lose coverage on their
                                               port this important repeal legislation and take         problems unite us instead of belaboring                 parents’ plans. Pregnant women and
                                               the first steps towards replacing it with reforms       those problems which divide us.’’ I wel-                breast cancer and prostate cancer sur-
                                               that will bring down costs, expand health care          come this challenge, and I will spend                   vivors could be denied coverage when
                                               accessibility and protect American jobs.                my time in Congress living up to those                  they most need it. Seniors would pay
                                                  Mr. Speaker, this week we have the oppor-                                                                    higher prescription drug costs. Con-
                                               tunity to ensure that our constituents remain in          Good ideas are not restricted to one                  sumer protections for 445,000 constitu-
                                               control of their own health care through a sys-                                                                 ents who have private insurance would
                                                                                                       political party or the other, so I look
                                               tem that is patient-centered and provides                                                                       be rescinded, resulting in higher health
                                                                                                       forward to hearing from my constitu-
                                               health care choices, not Washington-imposed                                                                     care costs and reduced coverage. 22,100
                                                                                                       ents of all political stripes. If my
                                               mandates.                                                                                                       businesses and 91,000 families in my
                                                  I urge support of H.R. 2—the repeal of               neighbor in Weymouth has an idea to
                                                                                                       create jobs, I want to hear it. If a resi-              district would not receive tax credits
                                               Obamacare.                                                                                                      to access better and more affordable
                                                                                                       dent of Plymouth has a proposal on
                                                                f                                                                                              coverage. Large insurers would no
                                                                                                       how we can move our country forward,
                                               50TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRESI-                              I want to help. If a fellow citizen in                  longer be required to spend at least 85
                                                 DENT KENNEDY’S INAUGURAL                              Barnstable has a plan to make our                       percent of premiums on health benefits
                                                 ADDRESS                                               country safer and stronger, I look for-                 and justify large rate increases.
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      ward to working together.                                               b 1950
                                               previous order of the House, the gen-                     In closing, let us remember that
                                                                                                                                                                 And reforms the Commonwealth
                                               tleman    from     Massachusetts     (Mr.               President Kennedy had a long-term vi-
                                                                                                                                                               Foundation estimates will lower the
                                               KEATING) is recognized for 5 minutes.                   sion for this country. He understood
                                                                                                                                                               rate of premium increases by $2,000 on
                                                 Mr. KEATING. Mr. Speaker, I rise                      that a change in direction takes time,
                                                                                                                                                               average by the end of the decade will
                                               today to honor the 50th anniversary of                  and we understand that a return to the
                                                                                                                                                               be undone.
                                               President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural                   values that he kept will not be imme-                     I am very happy to work with anyone
                                               address and celebrate the many mo-                      diate. As he said, ‘‘All of this will not               who genuinely wants to improve health
                                               ments of altruism that have emerged                     be finished in the first 100 days, nor                  coverage and make it more affordable.
                                               from the simple words, ‘‘Ask not what                   will it be finished in the first 1,000                  I am deeply concerned that this vote
                                               your country can do for you; ask what                   days, nor in the life of this administra-               tomorrow is about keeping campaign
                                               you can do for your country.’’ It is this               tion, nor even perhaps in our lifetime                  promises without serious examination
                                               expression of love of country, this spir-               on this planet. But let us begin.’’                     of the impact of this repeal, especially
                                               it that President Kennedy evoked in all                   So as we celebrate the 50th anniver-                  on Americans like my 27-year-old con-
                                               of us that causes me to rise today for                  sary of President John F. Kennedy’s in-                 stituent in White Plains who has can-
                                               my maiden speech on the floor of the                    auguration, let us begin anew.                          cer.
                                               House of Representatives. Even 50                                         f                                       To my colleagues, if you want to help
                                               years later, we take from this speech                                                                           your constituents who have insurance
                                                                                                       PATIENTS’ RIGHTS REPEAL ACT
                                               the reminder that we still have work to                                                                         and the millions of Americans who
                                                                                                         WILL HAVE DISASTROUS CON-
                                               do to improve our country, and that                                                                             don’t, I urge you to vote ‘‘no’’ on re-
                                               work is incumbent upon us to finish.                                                                            pealing every consumer protection that
                                                 As a young child, I remember watch-                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
                                                                                                                                                               benefits them.
                                               ing the ceremony on January 20, 1961. I                 previous order of the House, the gentle-                  Thank you.
                                               remember the poet Robert Frost read a                   woman from New York (Mrs. LOWEY) is
                                               poem from the podium as his eye-                        recognized for 5 minutes.
                                               glasses fogged up. I remember Presi-                      Mrs. LOWEY. Tomorrow, the House                                    ARLENE BUSH
                                               dent Kennedy taking the stage, and I                    will vote on the Patients’ Rights Re-                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
                                               could have never imagined the impact                    peal Act. While none of us thought that                 previous order of the House, the gen-
                                               he would have on my generation and                      the landmark reform bill passed last                    tleman from Minnesota (Mr. PAULSEN)
                                               the generations to come.                                year was perfect, repeal would only                     is recognized for 5 minutes.
                                                 Here in Washington, President Ken-                    recreate many problems that last                          Mr. PAULSEN. Thank you, Mr.
                                               nedy is never far from my mind be-                      year’s bill solved. Instead of identi-                  Speaker.
                                               cause I have the distinct honor of com-                 fying specific improvements, Repub-                       I rise to commemorate the service of
                                               ing to work to the same office that                     licans have proposed to repeal every                    my dear friend Arlene Bush, who is en-
                                               President Kennedy had when he was a                     single consumer protection, protec-                     tering her 30th year as a member of the
                                               Member of Congress. Our space is a his-                 tions that benefit all of our constitu-                 Bloomington School Board of Min-
                                               toric treasure. I am so fortunate to be                 ents. We cannot allow this irrespon-                    nesota. Arlene, who turns 80 later on
                                               entrusted with the safekeeping of this                  sible bill to become law.                               this year, first joined the school board
                                               memorial and all that it represents to                    During the debate over health insur-                  in 1981. And while times have changed
                                               the people of Massachusetts and every                   ance reform in 2009, I received count-                  since then, Arlene’s dedication to
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               American who has been inspired by                       less letters from individuals through-                  Bloomington students and the schools
                                               President Kennedy.                                      out my district who testified to the                    that they attend has not.
                                                 My first days and weeks in Congress                   dire need to address high costs and in-                   She started her own educational
                                               have been an incredible privilege, serv-                adequacy in service. For example, a                     journey in a small two-room school-
                                               ing my community in Massachusetts                       constituent from White Plains told me                   house in the tiny town of Odin, Min-
                                               and working to find solutions for the                   about her 27-year-old son who was bat-                  nesota. Later, she moved to Min-
                                               challenges that our country faces.                      tling cancer and cannot afford some of                  neapolis, where she graduated from

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00034   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.027   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H239
                                               high school in 1948. Later, she got mar-                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                        Our community is bound by deep-
                                               ried and she settled in Bloomington,                    previous order of the House, the gen-                   rooted characteristics—namely, a de-
                                               Minnesota, which at that time was a                     tleman from Louisiana (Mr. FLEMING)                     sire for pragmatic, effective leadership;
                                               growing suburb of Minneapolis, where                    is recognized for 5 minutes.                            vigorous independence; and the ability
                                               she raised six daughters before begin-                    (Mr. FLEMING addressed the House.                     to work with the other side of the aisle
                                               ning her long career in public service.                 His remarks will appear hereafter in                    in a civilized and bipartisan manner.
                                                 Arlene’s big heart and humble de-                     the Extensions of Remarks.)                             These are the virtues that I pledge to
                                               meanor immediately endeared her to                                        f                                     continue in Congress as I begin my
                                               new friends. She makes a point to be a                                                                          service to the people of the 10th Con-
                                                                                                          VACATING 5–MINUTE SPECIAL
                                               community leader not only through                                                                               gressional District.
                                                                                                                       ORDER                                     In looking at the work of my prede-
                                               the duties of her position but by being
                                               present at sporting events, plays, pep                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Without                      cessors, I have come across a number of
                                               fests, musicals, concerts, and cere-                    objection, the ordering of a 5-minute                   individuals who served our area in the
                                               monies celebrating the young people of                  Special Order in favor of the gentleman                 highest tradition of public service with
                                               Bloomington. She not only advocates                     from Illinois (Mr. DOLD) is vacated.                    the commitment to the greater good.
                                               for Bloomington’s students on the                         There was no objection.                               Tonight, I would like to take a mo-
                                               board, she encourages them personally                                     f                                     ment to speak about a few of them.
                                               every chance she gets.                                                                                            The first woman to represent north-
                                                                                                             SERVING NORTH CHICAGO
                                                 She understands that children need                                                                            eastern Illinois in Congress did so with
                                               not only financial and operational sup-                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under                       remarkable distinction, skill, and ef-
                                               port in their education; she exemplifies                the Speaker’s announced policy of Jan-                  fectiveness. Marguerite Stitt Church
                                               a leader who invests in their interests,                uary 5, 2011, the gentleman from Illi-                  took to Congress in 1949, succeeding
                                               recognizes their achievements, and                      nois (Mr. DOLD) is recognized for 60                    her late husband, Congressman Ralph
                                               comforts them in times of adversity.                    minutes as the designee of the major-                   Church. She served until 1962 pro-
                                                 Arlene’s milestone isn’t one that can                 ity leader.                                             moting fiscal restraint, equal pay for
                                               be measured in the number of hours                         Mr. DOLD. Mr. Speaker, it is with                    women, and civil rights initiatives. She
                                               logged in meetings or the number of                     tremendous honor, excitement, and hu-                   held a healthy disdain for extravagant
                                               terms that she’s served but rather in                   mility that I rise to the floor of this                 Federal spending, which we can all cer-
                                               the lives of the thousands, the literally               great Chamber to represent the aspira-                  tainly appreciate today. And fore-
                                               thousands of students that have bene-                   tions and hardworking values of Illi-                   shadowing the men who would follow
                                               fited from her commitment to edu-                       nois’ 10th Congressional District—Chi-                  her, Marguerite Church encouraged
                                               cation.                                                 cago’s north and northwest suburbs.                     democratic reforms abroad from her
                                                 Over the years, the name ‘‘Arlene                        Let me begin by expressing our                       position on the Committee on Foreign
                                               Bush’’ has become synonymous with                       thoughts and prayers remain with Con-                   Affairs.
                                               education among the generations of                      gresswoman GIFFORDS as she undergoes                      Mrs. Church retired in 1963 only to be
                                               Bloomington students whose lives have                   her recovery. My heart goes out to her                  succeeded in the 88th Congress by a
                                               been enriched through her many years                    and her family, along with the other                    man who also took to the causes of fis-
                                               of service. She’s a pillar of the commu-                families whose lives have been changed                  cal conservatism and American leader-
                                               nity whose presence on the school                       by this tragedy in Tucson on January                    ship in the world: Donald Rumsfeld.
                                               board has absolutely provided a steady                  8.                                                      The people of northeastern Illinois
                                               hand as times have changed.                                Tonight I am here to continue the                    elected Secretary Rumsfeld—a fellow
                                                 As a father with four daughters in                    tradition of this congressional seat by                 New Trier High School graduate—to
                                               public schools myself, it is reassuring                 delivering a speech that lays out how I                 Congress at the young age of 30. From
                                               to know there are dedicated public                      intend to legislate and explains the                    1963 to 1969, he served our area with
                                               servants like Arlene out there working                  manner in which I will work with my                     great distinction. He had a spot on the
                                               to give our children the best education                 colleagues to move this country for-                    Joint Economic Committee, and during
                                               possible. And like Arlene, these unsung                 ward.                                                   perhaps the most critical time in the
                                               heroes don’t do it for the glory or ad-                    Over the past 18 months, I have trav-                development of our space program, he
                                               miration. They do it simply because                     eled all over our great district trying                 sat on the House Committee on Science
                                               they share a common desire to better                    to ask people what keeps them up at                     and Aeronautics. As many know, his
                                               our community.                                          night. Stretching from Wilmette to                      tenure in Congress was just the begin-
                                                 And these kind souls prove that you                   Waukegan, Libertyville to Glenview,                     ning of a long career in public service.
                                               don’t have to be a congressman or a                     Highland Park to Palatine, I am fortu-                    Ten years later saw the beginning of
                                               senator to change the world or touch                    nate to represent a congressional dis-                  another incredible career devoted to
                                               someone’s life. Inside all of us is the                 trict that encompasses a diverse com-                   public service. For 21 years, John Por-
                                               ability to contribute to the public good                munity that asks its political leaders                  ter served the people of the 10th dis-
                                               and to make the world a better place                    to tackle a wide-ranging ambitious                      trict. In that time, he made his great
                                               for future generations.                                 agenda. And from all conversations I’ve                 mark both at home and abroad. Serv-
                                                 When asked recently to look back on                   had at train stations and town centers,                 ing on the Appropriations Committee
                                               her many years of service on the school                 at countless small businesses, in diners                and as the chairman of the Sub-
                                               board, Arlene replied in very true Min-                 and in town hall meetings, there is one                 committee on Labor, Health and
                                               nesota fashion. She wasn’t boastful or                  thing I know: the 112th Congress must                   Human Services, and Education, John
                                               proud but rather humbled. She said                      focus on jobs and the economy, on rein-                 Porter achieved a record of tremendous
                                               that she was thankful for the oppor-                    ing in the out-of-control spending here                 legislative success. Reflecting on the
                                               tunity to serve.                                        in Washington, and to make sure that                    values of his district, he advocated for
                                                 Mr. Speaker, as I close, I just want to               our country remains safe and free.                      scientific funding and advancements in
                                                                                                          Beyond talking with members of my                    health care research, displayed a com-
                                               take the time to let Arlene know that
                                                                                                       community, I also took the time to                      mitment to the environment, cham-
                                               we, too, are thankful—thankful for her
                                                                                                       study the heritage of the congressional                 pioned a strong respect for the tax-
                                               desire to serve.
                                                                                                       seat representing the people of north-                  payer, and set a standard for high qual-
                                                                f                                      ern Cook and eastern Lake Counties.                     ity constituent service.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      Beginning with our first representa-                      John Porter also recorded impressive
                                               previous order of the House, the gentle-                tive, John McLean, upon Illinois’                       accomplishments in the area of foreign
                                               woman      from   Florida   (Ms.   ROS-                 founding, statehood in 1818, ours is an                 policy. After a trip to the Soviet
                                               LEHTINEN) is recognized for 5 minutes.                  area that has always demanded a high                    Union, he founded the Congressional
                                                 (Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN addressed the                       standard of leadership, a commitment                    Human Rights Caucus. This led him to
                                               House. Her remarks will appear here-                    to local issues, and yet an eye towards                 help free refuseniks in Russia, fight for
                                               after in the Extensions of Remarks.)                    American leadership in the world.                       the rights of North Korean refugees,

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                                               H240                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               and work for religious freedom in                       in Washington, and making sure that                       Tomorrow afternoon, this House will
                                               China. I am honored and fortunate to                    our country remains safe and free. Our                  vote on health care reform, an area
                                               have Congressman Porter’s support and                   first priority in this Congress must be                 where I think last year we missed a
                                               valuable mentorship as I begin my ca-                   to help ensure that the best conditions                 golden opportunity. Last year’s health
                                               reer in this body.                                      exist to create good jobs, high-paying                  care overhaul addressed access to in-
                                                                 b 2000                                and secure jobs for all people across                   surance, but it failed to address cost or
                                                                                                       this country, and to preserve those                     quality of health care. Earlier today, I
                                                 For the past decade, and following in                 that already exist. It’s jobs, first and                held an event in my district in Vernon
                                               Congressman Porter’s footsteps, the                     foremost.                                               Hills to highlight yet one small, very
                                               people of the 10th Congressional Dis-                     As I have so often been reminded, the                 small, section in this legislation, one
                                               trict have been tremendously fortunate                  unemployment rate nationally is 9.4                     that will have a devastating impact on
                                               to enjoy the representation of MARK                     percent. In Illinois, it’s even higher.                 businesses, the new 1099 rules. This pro-
                                               KIRK. In Congress, MARK KIRK set the                    And in certain communities within the                   vision will unfairly burden small busi-
                                               standard for thoughtful, independent                    10th District, the unemployment rate                    nesses with mounds of paperwork and
                                               leadership. And his centrist prag-                      is higher than 20 percent. To me, this is               compliance fees and will certainly
                                               matism mirrored the values of our dis-                  simply unacceptable, which is why I                     hinder the economy at the worst pos-
                                               trict. His success is no secret to me or                will highlight, strengthen, and support                 sible time.
                                               anyone who followed his career. MARK                    those local institutions that provide                     Fortunately, I believe that most in
                                               KIRK worked tirelessly in all areas of                  critical job-skills training to the un-                 this body see the wisdom in correcting
                                               our district.                                           employed.                                               this terrible legislative mistake. I am
                                                 The Illinois 10th Congressional Dis-                    On a more fundamental level, how-                     proud to be a cosponsor of this bill to
                                               trict is a unique area that demands                     ever, we need laser-like focus on job                   repeal these unworkable and unneces-
                                               sensible, independent leadership. Con-                  creation. This means establishing cer-                  sary and unproductive 1099 rules. I look
                                               gressman KIRK knew the people, he                       tainty across America for employers,                    forward to working with both Repub-
                                               knew their concerns; and perhaps most                   keeping taxes low, maintaining vig-                     licans and Democrats to keep this leg-
                                               importantly, he knew how to translate                   orous oversight on Federal regulations,                 islation simple, and to pass it as soon
                                               that into action and legislative suc-                   and expanding opportunities so that                     as possible.
                                               cesses. To look at his record of accom-                 businessmen and -women can do what                        Now, when we look at health care,
                                               plishments in the areas of foreign pol-                 they were meant to do: to innovate, to                  there are certainly some good aspects
                                               icy, defense, environmental protection,                 prosper, to grow, to invest, and to hire.               of this law. The coverage of preexisting
                                               human rights, transportation, and on                      We need to ensure that the Federal                    conditions, for one, should be strongly
                                               the economy is to see a Representative                  Government is not making it more dif-                   considered. Going forward, there is also
                                               who knows what his constituents value                   ficult and more costly for businesses to                keeping children on your insurance
                                               most. His record as a fiscal conserv-                   put the key in the door and open up                     until they are 26. But there’s a lot,
                                               ative and a social moderate, his desire                 their businesses each and every day. As                 plenty that needs to be corrected. And
                                               to reach across the aisle in search of                  a small business owner myself, I am                     we need to put a better system in
                                               the best ideas, these are the qualities                 here as part of a wave of people who                    place. I firmly believe that affordable
                                               that I hope to carry forward as I begin                 know firsthand what it takes to run a                   and accessible health care is a vital
                                               my career in public service to the peo-                 company, to meet a payroll and to                       issue, and we need to make sure that it
                                               ple of the 10th District.                               meet a budget, and to create jobs. This                 is available to all Americans; but we
                                                 I am honored and fortunate to call                    is not theory, but rather this is a com-                need to be talking about meaningful
                                               now-Senator KIRK a close friend, a val-                 monsense, proven, practical approach                    malpractice reform, interstate com-
                                               ued mentor. We are comforted by the                     which will guide my philosophies in                     petition, consumer-driven care, and tax
                                               fact that Senator KIRK continues to                     this Congress. This is a great American                 breaks for individuals to purchase in-
                                               represent the State of Illinois, and all                priority, and we must get it right.                     surance on their own, just like busi-
                                               Americans, in the United States Sen-                      Next, we must tackle Federal spend-                   nesses have today.
                                               ate. And the communities of northern                    ing and get it under control, to get our                  The American people deserved better.
                                               Cook and eastern Lake Counties are                      fiscal house in order. There can be no                  They deserve health care reform that
                                               privileged to share his talents with the                greater example as to the urgency of                    passes the House with broad bipartisan
                                               rest of the State and the country.                      this matter than what happened in my                    support. One of the reasons for the
                                                 Like Congressman Porter and Con-                      home State of Illinois this last week.                  major flaws in this health care law is
                                               gressman KIRK, I too will represent our                 During the final hours of the State’s                   that broad bipartisan cooperation did
                                               independent-minded congressional dis-                   legislative session last Wednesday, Illi-               not happen. Rather, the law grew out
                                               trict by working in a bipartisan fash-                  nois State lawmakers passed a massive                   of a closed legislative process, where
                                               ion, by listening to all people for the                 State income tax increase to make up                    some of the best ideas to lower costs
                                               best ideas, and by governing in a prag-                 for the State’s rampant, unchecked                      and to raise quality were ignored. We
                                               matic, sensible manner. The American                    spending.                                               cannot afford another missed oppor-
                                               people demand solutions, and I will al-                   With a 66 percent increase in per-                    tunity. As such, I invite all Members of
                                               ways remember that all of us are here                   sonal income tax rates, and corporate                   this Congress, Republicans and Demo-
                                               to improve the lives of all Americans.                  income tax rates also rising dramati-                   crats, to reach across party lines so
                                                 While we can and should disagree at                   cally, families and businesses in Illi-                 that we can produce the best bill with
                                               times, I am committed to the prin-                      nois are being punished because the                     the best ideas for the American public.
                                               ciples of open debate, the free exchange                politicians cannot control themselves                     In that spirit, it is my intent to in-
                                               of ideas, and to charitably interpreting                and the spending. This acts as a huge                   troduce a practical and centrist alter-
                                               and considering other positions, all                    additional burden, with no meaningful                   native to the current health care law.
                                               with a common objective: improving                      State commitment to cut spending.                       This plan will reduce health care costs
                                               the lives of America. To that end, I will               This is devastating for job creation in                 and expand insurance coverage without
                                               be the strong and independent fiscal                    a State that so desperately needs it.                   raising taxes and will guarantee that
                                               conservative and social moderate that                   We need to encourage job creation, and                  the government does not come between
                                               I believe matches our community’s val-                  this will only increase the trend of em-                a decision you make with your doctor.
                                               ues, as so accurately and valuably rep-                 ployers not hiring, laying off, and po-                 It will address malpractice reform and
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               resented before me by Congressman                       tentially even leaving the State.                       allow any individual who finds a plan
                                               Porter and Congressman KIRK.                              I will work hard to make sure that                    that better suits them anywhere in our
                                                 I ran for Congress because I wanted                   the 10th District, American families,                   Nation to be able to purchase it. It is
                                               to get this Nation back to work. To                     and businesses are not put in a similar                 critical that we move forward in this
                                               me, that centers on three things: jobs                  position, crippling themselves here at                  area of health care reform so that we
                                               and jump-starting the economy, rein-                    the Federal level. And that work be-                    can have the best system possible, one
                                               ing in the out-of-control spending here                 gins immediately.                                       that works for all Americans.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00036   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.090   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H241
                                                                  b 2010                                 As a scout, a Boy Scout and now a                       Thousands, indeed over nearly 200,000
                                                 This is a sentiment that I have con-                  scout master, I was taught by my scout                  Americans, have joined the Peace
                                               sistently heard in communities all                      masters Lee Getchow, Charlie Barnes                     Corps in the ensuing years. For my
                                               across the 10th District.                               and Artie Bergman to love the out-                      wife and I, it changed our life; it
                                                 Another concern I hear all over our                   doors and nature.                                       changed the path upon which we have
                                               district, and a major priority of mine,                   In northeastern Illinois we are fortu-                traveled. We were the third iteration of
                                               is to keep our Nation safe and free. The                nate to be stewards of one of the great-                the Peace Corps back in the 1960s. We
                                               10th District is fortunate to have a tra-               est natural resources in the world,                     were sent to Ethiopia. We served in a
                                               dition of congressional leadership on                   Lake Michigan. With 26 miles of Lake                    village out in the boondocks of south-
                                               national defense and foreign affairs,                   Michigan shoreline, the 10th Congres-                   western Ethiopia, and it put in place in
                                               and I look forward to stepping forward                  sional District enjoys tremendous ben-                  our lives the vision that we could and
                                               in this area.                                           efits from its precious resource. We                    should continue to serve.
                                                 I will always be focused on keeping                   have an important obligation to pre-                      We are not alone. Thousands upon
                                               our Nation strong and free, and it will                 serve and protect this great natural re-                thousands of Americans, those that
                                               be an honor to work to support the in-                  source that is vital to the 10th District               were in the Peace Corps and those that
                                               credible men and women who wear our                     and to the entire United States. From                   were affected by the Peace Corps here
                                               Nation’s uniform and service.                           drinking water to recreational oppor-                   in this Nation, found that same mis-
                                                 On a more local level, I will be an ad-               tunities, I will work diligently to pro-                sion of being a life of service.
                                               vocate for our veterans as they return                  tect the lake to improve her water                        In the 1990s, Sargent Shriver re-
                                               home and become acquainted with the                     quality.                                                turned once again to assist the Peace
                                               beautiful Captain James A. Lovell Fed-                    I will also work with local, State and                Corps as the Clinton administration
                                               eral Health Care Center in north Chi-                   Federal parties to clean up Waukegan                    undertook the rebuilding and expan-
                                               cago. This is the first fully integrated                Harbor and de-list this wonderful re-                   sion of the Peace Corps. My wife was
                                               Federal health care center between the                  source as an area of environmental                      then working at the Peace Corps as the
                                               VA and the Department of Defense, and                   concern once and for all.                               associate director, and together they
                                               we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude                     Focusing on jobs and the economy,                     and the other staff opened the Peace
                                               to Senators KIRK and DURBIN, along                      reining in Federal spending, and keep-                  Corps to the former Soviet Union na-
                                               with many others, for bringing it to                    ing our Nation safe and free and work-                  tions, Eastern Europe and beyond and
                                               our community. This facility shows                      ing to strengthen our Nation’s health                   also to South Africa. It was a period of
                                               our commitment to those who serve,                      care system, our education system and                   growth, and once again it was a period
                                               but it is also a reminder of the sacrifice              our environment, these are major legis-                 in which the Shriver enthusiasm and
                                               required to protect American freedoms.                  lative goals for the 112th Congress. And                the Shriver determination to reach out
                                                 Currently, I believe Iran’s pursuit of                in the tradition of those who have                      to everyone in this world so that they
                                               a nuclear weapon to be the biggest                      served the people of Chicago’s north                    could have a better life created these
                                               threat to our national security and to                  and northwest suburbs before me, I                      opportunities.
                                               our democratic allies abroad. The sanc-                 look to be a voice of pragmatic, cen-                     We mourn his passage. Our prayers
                                               tions that Congress passed last year                    trist ideas, someone who listens to all                 go out to his family and to remind all
                                               are clearly having an impact on the                     people on both sides of the aisle and                   of us that we too in any way possible
                                               Iranian regime, but I believe that we                   looks for ways that we can work to-                     should be serving our fellow man.
                                               cannot rest until the Iranian nuclear                   gether to best serve the American peo-                    Sergeant Shriver, we miss you and
                                               threat is affirmatively and effectively                 ple.                                                    we know that America and millions of
                                               dismantled. I pledge to aggressively                      As a fiscal conservative and a social                 people around the world that were af-
                                               monitor developments in this area and                   moderate, I am a firm believer in                       fected by your programs will miss you
                                               search for ways in which I can help in                  smaller government. This will guide                     also.
                                               Congress, because a nuclear-armed Iran                  my service in this House. I have some                     Let me now turn to another issue
                                               is simply unacceptable.                                 very large shoes to fill; but it is my                  that affects every American, their well
                                                 In my mind, one of the best ways to                   promise that I will represent this office               being, their lives, their ability to get
                                               combat this Iranian threat is a strong                  with dignity, distinction, honor and,                   the care that they need when they have
                                               U.S.-Israel relationship. I traveled to                 above all, integrity.                                   health care problems.
                                               Israel this past year in order to see                     I thank the people of the 10th Dis-                     On this floor today we began the de-
                                               firsthand the security challenges the                   trict of Illinois for the opportunity to                bate of the repeal of the Affordable
                                               United States and Israel currently face                 serve them. I will never forget why I                   Health Care Act, an extraordinary law
                                               together in the Middle East. As such, I                 am here or who I am here to represent.                  that will affect each and every one of
                                               fully understand why a strong U.S.-                                       f                                     us in this Nation; and as it affects us,
                                               Israel relationship is critical for the                                                                         it will also affect people around the
                                                                                                          HONORING SARGENT SHRIVER                             world because this law will help Amer-
                                               United States, and I look forward to
                                                                                                                 AND HEALTH CARE                               ica finally join the other industrialized
                                               using my voice here in Congress to con-
                                               tinue to advocate for its strengthening.                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under                        nations in the world and provide health
                                                 Finally, I would like to turn to two                  the Speaker’s announced policy of Jan-                  care to all of our people, not just those
                                               areas that are particularly important                   uary 5, 2011, the gentleman from Cali-                  who are fortunate enough to be em-
                                               to me and to the people of my district,                 fornia (Mr. GARAMENDI) is recognized                    ployed by an employer who has found
                                               education and the environment.                          for 60 minutes as the designee of the                   it useful, wise or even correct to pro-
                                                 I believe that education is the build-                minority leader.                                        vide health care for their employees,
                                               ing block for the prosperous America of                   Mr. GARAMENDI. Mr. Speaker,                           but for those individuals that are not
                                               tomorrow. We must encourage schools                     thank you for this opportunity to dis-                  so fortunate to be with an employer
                                               to prepare our students for success in                  cuss health care this evening.                          that does not provide health care, and
                                               the jobs our modern economy demands,                      But before I get to health care, I was                for those who are unemployed.
                                               and I am confident in the ability of our                notified early this afternoon that a                      This is an extremely important de-
                                               local school districts to prepare our                   unique, iconic American had died                        bate going on here on the floor of the
                                               students appropriately. I do believe a                  today; Sargent Shriver is no longer                     House. It’s a debate about all of our
                                               one-size-fits-all model stymies innova-                 with us.                                                lives.
                                               tion in education. Accordingly, we                        This individual has had an impact on                    It was estimated before this law went
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               must give more authority and control                    America and the world around us that                    into effect that some 30,000 to 40,000
                                               to local school districts.                              will last for centuries. He literally cre-              Americans every year lost their lives
                                                 However, we must not allow un-                        ated the United States Peace Corps.                     because they did not have health care.
                                               funded Federal mandates and programs                    The idea was developed by him and his                   It was too late for them to get their
                                               to get in the way of our local school                   brother-in-law, JFK, and put into ef-                   blood pressure under control. It was
                                               districts providing high-quality edu-                   fect in the first year of the Jack Ken-                 too late for them to deal with their di-
                                               cation.                                                 nedy administration.                                    abetic situation or their cancer had

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00037   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.093   H18JAPT1
                                               H242                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                    January 18, 2011
                                               run its course so that it was not treat-                23-year-old and you have any kind of a                  think it is a complete waste of time for
                                               able, 30,000 to 40,000 Americans every                  preexisting condition, you’re out of                    us to be rehashing the debate and talk-
                                               year.                                                   luck. The Patient’s Bill of Rights guar-                ing about repeal because they want to
                                                                                                       antees that that young woman or man                     see what is actually going to happen
                                                                 b 2020
                                                                                                       will be able to get coverage until the                  with the health care reform. And to the
                                                 That is not the way America should                    age of 26. And if they have a pre-                      extent that they have seen certain
                                               be. We should be providing insurance to                 existing condition, that can no longer                  things, protections, kick in, they’re
                                               all Americans.                                          be a reason to deny coverage. The Pa-                   happy with it. And what they say to
                                                 On the floor today, the debate com-                   tient’s Bill of Rights would be repealed                me is, Look, if over the next few years
                                               menced, and I was pleased and a bit cu-                 by the piece of legislation that will be                if certain aspects don’t work out, then
                                               rious to hear my colleagues on the Re-                  brought to this floor tomorrow.                         you can go back and revisit it and
                                               publican side talk about repeal and re-                   If you are a woman, you have a pre-                   maybe make some changes. Nobody is
                                               place. And as they talked about what                    existing condition. It is called being a                suggesting we can’t make changes on a
                                               they would replace, I began to say, Ex-                 female. And routinely—and I’ve seen                     bipartisan basis. But this idea of just
                                               cuse me. Wait a minute. What you’re                     this during my tenure as insurance                      repealing it outright when it just went
                                               replacing is already the law in Amer-                   commissioner. Routinely, the insur-                     into effect a few months ago, almost no
                                               ica. The health care bill that became                   ance companies would deny coverage                      one I talked to is in favor of that. They
                                               law this year deals with every Amer-                    because you are a woman and you                         just don’t think that makes sense.
                                               ican from birth through their school                    might get pregnant or you might have                       The other thing that I wanted to say,
                                               years, through their years of building a                any number of conditions. That will no                  and I keep stressing over and over
                                               family, in their employment and                         longer be the case.                                     again—I actually have this chart, and I
                                               through their retirement. It deals with                   If you happen to have cancer, you                     know you pointed to it as well—is: Who
                                               the entire cycle of life by providing the               cannot be denied coverage. The Pa-                      is going to actually gain from the re-
                                               opportunity for health insurance, im-                   tient’s Bill of Rights protects every                   peal? We know that insurance compa-
                                               proved health insurance, at every stage                 single American when it comes to get-                   nies keep raising their prices. We know
                                               of life.                                                ting insurance and keeping insurance.                   that historically they try to discrimi-
                                                 Let me show you how that works. It’s                    Many other provisions are in this                     nate by eliminating people who have
                                               the Patient’s Bill of Rights, which ap-                 bill, and I find it astounding that our                 preexisting conditions or by having
                                               parently our Republican colleagues                      colleagues on the Republican side                       lifetime caps on insurance policies. The
                                               want to repeal. The Patient’s Bill of                   would repeal the Patient’s Bill of                      only ones that gain from this repeal
                                               Rights is a fundamental reform of the                   Rights and literally open every single                  are the insurance companies because
                                               insurance industry. I was insurance                     American up to the gross discrimina-                    essentially they can go back to the sit-
                                               commissioner for 8 years in California,                 tion that the insurance companies have                  uation, to the status quo where they
                                               and I understand the insurance indus-                   foisted upon Americans for decades                      can have double-digit premium in-
                                               try very, very well. And it’s about prof-               putting profits before people.                          creases. You know, in your own State
                                               it. All too often, the health insurance                   There are many other parts of the                     of California, it wasn’t unusual to have
                                               industry puts profit before people. In                  Patient’s Bill of Rights, but I want to                 a 30 percent increase. I think Blue
                                               doing so, they deny coverage. The Pa-                   just take a moment and invite to this                   Cross just announced a 50-something
                                               tient’s Bill of Rights goes directly to                 conversation my colleague from the                      percent increase. And so they make
                                               this issue of insurance companies put-                  great State of New Jersey, FRANK                        money by constantly raising premiums
                                               ting profit before people.                              PALLONE, who has been fighting this                     and also by discrimination.
                                                 Let me show you where this works.                                                                                In other words, if you have a policy,
                                                                                                       fight for decades both as a Member of
                                               Children. My very first speech here on                                                                          a woman, for example, that has breast
                                                                                                       Congress and as a concerned citizen.
                                               the floor as the health care debate                                                                             cancer and then she has a recurrence,
                                                                                                         Mr. PALLONE, if you will join with us,
                                               came up in 2009, in November of 2009, I                                                                         well, if she reaches the cap on coverage
                                                                                                       share with us your thoughts and your
                                               spoke to an individual, a friend of ours                                                                        for the year or the cap on coverage for
                                                                                                       experiences, and we will continue on
                                               who lives here in Washington, whose                                                                             a lifetime, then she has no insurance to
                                                                                                       with this discussion. I yield.
                                               child was born with a very serious kid-                                                                         cover her reoccurring cancer.
                                                                                                         Mr. PALLONE. Thank you. I want to
                                                                                                                                                                  Or the other thing is that sometimes
                                               ney problem. The mother was covered                     thank you for all that you do on this
                                                                                                                                                               they even rescind a policy. If they can
                                               by insurance through the pregnancy                      issue. I have seen you come to the floor                find some way to say that it didn’t
                                               and through the delivery. The moment                    so many times over the last year or                     apply to you, they would simply re-
                                               it was discovered that that child had                   more talking about the importance of                    scind it altogether, and you’d get sick
                                               this preexisting kidney ailment, they                   the health care reform and now, of                      and wouldn’t have insurance at all,
                                               dropped the coverage on the child. The                  course, pointing out how ridiculous it                  even when you thought you had the
                                               family struggled and continues to                       is to try to repeal it, which is what the               greatest need for it.
                                               struggle to provide care for that child,                Republicans are going to try to do to-                     So I just want to stress, this chart
                                               limping along trying to get the money                   morrow.                                                 says GOP patients’ rights repeal would
                                               together for the next procedure to pro-                   I just want to start out by saying                    put insurance companies back in
                                               vide the services that are necessary—                   that we were just home for the Martin                   charge where children with preexisting
                                               the transplant.                                         Luther King weekend, and so there was                   conditions are denied coverage, young
                                                 All of those things should have been                  an opportunity to talk to a lot of peo-                 people aged 26 can’t stay on their par-
                                               covered by insurance, but with the in-                  ple at the various Martin Luther King                   ents’ plan, pregnant women and breast
                                               surance company putting profit before                   events over the 3 or 4 days that we                     and prostate cancer patients could be
                                               people, they denied that child cov-                     were home, and the issue is jobs. That’s                thrown off insurance rolls—that’s the
                                               erage. The Patient’s Bill of Rights                     all people want to talk about. Every-                   rescission—seniors pay more for their
                                               stops that and says that every child                    one comes up to me and says, What are                   drugs.
                                               has a right to coverage, no longer the                  you going to do about the economy?                         The bill, as you know, has, for those
                                               kind of discrimination that took place                  What are you going to do about jobs?                    in the doughnut hole, until this bill
                                               here with my friend’s family.                           Nobody talks about repealing the                        went into effect, if you reached the
                                                 Secondly, young adults. I happen to                   health reform bill.                                     doughnut hole, then you had to pay 100
                                               have had six young adults. All of them                    And what I get basically from my                      percent for your prescription drugs.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               have passed through the age 23, and                     constituents is they know the health                    You got a $250 rebate last year. As of
                                               that period where their coverage                        reform bill passed. They know that it’s                 January 1, you have a 50 percent reduc-
                                               stopped was the scary time for us in                    kicking in. A lot of the patients’ pro-                 tion, and that’s going to eventually be-
                                               our family, and it is for every other                   tections that you mentioned have al-                    come zero so you will have complete
                                               family in America. At the age of 23, in-                ready kicked in, and they want to see                   coverage under Medicare part D.
                                               surance companies were allowed to                       how it goes. Even those who were not                       So, if you repeal it, seniors are going
                                               drop patients’ coverage. And if you’re a                necessarily for it in the beginning                     to pay more for their drugs. And that’s

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00038   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.094   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H243
                                               the other thing that is amazing. They                   nesses providing health insurance has                   ple that want to repeal this bill to
                                               talk about how this is going to, I guess                grown from 46 percent to 59 percent.                    where it’s even, as many people for it
                                               they’re not using the term ‘‘killing                      Mr. PALLONE. If the gentleman                         as against it in this country. There’s
                                               jobs’’ anymore. They got away from                      would yield, one of the things that I                   been a 10-point switch in the last 2
                                               that.                                                   wanted to point out and I am going to                   weeks as people have looked at the pos-
                                                 Mr. GARAMENDI. Crush. Crush jobs.                     certainly talk about it, I’ll talk about                sibilities of the repeal of the law and
                                                 Mr. PALLONE. What is it now? Crush                    it more a little tonight, is my com-                    seen the benefit.
                                               jobs.                                                   mittee, the Energy and Commerce                           What      I   thought      about,    Mr.
                                                 The fact of the matter is that the bill               Committee today, put out a report es-                   GARAMENDI, I was in New York, New
                                               actually decreases the deficit by $230                  sentially that talks about the impact                   York City, about 2 weeks ago, and I
                                               billion, so you’d be increasing the def-                of repealing the health care reform law                 went in the Time Warner Building.
                                               icit if you repealed the bill.                          in each congressional district, district                They had an exhibit there of Salvador
                                                 And with regard to jobs, I mean,                      by district. I have the information on                  Dali; surreal, things looking out of
                                               look, if you think about what’s in the                  my congressional district, the Sixth in                 space. Strange, strange pictures and
                                               bill, because everybody gets coverage,                  New Jersey, that talks about the tax                    thoughts. It’s hard to think of this
                                               you’re going to have to have a lot more                 credits for small businesses, and it says               Congress and the Republican majority
                                               health professionals, so that creates                   in this report that the health reform                   that’s come in trying to repeal a bill
                                               jobs, because premiums will stabilize,                  law provides tax credits to small busi-                 that’s going to become as popular, once
                                               employers won’t have the double-digit                   nesses worth up to 35 percent of the                    it gets implemented, as Social Security
                                               inflation that comes and makes it                       cost of providing health insurance.                     and Medicaid and Medicare have over
                                               harder for them to hire people. So just                 There are up to 18,200 small businesses                 the years, that they are so out of touch
                                               the fact that your premiums stabilize                   in my district alone that are eligible                  with America today and its needs and
                                               makes it easier for employers to hire                   for the tax credit. And, of course, re-                 the future. Because while this may
                                               people.                                                 peal would force these small businesses                 seem to be important to the minority,
                                                                 b 2030                                to drop coverage or bear the full cost of               the tail wagging the dog in that party,
                                                                                                       coverage themselves.                                    the tea party that’s wagging the dog,
                                                 And then we have all kinds of fund-                     The bottom line, every small busi-                    saying repeal health care, the fact is
                                               ing for research at labs and hospitals                  ness owner I know wants to provide                      down the line, people are going to em-
                                               and institutions around the country;                    coverage. It’s just a question of wheth-                brace this bill like they embraced the
                                               even the R&D creates jobs. It creates                   er they can afford it. And what we do                   Great Society’s Medicaid and Medicare
                                               jobs is the bottom line.                                in the bill is make it affordable by giv-               and the New Deal’s Social Security.
                                                 But I would really like to go back to                 ing them this major tax credit. Eight-                  It’s going to be a short-term possible
                                               where I started from, and, that is, most                een thousand two hundred small busi-                    victory but a long-term defeat. And the
                                               people just say to me, ‘‘Why are the                    nesses in my district alone can benefit                 myopia of the other side, let alone the
                                               Republicans doing this? Let this bill                   from it and would lose that if we re-                   hypocrisy of some of its members, is
                                               kick in. Let us get to the point where                  pealed the bill.                                        hard to fathom. But you can only see it
                                               everyone’s covered. Let’s see how it                      Mr. GARAMENDI. That is similar in                     through the eyes of Salvador Dali, be-
                                               works.’’                                                every district, Republican or Demo-                     cause obviously they are Salvador Dali,
                                                 We know the Senate’s not going to                     crat, across the Nation. The number of                  and they’re saying things in a surreal
                                               pass the repeal. The President’s not                    small businesses may vary district to                   way.
                                               going to sign the repeal. So rather than                district, but the point is that every                     The nonpartisan, bipartisan Congres-
                                               spend our time trying to figure out                     small business has an opportunity to                    sional Budget Office says it’s going to
                                               ways of creating jobs, we’ll just debate                reduce by more than one-third the cost                  save us $230 billion the first decade and
                                               this for another week for no purpose,                   of health care by simply providing                      $1.2 trillion thereafter, and they say,
                                               just as a waste of time.                                health care. And that will grow to 50                   ‘‘Well, they can have their opinion.’’
                                                 Mr. GARAMENDI. Thank you very                         percent in just 3 years. It climbs up 35                Those are facts. Those are nonpartisan
                                               much, Mr. PALLONE.                                      and then 50 percent in 2014. And in 2014,               facts of people we hire to give us the
                                                 If it’s about jobs, then why are we                   every State will have an exchange, an                   truth. They don’t like the truth so
                                               doing all of this? It’s interesting to                  insurance marketplace, where small                      they summarily dismiss it.
                                               note, and I heard this debate earlier on                businesses, individuals, can buy health                   They say it’s a government takeover
                                               the floor here, that this is a job                      insurance on a marketplace that talks                   of health care, a big lie. Just like Goeb-
                                               crusher, to be politically correct now,                 about the quality and the cost so there                 bels; you say it enough, you repeat the
                                               and that businesses are going to lose                   is competition.                                         lie, you repeat the lie, you repeat the
                                               jobs, when in fact since the bill became                  Once again, why would you want to                     lie, and eventually people believe it.
                                               law, over 932,000 private sector jobs                   repeal that, where individuals can shop                 Like blood libel. That’s the same kind
                                               have been created. So there’s no evi-                   for health insurance in a competitive                   of thing. The Germans said enough
                                               dence in the large job market that this                 market? We talk about competition                       about the Jews and the people believed
                                               legislation, the health care reform, has                here. Well, let’s let it happen. Right                  it and you had the Holocaust. You tell
                                               harmed jobs, crushed jobs. It hasn’t                    now it doesn’t really occur because                     a lie over and over again. And we’ve
                                               happened. In fact nearly a million new                  many insurance companies don’t com-                     heard it on this floor; government
                                               jobs have been created; 932,000.                        pete. There are many, many aspects of                   takeover of health care.
                                                 In addition to that, this is an ex-                   this.                                                     PolitiFact,    nonpartisan,     Pulitzer
                                               tremely important bill for small busi-                    I notice that our friend from the                     prize-winning, 2009, St. Petersburg
                                               nesses. This bill, as you said, actually                great State of Tennessee has joined us.                 Times, said the biggest lie of 2010 was
                                               subsidizes the cost of health care for                  Mr. COHEN, if you will, what is going on                government takeover of health care,
                                               small businesses. If you have less than                 in Tennessee? Do they want to repeal                    because there is no government take-
                                               50 employees, you can get a subsidy, up                 this? Do they really want to do away                    over. It’s insurance.
                                               to 35 percent, for buying health care                   with the patients’ bill of rights? The                    I look at my Facebook regularly and
                                               for your employees. And if you don’t                    preventative care that seniors are able                 I’ve got some people I communicate
                                               want to buy health care, you don’t                      to get under this bill? The closing of                  with on different issues on Facebook. I
                                               have to if you have less than 50 em-                    the doughnut hole? Is that what the                     respond to them whether they take my
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               ployees.                                                Tennessee folks want?                                   side or not, obviously. And one lady
                                                 I don’t understand this debate about                    Mr. COHEN. Thank you, sir.                            has been constantly talking negatively
                                               small businesses being harmed. In fact,                   I don’t think so. And the tide has                    about health care. I responded. She
                                               the Kaiser Family Foundation has                        been turning. The national polls, which                 keeps going on with the line that obvi-
                                               shown that in the last year, probably                   I think are reflective of Tennessee at                  ously she hears and she’s taken as her
                                               as a result of this bill—that’s their                   least on a percentage basis, have shown                 mantra; and that is that this is a gov-
                                               conclusion—the number of small busi-                    that it’s gone from 10 points up on peo-                ernment takeover of health care. Well,

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00039   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.096   H18JAPT1
                                               H244                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                    January 18, 2011
                                               she’s drunken the Kool-Aid, and that’s                  crats because like Social Security and                  $1,500 per year in your premium that
                                               just not true.                                          Medicare and Medicaid and voting                        pays for uncompensated care for oth-
                                                 We heard in August 2009 that there                    rights and civil rights, they are Demo-                 ers. And I actually have a statistic in
                                               were death panels and killing grand-                    cratic initiatives that brought America                 that Energy and Commerce study that
                                               mother. Everybody agrees now, that                      forward, progressive initiatives that                   I mentioned that says in my district
                                               was a big lie; just like government                     have been brought forth by this side of                 alone repeal would increase the cost of
                                               takeover of health care is a big lie. And               the aisle. And the myopia of the other                  uncompensated care by $54 million an-
                                               it’s amazing the lies: denying the effect               side is politically welcomed, if not pol-               nually for hospitals in my district.
                                               on the deficit, claiming it’s a govern-                 icy-wise sad.                                             But what I wanted to point out was
                                               ment takeover, claiming there were                        Mr. GARAMENDI. Mr. COHEN, thank                       you can actually eliminate a lot of the
                                               death panels.                                           you very much. You pointed out the                      uncompensated care because what hap-
                                                 This lady on my Facebook page                         nature of the debate taking place on                    pens, people don’t have health insur-
                                               talked about the fact that it was going                 the floor. I listened to much of the de-                ance and so they don’t see a primary
                                               to take insurance companies out and                     bate this afternoon as it was going on,                 care doctor on a regular basis. And
                                               there was a public option. Well, there                  and tomorrow it is probably going to                    they get sicker, and their only recourse
                                               is no public option. And the exchanges                  be the same. Like you, I was surprised                  is to go to an emergency room. I tried
                                               aren’t a public option but the ex-                      and in many cases disappointed with                     to get the CBO to build into this the
                                               changes are private insurance where                     the rhetoric that I heard. It simply                    savings that would come about because
                                               people can come together and get bet-                   wasn’t based on fact.                                   of preventive care. In other words, the
                                               ter rates that they couldn’t get if they                  They talked about the government                      fact that all of these people who are
                                               were dealing as individuals on the open                 takeover of health care. You used the                   uninsured go to the emergency room,
                                               market.                                                 word ‘‘big lie.’’ Well, in fact it is not               don’t see a doctor, and all of a sudden
                                                 People don’t understand. If you read                  going to happen. This is not the gov-                   they see a doctor and they stay well
                                               Paul Krugman today, or yesterday—                       ernment takeover of health care. There                  because they take preventive care of
                                               today in Memphis, we get it a day                       are many who said we simply should                      themselves and they do wellness and
                                               late—but yesterday in the New York                      take Medicare and expand it to all.                     then they don’t end up getting sick and
                                               Times, he talked about the errors in                    Now that is a program that is govern-                   going to the hospital. But that was
                                               arithmetic, basically the lies that are                 ment collection of the money, but the                   never built into the system. The CBO
                                               being put out about how it will affect                  services are provided by individual doc-                won’t score prevention, so to speak.
                                               the budget. And Krugman, who’s only a                   tors, hospitals, and other provider                       But I would maintain there is huge
                                               Nobel prize winner, says it’s just not                  groups. It is not a government take-                    savings. We talk about a $230 billion
                                               true, and what it comes down to, the                    over; it is a government finance pro-                   savings from the deficit, but in my
                                               bottom line, is there is a group in                     gram.                                                   opinion it is trillions of dollars because
                                               America that don’t feel like they have                    You mentioned the uninsured. Actu-                    not built into this is the fact that all of
                                               a responsibility, a social responsibility,              ally, it is about 42 million uninsured in               these people who don’t have primary
                                               a moral responsibility, to those 32 mil-                America. They get sick. Who pays for                    care and end up in an emergency room
                                               lion Americans who can’t afford health                  them when they go to the emergency                      now will have a doctor. They won’t get
                                               care and right now are seeing death                     room? They don’t have an insurance                      sick, and you won’t have to pay for all
                                               panels, the death panels that say you                   policy. They are certainly not going to                 that care. So the system as a whole
                                               won’t have insurance and you won’t                      be able to afford the cost of an emer-                  saves a tremendous amount of money,
                                               have health care.                                       gency room and any procedure. Those                     which is not really calculated here, in
                                                                                                       people who are uninsured do get sick.                   my opinion. That is what you made me
                                                                 b 2040
                                                                                                       They do go to the emergency room, and                   think of.
                                                 As we are just one day beyond Dr.                     they do get medical care. And who                         Mr. GARAMENDI. You are quite cor-
                                               Martin Luther King’s holiday, Amer-                     pays, the taxpayer.                                     rect. It is some very simple things
                                               ica’s holiday celebrating Dr. Martin                      Mr. COHEN. Property taxes.                            which I think all Americans under-
                                               Luther King, Dr. King was not only for                    Mr. GARAMENDI. In Tennessee, the                      stand. Blood pressure, high blood pres-
                                               social justice, which everybody em-                     property tax base. In California, the                   sure, the silent killer, people don’t
                                               braces     today    and   talks    about                general tax base and the Federal Gov-                   know that they have high blood pres-
                                               kumbayah and integration, but it was                    ernment. Here is the clincher: every                    sure until they get the stroke. And
                                               also economic justice. And economic                     health insurance policy in the Nation                   then if they survive, they may very
                                               justice involves health care, and it in-                pays for the uninsured. So we have                      well be paralyzed or incapacitated the
                                               volves giving everybody an opportunity                  health care coverage. In fact, this law                 rest of their life and take an enormous
                                               to stay alive, to get educated, and to                  requires that the three of us and all 435               expenditure every day, every month,
                                               get a job.                                              Members of Congress and 100 Members                     every year caring for them in a nursing
                                                 The first priority I have always be-                  of the Senate will get the exact same                   home or in an extended care situation.
                                               lieved of government is to keep people                  kind of insurance that every American                   That is a very simple thing to under-
                                               alive, their health care. The second is                 gets. We don’t get a special deal. In                   stand.
                                               to get them educated. And the third is                  fact, we get to pay for part of it our-                   And this piece of legislation provides
                                               to get them a job. This rhetoric on the                 selves. That is a fact.                                 free preventive care for seniors. Is that
                                               other side of the aisle about whatever                    So what about those people that are                   what they really want to repeal, that
                                               they want to call it is not only false—                 out there uninsured that get sick. We                   free preventive care for seniors where
                                               read Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner—                     get to pay for it through our health in-                most high blood pressure cases are
                                               but it is the third priority. The first                 surance policies because that cost is                   found and where most strokes are
                                               thing is keeping people alive. And you                  shifted over to us, the taxpayer. There                 found? It is a preventive cost.
                                               want to tell those 32 million Americans                 is no free lunch here. The question we                    Mr. PALLONE. Exactly. As you
                                               we don’t want you to have insurance,                    have is should everybody participate in                 know, on January 1 there were a whole
                                               we don’t care about you. That is wrong.                 this insurance pool. I think it is only                 new set of patient protections that
                                               Dr. King wouldn’t approve of it. I don’t                fair to say that we all participate.                    went into effect and one was elimi-
                                               approve of it. America won’t approve of                   I don’t know what I said, Mr.                         nation of the 20 percent copay for sen-
                                               it.                                                     PALLONE, that made you come to your                     iors. They get a 1-year wellness exam
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 And it is as I started with, surreal to               feet, but please proceed.                               for which they don’t have a copay,
                                               think that the first thing that this Re-                  Mr. PALLONE. Everything you said                      mammogram, all kinds of tests for
                                               publican Congress is doing is trying to                 is absolutely true. I know in my State                  which they would have paid 20 percent
                                               repeal what will be known down the                      we estimate that every insurance pol-                   copay. All of that is out now. The rea-
                                               years as one of the great acts ever                     icy, for those who have insurance and                   son it was done is exactly what you
                                               passed by this United States Congress.                  are paying their premiums, there is                     said: a lot of seniors would not go and
                                               It will be to the fortune of the Demo-                  built into it something like $1,000 to                  have those tests done because they

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00040   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.098   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H245
                                               didn’t want to put up the 20 percent.                   pieces           of         information:                tleman from Tennessee was pointing
                                               Now they get it free.                          You want to read                    out, there is a lot of misinformation
                                                  The Republicans say that costs                       the bill? You want to understand it? I                  that the Republicans give out in terms
                                               money. It doesn’t. It may cost money                    would suggest that our colleagues on                    of Medicare and the benefits of this
                                               up front; but in the long run because                   the other side, the Republicans, take a                 program.
                                               the people get the wellness check and                   look at the bill, itself, and what it                     I mean, the bottom line is that all
                                               they have the mammogram, they don’t                     does.                                                   that we have done with Medicare is ex-
                                               get sicker. So we actually recoup the                     Please continue, Mr. COHEN.                           tend benefits. A lot of seniors think
                                               money because they don’t get sick. I                      Mr. COHEN. Well, thank you.                           that somehow, you know, Medicare is
                                               think it is a very important point that                   Today, when I came on the floor, Ms.                  going to be negatively impacted, which
                                               you are making.                                         SLAUGHTER—one of the senior Members                     is simply not true. So, if you could go
                                                  Mr. GARAMENDI. Mr. COHEN.                            of this Congress, an outstanding Mem-                   through that, I’d appreciate it.
                                                  Mr. COHEN. Sir, I appreciate your                    ber and the former chairperson of the                     Mr. GARAMENDI. Well, I will do my
                                               leading this. You have been an out-                     Rules Committee, now the ranking                        best, and along the way, if my col-
                                               standing Member; and your first vote, I                 member—told me of a Member on the                       leagues would join in on any one of
                                               think, was for this bill. You have a lot                other side, a Member in her fourth                      these issues, I’d appreciate it.
                                                                                                       term—I guess it was in the Rules Com-                     Health care reform means security
                                               of experience of this issue. You were
                                                                                                                                                               and stability for America’s seniors.
                                               commissioner of insurance, if I am cor-                 mittee, but it might have been on the
                                                                                                                                                                 First of all, despite all the rhetoric
                                               rect, of the largest State in the coun-                 floor—who expressed for the first time                  on the floor, this legislation actually
                                               try, California. So you have knowledge                  astonishment, amazement, that the in-                   improves the financial status of Medi-
                                               here.                                                   surance provided for Members of Con-                    care. It extends the solvency of Medi-
                                                  Mr. PALLONE worked very hard on                      gress was subsidized by the Federal                     care, I think, by almost a decade.
                                               this bill, too, as I did; but Mr. PALLONE               Government. She had no idea it was                        Mr. PALLONE. You know, on the
                                               was in a senior position.                               subsidized. She hasn’t read the bill.                   first point that you have there, I actu-
                                                  As I think back on the passage of                    She doesn’t even know what her policy                   ally went before the Rules Com-
                                               this bill, I remember a lot of criticism;               is and what her benefits are.                           mittee—I guess it wasn’t last week. It
                                               and the other side and the people who                     The fact is people should want for                    was 2 weeks ago now because last week
                                               were critical said we didn’t take                       others what they want for themselves.                   we had the tragedy of our colleague
                                               enough time to pass the bill. We only                   I don’t have Federal congressional in-                  from Arizona—and I had an amend-
                                               took a year, a year and a half to pass                  surance—I don’t have it—but nearly                      ment that actually said that the repeal
                                               the bill. And they are going to take 2                  everybody else in this Chamber does.                    would not go into effect if it actually
                                               days to repeal it. Take enough time?                    Yet they don’t want their constituents                  negatively impacted solvency. It actu-
                                               Where are the people who think we                       to have it. Now that’s hypocrisy.                       ally is 12 years. In other words, the
                                               should take enough time for the legis-                    Mr. GARAMENDI. Last week, on this                     bill, the health care reform, added 12
                                               lative process to work, to have hear-                   floor, many of us tried to put an                       years of solvency to the Medicare trust
                                               ings, to have thoughtful discussion, to                 amendment on this piece of legislation                  fund. In other words, with the repeal,
                                               have analysis of expert opinion today?                  that would read: If the repeal occurs,                  insolvency would begin in 2017. So this
                                               Two days and it is going to be voted on,                then every Member of Congress would                     pushes that day of reckoning back,
                                               and that’s it. And the old mantra                       lose his health care, keeping in mind                   when there is not enough money to pay
                                               which we heard from so many people,                     that 31 million Americans will not                      out, another 12 years.
                                               ‘‘read the bill.’’ And yet so many peo-                 have health insurance if the repeal                       Mr. GARAMENDI. So it pushes it
                                               ple think it is a government takeover                   takes place.                                            back to 2023.
                                               of health care. I say to them: read the                   So, 435 of us. If the bill is repealed,                 Mr. PALLONE. Yes. Exactly. So, I
                                               bill.                                                   we should join the 31 million Ameri-                    mean, that’s an important point.
                                                  And people who think Congresspeople                  cans who will not have health insur-                    Again, everything that we do shores up
                                               are going to get something special, we                  ance if the bill is repealed. It seems to               Medicare, provides more Medicare, pro-
                                               get the same as everybody else. Read                    be the least we could do. If we want to                 vides more benefits under Medicare for
                                               the bill.                                               harm 31 million Americans, if we want                   seniors, expands their benefits.
                                                                                                       to take away the insurance from 31                        Go ahead. I didn’t mean to interrupt.
                                                  Mr. GARAMENDI. If you will yield                                                                               Mr. GARAMENDI. Let’s just con-
                                               for a moment, there is a place where                    million Americans, then, surely, 435 of
                                                                                                                                                               tinue on here.
                                               the bill can be read, the Web site                      us should be willing to go without in-                    We talked about prescription drugs.
                                      It gives the bill.                  surance also. It turns out that not one                 It’s not only the doughnut hole, but
                                               It gives a detailed description of every                Republican voted for that amendment.                    there are certain kinds of generic pre-
                                               item in the bill. We have only talked                   I wonder why. They want something                       scription drugs that would also benefit
                                               about maybe one-third of the bill here                  that they are going to deny to 31 mil-                  as a result of this legislation and, of
                                               today, and maybe we will go into some                   lion Americans.                                         course, the doughnut hole issue, which
                                               of the other parts.                                       Mr. COHEN. What is good for the                       we’ve discussed here in some detail.
                                                                                                       goose should be good for the gander.                      The doughnut hole is squeezed shut,
                                                                b 2050                                 There but for the grace of God go I.                    and initially, this last year, $250. Now,
                                                 It also talks about the timeline in                   You should care about your brother                      I don’t imagine the repeal would force
                                               which the various elements of the bill                  and your sister.                                        the seniors to refund the $250 check
                                               will go into effect. For example, the                     And this is going to be repealed in                   they had. Nonetheless, that doughnut
                                               senior population: The doughnut hole                    the same week as Dr. King’s holiday?                    hole would remain wide open if the re-
                                               begins to close. Last year a $250 rebate                  I mean, I know it took a while for Dr.                peal were to take place. We’ve talked
                                               check to those seniors who are in the                   King’s holiday to come about. It was                    about the improvement of the quality
                                               doughnut hole, and then, in the next 8                  JOHN CONYERS’ steadfastness for 15                      of senior care, and both of my col-
                                               years, that doughnut hole is squeezed                   years to make it become law, and even                   leagues here have spoken to this, I
                                               shut. And, as Mr. PALLONE said earlier,                 then there were people in this House                    think, very correctly.
                                               seniors would then have all of their                    who voted against it, and there were                      Preventative care.
                                               prescriptions covered. It also shrinks                  people in the Senate who voted against                    Now, we talked a moment ago about
                                               the cost of prescription drugs.                         it, but there is nobody who has given a                 high blood pressure—clearly, the silent
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 That wasn’t talked about here earlier                 better philosophy of life over 2,000                    killer and a major problem for seniors.
                                               today. And if they want to read the                     years than Dr. King.                                    Okay. You’re going to get, free of
                                               bill, they can talk about the coverage                    Mr. GARAMENDI. Mr. PALLONE.                           charge, an annual blood pressure test.
                                               options in every part of America—in                       Mr. PALLONE. I was going to ask                       You know, it’s very simple, very cheap,
                                               California, Tennessee, New Jersey,                      you to go over that chart about secu-                   and the drugs to treat high blood pres-
                                               wherever—and specific detail about                      rity and stability for America’s seniors                sure are cheap also, but the cost of not
                                               seniors, about women, those kinds of                    because, frankly, you know, as the gen-                 treating it is extraordinary.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00041   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.100   H18JAPT1
                                               H246                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                    January 18, 2011
                                                 There is another one that affects not                 care clinics, but we also have that in                  information system. I could present
                                               only seniors but others around this Na-                 the stimulus, the Recovery Act.                         myself at any Kaiser facility across
                                               tion, and that is diabetes. This is an                    Actually, I had two clinics that were                 this Nation in an emergency situation
                                               enormous cost. It can be treated. It can                funded under the Recovery Act that                      and they could take my number and
                                               be taken care of, but if you ignore it,                 had not received Federal funds before.                  immediately call up my entire history
                                               you are in for a world of harm and a                    And just to give you an idea of what                    so that they don’t have to start at the
                                               very, very great expense to all of the                  they did, one of them is in my home-                    beginning with blood tests and all of
                                               people, including, in this case, to the                 town of Long Branch. They coordi-                       the other procedures that are common
                                               taxpayers.                                              nated with the emergency room at                        in today’s emergency room simply to
                                                 This is an interesting one. Primary                   Monmouth Medical Center so that                         know about the individual’s health cir-
                                               care doctors.                                           every time someone comes to the                         cumstances. All they need to do is
                                                 Nobody has really talked about this                   emergency room who’s eligible for the                   enter that number, bingo, they’ve got
                                               much on the floor, but in the legisla-                  community       health   center—because                 my information. That’s where the elec-
                                               tion, there is a significant increase in                they probably, many of them are un-                     tronic medical records would be found.
                                               medical education opportunities, not                    compensated, have no insurance—now                      And it’s interesting that our Repub-
                                               only for doctors but also for others in                 they go back and coordinate so that                     lican colleagues want to repeal that? I
                                               primary     care—nurse     practitioners,               that person doesn’t come back to the                    don’t think so.
                                               physician assistants, and nurses. There                 emergency room again—which, of                            Finally, at last we’re going to hear
                                               is an enormous increase.                                course, is a tremendous expense—and                     from a woman. We need that perspec-
                                                 This one happens to be really, really                 instead goes to the community health                    tive here. Please join us. Thank you so
                                               important to me. Our daughter grad-                     center where they get primary care. So                  very much for coming in.
                                               uated from medical school just 3 days                   that is an example of where some Fed-                     Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. I thank
                                               ago, and we go, Yes.                                    eral dollars that are going to commu-                   the gentleman from California, but
                                                 She says, I want to do primary care.                  nity health centers are now being used                  more importantly I thank him for real-
                                                 I’m going, Terrific. How about geri-                  to make it so that people don’t have to                 ly turning the light bulb on. We
                                               atric care?—my wife and I are looking                   go to the emergency room because                        worked so hard on this legislation that
                                               to the future here.                                     they’re getting the primary care in the                 we probably have forgotten to articu-
                                                 This is really important. She has an                  clinic for probably maybe a hundredth                   late all of the nuances of this bill. It is
                                               opportunity under this piece of legisla-                of the cost of an emergency room.                       unbelievable.
                                               tion, as do all other primary care doc-                   Mr. GARAMENDI. You raised an-                           I hesitated to use the term ‘‘frivo-
                                               tors who choose to serve in under-                      other point. And I recall a conversation                lous’’ today, but, frankly, I’m saddened
                                               served areas—and she may very well                      with Mr. COHEN in the past where we                     by the fact that we had to engage in a
                                               decide to do that—to have their med-                    talked about medical technology,                        frivolous debate. So I just wanted to
                                               ical loans reduced as they provide serv-                which is also not only in the Affordable                say to the gentleman, some years ago
                                               ice in underserved areas, and some of                   Health Care Act, the health care re-                    under the Bush administration I took
                                               those underserved areas are in our                      form, but also in the stimulus bill. And                note of the fact that we did not have
                                               urban communities.                                      part of what you talked about is the                    enough community health clinics,
                                                 Now, that brought Mr. COHEN to his                    use of electronic medical technology to                 frankly, and I am so glad that our col-
                                               feet and Mr. PALLONE, so please share,                  provide continuity of care; whether                     lective research caused us to put that
                                               gentlemen.                                              you are in this clinic or that hospital,                legislation in the bill.
                                                 Mr. PALLONE. I’ll let my colleague                    you could be able to get that informa-                    Last Monday, I convened my commu-
                                               from Tennessee go first.                                tion across from one to another.                        nity health clinics. It was amazing the
                                                 Mr. COHEN. Well, there are so many                      Mr. COHEN, do you want to carry on?                   expanded work they do because some of
                                               problems.                                               You talked to me about this some time                   them received stimulus dollars. One of
                                                 I represent an urban district in Mem-                 ago, and you had some pretty good no-                   my clinics was able to open up 21 leg-
                                               phis, and we do have a lack of health                   tions of what would happen in Ten-                      acy, and one of my community health
                                               care in the urban areas. We need more                   nessee.                                                 clinics was able to open up 21 new pa-
                                               primary care doctors, and we also need                    Mr. COHEN. Well, just the idea—and                    tient rooms because of stimulus dol-
                                               more     community     health    centers.               I will yield to Ms. JACKSON LEE in just                 lars.
                                               That’s something else the bill is going                 a second—but the idea of having med-                      But what I want to say on that point
                                               to provide for, more community health                   ical records on computers rather than                   is three things:
                                               centers. There are large areas in my                    having them on notes. My father was a                     Community health clinics help sen-
                                               community where there are very few                      doctor. I inherited his penmanship. I                   iors and families. And to seniors, this
                                               doctors who are available and where                     got a C in penmanship. The teacher                      gives you, in addition to the comfort of
                                               there are not community health cen-                     was kind to me.                                         being nearby your home, but you get,
                                               ters. So that’s another portion. It’s not                 Doctors don’t write real well. If you                 in addition, a primary home or a med-
                                               just the primary care doctors who are                   have to go from written records, it’s                   ical home. You can use that clinic,
                                               so important—and we’ve got some of                      difficult, and they don’t get transposed                that doctor to be part of your medical
                                               the greatest in Memphis—but it’s the                    well. But if you have them on com-                      home. The community health clinics
                                               difficulty in not having community                      puters, it’s very easy to see what shots                can then multiply themselves or im-
                                               health centers.                                         and inoculations the patient has had in                 prove themselves by having electronic
                                                 Mr. GARAMENDI. That has not been                      the past, what treatments they’ve had.                  records where, as a senior who has ex-
                                               discussed.                                              It makes it easier to render a diagnosis                tended medical records, can you imag-
                                                 In every part of America, people need                 and not have to repeat tests that are                   ine in the future what happens with
                                               to know about the enormous increase                     unnecessary and costly. It is so impor-                 seniors when they can put all their
                                               in the community clinics that will be                   tant. And part of this bill is to see to                data into electronic records to be able
                                               available. That’s in the legislation. It                it that the records are put on elec-                    to track seniors and to assure their
                                               costs money, but it saves money be-                     tronic devices so that they’re available                good health? So contrary to fright-
                                               cause, once again, people will be able                  throughout the Worldwide Web and ev-                    ening seniors and talking about death
                                               to get care early.                                      erywhere. That saves medical costs in                   panels, this bill provides community
                                                                                                       the long run.                                           clinics, a medical home, electronic
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                                b 2100                                   Mr. GARAMENDI. Some of this, if I                     records, and the inevitable closing of
                                                 Mr. PALLONE. Could I ask the gen-                     might for a moment, sir, already ex-                    the doughnut hole so that seniors do
                                               tleman to yield?                                        ists.                                                   not have to choose between paying rent
                                                 Mr. GARAMENDI. Please.                                  I’ve been with Kaiser for three dec-                  and buying food and getting their
                                                 Mr. PALLONE. This is true in the                      ades. They have put all of the records,                 brand drugs that they need.
                                               health reform, that there’s a lot more                  all of my history, all of their patients,                 So I just wanted to say there’s so
                                               money for community-based health                        millions of patients, on the electronic                 much. And then as you mentioned your

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00042   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.102   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H247
                                               daughter and the training. That’s cre-                  reform does that, because once every-                   don’t have health insurance. What is
                                               ating jobs. How do they talk about los-                 body gets insurance, sees a doctor and                  that? A stain upon America. Every
                                               ing jobs—which I think, by the way,                     gets primary care, you won’t have the                   other industrialized country in the
                                               again, is frivolous because we created                  need for as many people to go to the                    world would do it.
                                               1.1 million jobs.                                       emergency room.                                           Our Republican friends talk about re-
                                                 And, frankly, I would just say to you                   When you expand an emergency room                     peal and replace, but everything I’ve
                                               that this is about saving lives. Jobs are               and add on all this additional capacity,                heard on this floor about replacement
                                               very important. We’ve created jobs.                     it’s millions and millions of dollars.                  is already the law in America. It’s al-
                                               But even the title of their legislation,                That money isn’t necessary if people                    ready the law.
                                               H.R. 2, ‘‘job-killing’’? This is killing                see a primary care doctor. An emer-                       They talk about lifetime caps; they
                                               Americans if we take this bill away, if                 gency room should just be for an emer-                  talk about putting in no rescissions;
                                               we repeal this bill.                                    gency, when people are trauma or                        they talk about no preexisting condi-
                                                 So I would argue that maybe my                        something else that happens. It                         tions. That’s the law, folks. Our Repub-
                                               good friends—who some of them are                       shouldn’t be a place where people have                  lican colleagues, read the bill. Go to
                                               new and I appreciate their newness; I                   to go because they can’t get a doctor.         Read the bill. That is
                                               appreciate their desire to keep a com-                    I yield back to the gentleman.                        already the law. Why in the world
                                               mitment to constituents. But when                         Mr. GARAMENDI. Well, it has be-                       would you repeal what is already the
                                               you come to the Congress, you have to                   come just that.                                         law and put this whole thing back at
                                               govern. You have to look at the whole                     I think I will wrap with where I                      risk?
                                               of America. And therefore, looking at                   started. The health care reform, the                      Don’t forget, Americans, the insur-
                                               the whole of America, you need to look                  Affordable Health Care Act, really is                   ance industry, the health insurance in-
                                               at the crux. The crux is saving lives.                  about making life better for every                      dustry has dominated American health
                                                 So I thank the gentleman for bring-                   American. From the moment they’re                       care for decades. And you think for a
                                               ing us to this point. I know that we                    born, that young baby, that newborn                     moment they’re going to let the Re-
                                               will be getting another hour that I                     baby cannot be denied insurance, from                   publican majority write a bill that is
                                               hope maybe I will have an opportunity                   the moment they’re born, whatever                       not in their interest; that will force
                                               to share some thoughts. But again, I                    their circumstance is. That’s part of                   them to provide care; that will force
                                               will yield back my time and just say                    the Patient’s Bill of Rights, and it                    them to pay the bills; that will force
                                               this is about saving lives.                             starts right at birth. This is where a                  the insurance companies to no longer
                                                 Mr. GARAMENDI. I thank the gen-                       student, when you graduate from col-                    be the death panel? In fact, that’s
                                               tlewoman for her insight into the way                   lege, you are not only getting a di-                    where the death panel is—and this I
                                               in which the bill affects her home and                  ploma; you are also likely to be losing                 know.
                                               her community because that’s what all                   your health care benefit that you were                    I was the insurance commissioner. I
                                               this is about; it’s really about the com-               covered by under your parents.                          fought the insurance companies for 8
                                               munity.                                                                                                         years of my life when they denied cov-
                                                 Mr. PALLONE, if you would like to                                       b 2110
                                                                                                                                                               erage; when they said, You have run
                                               take a few moments and wrap, and                           So it extends coverage to the age of                 out of benefits; when they said, Your
                                               then I will provide the final wrap here                 26. And into a marriage, into a family                  policy is going to be rescinded. I fought
                                               as we close down this 1-hour discus-                    when you’re building a family, you                      them. And I know the result when they
                                               sion.                                                   know that you’ll be able to get insur-                  won that fight: people died.
                                                 Mr. PALLONE. I mentioned before                       ance. Thirty-one million Americans                        We need the Patients’ Bill of Rights.
                                               how the money that was going to the                     are going to be able to get health care                 It should not be repealed.
                                               community health center in Long                         insurance as a result of this legisla-                    Tomorrow, our Republican colleagues
                                               Branch, in my home town, was being                      tion.                                                   in H.R. 2—without one committee
                                               used to coordinate with Monmouth                           And in the workplace, a lot of talk                  hearing, with only 2 days of debate on
                                               Medical Center so that people didn’t                    about this being a job crusher, when in                 this floor and no committee hearings
                                               have to go to the emergency room.                       fact it actually creates jobs. And for                  at all—put Americans at risk. Thirty-
                                               When they came once, they were put                      small businesses, this is an enormous                   one million Americans will not get
                                               into a computer, and it was exactly the                 benefit because they will get a subsidy                 coverage. That’s what this is about.
                                               electronic system that you talked                       reducing the cost if they choose to pro-                  I look forward to tomorrow’s debate,
                                               about.                                                  vide insurance. If they have 50 employ-                 and we will see what happens.
                                                 I went to Monmouth Medical Center                     ees or less, they don’t have to buy in-                                  f
                                               one day because they had expanded                       surance. And then later, they’ll be able
                                               their emergency room because they                       to get insurance through an exchange                               TUCKER WRIGHT
                                               had so many people flooding the emer-                   in 2014. California is probably going to                  The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
                                               gency room. Particularly in these                       set one up next year.                                   AMASH). Under the Speaker’s an-
                                               tough economic times, a lot of people                      And for seniors, I’ve never heard so                 nounced policy of January 5, 2011, the
                                               don’t have health insurance, more and                   many inaccurate statements as con-                      gentleman from Iowa (Mr. BRALEY) is
                                               more people, so they had actually dou-                  cerns Medicare and the way in which                     recognized for 23 minutes.
                                               bled, I think, the capacity of their                    this bill actually works. It extends                      Mr. BRALEY of Iowa. Mr. Speaker,
                                               emergency room. But they coordinated                    Medicare. As you said, Mr. PALLONE,                     one of the things that we’ve heard a lot
                                               electronically with the community                       for 12 years—the financial solvency’s                   today is talk about policy, but I want
                                               health center with this money that                      extended for 12 years. Otherwise, it                    to spend some time tonight talking
                                               came in. So they showed me how a per-                   would be just 7 years, and it would be                  about the face of the efforts to repeal
                                               son would come in, and then they                        in financial trouble. So this really                    the Affordable Care Act. And the face
                                               would be put into the system electroni-                 helps. And for individual seniors,                      could not be any clearer than this
                                               cally with the community health cen-                    they’ll be able to get preventive care;                 young man to my right.
                                               ter and they wouldn’t come back to the                  their drug costs are going to be re-                      This is Tucker Wright, a 4-year-old
                                               emergency room.                                         duced. It is a very, very important                     boy who lives in Malcom, Iowa, and
                                                 One of the big issues now across the                  part.                                                   January 2 of this year was an impor-
                                               country—in fact, I just did an opinion                     So for the circle of life—and all of us              tant day for Tucker and his family be-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               piece about it in my local newspaper,                   would want to go through that circle of                 cause 2 years ago this young boy was
                                               the Asbury Park Press—is how emer-                      life—this health care reform provides a                 diagnosed with liver cancer before he
                                               gency rooms are being flooded with                      benefit at every stage.                                 reached his second birthday. And some
                                               more and more patients because more                        And I’ll point out this final thing—                 amazing doctors and nurses took care
                                               and more people don’t have insurance.                   and this is an estimate that was made                   of him after they removed two-thirds
                                               So we have to figure out a way to deal                  in the last year—some 30,000 to 40,000                  of his liver, and, miraculously, he is
                                               with that. Obviously, the health care                   Americans every year die because they                   alive today.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00043   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.103   H18JAPT1
                                               H248                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                                 And his parents had done everything                     You hear a lot of talk about this un-                 tive impact this bill has on the lives of
                                               they were supposed to do. They both                     fair, unconstitutional burden of an em-                 young people. One other thing that has
                                               had full-time jobs. They had the best                   ployer mandate. Well, folks, if you go                  changed dramatically from when I
                                               health care coverage you could get in                   back to 1993, you will see that Repub-                  graduated from college many years ago
                                               the State of Iowa at that time. Yet in                  licans—including my Republican Sen-                     is that now many young college grad-
                                               spite of that, they ended up with tens                  ator from Iowa, CHUCK GRASSLEY—of-                      uates are required to perform an un-
                                               of thousands of dollars of uninsured                    fered legislation in Congress to have an                paid internship in order to get a job. It
                                               medical expenses. And this young boy                    individual mandate because they knew                    may be an entry-level requirement be-
                                               faces an uncertain future filled with CT                the only way we were going to get                       fore they can take a certification test,
                                               scans, tests, medical procedures over                   costs under control was by bringing                     or it may be the only way for them to
                                               his lifetime—and he is just getting                     more people into insured plans, spread-                 get access to that employment market.
                                               started in his life.                                    ing the risk, and making health care                    Well, what does that mean practically?
                                                 Now, before January 1 of this year,                   more affordable for all Americans.                      It means that once those students
                                               his father and mother couldn’t change                                     b 2120                                graduate from college, if they’re older
                                               their jobs because if they had, their                                                                           than 22 they get kicked off their par-
                                               coverage would have been denied be-                        So why do we find ourselves where we                 ents’ insurance policies.
                                                                                                       are now? Well, we find ourselves here                     Okay. Well, in the past, people would
                                               cause of a preexisting condition—his
                                                                                                       because of an unwillingness to face the                 go out and find work, and usually that
                                               liver cancer. But because of the Afford-
                                                                                                       reality that Democrats in the House,                    work had insurance coverage with it.
                                               able Care Act passed in this Congress
                                                                                                       and the Senate, and President Obama                     Not any more. We have generations of
                                               and signed into law by President
                                                                                                       faced a problem that had been plaguing                  young people out there looking for
                                               Obama last year, as of January 2 his
                                                                                                       this Nation for decades: millions upon                  work with no health insurance. And
                                               parents no longer were bound to their
                                                                                                       millions of Americans without access                    when they get sick and need medical
                                               jobs, because they had the freedom to
                                                                                                       to quality, affordable health care. And                 care, if they don’t have insurance, they
                                               get a different job and not worry about
                                                                                                       that was a stain on our national rep-                   still get the care; but somebody pays
                                               having his health care benefits ex-
                                                                                                       utation. And we decided to do some-
                                               cluded under a policy called pre-                                                                               for it. And that somebody is us, the
                                                                                                       thing about it. And we didn’t make any
                                               existing conditions.                                                                                            U.S. taxpayers and people who buy pri-
                                                                                                       bones about the fact that this was
                                                 Now, what our friends on the other                                                                            vate insurance, who have their pre-
                                                                                                       going to be a priority.
                                               side of the aisle don’t want you to                        Some of my colleagues and I ran on                   miums increased or their taxes in-
                                               know about Tucker is that if they get                   this issue in 2006 because of the prob-                 creased to take care of people who
                                               what they want and they repeal this                     lem of 47 million Americans without                     don’t have health insurance.
                                               health care bill, the very first thing                                                                            So this bill does amazing things for
                                                                                                       access to health care coverage. We hear
                                               that’s going to happen is his insurance                                                                         young people. It prohibits discrimina-
                                                                                                       complaints about the burdens on small
                                               company is going to send his parents a                                                                          tion of people like Tucker Wright. And
                                                                                                       businesses. I was a small business
                                               notice of rescission—that his coverage                                                                          it allows seniors access to care so that
                                                                                                       owner in Iowa for 20 years. And at the
                                               is terminated because he has a pre-                     end of my career, every year we would                   they know they’re getting the wellness
                                               existing condition that would then be                   fill out five to seven applications for                 and preventive check-ups they need to
                                               subject to excluding his coverage.                      every one of our employees, trying to                   make sure that they are getting the
                                                 Now, they could do that because we                    find insurance coverage that was af-                    best care that they can.
                                               banned the practice of preexisting con-                                                                           There’s a lot of talk on the floor in
                                                                                                       fordable that would take care of their
                                               ditions, and we banned the practice of                                                                          support of repealing this bill, about the
                                                                                                       medical needs. Small businesses were
                                               rescission in the Affordable Care Act                                                                           imposition that this bill has on health
                                                                                                       being priced out of the insurance mar-
                                               after hearing days of testimony from                                                                            care providers and the barriers it
                                                                                                       ket, and nothing was being done about
                                               witnesses who had experienced those                     it. That’s why I’m proud of the fact                    erects between them and their pa-
                                               practices firsthand and talked about                    that Democrats took this challenge                      tients. And nothing could be further
                                               the devastating impact it had on their                  head on.                                                from the truth. In fact, what this bill
                                               lives.                                                     We were serious about the problem.                   does is promotes an atmosphere be-
                                                 So when we’re on the floor tomorrow                   We listened to days and days of testi-                  tween physicians, health care pro-
                                               talking about repealing the Affordable                  mony from people all across the health                  viders, and patients that strengthens
                                               Care Act, I want you to think about                     care spectrum, all across the health                    that bond, that relationship, that de-
                                               Tucker Wright and what that means to                    care economic spectrum. We held days                    pendency by giving patients more ac-
                                               him and the millions of other Amer-                     of bipartisan markups to give people on                 cess to their doctor and their health
                                               ican children who would be discrimi-                    both sides of the aisle the opportunity                 care providers at the time they need it
                                               nated against by insurance companies                    to offer amendments and improve this                    most, when they are making decisions
                                               because of a disease they have no con-                  bill. And contrary to what you’re hear-                 about chronic care, which is one of the
                                               trol over.                                              ing, we accepted amendments from our                    biggest cost-drivers in health care
                                                 And our friends on the other side of                  Republican colleagues. They were in-                    today, managing their diseases, and in
                                               the aisle are telling us, Don’t worry,                  cluded in the bill. They made it a bet-                 lowering the cost of health care for all
                                               we’re going to repeal this bill and then                ter bill when we brought it to the floor                of us. And yet you won’t hear one word
                                               we’re going to come back and we’re                      and voted on it. And yet now it’s like                  about that as a critical benefit of this
                                               going to fix these problems. Really.                    we want to go back and eliminate ev-                    bill.
                                                 You know, I came here in 2006, Mr.                    erything good that happened during                        And that’s why, as the American peo-
                                               Speaker; and I was proud to be part of                  that period of time.                                    ple, Mr. Speaker, listen to the debate
                                               that class of 2006. But when I got here,                   It’s like the movie ‘‘Men in Black,’’                tomorrow leading up to this important
                                               the Republicans had been in power for                   where they had that little pen-like de-                 vote, they need to ask themselves
                                               6 years. They had George Bush in the                    vice that they would hold in front of                   what’s this all about, and whose lives
                                               White House, they had a majority in                     your head, and once it flashed you                      really are going to be impacted if we
                                               the House and a majority in the Sen-                    would forget everything you had just                    repeal health care. It’s time to talk re-
                                               ate. And what did they do during that                   heard. Well, we cannot afford to let                    ality. It’s time to talk about the Tuck-
                                               period to ban the practice of pre-                      that happen. Too many people’s lives,                   er Wrights of this world and what this
                                               existing conditions? What did they do                   like Tucker Wright’s life, are depend-                  will do to them, because rather than
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               to ban the practice of rescissions?                     ing on what we do here. And that’s why                  seeing this as a Patients’ Bill of Rights
                                               Nothing. Not one thing. Despite mul-                    when we talk about these important                      that finally preserves protection be-
                                               tiple health care bills that were pre-                  issues, remember the faces of the peo-                  tween patients and their insurance
                                               sented in that 6-year period, none of                   ple whose lives are benefiting from this                companies, we are talking about going
                                               the concerns they’re talking about                      important legislation.                                  back to the bad old days when those
                                               being committed to fixing now were                         One of the things that we don’t hear                 protections didn’t exist, when patients
                                               addressed by them.                                      much talk about is the enormous posi-                   were playing against a stacked deck

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00044   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.105   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H249
                                               and were often cut out of the decision-                 peal the job-creating health care re-                   tions were something that young peo-
                                               making process.                                         form law now.                                           ple, children, were denied insurance for
                                                 The risk is too great. We need to                                      b 2130                                 under the old regime of insurance regu-
                                               think of who is going to benefit from                                                                           lation. Under our act that the Demo-
                                               this bill and who will be harmed if it is                 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,                     crats passed, no more can you ban chil-
                                               repealed. And I call upon all of my col-                who we remembered yesterday, spoke                      dren from getting insurance based on
                                               leagues to search in their hearts and                   about the appalling silence of good peo-                preexisting conditions, and that is
                                               their souls for the real impact that this               ple.                                                    something that’s good.
                                               bill is going to have if repealed.                        So, my fellow Americans, what I am                       My colleague from Iowa was just
                                                 And with that, I yield back the bal-                  saying to you is we cannot be silent. I                 talking about a young child in his dis-
                                               ance of my time.                                        know it must be difficult for you, our                  trict who would be denied coverage for
                                                                                                       constituents, you, our employers, to                    a preexisting condition if his parents
                                                                                                       know what the Affordable Care Act                       had to go back into the market to pur-
                                                 CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS                            does and what it doesn’t do, because                    chase insurance due to loss of a job or
                                                AND THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT                            there is so much distortion of the facts.               whatever, move, whatever the case
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under                        So to help explain what the bill, what                  might be. So this is quite significant.
                                               the Speaker’s announced policy of Jan-                  the law does, and how devastating the                   We don’t want to take that health care
                                               uary 5, 2011, the gentlewoman from the                  repeal would be, I want to now yield to                 coverage away from the children who
                                               Virgin Islands (Mrs. CHRISTENSEN) is                    my colleagues.                                          have received it even though they have
                                               recognized for 30 minutes.                                I will begin by yielding to the gen-                  preexisting conditions.
                                                 Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. Mr. Speaker,                        tleman Georgia (Mr. JOHNSON).                              The $250 rebate for seniors who had
                                               it’s an honor for me to join my col-                      Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. I thank                       reached the dreaded doughnut hole,
                                               leagues in the Congressional Black                      my colleague for yielding to me.                        seniors got a $250 check in the mail in
                                               Caucus for this half hour or so to talk                   I must admit that I feel somewhat,                    2010 to help them with that. In 2011,
                                               to the American people about the im-                    gosh, it seems like only yesterday that                 they will get a 50 percent discount on
                                               portance of the provisions of the Af-                   the Republicans were accusing us of                     all brand name and generic drugs, 50
                                               fordable Care Act. For African Ameri-                   not taking care of what was the busi-                   percent. That is going to help so many
                                               cans and other people of color, as well                 ness at hand, which was job creation                    Americans with their drug bills. This is
                                               as rural Americans, who make up more                    and what they call reckless spending.                   what they want to repeal. They want
                                               than half of the uninsured, we cannot                   They accused us of wasting our time in                  to cost you, as a consumer, more
                                               allow the law and the consumer protec-                  the 111th Congress where we should                      money for prescription drugs.
                                               tions to be repealed. Not when we have                  have been dealing with jobs and spend-                     And I am happy to stand on the side
                                               just gotten one foot in the health care                 ing, and they are doing the same thing.                 of those who say ‘‘no’’ to a repeal of
                                               door, some of us for the very first time.                 They are wasting their time. The                      the health care legislation that we
                                                 For African Americans, who have                       first month of the 112th Congress, they                 passed.
                                               higher death rates from all causes than                 are wasting their time trying to repeal                    They want to be able to repeal provi-
                                               any other population group, the pre-                    health care for Americans, the Afford-                  sions in the law that prevent and pro-
                                               ventive services, the strengthening of                  able Care Act. It’s mind-boggling to me                 hibit insurance companies from can-
                                               the public health force, the diversi-                   that after the Democrats’ first month                   celing your insurance when you get
                                               fying of an expanded health workforce,                  in office we dealt with the recovery                    sick. That’s a commonsense regulation
                                               the community health workers, the                       package, jobs, and thereafter we went                   to protect American consumers. My
                                               community health centers, the Offices                   through a long process of putting in                    friends on the other side of the aisle
                                               of Minority Health, those equity provi-                 place a measure that will create 4 mil-                 would, at the behest of those in the in-
                                               sions cannot be repealed. It’s a matter                 lion new jobs in this economy that                      surance industry who spent about $100
                                               of life and death for us.                               they ran into the ground.                               million to defeat health care legisla-
                                                 I know that the Republicans and                         We pulled the car out of the ditch,                   tion—and that was unsuccessful, so
                                               their leadership who are calling for re-                got the car running, ready to create 4                  they went out and spent hundreds of
                                               peal won’t ever say that they want to                   million new jobs, health care, 4 million                millions of dollars more to defeat the
                                               take away those benefits of the law                     new jobs to accommodate the 32 mil-                     Democrats who voted for it. And so
                                               that make sure sick children can be en-                 lion more Americans who would have                      now we are at the point where they
                                               sured, that allow families to keep their                access to the health care system in this                want to reciprocate to those who elect-
                                               children who can’t get jobs right away                  country as a result of our passage of                   ed them at the expense of the very
                                               on their insurance until they are 26, or                that act. And the Republicans, the first                American people who voted for them.
                                               make sure that your insurance will be                   thing they do is want to kill a job-cre-                It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to
                                               there for you when you need it most,                    ating act that will enable their con-                   me, Mr. Speaker, it really does not.
                                               when you get sick. They won’t tell you                  stituents and mine to have affordable                      Lifetime caps on coverage already in
                                               that they want to take those away, but                  health care.                                            effect, they would repeal that. They
                                               that’s exactly what would happen if                       It boggles the mind that we would                     would allow the sale of insurance poli-
                                               they are allowed to unravel this very                   want to turn the clock back, that we                    cies that would have a cap on them, a
                                               carefully put together law.                             would want to start walking in the op-                  lifetime cap. So you would pay ever-in-
                                                 Moreover, it should cause concern to                  posite direction, taking away benefits                  creasing premiums with an ever-less-
                                               every freedom-loving and justice-seek-                  that have already gone into effect                      ening amount of lifetime insurance
                                               ing person in this country that two of                  under the health care act that we                       coverage.
                                               the very first acts of this 112th Con-                  passed. They want to hurt small busi-                      Well, we have taken that cap off. We
                                               gress have been to take away rights,                    nesses which are able to receive a 35                   have taken the unfairness out of that
                                               privileges, or benefits from United                     percent tax credit when they spend                      equation by mandating that those
                                               States citizens. They took away the                     money insuring their employees.                         clauses in insurance contracts are void
                                               vote in the Committee of the Whole                        I saw a report earlier today indi-                    and unenforceable. So no more lifetime
                                               from Representatives elected and sent                   cating that hundreds of thousands of                    caps on insurance. These are some of
                                               here by over 5 million Americans.                       new policies have been issued by insur-                 the things that enabled the insurance
                                                 And now the leadership is trying to                   ance companies based on these small                     companies and their corporate bosses,
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               take away services and benefits that in                 businesses of less than 50 people that                  offices, shareholders and the like to ob-
                                               effect would take away the right that                   are choosing to offer health care insur-                tain millions and millions and billions
                                               everyone should have to health care.                    ance to their employees. That is sig-                   and billions of dollars of profits every
                                               Whatever the leadership tries to take                   nificant.                                               year, going up every year.
                                               away next, good people must stand and                     The health insurance industry is                         Your premiums going up also, just
                                               speak and act to prevent them from                      making a profit by offering fair cov-                   reckless; no regulatory impact, no care
                                               doing so, as we must not let them re-                   erage to Americans. Preexisting condi-                  about what that’s doing to America.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00045   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.107   H18JAPT1
                                               H250                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               It’s actually costing the taxpayers a                   ment says equal protection under the                    industrial waste, or maybe it is be-
                                               lot of money, Mr. Speaker, because if                   law, all people treated equally, and the                cause of the quality of the house that
                                               people don’t have insurance, that does                  Fifth Amendment says can’t deprive                      you are in, asbestos, other ailments
                                               not immunize them from getting sick.                    someone of life or liberty without due                  that create conditions that cause res-
                                                                 b 2140                                process. Well, I can tell you over the                  piratory illnesses in children, those are
                                                                                                       time that we debated this bill we saw                   respiratory illnesses, young people age
                                                 We’re all going to get sick one day.                  the numbers of people who actually                      26. A young man by the name of An-
                                               We’re all going to need medical care.                   died because they could not get access                  drew today said he’s been working very
                                               We’re all going to, at some point, need                 to health care. We are reminded of our                  hard, he graduated from college, but
                                               the care of a doctor or a nurse. And it                 good        colleague,      Congressman                 unfortunately the job that he had of-
                                               costs money. And if we don’t have in-                   CUMMINGS, who told the story over and                   fered to him has been pushed back be-
                                               surance, it can’t be paid for. So people                over again of a young teenager, 12- or                  cause of the economy. He is working to
                                               without insurance don’t get access to                   13-year-old boy, African American boy,                  get more experience as an intern with
                                               the health care system until they get                   who had an abscess, a tooth abscess,                    no compensation. His family cannot af-
                                               so ill that they have to go to the emer-                and clearly could have been saved, his                  ford to keep him on to pay for inde-
                                               gency room. And at that point, tax-                     life was before him. But he died be-                    pendent insurance at this point. But
                                               payers have to subsidize that cost. And                 cause his mother did not have insur-                    yet he is being constructive, and he can
                                               so it stands to reason that with 17 per-                ance or really did not have access to go                be constructive because he can be on
                                               cent of our gross domestic product                      anywhere to have this particular                        his   parents’    insurance.    Pregnant
                                               being spent for medical care in this                    health matter taken care of. It became                  women and breast and prostate cancer
                                               country, and the fact that that has an                  a crisis, and he died.                                  patients, in particular, African Amer-
                                               impact on our interstate commerce, it                      So I want to say to my friends, these                ican women and minority women have
                                               means that the Federal Government                       are the basic points that I want to                     a devastating form of breast cancer.
                                               certainly has a role to play in regu-                   raise today while I discuss this ques-                  My father had prostate cancer, and at
                                               lating the health insurance industry.                   tion of the 14th Amendment and the                      the age he was and the atmosphere
                                               And that’s exactly what we did.                         Fifth Amendment. First of all, you                      that we were in and the medical access
                                                 I want to now recognize, or flip it, if               hear the question of how offended peo-                  he had at that time, one, he didn’t tell
                                               you will, back to my good friend from
                                                                                                       ple are, I don’t want to be told to buy                 the family, two, we were uninformed
                                               the Virgin Islands.
                                                                                                       insurance. Why should I have to be                      about this thing called prostate cancer,
                                                 Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. I want to thank
                                               you, Mr. JOHNSON, for helping to clar-                  forced to buy insurance? Well, as ev-                   and we didn’t find out about it until it
                                               ify some of the important areas that                    eryone knows, there is a 10th Amend-                    had metastasized. My father actually
                                               are provided for in the Affordable Care                 ment that says what is not left to the                  had lung cancer and brain cancer.
                                               Act. Everyone is entitled to their own                  Federal Government is given to the                        There is a statistic: An African
                                               opinions, but not everyone is entitled                  States. States require you to have auto                 American male over 65 that did not
                                               to creating their own facts. And I                      insurance. If you do not have it, you                   have the proper access to health care
                                               think what we’re hearing tonight are                    are fined. You get a ticket. Because                    to be able to catch his prostate cancer.
                                               the facts.                                              they have calculated that the burden of                 Now this bill will provide for preven-
                                                 I would like to yield now 5 minutes                   not having health insurance is too                      tive care so that members, no matter
                                               to the gentlewoman from Texas, Con-                     great to bear. And so when we think of                  what economic station you are in or
                                               gresswoman SHEILA JACKSON LEE.                          people not having health insurance be-                  status you are in, you have the ability
                                                 Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. I thank                     cause they don’t have access, we have                   to access health care, meaning you can
                                               the gentlelady. It is a pleasure to be                  determined that the burden is too                       go to a community health clinic or the
                                               able to join my colleagues on the floor,                great to bear, $143 billion if this bill is             community health centers, excuse me,
                                               including     Congressman       GREGORY                 repealed right away, and $1 trillion                    or you may be able to buy your own
                                               MEEKS of New York, who we’ll have the                   over 20 years that we will lose, or the                 health insurance at the rate in the
                                               opportunity to hear from, and I thank                   deficit will be built. And I would imag-                amount you can.
                                               Dr. CHRISTENSEN for your continued                      ine it might be more if you determine                     There is a complaint here, as I said,
                                               leadership, and my colleague on Judici-                 the people that will be uninsured who                   about lacking the ability or not want-
                                               ary Committee, we had the oppor-                        will go on to the county system.                        ing to buy health insurance. Well, I
                                               tunity to contribute to the debate                         Does everybody know in these dis-                    would argue to that person, the argu-
                                               today.                                                  tricts around the Nation who are com-                   ment I made about the 10th Amend-
                                                 The Judiciary Committee has as its                    plaining about this bill that your hos-                 ment and automobile insurance, but I
                                               jurisdiction the Constitution, and our                  pitals, your county hospitals that are                  also argue, would you rather have
                                               friends on the other side of the aisle                  burdening your local taxpayers will be                  these individuals die or burden the
                                               keep talking about that this is uncon-                  actually compensated for uncompen-                      massive public health system? Or
                                               stitutional. It baffles me and almost                   sated care? I don’t know about anyone                   would you rather have them have ac-
                                               frustrates me because I’m trying to                     here, but I can tell you my hospitals                   cess to be healthy as opposed to being
                                               grab hold to what the argument is, par-                 are jumping for joy.                                    sick?
                                               ticularly since we have had Medicare                       And so I just want to point this out.                  Then something has been said, job-
                                               by the Federal Government since 1965,                   Children with preexisting conditions                    killing bill. And one of the points that
                                               and it has withstood any constitu-                      are denied coverage, that is the sickle                 the Republicans make is 650,000 jobs
                                               tional challenge, and that was imple-                   cell child, that is the individual with                 lost. They are not telling the accurate
                                               mented under the Commerce Act.                          heart disease. We determined in our                     story. The 650,000 jobs lost are people
                                                 But frankly, if we have an argument                   Democratic Policy and Steering Com-                     deciding not to work or to work less
                                               to make on the Constitution, I will                     mittee that children are the greatest                   because they now have the ability to
                                               share with you why this is clearly a                    that have the possibility of dying be-                  get their own insurance that is not tied
                                               constitutional bill, because we are ac-                 cause of lack of coverage. And so all of                to a job through the exchange. That is
                                               tually denying people both due process                  these children, asthma, parents who                     the accuracy of it. It’s voluntary, vol-
                                               and equal protection under the law                      have children with asthma, they are                     untary separation from a job because I
                                               under the present system because we                     born, and there are babies with asth-                   am independent now to be able to go
                                               have a nation that is divided between                   ma. Do you realize they cannot or                       into business, to be a sole entre-
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               the haves and have-nots. Forty mil-                     could not get insurance even on their                   preneur, a sole proprietor, and still
                                               lion-plus, 44 million, now I hear 32 mil-               parents’ insurance? Asthma. How many                    have my insurance. And so these people
                                               lion persons were uninsured. That’s                     children have died with asthma? Par-                    would immediately be thrown off be-
                                               what grabbed our attention. Those peo-                  ticularly in the minority community,                    cause a pregnant woman would be con-
                                               ple did not have access to health care.                 where we have been subjected to poor                    sidered a preexisting disease; breast
                                                 Clearly, if you look at the Constitu-                 quality living conditions. Maybe the                    cancer, obviously one of the more dev-
                                               tion that says that the 14th Amend-                     air quality, because of where we live,                  astating diseases; prostate cancer. And

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00046   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.109   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                        H251
                                               do you know what else? Heart disease                    has been raised over and over again and                 say come and strike the entire Con-
                                               which kills or has 43 million women                     I thank you for addressing that in your                 stitution; repeal the Constitution.
                                               today living with heart disease, some                   remarks.                                                That’s not what was done. What we did
                                               of whom do not know it because they                        I would now like to yield to the gen-                was we said, Let’s fix it. Let’s look and
                                               do not have preventive care.                            tleman from New York, Congressman                       see where we can agree upon to amend
                                                 And then, our seniors have been                       MEEKS.                                                  it. In fact, there was a small debate on
                                               frightened by death panels. Seniors, let                   Mr. MEEKS. I want to thank the gen-                  the floor right here which Constitution
                                               me simply say to you, there will be liv-                tlelady from the Virgin Islands. I also                 would be read. Would it be the amended
                                               ing panels because you will get a 50                    want to thank the gentlelady from                       version? And that’s what we talked
                                               percent discount on your doughnut                       Houston, Texas, SHEILA JACKSON LEE,                     about, the amended version of the Con-
                                               hole process and brand name prescrip-                   for that excellent statement on the                     stitution. That’s what was read here.
                                               tion drugs. But more importantly,                       Constitution and the 14th and the Fifth                    So where is the logic now where we
                                               you’ll be able to have a primary care                   Amendments.                                             clearly have the law of the land to
                                               doctor, you’ll have community health                       I am so serious about this issue that                come and say, get rid of it all? You’ve
                                               clinics you can go to, you’ll have what                 on this night when I don’t have much                    clearly heard from the gentleman from
                                               we call a medical home so you won’t                     of a voice, it is important to talk about               Georgia and the others that have spo-
                                               have to be worrying about, who is my                    what is really going on here. When you                  ken this evening about making sure
                                               doctor? You will have a consistent doc-                 think about the Constitution, the first                 that there is no individual who’s denied
                                               tor, maybe even electronic records.                     thing that we were doing when we                        health care because of a preexisting
                                                 Particularly hard-hit are minority                    came back in the 112th was the reading                  condition. This bill assures us of that.
                                                                                                       of the Constitution. The Constitution                   If you have a child under 26 years of
                                               seniors or seniors in rural areas where
                                                                                                       was really put in place to help and pro-                age, not working, they can stay on
                                               hospitals are not even. But if they can
                                                                                                       tect Americans. It’s one thing to read                  their parents’ health care. Seniors and
                                               go to a community health clinic that
                                                                                                       the Constitution. It’s another thing to                 the doughnut hole, we fixed that.
                                               can diagnose them so they don’t have                                                                               So if you’ve got a serious problem
                                               to go to an emergency room or be                        live the Constitution. I think the gen-
                                                                                                       tlelady put out the facts clearly down                  that you want to negotiate and talk
                                               helicoptered to a major city because                                                                            about that’s within this bill that’s a
                                               they reached a crisis, seniors, this is a               to the 14th and the Fifth Amendments,
                                                                                                                                                               problem, that’s a flaw, that needs to be
                                               living bill for you.                                    this is constitutional. I think it is also
                                                                                                                                                               amended, then I think that as a body
                                                                                                       clearly what the Constitution, what
                                                                 b 2150                                the individuals who wrote in 1787, it
                                                                                                                                                               we can sit down and work together to
                                                 And then, of course, this whole ques-                                                                         get that done.
                                                                                                       was a committee of the Federal Con-                        And so I say when I look at where we
                                               tion of the deficit, I’ve already men-                  vention, that it should remind us that                  are, or ask my staff, for example, in my
                                               tioned, but this idea of small busi-                    the sacred text employs and empowers                    little district in New York, the Sixth
                                               nesses, let me tell you that small busi-                us to provide for and protect the Amer-                 Congressional District.
                                               nesses are jumping for joy. Dr. Odetta                  ican people.                                               The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                               Coin today said to us that she is glad                     What is the most precious thing that                 time of the gentlewoman from the Vir-
                                               that her pediatric practice will be able                one has? Is it money? What is the most                  gin Islands has expired.
                                               to get tax credits for her employees to                 precious thing? It’s called life. Without                  Mr. MEEKS. Let me just end by say-
                                               provide health care and that she will be                life, what do we have? And what is the                  ing this.
                                               able to add another nurse practitioner                  most important thing in living a good                      Let’s make sure that health care is
                                               just because this bill provides for small               life? It’s health. So wouldn’t it seem                  not a privilege for a few but a right for
                                               businesses.                                             that what would be the most appro-                      the many. Let us make sure that we do
                                                 So I can only say that this whole                     priate thing to do is that we provide                   not destroy this great health care re-
                                               question of job loss is shaky, the whole                health care for Americans? It is with-                  form bill that’s now law.
                                               question of the Constitution is shakier,                out question I think that we can agree,                    Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas.
                                               and I conclude by saying this, and I                    whether we’re Democrat or Republican,                   Mr. Speaker, let me thank our CBC Chair,
                                               will be on the floor again tomorrow:                    we believe that we have the best coun-                  Emanuel Cleaver and the gentlelady from the
                                               The Constitution has been misused in                    try on the planet, in the history of the                Virgin Islands, Congresswoman CHRISTENSEN
                                               this debate. I beg of people to get the                 planet. But look at the blemish that                    for anchoring this Special Order in order to
                                               Constitution. It is quite the opposite.                 history will record on our great Nation                 pursue a very important discussion on the
                                               H.R. 2 is unconstitutional, because it                  if we do not provide or give access to                  leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus
                                               creates an unequal system in America,                   health care for all Americans. This is a                and the Health Care Reform.
                                               a system of unequalness as relates to                   struggle that we have had for debate                       We remain committed to our diligent work to
                                               health care. We’ve lived that way but                   after debate after debate, from Presi-                  be the conscience of the Congress, but also to
                                               we have not been able to get those who                  dent before President before President.                 provide dedicated and focused service to the
                                               have been most deprived to take this                    And finally this Congress did come to-                  citizens and Congressional Districts that have
                                               case up all the way to the Supreme                      gether in the 111th Congress and said,                  elected us. I hope that this discussion will
                                               Court. Why did I not have health insur-                 we’re going to provide health care to 95                highlight the impact of how the repeal of the
                                               ance? Why does my neighbor have it                      percent of all Americans. No, we’re not                 Affordable Act would impact the American
                                               and I don’t have it? Well, we are now                   perfect. The fact of the matter is I                    people; particularly, within the minority com-
                                               equalizing. With the Patient Protec-                    don’t know any bill that has ever been                  munity.
                                                                                                                                                                  We know that not all Americans have equal
                                               tion and Affordable Care Act, we’re                     passed in any legislative body that is
                                                                                                                                                               access to health care.
                                               giving you the protection of the Con-                   perfect. We’ve got to work, and in fact                    It is all too unfortunate that persons of low-
                                               stitution to the 14th Amendment and                     we talk about our union, to make it a                   income, or of diverse racial and ethnic back-
                                               the Fifth Amendment of due process                      more better union. The health care re-                  grounds, and other underserved populations
                                               and equal protection. I can’t imagine a                 form bill clearly does that.                            have higher rates of disease.
                                               better way to value America than to                        Now the logic to come and to repeal                     This same population frequently experience
                                               say that all of us deserve the dignity of               the whole bill confuses me. For even                    fewer treatment options, and reduced access
                                               our flag and our Constitution.                          the Constitution of the United States                   to the care they need.
                                                 I   thank     the    gentlelady,    Dr.               of America was not a perfect docu-                         Worst of all, minority populations are also
                                               CHRISTENSEN, for her leadership.                        ment. Clearly for those of us who hap-                  less likely to have health insurance than the
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. Thank you,                          pen to be African Americans, when the                   population as a whole.
                                               Congresswoman JACKSON LEE, and                          Founding Fathers wrote it, they said                       But now, because of the Affordable Care
                                               thank you for tying in to the constitu-                 we were only three-fifths of a human                    Act, minorities can benefit from:
                                               tional issues, because we’re going to be                being. Clearly the Constitution didn’t                     Preventative Care that includes regular
                                               asked to provide constitutional ref-                    give women the right to vote. The doc-                  screenings, annual wellness check-ups, can-
                                               erences for every legislation that we                   ument itself as it was initially written                cer screenings, and immunizations—all at no
                                               introduce and the constitutional issue                  was flawed. But we as a Nation didn’t                   additional cost.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00047   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K18JA7.111   H18JAPT1
                                               H252                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                       January 18, 2011
                                                  Care that is coordinated to help patients             attending the funeral, in the district,                 [EPA-R06-OAR-2005-TX-0012; FRL-9246-3] re-
                                               manage their chronic diseases such as diabe-             of a slain police officer.                              ceived December 28, 2010, pursuant to 5
                                               tes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, can-                                                                    U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on En-
                                                                                                                          f                                     ergy and Commerce.
                                               cer, and many other ailments that require mul-
                                                                                                                                                                  76. A letter from the Environmental Pro-
                                               tiple health teams.                                            SPECIAL ORDERS GRANTED                            tection Agency, Environmental Protection
                                                  Training to increase diversity within the                                                                     Agency, transmitting the Agency’s final rule
                                               health professions so that patients have more              By unanimous consent, permission to
                                                                                                                                                                — Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality
                                               choice of providers who are racially and eth-            address the House, following the legis-                 Implementation Plans; Montana; Attain-
                                               nically diverse. Also, health plans will be re-          lative program and any special orders                   ment Plan for Libby, MT PM2.5 Nonattain-
                                               quired to use language services and commu-               heretofore entered, was granted to:                     ment Area and PM10 State Implementation
                                               nity outreach in underserved communities.                  (The following Members (at the re-                    Plan     Revisions    [EPA-R08-OAR-2006-0952;
                                                                                                        quest of Ms. WOOLSEY) to revise and ex-                 FRL-9246-4] received December 28, 2010, pur-
                                                  Expansion of the health care workforce with                                                                   suant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                               increased funding for community health cen-              tend their remarks and include extra-
                                                                                                        neous material:)                                        mittee on Energy and Commerce.
                                               ters, which provide comprehensive health care                                                                      77. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                               for everyone no matter how much they are                   Mr. MCDERMOTT, for 5 minutes,                         Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                               able to pay.                                             today.                                                  tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                                  Banning insurance companies from discrimi-              Ms. WOOLSEY, for 5 minutes, today.                    final rule — Approval and Promulgation of
                                               nating against those patients who have been                Ms. KAPTUR, for 5 minutes, today.                     state plans for Designated Facilities and
                                                                                                          Mr. BLUMENAUER, for 5 minutes,                        Pollutants; State of Florida; Control of
                                               sick. No longer will sick patients be excluded                                                                   Large Municipal Waste Combustor (LMWC)
                                               from coverage or charged higher premiums.                today.                                                  Emissions From Existing Facilities [EPA-
                                               Neither will women have to pay higher pre-                 Mr. KEATING, for 5 minutes, today.                    R04-OAR-2010-0392(a); FRL-9246-6] received
                                               miums simply because of their gender.                      Mrs. LOWEY, for 5 minutes, today.                     December 28, 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                                  I am confident that if we repeal Affordable             (The following Members (at the re-                    801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Energy and
                                               Care Act, we present a grave, unhealthy dan-             quest of Mr. POE of Texas) to revise and                Commerce.
                                               ger to the lives of our most vulnerable popu-                                                                      78. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                                                                                        extend their remarks and include ex-
                                               lations who need health care most by playing                                                                     Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                                                                                        traneous material:)                                     tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                               politics.                                                  Mr. POE of Texas, for 5 minutes,                      final rule — Action to Ensure Authority to
                                                  I urge my Republican colleagues to revisit            today and January 19, 20, and 24.                       Issue Permits under the Prevention of Sig-
                                               the thought of repealing the Patient Protection            Mr. JONES, for 5 minutes, today and                   nificant Deterioration Program to Sources of
                                               and Affordable Care Act by working with eager            January 19, 20, and 24.                                 Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Federal Imple-
                                               Democrats to continue building a bridge to a                                                                     mentation      Plan    [EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0107;
                                                                                                          Mr. DOLD, for 5 minutes, today.
                                               healthier America—for all.                                                                                       FRL-9245-3] (RIN: 2060-AQ45) received Decem-
                                                                                                          Mr. PAUL, for 5 minutes, January 19                   ber 28, 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A);
                                                                 f                                      and 20.                                                 to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.
                                               REMOVAL OF NAMES OF MEM-                                   Mr. BURTON of Indiana, for 5 minutes,                   79. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                                                                                        today and January 19 and 20.                            Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                                BERS AS COSPONSORS OF H.R. 61                                                                                   tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                                                                                          Ms. BUERKLE, for 5 minutes, today.
                                                 Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, I ask                                                                                final rule — Approval and Promulgation of
                                                                                                          Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN, for 5 minutes,                     Implementation Plans; Mississippi: Preven-
                                               unanimous consent that the following                     today.
                                               Members be removed as cosponsors of                                                                              tion of Significant Deterioration; Green-
                                                                                                          Mr. PAULSEN, for 5 minutes, today.                    house Gas Tailoring Rule Revision [EPA-
                                               H.R. 61: Mr. BILBRAY, Mr. COLE, Mr.                                                                              R04-OAR-2010-0811-201070); FRL-9244-4] re-
                                               JEFF DUNCAN, Mr. FRANKS, Mr. GIBBS,                        Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN, for 5 minutes,
                                                                                                        today and January 19.                                   ceived December 28, 2010, pursuant to 5
                                               Mr. TOM GRAVES, Mr. KLINE, Mr.                                                                                   U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on En-
                                               LAMBORN, Mrs. LUMMIS, and Mr.                              Mr. FLEMING, for 5 minutes, today.                    ergy and Commerce.
                                               MCHENRY.                                                   Mr. DREIER, for 5 minutes, January 19                   80. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there                      and 20.                                                 Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                               objection to the request of the gen-                       Ms. FOXX, for 5 minutes, January 19.                  tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                               tleman from Louisiana?                                                                                           final rule — Approval and Promulgation of
                                                                                                                          f                                     Implementation Plans; Alabama: Prevention
                                                 There was no objection.                                                                                        of Significant Deterioration; Greenhouse Gas
                                                                 f                                                       ADJOURNMENT                            Tailoring Rule Revision [EPA-R04-OAR-2010-
                                                                                                          Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, I move                      0697-201072; FRL-9244-5] received December
                                                               GENERAL LEAVE                                                                                    28, 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to
                                                                                                        that the House do now adjourn.
                                                 Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. Mr. Speaker, I                                                                               the Committee on Energy and Commerce.
                                                                                                          The motion was agreed to; accord-                       81. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                               ask unanimous consents that all Mem-                     ingly (at 10 p.m.), the House adjourned                 Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                               bers may have 5 legislative days to re-                  until tomorrow, Wednesday, January                      tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                               vise and extend their remarks and add                    19, 2011, at 10 a.m.                                    final rule — Approval and Promulgation of
                                               any extraneous material on the subject                                                                           Implementation Plans; Kentucky; Preven-
                                               of my Special Order this evening.                                          f                                     tion of Significant Deterioration; Greenouse
                                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there                                                                              Gas Permitting Authority and Tailoring
                                                                                                             EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS,                          Rule      Revision    [EPA-R04-OAR-2010-0691-
                                               objection to the request of the gentle-                                  ETC.                                    201069; FRL-9244-6] received December 28,
                                               woman from the Virgin Islands?
                                                                                                          Under clause 2 of rule XIV, executive                 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the
                                                 There was no objection.                                                                                        Committee on Energy and Commerce.
                                                                                                        communications were taken from the
                                                                 f                                                                                                82. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                                                                                        Speaker’s table and referred as follows:                Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                                          LEAVE OF ABSENCE                                74. A letter from the Director, Regulatory            tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                                                                                        Management Division, Environmental Pro-                 final rule — Action to Ensure Authority to
                                                 By unanimous consent, leave of ab-
                                                                                                        tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s               Issue Permits under the Prevention of Sig-
                                               sence was granted to:                                    final rule — Notice of Prevention of Signifi-           nificant Deterioration Program to Sources of
                                                 Ms. MCCOLLUM (at the request of Ms.                    cant Deterioration Final Determination for              Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Finding of Fail-
                                               PELOSI) for today on account of official                 Russell City Energy Center [FRL-9245-9] re-             ure to Submit State Implementation Plan
                                               business in the district.                                ceived December 28, 2010, pursuant to 5                 Revisions Required for Greenhouse Gases
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                 Ms. CLARKE of New York (at the re-                     U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on En-            [EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0107; FRL-9244-7] received
                                               quest of Ms. PELOSI) for today.                          ergy and Commerce.                                      December 28, 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                                                                                          75. A letter from the Director, Regulatory            801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Energy and
                                                 Mr. HUNTER (at the request of Mr.
                                                                                                        Management Division, Environmental Pro-                 Commerce.
                                               CANTOR) for today on account of travel                   tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s                 83. A letter from the Director, Regulatory
                                               delays.                                                  final rule — Approval and Promulgation of               Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                                 Mr. AUSTRIA (at the request of Mr.                     Implementation Plans; Texas; Emissions                  tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                               CANTOR) for January 7 on account of                      Banking and Trading of Allowances Program               final rule — Action to Ensure Authority to

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010    05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00048   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.034   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                        H253
                                               Implement Title V Permitting Programs                     95. A letter from the Chairman, Council of            Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-595, ‘‘Pre-k Ac-
                                               under the Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule                 the District of Columbia, transmitting                  celeration and Clarification Amendment Act
                                               [EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0517; FRL-9245-4] received             Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-615, ‘‘Randall               of 2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight and
                                               December 28, 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.                 School Disposition Restatement Act of 2010’’;           Government Reform.
                                               801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Energy and            to the Committee on Oversight and Govern-                 109. A letter from the Chairman, Council of
                                               Commerce.                                               ment Reform.                                            the District of Columbia, transmitting
                                                 84. A letter from the Director, Regulatory              96. A letter from the Chairman, Council of            Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-608, ‘‘Blood Do-
                                               Management Division, Environmental Pro-                 the District of Columbia, transmitting                  nation Expansion Act of 2010’’; to the Com-
                                               tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-614, ‘‘800 Ken-              mittee on Oversight and Government Re-
                                               final rule — Limitation of Approval of Pre-             ilworth Avenue Northeast Redevelopment                  form.
                                               vention of Significnat Deterioration Provi-             Project Real Property Limited Tax Abate-                  110. A letter from the Chairman, Council of
                                               sions Concerning Greenhouse Gas Emitting-               ment Assistance Act of 2010’’; to the Com-              the District of Columbia, transmitting
                                               Sources in State Implementation Plans;                  mittee on Oversight and Government Re-                  Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-596, ‘‘University
                                               Final Rule [EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0517; FRL-                  form.                                                   of the District of Columbia Board of Trustees
                                               9244-9] (RIN: 2060-AQ62) received December                97. A letter from the Chairman, Council of            Quorum and Contracting Reform Amend-
                                                                                                       the District of Columbia, transmitting                  ment Act of 2010’’; to the Committee on
                                               28, 2010, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to
                                                                                                       Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-613, ‘‘Thirteenth            Oversight and Government Reform.
                                               the Committee on Energy and Commerce.                                                                             111. A letter from the Deputy Assistant Ad-
                                                 85. A letter from the Director, Regulatory            Church of Christ Real Property Tax Relief
                                                                                                       and Exemption Act of 2010’’; to the Com-                ministrator     for   Regulatory     Programs,
                                               Management Division, Environmental Pro-
                                                                                                       mittee on Oversight and Government Re-                  NMFS, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
                                               tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                                                                                       form.                                                   Administration, transmitting the Adminis-
                                               final rule — Determinations Concerning                                                                          tration’s final rule — Fisheries Off West
                                               Need for Error Correction, Partial Approval               98. A letter from the Chairman, Council of
                                                                                                       the District of Columbia, transmitting                  Coast States; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fish-
                                               and Partial Disapproval, and Federal Imple-                                                                     ery Management Plan; Amendments 20 and
                                               mentation Plan Regarding Texas Prevention               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-612, ‘‘2323 Penn-
                                                                                                       sylvania Avenue Southeast Redevelopment                 21; Trawl Rationalization Program [Docket
                                               of Significant Deterioration Program [EPA-                                                                      No.: 100212086-0532-05] (RIN: 0648-AY68) re-
                                               HQ-OAR-2010-1033; FRL-9245-2] (RIN: 2060-               Project Real Property Limited Tax Abate-
                                                                                                       ment Assistance Act of 2010’’; to the Com-              ceived January 6, 2011, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                               AQ67) received December 28, 2010, pursuant                                                                      801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Natural
                                                                                                       mittee on Oversight and Government Re-
                                               to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                                                                   Resources.
                                               Energy and Commerce.                                                                                              112. A letter from the Chief, Trade & Com-
                                                                                                         99. A letter from the Chairman, Council of
                                                 86. A letter from the Assistant Secretary,                                                                    mercial Regulations Branch, Department of
                                                                                                       the District of Columbia, transmitting
                                               Legislative Affairs, Department of State,                                                                       Homeland Security, transmitting the De-
                                                                                                       Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-609, ‘‘Allen Chap-
                                               transmitting Transmittal No. DDTC 10-127,                                                                       partment’s final rule — United States —
                                                                                                       el A.M.E. Senior Residential Project Rental
                                               pursuant to the reporting requirements of                                                                       Oman Free Trade Agreement (RIN: 1515-
                                                                                                       Property Tax Exemption and Equitable Real
                                               Section 36(c) of the Arms Export Control                                                                        AD68) received January 10, 2011, pursuant to
                                                                                                       Property Tax Relief Act of 2010’’; to the
                                               Act; to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.                                                                       5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on
                                                                                                       Committee on Oversight and Government
                                                 87. A letter from the Chairman, Council of                                                                    Ways and Means.
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                    100. A letter from the Chairman, Council of             113. A letter from the Chief, Publications
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-611, ‘‘Wayne                 the District of Columbia, transmitting                  and Regulations Branch, Internal Revenue
                                               Place Senior Living Limited Partnership                 Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-610, ‘‘Wildlife              Service, transmitting the Service’s final rule
                                               Real Property Tax Exemption Act of 2010’’;              Protection Act of 2010’’; to the Committee on           — Revenue Procedure: Update of CC: INTL
                                               to the Committee on Oversight and Govern-               Oversight and Government Reform.                        No-Rule Revenue Procedure, Rev. Proc. 2010-
                                               ment Reform.                                              101. A letter from the Chairman, Council of           7 (Rev. Proc. 2011-7) received January 10,
                                                 88. A letter from the Chairman, Council of            the District of Columbia, transmitting                  2011, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                  Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-568, ‘‘Budget                Committee on Ways and Means.
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-623, ‘‘Residential           Support Act Clarification and Technical                   114. A letter from the Chief, Publications
                                               Parking Protection Pilot Temporary Act of               Amendment Temporary Amendment Act of                    and Regulations Branch, Internal Revenue
                                               2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight and               2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight and               Service, transmitting the Service’s final rule
                                               Government Reform.                                      Government Reform.                                      — Deferral of Income from Sale of Gift Cards
                                                 89. A letter from the Chairman, Council of              102. A letter from the Chairman, Council of           (Rev. Proc. 2011-18) received January 10, 2011,
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                  the District of Columbia, transmitting                  pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-621, ‘‘Mayor and             Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-567, ‘‘University            mittee on Ways and Means.
                                               Chairman of the Council Transition Tem-                 of the District of Columbia Board of Trustees             115. A letter from the Chief, Publications
                                               porary Act of 2010’’; to the Committee on               Quorum and Contracting Reform Temporary                 and Regulations Branch, Internal Revenue
                                               Oversight and Government Reform.                        Amendment Act of 2010’’; to the Committee               Service, transmitting the Service’s final rule
                                                 90. A letter from the Chairman, Council of            on Oversight and Government Reform.                     — Method of Accounting for Gift Cards
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                    103. A letter from the Chairman, Council of           Issued in Exchange for Merchandise Returns
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-620, ‘‘Streetscape           the District of Columbia, transmitting                  (Rec. Proc. 2011-17) received January 10, 2011,
                                               Utility Line Report Temporary Act of 2010’’;            Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-566, ‘‘Automated             pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                               to the Committee on Oversight and Govern-               Traffic     Enforcement    Fund    Temporary            mittee on Ways and Means.
                                               ment Reform.                                            Amendment Act of 2010’’; to the Committee                 116. A letter from the Chief, Publications
                                                 91. A letter from the Chairman, Council of            on Oversight and Government Reform.                     and Regulations Branch, Internal Revenue
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                    104. A letter from the Chairman, Council of           Service, transmitting the Service’s final rule
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-619, ‘‘Second Pre-           the District of Columbia, transmitting                  — Modifications of Debt Instruments [TD
                                               vention of Child Abuse and Neglect Tem-                 Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-565, ‘‘Office of             9513] (RIN: 1545-BJ30) received January 7,
                                               porary Amendment Act of 2010’’; to the Com-             Cable Television Property Acquisition and               2011, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the
                                               mittee on Oversight and Government Re-                  Special Purpose Revenue Reprogramming                   Committee on Ways and Means.
                                               form.                                                                                                             117. A letter from the Chief, Publications
                                                                                                       Temporary Act of 2010’’; to the Committee
                                                 92. A letter from the Chairman, Council of                                                                    and Regulations Branch, Internal Revenue
                                                                                                       on Oversight and Government Reform.
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                    105. A letter from the Chairman, Council of           Service, transmitting the Service’s final rule
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-618, ‘‘Asbestos              the District of Columbia, transmitting                  — REIT Distressed Debt (Rev. Proc. 2011-16)
                                               Statute of Limitations Clarification Tem-               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-622, ‘‘Special               received January 7, 2011, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                               porary Act of 2010’’; to the Committee on               Election Reform Charter Temporary Amend-                801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Ways and
                                               Oversight and Government Reform.                                                                                Means.
                                                                                                       ment Act of 2010’’; to the Committee on
                                                 93. A letter from the Chairman, Council of                                                                      118. A letter from the Program Manager,
                                                                                                       Oversight and Government Reform.
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                                                                          Department of Health and Human Services,
                                                                                                         106. A letter from the Chairman, Council of
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-617, ‘‘African                                                                       transmitting the Department’s final rule —
                                                                                                       the District of Columbia, transmitting
                                               American Civil War Memorial Freedom                                                                             Medicare Program; Amendment to Payment
                                                                                                       Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-564, ‘‘Randall
                                               Foundation, Inc., African-American Civil                                                                        Policies Under the Physician Fee Schedule
                                                                                                       School Disposition Restatement Temporary
                                               War Museum Approval Temporary Act of                                                                            and Other Revisions to Part B for CY 2011
                                                                                                       Act of 2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight
                                               2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight and                                                                       [CMS-1503-F2] (RIN: 0938-AP79) received Jan-
                                                                                                       and Government Reform.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               Government Reform.                                        107. A letter from the Chairman, Council of           uary 7, 2011, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A);
                                                 94. A letter from the Chairman, Council of                                                                    jointly to the Committees on Ways and
                                                                                                       the District of Columbia, transmitting
                                               the District of Columbia, transmitting                                                                          Means and Energy and Commerce.
                                                                                                       Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-594, ‘‘Expanding
                                               Transmittal of D.C. ACT 18-616, ‘‘Cooperative           Access to Juvenile Records Amendment Act                                 f
                                               Housing Association Economic Interest Rec-              of 2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight and             PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS
                                               ordation Tax Temporary Amendment Act of                 Government Reform.
                                               2010’’; to the Committee on Oversight and                 108. A letter from the Chairman, Council of             Under clause 2 of rule XII, public
                                               Government Reform.                                      the District of Columbia, transmitting                  bills and resolutions of the following

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00049   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\L18JA7.000   H18JAPT1
                                               H254                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                      January 18, 2011
                                               titles were introduced and severally re-                      By Mr. GALLEGLY:                                  account numbers; to the Committee on Ways
                                               ferred, as follows:                                       H.R. 304. A bill to amend the limitation on           and Means.
                                                                                                       liability for certain passenger rail accidents                By Mrs. MYRICK:
                                                     By Mr. CAMP:                                      or incidents under section 28103 of title 49,
                                                 H.R. 297. A bill to require amounts remain-                                                                     H.R. 312. A bill to establish procedures for
                                                                                                       United States Code, and for other purposes;             the issuance by the Commissioner of Social
                                               ing in Members’ representational allowances
                                                                                                       to the Committee on Transportation and In-              Security of ‘‘no match’’ letters to employers,
                                               at the end of a fiscal year to be used for def-
                                                                                                       frastructure, and in addition to the Com-               and for the notification of the Secretary of
                                               icit reduction or to reduce the Federal debt,
                                               and for other purposes; to the Committee on             mittee on the Judiciary, for a period to be             Homeland Security regarding such letters; to
                                               House Administration.                                   subsequently determined by the Speaker, in              the Committee on Ways and Means.
                                                     By Mr. CARTER:                                    each case for consideration of such provi-                    By Mr. SMITH of Texas (for himself
                                                 H.R. 298. A bill to designate the facility of         sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the                    and Mr. SCHIFF):
                                               the United States Postal Service located at             committee concerned.                                      H.R. 313. A bill to amend the Controlled
                                               500 East Whitestone Boulevard in Cedar                        By Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of                   Substances Act to clarify that persons who
                                               Park, Texas, as the ‘‘Army Specialist Mat-                      Texas (for herself, Mr. BISHOP of               enter into a conspiracy within the United
                                               thew Troy Morris Post Office Building’’; to                     Georgia, Mr. FILNER, and Mrs.                   States to possess or traffic illegal controlled
                                               the Committee on Oversight and Govern-                          CHRISTENSEN):                                   substances outside the United States, or en-
                                               ment Reform.                                              H.R. 305. A bill to waive the time limita-            gage in conduct within the United States to
                                                     By Mr. BROUN of Georgia:                          tions specified by law for the award of cer-            aid or abet drug trafficking outside the
                                                 H.R. 299. A bill to repeal the Patient Pro-           tain military decorations in order to allow             United States, may be criminally prosecuted
                                               tection and Affordable Care Act and the                 the posthumous award of the Medal of Honor              in the United States, and for other purposes;
                                               Health Care and Education Reconciliation                to Doris Miller for actions while a member of           to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in
                                               Act of 2010, repeal the 7.5 percent threshold           the Navy during World War II; to the Com-               addition to the Committee on Energy and
                                               on the deduction for medical expenses, pro-             mittee on Armed Services.                               Commerce, for a period to be subsequently
                                               vide for increased funding for high-risk                      By Mr. JONES (for himself, Mr. COBLE,             determined by the Speaker, in each case for
                                               pools, allow acquiring health insurance                         Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia, and Mr.               consideration of such provisions as fall with-
                                               across State lines, and allow for the creation                  PRICE of North Carolina):                       in the jurisdiction of the committee con-
                                               of association health plans; to the Com-                  H.R. 306. A bill to direct the Secretary of           cerned.
                                               mittee on Energy and Commerce, and in ad-               the Interior to enter into an agreement to                    By Mr. THORNBERRY:
                                               dition to the Committees on Ways and                    provide for management of the free-roaming                H.R. 314. A bill to provide grants to States
                                               Means, Education and the Workforce, Appro-              wild horses in and around the Currituck Na-             for health care tribunals, and for other pur-
                                               priations, the Judiciary, Natural Resources,            tional Wildlife Refuge; to the Committee on             poses; to the Committee on the Judiciary.
                                               House Administration, and Rules, for a pe-              Natural Resources.                                            By Mr. THORNBERRY:
                                               riod to be subsequently determined by the                     By Ms. KAPTUR:                                      H.R. 315. A bill to reduce the amount of pa-
                                               Speaker, in each case for consideration of                H.R. 307. A bill to require persons who seek          perwork and improve payment policies for
                                               such provisions as fall within the jurisdic-            to retain seed harvested from the planting of           health care services, to prevent fraud and
                                               tion of the committee concerned.                        patented seeds to register with the Secretary           abuse through health care provider edu-
                                                     By Mr. CARSON of Indiana:                         of Agriculture and pay fees set by the Sec-             cation, and for other purposes; to the Com-
                                                 H.R. 300. A bill to establish a grant pro-            retary for retaining such seed, and for other           mittee on Energy and Commerce, and in ad-
                                               gram in the Department of the Treasury to               purposes; to the Committee on Agriculture,              dition to the Committee on Ways and Means,
                                               fund the establishment of centers of excel-             and in addition to the Committee on Ways                for a period to be subsequently determined
                                               lence to support research, development and              and Means, for a period to be subsequently              by the Speaker, in each case for consider-
                                               planning, implementation, and evaluation of             determined by the Speaker, in each case for             ation of such provisions as fall within the ju-
                                               effective programs in financial literacy edu-           consideration of such provisions as fall with-          risdiction of the committee concerned.
                                               cation for young adults and families ages 15-           in the jurisdiction of the committee con-                     By Mr. PLATTS:
                                               24 years old, and for other purposes; to the            cerned.                                                   H.J. Res. 20. A joint resolution proposing
                                               Committee on Financial Services, and in ad-                   By Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York (for                 an amendment to the Constitution of the
                                               dition to the Committee on Education and                        herself, Mr. CLAY, Ms. NORTON, Mr.              United States to limit the number of con-
                                               the Workforce, for a period to be subse-                        WEINER, Ms. ESHOO, Mr. ISRAEL, Mrs.             secutive terms that a Member of Congress
                                               quently determined by the Speaker, in each                      MALONEY,       Mr.   ACKERMAN,      Mr.         may serve; to the Committee on the Judici-
                                               case for consideration of such provisions as                    MORAN, Ms. MCCOLLUM, Mr. BRADY of               ary.
                                               fall within the jurisdiction of the committee                   Pennsylvania, Mr. SERRANO, Ms. PIN-                   By Mr. HENSARLING:
                                               concerned.                                                      GREE of Maine, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of               H. Res. 37. A resolution electing Members
                                                     By Mr. FORBES:                                            California, Mr. MCGOVERN, Ms. HAR-              to certain standing committees of the House
                                                 H.R. 301. A bill to ensure the energy inde-                   MAN, Mr. PASCRELL, Ms. HIRONO, Mr.              of Representatives; considered and agreed to.
                                               pendence of the United States by promoting                      VAN HOLLEN, Mrs. LOWEY, Mr. NAD-                      By Mr. DREIER:
                                               research, development, demonstration, and                       LER, Ms. EDWARDS, Mr. HASTINGS of                 H. Res. 38. A resolution to reduce spending
                                               commercial application of technologies                          Florida, Ms. MATSUI, Ms. WATERS,                through a transition to non-security spend-
                                               through a system of grants and prizes on the                    Mr. CICILLINE, Ms. CHU, Mr. SHERMAN,            ing at fiscal year 2008 levels; to the Com-
                                               scale of the original Manhattan Project; to                     Mr. HOLT, Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia,             mittee on Rules.
                                               the Committee on Science, Space, and Tech-                      Ms. SLAUGHTER, Mr. ELLISON, Mr.
                                               nology.                                                                                                                         f
                                                                                                               QUIGLEY, Mr. MEEKS, Mr. HIMES, Mr.
                                                     By Ms. FOXX (for herself, Mrs.                            HONDA, Mr. LANGEVIN, Ms. SPEIER,                        PRIVATE BILLS AND
                                                       MCMORRIS RODGERS, Mr. HERGER, Mr.                       Mr. COHEN, Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. CON-                            RESOLUTIONS
                                                       GARRETT, Mr. FRANKS of Arizona, Mr.                     YERS, Mr. FARR, Mr. YARMUTH, Ms.
                                                       ROHRABACHER, Mr. BROUN of Georgia,                      JACKSON LEE of Texas, Ms. WOOLSEY,                Under clause 3 of rule XII,
                                                       Mr. POE of Texas, and Mr. PEARCE):                      Mr. BLUMENAUER, Mr. BISHOP of New                 Mr. MARKEY introduced a bill (H.R. 316)
                                                 H.R. 302. A bill to provide for State ap-                     York, and Ms. DEGETTE):                         for the relief of Esther Karinge; which was
                                               proval of national monuments, and for other               H.R. 308. A bill to prohibit the transfer or          referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
                                               purposes; to the Committee on Natural Re-               possession of large capacity ammunition                                 f
                                               sources.                                                feeding devices, and for other purposes; to
                                                     By Mr. BILIRAKIS:                                 the Committee on the Judiciary.                            CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY
                                                 H.R. 303. A bill to amend title 10, United                  By Mr. MICA:                                                    STATEMENT
                                               States Code, to permit additional retired                 H.R. 309. A bill to provide compensation for
                                               members of the Armed Forces who have a                                                                            Pursuant to clause 7 of rule XII of
                                                                                                       certain World War II veterans who survived
                                               service-connected disability to receive both            the Bataan Death March and were held as
                                                                                                                                                               the Rules of the House of Representa-
                                               disability compensation from the Depart-                prisoners of war by the Japanese; to the                tives, the following statements are sub-
                                               ment of Veterans Affairs for their disability           Committee on Armed Services.                            mitted regarding the specific powers
                                               and either retired pay by reason of their                     By Mrs. MYRICK:                                   granted to Congress in the Constitu-
                                               years of military service or Combat-Related               H.R. 310. A bill to deny certain Federal              tion to enact the accompanying bill or
                                               Special Compensation and to eliminate the               funds to any institution of higher education            joint resolution.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                               phase-in period under current law with re-              that admits as students aliens who are un-
                                               spect to such concurrent receipt; to the Com-           lawfully present in the United States; to the             [Correction to the Record of January 5, 2011]
                                               mittee on Armed Services, and in addition to            Committee on Education and the Workforce.                     By Mr. CONYERS:
                                               the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, for a pe-                 By Mrs. MYRICK:                                     H.R. 108.
                                               riod to be subsequently determined by the                 H.R. 311. A bill to amend title II of the So-           Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               Speaker, in each case for consideration of              cial Security Act to require that the Com-              lation pursuant to the following:
                                               such provisions as fall within the jurisdic-            missioner of Social Security notify individ-              Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 of the United
                                               tion of the committee concerned.                        uals of improper use of their Social Security           States Constitution. This provision permits

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00050   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\L18JA7.100   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                        H255
                                               Congress make or alter the regulations per-             tion about which there is no legitimate con-               Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution of
                                               taining to Federal elections.                           stitutional concern is a diminishment of the            the United States grants Congress the au-
                                                     By Mr. CONYERS:                                   majesty of our Founding Fathers’ vision for             thority to enact this bill.
                                                  H.R. 109.                                            our national legislature.                                      By Mr. BILIRAKIS:
                                                  Congress has the power to enact this legis-                By Mr. AL GREEN of Texas:                            H.R. 303.
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                         H.R. 287.                                                Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                                  Article I, Section 8, Clauses 14 and 18,               Congress has the power to enact this legis-           lation pursuant to the following:
                                               among others.                                           lation pursuant to the following:                          The constitutional authority of Congress
                                                 [Omitted from the Record of January 12, 2011]           The Constitutional authority to enact this            to enact this legislation is provided by Arti-
                                                                                                       legislation can be found in: General Welfare            cle I, Section 8 of the United States Con-
                                                     By Mr. AL GREEN of Texas:
                                                                                                       Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 1), Commerce Clause           stitution (Clauses 12, 13, 14, and 16), which
                                                  H.R. 283.
                                                                                                       (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 3), Necessary and Proper             grants Congress the power to raise and sup-
                                                  Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                                                                                       Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 18).                          port an Army; to provide and maintain a
                                               lation pursuant to the following:
                                                                                                         Constitutional analysis is a rigorous dis-            Navy; to make rules for the government and
                                                  The Constitutional authority to enact this
                                                                                                       cipline which goes far beyond the text of the           regulation of the land and naval forces; and
                                               legislation can be found in: Commerce
                                                                                                       Constitution, and requires knowledge of case            to provide for organizing, arming, and dis-
                                               Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 3), Necessary and
                                                                                                       law, history, and the tools of constitutional           ciplining the militia.
                                               Proper Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 18).
                                                                                                       interpretation. While the scope of Congress’                   By Mr. GALLEGLY:
                                                  Constitutional analysis is a rigorous dis-
                                                                                                       powers is an appropriate matter for House                  H.R. 304.
                                               cipline which goes far beyond the text of the
                                                                                                       debate, the listing of specific textual au-                Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               Constitution, and requires knowledge of case
                                                                                                       thorities for routine Congressional legisla-            lation pursuant to the following:
                                               law, history, and the tools of constitutional                                                                      Clause 4, Section 8, Article I and Clause 18,
                                                                                                       tion about which there is no legitimate con-
                                               interpretation. While the scope of Congress’                                                                    Section 8, Article I of the Constitution.
                                                                                                       stitutional concern is a diminishment of the
                                               powers is an appropriate matter for House                                                                              By Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of
                                                                                                       majesty of our Founding Fathers’ vision for
                                               debate, the listing of specific textual au-                                                                              Texas:
                                                                                                       our national legislature.
                                               thorities for routine Congressional legisla-                                                                       H.R. 305.
                                               tion about which there is no legitimate con-                     [Submitted on January 18, 2011]
                                                                                                                                                                  Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               stitutional concern is a diminishment of the                  By Mr. CAMP:                                      lation pursuant to the following:
                                               majesty of our Founding Fathers’ vision for               H.R. 297.                                                The constitutional authority of Congress
                                               our national legislature.                                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-           to enact this legislation is provided by Arti-
                                                     By Mr. AL GREEN of Texas.                         lation pursuant to the following:                       cle I, Section 8 of the United States Con-
                                                  H.R. 284.                                              Clause 7 of section 9 of Article 1 of the Con-        stitution (Clauses 12, 13, 14, 16, and 18), which
                                                  Congress has the power to enact this legis-          stitution.                                              grants Congress the power to raise and sup-
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                             By Mr. CARTER:                                    port an Army; to provide and maintain a
                                                  The Constitutional authority to enact this             H.R. 298.                                             Navy; to make rules for the government and
                                               legislation can be found in: General Welfare              Congress has the power to enact this legis-           regulation of the land and naval forces; to
                                               Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 1), Commerce Clause           lation pursuant to the following:                       provide for organizing, arming, and dis-
                                               (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 3), Necessary and Proper               The constitutional authority on which this            ciplining the militia; and to make all laws
                                               Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 18).                          bill rests is the power of Congress to estab-           necessary and proper for carrying out the
                                                  Constitutional analysis is a rigorous dis-           lish Post Offices and post roads, as enumer-            foregoing powers.
                                               cipline which goes far beyond the text of the           ated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the                  By Mr. JONES:
                                               Constitution, and requires knowledge of case            United States Constitution.                                H.R. 306.
                                               law, history, and the tools of constitutional                 By Mr. BROUN of Georgia:                             Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               interpretation. While the scope of Congress’              H.R. 299.                                             lation pursuant to the following:
                                               powers is an appropriate matter for House                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-              Article I, Section 8, and Article IV, Section
                                               debate, the listing of specific textual au-             lation pursuant to the following:                       3, of the Constitution of the United States.
                                               thorities for routine Congressional legisla-              Article VI, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitu-                   By Ms. KAPTUR:
                                               tion about which there is no legitimate con-            tion declares that Members of Congress are                 H.R. 307.
                                               stitutional concern is a diminishment of the            bound by oath or affirmation to support the                Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               majesty of our Founding Fathers’ vision for             U.S. Constitution. This Article places an ob-           lation pursuant to the following:
                                               our national legislature.                               ligation on Members of Congress to observe                 This bill is enacted pursuant to the power
                                                     By Mr. AL GREEN of Texas.                         the limits of their authority and repeal un-            granted to Congress under Article I, Section
                                                  H.R. 285.                                            constitutional acts of Congress.                        8, Clause 1 and Clause 3 of the United States
                                                  Congress has the power to enact this legis-            The taxing and spending power found in                Constitution.
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                       Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the U.S. Con-                By Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York:
                                                  The Constitutional authority to enact this           stitution gives Congress the power ‘‘to lay                H.R. 308.
                                               legislation can be found in: Naturalization             and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and ex-                Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               Clause (Art 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 4).                            cises, to pay the debts and provide for the             lation pursuant to the following:
                                                  Constitutional analysis is a rigorous dis-           common defense and general welfare of the                  This bill is enacted pursuant to the powers
                                               cipline which goes far beyond the text of the           United States.’’ Repealing the deduction                granted to the Congress by Article I, Section
                                               Constitution, and requires knowledge of case            threshold for medical expenses and strength-            8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution.
                                               law, history, and the tools of constitutional           ening high risks pools are permissible under                   By Mr. MICA:
                                               interpretation. While the scope of Congress’            this enumerated power.                                     H.R. 309.
                                               powers is an appropriate matter for House                 The interstate Commerce power found in                   Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               debate, the listing of specific textual au-             Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Con-         lation pursuant to the following:
                                               thorities for routine Congressional legisla-            stitution explains that Congress shall have                Article I, Section 8, Clause 1. The Congress
                                               tion about which there is no legitimate con-            power to regulate commerce among the sev-               shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes,
                                               stitutional concern is a diminishment of the            eral states. Eliminating state barriers to              Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the
                                               majesty of our Founding Fathers’ vision for             interstate purchase of health insurance and             Debts and provide for the common Defence
                                               our national legislature.                               allowing association health plans to exist              and general Welfare of the United States; but
                                                     By Mr. AL GREEN of Texas:                         are permissible under this enumerated                   all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uni-
                                                  H.R. 286.                                            power.                                                  form throughout the United States.
                                                  Congress has the power to enact this legis-                By Mr. CARSON of Indiana:                                By Mrs. MYRICK:
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                         H.R. 300.                                                H.R. 310.
                                                  The Constitutional authority to enact this             Congress has the power to enact this legis-              Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               legislation can be found in: General Welfare            lation pursuant to the following:                       lation pursuant to the following:
                                               Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 1), Commerce Clause             This bill is enacted pursuant to Article I,              Clause 4 of Section 8 of Article I of the
                                               (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 3), Necessary and Proper             Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Con-           Constitution.
                                               Clause (Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 18), Property Clause          stitution.                                                     By Mrs. MYRICK:
                                               (Art. IV Sec. 3 Cl. 2).                                       By Mr. FORBES:                                       H.R. 311.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                                  Constitutional analysis is a rigorous dis-             H.R. 301.                                                Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               cipline which goes far beyond the text of the             Congress has the power to enact this legis-           lation pursuant to the following:
                                               Constitution, and requires knowledge of case            lation pursuant to the following:                          Clause 18 of Section 8 of Article I of the
                                               law, history, and the tools of constitutional             Article I, Section 8, Clauses I, III.                 Constitution.
                                               interpretation. While the scope of Congress’                  By Ms. FOXX:                                             By Mrs. MYRICK:
                                               powers is an appropriate matter for House                 H.R. 302.                                                H.R. 312.
                                               debate, the listing of specific textual au-               Congress has the power to enact this legis-              Congress has the power to enact this legis-
                                               thorities for routine Congressional legisla-            lation pursuant to the following:                       lation pursuant to the following:

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00051   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.035   H18JAPT1
                                               H256                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                      January 18, 2011
                                                 Clause 18 of Section 8 of Article I of the              H.R. 4: Mr. SHULER.                                   LEWIS of California, Mrs. EMERSON, Mr.
                                               Constitution.                                             H.R. 21: Mr. FARENTHOLD, Mr. GARDNER,                 REHBERG, Mr. NEUGEBAUER, and Mr. ROSS of
                                                     By Mr. SMITH of Texas:                            and Mr. FLEMING.                                        Arkansas.
                                                 H.R. 313.                                               H.R. 38: Mr. ROSS of Florida, Mr. LONG, Mr.             H.J. Res. 19: Mr. COFFMAN of Colorado.
                                                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-           WALBERG, Mr. JONES, Mr. LANKFORD, Mr.                     H. Con. Res. 3: Mr. HELLER and Mr. PAUL.
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                       FARENTHOLD, and Mr. DUNCAN of South Caro-                 H. Res. 11: Mr. CAPUANO, Mr. PASCRELL,
                                                 The authority to enact this bill is derived           lina.                                                   Mr. GONZALEZ, Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON
                                               from, but may not be limited to, Article I,               H.R. 44: Ms. BERKLEY and Mr. HASTINGS of              of Texas, Mr. BERMAN, Mr. LOEBSACK, Mr.
                                               Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Con-           Florida.                                                STARK, Mr. NADLER, Mr. RYAN of Ohio, and
                                               stitution.                                                H.R. 68: Mr. ROSS of Arkansas, Mr. GOOD-              Mr. OLVER.
                                                     By Mr. THORNBERRY:                                LATTE, Mr. HUELSKAMP, and Mr. MCCLINTOCK.                 H. Res. 15: Mr. KLINE.
                                                 H.R. 314.                                               H.R. 69: Mr. ROSS of Arkansas, Mr.                      H. Res. 19: Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. OLVER, Mr.
                                                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-           HUELSKAMP, and Mr. MCCLINTOCK.
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                                                                               FILNER, Mr. PRICE of North Carolina, Mr.
                                                                                                         H.R. 86: Mr. MCCLINTOCK and Mr. CARTER.               MARKEY, Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, and Mr. STARK.
                                                 This bill is enacted pursuant to the power              H.R. 87: Mr. DUNCAN of Tennessee, Mr. KING
                                               granted to Congress under Article I, Section                                                                      H. Res. 20: Mr. FILNER, Mr. KUCINICH, Ms.
                                                                                                       of Iowa, and Mr. ROSS of Florida.                       SCHAKOWSKY, and Mr. NADLER.
                                               8 of the United States Constitution.                      H.R. 96: Mr. MACK, Mr. GALLEGLY, Mr.
                                                     By Mr. THORNBERRY:                                                                                          H. Res. 21: Ms. LEE of California, Ms.
                                                                                                       MCCOTTER, and Mr. SCHOCK.                               SCHAKOWSKY, and Mr. KUCINICH.
                                                 H.R. 315.                                               H.R. 97: Mr. MCCOTTER, Mr. GARDNER, Mrs.
                                                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-                                                                     H. Res. 23: Mr. POSEY and Mr. HUNTER.
                                                                                                       EMERSON, Mr. COLE, Mr. CAMP, Mr. MILLER of                H. Res. 25: Mr. POSEY, Mr. BISHOP of Geor-
                                               lation pursuant to the following:
                                                 This bill is enacted pursuant to the power            Florida, Mr. ADERHOLT, Mr. CAMPBELL, Mr.                gia, and Mr. BILBRAY.
                                               granted to Congress under Article I, Section            WILSON of South Carolina, Mr. MCCAUL, Mr.                 H. Res. 36: Ms. BASS of California, Ms. ED-
                                               8 of the United States Constitution.                    LEWIS of California, Mr. ROGERS of Alabama,             WARDS, Mr. CLARKE of Michigan, Mr. WATT,
                                                     By Mr. MARKEY:                                    Mr. ROSS of Florida, Mr. POSEY, Ms. JENKINS,            Mr. SCOTT of Virginia, Mr. DAVID SCOTT of
                                                 H.R. 316.                                             Mr. FLEMING, and Mr. THOMPSON of Pennsyl-               Georgia, Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of
                                                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-           vania.                                                  Texas, Ms. MCCOLLUM, Mr. SMITH of Wash-
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                         H.R. 104: Mr. LATOURETTE and Mr.                      ington, and Mr. MARKEY.
                                                 Clause 3 of Section 8 of Article 1 of the             CULBERSON.
                                               Constitution and Clause 4 of Article 1 of Sec-            H.R. 116: Mr. COHEN.
                                                                                                         H.R. 121: Mr. PLATTS, Mr. RENACCI, Mr.                                 f
                                               tion 8 of the Constitution.
                                                     By Mr. PLATTS:                                    RUNYAN, Ms. JENKINS, Mr. SHUSTER, Mr.
                                                 H.J. Res. 20.                                         ROHRABACHER, Mr. WILSON of South Caro-                  CONGRESSIONAL EARMARKS, LIM-
                                                 Congress has the power to enact this legis-           lina, Mr. PAUL, and Mr. BACHUS.                           ITED TAX BENEFITS, OR LIM-
                                               lation pursuant to the following:                         H.R. 122: Mr. DUNCAN of South Carolina.                 ITED TARIFF BENEFITS
                                                 ‘‘Article V: The Congress, whenever two                 H.R. 126: Mr. ALEXANDER.
                                               thirds of both Houses shall deem it nec-                  H.R. 140: Ms. FOXX, Mrs. MYRICK, Mr.                    Under clause 9 of rule XXI, lists or
                                               essary, shall propose Amendments to this                LANDRY, and Mr. BURGESS.                                statements on congressional earmarks,
                                               Constitution, or, on the Application of the               H.R. 155: Mr. HUELSKAMP and Mr. SAM                   limited tax benefits, or limited tariff
                                               Legislatures of two thirds of the several               JOHNSON of Texas.                                       benefits were submitted as follows:
                                               States, shall call a Convention for proposing             H.R. 177: Mr. COFFMAN of Colorado, Mr.
                                               Amendments, which in either Case, shall be              SENSENBRENNER, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr.                  OFFERED BY MR. DANIEL E. LUNGREN OF
                                               valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of           POMPEO, and Mr. ADERHOLT.                                                 CALIFORNIA
                                               this Constitution, when ratified by the Leg-              H.R. 192: Mr. MCINTYRE.                                 The provisions that warranted a referral to
                                               islatures of three fourths of the several                 H.R. 198: Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia, Mr.               the Committee on House Administration in
                                               States or by Conventions in three fourths               WU, Mr. KISSELL, Mr. KUCINICH, Mrs.                     H.R. 292 do not contain any congressional
                                               thereof, as the one or the other Mode of                BLACKBURN, Mr. CRITZ, Mr. MCDERMOTT, and                earmarks, limited tax benefits, or limited
                                               Ratification may be proposed by the Con-                Mr. HANNA.                                              tariff benefits as defined in clause 9 of rule
                                               gress; Provided that no Amendment which                   H.R. 217: Mr. BARLETTA, Mr. WHITFIELD,                XXI.
                                               may be made prior to the Year One thousand              Mr. FORTENBERRY, Mr. HURT, Mr. WITTMAN,
                                               eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner             Mr. DESJARLAIS, and Mr. KINGSTON.                                        f
                                               affect the first and fourth Clauses in the                H.R. 245: Mr. MCCLINTOCK.
                                               Ninth Section of the first Article; and that              H.R. 280: Mrs. MYRICK.
                                               no State, without its Consent, shall be de-               H.R. 282: Mrs. MYRICK.                                  DELETION OF SPONSORS FROM
                                               prived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.’’             H.R. 291: Ms. FUDGE.                                   PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS
                                                                                                         H.R. 292: Mr. PAUL, Mr. BRADY of Texas,
                                                               f                                                                                                 Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors
                                                                                                       Mr. CALVERT, Mr. SCHOCK, Mr. POSEY, Mr.
                                                                                                       HANNA, Mr. BROUN of Georgia, Mr. PAULSEN,               were deleted from public bills and reso-
                                                      ADDITIONAL SPONSORS
                                                                                                       Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr. SESSIONS, Mr.                lutions as follows:
                                                 Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors                  GRIMM, Mr. MURPHY of Pennsylvania, Mr.                    H.R. 61: Mrs. LUMMIS, Mr. DUNCAN of South
                                               were added to public bills and resolu-                  FITZPATRICK, Mr. REED, and Mr. GARDNER.                 Carolina, Mr. GRAVES of Georgia, Mr.
                                               tions as follows:                                         H.J. Res. 9: Mr. DUNCAN of South Carolina,            BILBRAY, Mr. MCHENRY, Mr. COLE, Mr. KLINE,
                                                H.R. 2: Mr. DUNCAN of South Carolina and               Mr. POMPEO, Mr. GIBBS, Mr. FARENTHOLD,                  Mr. GIBBS, Mr. LAMBORN, and Mr. FRANKS of
                                               Mr. SOUTHERLAND.                                        Mr. BACHUS, Mr. DUNCAN of Tennessee, Mr.                Arizona.
smartinez on DSKB9S0YB1PROD with HOUSE

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   05:26 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00052   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A18JA7.039   H18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                       E59

                                                                                        EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
                                               CONGRATULATING  THE   GATOR                             rado and the constituents I represent in the               It is my hope that the events of the past
                                                BOWL  CHAMPION  MISSISSIPPI                            First District, we send our prayers and com-            weekend serve as a wake-up call for everyone
                                                STATE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL                              passion to all who are mourning the events of           and remind us all that we need to reject extre-
                                                TEAM                                                   last weekend and trying to come to terms with           mism and violence, respect those who answer
                                                                                                       the grief this incident has caused.                     the call to public service, and strengthen our
                                                          HON. GREGG HARPER                                As two of three women in the U.S. House             country with our every deed—just as those in
                                                                                                       of Representatives from the Rocky Mountain              Tucson have done since that fateful day.
                                                                 OF MISSISSIPPI
                                                                                                       West, GABBY and I spoke often about the                    GABBY is a friend and treasured colleague,
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       sometimes difficult task of staying close with          and my deepest condolences extend to her
                                                         Tuesday, January 18, 2011                     family and loved ones, while shuttling back             family, as well as the friends and family of the
                                                  Mr. HARPER. Mr. Speaker, the Mississippi             and forth across long distances between our             constituents and staff members wounded or
                                               State University Bulldogs concluded their 2010          homes and Washington. She has always been               killed in the unspeakable attacks of January 8,
                                               football season with a crushing 52–14 victory           enormously dedicated to her family, and in the          2011. God bless them; God Bless this Body,
                                               over the University of Michigan in the 66th an-         wake of this tragedy we see the love her fam-           and God Bless the United States of America.
                                               nual Gator Bowl held on January 1, 2011. This           ily and community has shown her in return.                               f
                                               commanding win marked Mississippi State’s                   While GABBY was the victim with whom I
                                               fourth consecutive bowl victory and capped              shared a personal connection, the tragedy of                  RECOGNIZING MAJOR GERARD
                                               the Bulldogs’ 9–4 season as the No. 15                  last weekend runs far deeper than just reflect-                        ACOSTA
                                               ranked team in the Associated Press Top 25              ing on the attack on our colleague. What hap-
                                               Poll.                                                   pened to GABBY and 19 others on that sunny                                         ´
                                                                                                                                                                          HON. BEN RAY LUJAN
                                                  Second-year Mississippi State head coach             Tucson morning, happened to all of us—to all
                                                                                                                                                                                OF NEW MEXICO
                                               Dan Mullen crafted an explosive offensive per-          Americans. The victims came from all walks of
                                                                                                                                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       life, each one representing their own unique
                                               formance led by junior quarterback Chris Relf,
                                                                                                       story, yet each one also reflecting in many                       Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                               who completed 18 of his 23 pass attempts for
                                                                                                       ways, people we all know and love. From the                        ´
                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. LUJAN. Mr. Speaker, today I recognize
                                               281 yards and three touchdowns. Relf also
                                                                                                       young girl with dreams of changing the world;           and pay tribute to MAJ Gerard ‘‘Gerry’’
                                               punched the ball in from the one-yard line
                                                                                                       to the dedicated staffer committed to serving           Acosta, United States Army, on the occasion
                                               bringing his totals to 311 yards and four touch-
                                                                                                       his country and helping the people of home-             of his departure from the Army House Liaison
                                               downs. The junior from Montgomery, Ala. hon-
                                                                                                       town; to the man willing to give his own life to        Office to pursue Command and General Staff
                                               ored defensive end Nick Bell by wearing his
                                                                                                       save the life of the woman he loves; to the             College studies at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. I, and
                                               No. 36 jersey. Bell lost his short battle with
                                                                                                       federal judge devoted to the cause of justice           many other members of this chamber, have
                                               cancer after starting two games this season,
                                                                                                       and law; to the retired woman escaping cold,            had the pleasure of working with him over the
                                               including his final game against Georgia                snowy winters for warmer climes; to the wife
                                               where he tallied seven tackles.                                                                                 past 3 years that he has served as a part of
                                                                                                       of a former Marine quietly living out her Gold-         the U.S. Army Office of Legislative Affairs and
                                                  Mississippi State junior running back Vick           en Years with her husband—all these brave
                                               Ballard carried the ball for three scores, mak-                                                                 as a Liaison Officer in the Army Liaison Office
                                                                                                       souls unite us all in the common dreams and             in the U.S. House of Representatives.
                                               ing the Pascagoula, Miss. native the first MSU          blessed experiences we hold as Americans.
                                               player to record 19 touchdowns in one sea-                                                                         Major Acosta has had a remarkably varied
                                                                                                           Last Saturday, that unity was assaulted as
                                               son.                                                                                                            and successful career. He was born in the
                                                                                                       a single, deranged gunman attempted to cut
                                                  Although Michigan led at the break, the Bull-        through the very bedrock of our democracy,              Panama Canal Zone, Panama. As a military
                                               dog defense did not allow the Wolverines to             by attacking an event at which a Member of              brat, Major Acosta grew up in Central and
                                               score in the second half. The dominating de-            Congress was performing her most funda-                 South America, eventually residing in the
                                               fense held Michigan’s Heisman hopeful quar-             mental responsibility—meeting with her con-             Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In 1997, after
                                               terback to just 59-yards on the ground though           stituents. The attack felt particularly heinous         completing the United States Military Academy
                                               he entered the post-season game averaging               against a Member of this institution in which           Preparatory School and Fort Monmouth, New
                                               136.9 rushing yards.                                    each of us have been asked by voters to                 Jersey, and 2 years at the United States Mili-
                                                  When it was all said and done, the Bulldogs          serve largely because of its proximity to the           tary Academy, Gerry had to transfer to the
                                               finished 4–4 in the Southeastern Conference             people.                                                 University of Florida to support a family emer-
                                               with wins over No. 22 Florida and their in-state            And while these events have understand-             gency. In 1999, Gerry graduated, with a Bach-
                                               rival Ole Miss. To boot, the four losses were           ably renewed discussions about congressional            elor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in
                                               to top-twelve teams.                                    security, we must ensure that these efforts do          Chemical Engineering Design. After comple-
                                                  I congratulate all of the players, coaches           not leave us insulated from our constituents.           tion of the Reserve Officer Training Corps,
                                               and fans for a phenomenal season and look               We each have an obligation to protect our-              Major Acosta was commissioned a second
                                               forward to many great years of football in              selves, our constituents, and our staff. But our        lieutenant in the Quartermaster Branch and
                                               Starkville, Miss. I am extremely proud to rep-          professional obligation mandates that we re-            branch-detailed to the Infantry.
                                               resent Mississippi State University in the U.S.         main accessible and inviting, because it is                Major Acosta’s initial assignment was to
                                               House of Representatives.                               through us that the every American from Tuc-            Fort Lewis, Washington, where he served as
                                                                f                                      son, Arizona, to Portland, Maine, has a voice           a Motor Platoon Leader, Company Executive
                                                                                                       in the corridors of Washington, D.C.                    Officer, and later Assistant Brigade Logistics
                                                  EXPRESSING SENSE OF HOUSE                                Finally, it is important to remember that           Officer (S–4) in the 3d Brigade, Second Infan-
                                                 REGARDING ARIZONA SHOOTING                            these were the actions of one individual clear-         try Division. Major Acosta then attended the
                                                                                                       ly in need of mental health assistance. While           Combined Logistics Career Course and Petro-
                                                                   SPEECH OF
                                                                                                       it is too early to know what motivated him to           leum Officer Course in Fort Lee, Virginia.
                                                          HON. DIANA DeGETTE                           violence, no one can deny that the level of po-         Upon completion of his courses, Major Acosta
                                                                  OF COLORADO                          litical discourse in this country is not meeting        served 13 months as an Aide-de-Camp to the
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      the standard to which we should hold our-               Commanding General of Army Material Com-
                                                                                                       selves, nor meeting the standard our country’s          mand, Southeast Asia in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                      Wednesday, January 12, 2011                      founders envisioned for our great nation. Far           and Bagram, Afghanistan.
                                                 Ms. DEGETTE. Madam Speaker, it is under               too often we have failed to find a way to, as              Upon his return to the United States, Major
                                               somber circumstances that this body gathers             Speaker BOEHNER put it last week, ‘‘disagree            Acosta served 31 months as a Quartermaster
                                               here today. On behalf of the people of Colo-            without being disagreeable.’’                           Direct Support Company Commander in the

                                                      ∑ This ‘‘bullet’’ symbol identifies statements or insertions which are not spoken by a Member of the Senate on the floor.
                                                    Matter set in this typeface indicates words inserted or appended, rather than spoken, by a Member of the House on the floor.

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                                               E60                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 18, 2011
                                               593d Sustainment Brigade, Fort Lewis, Wash-             GREATER VALPARAISO CHAMBER                              ana. Additionally, Larry spends much time and
                                               ington. He deployed again in late 2006 for 14            OF COMMERCE BUSINESS AWARD                             effort giving back to the community. He has
                                               months with the 1st Marine Expeditionary                 WINNERS FOR 2010                                       served on numerous boards including: The
                                               Forces at Camp Al-Asad, Iraq. After his return                                                                  Family and Youth Services Bureau, Porter
                                               from Iraq, Major Acosta was selected as a                        HON. PETER J. VISCLOSKY                        County United Way, Valparaiso Rotary Club,
                                               Congressional Fellow and served a year in the                                OF INDIANA                         Valparaiso YMCA, and the Greater Valparaiso
                                               personal office of U.S. Senator Saxby                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    Chamber of Commerce. Currently, he serves
                                               Chambliss of Georgia.                                                                                           with the Porter County Museum Advisory
                                                                                                                 Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                                  Following his fellowship in the Senate, Major                                                                Council and the Public Education Foundation
                                               Acosta was assigned to the Army House Liai-                Mr. VISCLOSKY. Mr. Speaker, it is with               of Valparaiso. Larry’s continuous devotion to
                                               son Office. I have come to know Major Acosta            great pleasure that I stand before you today to         his community is to be admired.
                                               well during his assignment to the House of              recognize the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of                 Mr. Speaker, clearly Bruce and Larry have
                                               Representatives through his work with the               Commerce business award winners for 2010                not only been wonderfully successful in their
                                               Congressional Hispanic Caucus and with                  and to congratulate the 2010 Distinguished              chosen endeavors, but they have lived selfless
                                               Wounded Warriors. He has never failed to im-            Community Leader Award recipient, Mr. Bruce             lives. They know, as Charles Dickens wrote
                                               press me with his energy and dedication to              Leetz, and the 2010 Legacy of Service Award             ‘‘the common welfare was [their] business;
                                               soldiers, their families, and the U.S. Army. He         recipient, Mr. Larry Klemz. These outstanding           charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence,
                                               is a superb representative of Army values.              recipients were honored during the Chamber’s            were all [their] business.’’
                                                  It is my great honor to congratulate MAJ             annual ‘‘Salute to Leadership’’ dinner that took            At this time, I ask that you and my other dis-
                                               Gerard ‘‘Gerry’’ Acosta on his service to the           place on Saturday, January 15, 2011, at                 tinguished colleagues join me in honoring the
                                               Army and our Nation and I ask my colleagues             Strongbow Inn in Valparaiso, Indiana.                   Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce
                                               to join me in recognizing the outstanding ac-              The Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Com-               2010 Business Award Winners, as well as
                                               complishments of this soldier, citizen, and             merce utilizes members of the community in              Bruce Leetz and Larry Klemz. For their dedi-
                                               friend.                                                 order to improve the quality of life within the         cation and commitment to the community of
                                                                f                                      community of Valparaiso through business de-            Valparaiso as well as Northwest Indiana, they
                                                                                                       velopment and community service. Each year,             are all worthy of the honors bestowed upon
                                               RECOGNIZING WILLIAM D. JAMES,                           Chamber members and friends gather to-                  them.
                                                MD, FAAD, OUTGOING PRESI-                              gether to honor the recipients of the Distin-
                                                DENT OF THE AMERICAN ACAD-                             guished Community Award and the Legacy of                                f
                                                EMY OF DERMATOLOGY                                     Service Award.
                                                                                                          This year, the Greater Valparaiso Chamber              CONGRATULATING TCU HORNED
                                                          HON. CHAKA FATTAH                            of Commerce honored its 2010 Business                              FROGS
                                                               OF PENNSYLVANIA                         Award Winners. Peoples Bank and Urschel
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Laboratories were honored with the 100 Years                        HON. KAY GRANGER
                                                                                                       in Business award. The 75 Years in Business                                 OF TEXAS
                                                         Tuesday, January 18, 2011                     award was given to Lincoln Office, L.L.C., and                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  Mr. FATTAH. Mr. Speaker, I would like to             the recipient of the 50 Years in Business
                                               take the opportunity to revise remarks I in-                                                                              Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                                                                                       award is G.E. Marshall, Inc. Each business is
                                               cluded in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD pre-                 dedicated to providing excellent business to               Ms. GRANGER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                               viously and submit the following remarks in             the community and for that reason, they are to          offer my congratulations to the TCU Horned
                                               their stead.                                            be commended.                                           Frogs football team for their 21–19 victory
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Dr.           The 2010 Distinguished Community Leader              over the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2011 Rose
                                               William James, a University of Pennsylvania             Award recipient is Bruce Leetz. A graduate of           Bowl. Quarterback Andy Dalton was named
                                               dermatologist who will conclude his term as             Valparaiso High School and Ball State Univer-           the Rose Bowl’s Most Valuable Offensive
                                               President of the American Academy of Derma-             sity, Bruce is the President and Chief Execu-           Player, while linebacker Tank Carder was
                                               tology in February. He will have held office for        tive Officer of North Coast Distributing and has        named the Defensive MVP.
                                               one year and also held the same position for            been employed with the company for over 45                 The Rose Bowl attendance of 94,118 was
                                               the American Academy of Dermatology Asso-               years. A local, family-owned beer wholesaler            the largest crowd to ever attend a TCU foot-
                                               ciation.                                                since 1939, North Coast, formerly Valpo Bev-            ball game. Excluding the NFL, the 2011 Rose
                                                  After beginning his academic career at the           erages, Incorporated, has become one of the             Bowl Game was the most-watched event in
                                               U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Dr.                premier distributors in the Midwest under               ESPN and cable television history. In addition
                                               James earned his medical degree from Indi-              Bruce’s leadership. In addition to his success-         to an outstanding performance in the Rose
                                               ana University School of Medicine. He com-              ful career, Bruce has continuously been an ac-          Bowl game, TCU posted its third straight top-
                                               pleted a medical internship at Walter Reed              tive participant in his community, having               10 ranking this season, and its fourth top-10 in
                                               Army Medical Center, in Washington, DC, and             served on the boards of the Northwest Indiana           the last six seasons. TCU’s 13–0 overall
                                               his residency in dermatology at the former              Forum, the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of                record was the second undefeated season in
                                               Letterman Army Medical Center in San Fran-              Commerce, and the Northwest Indiana Entre-              program history.
                                               cisco. He is the Paul R. Gross professor and            preneurship Academy. He is also a past presi-              The 13 wins mark the most victories in a
                                               vice chair of the department of dermatology at          dent of the Porter County United Way and the            single season for TCU. As any college football
                                               the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.         Valparaiso Rotary Club, and he is a Ruling              fan knows, breaking into a BCS game is a
                                               He also serves as the residency and fellow-             Elder at First Presbyterian Church of                   huge accomplishment for a non-automatic
                                               ship program director.                                  Valparaiso. For his outstanding dedication to           qualifying school, and I am proud that the
                                                  An active member of the American Acad-               serving his community, Bruce is worthy of the           Horned Frogs became the first non-automatic
                                               emy of Dermatology, Dr. James has served as             highest praise.                                         qualifying school to play in and win the Rose
                                               a member of the board of directors, the coun-              Larry Klemz is the recipient of the 2010             Bowl. With this feat, TCU has proven once
                                               cil on member services, and numerous task               Legacy of Service Award. Larry received a               again that they can play with any college foot-
                                               forces and committees. He is the past chief of          Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from                ball team in the Nation.
                                               dermatology service at Walter Reed Army                 Valparaiso University. During school and fol-              TCU had five first-team All-Americans: line-
                                               Medical Center. He has authored more than               lowing graduation, Larry worked for Home                backer Tank Carder, defensive end Wayne
                                               310 publications, including co-authorship of            Mountain Publishing, which he purchased in              Daniels, safety Tejay Johnson, return spe-
                                               the last three editions of Andrews’ Diseases of         1978. He previously bought a small printing             cialist Jeremy Kerley and center Jake Kirk-
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               the Skin. Additionally he served as founding            company in Valparaiso named the Herald                  patrick. Jake Kirkpatrick won the Rimington
                                               editor-in-chief of the dermatology section of           Press and merged the two businesses to-                 Trophy as the Nation’s top center.
                                     , a clinical reference developed           gether. Larry serves as President of his com-              Congratulations to the team, the coaches,
                                               by WebMD. He lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsyl-               pany, which is known today as Home Moun-                and the staff for an outstanding year and an
                                               vania, with his wife, Ann. They have two chil-          tain Printing. Larry’s leadership and dedication        incredible performance in the Rose Bowl
                                               dren and are expecting a grandchild in early            to his company has made Home Mountain                   game. The Horned Frogs have made TCU
                                               2011.                                                   Printing an industry leader in Northwest Indi-          and the entire Fort Worth community proud.

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                                               January 18, 2011                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                       E61
                                                A TRIBUTE TO LOUISA JOSEFINA                           about how government works. I hope that in                 To paraphrase Hugo Black, our constitution
                                                           MORRIS                                      the future our children will be able to meet            was not written in sand but in the foundation
                                                                                                       with their representatives without endangering          of our state and Nation. It is our bedrock and
                                                         HON. EDOLPHUS TOWNS                           their lives.                                            is not to be altered by the shifting winds of
                                                                  OF NEW YORK
                                                                                                          As a Member of Congress who has worked               current sentiment. Our constitution must al-
                                                                                                       with Representative GIFFORDS, I am especially           ways be followed strictly and faithfully by
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       touched by this senseless tragedy. Represent-           those who elect to serve. It is what our found-
                                                          Tuesday, January 18, 2011                    ative GIFFORDS is a very friendly, hard working         ers put in place to protect those at home from
                                                  Mr. TOWNS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in              colleague. She is someone who is easy to get            those of us in Columbia and Washington. It is
                                               recognition of Louisa Josefina Morris on the            along with and always willing to chat and lend          a limit on what we can do. The constitution is
                                               occasion of her 100th birthday.                         a helping hand. She was doing what is ex-               both the means to an end as well as the be-
                                                  Louisa Josefina Morris was born in Colon,            pected of all of us who represent our constitu-         ginning and end of what we do. We must
                                               Panama on January 17, 1911 to Elmina Cox                ents—we meet with our constituents and we               never allow our desire to achieve some laud-
                                               and Charles Watts. She was raised by her                listen to their concerns and we try to help             able goal tempt us to try and bypass the con-
                                               grandparents Ella and Ernest Beury in Pan-              them. That is what we were elected to do—               stitution. No great right will ever justify the
                                               ama’s Gatun, Cristobel Canal Zone. Her                  and so it is especially hard to see that one of         wrong needed to get there.
                                               grandparents proved to be important role mod-           our own was injured while doing—what we all                Let us depart from each issue we confront
                                               els; they provided a loving and caring home             do—our job.                                             as we leave this celebration—united in a de-
                                               for her to develop and grow.                               Please let me conclude by saying that my             sire to provide for a better future for our chil-
                                                  Louisa met and married Irving Benjamin               thoughts and prayers are with all of those who          dren and grandchildren. With God’s will, we
                                               Morris, and together, they had five children:           died or were injured and with the families who          will muster the strength, wisdom and patience
                                               Irene Walker, Davina Morris, Olivia Aikens,             loved them. My prayers are with Representa-             to do what we must do.
                                               Leo Morris, and Elisa Morris.                           tive GIFFORDS as she recovers and my hope                  Our state’s motto is ‘‘Dum Spiro Spero’’ or
                                                  In 1958, Louisa left Panama and relocated            is that soon she will be back with us here in           ‘‘while I breathe, I hope.’’ Let us leave here
                                               to the United States, where she got a job at            the House of Representatives where she be-              and have each breath we take and each word
                                               a local hospital. She became a citizen five             longs.                                                  we speak give hope to those at home that our
                                               years later. Her children and husband all                                  f                                    best days are not behind us but yet are still
                                               came to the United States shortly after Louisa.               HISTORIC INAUGURATION IN                          ahead.
                                                  All of her children grew up and had children                                                                                  f
                                                                                                                  SOUTH CAROLINA
                                               of their own, giving Louisa and Irving many
                                               grandchildren. Louisa contributed to raising                                                                             HONORING DAN PETTY
                                               the first generation of her grandchildren. Now
                                                                                                                        HON. JOE WILSON
                                               each of her grandchildren has children of their                          OF SOUTH CAROLINA
                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                                      HON. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON
                                               own.                                                                                                                               OF TEXAS
                                                  Through the past 100 years, Louisa has                         Tuesday, January 18, 2011                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               lived a full life, through World War I and World           Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Mr. Speak-                        Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                               War II, Vietnam, segregation, Martin Luther             er, Senator Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston)
                                               King, Jr., Malcolm X, the assassination of              presided over the historic inauguration in Co-             Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas.
                                               President John F. Kennedy, and the election             lumbia, South Carolina, on January 12, 2011,            Mr. Speaker, I am honored to pay tribute to a
                                               of President Barack Obama, and says now                 as President of the State Senate. With the In-          good friend, great Texan, and wonderful indi-
                                               that she has seen it all, and has had the               auguration of Governor Nikki Randhawa Haley             vidual, Dan Petty, former President and CEO
                                               pleasure of doing what many have not been               as the first female Governor in the 341-year            of the North Texas Commission, who passed
                                               privileged to do.                                       history of the state and in the first all-Repub-        away on January 11, 2011, leaving a legacy of
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to join            lican inauguration in over 130 years, Senator           accomplishments and good will that will last
                                               me in recognizing the life of Louisa Josefina           McConnell delivered a moving tribute to our             for generations to come. Dan was a kind man
                                               Morris.                                                 Constitution:                                           with a drive to bring people together to col-
                                                                f                                         Welcome to the inauguration of the 117th             laborate on projects that impact the entire
                                                                                                       Governor of South Carolina and for the Inau-            North Texas region. His proudest moment was
                                                  EXPRESSING SENSE OF HOUSE                            guration of the Lt. Governor of South Carolina          the region-wide collaborative efforts that re-
                                                 REGARDING ARIZONA SHOOTING                            and Constitutional Officers.                            sulted in North Texas hosting Super Bowl
                                                                                                          As a wife and the mother of two, Nikki               XLV.
                                                                   SPEECH OF
                                                                                                       Haley understands the importance of what is                Dan Petty was a 1957 Texas High School
                                                         HON. JOSE E. SERRANO                          at stake both for our state and for her family.         graduate, received a Bachelor of Science in
                                                                  OF NEW YORK                          With young children and a husband who                   civil engineering from the University of Texas
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      wears the uniform of our state and Nation, she          at Austin, Master of Government Administra-
                                                                                                       should know full well the importance of what            tion from the Fels Institute of Government at
                                                        Wednesday, January 12, 2011                                                                            The Wharton Graduate School, Master of Arts
                                                                                                       is ahead in the coming years for our state and
                                                  Mr. SERRANO. Madam Speaker, it is with               this country, and knowing that, she has of-             in Public Administration from the University of
                                               heartfelt sadness that today I remember those           fered herself for service in this difficult time.       Texas, and a Master of Management in Elec-
                                               who lost their lives in this tragic shooting in         Her steadfast convictions have brought her              tronic Commerce from the University of Dallas.
                                               Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011. I remem-            here today ready to do what she believes is                A lifelong Longhorn, Petty played football on
                                               ber those who reacted with bravery in trying to         best for all South Carolinians.                         scholarship at the University of Texas in
                                               stop the gunman. I remember those who were                 We have come again to celebrate the won-             Coach Darrel Royal’s first recruiting class. His
                                               wounded and even now are fighting to recover            der of our system of government—a system of             modesty kept these and other recognitions in
                                               from their wounds. I remember all of the family         government that allows for the transition of            the background as he worked with state, local
                                               members who are struggling with great losses.           power from one person to another without the            and academic leaders across the state for the
                                               Finally, I remember with hope for her speedy            need for guns or violence but with only words           benefit of Texans.
                                               recovery, Representative GABRIELLE GIFFORDS.            and ideas.                                                 In addition to being the former President
                                                  This is a sad time for our Nation, a time               We have all been called to serve for myriad          and CEO of the North Texas Commission, he
                                               when we reflect on how all too often violence           reasons. We all have different ideas and var-           served as President of Henry S. Miller/Grubb
                                               strikes and randomly takes some of our best             ied goals. Despite our different issues and the         & Ellis Commercial Realtors; President of the
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               and brightest. All of the lives that were lost          different paths we take to get there, our legis-        Woodbine Development Corporation/Hunt Re-
                                               were special to those who loved them—to                 lative journey must all have the same starting          alty Services and Wilcox Realty Group; Assist-
                                               their spouses and their children and their              point—our oath of office. No matter the polit-          ant City Manager of Lubbock, Texas; Director
                                               grandchildren. Judge John Roll was a public             ical party or our philosophical bent we all have        of Urban Affairs for the North Central Texas
                                               official serving our country with distinction and       one thing in common: the bedrock of our polit-          Council of Governments; Executive Assistant
                                               dedication. Christina Taylor Green was a                ical service is our sworn oath to uphold and            to the Governor of Texas; Director of Public
                                               young child with an interest in learning more           follow the constitution.                                Affairs for the University of Texas; Assistant

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   03:02 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00003   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K18JA8.007   E18JAPT1
                                               E62                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                   January 18, 2011
                                               City Manager of Dallas, Texas; President of             Through this refined project, a second spillway            In 1966, the Fort Bragg Library joined the
                                               the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Past Chair-             will be added to the Folsom Dam which will              two-year-old county library system. The City of
                                               man and Board of Directors of the Cotton                significantly improve the management of larger          Fort Bragg owned the building but the library
                                               Bowl Athletic Association, Board of the State           flood events. Thanks in large part to his ef-           was run by the county. The Mendocino Coast
                                               Fair of Texas, and a Member of the Super                forts, this project is on time and on budget.           Genealogical Society rented space in the mez-
                                               Bowl Bidding Committee who were instru-                    An advocate for both public safety and envi-         zanine. The biggest booster came when com-
                                               mental in North Texas winning the 2011 Super            ronmental conservation, Stein was a driving             munity members created the Friends of the Li-
                                               Bowl XLV.                                               force behind the Levee Vegetation Science               brary in 1974 with the intent of upgrading the
                                                  His civic service included: Chairman for the         Conference and the California Levees Round-             facility.
                                               Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau; Texas            table. During these discussions, he brought                Tragedy struck on September 20, 1987,
                                               Economic Development Commission, Museum                 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Cali-             when the library was destroyed by fire seven
                                               of African American Life and Culture, Amer-             fornia Department of Water Resources, and               minutes after another historic structure on
                                               ican Cancer Society, Cattle Baron’s Ball, Dal-          other key stakeholders together to discuss the          Main Street, the Piedmont Hotel, was set
                                               las Area Rapid Transit, Kindness Foundation             impacts of removing trees and other vegeta-             ablaze. The Friends of the Fort Bragg Library
                                               and Dallas County Children’s Services Task              tion from levees. Through these discussions,            and the community immediately came together
                                               Force.                                                  Stein was able to spearhead a comprehensive             to restore the library.
                                                  Dan will be greatly missed by his family, es-        framework that included key stakeholders in                In their search for an existing building the
                                               pecially by his wife Mary Jane Petty, children          levee improvement decisions that reduced                purchase of a former mortuary was proposed
                                               Adrienne Watson and her husband Chas, Kent              flood risks, while maintaining both vegetation          using fire insurance money. The county, city
                                               Petty and his wife Jennifer, and step-children          and levee integrity.                                    and Friends of the Library partnered to buy
                                               Maggie Culbertson and her husband Geoff,                   After a great deal of success and more than          and remodel the building. The library re-
                                               and Robert Riley; and seven grandchildren.              six years as the Executive Director, Stein has          opened on May 25, 1989, stocked with thou-
                                                  Mr. Speaker, I ask that my colleagues join           decided to return to the California Department          sands of books donated by book dealers, li-
                                               me in mourning the death of Dan Petty and               of Water Resources as the Assistant Chief of            braries and individuals.
                                               recognizing his legacy.                                 the Division of Flood Management. In this role,            In 1996, the Fort Bragg Library was the first
                                                                                                       Stein will assist in the design and implementa-         branch in Mendocino County to open Internet
                                                                                                                                                               access. Over the years the Friends of the Li-
                                                                                                       tion of the State’s FloodSafe Program, an un-
                                                    A TRIBUTE TO STEIN BUER                                                                                    brary had wisely invested and wanted to mod-
                                                                                                       dertaking that will significantly benefit from his
                                                                                                                                                               ernize the library for the new millennium. They
                                                                                                       experience and comprehensive approach to
                                                         HON. DORIS O. MATSUI                                                                                  contributed $470,000 to the library’s remodel
                                                                                                       flood protection.
                                                                                                                                                               which was completed with a celebration on
                                                                 OF CALIFORNIA                            Mr. Speaker, I stand today to recognize and
                                                                                                                                                               July 3, 2007. Use of the new and improved
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      honor the exceptional leadership of Stein
                                                                                                                                                               Fort Bragg Library soared and became equal
                                                          Tuesday, January 18, 2011                    Buer. His ability to address the concerns of
                                                                                                                                                               to and sometimes exceeded the operations of
                                                                                                       many and work towards common goals has
                                                   Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                                                                    the County’s main library at the county seat in
                                                                                                       been truly remarkable. I ask all my colleagues
                                               recognize and honor Stein Buer for his leader-                                                                  Ukiah.
                                                                                                       to join me in thanking Stein for his service as            Mr. Speaker and colleagues, for its hundred
                                               ship as the Executive Director of the Sac-              the Executive Director of the Sacramento Area
                                               ramento Area Flood Control Agency, SAFCA.                                                                       years (and counting) historic and civic impor-
                                                                                                       Flood Control Agency. I would also like to take         tance and invaluable service to the community
                                               Stein recently departed SAFCA after six suc-            a moment and thank Stein’s wife Noelle and
                                               cessful years to return to the California De-                                                                   it is appropriate that we honor the Fort Bragg
                                                                                                       their three children, who have shared Stein             Library.
                                               partment of Water Resources, where he will              with the wider Sacramento community for the
                                               serve as Assistant Chief of the Division of                                                                                      f
                                                                                                       last six years. I wish Stein and his family con-
                                               Flood Management. I ask all my colleagues to            tinued happiness and success.                            ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE
                                               join me in honoring Stein for is dedication to                            f                                            HAITI EARTHQUAKE
                                               protecting the people of Sacramento from
                                               flooding.                                               RECOGNIZING THE 100TH ANNIVER-                                    HON. YVETTE D. CLARKE
                                                   Over the past six years I have worked with           SARY OF THE FORT BRAGG LI-
                                                                                                                                                                                OF NEW YORK
                                               Stein to improve Sacramento’s flood defenses             BRARY
                                                                                                                                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               and I have always found him to be a man of
                                                                                                                                                                        Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                               intelligence, integrity and vision. Under his                      HON. MIKE THOMPSON
                                               leadership, SAFCA was instrumental in repair-                              OF CALIFORNIA                           Ms. CLARKE of New York. Mr. Speaker, I
                                               ing some of Sacramento’s most vulnerable                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                               rise today in recognition of the one year Anni-
                                               levees, he worked with the California legisla-                                                                  versary of the devastating earthquake in the
                                               ture to implement better flood management                          Tuesday, January 18, 2011                    island nation of Haiti. One year ago, the
                                               policies, and led by aggressively moving for-              Mr. THOMPSON of California. Mr. Speaker,             United States joined the rest of the world in
                                               ward on both the Folsom Dam Joint Federal               I rise to commemorate the first hundred years           witnessing the aftermath of the 7.0 magnitude
                                               Project and the Natomas Levee Improvement               or continuous service by the Fort Bragg Li-             earthquake that left hundreds of thousands
                                               Project.                                                brary on the Mendocino Coast in Northern                dead and one million people homeless. We
                                                   Since Stein’s tenure began at SAFCA in              California. From its beginning on January 18,           joined the rest of the world in donating billions
                                               2004 he has worked to finish ongoing levee              1911, Fort Bragg’s beloved library has per-             of dollars in financial and material aid. The
                                               projects and quickly start new ones. Some of            severed through funding cuts, political ballot          Obama Administration acted quickly and com-
                                               Stein’s most successful projects include work-          measures and an arson fire. It has flourished           passionately, making an impressive impact on
                                               ing to certify the levees along some of Sac-            due to the ongoing support of the Mendocino             the emergency phase of one of the largest co-
                                               ramento’s urban creeks, and along both the              Coast community.                                        ordinated international disaster responses that
                                               American and Sacramento Rivers. These cer-                 Located in picturesque Fort Bragg, Cali-             the world has seen. The President quickly
                                               tifications were instrumental in improving pub-         fornia, a former mill town that was incor-              awarded Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to
                                               lic safety and removing tens of thousands of            porated in 1889, the library was opened with            Haitian nationals living in the U.S. to increase
                                               homeowners from the 100–year floodplain.                collections from the Women’s Christian Tem-             remittances back to Haiti. The. International
                                               Under his watch, SAFCA has also started over            perance Union and the Union Lumber Com-                 community rallied around the Haitian govern-
                                               40 miles of levee improvements in the                   pany library. When the Union Lumber Com-                ment providing unprecedented support. The
                                               Natomas Basin.                                          pany offered to donate property, plans were             Haitian Diaspora instantaneously responded
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                   From Folsom Dam to South Sacramento,                drawn and the library was built on Main Street          with the same diligence and fortitude nec-
                                               Stein’s imprint can be seen throughout the              and opened in January 1913. By 1924 the av-             essary to assist our Nation with the distribution
                                               Sacramento Region. Shortly after arriving at            erage monthly attendance had grown from                 of aid, as well as keep our government ac-
                                               SAFCA, Stein and his colleagues from a num-             311 to 2,053. In the library’s first decades, ac-       countable every step of the way. Lastly, the
                                               ber of government agencies had to rapidly re-           tivities including new books received, hours of         Haitian people exhibited the type of quin-
                                               design a series of modifications to the Folsom          operation and programs available were regu-             tessential strength and perseverance that
                                               Dam in the wake of potential cost overruns.             larly reported in the weekly newspaper.                 many of us could only imagine.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   03:02 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A18JA8.003   E18JAPT1
                                               January 18, 2011                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                       E63
                                                  However, one year later we see a deterio-            RECOGNIZING    MAJOR    MARK                               I ask that my colleagues please join me in
                                               rating Haiti. One not imagined in our collective         O’NEILL, UNITED STATES ARMY,                            recognizing the outstanding accomplishments
                                               plans to ‘‘Build Back Better,’’ one year ago. In-        ON THE OCCASION OF HIS DE-                              of Major Mark O’Neill in serving the United
                                               stead, over one million displaced people still           PARTURE FROM THE ARMY’S                                 States Army and the Nation.
                                               live in tent camps while conditions in the coun-         HOUSE LIAISON OFFICE                                                     f
                                               try continue to deteriorate. It is apparent that                                                                 EXPRESSING  CONDOLENCES   TO
                                               substantive reconstruction has barely begun                              HON. GEOFF DAVIS                         THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA FOR
                                               and significant progress will continue to face                               OF KENTUCKY
                                                                                                                                                                 THE LOSS OF LIFE AND DE-
                                               obstacles in the near future. As witnessed in                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                                 STRUCTION OF PROPERTY DUE
                                               the recent demonstrations following the Hai-                      Tuesday, January 18, 2011                       TO THE WORST FLOODING IN
                                               tian general elections, civil strife and unrest            Mr. DAVIS of Kentucky. Mr. Speaker, today              HALF A CENTURY
                                               continue to pervade the populace at large.              I recognize and pay tribute to Major Mark
                                               With the growing cholera epidemic, the situa-           O’Neill, United States Army, on the occasion                      HON. ALCEE L. HASTINGS
                                               tion in Haiti is especially dangerous and vola-         of his departure from the Army’s House Liai-                               OF FLORIDA
                                               tile.                                                   son Office and his new assignment as a stu-                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  Mr. Speaker, as the Representative of the            dent at the Army’s Command and General                             Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                                                                                       Staff College. My staff and I have had the
                                               second largest Haitian immigrant population in                                                                      Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I
                                                                                                       great pleasure of working with Mark over the
                                               the country, I am deeply concerned about the                                                                     rise today to express my condolences for the
                                                                                                       past year he has served with the Congress. It
                                               conditions on the ground. Although some                 has been an honor to work with this combat               loss of life and destruction of property that is
                                               progress has been made, it appears as                   veteran and citizen-soldier.                             occurring in Australia’s northern state of
                                               though conditions are deteriorating at a faster            Major O’Neill has had a varied and distin-            Queensland, as a consequence of the worst
                                               rate. As USAID and other international organi-          guished military career. Upon graduation from            floods in half a century. The flood, which has
                                               zations scramble to resolve the housing/rubble          Villanova University in May of 1998, he was              affected three-quarters of Queensland, has
                                               crisis, security is rapidly decreasing within the       commissioned as a second lieutenant in the               killed 20 residents and resulted in thousands
                                               IDP camps. Gender Based Violence (GBV) is               United States Army. After completing the In-             of people being evacuated from their homes
                                               further threatening the physical, mental and            fantry Officer Basic Course and Ranger                   and businesses.
                                                                                                       School at Ft. Benning, Georgia, he was as-                  The steady rain that fell for days before
                                               emotional capacity of women and girls. I com-
                                                                                                       signed to the elite 82nd Airborne Division as            Christmas caused rivers to swell and inun-
                                               mend USAID and the NGO community for tak-
                                                                                                       an airborne infantry platoon leader. In March            dated 22 cities and towns. The Australian Na-
                                               ing steps to address this, but more is needed                                                                    tional Climate Centre has predicted that the
                                               to end this phenomenon.                                 of 2000, he led his thirty-nine-man platoon in
                                                                                                       a joint exercise in Oman with the Omani army.            region is highly likely to receive even more
                                                  It is of the utmost importance for all parties       During his time with the 82nd, Mark, a para-             than average rainfall from now until the end of
                                               engaged in this humanitarian response and re-           trooper to the core, participated in fifteen air-        March, when the full impact of a strong La
                                               construction efforts to significantly improve           borne operations.                                        Nina cycle will be felt. Estimates of the num-
                                               their outreach to women and girls. Near term               In December of 2000, he transferred to the            ber of Queenslanders affected go as high as
                                               and longer term assistance programs will only           3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)               200,000. States of natural disaster have been
                                               be effective if women and girls are fully en-           where he served as a platoon leader and regi-            declared in 41 of Queensland’s 73 municipali-
                                               gaged as equal partners in program assess-              mental personnel officer. With the Old Guard,            ties and more than 11,000 people have been
                                               ment, design, and implementation. There is a            then First Lieutenant O’Neill conducted dozens           evacuated. In addition, the floods have cut off
                                               vibrant network of women’s organizations in             of military funerals and state ceremonies. The           food supplies to communities in the north in-
                                                                                                       same dedication with which he accorded re-               cluding Townsville, Cairns and many indige-
                                               Haiti. Their involvement is critical to the suc-
                                                                                                       spect to grieving families and friends during            nous communities.
                                               cessful reconstruction of Haiti and to the de-                                                                      Economists predict that the floods will have
                                               velopment of a society that offers equal pro-           funerals at Arlington National Cemetery was in
                                                                                                       evidence on September 11, 2001, when Mark                an impact on the national GDP of between
                                               tection and opportunity to all its citizens.                                                                     0.25 percent and 0.5 percent, or $3 billion to
                                                                                                       led his platoon in the initial response to the at-
                                                  Before I conclude, I would like to also rec-         tack on the Pentagon.                                    $6 billion, with the mining and agricultural in-
                                               ognize Ms. Corrine Jocelyn, Executive Director             Major O’Neill left active duty in May of 2003,        dustries affected the most. Half of the state’s
                                               of Diaspora Community Services for her re-              joining the Cintas Corporation as a Service/             agricultural crops have been destroyed, coal
                                               markable work in organizing the March for               Sales Manager, but in February of 2006 he                deliveries have been halted, and mines shut.
                                               Change that took place today in recognition of          was recalled from the Ready Reserve to serve             The international economy will likely feel this
                                               the one year anniversary of the earthquake.             as an embedded trainer with the fledgling Af-            economic burden because Queensland sup-
                                               She was joined by many other Haitian organi-            ghan National Army. As an advisor to an Af-              plies half of the world’s cooking coal for steel
                                               zations and prominent community leaders call-           ghan National Army (ANA) infantry company,               manufacturing, which accounts for about two-
                                                                                                       Mark trained the company leadership on both              thirds of the global trade. The Premier of
                                               ing the Haitian Diaspora and their allies to ac-
                                                                                                       tactical and logistical tasks and accompanied            Queensland and Australia’s Prime Minister
                                               tions. I fully support this endeavor and encour-
                                                                                                       them on over twenty combat patrols. On more              have announced additional disaster relief as-
                                               age the entire Haitian Diaspora to become
                                                                                                       than one occasion, he experienced combat                 sistance to help small businesses and primary
                                               more involved in advocating and educating our                                                                    producers that have been impacted.
                                                                                                       firsthand. He was cited for bravery in October
                                               Nation on Haitian heritage and the issues that                                                                      Encouragingly, the size of the tragedy has
                                                                                                       of 2006 for organizing the defense of his ANA
                                               plague the island nation.                                                                                        been matched by the size and speed of the
                                                                                                       company and repelling a Taliban ambush.
                                                  Lastly, I would like to recognize Bells for             In June of 2007, Mark joined the Army Na-             response, but the long-term impact is yet to be
                                               Haiti initiative that took place today in Min-          tional Guard and was assigned to the National            determined. It will be a long wait before the
                                               nesota. At the time the earthquake took place,          Guard Bureau’s Directorate of Domestic Oper-             massive amount of water recedes and the re-
                                               bells will ring from churches, schools and or-          ations. From February 2010 to present, he                covery process starts, involving the resur-
                                               ganizations for 35 seconds to commemorate               served as the National Guard’s legislative liai-         facing of roads, reconnecting of power and re-
                                               the event. I commend the organizers, Konbit—            son with the Department of the Army’s House              pairing of infrastructure—all requiring an un-
                                               MN/Haiti and the participants for such a beau-          Liaison Division. During his assignment to the           paralleled rebuilding effort. I extend my sin-
                                               tiful tribute.                                          Army House Liaison Office, Major O’Neill de-             cere appreciation to the emergency service
                                                                                                       veloped outstanding rapport with Members of              personnel, army and air force crews, volun-
                                                  As we continue to support our brothers and
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                                                                       Congress and their staffs—both personal and              teers, and Australia’s federal and Queensland
                                               sisters in Haiti, let us never forget Let us            committee. Whether escorting congressional               governments for their well coordinated re-
                                               never forget that as we unite with the people           delegations to visit soldiers and families at            sponse to this disaster. The loss suffered
                                               of Haiti, Haitian-Americans and the Haitian Di-         Army installations, soldiers in the theater of           would have been far greater without the skill,
                                               aspora that we are forever guided by the                operations or Wounded Warriors at Walter                 dedication, compassion, and sacrifice of these
                                               words etched indelibly on the Haitian flag,             Reed, Mark has been a strong advocate for                emergency responders.
                                               ‘L’Union fait la force’ (Loon yon feh la force)         soldiers and a superb representative of Army                Mr. Speaker, the flood in northern Australia
                                               . . . through unity, there is strength!                 values.                                                  is a major natural disaster and has caused

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   03:02 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00005    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A18JA8.006   E18JAPT1
                                               E64                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    January 18, 2011
                                               loss and destruction on a catastrophic scale. I         counseling and psychology. Along with numer-            of all male citizens. Yet, Article I, Section 3
                                               want to send a message of condolence to                 ous certifications and licenses, Mr. Westmore-          that proscribes that the two Senators from
                                               those Australian families who have lost lives           land is a master peace officer. Mr. Westmore-           each state be chosen by the state legislature,
                                               and livelihoods. Australia is and always will be        land and his wife Juanita reside in Euless and          a passage of the Constitution subsequently
                                               an important ally and friend to the United              have four children and ten grandchildren.               amended by the 17th Amendment, was read
                                               States. The Australian people will truly be in             In 1974, while working in the private sector,        in its original format.
                                               my thoughts and prayers over the coming                 Mr. Westmoreland joined the Euless Police                  The decision to not read the full text ignores
                                               weeks. I wish the affected communities the              Department as a reserve officer. By 1975, Mr.           the fundamental strength of the U.S. Constitu-
                                               very best as they rebuild their lives and com-          Westmoreland chose to make law enforce-                 tion—its implicit recognition that the United
                                               munities, and I encourage my colleagues to              ment and public service a full time career. In          States of America is an imperfect, ever evolv-
                                               do so as well.                                          1982, Mr. Westmoreland became an investi-               ing, self-correcting union. The Constitution is
                                                                f                                      gator, and in 1985 he was promoted to ser-              not a perfect document, and the Founders did
                                                                                                       geant. In January 1993, Mr. Westmoreland                not have all the answers. African American
                                                   TRIBUTE TO ARNOLD AMELL                             was promoted to lieutenant, and in December             were counted as three-fifths of a person.
                                                                                                       of the same year he earned the rank of cap-             Women were disenfranchised. The concept of
                                                        HON. WILLIAM L. OWENS                          tain. In September 2004, Mr. Westmoreland               privacy was glossed over. The full text of the
                                                                  OF NEW YORK                          became assistant police chief of the city of Eu-        Constitution and its Amendments should have
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      less.                                                   been read today to help American recall and
                                                                                                          Assistant Chief Westmoreland has com-                understand how we have strived and still
                                                         Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                                                                                       mitted his career to protecting the citizens and        strive ‘‘to form a more perfect Union.’’
                                                  Mr. OWENS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to              community of Euless. Throughout his career in              The Constitution was a compromise
                                               honor and remember the life of Arnold ‘‘Arnie’’         law enforcement, Mr. Westmoreland has posi-             throughout. In addition to counting each black
                                               Amell, the chair of Plattsburgh State’s College         tively affected the lives of countless individ-         individual as only three-fifths of a person, it
                                               Council in Upstate New York.                            uals. As exemplified by his many acts of her-           was virtually silent on slavery, the great injus-
                                                  A native of Beekmantown, New York, Arnie             oism, Mr. Westmoreland has sacrificed his               tice of the day. But after a way that almost de-
                                               spent decades devoting his life to the New              well-being to ensure the public safety of the           stroyed the Union, after more than half a mil-
                                               York education system. Throughout the years,            residents of Euless. I ask all of my colleagues         lion died, and when brother fought brother, the
                                               he served as a teacher, a guidance counselor,           to join in recognizing Assistant Police Chief           Constitution was amended and updated to re-
                                               director of guidance, assistant principal and           Westmoreland for his bravery, for his courage,          flect the will of the people. Today, the Amer-
                                               principal. Outside of the classroom, he served          and for his distinguished career with the Eu-           ican experiment continues to improve. Free-
                                               as a member of the college council at SUNY              less Police Department.                                 doms and protections of rights keep growing
                                               Plattsburgh, President of the Kiwanis Club of                             f                                     in the face of both consistent and ever-chang-
                                               Schenectady, and a member of the Northeast                                                                      ing threats.
                                               Parent and Child Society. Most recently, he                  THE HOUSE’S READING OF THE                            Langston Hughes—an American who was
                                               spent the last two years as chair of the Col-                       CONSTITUTION                                denied the rights and freedoms that all of us
                                               lege Council at SUNY Plattsburgh. Through                                                                       deserve—wrote in Let America Be America
                                               his decades of service, he worked to enhance                         HON. RUSH D. HOLT                          Again, 1938,
                                               the quality of education youth receive in Up-                              OF NEW JERSEY                        O, yes,
                                               state New York, and provided a strong foun-                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    I say it plain,
                                               dation for countless students of all ages.                                                                      America never was America to me,
                                                                                                                  Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                                  Everyone who knew Arnie can say that they                                                                    And yet I swear this oath—
                                               knew a man completely devoted to his family                Mr. HOLT. Mr. Speaker, when we read the              America will be!
                                               and his community. I have personally known              Constitution in this body on January 6, 2011,              Students       attending   under-performing
                                               Arnie for years and have served on the col-             we missed a good opportunity. I joined in the           schools, millions of Americans without health
                                               lege council at Plattsburgh State University            reading. I was certainly not going to allow one         insurance, and widespread poverty dem-
                                               with him.                                               political party to claim the Constitution for its       onstrate that even today, America never was
                                                  The Plattsburgh community has lost a true            own, as it has sometimes tried to claim the             America for far too many of us. But our Con-
                                               friend and a great leader, but his memory and           U.S. flag. However, by reading an altered               stitution lets us admit when we are wrong and
                                               spirit will continue to inspire generations of          version of the Constitution and by doing so             correct our mistakes. Our collective vision of
                                               Upstate New Yorkers who will work to better             without warrant we lost a great educational             America must include an expanding sphere of
                                               their community in this tradition.                      moment.                                                 freedom, liberty, and opportunity for all. And
                                                                f                                         I revere the U.S. Constitution and carry a           most importantly, we must never believe we
                                                                                                       copy of the Constitution with me every day. I           are so infallible that we fail to strive for a
                                               IN HONOR OF THE RETIREMENT                              often ask students what they think is the               ‘‘more perfect Union.’’
                                                 OF ASSISTANT CHIEF HARLAND                            greatest invention of humans. Because they                                f
                                                 WESTMORELAND                                          know that I am a scientist, they usually say
                                                                                                       something technical like the laser or a                        CONGRATULATIONS PERRY
                                                        HON. KENNY MARCHANT                            microchip in answer to my question. I reply                           FAMILY
                                                                    OF TEXAS                           that the greatest invention is the U.S. Con-
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      stitution. It is truly ingenious: Because of this                    HON. JOE WILSON
                                                                                                       document, our brilliant, resilient, self-correcting                      OF SOUTH CAROLINA
                                                        Tuesday, January 18, 2011                      system of government, dreamed up in Phila-                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  Mr. MARCHANT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today              delphia so many years ago, still functions well
                                               to recognize Mr. Harland Westmoreland, a                today. The system inspires and motivates peo-                    Tuesday, January 18, 2011
                                               dedicated public servant who will retire as as-         ple around the world.                                      Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Mr. Speak-
                                               sistant chief of the Euless Police Department.             Instead of reading the full Constitution,            er, I am happy to congratulate my good friend
                                               As assistant chief, Mr. Westmoreland carried            members of the House took turns reading an              Richard Perry, a Washington and Lee Univer-
                                               out his duties with honor, boldness, and en-            altered text based on the amendments. I was             sity graduate, and his wife Kristin Perry on the
                                               thusiasm. With a commitment to service, Mr.             further troubled to learn that because of               birth of their daughter Liza May Perry. Liza
                                               Westmoreland has been a leader in the Eu-               human error we skipped two pages during our             was born on Saturday, January 1, 2011, in
                                               less Police Department over the past 35                 reading.                                                Washington, DC.
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                               years.                                                     The altered text omitted the original lan-              Liza May Perry is six pounds and two
                                                  Mr. Westmoreland was born in Gorman,                 guage of Article I, Section 2 that counted each         ounces of pride and joy to her loving grand-
                                               Texas and attended Reagan County High                   black individual as only three-fifths of a person       parents, Anne and Robert ‘‘Skipper’’ Perry, Jr.
                                               School in Big Lake, Texas and Dallas Baptist            for the purposes of apportionment of Rep-               of Aiken, South Carolina, and Winifred Joan
                                               University for both undergraduate and grad-             resentatives, omitting it and reading only the          Off of West Chester, Pennsylvania. I am so
                                               uate school. At Dallas Baptist University, Mr.          text of the 14th Amendment that apportioned             excited for this new blessing to the Perry fam-
                                               Westmoreland earned a masters degree in                 Representatives according to the total number           ily and wish them all the best.

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                                               January 18, 2011                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                       E65
                                                  EXPRESSING SENSE OF HOUSE                            region. As we mourn his loss we recognize his           independent, international investigation into al-
                                                 REGARDING ARIZONA SHOOTING                            contributions to our community.                         leged war crimes at the end of the country’s
                                                                                                          Don was born in Manila on December 23,               25-year civil war in May 2009. Last August, I
                                                                   SPEECH OF                           1928, to John and Helen Marshall. John Mar-             joined 57 of my fellow Members of Congress
                                                       HON. GREGORY W. MEEKS                           shall was a pre-World War II manager of                 in urging Secretary Clinton to press for a
                                                                                                       Luzon Stevedoring Company (LUSTEVECO).                  United Nations investigation. I renew this call
                                                                  OF NEW YORK
                                                                                                       LUSTEVECO was founded by a group of                     now. As the Boston Globe stated in an edi-
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Spanish-American War veterans in 1909 and               torial on December 29, 2010:
                                                        Wednesday, January 12, 2011                    grew into the largest cargo handling transpor-              [From the Boston Globe, Dec. 29, 2010]
                                                   Mr. MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I rise in sup-            tation service in the Philippines. Following in                PROBE BOTH SIDES IN SRI LANKA
                                               port of the Resolution Honoring Congress-               his father’s footsteps, Don began work for
                                                                                                                                                                 No foreign leader has fared worse in the ca-
                                               woman GABRIELLE GIFFORDS and the victims                LUSTEVECO after his graduation from the                 bles released by WikiLeaks than Sri Lanka’s
                                               of this weekend’s horrific shooting.                    Stanford University School of Business in               President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has been
                                                   I have had the opportunity to serve with            1950. Don first came to Guam in 1951 to                 resisting calls for an international inquiry
                                               Congresswoman GIFFORDS on the Foreign Af-               manage the build-up of Navy facilities, and in          into possible war crimes committed when Sri
                                               fairs Committee. In our time serving together,          1963, Don Marshall assumed the presidency               Lankan troops wiped out the secessionist
                                               I have witnessed a courageous, hardworking,             of LUSTEVECO.                                           Tamil Tigers in May 2009. In this particular
                                                                                                          Upon arriving to Guam in 1951, Don Mar-              case, disclosure of an American diplomat’s
                                               admirable public servant, dedicated to her                                                                      confidential assessment serves the cause of
                                                                                                       shall spearheaded the recruitment of thou-
                                               constituents and to this Nation.                        sands of skilled workers on Guam. He di-                human rights, validating the stand of Human
                                                   Most importantly, GABBY is highly regarded                                                                  Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and
                                                                                                       rected the construction of Camp Roxas to en-
                                               and a family person. Just a few months ago,             sure an acceptable quality of life for the work-        the International Crisis Group. All three
                                               GABBY’s cousin, Elisa Giffords, told my wife                                                                    have argued, rightly, for a credible investiga-
                                                                                                       ers who were so far from home. Camp Roxas               tion of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka,
                                               how proud she and her family are of Con-                developed into a model village complete with
                                               gresswoman GIFFORDS and that they all know                                                                      whether committed by the Tamil Tigers or
                                                                                                       clean and comfortable Quonset hut barracks,             government forces.
                                               how important she is to her constituents.               a medical dispensary to provide non-emer-                 The documents show that US Ambassador
                                               Those who know GABBY best, her family, love             gency, non-acute health care, Guam’s first              Patricia Butenis observed last January that
                                               and respect her.                                        lighted baseball field, a professional sized and        no regime investigates ‘‘its own troops or
                                                   GABBY GIFFORDS has developed a reputa-              lighted tennis court, an outdoor theater, a bak-        senior officials for war crimes.’’ She then
                                               tion as an astute public servant. The commu-            ery, a full service cafeteria and galley, and a         added, in a devastating aside, that in Sri
                                               nity meeting she organized in Arizona, last                                                                     Lanka ‘‘responsibility for many of the al-
                                                                                                       Catholic chapel led by a Filipino priest. Sports
                                               weekend—an event she had called ‘Congress                                                                       leged crimes rests with the country’s senior
                                                                                                       competition between Camp Roxas, the civilian            civilian and military leadership, including
                                               in your Corner,’ which exemplifies the essence          community, and military commands were en-               President Rajapaksa and his brothers.’’
                                               of our democracy. Americans with varied                 couraged, and teams from Camp Roxas com-                  The ambassador’s candor illuminates a re-
                                               views gathered peaceably to discuss how they            peted very successfully with teams from all             curring contradiction between the moral im-
                                               could work together to improve their commu-             over the island. While Camp Roxas has out-              peratives of human rights and the cold logic
                                               nity. We all now know how this public gath-             lived its purpose and is now part of Navy Base          of diplomacy. Videos and survivor accounts
                                               ering that aimed for positive community action          Guam, the two villages of Agat and Santa Rita           strongly suggest that hundreds, if not thou-
                                               ended tragically. A mother of two and wife of           are home to many of the workers and their de-           sands, of Tamils were stripped naked, had
                                               fifty years, Dorothy Morris; Judge John M.              scendents brought to Guam at the promise of             their hands bound behind their backs, and
                                                                                                                                                               were murdered during the final weeks of the
                                               Roll, a devoted husband, father and grand-              opportunity.
                                                                                                                                                               government’s war against the Tigers. Yet for
                                               father; Church volunteers, Phyllis Schneck and             Don Marshall’s contributions to Guam were            reasons of state, neighboring powers India
                                               Dorwan Stoddard; Gabriel Matthew Zimmer-                not restricted to the success of Camp Roxas.            and China show no interest in documenting
                                               man, a 30 year old Congressional staffer, en-           Don continued to involve himself in Guam’s              and punishing such crimes. All the more rea-
                                               gaged to be married; and Christina Taylor               economic development. In 1972, he formed                son for America to heed the awful truth in
                                               Green, a third grader, there to meet a role             Cabras Marine Corporation to supply tugboat             Butenis’s cable and push for a legitimate UN
                                               model—Congresswoman GIFFORDS—were all                   and harbor pilot services to commercial and             investigation of war crimes in Sri Lanka.
                                               senselessly taken from us.                              military vessels. Don originally started with two                        f
                                                   While shocking, this horrific event cannot be       reconditioned Navy tugs, The Husky and The
                                               allowed to detract from our obligations to our          Grunt, and today operates four tugboats as                 EXPRESSING SENSE OF HOUSE
                                               constituents or the need to peaceably assem-            well as a freighter service between Guam, the             REGARDING ARIZONA SHOOTING
                                               ble, a right GABBY so eloquently conveyed to            Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Is-
                                                                                                       lands, and the Pacific Islands surrounding                                 SPEECH OF
                                               us earlier this month on the House floor.
                                                   With courage, confidence, and the same              Guam.
                                                                                                          My husband, the late governor of Guam Ri-
                                                                                                                                                                         HON. LYNN C. WOOLSEY
                                               grace Congresswoman GIFFORDS has dis-                                                                                            OF CALIFORNIA
                                               played, we must work with and for each other            cardo J. Bordallo, and I have known Don Mar-
                                                                                                                                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               in these hard times and in the months and               shall since the early 1960s. He has been a
                                                                                                       dear friend who always took the time to visit                   Wednesday, January 12, 2011
                                               years ahead. In this time of great sadness, I
                                               offer all the victims, their families, friends, and     my family. Many on Guam will miss his out-                 Ms. WOOLSEY. Madam Speaker, I have
                                               neighbors my deepest and most heartfelt pray-           going personality and the assistance that he            the privilege of serving with GABBY GIFFORDS
                                               ers and well wishes. God bless you and God              was always willing to lend to community                 on both the Science, Space, and Technology
                                               bless America.                                          projects.                                               Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee,
                                                                                                          I would like to offer my condolences, sym-           and she has always stood out as someone of
                                                                f                                      pathy and prayers to his wife, Sally Mae, his           great energy, intelligence and integrity. She is
                                                    CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF                            daughter, Terry, his sons John, Robert and              exactly what you want a member of Congress
                                                      DONALD I. MARSHALL                               William, his grandchildren, and the thousands           to be, and a role model for young women who
                                                                                                       of people whose lives he touched over the               want to serve their communities through elect-
                                                    HON. MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO                         years. He will be missed.                               ed office.
                                                                    OF GUAM
                                                                                                                         f                                        This unspeakable, gruesome attack has
                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       INVESTIGATE WAR CRIMES IN SRI                          shocked and saddened us all. But one thing it
                                                                                                                   LANKA                                       will not do, in this body, is conquer our spirit
                                                        Tuesday, January 18, 2011                                                                              or stop us from doing our jobs. GABBY GIF-
pwalker on DSKD5P82C1PROD with REMARKS

                                                 Ms. BORDALLO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today                                                                       FORDS was wounded because she saw it as
                                               to honor the life of Mr. Donald Ian Marshall
                                                                                                                HON. EDWARD J. MARKEY                          her duty to engage directly with the people for
                                                                                                                        OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                               who passed away on January 8, 2011. Don                                                                         whom she works, hearing their concerns and
                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               played a major role in the post-World War II                                                                    fielding their questions, putting them in touch
                                               recovery and economic development of Guam.                      Tuesday, January 18, 2011                       with their government. That is how we do it in
                                               He was an important business and community                Mr. MARKEY. Mr. Speaker, to achieve last-             a democracy, and the violent acts of one mad-
                                               leader in Guam and around the Asia-Pacific              ing peace in Sri Lanka, there should be an              man will not change that.

                                         VerDate Mar 15 2010   03:02 Jan 19, 2011   Jkt 099060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A18JA8.013   E18JAPT1
                                               E66                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                     January 18, 2011
                                                  Those who were tragically killed in the at-          Johnston, the executive director, and Jennifer          generations of individuals to question the sta-
                                               tack were holding up their end of the demo-             Montgomery, director of operations.                     tus quo and demand change.
                                               cratic bargain—active citizens eager to con-                               f                                       Throughout his life, he also emphasized the
                                               nect with their representative. Also, there were                                                                importance of public service, which he con-
                                               other public servants, a federal judge who had          INTRODUCTION OF BILL TO RE-                             tinuously participated in through his work as a
                                               sat on the bench for nearly 20 years, and a               PEAL PATIENT PROTECTION AND                           minister, community organizer, and civil rights
                                               member of Gabby’s staff, whose dedication