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					Fit body radiated beauty
By moh kudori
Health is a pearl, creating a physically fit body will appear to look leaner and outside the sexi
Walking or jogging in the morning is done by most people play basketball and other sport with friends
but if you want to look sleek and have the muscle, the best thing to do is sign up and workout in the
fitness one

Before the exercise should first consult with the experts as taking medication should consult the same
doctor. Premature death and many diseases can be prevented by improving health through physical
exercise is sport, in this way can a person feel happier and dignity of depression or stress . This is the
way of a good lifestyle and active will be undertaken by most people to live longer
Cardiovascular exercise and weight is the best exercise that can increase the ratio of muscle to help burn
fat and calories will help you lose weight and increase body metabolism is good

. Exercise gradually be done for someone just starting an exercise, if you first do a lot of exercise and
muscle pull or injury makes this is a very bad result. Do repeatedly is better for beginners because of the
endurance that he has can not be up within one day
To increase endurance should be done to focus on specific parts such as stomach exercises can give one
a chest pack by going to the gym to do exercises that
Beauty from the inside it means a lot that can affect the outer appearance, so it is not enough muscle
premises have a beautiful view it
There are a few tips that can be done to keep it beautiful and healthy
Reading comics and reading another book, can menjag mind as exercise keeps the body healthy

. By doing work that can reduce stress, that is by lying in a hot tub, travel or playing games. And this is
proven as a way to reduce stress
Given the magnitude of the problem that nobody can control people is pollution. To protect from skin
damage should use beauty products that contain antioxidants if you are traveling or out rumah.anda
dpat also use other products according to your taste and your doctor's instructions
health busy people who ruin themselves, their activities such as smoking or drinking. For pregnant
women and patients with lung cancer in smoking bans for not so drinking can lead to the same thing
Research has shown that passive smoking can also develop cancer from inhaling secondary smoke.
people who do not smoke should stay away from smokers
As the cover says, start your day with a day of positive ideas as has been pointed out by researchers in
the exercise that a person will feel happier and also make a healthy smile, the effect is the same. With a
smile will give a clear view of your day to day and friends around the other

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