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					                    Sector Jacksonville Education Update September 2010

In this Update:

   Congratulations to those passing EOCT and EPME exams, plus College Kudos!
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    FSCJ College classes at Sector Jacksonville returned August 30 – Next class starts Oct. 25 -Dec. 17th
   FY 11 Tuition Assistance funds on hold for classes 1 Oct or later
   DANTES on-line college search, career advising/search site available free ask about eDISCOVER
   ESO Testing and Advising Schedule available via email or IM request
   CG Mutual Assistance SEG grant – EASY $250.00 reimbursement for qualified educational expenses
   FAQs for ESO
   Oct 2010 RSWE ALCGRSV 027/10 and Nov 2010 SWE ALCGENL 124/10 released
   Important Post 9/11 GI Bill Hotline Phone #’s and GIBILL.VA.GOV web site

August 2010
Name                                   Test Passed

MK3 Anthony Baker                      MK2
MK2 Chris Beattie                      MK1

July 2010
Name                                   Test Passed

SK2 Demiko Chapman                     SK1
BM3 Jordan Frederick                   BM2
BM2 Zachary Wood                       NAVRUL
OS3 Michael Lucci                      SARFND
IT2 Jeffrey Beatty                     EPME6
MK1 Michael O’Connor                   NAVRUL
DC3 Stanley Harrison                   DC2
BM3 Ashley Strese                      SARFND
FS2 Steven Woitt                       EPME6
HS2 Harold Thomas                      EPME6

Degree Completed

CWO3 Steve McDonnell                   Associates in Science in Liberal Studies, Excelsior College
MST2 Macy Tumblin                      Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, American Military University
SK1 Penny Benson                       Associates in General Studies, Columbia University
Master Chief Gail Owens                Associates in Liberal Arts, Excelsior College
YN1 Faith Matuschek                    Associate in A.S. in Administrative Studies with Thomas Edison State College
MKC Paul Wagner                        Associates in Science in Liberal Studies with Excelsior College
EMC Dave Morra                         Associates in Science in Liberal Studies, Excelsior College
ME2 David Rice                         Associates in Arts in Political Science, FL State College Jacksonville

And if you’ve just finished a degree program or have any other noteworthy academic achievement to celebrate, please let
me know so you can recognize for it. Well Done!

Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ) Lunch Time classes returned August 30th – Next
class starts Oct. 25.
Florida State College Jacksonville (FSCJ) classes began 30 Aug - 24 Oct, HUM2450 Humanities in the Americas, in
Command Conference room.

The next 8 week session - BSC1005, Life in its Biological Environment + Lab starting 25 Oct.-17 Dec M/W, 1100-1200, Command
Conference room.

Also possible class “tentative” FIN2100, Personal Finance, Oct. 25-Dec.17, T/TH, 1100-1200, Command Conference room

Now is the time to complete your FSCJ placement test and apply to the college.

If you are interested in taking these courses, please email me ASAP so we can complete registration with FSCJ
representative (Mr. Jeff Schneider at NS Mayport).

FY 11 Tuition Assistance Funds on Hold
If you plan to take a class starting 1 October 2010 or later, all ETA applications are on hold. After September 15 you
should be able to input the ETA application in the system, but it will not be approved until the CG Institute authorizes FY
11 TA monies. Email or IM the ESO if you are unsure about your ETA application.

DANTES approved online Career Search, Interest Inventory, and Job Prep site FREE!
If you aren’t sure on what to obtain a degree in or which college is best for you or where to start (interest inventories), we
have free access to eDISCOVER a career planning site offered by DANTES.

Email the ESO for log-in information to the eDISCOVER site

ESO Testing and Advising Schedule available via Email
If you need to take an EOCT/EPME, college proctored exam or require college counseling or TA assistance, please email
or IM the ESO for the monthly testing schedule.

Monday’s: CLEP/DSST/AFCT and College Proctored exams 0815, by appt.; counseling/Advising/TA Asst. 1245 by appt.

Tuesday’s: EOCT/EPME 0815 by appt.; Counseling/Advising/TA Asst. 1245 by appt.

Wednesday’s Walk-in day, no appt required for EOCT/EPME testing 0815 or 1245

Thursday’s: EOCT/EPME 0815 by appt.; Counseling/Advising/TA Asst. 1245 by appt.

Friday’s: DLPT/ASTB or specialized exams (PRAXIS/ACT/SAT) 0815 by appt.

CG Mutual Assistance SEG Grant – Turn in receipts before end of CY
If you or a family member spent money on textbooks or educational items this calendar year, you may be eligible for
reimbursement up to $250.00 through the CGMA SEG grant. A simple 1 page application and receipts are required for
reimbursement. Don’t miss out and get these turned in before end of CY. See ESO for assistance with application or
contact one of the three CGMA Officers (CWO Eystad, LTJG Carlisle, or LTJG Johnson) for more details.


FAQs for ESO
   1. How do I order course study material for EOCT/EPME?
   A: Email ESO your EMPLID and course materials requested and if a Reservist, an address where the materials
   should be shipped.

   2. Will I be sitting for the SWE?
   A: The SWE message ALCGENL 124/10 outlines cut-off dates and procedures for sitting for the Nov SWE. The SPO
   manages the PDEs as outlined in ALCGENL 124/10. The ESO receives SWE’s about 3 weeks prior to the testing
   date(s) outlined in ALCGENL 124/10. Once the exams are received, members are emailed specific procedures for
   taking the exam.

   3. How do I submit a TA request via ?
   A: All TA request are submitted using the electronic tuition assistance web site (ETA). Email the ESO for an ETA
   SOP that walks you through creating a Navy Knowledge Online log in and password and directions on inputting the
   TA information in ETA .

   4. Can I get reimbursed for textbooks?
   A: The CG Mutual Assistance SEG grant will reimburse for textbooks up to $250.00 (this applies to spouse and
   dependents enrolled in their first degree program). The CG Foundation Education Grant will reimburse up to $350
   and the Vandeputten Grant is an additional $500.

   5. How do I schedule an EOCT or EPME exam or DANTES exam?
   A: IM or email the ESO to coordinate a date/time. ESO will email/IM testing schedule.

October 2010 Reserve Servicewide ALCGRSV 027/10 and November 2010 Active Duty Service
wide ALCGENL 124/10 released

The October 2010 RSWE message ALCGRSV 027/10 and November 2010 Active Duty SWE ALCGENL 124/10 have
been released.

Please read and adhere to all deadlines! RSWE exams usually arrive about 3 weeks prior to test date 16 Oct 2010.

Reservists can find more details updated soon on the Reserve ESO web page:

Important GI Bill web site and DVA GI Bill Hotline phone #’s
The best source for current information on the Post 9/11 GI BILL is the VA website at HTTP://WWW.GIBILL.VA.GOV

GI Bill Hotline Phone #’s 888-442-4551 and 800-527-1000 - now available to take calls from Monday through Friday.

Transfer benefits at          instructions below:


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