Starting the School Year Right: Lesson A - Getting Started and Getting to Know Each Other by TeachTCI

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									StartIng the School Year

Getting Started and Getting to                                                A
Know Each Other

Why should you care about how you

Overview                                                         Materials

Students are immersed into the learning procedures,              •“Get an Autograph”
theories, and classroom behaviors that will be used for          sheet (1 per student)
the coming school year.                                          •Visuals A1-A7
                                                                 •Master A1: Role
Preview Students meet/greet each other in an autograph           Cards
activity                                                         •Student Access to
                                                                 desktop publishing
Activity In a Visual Discovery, students will analyze a          software
series of images related to the class including                  OR
expectations and a preview of activities to come.                •Plain paper, glue
                                                                 sticks, and colored
Processing Students will create a notebook cover which           pencils.
shares some details about themselves.

In the course of this lesson and participating classroom
activity, students will
• analyze the importance of knowing each other in a
collaborative atmosphere
• describe the expectations for behavior in class.
• explain how following directions and having respect for
one another will make for a better class experience.

                                           Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   1

Suggested time: 10 minutes

1. Greet Students at the Door. Make sure to introduce
   yourself to each student as they enter class. Begin
   now learning their names and creating an inviting
   atmosphere in your class.

2. Have students complete “Get An Autograph.”
   Distribute “Get An Autograph” sheet to each student
   as they enter into class.

3. Explain the importance of knowing each other.
   Tell students that they will be working with each
   other throughout the year in various grouping                   “Get An Autograph”
   configurations. It will be important to know each                    Handout
   other well to build trust and mutual respect.

Visual Discovery
Suggested time: 20 minutes

1. Explain the visual discovery to class. Invite the
   students to analyze Visual A1 of students engaged in
   class. Challenge the students to answer the following
• What do you see in this image?
• What are the students doing?
• What is the role of the teacher?
• How would you describe the level of attention from
   the students?
• What classroom expectations do you think are
   present to allow this activity to take place?
                                                                       Visual A1
2. Introduce the classroom expectations to students.
   Have students review your classroom expectations or
   rules . Tell the students that the next series of images
   in class will depict an activity they will do this year.
   Each image will contain a clue to one of the three
   classroom expectations that will be highlighted.
   Their job is to figure out which classroom expectation
   is highlighted.

                                            Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   2

3. Project image of Visual A2: Students Working in
   Pairs. Encourage the students to carefully analyze
   Visual A2.
• Challenge students to discuss with a neighbor what
   students are doing.
• Have students stand up and point (from their seats) to
   an example of respect being shown in the image.                     Visual A2
• Encourage students to discuss in small groups what
   might happen next (between the pair with a yellow
   dot) if one of the pair were disrespectful. What            Image Suggestion
   would the next picture look like?
• Project Visual A3 and stress to students how                 Swap out the images used
   important it is that they be respectful of one another      in the Slide Share
   and you as their teacher. Generous respect will allow       document for images of
                                                               actual activities you will
   for trust to build in class and a greater diversity of      do in class. Try to
   activities in class.                                        include an image that
                                                               would also include you.

4. Project image of Visual A4: Students Teasing at
• Have students take out a scrap piece of paper and
   draw, using stick figures, a rough sketch of this
• Tell the students to add a speech or thought bubble to
   each student in the picture with what they think the
                                                                       Visual A4
   student would be saying or thinking.
• Encourage a few students to share their image;
   pointing out examples where the yellow dotted                  Going Digital
   student is saying something related to a put-down or            Suggestion
• Project Visual A5 and stress to the students how             Use
   important it is that everyone be respectful and to be       and have the students
                                                               text in what they think is
   very careful not to tease in a way that is hurtful.
                                                               being thought or said by
• Ask the students for some examples of playful and            one of the pictured
   okay teasing vs. hurtful comments. What is the              students. Choose a few
   difference?                                                 examples to be

                                           Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   3

5. Project image of Visual A6: Students Engaged in
   Group Activity.
• Conduct an Act-it-Out with the students by having
   some volunteers “step into” the image and assume the
   role of an individual pictured.
• Pass out role cards to participating students. Have
   students review their role card carefully and if
   necessary, use it as their script when selected to                  Visual A6
   “come to life” by the teacher.
• Explain to the rest of the class that the actors in front
   will become a talking statue when touched by you.
   The characters will come to life and share a thought,
   suggestion, or reaction to something that just
• Make sure that the student actors understand that they
   are to follow the directions on Act-it-Out Role Cards
   when they are tapped by you. One by one, tap each
   student with a role card. Start with the student who           Master A1: Role Cards
   has Role Card A, and progress in order from there.
   Move quickly through the students so the scene
   unfolds naturally as it would in class.
• After the act-it-out, ask the class to identify where the
   group activity started to go wrong. What was the
   point of disruption? What would be the
   consequences? How would it be different if the
   person dotted in yellow reacted differently? Project
   Visual A7 and review.

6. Summarize the Rules for Class. Have the students
   get into a large circle. Have each student use a word
   to describe something they think of when they think
   about the classroom expectations based on today.

                                            Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   4

Suggested time: 10 minutes to start in class; homework

1. Pass out materials for notebook coversheet.
   Explain that in the next lesson, students will learn
   about the Interactive Student Notebook (or ISN).
   They will learn the procedures as well as do the initial

2. Show students a sample cover sheet. Using a
   previous student or your own, show the students a
   sample notebook including a custom cover.

3. Challenge the students to create a cover for their
   own notebook. Using the materials you’ve brought
   or alternately using tech resources, have the students
   create a custom cover for their notebook that includes
   the following information:
• Their name prominently sized
• Bell or Period
• School Appropriate images that would highlight 2-3
   interests or hobbies.

                                                                     Sample Notebook

                                                                   Going Digital
                                                                Have students use digital
                                                                publishing tools to create
                                                                their notebook cover.
                                                                PowerPoint, Photoshop,
                                                                or others are excellent

                                            Basic Training: Starting the School Year Right   5
                       Get the Autograph of Someone Who...
 For each of the 35 categories below, find someone in the class who fits the description. Before you get
 his or her autograph, you must shake the person’s hand and introduce yourself (“Hello, my name is . . . ”)
 and ask one question about the item the person is signing. For example, for the first category about leaving
 the state, you might ask, “Where did you go?” You are allowed only two signatures from the same person.
 You will have to circulate throughout the classroom.

  1. Has left the state over the summer_______________________________________________________
  2. Has the same shoe size as you __________________________________________________________
  3. Likes to watch football _______________________________________________________________
  4. Likes to draw _______________________________________________________________________
  5. Plays a musical instrument ______________________ ______________________________________
  6. Has been to a play ___________________________________________________________________
  7. Has had braces ______________________________________________________________________
  8. Is wearing jeans _____________________________________________________________________
  9. Is in another class with you ____________________________________________________________
 10. Is new to this school _________________________________________________________________
 11. Is from a different ethnic group than you _________________________________________________
 12. Has traveled to another country ________________________________________________________
 13. Has the same color eyes as you ________________________________________________________
 14. Likes to read in bed _________________________________________________________________
 15. Was born outside the United States _____________________________________________________
 16. Likes to dance ______________________________________________________________________
 17. Has a hair style different from yours ____________________________________________________
 18. Is much taller than you _______________________________________________________________
 19. You have never spoken to before _______________________________________________________
 20. Loves history _______________________________________________________________________
 21. Dislikes history _____________________________________________________________________
 22. Has been surfing or ice skating _________________________________________________________
 23. Likes the outdoors ___________________________________________________________________
 24. Has more than two brothers and sisters ___________________________________________________
 25. Is an only child _____________________________________________________________________
 26. Likes to sing ________________________________________________________________________
 27. Speaks another language ______________________________________________________________
 28. Likes the same TV show as you_________________________________________________________
 29. Likes to swim _______________________________________________________________________
 30. Was born in the same month as you _____________________________________________________
 31. Has ridden a bike over 25 miles in one day _ ______________________________________________
 32. Knows how to sew ___________________________________________________________________
 33. Chews gum ________________________________________________________________________
 34. Likes broccoli _______________________________________________________________________
 35. Plays on a sports team ________________________________________________________________

140   Bring Learning Alive!
Visual A1
Visual A2: Students Working in Pairs
                  Visual A3

Everyone, including
 the teacher, will be
treated with respect.
Visual A4: Students Teasing at Table
                  Visual A5

    Put-downs or
 purposely hurtful
comments or actions
will not be tolerated.
Visual A6: Students Engaged in Group Activity
                 Visual A7

   No one will be
 allowed to disrupt
the learning process
      of others.
                                                                                       Master A1

 Role Card A – Yellow Dotted Student          Role Card B – Friend of Yellow Dotted
You are watching another group present
to the rest of the class. One of the          During the middle of your group’s
students is your best friend. When            presentation, your friend interrupted.
tapped by the teacher, say the following:     When tapped by the teacher laugh
                                              hysterically and exaggerated until you
“I told my friend _____ , in the middle of    are tapped again and stop abruptly.
their presentation, that she looked crazy.”

    Role Card C – Another Group                   Role Card D – Another Group
         Member Presenting                             Member Presenting

During the middle of your group’s             During the middle of your group’s
presentation, a classmate interrupted.        presentation, a classmate interrupted.
When tapped by the teacher share the          When tapped by the teacher share the
following: “Just wait until their group       following: “This is embarrassing, I’m not
goes, I’ll do the same thing to them. See     doing this anymore! I’d rather read a long
how they like that!”                          chapter and do a worksheet.”

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