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									           Engagement Diary • Oct – Dec 2008
                                                                     WINGATES WORLD
                                                                       QUARTERLY NEWS FROM THE WORLD FAMOUS BAND                     WINGATES BAND

                                                                    Issue No. 59 SEPTEMBER 2008 COMPILED BY: NOVA ADJUTOR
                        RECORDING SESSION I FOR
                           “EXTREMES” ALBUM
 Friday     October 3                                  7:00pm
                          (WESTHOUGHTON HIGH                                                    Baton changes!
                         SCHOOL ARTS THEATRE)
                        RECORDING SESSION II FOR
Saturday    October 4                                  All day                       One day very soon, ANDREW
                                                                                     BERRYMAN will have a gold
                        RECORDING SESSION III FOR                                    medal placed around his neck.
Sunday      October 5                                  All day
                                                                                     However, it will no doubt come as no
                          “BLOCKBUSTER BRASS”                                       surprise to our readers to learn that
                           VICTORIA HALL, BOLTON
Saturday   October 25                                  7:30pm     Andy Berryman      this will not be for any form of         John Doyle
                              BOX OFFICE: 01204
                              696984/07970 131460                                  athletic prowess: Rather, it will mark
                          HYDE DISTRICT ASSEMBLY                 Andy’s 20 years of service to the HALLÉ ORCHESTRA, where he has
                        PRESENTS A REMEMBRANCE                   been the occupant of the principal trombone seat since 1988.
Sunday                     CONCERT WITH “PROMS”        7:30pm
                         (BOX OFFICE: 0161 342 3489)
                                                                 Andy’s last assignment with the Hallé will, in fact, be a prestigious tour
                             RECORDING SESSION                   of Germany and Austria, and how appropriate it is that his last concert,
              Early     (MANCHESTER STUDIOS) FOR                 after two decades, should be in a city renowned globally for its music –
 T.B.C.                                                7:00pm
            November     BBC2 PROGRAMME “LISTEN                  Vienna.
                                TO THE BAND”

            December     LONDON ASSIGNMENT FOR                                                                        Continued on Page 2
 T.B.C.                    THE MICHAEL NYMAN           T.B.C.
                             ORGANISATION                                            Join us for a musical tour of :
            December        GREAT BUDWORTH,
Thursday                                               7:30pm
               11              CHESHIRE
                         VICTORIA HALL, BOLTON 
            December    CHRISTMAS SHOW WITH “THE
Saturday                                               7:30pm
               13       HOUGHTON WEAVERS” (BOX
                           OFFICE: 01204 334400)
                           PRESTON GUILDHALL 
                        CHRISTMAS SHOW WITH “THE
               20       HOUGHTON WEAVERS” (BOX
                                                       T.B.C.    “BLOCKBUSTER BRASS”  VICTORIA HALL, BOLTON,
                           OFFICE: 01772 258858)                    25 OCTOBER  SEE PAGE 7 FOR FULL DETAILS
This imminent momentous milestone has prompted Andy to conclude
that the time has now come to take his leave of the world-famous                             Join us for one (or both!) of our
orchestra, in order to pursue some new musical challenges and
opportunities.                                                                                 two great Christmas concerts
                                                                                      with our friends and Westhoughton neighbours:
The first of these challenges – recently
accepted – is, to say the least, a most
unusual one. Andrew has signed what he
describes as “an extremely flexible contract
of indeterminate length…”, which will see
him become musical director of the police                                                     (See back page for full details)
bands in the United Arab Emirate of ABU
DHABI. Commencing at the end of January 2009, Andrew, together
with his partner, EMMA JOHNSON, will nominally be based in Abu
Dhabi, where Andrew- supported by Emma – will take on the challenge
of restructuring the various Abu Dhabi police musical ensembles, and
generally enhancing their levels of performance. This will involve
working with over 300 players, approximately half of whom comprise             1873
just one band in the capital city – quite an ensemble!

In the city of Al Ain there are various musical groups which will come       BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONS              1906,1907,1918,1921,1923,1929,1975
under Andy’s tutelage, including a large brass and wind band, a drum         BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
                                                                             NORTH-WEST AREA CHAMPIONS
corps, and – most surprisingly – a bagpipe band! (Did someone in             THE GRAND SHIELD WINNERS
                                                                             FRENCH OPEN CHAMPIONS
                                                                                                                 2004, 2006
authority in the Middle East think his name was Andy McBerryman?!)           THE SENIOR CUP                      2007
                                                                             WESTHOUGHTON CIVIC MEDAL            2007

                                                                             THE BANDROOM, WINGATES SQUARE, WESTHOUGHTON, BOLTON, BL5 3PS – 01942 819842
Emma (who has appeared frequently in the Wingates ranks on second
trombone) is to play in the Abu Dhabi band, and will make a little           ALL ENQUIRIES TO:DAVID KAYE – PRESIDENT AND TRUSTEE, APRIL COTTAGE,
                                                                             46 CHORLEY ROAD, BLACKROD, BOLTON, BL6 5JT
history when she does so, as she will be the first-ever lady to play with
any of the Emirate’s police musical ensembles. (She is going to be           MOBILE TEL:07970 131460             HOME TEL: 01204 696984
rather outnumbered, isn’t she?).                                                            VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

Andy told “WINGATES WORLD” that basically he has carte blanche to
work with the police musicians to attain the stated objectives, and we are
prompted to wonder whether money will be no object in this regard, as

Page 2                                                                                                                                        Page 19
BAND, (on the “wrong side” of the Pennines, of course!) she decided it     appears to be the case in another recent high-profile Manchester – Abu
opportune to take it.                                                      Dhabi link! (Special message to Andy: If there is any chance you could
                                                                           secure Wingates sponsorship from your new Middle East friends - to the
In the meantime, two newcomers to the cornet ranks are IAN                 approximate value of the little toe of a top international striker - then that
RAISBECK, to whom we referred in our last issue, as he recently            would do nicely in keeping the band afloat for the next few years!)
married our principal baritone player, KATIE SMALLWOOD. Also in
our last issue we referred to the significant successes of the all-girl    Clearly, a very exciting new chapter in Andrew’s musical career lies
quartet, “SCHERZO BRASS”, with two of their members being in the           ahead, and he envisages that this may also open up some interesting
Wingates ranks. Emily was one of these, but we are delighted to            opportunities for Wingates players to travel to Abu Dhabi for short stays.
welcome another of the quartet, namely SARAH WATKINS.                      Indeed, that process has already commenced, as our second euphonium
                                                                           player, LIZ POPE, recently joined Andy on one of his two “trail
We also recently said our fond farewells to our second trombone player,    blazing” trips to Abu Dhabi, where she held a series of tutorials and
TOM BERRY, who felt the opportunity to join FODEN’S BAND (one              workshops.
of our historic fierce rivals in the north-west, of course!) too good to
miss.                                                                      At this point, the reader will, no doubt, be wondering what are the
                                                                           implications of Andy’s new challenge for Wingates Band. Well,
We shall also soon be saying goodbye to our flugel player, LIZI            Andrew explained that the aforementioned flexibility of contract is such
SAWYER, as she will shortly be moving to London to join her                that he confidently expects to make frequent return trips to the UK,
boyfriend who lives and works there. Again, we shall be very sorry to      enabling him to lead the band in major contests for the foreseeable
see Lizi go, as she has been a terrific member of the band for             future. We sincerely hope that this will indeed be the case, since Andy
approaching 4 years.                                                       has done a truly fantastic job for Wingates Band over the past 3 years,
                                                                           and we are anxious to maintain as strong as possible a relationship with
We are currently auditioning for replacements for Tom and Lizi, and        him. He clearly shares that sentiment, since, in an interview with
hope to bring you more news in our next issue.                             WINGATES WORLD, he said: “I have enjoyed my time with Wingates
                                                                           immensely, and I have been very proud and privileged to have been
In the meantime, we extend a warm Wingates welcome to our new              associated with such a famous band. I feel we have come a long way
players, and say “Thankyou and good luck” to those moving on to            in recent times, made a lot of progress, and have been fortunate
pastures new.                                                              enough to enjoy many exciting projects – of which the fantastic
                                                                           relationship with Michael Nyman, our various CD albums, and our
                                                                           participation in the French and US Open Championships, have been
                                                                           just a few. However, without doubt, I feel there is some unfinished
                                                                           business at Wingates Square, and I do hope it will be possible to help
                                                                           the band to more successes and new heights…” “WINGATES
                                                                           WORLD” certainly endorses that statement.

Page 18                                                                                                                                      Page 3
                                                                                again, Peter and Pauline, and we hope it won’t be too long before we
                In view of this significant development, the band’s             have the great pleasure of meeting up with you again.
                committee has decided that, henceforth, Andrew should
                be designated as our PRINCIPAL CONDUCTOR, to be                 (Footnote: Mention of BEN BYERS – a legendary figure in the history
                supported by a newly-appointed ASSOCIATE                        of Wingates, and a member of the truly remarkable Byers “clan” -
                CONDUCTOR, who will be responsible for carrying                 reminds us that we were delighted to welcome Ben’s 82 year old
                out much of the groundwork with the band, taking over           daughter, NORA SMITH, and her daughter Linda, at the Rivington
                the baton for the regular twice-weekly rehearsals (many         Barn concert on September 3rd. Quite a few members of the extensive
more ahead of major contests), and leading the band in concerts where           Byers dynasty are members of our Supporters’ Club, and maintaining
Andrew is not available.                                                        contact with descendants of the Wingates players of yesteryear is a most
                                                                                important aspect of our activities).
That new appointment has been accepted by JOHN DOYLE, who,
despite being of relatively tender years for undertaking the
responsibilities of conducting a top band (he is 29) comes to Wingates                                       Player News
with an extremely fine pedigree.
                                                                                                       With 28 players in the band, and a very young
Earlier in 2008, John left BLACK DYKE band, having been the flugel                                     age profile, frequent changes to the band
horn player at Queensbury for over 9 years, and having won all the top                                 personnel line-up are inevitable, for a diversity of
honours in British banding during that time. Prior to joining Black                                    reasons.
Dyke, John had spells with Fairey’s and Freckleton bands, and
commenced his banding career with Lostock Hall Memorial Band in his                                     In the wake of PETER MOORE’S tremendous
home town of Preston.                                                           success, so much has happened, and life has become so frenetic for the
                                                                                whole family that mum JANE has decided she needs to “take a
We will tell you a little more about our new associate conductor in our         breather” from her own active banding activities. Jane has been a
next issue, but, in the meantime, it is clear that John Doyle is delighted at   valued member of our cornet section since Peter joined the band over
the opportunity of joining our famous and historic band, and he is most         two years ago, and we record our thanks to her for her many
anxious to sieze this opportunity to develop his conducting career.             contributions to the Wingates cause. We hope her sabbatical will only
                                                                                be a temporary one, and perhaps we can welcome her back to the
On his new appointment with Wingates, John told the band media: “I am           Wingates ranks at some point in the future.
absolutely overjoyed to be offered the position of Associate Conductor
with this great band. Working with this fantastically-talented team of          Another change in the cornet ranks is the departure of our assistant
musicians, back room staff, and Andy Berryman, will be an exciting              principal cornet, EMILY DODSWORTH. Emily, who hails from
time in my career, and, I am in no doubt, one of the most successful.           Ross-on-Wye, recently completed her music studies in Manchester, and
This band has been turning heads in the brass band movement for                 early in 2009 will take up an appointment in Yorkshire. Accordingly,
                                                                                when the opportunity came to join ROTHWELL TEMPERANCE

Page 4                                                                                                                                          Page 17
                   Two extraordinary supporters                            some time now, and I want to continue the hard-working traditions
                                                                           that have become synonymous with Wingates”.
On countless occasions we have written in these columns of the
important rôle which the band’s Supporters’ Club plays in the              Speaking of John’s appointment, Andrew Berryman commented: “John
perpetuation of the Wingates story. With around 1000 members, the          has been conducting the band whilst I have been away working on
Supporters’ Club includes many wonderful people who have provided          other projects, and his enthusiasm and work ethic with the band is
magnificent support for the band in a diversity of ways.                   second to none. He really does make rehearsals fun, and I cannot
                                                                           think of any other young conductor who is making such an impact on
                          Two such very special folk are PETER and         the brass band movement at this time”, whilst band Chairman BARRY
                          PAULINE HAYTON, who are long-time                BENTLEY added: “John fits in perfectly with the band at this exciting
                          members of our “international division”.         time. He and Andy Berryman work perfectly together, and the band is
                          Originally hailing from the north-east of        sure to move forward under the direction of these two young innovative
                          England, Peter and Pauline have lived for        and enthusiastic musicians”.
many years in Naples, Florida, from where they have supported us in
most generous and enthusiastic fashion. Although we have been in
receipt of their many kindnesses for a long time now, perhaps the most                                 Peter’s “P.S.”
remarkable aspect of their support is the commitment they have shown to
travelling to support Wingates whenever possible.                          The lead story in our last issue highlighted the
                                                                           tremendous success of our 12 years old solo trombone,
A few years back, when we last appeared in the finals of the National      PETER MOORE, in becoming the youngest-ever
Brass Band Championships at London’s Albert Hall, Peter and Pauline        winner of the BBC YOUNG MUSICIAN OF THE
came over to cheer us on. Then, last November, when we performed in        YEAR AWARD. We concluded our piece by saying
the 2007 US Open Brass Band Championships, they made the long              that, in this issue, we would give you a taste of the
journey from Florida to Chicago. Completing this remarkable “hat           many exciting things which have happened for Peter in
trick” of marathon journeys, we were delighted to welcome Peter and        the wake of his historic achievement. Well, first and foremost, there
Pauline in Manchester for the Bridgewater Hall concert on 3rd              have been two high-profile appearances on national TV for Peter, and no
September.                                                                 doubt many of our supporters saw one, or both, of these. Firstly, on
                                                                           Sunday August 24th, Peter took part in the official “HANDOVER
Not content with simply turning up to support their favourite band, they   PARTY” for the London 2010 Olympics, where he played in front of a
also presented us with a marvellous gift – an excellently-preserved copy   40,000 crowd in the Mall, rubbed shoulders with numerous great sport
of the band’s 1931 recording (on the REGAL label) of “THE JOKER”,          stars, pop stars and other famous personalities, and was interviewed live
written by Harold Moss, and played by the band’s solo trombone, Ben        by Claudia Winkleman, co-host of the event.
Byers, coupled with “CLICK-CLACK POLKA” by William Rimmer.
Peter had spotted this 77 year-old item for sale on the internet, and      Secondly, on Saturday 13th September, Peter featured prominently in the
bought it for donation to the band’s archives. A thousand thanks, once     “PROMS IN THE PARK” concert broadcast from Belfast on BBC TV

Page 16                                                                                                                                    Page 5
and Radio 2 as part of the regional contributions to the “LAST NIGHT        our good friends and neighbours, “THE HOUGHTON WEAVERS”) at
OF THE PROMS”. It was a very poignant occasion for Peter to play            the picturesque and atmospheric venue of Rivington Hall Barn. Again,
two solos (“Arrows of Time” and Michael Nyman’s “If”) with the Ulster       the event was a complete sell-out, and it was very frustrating to have to
Orchestra, since both his parents were once professional musicians with     disappoint so many people looking for tickets.
that orchestra, and, during their time there, Peter was born in Belfast.
                                                                            Without doubt, part of the appeal of these
One of the world’s most iconic venues for music recitals is London’s        concerts is that there is always one or more
WIGMORE HALL, and Peter is particularly excited about playing               surprise items to delight the audience, and this
there on 14th October, quickly followed by a performance with the BBC       time around it was the appearance (completely
National Orchestra of Wales in Cardiff on 20th October, when he will        unheralded) of world champion whistler, DAVID
give a repeat performance of the TOMASI CONCERTO, which                     MORRIS, a uniquely-talented man with a
constituted the second half of his award-winning performance in the         background in brass banding, who hails from Saddleworth. David’s
Young Musician of the Year victory. Many other important dates have         performance really added something ultra-special to the evening’s
been entered into Peter’s diary since his victory, and he will performing   programme.
recitals and concertos up and down the country for months to come, and
will be making guest appearances with many other brass bands.               For the second time in three years, Wingates was invited to perform the
                                                                            opening concert of the 2008 GREAT NORTHERN ARTS FESTIVAL,
Unsurprisingly, many members of Wingates Supporters’ Club have sent         held at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall on Saturday 6th September.
messages of congratulation and goodwill via “WINGATES WORLD”,
and one of our members, noted Lancashire author and poetess,                This day-long event, comprising a series of concerts by some of Britain’s
GWYNETH CLEWORTH of Bolton, even wrote a special poem as a                  top bands, attracts thousands of attendees, and hence was a terrific
tribute to Peter’s success! An iconic figure on the Bolton music scene      showcase for our band.
for decades, HOWARD BROADBENT, also visited the bandroom to
hear Peter playing at rehearsals, and presented him with a copy of a        Our 75 minutes programme was played to great acclaim, and featured
composition he penned some years ago entitled: “SILVER                      solos by Andy MacDonald (cornet), Peter Moore (trombone), Mick
TROMBONE”.                                                                  Morris (tuba) and two pieces by guest soloist Glyn Williams, principal
                                                                            euphonium of the famous Foden’s Band.
Peter’s mother JANE (herself a very valued member of the band’s
cornet section until recently, when she felt compelled to “take a           Without doubt, the Wingates performance got the festival off to the best
breather”, in order to support Peter in his manifold post-triumph           possible start, and the complimentary comments which reached our ears
activities) told “WINGATES WORLD”: “Pete has received a                     following the concert were extremely heart-warming, as were the
tremendously exciting invitation to perform overseas, which, if             subsequent reviews in the band media.
everything comes to fruition, could represent the opportunity of a
lifetime. We are reluctant to say more just now, as we are still in         Worthy of mention in this report is attendance at the concert by:
discussions with regard to the details of the proposed trip, but

Page 6                                                                                                                                     Page 15
(Shostakovich, arr. Peter Kitson); FOR FLUGEL HORN AND BAND                     hopefully we will have some more positive news for you ahead of your
(Michael Nyman, arr. John Parkinson); MAMBO No. 5 (Perez Prado,                 next issue”. Well, that certainly sounds intriguing and fascinating, and
arr. Andy Berryman); ETERNAL FATHER (J.B. Dykes, arr. John                      wherever the destination might be, we do hope the plans come to a
Parkinson); KRONOS (a new composition by Richard Rock); IF                      successful conclusion – watch out for our next issue!
(Michael Nyman, arr. John Parkinson); WICKED (by our own
composer-in-residence, Lucy Pankhurst); LABOUR AND LOVE (Percy
Fletcher); LITTLE PRAYER (Evelyn Glennie) and CUTE (Neil Heftie).                 JOIN US FOR “A MUSICAL TOUR OF HOLLYWOOD”
Andrew Berryman intriguingly told us that there could well be a                               As many of our supporters and regular readers of
“surprise additional track” on the album, but he was keeping his cards                        “WINGATES WORLD” know, our favourite local
very close to his chest in this regard, so we will all have to wait until the                 concert venue (where we have been performing for no less
next edition of “WINGATES WORLD”, which will also give details of                             than 104 years!) is Bolton’s VICTORIA HALL, and we
the anticipated release date for “EXTREMES”, plus cost and purchasing                         know our spring, autumn, and Christmas concerts there
details, etc.                                                                                 are always eagerly awaited, and invariably well supported.

                                                                                Our traditional autumn concerts are frequently themed, and this year our
                          On the concert stage                                  Musical Director (sorry, principal conductor!) ANDREW BERRYMAN
                                                                                has decided upon a concert programme comprising almost entirely of
                              Since our last issue, the band has                theme music from hit Hollywood films, and hence the title of the concert
                              performed on stage on three occasions,            – “BLOCKBUSTER BRASS”.
                              although the pedant might argue this
                              ought to read six, as, once again, we were        Although the programme of music is not yet fully finalised (and, as ever,
                              the band selected to play on all four days        Andrew likes to keep a few surprises up his sleeve!) we are, once again,
                              of the 2008 SOUTHPORT FLOWER                      promised an entertaining programme with “a variety of musical styles to
                              SHOW. For the third year in succession,           suit all tastes”. (Although this shouldn’t be taken as any guarantee that
we were able to secure this most prestigious booking, and, thankfully,          this music will be played, your editor has observed some of the music on
the weather was somewhat kinder to us – and the thousands of visitors of        the stands at rehearsal in recent times, which has included: JOHN
course! – than the previous two years.                                          WILLIAMS’ EPIC THEMES; JAMES BOND THEMES; DISNEY
                                                                                THEMES; and the themes from a variety of hit movies, including
Over the four days (August 21st-24th) it was again a pleasure to                “DANCES WITH WOLVES”, “THE MISSION”, “WEST SIDE
welcome quite a number of our friends and supporters to the bandstand.          STORY”, “OKLAHOMA””, “GLADIATOR”, “HARRY POTTER”
                                                                                and “BORN FREE”.
  Wednesday 3rd September saw the 14th in the hugely successful and
 enduringly-popular “FOLK & BRASS” series (performed jointly with               Andrew also tells us that the band has just obtained an exciting new
                                                                                score entitled: “MARY POPPINS – A SYMPHONIC SUITE”. He

Page 14                                                                                                                                         Page 7
adds: “This sounds as if it might be a bit cheesy – but it is far from that   However, that does mean it is now approaching 2 years since our last
– it is a fantastic piece!”.                                                  album was issued, and more than a few of our fans and supporters have
                                                                              told us how they eagerly await the next Wingates offering.
So, we hope you will come along and support your favourite band once
again for the concert on 25th OCTOBER (7:30pm). Tickets are £9.50             Well, we are delighted to report that the wait will soon be over, since,
(Concessions £8.50) and are on sale at the Albert Halls Box Office in         under the baton of Andrew Berryman, the lads and lasses will be
Bolton (01204 334400), or can be ordered via David Kaye in the usual          closeted in the recording studios for many hours during OCTOBER
way. (Cheques payable to Wingates Band please, and, as usual,                 3rd, 4th and 5th, recording the tracks for our new album, which is
inclusion of a SAE would be much appreciated).                                entitled “EXTREMES”.

                                                                              Andrew explained to “WINGATES WORLD” that basically there were
                   It’s a Small (Wingates) World!                             two reasons for this choice of title: Firstly, the twelve (possibly more!)
                                                                              tracks represent some extremes of musical styles and genres, and
                     A very well-known and highly-respected name in           secondly, what might be termed the title track is a truly stunning piece
                     brass circles is that of TIM MUTUM, who has              entitled “EXTREME MAKEOVER”, written by the Dutch composer,
                     contributed most significantly to the band               conductor and trombonist, JOHAN DE MEIJ, as the test piece for the
                     movement over many years, as author, concert             2005 European Brass Band Championships, held in Holland. (De Meij
                     promoter and music critic. We are delighted to say       is perhaps best-known for his symphony “THE LORD OF THE
                     that Tim – who lives in Ipswich – is a long-time         RINGS”).
                     member of our Supporters’ Club, and he recently
                     sent us a most intriguing letter. He holidayed in                               Attendees at some of our recent concerts may have
Jersey in the summer, when, one evening, he became engaged in                                        heard the band play truncated versions of
conversation with a couple at the adjacent dinner table. It emerged that                             “EXTREME MAKEOVER”, (shortened because
they were brass band fans, so Tim enquired where they came from.                                     of its length), but the large audience who
“Westhoughton, near Bolton… we are supporters of Wingates Band”                                      witnessed Wingates play a tremendous opening
came the reply. “So am I!” retorted Tim.                                                             concert at this year’s GREAT NORTHERN
                                                                                                     BRASS ARTS FESTIVAL (at Manchester’s
Unfortunately, he didn’t get their names, and didn’t see them again as he     Bridgewater Hall) heard the entire 13 minutes’ version of the tour de
hoped he would do, we so are left wondering just who Tim’s brief              force, which elicited prolonged and enthusiastic applause. It really was a
acquaintances were. If it was you, please do let us know.                     most memorable performance.

                                                                              Although there may possibly be one or two late changes, as we go to
                                                                              press, the other tracks on the album are likely to be; William Rimmer’s
                                                                              famous march RAVENSWOOD; FESTIVE OVERTURE

Page 8                                                                                                                                         Page 13
Well done to you both, thanks for your great efforts on behalf of
Wingates over the years, and we hope you will be with us for a long time                                   Your Letters
to come. We also wish you every success in your on-going music
careers.                                                                      Dear Wingates World,
          We have really no idea just how many times Wingates Band            We very much enjoyed reading the new format of “WINGATES
          has featured on national radio (an aspect of the band’s history     WORLD”. Over the years we have been receiving the newsletter we
          which we must attempt to research before publishing our             think this was the best yet – a most interesting read…
          definitive story), but we do know that our broadcasting career
began in the early 1930s. We are delighted to say that, approaching 8
                                                                              With best regards, Andrew and Freda Graham, Hindley
decades on, Wingates Band remains very much in the minds of the
Corporation’s music producers, and we have recently received an
                                                                              (Editor’s Note: It has been very gratifying to receive many
invitation to record another programme for the long-running “LISTEN
                                                                              complimentary messages with regard to the new A5 booklet format of
TO THE BAND”, broadcast on BBC Radio 2 every Friday evening. We
                                                                              our quarterly missive. It certainly seems to have been very well-
don’t yet have a date fixed for the recording (nor the broadcast) but it is
                                                                              received, so we will continue with it!).
likely to be some time early in November. Look out for more news in
our next issue.
                                                                              Dear Wingates World,
              Going to extremes  our new cd album
                                                                              Thankyou very, very much for sending me the
                In Wingates Band, we are very proud of our long               outstanding CD. (“FROLIC FOR TROMBONES”). Your band is
                “recording pedigree”, and we believe that only three          fantastic… Thankyou also for the most interesting band newsletter… I
                brass bands in the world have a longer recording history      will try to ensure that I can attend a Wingates concert during my next
                than ours. This important chapter in the Wingates Band        trip to the UK… In the meantime, I will monitor the band’s progress via
                story began way back in the dark days of World War I          regular website visits.
                (1915), since when we have made approaching 200
                                                                              With best regards, Bob Lawrence, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
As we had a particularly hectic schedule in the recording studios             (Editor’s Note: Bob is the latest overseas member of our Supporters’
throughout 2006 (when we made no less than 5 recordings), a very full         Club).
concert and contest schedule in 2007 meant that we needed to take a
breather from this aspect of the band’s life last year.

Page 12                                                                                                                                      Page 9
Dear Wingates World,                                                          In registering our appreciation of their support for our band over the
                                                                              years, we also extend our deepest sympathy to the families of JOHN
Just in case they haven’t come to your attention                              BROMLEY of Bolton, and NEVILLE COLLIER or Horwich, both of
already, here are a couple of Wingates-related items:                         whom died recently in untimely fashion.
firstly, the enclosed newspaper cutting(*) has been on my desk for a little
while now, so not sure whether the special offer will still be valid.
Secondly, I noted that, some weeks back, Wingates Band featured on a                           CROTCHETS AND QUAVERS
BBC Radio 3 programme entitled “LATE JUNCTION”, playing music
from the Nyman Brass LP. However, as the programme wasn’t                              We are sure that everyone will wish to join WINGATES
broadcast until 1:30am, I didn’t stay up – I have the CD anyway!                       WORLD in extending CONGRATULATIONS! to our good
                                                                                       friend TONY BERRY (founder member / lead singer of THE
With best regards, Rev. Peter Hewis, Oxford                                            HOUGHTON WEAVERS, and a band trustee) on being
                                                                              awarded the WESTHOUGHTON CIVIC MEDAL FOR 2008. The
(*) – The cutting which Peter sent us was a Readers’ Offer from “THE          medals are awarded annually to Westhoughton residents who have
OBSERVER”, relating to the MICHAEL NYMAN CD COLLECTION                        rendered distinguished service to the town for at least 20 years, and it
– including, of course “NYMAN BRASS” recorded in 2006 by                      may be recalled that an exception to the “individual” rule was made in
Wingates.                                                                     2006, when the band became the first group to be awarded this honour.

                                                                              In a diversity of ways - and not just as the front man for THE
                               Obituaries                                     HOUGHTON WEAVERS for so many years – Tony has been a fantastic
                                                                              ambassador for HOWFEN, and no-one could be more deserving of this
               Since our last issue we have been saddened to learn of the     prestigious award.
               deaths of three valued members of our Supporters’ Club:
               AMY BERRY was a truly wonderful character, who, at             Tony will be presented with his medal at a ceremony in Westhoughton in
               95 years old, was arguably the oldest member of our            October, when it is hoped that band members will be present to share the
               Supporters’ Club. She was the mother of Tony Berry             occasion with him. Well done, Tony!
               (founder member/lead singer of THE HOUGHTON
               WEAVERS – who is also a Wingates Band trustee) and,                     CONGRATULATIONS! are also due to band members
knowing Amy as we did, we could see where much of Tony’s                               PATRICK NOONE (our fantastic drummer) and principal
marvellous personality comes from! The band was represented at Mrs.                    baritone, KATIE RAISBECK, who were recently awarded
Berry’s funeral at Westhoughton’s Sacred Heart church, and we extend          university degrees. Patrick was awarded a first class honours degree in
our sympathy to Tony, Jim, Theresa and all members of the Berry               music by the University of Salford, whilst Katie received her degree
family.                                                                       from the Royal Northern College of Music.

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