January 2009 Working for a prosperous rural future in the Balkans by fdh56iuoui


									Working for a prosperous rural future in the Balkans   January 2009


    Taking the                                                                                                     First Private Forest
                                                                                                                   Owners Association
    Balkans to                                                                                                     established in Albania

    the heart of                                                                                                   On January 17, SNv facilitated
                                                                                                                   the General Meeting of Pri-

    the EU                                                                                                         vate Forest Owners in Korca.
                                                                                                                   Around 38 forest owners (in-
                                                                                                                   cluding 7 women) participat-
                                                                                                                   ed in the meeting, approved
    Diber project features in
                                                                                                                   their status and elected their
    SNV documentary                                                                                                Board.
    Over 3000 participants from                                                                                      The board of 7 men and 2
    all over the world heard a                                                                                     women, represent all districts
    strong presentation about the                                                                                  of the Korca region. The Pri-
    impact of SNv Balkan’s work                                                                                    vate Forest Owners acknowl-
    in Albania recently.                                                                                           edged the work done by SNv
       They were gathered for the                                                                                  and SIDA up to now and ex-
    european Development Days,                                                                                     pressed their readiness to
    organised by the european                                                                                      continue the collaboration the
    Commission and hosted by                                                                                       future.
    the presidency of the eU.
       This year the focus was on                                                                                  Kingdom of the Netherlands,
    the importance of engaging                                                                                     SNv and Diber region- to build
    local stakeholders in develop-                                                                                 a sustainable system for re-
                                      Diber partnership: SNV adviser Lindita explains the project, with progamme
    ment solutions.                   manager Zejnula Mehmeti keeping the presentation flowing smoothly            gional development.
       SNv hosted a symposium:                                                                                       With a total budget of 4.6
    ‘Citizens as Partners. Capacity   Diber project actually means             local development initiatives       million euro, the project aims
    Development for Ownership in      to ordinary people—how it has            from around the world.              to encourage local govern-
    Local Governance, where the       changed their lives’, said Mr              This film was shown at a          ments to design and implement
    Support Program for Strength-     Mehmeti.                                 large plenary session with very     strategic plans for the develop-
    ening Local Governance in           ‘It shows that development             high level participants, includ-    ment of their areas with the
    Diber Qark was presented as       at this level really does work,          ing the Director of the eU Di-      participation of the citizens.
    a model case study.               and confirms the importance              rectorate-General for Develop-        SNv is helping the regional
       The case study was pre-        of SNv’s involvement. Without            ment and the vice President of      Council to improve the knowl-
    sented by SNv Adviser Lindi-      the help of SNv it is unlikely           the european Parliament. The        edge on financial management
    ta Manga and the programme        we would ever have got the               event attracted considerable        and monitoring systems. So
    manager of the Diber project,     project off the ground.’                 media interest.                     far, 24 projects, including roads
    Zejnula Mehmeti.                    The Diber case study also                The Diber Programme was           rehabilitation, irrigation canals,
       ‘This was a good opportunity   featured in a specially com-             launched in May 2007 as a           schools, kindergartens, drink-
    to demonstrate to key people      missioned film that highlighted          unique commitment between           ing water supply, have been
    in eU governments what the        several SNv case studies on              3 parties- the embassy of the       supported by the program.

                                                   Watch the film at http://www.snvworld.org

                                      Investment” where partici-               representatives of UNCTAD               Investing : Dutch entrepreneur
    SNv took part in the Crans
                                                                                                                       Ron Walschott connecting with
    Montana Forum in Sarajevo in      pants were invited to explore            and UNIDA were present in               local communities through SNV
                                                                                                                       capacity development.
    October 2008.                     the important role capacity              the seminar together with two
      Within the Forum, SNv           building plays in providing a            Dutch entrepreneurs working         pacity building was a real help
    sponsored a special seminar       effective framework within               in BiH, one of whom shared          to his company getting started
    called “Capacity Building for     which investment can flourish.           his experience how SNv ca-          in BiH.

Working for a prosperous rural future in the Balkans

                                                                                                                         essential to EU
                                                                                                                         The Demystifying the eU con-
                                                                                                                         ference followed another suc-
                                                                                                                         cessful conference in Sarajevo
                                                                                                                         which explored public-private
                                                                                                                            At the conference SNv pre-
Mystifying media: SNV Regional
Director Courtney Bickert tells the                                                                                      sented the findings of a six
media what SNV are doing to help bring                                                                                   month research project on
Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the EU
                                                                                                                         existing practices in the field
                                                                                                                         of Public-Private partnership
                                                                                                                         (PPP) in Bosnia and Herze-
                                          Essential: Miroslav Lajčák tells municipalities they are the key to Europe

SNV helps municipalities face the mystery of EU integration                                                                 Over 150 people took part,
                                                                                                                         demonstrating the importance
The High representative and               actual gains,’ Ms Bickert told              so you can imagine how much        of the topic and the need local
eU Special representative in              the gathering.                              work needs to be done.’            governments have for efficient
BiH, Miroslav Lajčák told a                  SNv Adviser for Local Admin-               The conference marked the        methods to achieve economic
packed Sarajevo conference                istration Ajša Bešlagić-Adrović             beginning of a new phase of        development goals.
of local government leaders in            said that one of the objectives             more active participation of lo-      The Mayor of the municipal-
December that municipalities              of the conference was to en-                cal authorities in the european    ity of visoko, Munib Alibegov-
were an essential element in              courage local government to                 integration process, concluded     ic, said that PPP is essential to
BiH plans to join the eU.                 actively participation in the               the participants.                  BiH local communities.
   He was speaking at a con-              process of eU integration.                                                        ‘Considering that this is
ference organised by SNv in                  ‘In order to use all the op-                                                about public activities and the
cooperation with the Associa-             portunities of the integration                                                 privatisation is in full swing,
tions of Cites and Municipali-            process, raising awareness                                                     we face certain problems in
ties of the republika Srpska              amongst municipalities about                                                   giving permissions for obtain-
and the Federation of BiH, and            all the obligations arising from                                               ing public values through con-
the BiH Directorate for euro-             the process is of the key im-                                                  cessions’, he said.
pean Integrations.                        portance’, she said.                                                              Semsa Alic, SNv Portfolio
   Heads of Municipalities in                ‘Up to 80 percent of eU leg-             Participants received a
                                                                                                                         Coordinator in Sarajevo, said
                                                                                      comprehensive guide to the EU
Bosnia and Herzegovina, rep-              islation has to be implemented                                                 aim of the conference was to
                                                                                      integration process. An English
resentatives of local commu-              at a local level. eU legislation            version can be downloaded from     support the public sector in
nities, local and international           contains about 80,000 pages,                www.snvbalkans.org
                                                                                                                         creating the institutional and
experts gathered to discuss                                                                                              legal framework for PPP.
the challenges that face local                                                                                              ‘We want to encourage
authorities in the process of                    New forestry agreement with SIDA signed                                 them to take further steps
european integration.                                                                                                    for the establishment of the
   Participants of the confer-            SNv Balkans and SIDA signed                 ment in Kosovo and address-        conditions for the implemen-
ence were welcomed by the                 the 4 year agreement on the                 ing concrete issues at regional    tations of the PPP model in
chairmen of entity’s associa-             Strengthening      Sustainable              level contributing to economic     compliance with the european
tions of cities and municipali-           Private and Decentralised For-              development of forestry. SNv       Union’, she said.
ties, radomir Kezunovic of                estry through Promotion of                  will contribute to this in pro-       SNv in BiH is assisting the
the rS and Ljubo Beslic of the            economic Development and                    viding advisory services and       BiH Directorate for european
FBiH, and SNv regional Direc-             Capacity Building in Farmer                 working closely with the actors    integration and the Associa-
tor Courtney Bickert, .                   Based Forest Management                     involved in private and decen-     tions of Municipalities and Cit-
   ‘We want to raise awareness            in Kosovo and its region. The               tralised forestry. The impact of   ies both in the Federation of
in municipalities about how               project implementation start-               this program is leading to sus-    the BiH and in republika Srp-
much there is to gain from                ed in January 2009.                         tainable managed private and       ska to inform, prepare and in-
full participation in this pro-             The project’s main aim is to              decentralised forest providing     clude local communities in the
cess, and build their capacity            support the private and de-                 proper products and services       eU integration process.
to turn potential benefits into           centralised forestry develop-               to citizens and society.


    Sustainable                                                                                                  Macedonia award
                                                                                                                 for SNV work in rural
    Regional Tourism                                                                                             tourism
    Conference in                                                                                                SNv has received an award in
                                                                                                                 Macedonia for its work in tour-
    Albania                                                                                                      ism. In January the Mayor of
                                                                                                                 Berovo, venko Pasaliski, con-
    A programme for Tourism                                                                                      signed the gratitude award to
    Destination Development /                                                                                    SNv in Macedonia for success-
    Management was launched in           rca team worked to make this         commitment of SNv Balkans to       ful cooperation in rural Tour-
    December in Korca, in a con-         conference a success.’               this initiative and to the wider   ism development.
    ference organized by the Korca          The Korca region has devel-       work of rural development.            SNv has assisted the munic-
    regional Council in joint part-      oped its tourism potential over      ‘We have a responsibility to       ipality over two years in initia-
    nership with SNv and UNWTO           the past three years, producing      ensure that the local com-         tives such as the Tourism Ac-
    with the support of the Sus-         local area tourism strategies        munity and service providers       tion Plan, the standardisation
    tainable Tourism-eliminating         in Kolonja, Prespa, Pogradec         benefit from tourism, she said     of private accommodation,
    Poverty (ST-eP) Foundation.          and Korca using SNv’s Tourism        ‘That is what this STeP pro-       cross border cooperation with
      Over 150 delegates took            Action Plan (TAP) Process and        gramme is about.’                  Bulgaria and Albania, inter-
    part, a larger number than had       advisory expertise. The four            In keeping with ST-eP Foun-     municipal cooperation, organi-
    been expected. ‘I am delight-        areas are now working jointly        dation, UNWTO and SNv tour-        zation of Malechevia Day and
    ed by the turnout’, said Dave        at a regional level in the devel-    ism development philosophies,      Berovo Fair.
    Milne, SNv Tourism Network           opment of a ‘Tourism Destina-        it is expected that the process      In a public speech on his
    leader. ‘It’s shows how people       tion’ (a tried and proven strat-     developed and the lessons          four year mandate, the Mayor
    see tourism as important for         egy throughout the world).           learned in the Korca region        stated the interest to continue
    the region’s future prosperity,         Courtney Bickert, SNv re-         will be replicated in other Al-    the cooperation with SNv in
    and also of how hard the Ko-         gional Director expressed the        banian regions.                    the same area.

                                                                              Are you going to ‘Korca’ fair ?
                                                                              SNv has been going to the fair! In partnership with German Aid
                                                                              Agency GTZ in Korca and Korca Chamber of Commerce and In-
                                                                              dustry SNv used the two biggest agro business fairs in the coun-
                                                                              try to promote the brand ‘Product of Korca region’.The main re-
                                                                              gional fair took place in Korca
                                                                              last September.
                                                                                With USAID/AAC, SNv pro-
                                                                              moted Korca region apples
                                                                              and other agro-products by
                                                                              putting small stickers with the
                                                                              branding logo on them.
                                                                                Leaflets and brochures ex-
                                                                              plaining the process of “Prod-
    Here we are: The new office came with a large illuminated sign, which     uct of Korca region” brand
    called for a break from the usual SNV style, as it was long and thin.     were distributed at the fair.
    This is the design that was eventually agreed upon. See it next time in
    Korca—it should help you find the office.

    Out with the old, in with the new                                                                            Plans for 2009?
    Korca Portfolio starts the New         You can find it on the sec-                                           The SNv Wall Planner 2009
    Year in a new office.                ond floor of the ‘Silver Centre’,                                       has gone like hot cakes! If you
       The new office brings all the     Street 6 Deshmoret, Korça.                                              haven’t got one you can still
    staff together on one floor—         The phone numbers are                                                   download a desk planner from
    no more having to go outside            T: +355 82 253016                                                    www.snvbalkans.org.
    in the cold to visit colleagues.        M: + 355 69 20 21 325                                                  Never lose track again of
    It also has better facilities for       T/F: +355 82 250 982                                                 important meetings, confer-
    working with clients.                                                                                        ences, and holidays.
                                                                More news on page 6
People         Our people are our strength. Meet some of the latest to join the SNV team in the Balkans.

                                              with the IFC (private sector
         Allison Rossetto                     arm of the World Bank) across
                                                                                   Industry, Tourism and resources
                                                                                   in Australia; a Principal Analyst
         Allison joined SNv in October        Cambodia, Laos and vietnam           with the Bureau of Tourism
         08 as a Senior Tourism Adviser       including the exploration of         research     and    administered
         in the Fier Portfolio. She has       ways to spread the benefits of       the Secretariat for the Tourism
         extensive experience in tourism      tourism to the poorest sections      Forecasting Council in Australia.
         as a tool for poverty alleviation,   of society through the conduct         Allison holds a Bachelor
         tourism policy development           of tourism value chain analysis.     of Administration in Tourism
         and tourism research. Prior            Allison    was      previously     with Honours and is currently
         to coming to Albania, Allison        an executive Officer in the          completing her PhD studies.
         worked on tourism projects           Commonwealth Department of

         Ledia LIka                           from the Foreign Languages
                                              University, specialising in German
                                                                                   working with sNv professionals
                                                                                   from different sectors. ‘It is
         Ledia joined SNv in November,        language. Prior to joining SNv       a valuable process and gives
         and works as a secretary,            she worked in the tourism sector     me many chances to improve
         based in Tirana. She is also         as an event planning secretary       myself,’ she said.
         the receptionist for Tirana and      and receptionist for hotels in
         regional Office. Ledia graduated     Tirana. Ledia says she values

                                                                                     Martin is currently engaged as
         Martin West                          of a large horticultural exporter
                                              in Zambia. 7 years in Africa.        Senior Agriculture Adviser in the
         Martin is Scottish from Inverness,     Martin then moved to Sri           Fier Portfolio.
         born in Manchester and educated      Lanka working as a contractor
         in the South of england, so a        for USAID for six years.
         real British person.                   Onto work in Central Asia,
           Work experience began with         for a total of 4 years and finally
         vSO in Zambia as an agricultural     into the Balkans to Bulgaria and
         science teacher to farm manager      Macedonia since 1997.

                                                 Mark has a background as            Prior to joining SNv he had
         Mark Rupa                            a forest engineer specialising       been working in the application
         Mark is Albanian and since last      in   geographical    information     of these technologies in tourism
         October has been working as          systems and other information        planning.
         a Junior Adviser in tourism          technology related to processing
         and forestry products in Tirana      and visualizing of environmental
         portfolio, but based in Shkoder.     data.

         Sharon Hanson-Cooper                                                      SNv. Previously she also lived
         Sharon joined SNv in Sept 2008       adviser on eU capacity building      and worked in Bangladesh for 2
         as Senior Governance Adviser         projects, both in the Ministry of    years with other assignments in
         and Portfolio Coordinator for        Finance and the Supreme Audit        Nigeria, Jordan and Brussels.
         Tirana. Whilst Sharon is new         Institution,                           This international experience
         to SNv she has held various            During 2007/8 she worked           followed a successful UK-based
         positions in the region since        in Kosovo, returning to Albania      career in accountancy, public
         arriving in Tirana in 2004,          to work as an anti-corruption        sector financial management
         including   UK     Government        adviser last year prior to joining   and governance.

                                                                                   enterprise sectors. Sue has
         Sue Warren                           global branding programme
                                              ‘The New Zealand Way’.               developed destination branding
         Sue joined the SNv team as              Leaving New Zealand six           and marketing strategies in the
         Portfolio Coordinator / Tourism      years’ ago she worked in the UK,     UK, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia,
         Content Leader in Montenegro.        Wales and europe in tourism and      and Armenia. Her business
           A New Zealander, she moved         leisure, developing destination      experience includes managing
         from journalism into public          strategies, establishing DMOs,       horticulture, leisure, property,
         relations, developing a specialty    and planning and implementing        and online businesses, and
         in tourism. She was a chief          tourism programmes in the            advising    and    training  for
         executive of New Zealand’s           private,   public   and    social    business start-ups and SMes.

     Forestry in Albania and BiH

                          Making forestry laws that keep the children warm

                                    Albania has severe winters, especially in northern areas.
                                    But Pal Coku, chairman of the Ulëz commune is calmer
                                    this year. Although a myriad of other problems are there
                                    to be resolved, at least children at school will be warm.

    Pal has been able to provide fire                                                           future work to improve management of
    wood timely to the school this year,                         SNv in Albania                 the resources and increase their revenue
    because now the forests are under the                                                       potential. The participatory process has
    administration of the commune.                                                              the added value of not only increasing
        ‘Before I was obliged to wait for                                                       ownership through the process of
    the funds from the government to be               More than 60% of the total forest         identifying boundaries and individual
    delivered then buy the wood in the             area is transferred into the ownership       usufruct rights, but also exposing the
    market at an expensive price’, he              of 330 communes (before 100% owned           community to ideas of sustainable
    explained.                                     by state). About 3500 villages and           management practices.’
       ‘Now, I can take the wood from the          250 thousand families will broaden              SNv and SIDA are now supporting
    forests of the commune at a cheaper            their agricultural farms with two very       discussion through forest users
    price and quicker.’                            important components: forest and             (organized in 200 associations
       Ulëz is one of the 330 Albanian             pastures estimated as key resources for      at commune level, nine regional
    communes which has profited by the             livelihood in rural areas.                   federations and one national association)
    transfer of forests and pastures to local         In Ulëz, for example, 90 percent of       and the Albanian Government on the
    level management. The transfer was             its territory is covered by forests and an   need to revise forests and pasture laws
    approved by the Council of Ministers           artificial lake for the hydro central.       and regulations.
    last year.                                         ‘The transfer of ownership and              The analysis reports prepared by
       The government decision concluded a         usufruct rights for forest and pasture       forestry experts argued in favour of
    long process, which began in 1996 as a         management to the Local Government           transferring not only the users’ rights,
    pilot for the transfer of usufruct rights      Units (LGUs) provides better incentives      but also the ownership of the pasture
    to 30 communes, part of the Albanian           to manage and protect these resources,       and forest land.
    Forestry Project (AFP) initiated by            which are now closer to the people that         ‘The difference is clear’, said Pal Coku.
    the World Bank and later on strongly           use them,’ said Janaq Male, SNv adviser      ‘It is the difference between someone
    supported by SNv through capacity              in collaborative management forestry.        who has nothing and someone who
    building programme to Forests and                 ‘LGUs and FPUAs have gained               has property. People now will see those
    Pastures Users Associations (FPUAs)            important skills and experience through      lands as their own and will therefore
    and other actors involved in the               dozens of training and coaching              take better care to protect them.’
    process.                                       sessions, which is a good base for their

    News                                                                  Dutch MEPs learn about SNV Balkans
                                                                          A delegation of Dutch Mem-            The MePs, who were on
                                                                          bers of the european Parlia-      their way to meet Prime Min-
                                                                          ment (MePs) on a fact-finding     ister Sali Berisha, were also
                                                                          and networking mission to Al-     keen to discover the extent of
                                                                          bania met with a small group      our advocacy agenda vis-à-vis
                                                                          from SNv in Tirana recently.      the european Union.
                                                                             The discussion focused on         SNv reiterated its position of
                                                                          SNv’s work in Albania and the     non-interference in the politi-
                                                                          Balkans. The MePs showed          cal affairs of a host nation, but
                                                                          considerable interest in such     sought to provide a compre-
                                                                          issues as societal evolutions,    hensive picture of the devel-
                                                                          civil and human rights, politi-   opment challenges with which
                                                                          cal processes, religious toler-   we have to deal in Albania.
                                                                          ance, and economic develop-
    Round table: Aurel Jupe & Jack Cortenraad introduce the work of SNV

Working for a prosperous rural future in the Balkans

                                                                                                Local people used to know
                                                                                                what their forest covered.
                                                                                                Now is a good time for us to
                                                                                                try to use products from our
                                                                                                forests so that we discover
                                                                                                again their richness and try to
                                                                                                earn additional income from
                                                                                                them. If we do so, we won’t
                                                                                                diminish our forests, and our
                                                                                                forests won’t allow us to be

                                                                                                Nedeljko Ilić
                                                                                                Pribeljci villager

                                                             Connecting: Spreading the
                                                             word, and including everyone
                                                             in the discussions and
                                                             planning, from young to old.

Working together to add value and increase income
LOCAL vILLAGerS in Bosnia and
                                                   SNv in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Herzegovina are developing new ways of
working together to raise their incomes
from medicinal and aromatic plants, with
the help of SNv.                                ‘This is where SNv got involved at the
 In an area where almost 25% of the           request of the municipality’, said Nenad
population is unemployed, SNv is              Buzanin, SNv adviser in Banja Luka
working with the municipality of Šipovo          ‘We were invited to support and
to overcome the poverty that has              facilitate a value Chain Development
stricken this region after the closure or     process in Sipovo on medicinal and
destruction of large, pre-war industrial      aromatic plants, making sure that all
facilities.                                   interested groups were included.’
  Before the war, Bosnia & Herzegovina           ‘The final part of this process would
was one of the main producers of              be a strategic plan which prioritised
medical and aromatic plants and other         value chains in the MAP sector identified
non timber forest products in the former      by the local actors themselves.’              wholeheartedly embraced the process
Yugoslavia.                                     It wasn’t a simple task.                    for developing a vCD Strategic planning
  Two major efforts were made in 1997         representatives of local collectors, and      process on specific MAP/NTFP.
and 2004 to revitalise the industry in        processors of medical and aromatic               ‘This is one of the first steps towards
Šipovo, but with little effect.               plants and non timber forest products         the creation of a sustainable and pro-
  ‘Our region offers optimal conditions       were brought together with the                poor value Chain through which local
for organic and clean production of these     Municipality Department for Agriculture       people will be able to defend their
goods, but we lack organizing, proper         & Forestry, Local Forest Management           rights and raise their incomes as true
education and certification of the citizens   Unit, Women Association ASTrA,                partners to market-oriented large scale
in this sector,’ said municipal official,     environmental Association rODNI KrAJ          companies & processors’, Nenad Buzanin
Danijela Plavisic.                            to form a working group to steer through      said.
  In both the previous attempts               the process.                                     ‘The process will not be easy, as
the problem lay in the big gap                  Several steps later, including producing    expectations were not met twice before,’
between collectors and processors.            a guide for collection and use of MAP/        acknowledged Nenad, ‘but a good
The importance of local collectors            NTFP, three educational workshops, &          foundation has been laid, and it is now
in the production chain was totally           four round tables in local communities,       up to all involved, with the assistance of
underestimated.                               and six radio shows, local villagers          SNv, to make it succeed.’

    Forestry in Macedonia and Montenegro

                                                                                            tools, vehicles, and other costs like
                                                                                              Following a request from NAPFO,
                                                                                            SNv prepared an education programme
                                                                                            on forest fire protection. This was
                                                                                            developed together with the Global
                                                                                            Forest Fire Monitoring Centre (GFMC)
                                                                                            under the umbrella of UN.
                                                                                              First, SNv organized a national
                                                                                            meeting with stakeholders responsible
                                                                                            for tackling forest fires—the Forest
                                                                                            sector in the Ministry, State Company
                                                                                            for forest management, Forestry
                                                                                            inspectorate, Direction on saving and
                                                                                            protection, Centre for crisis management
                                                                                            and Fire Brigades authorities. The
                                                                                            meeting analysed the fire prevention
    Keeping Macedonia’s forests free from fire                                              system and discussed options of better
                                                                                            inclusion of private forest owners,
    Forestry owners in Macedonia are                                                        making use of this large human resource
    working with SNv, local government,                      SNv in Macedonia
                                                                                            in the rural areas.
    and forestry associations to protect their                                                In February, training programmes
    forests from the danger of fire.                                                        took place in Berovo, Bogomila and
       Trajce Danoski and Lube Micevski are      helped to safeguard our forests,’ they     Debarca. From the three groups a total
    neighbours in Bogomila. Both of them         said.                                      of 40 participants attended an education
    have some forests as family property           According to Peter Kampen, SNv           programme prepared by Nikola Nikolov,
    and are members of the National              Senior Forestry Adviser in Skopje,         a professor at the Forestry Faculty in
    Association of Private Forest Owners         the fire’s of the previous year were a     Skopje and coordinator of the regional
    (NAPFO) in Macedonia. They have a            wake-up call. ‘It became very clear        Network of GFMCs.
    local branch in Bogomila with over 100       that State and other structures need         On the second day of the programme,
    members, all of which are forest owners.     to better involve people in a proper       local authorities and stakeholders were
       This summer they have been able to        system of fire protection, especially      invited to take part in group work to
    protect their forests in their area better   people living in rural areas’, he said.    identifying weak points and needs for
    from the fires. It was the first time that     And Saso Petrovski, another SNv          improvement of forest fire protection in
    they and some other people from the          Senior Forestry Adviser in Skopje,                      their place of living.
    village were included in the                                                                            1,000 brochures with
    forest fire protection group                                                                         basic knowledge for forest
    organised by the Municipality.                                                                       fires prevention measures
       ‘We attended an SNv                                                                               and different tactics for
    program on forest fire                                                                               fighting forest fires were
    protection’, said Lube. ‘Now                                                                         distributed on meetings in
    we know better how to protect                                                                        branches where education
    our forests and the local                                                                            programmes were held and
    government is cooperating                                                                            also to whole structure of
    with us.’                                                                                            NAPFO.
       In the corner of their                                                                               The programme ended in
    modest association office                                                                            2008 with a second national
    room, the joint NAPFO,                                                                               workshop in which the
    SNv poster “Our forests are                                                                          results of the programme
    burning as well” is displayed.                                                                       were shared and discussed
       The situation this summer                                                                         with stakeholders. As a result
    was less dramatic than in                                                                            the group of Bogomila is now
    2007 when thousand ha                                                                   included in the forest fire prevention
    forests were burned and about €400,000       pointed out the importance of getting      group of their Municipality. They function
    were spent in effort to bring the flames     the structures right. ‘It was not only a   as early warning, early fire fighting and
    under control.                               question of organising communities,        a forest fire protection group.
       ‘This was partly because the weather      but also of training, clear hierarchy,
    conditions were better, but also the         equipment, health insurance
    improved organisation and cooperation        and ultimately, compensation for

‘There is so little we can do by
ourselves, but so much we can
achieve when we get together”.
Nedjeljko Strunjas, who owns a
small forest in Savnik, seems truly
convinced while saying that.
  We met him in Berane together
with other private forest owners
who responded positively to an SNV
                                                                                  From inner
proposal to discuss the establishing
of the National Association                                                       strength
of Private Forest Owners in
  One third of Montenegro’s forest
                                                                                  to national
area is private, but the private
forests show substantial differences
in comparison to the state-owned
forest with regard to forest types,                                               legislation
production potential and quantity
and quality of growing stocks.          administration and private owners.
  For a long time the private           It is also a stepping stone towards              SNV in Montenegro
forests have been affected by           developing new forest legislation, a
felling, clearing, pruning, and usage   national forest strategy and action
as pasture. As a consequence,           programme, institutional reforms,      PFO provided us with the awareness
predominant parts of the private        and corresponding capacity             of the inner strength we carry
forests is degraded and dominated       building.                              within’, said Mirsad Muric, another
by coppice forests.                       In order to stimulate                private forester.
  But private forests still play an     communication and facilitate             Mihailo Dondic added ‘Creation of
important role in the household         dialogue in a structured and           the PFO provides the opportunity to
economy of forest owners, as well       constructive way, SNV assisted         stop practicing polarisation, and to
as the local and regional economy       establishing 12 municipal              start cooperating for joint interests’.
and development. They are also          organizations of private forest
central to the preservation and         owners.
protection of the environment.            The organisations will act as
And excluding them from the             advocators for their interests
development processes will do little    and will cooperate with forest
to contribute to poverty reduction.     administrations at local level.
  SNV, together with its partners         Two remaining municipal
Lux Development and its ‘Forest         organizations are still to be
sector development in Montenegro’       established.
(FODeMO) project, assisted the            At the beginning of August
Montenegrin Government to design        last year, National private forest
a National Forestry Policy with the     owners’ association has been
participation of all interest groups.   established, serving as an umbrella
  Through this inclusive process,       organisation for the municipal
the Government recognised the           ones. Its voice has already been
importance of private forestry as an    heard and its representatives
integral part of the forest sector in   were included in the development
Montenegro.                             processes of the new forest
  Approved in 2008 by the               legislation. The same is expected
                                                                                 Working out the details: it’s a far
Government, the Policy serves           to be the case when development          cry from the forest, but essential to
as a platform for widening              of national forestry strategy and        preserve the forest heritage

the cooperation and building            action programme will start.
partnership between forest                ‘Establishing the Association of


     A short extract from the                              He eU reference Guide is part of      available funds relevant to the local au-
                                                           SNv’s ‘Localisation of the eU’ ini-   thorities.
     english version of the eU                             tiative. It was developed to help       The guide offers information about the
     reference Guide to the eU                     municipalities to learn more about the        eU’s history, institutions, organisations,
                                                   eU accession process in general and to        structure, legislation and funds. It also
     accession process.
                                                   strengthen the capacities they need for       gives an overview of BiH’s path to the eU
                                                   successful preparation.                       with current status.
     This extract deals with                          This Guide is a set of three publica-        The importance of involving local au-
                                                   tions intended to help local government       thorities more in the eU accession pro-
     some of the issues related                    officials, councillors as well as all other   cess has also been recognized by SNv
     to forestry and agricultural                  relevant parties which are interested to      in Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and
                                                   learn more about the eU, its institutions,    BiH. To date, however, only in BiH has
     products.                                                                                   SNv succeeded in signing a cooperation
                                                   legislatives, directives, regulations and

     Rural development and local au-               available for investments to improve the      workshops, cooperation with local actors
     thorities                                     processing and marketing of agricultural      and stakeholders as well as practical
        Although in most rural areas the           products. They had to contribute to one       guideline on landscape management in
     primary sector has become less impor-         or more objectives, including applying        rural areas.
     tant in terms of its economic weight and      new technologies, improving and moni-            The areas in question are being
     share in employment, agriculture and          toring quality, encouraging the devel-        abandoned and the traditional land-use
     forestry are the main land users and          opment of new outlets for agricultural        practice of farming is declining. This was
     play a key role in the management of          products, and protecting the environ-         because an increasing number of people
     the natural resources in rural areas and      ment.                                         were leaving the area. Small tourist en-
     in determining the rural landscape and                                                      terprises in peripheral rural areas faced
     cultural heritage.                            EU examples of involvement of lo-             therefore difficulties in finding skilled
        even with its reduced share in the         cal authorities in projects for local         personnel with good language skills. An-
     overall economic activities in rural areas    development                                   other problem was that visitors preferred
     these interdependencies mean that ag-                                                       to reside in holiday villages or hotels
     riculture still has a valuable contribution   Case 3: Crossplan: integrated participa-      instead of spend their holidays on farms.
     to make to the socioeconomic develop-         tory planning in forest and rural areas       This created a problematic situation for
     ment of rural areas and full realisation of                                                 small tourist enterprises that cannot
     the growth potential of rural areas.            Crossplan was a eU project set up to        compete with big hotel chains.
        The viability of rural areas cannot de-    develop and investigate new approaches           In Finland, the University of Oulu coor-
     pend on agriculture alone, but to ensure      in participatory landscape planning in        dinated the project, local partner organi-
     agriculture’s role in protecting the rural    Finland, Sweden and Norway.                   zations were created in each intervention
     environment, in producing safe and high         The project sought to improve the eco-      area. Additional funding was secured
     quality food and in contributing to main-     nomic situation in these areas by finding     from the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture
     taining the attractiveness of rural areas     new ways of involving local populations       and Forestry a from the regional council
     for young people and new residents,           in forestry and land-use planning. As a       of Northern Ostrobothnia.
     rural development policy has to place         result, the project wanted to ensure the         The focus was on the environmentally
     agriculture in its broader rural context.     conservation of the natural environment       pressured region of vuokatti, a region
        equally, rural development policy has      and secure landscape issues.                  hosting skiers. The project facilitated di-
     an essential role to play in promoting          The project received funding from           alogues between forest planners, public
     the viable rural areas and communities        the european Fund for regional De-            environmental authorities and landown-
     on which a healthy agricultural sector        velopment (180.000 euro or 50% of             ers to better implement landscape issues
     depends.                                      co-financing) as it was implemented in        in forest management.
                                                   regions that were recognized as regions          The implementation of the project
       Specific support areas are forestry         with specific needs under the Structural      was not that successful, the local public
     and agricultural products                     Funds. The set up was transnational           showed little interest in participating
                                                   because this was the only way to have         in workshops and seminars. This was
        Forestry: support for forestry (eU for-    access to eU funds under the Northern         partially because people in the area were
     estry strategy) is aimed at ensuring the      Periphery Programme. There was no             tired of such public meetings following a
     protection and sustainable management         private funding                               recent investigation for a highway.
     and development of the eU’s forests.            Other goals of the project were:               Field visits and forest inventories
     The strategy focuses on the essential         the integration of forestry and nature        became very expensive and took a lot of
     ecological, economic and social role of       conservation, tourism issues in land-         time because of land ownership distribu-
     forests (recognising their multifunction-     scape planning, the development of new        tion in the region: about 100 landowners
     ality).                                       knowledge for sustainable land-use plan-      had properties within a area of 1.000 ha.
                                                   ning, environmentally friendly tourism           In the end, four community plans were
       Processing and marketing of agricul-        in peripheral areas and the exchange          developed, making use of new computer
     tural products: adapting production to        of know-how between different interest        tools, such as 3-D Analysis and modern
     market developments, researching new          groups.                                       GIS, for the preparation of forest and
     commercial outlets and adding values to         To achieve these goals, the following       land use plans.
     agricultural products are all important       activities were undertaken: the devel-           In Sweden, the project was executed
     in helping to raise the competitiveness       opment of new models for landscape            by the Swedish Agricultural University
     of the sector. Aids have been made            planning and forestry, meetings and           in Umea. The forest industry plays an

agreement between relevant partners in        law and policy making; the eU addresses
the process.                                  these fields only through other policies,
  SNv also has its own development            such as environment and rural develop-
agenda, which is focused more on a            ment.
number of sectors (tourism, timber and          We are glad to provide you with a frag-
non-timber forest products, agriculture,      ment from this guide, which was launched
drinking water) under a rural develop-        in December in Sarajevo and soon will be
ment umbrella.                                published in Albanian, Macedonian and
  Although this defined the scope of the      Montenegrin.
reference guide it was not possible to
cover all these areas extensively. One        To receive a copy of the guide contact
reason is that the eU does not treat          SNv in your country or download an
forestry or tourism as specific fields for    english version at www.snvbalkans.org

important role in the region, with the        between forest owners. Cooperation           floods in romania, Moldavia and Ukraine
mostly privately owned forests covering       between them was required due to the         of August 2008.
60% of the total land area. The tour-         small size of the properties (approxi-          Actions are coordinated by the eU’s
ism industry was also growing and was         mately 50 ha each).                          Monitoring and Information Centre
regarded as one of the most promising            Involvement in regional planning          (MIC). Any country affected by a major
industries in the sparely populated area      was voluntary, therefore complicating        disaster – inside or outside the eU – can
(4 inhabitants per sq m) with few indus-      the planning process on a larger scale.      launch a request for assistance through
trial sites.                                  Crossplan aimed at bringing together         the MIC ( http://ec.europa.eu/environ-
   In Sweden, the project focuses on          different interest groups, such as for-      ment/civil/prote/mic.htm ).
forest tourism as a source of income for      est owners, public authorities and local        There are, however, also examples
the local population, working in partner-     entrepreneurs together to develop new        where cities have secured funds, for in-
ship with five tourist enterprises (family    activities such as tourism.                  stance to address cross-border problems
business). In Sweden, the ‘Common                The project succeeded in initiating       (see Life + http://ec.europa.eu/environ-
right of Access’ plays a significant role     better communication between forest          ment/life/funding/lifeplus/ .
in nature tourism as it allows people to      owners and other stakeholders. Several          This environmental programme has
move freely inside the forests, collect       individual forest management plans           been of benefit to many local authorities
fruits, camp and exercise. Private tour-      were created (also using the new com-        in the eU. The present programme (only
ist entrepreneurs mostly have to make         puter tools).                                for eU member states) has launched
use of their neighbour’s land for tourist        Overall, the participatory planning was   a new call in which public bodies (but
activities such as hiking, hunting or         not always successful and, in some case,     also NGOs and private companies) can
canoeing.                                     even had a negative effect. Several          participate.
   Therefore, communication and coop-         landowners increased the amount of              The components for the 2008 call are:
eration between landowners is neces-          harvesting timber after public participa-       (1) LIFe+ Nature and Biodiversity
sary to assure the sustainability of the      tion, fearing more constraints as a result   (Best practice and/or demonstration
landscape and natural resources. If a         of new forest management plans. The          projects contributing to the implemen-
neighbouring landowner deforests his          communication between the differ-            tation of the objectives of the Birds
property, the tourism entrepreneur            ent groups of interest was difficult due     and Habitats Directives (Council Di-
faces enormous difficulties because the       to their varying interests. Landowners       rectives 79/409 eeC and 92/43/eeC)
landscape he is advertising has sud-          were not interested in transnational         and Demonstration and/or innovation
denly lost its attraction. As a result, the   exchanges. Some Norwegian stakehold-         projects contributing to the implementa-
university published an academic report       ers said they were too involved in their     tion of the objectives of the Commission
with five case studies that were of little    own problems and basically did not care      Communication COM (2006) 216 final:
use for the involved local tourism entre-     about forest management practices in         “Halting the loss of Biodiversity by 2010
preneurs.                                     Sweden. As such, the project was more        – and beyond”.
   In Norway the Centre for rural re-         of benefit to the researchers.                  (2) LIFe+ environment Policy and
search at the Norwegian University of            Source: case studies from IIASA           Governance (Demonstration and/or in-
Science and Technology in Trondheim           research, executed in 2002. Authors:         novation projects related and projects
executed the project with the Forest          Wickenhagen, A; Pontieri, A and Heilg        contributing to the monitoring of the
Owner Association.                            G.K.                                         environmental status of forests within
   This association covers an area of                                                      the european Union territory.
approximately 120 million square km           EU funds                                        (3) LIFe+ Information and Commu-
in the centre of Norway. It had 10.872                                                     nication (Communication and aware-
members in 2000 of which most are pri-          Civil protection: http://ec.europa.        ness raising campaigns related to the
vate forest owners. Over the past years,      eu/environment/civil/index.htm.              implementation, updating and develop-
the association gained in importance            Civil protection programmes in general     ment of european environmental policy
when forest owners left rural areas and       run through national authorities and         and legislation and awareness raising
moved to cities, handing the manage-          address major crisis and disasters , such    campaigns for the prevention of forest
ment and the monitoring of their prop-        as floods, earthquakes, forest fires.        fires and training for forest fire agents.
erties to the association.                      They allow for a fast response mobilis-    All information about the funding in the
   The project was integrated in the          ing the civil protection and humanitarian    field of environment (this can also mean
work of the association and served            aid services of the member states and        funding in funding programmes other
to strengthen participatory planning          their equipment. A recent example is the     than the specific life programme)


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